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Sherlock December Ficlets

A lot has changed in the Sherlock fandom over the past year, but for the past two years I have loved writing seasonal ficlets in December, so I’m doing it again!


Below is a list of prompts—feel free to pick and choose what you’d like to do. Switch them around, just do a few, do them all in a month, or take all year—it’s up to you! I’ve given two prompts each day to choose from, and tried to make sure each day has something that’s not necessarily Christmas-related, in case that’s not your thing. Be creative and do whatever inspires you! Write that trope you love or misinterpret the prompt to fit what you want to say. It’s all good!

You can post your ficlets on Tumblr and/or on AO3. I’ve created an AO3 collection for everyone’s work, which will be open to everyone starting December 1: Sherlock December Ficlets. If you post on Tumblr, use the tag “#Sherlock December Ficlets” so others can find your ficlets. (Also, if you want to do art instead of write, feel free!)

Open to any and all ratings and ships!

Here are the prompts:

1. Bundled up / Peppermint
2. Wish list / Shopping
3. Fruitcake / All dressed up
4. Snowball fight / Winter sports
5. Mistletoe / Decorating
6. Cold / Cozy
7. Christmas cards / Candles
8. Warming up / Scrooge
9. Ghosts of Christmas past / Wrapped up
10. Eggnog / Food and drink
11. Christmas carols / Violin
12. Happy Hanukkah / Winter Wonderland
13. In front of the fire / Pine-scented
14. Elf / Naughty or nice
15. Seasonal illness / The Case of the Frozen Corpse
16. Yule log / Stuck at home
17. Scarf and coat / Christmas telly
18. Christmas crackers / Favorite tradition
19. Father Christmas / Travelling
20. Stocking stuffers / Icicles
21. Winter solstice / Longest night
22. Party time / Under the tree
23. Family visit / “Did you bring your gun?”
24. Holy night / Mittens or gloves
25. It’s Christmas / “I feel the same”
26. Boxing Day / Cleaning up
27. Post-holiday blues / “Thank God that’s over”
28. Many happy returns / Toys
29. Bored / Bad weather
30. Auld Lang Syne / Resolutions
31. Last night / New Year

Here’s the link to the AO3 collection again, which will be open on December 1: Sherlock December Ficlets. Have fun! Let’s spread some cheer!

Cuddling With SVT (Hyung line)

lmao not a soulmate au but enjoy

cuddling with seventeen hyung line


Originally posted by seungcheofine

  • honestly so soft when it comes to you
  • loves feeling like you need him
  • is a huge softie
  • pulls you close and likes to play with your hair
  • whenever you put your head on his lap, thats what he does
  • jokes around a lot
  • tickles you before pulling you close and kissing your head
  • sometimes carries you about when you wrap yourself around him
  • loves to pretend you’re too heavy for him before flinging you around
  • such a domestic couple
  • whenever you get too tired and cuddle into him he moves so you’re both lying down and covers you with a blanket
  • always tries his best to make you comfy


Originally posted by infinitblaq

  • this man loves his rest
  • and he loves you so it fits well
  • whenever you cuddle it normally ends up with one or both of you sleeping
  • normally its just you with your head on his chest
  • sometimes lying down other times sitting up somehow
  • when you two were tired you were magic i stg
  • hes all about comfort so covers and pillows galore
  • such a cute sight to see
  • loves to play with your hands when you two are just chilling about
  • you love to play with his hair
  • you act cute with him and he pretends to disown you until he turns round and asks you who’s sunflower you were
  • cuddling takes up 90% of his time


Originally posted by jishooua

  • hes such a cutie pie i can’t say this enough
  • loves to hold you as long as you’re okay with it
  • sings to you in all the languages he knows when you can’t sleep at night and hes holding you
  • definitely a forehead kisser
  • sounds weird but is actually really nice likes to smell your hair and kiss your head a lot
  • will never overstep boundaries
  • knows exactly what to di to make you happy
  • perfect amount of blankets and pillows if you dont want to use him as a pillow


Originally posted by infinitblaq

  • might seem like a greaseball
  • is actually a huge sweetie pie with a bit of grease thrown in
  • loves to pull you into him and then falling dramatically on the couch
  • jokes so much but will be calm and gentle
  • when he sees you’re getting tired, pulls you closer and kisses your head gently
  • hugs you more
  • hes a giant human radiator
  • when it gets too warm and he tries to cuddle you, you dramatically push him away 
  • acts hurt then agrees
  • when its cold he makes sure that you are always warm
  • always loving to cuddle


Originally posted by minghaon

  • fight me if you dont think that kwon soonyoung wouldn’t love cuddling
  • he’d be the biggest cuddler
  • so cute
  • gets all cute and blushy whenever something happens
  • you put your head on his lap, blush
  • you pull his head onto your lap
  • hella blush
  • but he loves it so much
  • honestly loves to smoosh your face and you do it to him too
  • when he finally sleeps, he cuddles into you even more and hugs you
  • when you both fall asleep cuddling you wake up and your lying on top of him with your head on his chest
  • so cute
  • hoshi loves to kiss your entire face when you do something cute when cuddling


Originally posted by csoups

  • not the biggest skinship fan
  • but does like cuddling occasionally
  • its a very rare occasion when it does happen
  • and you love it
  • wonu loves the feeling of you cuddled up to him
  • knows his deep voice can get you to do anything
  • uses his morning/sleep voice to get you to cuddle him
  • when you cuddle into his side, he grabs the back of your neck gently and pushes your head into his neck
  • when hes in a cuddle mood, makes sure that you’re always comfortable but pressed up against him
  • or if you’re kinda sitting up, he does the same with your head and his neck but just a more comfy way
  • basically he just likes you close to him


Originally posted by sevixxteen

  • the fluffiest thing ever
  • when its just the two of you he loves LOVES cuddling
  • hes an affectionate cuddler
  • so he kisses you, your forehead, your cheeks, anything he can reach
  • his hands are always on your waist or your sides in general
  • when you’re on the couch and really tired and on top of him, one hands on his back and the other is on your thigh
  • carries you to bed when you fall asleep and tries to detach you from him but can’t cos you’re always holding on too tight
  • when he falls asleep on you, he always looks so peaceful and cute
  • you fall asleep as well
  • end up cuddling really close into each other
  • when you’re in bed and tired he snuggles his head into your neck
  • you get so soft and tingly
  • you end up falling asleep too and you nap together
  • so warm and soft
  • hes a giant pillow to you and you’re the same to him
  • so cute together

I love how realistic the twin dynamic is. They can’t/don’t stay angry at each other for long, because that means they’d have to put up a pissed front all the time, which gets old and tiring pretty quickly (especially with how they share the same room). And the way they resolve the argument is instant and so casual; there’s no deep exchange where they discuss differences or whatnot.

(Unrelated) Bonus:

Look at how many more injuries Atsumu has compared to Osamu.

anonymous asked:

your ask about namjoon omg my heart is so full from all the love. 💕💖 he's so soft and kind and every time he talks about the world or his feelings my heart grows like three sizes. even tho I don't know him I feel so connected to him, bc he's so honest and open with us, and sometimes he says things that are exact things I've thought before and it's just amazing!! two people on opposite sides of the world can think and feel the same things!! and him being so lovely and open helps me know that 💕

I KNOW RIGHT😭😭😭😭 i feel the same ;♡;, I just love him too much, like i dont even know him but I just have all these feelings for him and djjsksjsksks

lyssnh  asked:

first kiss with harry holland: going to an impromptu photoshoot with him and the boys and him knowing he’s gonna kiss you when he sees your hair radiating in the sunlight and your laugh floating through the air and into his ears. and when harrison goes to get a picture of you two harry basically goes “fuck it” and kisses the shit out of you and it’s all captured on camera and uploaded the next day

jakldfhlkadjfh i’m weak at this omg and like he probably posts the pic of your reaction with something like “when u finally grow enough balls to kiss her and she laughs at you smh” and you have to comment “IT WASNT LIKE THAT” just so everyone stops freaking out in the comments ajdfgkajhg and of course harrison has something snarky to say on twitter so we can have another harry / haz roast battle wow i love this concept!!

harry holland night!!

psa: yo if i don’t answer your messages for a while or your ask stays in my inbox for a million years, don’t call me out on it.

a nice ‘you there?’ two hours later or so is fine, but don’t be intrusive about why i ain’t answerin’. 

maybe i saw them and fell asleep. 

maybe i just don’t have the time. 

maybe i was interested in what you had to say but i’m doing something right now so i couldn’t reply.

i’m a busy person. 

and even if i wasn’t i deserve my privacy, just like any other person. 

leave me be and i’ll get back to you when i can.

i love you and i ain’t ignorin’ you, but you are not my life.

this sounds mean but i am not about to apologize

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Hi ! I discovered your blog just today and I alredy love it ! Can I ask for 2. "does that feel good babygirl?" and 37. "did I say you could move ?" with Alex please ? xx

2. “does that feel good babygirl?” & 37. “did I say you could move?”

Your back arched off the bed, as Alex pumped two fingers in and out of your soaked cunt. His mouth descended down to your clit, sucking and biting it into his mouth. You could feel the wetness dripping down between your crack and most likely covering the sheets. 

His fingers were merciless, the feeling of his mouth and fingers making you want to pass out. “I’m going to try something, okay, baby?” He gently asked you. You nodded before realizing he couldn’t see you. Moaning out a ‘yes’, Alex pulled his fingers from you and spread your wetness down to your puckered hole. 

A few weeks ago, he had asked you if you were into anal and you just shrugged stating you never tried it. His mouth continued to work at your clit as you felt one of his fingers playing at your ass. You relaxed your body, taking a deep breath. Alex attempted to distract you by blowing on your pussy and devouring you as he slowly pushed the tip of his finger in. “Does that feel good babygirl?” He groaned against your mound. 

Your gasp let him know that it felt good, but you couldn’t formulate any words. As his finger inched slowly inside your forbidden spot, you could feel your orgasm creeping up on you slowly. 

“Oh god, Alex, it’s too much.” Your hips lift off the bed, trying to get away from his torturous mouth. His arm clamps down on your waist, pushing you back down on the bed. 

Did I say you could move? I’m not done with you yet.” His face buries into your folds, the orgasm hitting you out of nowhere. You feel him pull his finger out of your ass slowly, as he places on last kiss to your clit, your body jumping at the contact.

“We will definitely be doing that again.” He smirked up at you.

I’ve quite literally gone from “I really don’t want Alice to be Hook’s daughter cause I don’t think it’d be that good” to “I am loving Alice Hook scenes and want to see more of Hook being a protective father to his beloved daughter!” in the space of two episodes…

Aw well.

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I just adore your art so much. When did you start getting into WinterIron? :D

I’m so glad you enjoy my art!! Hmm, winteriron… Around the beginning of last year. Curious about the ship name for Bucky/Tony, I searched them on tumblr, came across @imaginetonyandbucky and my life was changed forever lol

I love reading ficlets so being able to quickly binge read a variety of scenarios and prompts got me hooked on the idea of these two together. AO3 and the fantastic works out there really cemented it for me!

Since I didn’t see too much art of them, I thought, “Hey, guess I can contribute. I’ve got some ideas…” It’s really heartening to see reactions and other fans enjoying the ship. I love their dynamic together and the active fandom keeps me going!

anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hey, I just want to drop by for two things that I guess you can say are interrelated. First of all thank you for this week’s 80s update. Seeing this domestic Wayhaught just filled me with life. As readers we get to explore the stories you guys passionately write about but honestly it’s rare to find a love that you can FEEL through writing. Seeing Wayhaught on screen is a gift but your stories add all the more to these characters... it’s Magic... which brings me to my next point...

1. Thank you guys for reading it. Seriously. This week’s update, specifically, was important for both of us, I think. @iamthegaysmurf and I both value healthy relationships and a long-term Wayhaught who have conquered the miscommunication issues of their youth. We wanted to show that they really had turned a corner in wondering where i am, lost without you - that when they promised each other that they were going to be honest and open with each other, they meant it. We showed that a little in you belong somewhere you feel free, when they talk about what to do next, now that Waverly’s graduated, but it felt important to explore it even more. 

2. Was it easier to write because I basically just translated my weekend into fic-form? Abso-freaking-lutely. Is the reason Waverly doesn’t want to do the laundry a word-for-word reenactment of why my wife won’t go into our basement and do the laundry? Check. Is the dishes-folding laundry conversation just a rehashing of every conversation we have about dishes and laundry? Check. Does my wife make coffee while I take the dog out? Check. Do we argue about bread types? Check. (And okay, wheat bread has a funny taste. I’ll argue that to my death. But I’ll also eat the wheat bread because that’s what my wife buys, and sometimes you do these things because pretty girls hook their fingers through your belt loops in the middle of the bread aisle and ask you nicely.)

3. Which brings me to your #novembutch comment. First of all, how fucking cool has it been? To see so much positivity for butch lesbians. I’m really, really digging it. Second of all, I read your ask to my wife; she thought it was very sweet. It’s been super cool to share glimpses of our lives - and for such a great reason. You’re right in that it’s social media and so I would never post a picture of what 6am in my household looks like (imagine the battle scene of any action movie, at the moment when the heroes are losing), and so it can be a skewed image. But it’s not that far skewed. 

I am so goddamn, ridiculously, preach-it-from-a-mountain, cheesy-rom-com, I-don’t-care-if-you-call-me-whipped (though-you’re-not-using-that-word-right) in love with my wife.

And if it makes you feel any more hopeful? I wasn’t expecting her. I wasn’t looking for her. I spent five years moving in circles around her, without knowing who she was. So maybe your happiness is closer than you think, just waiting for you to stumble upon it. My happiness was. 

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this guy and i have been basically dating for months and i'm pretty sure he wants to kiss me and i def wanna kiss him. what can i do to let him know without saying it???

My trick is to hang out just the two of you (preferably somewhere with a little privacy, like a secluded corner in a coffee shop etc), sit close beside each other, make eye contact, and then drop your gaze to his lips briefly before looking back up at his eyes again. I hope it works and he gets the hint!! 💖

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Before I go ahead and request, I just wanna say I love your blog!! Keep up the good work! As for my request, could you maybe do some scenario for Dog about meeting their future s/o who is 'of the Cat' (like the Chinese Cat Zodiac, which was replaced by the Rat) during a mission and they constantly tease him for 'being a little puppy' and Dog getting really pissed off but he can't bring himself to stop them cause of its sorta cute?? Thanks in advance!

Thank you ^^

You would think that the Dog would hate the Cat. That the two warriors would never get along in a million generations. Somehow, between you and Dotsuku, that wasn’t the case.

The two of you constantly paired up for missions. But in the beginning, it was hard to tell if you guys really would get along…

“What a vicious little puppy.” You couldn’t help but mock the Dog, it was just too easy, getting him all riled up.

“Shut the hell up already.” He snarled back, walking faster towards your mutual destination. You guys were on a mission together, eliminating a target then getting out as quick as possible.

“But you’re such a cute puppy.”

“Shut up!”

This banter went on for the whole mission, whether it be in person or over comms, you were teasing him somehow.

“The puppy bit someone, I’m going to have to put him in a shelter!”

“Bad dog, you need more training!”

By the end, Dog had about enough of you, and he was ready to completely cut ties with you. “If you say one more word, I’m going to kill you.”


“I hate you.”


Kelley’s End of 2017 moodboard… tag yourself 😂

Can we talk about how good of an actor Mark is for a second?

Mark played all of his characters absolutely flawlessly. Honestly. Maybe there were some very small nitpicky things that could’ve been better but in the end, he played each of his characters so well. 

But when all is said and done, I commend him on his acting because of THIS:

He goes from looking distraught, absolutely numb and heartbroken and altogether just sad

To this. This absolute fury as if he could murder a man right then and there by simply giving them this look. This look of anger that makes it seem as though he’s about to explode. 

In one. Goddamned. Second.

Granted, he did so much good acting in this series; There were so many moments where it didn’t feel like Mark, it felt like the Colonel. Or it felt like Damien. But it didn’t feel like Mark. (I love it when actors can do that tbh). 

But in this moment, you can see him transform from who he is into Darkiplier. He captured that. Right here in this one second clip. With one look at the camera.

Mark Fischbach, to you I say two things:

1) This was astonishing. This entire series had your whole fandom freaking out and theory-writing for four days straight, and honestly there are probably still going to be theories even after this. I hope desperately that you love what you gave us just as much as we did because this was amazing. 


(And a LARGE thank you to Teamiplier because none of this would’ve happened without you guys)

Sorry for the vent but honestly I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right? 

@lum1natrix @ask-theforgottenone @darkstiella @markiplier @whokilledmarkiplier

[All of this happened because I wanted to write something about Stiles not being able to sleep without his pillow. Spoiler alert: his pillow is Derek.]


Derek tries not to look too hurt when Stiles says he’s going back to Washington, but when the Sheriff claps his back and Scott offers him a friendly hug, he knows he failed. But after everything, after the other night - it just doesn’t feel fair.


“It was a nice road trip, wasn’t it?” Stiles had said after they’ve won, after everything was done, their friends were alive and fine and Derek finally got his loft back. “I mean, we had some fun, right?”

Derek smiled without looking away from the flowers the Sheriff got him as a housewarming gift. “Yeah.” He answered, finally turning around. “It was nice to spend time with you.” It was more than nice and he cursed himself for not being able to say it, still, after everything, after the nights spent driving and talking and fucking in deserted roads.

“Yeah.” Stiles agreed easily. He was the one who started it after all, always showing up to save Derek - despite Derek saving him back plenty of times - always being there, trusting him, smiling and laughing like Derek makes him happy. “What will you do now that you’re a free man again?”

Derek shrugged. “I always wanted to start a farm, maybe raise some sheep?” When Stiles blinked at him, surprised, Derek let out a snort.

“Fuck you, I almost believed it!” Stiles said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re ridiculous.” Derek shook his head, still smiling. 

You’re ridiculous.” Stiles stressed, his hand still on Derek’s shoulder, touching, teasing. “I’m -“ Derek didn’t let him finish then, turning around and just pressing their lips together.

He didn’t want to listen then - and in hindsight maybe he should’ve - but without the haste, the guilt of having a nice time whilst their friends could be dying, Derek couldn’t wait, he just wanted to worship Stiles’ body, just wanted to kiss all the places he couldn’t reach before when they were squeezed in the backseat of Stiles’ car. 

And so he did, he made Stiles moan his name the entire night and he moaned Stiles’ own just as louder. Just to have his heart crushed the morning after.


“I’m gonna miss you.” Stiles says, his Jeep packed and ready to go. To leave everything behind.

It’s unfair, Derek knows. Stiles didn’t make promises and neither did he, but he can’t help how he feels. He understands Stiles doesn’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore and that’s his choice, but Derek made his own and he’s tired of running away.

He’s never felt closer to his family than when he’s here, he’s already lost enough and he doesn’t want to lose his home. But somehow, as Stiles drives away, he feels like he just did.


I miss you, Derek thinks every day, staring at the black screen of his phone and wondering if he should actually write those words and send them to Stiles. He decides against it and despite the fact he was joking before, on the third day after Stiles left, Derek buys a farm.

He tells Lydia first during lunch at her favorite restaurant - she was adamant they had to become best friends and Derek enjoys her company so he lets it happen easily - and she tells him he’s not allowed to wear plaid around her. Then he tells Scott and two days later, he shows up at Derek’s front door with all kinds of seeds - “We need pumpkins for Halloween, Derek. Make it happen!”.

It’s something to do with his hands, something to work on. Create life, instead of ending them, build things, instead of destroying. He feels good, better and healing. Cora says he’s calmer now and Derek smiles, despite knowing she won’t be able to see him, and tells her he is.

Some days Stiles texts him, others he doesn’t. Derek reads the ones he has every night before going to bed, but he never answers them.

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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 27/?

You Bet

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!reader


  • Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader … Honestly IDK what you wright. I am just a sucker for Steve The Mom™ and his bromance with Dustin. Would love for Dustin to have a sister or cousin or something and the Reader getting roped into Dart shenanigans. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
  • Can you do an imagine with Steve Harrington, were the reader is really badass, and kills one of the demogorgons, and steve starts liking her?

Word Count: 3038 (suuuper long I kinda hate it)

Song: No song for this I kinda just blasted the whole soundtrack for two days straight

Summary: Kinda exactly what the requests say but if you didn’t read it it’s essentially Steve being Mom Of The Year and you being Dustin’s badass older sister that Steve falls for after seeing her in action while fighting the demodogs.

Warning(s): Violence, swearing, I think that’s it????

Author’s Note: I’ll do a smutty part two if y’all want it like I’ll probs do it anyway let’s be for real

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