but can i just say that i am really excited

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Excuse me, but what does Isayama say about the character of Ymir? This confirms that she is dead since he said. "When i was doing the manga i had a lot of fun writing Ymir.I can't wait to see how she fares in this season." It will have another meaning the truth do not mean that with this you could say, although my interpretation is that it goes to the middle of the season just like Reiner and Berthold. Could you explain me please

I have absolutely no idea what Isayama says about Ymir, because I am an absurd killjoy who has been following none of the interviews.

I do know that it can be a lot of fun to watch a story play out the way you intended, and especially for the parts through 50, Isayama clearly put a great deal of care into Ymir’s role in the story. It’s probably really exciting to come back to that and see it live and in color.

We might get to see even more of her than in the manga thanks to anime filler, too.

-shrugs- I don’t think anything in season two is going to shed light on Ymir’s current manga position. That could be cool and all, but whatever the conclusion of her story is, forty chapters after the obvious season midpoint, we still don’t have the complete picture.

The anime’s probably going to gift us with a lot, but major story developments are likely still getting stuck with the monthly wait.

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Uwah! I really love "Nude"! Just read the short description of part 3 and I'm already excited; they're at the same party? About time! Can't wait for the next chapter :) Also, I'm down and excited for the Class President Jimin one! I've always been a fan of School!AUs <3 This is my first time talking to anyone here on tumblr because I've always been to shy to try and converse with people haha I just want to say that I am in love with your writing style and I absolutely love your stories! Cheers!

Aw, thank you !! I’m glad you decided to send me a message, that was so sweet of you, and I’m glad you’re excited about the stories :’)

What Baking Can Do
Laura Osnes
What Baking Can Do

“I did have a conversation about a month ago that for 24 hours got me very excited about the prospect of possibly getting to bake pies on Broadway. But it’s not happening and it’s probably for the best because I’m really not right for the role. But baking does just so happen to be one of my favorite past times, which I used to do with my mother.”

Who Tells Your Story (33129 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Félicité Tomlinson, Tomlinson-Deakin family, Jon Shone, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales
Additional Tags: okay now let’s see, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Phone Sex, ish, it’s complicated - Freeform, liam is just kinda mentioned, sorry liam, i’m really awful at tags, but i don’t think there’s anything triggering in here, just talk of illness, not life threatening!, okay i’m stopping now

Louis stands and is about to stop recording when he hears Fizzy say, “Holy shit, it’s really you!”

Curious, he picks up the camera and is attempting to keep it focused in case Fizzy gives him some good footage.  The camera focused on a very familiar torso and tattooed arm causing Louis to freeze and glance up from the screen to see a dimpled smile.

“Uh, yeah.  Hi, I’m Harry.”

Without thinking, Louis answers, “Figured that much out, yeah.  Why are you here ?”  Wincing, he shakes his head and is about to take it back when he hears Harry laugh.

“Well, I kinda wanted to surprise you, or Fizzy specifically.  So…surprise?”

Louis finally comes to himself and turns the camera towards his sister, who is still standing with her hands covering her mouth trying not to cry.

“Would you like to come inside?” she squeaks.  Harry Styles, pop star extraordinaire, nods his head and steps in with a soft word of thanks.  Louis quickly shifts to the side to allow Harry through their narrow hall and widens his eyes at Fizzy.

Where should we take him? he mouths at Fizzy in worry.

I don’t know!

Louis flaps his free arm before scurrying to reset the living room from their interview setup and something more befitting an international celebrity.  Shit.

…or the one where Harry is a rock star, Louis is just another midwestern kid who put his dreams aside for his family, and a wig for Fizzy changes everything.

Ah, so glad to have new SU back! Just an FYI, I have avoided watching the episodes prior to them officially airing this week, so please keep that in mind!

I really enjoyed these two episodes and am excited to see how the story plays out! Can’t say I was expecting the Diamonds to have an emotional connection to each other, given what we know so far about them, but in retrospect it makes sense since Gems clearly have that capacity and Diamonds seem to be the least restricted of Gems (since they’re in charge and all). Really interesting development I look forward to seeing more of.

I think my favorite gag was Pearl asking Amethyst to turn into a chair so she could sit down, haha.

(Apologies for the short comment, very busy at the moment due to irl stuff, but I wanted to at least make a short post)


honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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I JUST CAUGHT UP ON DCA AND NOOOOOOOOO. Paultin's son ;-;. It's more sad when you remember the last thing Paultin said to him was "Do me proud, my son" I really hope they can rebuild him... But I am excited for this new Paultin/Diath conflict!

Fasten your seatbelts for whatever happens next! DCA is always a wild ride. I was gonna say I haven’t been this upset since Falkon, but I was actually pretty upset about Hooty. Curse you, Perkins!


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Neha: Jules?!

Jules: Barely Tolerated Teenage Human Female. 

Neha: That’s a mouthful. What are you doing here?

Jules: Scouting for humans to join my army of dark underlings. 

Neha: That sounds… not very exciting. Hey, I’m going to get something to eat and explore this festival. I’m not saying you have to but if you would prefer to do something normal, you can come with. 

Jules: As in join you? 

Neha: I’m not forcing you or anything. I’m just saying, if you want to… Heh, you probably don’t want to, right? You do barely tol-

Jules: I think I have completed my task of looking for future underlings. I don’t have anything pressing to do so I am willing.

Neha: What? I mean… really? 

Jules: Yes. I’ll come… but only because I have nothing better to do, not because of anything else. 

Neha: Right…

I most honestly want to say or post something, anything. I. Just. Can’t. The new trailer made me a complete mess, I’m sorry guys.

The new season is going to be so dark, so depressing I am so ready for it, I am so waiting for it. But seeing Molly crying, that hand on her hand (I assume it’s Mary’s), Sherlock saying “I love you” - which I think isn’t something he really says, it feels like it has a deeper meaning to it. 

I don’t know. I just don’t, I am so confused and scared and happy and excited, my emotions are a roller coaster… when I can pull myself together, I will begin with my posts…

Mean Queens Ch.4 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymphs A/N: This is the longest but also quite possibly the best chapter so far/the best thing either of us has ever written. Over 5000 words of pureGOLD, with comedy and getting to know the three mean queens better and oh man, it’s just so good. TOOT TOOT MOTHERFUCK, we really hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing, the feedback so far has been fucking incredible and we can’t even begin to thank you enough. Bitch, out.

PureCAMP’s A/N: I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT BATMAN WE SEE SOME SNAPCHATS! Sorry for the spoiler. This shit is long. And since this is half my writing i can plug my shit, so I’ll say it now, party is not being abandoned and is being written. Anyways, I hope you love our girls as much as we do. I love them so so much. Thank you all for the amazing feedback, from the bottom of my cold heart you made it warm. ENJOY, AND READ READ MOTHERQUEENS!

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okay so I've never thought one day I'd say this but I'm really excited to read a Flint x Wood werewolf AU so I do have to thank you for that!!! if this ship doesn't win, can I have some headcanons? I just can't stop thinking about it now. your writing is always lovely and sometimes it wrecks me but I love it

  • so.
  • marcus isn’t the werewolf in this story.
  • oliver often thinks, somewhat bitterly, that marcus should be–because he has the broad shoulders and the gruff voice and the raw, ruthless viciousness of a true predator–but marcus isn’t
  • because it’s a family curse, a genetic poison disguised as a metamorphosis; claws and teeth and fur, moonlit paranoia, a long-dead ancestor who’d drank too much ale and insulted the wrong witch. every time oliver howls, hears the eerie screeching echo of it dance around a forest clearing, he wants to tear himself into pieces; wants to unearth whatever unholy mutation in his blood, in his bones, in his body is forcing the change; and he wants to destroy it. rip and rend and revolt.
  • no one knows, of course.
  • he’s shipped off to school, and despite his precautions, despite his constant, near-pathological awareness of the calendar affixed to the back of his dormitory door, despite his absolute focus on the ever-changing phases of the moon and the stirring, aching pull he has to suppress seven days out of thirty–despite all of that, someone notices. someone sees.
  • marcus flint is the very worst rendition of oliver’s fear of being caught.
  • flint is huge, and heavily muscled, and mean. he clenches his hands into fists when he talks, and his gaze is unfailingly sharp–unfailingly frustrated–when he shoves oliver into the changing room wall after losing at weekend cricket. he sneers more than he smiles, and he has scars on his knuckles, silvery smooth and silky with age. he’s rough. hard. far more cunning than he lets on.
  • and his skin, his breath, his eyes–they’re almost unbearably hot as he reaches out to touch oliver on the night of a full moon.
  • “shit,” flint whispers, deep voice crackling like the leaves beneath his boots. “you–what are you?”
  • oliver isn’t mindless when he’s changed, but the inhuman shape of his jaw and the jagged, hulking line of his fangs make it next to impossible to properly speak. so he shakes his head. growls, and then instinctively flinches at the violence of the sound. a rose-thorned, gnashing burr lodged in the meat of his vocal chords. 
  • “you’re–you’re a–what’s it,” flint goes on, seemingly unbothered by oliver’s lack of verbal response. “a lycanthrope.”
  • his fascination is telling, oliver supposes. men like flint had a tendency to find the potential for brutality appealing, no matter what it was wrapped in. 
  • “you hate this, don’t you,” flint says, trailing a single callused fingertip down the unnatural ridge separating oliver’s forehead from the top of his nose. oliver swallows around another noise–this one softer, more plaintive, so much less angry than he’d needed it to be. “nice country boy like you? yeah, you definitely hate this. bet you think you’re a monster. bet you don’t even realize.”
  • oliver doesn’t move away as flint takes another step forward. 
  • “we aren’t so different, are we, oliver,” flint murmurs, and oliver waits for it, waits for the sour-sweet prickle of rage, inevitable and inescapable, waits for the urge to attack, to fight, to roar
  • it doesn’t come.
  • the next morning, oliver wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room, with a very familiar face staring back at him from the opposite side of a pillow. a dried streak of mud stains the curve of flint’s cheek, and a twig is stuck in his hair.
  • “d’you remember?” flint asks, looking curious. calculating. nervous, too.
  • oliver hesitates. clears his throat. coughs, and then scratches at his neck, and then nods, just the once. “yeah,” he says, and flint’s expression flickers with something. yearning. longing. anticipation. “yeah, i remember.”
  • and the kiss, when it finally comes, hits him harder than a full moon.
Thank You!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a minute and say how thankful I am for all of you. I never dreamed I would get the amount of support that I have and I look through my activity feed every day and see your comments on my posts or your tags with my CC and it always brightens my day. Your enthusiasm and excitement and such lovely messages really keep me going and I appreciate it more than I can truly express. I am so lucky to have such wonderful followers and I just want you all to know that I’m extremely grateful for all of you. <3

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This isn't really a question but can I just say how excited I am for Saurian and how happy I am its being made? Even since I was a kid I utterly adored dinosaurs and always wanted a dino simulator game yet everything fell short or was a 'you hunt dinosaurs' or a 'dinoVshuman' game which was disappointing. But I'm so looking forward to Saurian and excited over what we've seen in the dev logs and am glad I was able to support you guys with your Kickstarter, I can't wait for it to come out! :D

Thank you so much for you support! We are always glad to hear about people being excited about Saurian.


Okay guys I gotta get something off my chest now 

While I do consider myself a Camren shipper and will forever hope and wish it was true at some point in Fifth Harmony’s history we all can’t deny the fact that at this point it’s almost impossible for them to be together 

Aside from that, Camren shippers usually get called delusional and I have to say I can’t disagree. People pull up gifs of Camren and talk about the way they look at each other or how touchy they are with each other but to be honest I am just as touchy with my best friend. “Just friends don’t look at each other that way” let me tell you something: YES THEY DO 

Originally posted by camrenshipperss

Originally posted by camrenshipperss

Everytime I get excited and laugh I tend to touch the people around me because I don’t really control my hands while I laugh. When people I know well sit next to me I’ll put my hands on their legs just cause. It’s kind of comforting for me and gives them a sign of me being comfortable with them

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“They intertwine their hands" 

This is normal behavior among friends tbh

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Originally posted by camrenpieces

 "The Look" 

Okay. Whenever people around me talk, I look at their lips just because it makes it easier for me to follow what they’re saying. It happens automatically and does not always mean I think about kissing them or anything in that direction 

All of the “touchy feely” moments that people tend to point out don’t indicate anything. I say that because I know many people that behave exactly like that even if they’re just friends, myself included

While you can interpret everything of these as signs of them being madly in love and being together you can just as well interpret it as two friends who are really close and trust each other and feel comfortable around each other

Lauren obviously feels more and more comfortable and confident with herself now and lets people see these intimate pictures of herself and Lucy. And maybe it is the media trying to cover something up but maybe it is actually Lauren telling management to let them publish these. People are constantly trolling her everywhere on every social media about Camren. Maybe she is sick of people assuming something ALL OF THE TIME and is like “okay guys you wanna know about my love life? I will give you some insight” and people STILL make it about Camren. 

What about that “seperately single” interview If you look at them they really genuinely are annoyed. The way they acted in that interview..you cannot tell me that was management telling them to act this way. That was genuine and serious 

Not to mention this

I will admit some moments in the past let my little Camren shipper heart beat a little faster but we have to look at the bigger picture and accept that Lauren and Camila might have never been in love but just really really close friends

So guys please just stop harrassing her. Ship them if you wanna ship them. Hell silently I probably will too. But don’t constantly rub it in her face

Can I just say how glad I am that Dean isn’t pretending like he was just fine with Mary leaving? That he’s expressing he was hurt? I understand Mary’s motives for leaving, but I also love that Dean isn’t just shrugging it off, but rather expressing his feelings, even if they are negative ones or ones that hurt Mary to hear. Because honestly expressing your feelings is really the only way for anyone to heal. Very excited to see the whole episode now!

Who Tells Your Story (33129 words) by lululawrence @lululawrence for @althoughiambroken
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Félicité Tomlinson, Tomlinson-Deakin family, Jon Shone, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales
Additional Tags: okay now let’s see, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Phone Sex, ish, it’s complicated - Freeform, liam is just kinda mentioned, sorry liam, i’m really awful at tags, but i don’t think there’s anything triggering in here, just talk of illness, not life threatening!, okay i’m stopping now

“Baby girl, you’re always beautiful, you know that, but I am so excited to see how much brighter your smile is with a wig that is made especially for you,” Louis says, completely heartfelt.

Fizzy is incredibly smart and he knows that she tries to not let her lack of hair bother her, but you can’t help but hear what others say. All the years building up on her of having to hear remarks about how unfortunate that such an “otherwise pretty girl” has to be left bald, in addition to hitting the height of puberty couldn’t have made things easy for her. This wig means so much more than just a way for her to feel pretty. It is the stepping stone for her confidence as well.

Or the one where Louis never thought he’d get to tell his sister’s story, Harry never thought he’d find the right person to tell the story he wants told, and Fizzy has a way of making it all come together.

Mcountdown in Jeju ♡

All I have to say is GOTBANGTANX ♡ 

Tonight I think 8pm KST. May need to check that again to be sure but I am like 96% sure that’s right ha. 

I had completely overlooked Monsta X for a second and I feel bad but I am so excited to see these interactions. I have hardly seen and interactions between Monsta X and GOT7 so I am really excited about this. I can’t deal. 3 of my top groups. Save my soul. 

And we already know GOTBANGTAN is real and extra af’…

Just imagine this…


And this…


Hello there!!!

Hi there everyone! Okay, so I am the new admin, and I would just like to say that everyone who follows this blog is really amazing, and I thank you. I can only hope to be as good as the last admin, and if you ever need anything, don’t be scared to drop an ask or a message. I don’t bite! My name is Levi, and I am super excited to hopefully make you guys happy with stuff.


Levi, your new and anxiously excited admin

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So I read Money Shot again and I am almost as excited for an update to that as I am Masquerade. Almost. I mean okay. I just really love your writing and I eagerly anticipate your updates. But I'm not trying to rush you lol

Haha it’s okay I know you wouldn’t rush me 😝 the new chapter of Masquerade will be out in the next couple of days (I want to say tonight but I can’t be sure) so you’ve got that to look forward to yay 💕