but caitlin tho

Ok so today I hit 5k which is just absolutely insane, thank you so much to every single person who follows me, you’re all wonderful! So as part of my 5k celebration I’m taking inspiration from the incredible @njmphadora (she’s so awesome and if you’re not following her you should be) and create a fandom family for my amazing mutuals along with a hashtag that you can use on all of your edits, writing, and beautiful selfies so that myself and everyone else in the family can give you the love and appreciation you deserve!

So, the rules: 

- follow this wolfstar trash
- must be one of my mutuals (you follow me and I follow you)
reblog this post
- send me an ask with your name and pronouns, 3 Harry Potter characters you’d like to be, and a short quote or 3 words that describe you
- follow the tag #caitsfandomfam to use on all your amazing content

You can check out the page here to see who has been taken. Once again I want you all to know how much I appreciate everyone single one of you following my trash blog, I love you all.


love how relieved both of them looked when Barry revealed that even tho Caitlin kept the stone, it actually inadvertently helped stopped Savitar from escaping from the Speed Force <3 like i think it jarred Barry from his comfort zone thinking that Caitlin could ever betray the team…and he’s relieved that albeit she did….but it turned out to be a blessing instead.


So this is how I’m wasting my time waiting for Danielle’s live on Facebook. Now they have this website so you can make a Pop of yourself, I made the ones (or some of) we deserve: Cait, Iris, Cisco, Harry, HR.