but caitlin tho

Day 25: Downtime & Hobbies

What does your OC do in their downtime? Do they drink, gamble, play cards? Visit bars, surf the holonet, go to performances? Read? Other stuff? What’s their favorite hobby and why?

Day 26: Skills & Talents

What non-combat skills does your OC have? What ‘crew skills’ do they have? Why? Are they something your crew does or do you consider it something your OC knows? Does your OC have any particular talents, such as singing or dancing? What skill/talent does your OC lack that they wish they had?

Lol, I don’t craft so she has zero actual crew skills in game.

In meta? Ehh. Tallia tries her damndest not to have enough spare time for hobbies or side interests. The less time she has to spend inside her own head, the better.

What little time she’s had in the past for non-Wrath business and now non-Commander business has been dedicated to … let’s just call it militant philanthropy; things like founding The Broken Chain, training recruits, planning liberation strikes, things of the like. She really only has the one skill in her prowess as a warrior and she’s DAMN good at what she does.

She didn’t wind up like this on accident.

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love how relieved both of them looked when Barry revealed that even tho Caitlin kept the stone, it actually inadvertently helped stopped Savitar from escaping from the Speed Force <3 like i think it jarred Barry from his comfort zone thinking that Caitlin could ever betray the team…and he’s relieved that albeit she did….but it turned out to be a blessing instead.

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1 to 28 for you and your gf xD

1] Who cleans up the messes? Me! Okay but also ? Cleaning is so fun and therapeutic to me. (And Caitlin’s room is always a mess)

2] Who is more of the cuddler? lol probably me. Anytime she’d even stand up and walk away I would follow her to hug her. I’m embarrassingly clingy.

3] Who plays the music extra loud in the car? Caitlin

4] Which one ‘rocks out’ to their favorite song when they think the other isn’t looking? Both of us

5] Do they prefer Shows or Movies?
Caitlin prefers shows. I prefer movies (also love shows)

6] What would a break-up between them look like? Non existent

7] How did they get together? Explain.
Sooo I hit on her for a year until I realized that was me actually having a crush. And then I kept doing it until she told me she liked me.

8] What song describes their relationship?
Sleepover- Hayley Kiyoko. Not so much anymore but for a long time when I thought we were just friends … it fits a lot.

9] Big Spoon and Little Spoon?
I’m def the little spoon. She’s taller than me … soo she’s the big spoon.

10] Who takes who on dates?
Both of us (lol or I mean… Bri take us to our dates bc we both don’t drive yikes)

11] Most preferred cuddling/make-out spot? Parking lot, bed, couch, aquarium, bowling alley, concert, anywhere, etc

12] Specific Kinks from the Dom?
13] Specific Kinks from the Sub?
+ okay these are answered as one I guess because I have no idea. ???? I feel like I’d be a sub but I don’t know ??? And I don’t have too many kinks ?? I like lip biting a lot. And maybe hair pulling. And hickeys. And maybe ice play. Hahha okay so maybe I actually do ? GUYS I DONT KNOW !

14] Favorite Au of the two? It’s the real world so.

15] Most protective? I think both of us are fairly protective of the other.

16] Least likely to start a fight? Caitlin. Okay I start fights with everyone when it’s dumb stuff like “I like the color green more than pink” and then I’m like “wanna go outside??? And fight???”
As in real fights though ? Idk. I honestly don’t fight with people ??

17] Who kisses who first? I kissed her ;)

18] Any cute/specific pet names for one another? She calls me a golden vacuum cleaner. I call her a recycle bin. I’m also coconut and she’s turnip. And we both call each other babe

19] Do they hold hands? When, why, where do they typically? Yes. Any single time she was near me- we’d hold hands. And idk ? Probably because she lives so far away so when she’s actually here- I’m gonna hold her hand even if we’re in a car.

20] Who likes to whisper sweet-nothings?

21] Is their relationship strictly physical/
emotional, or a good balance of the two?
I think it’s balanced! Prob more emotional tho.. since she lives out of state so.. kinda hard to be physical from a damn ton of miles

22] How do they calm the other from being angry/distressed/panicking?
We usually just call the other one/FaceTime. She sends me music sometimes. Or I make her memes.

23] What were they like before they met the other? Me: desperately sad. Her:still super cool like now.

24] What was their first meeting like?
Okay so she came out to CO last Fourth of July and I remember my dad and bro were with me, picking up her and her mom and I got out of the car and hugged her and I blacked out so much of how I actually acted bc I was so nervous and happy.

25] What was their first kiss like?
Lol okay so @asexualcas ’s car wanted us dead bc it’s homophobic and we kept getting nauseous. And like the great friends we are, we made Bri go into target and get us gum when we were dying in their backseat. But sitting in the car was killer so caitlin went to the cart return and sat in one of the carts and it was super pretty outside and we were looking at the GIANT moon and then we ended up kissing and bri was walking back outside to us laughing. Romance.. top notch. Target parking lot, thanks fam.

26] First time in bed?
;) we laid on a bed together. To sleep. So steamy and hot. Me with my big fucking tangly hair and her hair strangling her face.
Lol nothing happened so.. I feel like if it ever does I’ll most likely fall off the bed or smack my head on something because I’m a mess.

27] How long to you believe their relationship were to last?
94 years. At least… that’s IF we don’t live forever.

28] How would one react if the other died?
False. We’re dying at the exact same time and day because i will not have it. Or live forever soo

Let’s stay strong, Snowbarries!

Westallen is canon, but guess what? So was Spallen. Flashpoint is the story arc that killed Westallen in the comics, so it wouldn’t be that much of a reach to kill it again in the TV show.

Even though things seem grim right now, and if we blinked we missed Caitlin in the S3 trailer, I still have hope. Olicity once seemed like a dead end and now they’re pretty much a confirmed endgame. I’m not giving up on this ship, because when you give up something you want, that’s the day you guarantee you’re never gonna get it.

Reasons why Snowbarry shippers started shipping Snowbarry
  • What Westallen shippers think we thought: ok so there's two possible love interest for Barry but one is black oh gross I'll ship him with the other one then

You know what

If Caitlin actually did turn into killer frost it would be ok
Being how E2 killer frost still had a glimmer of good in her
Like it would give Caitlin the opportunity to release all her pint up anger and aggression and she unlike E2 Killer [Caitlin i hate that name] Frost has people to be her anchor
She’s already proven that she can’t kill her peeps
they’d be able to “rehabilitate” her ya know?!?

Like let her go “evil”
Let her not be I’m Caitlin and my husband died twice and I dated a mass murderer who held me captive and I’m fine

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Why are some people being so rude today? Plenty of users have talked about how they love the books but how the books clearly have problems with representation and all that.

Your guess is as good as mine. I saw that ask on Caitlin’s page tho and I fucking lost it. That shit was rude and unnecessary and ugly. And I get that we have a president who thinks it’s okay to talk like that and to treat women like objects and to make fun of people with disabilities, but come on. We have to be better than that.

And I honestly feel bad for people like that. I really do. Because you have to be hurting inside to want to put that out into the world, and to want to make someone else feel how you do on the inside.