but bryan fuller just gets it man

Fun things from the Hannibal episode commentaries:

  • Pilot: [talking about how there was a cat and the director was deathly allergic] David Slade (Director): Does there have to be a cat? Hugh Dancy: It doesn’t have the same effect if it is an armadillo.
  • Hugh Dancy: Here, very much like a vampire, Hannibal has to ask permission to cross the threshold. Bryan Fuller: [to the audience] Don’t go to crazy with that. Hugh: Right, it’s just there in the background.
  • Hugh Dancy: I really wanted to make sure we had Will wearing glasses so we could cover them with blood, cause that’s fun.
  • David Slade: That shot of the man-stag, we had seven or eight good shots and the last one then it’s antlers snapped off. Hugh Dancy: And that was a wrap.
  • Bryan Fuller: It was originally supposed to be a finger, but fingers are harder to vomit up than ears, in my experience.
  • Will Graham: I thought I would get better. Hugh Dancy: Not a good plan there Will.
  • David Slade: We considered having a reoccurring segment, of Alana in different cars - Hugh Dancy: A weekly segment, every episode. David Slade: Yeah, just Alana in different cars with different music, losing her shit.
  • Hugh Dancy: I always thought that was a pun. Bryan Fuller: “I never considered having a child”? Hugh Dancy: To eat. *laughter from Bryan* I just thought it was a pun for the longest time.
  • David Slade: Bedelia lives in a crazy house. This room has a ridiculous ceiling, but it is a ceiling we never see it. It’s like a wooden Death Star. Hugh Dancy: Death Star: the early version.
  • Bryan Fuller: [for the second time] I want the action figure of that man. [referencing the stag-man]

red dragon will. with his hollow eyes and his female wife. his little hideyhole of murder paraphernalia that he only pulls out when the rest of the household is asleep. his replacement child who looks identical to his discarded first child. the letter from his ex man that he reads over and over again in the dark. never fails to crack me up……. ur looking real rough buddy, really vitamin d deficient if you know what i mean. looking a little jeffrey dahmer. he’s like a gay bunnicula who’s only going to get sicker and sicker the longer he goes without sucking down somebody’s 🍆 . in all seriousness the closet is a kind of death & it really does wreck u psychologically & it’s still a wonder to me that bryan fuller created three seasons of a fantasy-horror show exploring this Subject on network television. just kill some guys already, little buddy. gay is o-k


Tonight, I met Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller.
Bryan Fuller was amazing. We (I’m the one in the hat, with my friend Eleanor) were awkwardly standing just to the side of the set as they filmed outside in downtown Toronto. After we watched a shot with Hugh, Bryan, who’d noticed us, brought him over, saying, “I think they’re too nervous to say hi.” Hugh shook our hands, I asked him about shooting in Toronto, we took a picture. It was amazing. After he went back, they did a scene with Mads and we watched him adoringly from afar. That was the last scene at that location so they began to pack up and Eleanor and I were about to leave. Before we could Bryan, once again, brought Mads over to us for a picture and a hello and took a picture. There was also a hilarious man working on set in a truck who made a joke about them “getting hungry” and everyone was simply lovely. A fantastic experience and I respect Bryan Fuller SO much. It took me a moment to realize who he was because he made such a point of talking to us and introducing us to the stars, I thought he must just be working on set until I recognized him. Know when you watch Hannibal that these people are truly wonderful, laid-back and care so much about their fan base. They really do.

anonymous asked:

I'm new to Hannibal fandom, although I have observed it from the safe distance of other fandoms for years. Now that I've finally watched the last season, I'm up to my elbows in metaphorical viscera and dying for more! I love your meta (and fic), and my opinions and thoughts about the show/characterisation/what's realistic for the Hannibal world are pretty much identical to yours. Thus I was wondering: do you have any fic recs? New or old, since it's all new to me. I think I'd like what you like!

I wasn’t sure how to answer this because, if I read you correctly, you seem to be asking me for canon compliant fic that I’m personally satisfied with the “realistic” elements of, and if I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a fic that strongly agreed with my sense of what is realistic for the Hannibal world. (Aside from really short pieces, but short pieces tend to go in my head and out again without me remembering them, so I’m unable to recommend them. I have to clear my brain’s RAM a lot to function, I’m afraid.)

This isn’t a criticism, and I would include my own work in this, because it’s not trying to be a realistic depiction of the Hannibal universe. 

Neither is most of the fic that I’ve read: most of it is AU in some form, either because it full-on intends to be a completely different universe, like a crossover fic, or because it full-on embraces Hannigram sex for the sake of the sex itself, as a kind of author-and-fandom-first fanservice if nothing else, and there’s a whole ton of tropes that get used in that that have a lot more to do with fandom and its customs and audience expectations than they do with Hannibal. And I think it’s a lot of effort to really grasp the bull by the horns and go crazy quite like Bryan Fuller does when he writes. 

But most importantly, people write to express themselves and their experiences, fears, concerns, world view, and so forth. Any fic, for example, that has Will ineffectively fending off the advances of a man who just won’t take no for an answer, is clearly channeling the experiences and fears/frustrations of the author rather than writing what’s likely to show up on the show or for the character. But it’s okay and even good that people are writing this stuff, because they should have their own vision, and they should be writing what they know, from the experiences they can relate to, which is what that adage “write what you know” really should be getting at: writing from the heart. Your heart. And so I think that people who are otherwise engaging in canon-compliant (usually post-fall) fic are writing to a different function than the one the show writes to: one that includes a different writer’s experience and vision, one that is responding to the demands of a fandom audience from within the boundaries of fandom instead of without, like the show does. And as I said, I would include my own work in this.

This was all basically a long justification for me recommending you a bunch of AU and crossover fics instead of what you asked for, sorry. XD

So, without further ado:

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Let’s start by talking about that climactic battle: Hannibal and Will versus the Red Dragon. Where did you film it? Was any of it CGI?

Bryan Fuller: “The house is real and the cliffs are real. We just had to put them together with the visual effects. We found a location in the woods, about an hour and a half outside of Toronto, for Hannibal’s get-away house — where he kept Miriam Lass and Abigail Hobbs, and prepared with Bedelia to flee the country. But we couldn’t find the right kind of cinematic cliffs to give us the stature that we needed for the finale. So, our second unit director Chris Byrne, the man who shoots all of those beautiful inserts with water dripping in slow motion and all of those crazy inner workings of machines that we use to spice up the editing, he went up to Newfoundland and shot the cliffs up there. And then we edited it together to give the appearance of a house on a precipice collapsing into the sea, which seemed very symbolic for Will and Hannibal’s relationship.” [x]

Details of Hannibal

Of course, casting is always key, but here your main three characters have been played by multiple actors. And Hopkins’ especially was such an iconic performance. What was it you were looking for, and what was it you found with Mads to play this role?”

Bryan Fuller: “I think the key was we had to put up an orange cone where Anthony Hopkins had tread, as well as Brian Cox, because I think Brian Cox’s performance [in Manhunter] is as iconic as Anthony Hopkins. There’s much debate and hardcore Lecter-verse fans of who was the superior Hannibal Lecter, and for me both were excellent. I refuse to choose a favorite. Obviously Anthony Hopkins won the Academy Award, and Silence of the Lambs was a spectacular film, so he’s got more audience real estate than Brian Cox. But if we’re talking about performances, they’re both excellent performances. So we just wanted to make sure we weren’t going in either of those directions.

What I love about Mads and Mads’ approach is that when we first sat down – first of all, he’s so charismatic, and he is so excited about what he does and his meticulous approach to crafting a character that I just knew was in great hands of a fantastic performer. But also, one of the things that we talked about in our first meeting was not so much about playing Hannibal as the cannibal psychiatrist, as previously portrayed by other actors, but more like Lucifer and how he was a dark angel who had this affinity for mankind and a fascination with the human condition. But he also recognized when people were not respectful of their rules or place in society and were rude, and felt that they deserved to have those places revoked. So if you’re a pig of human being, you deserve to be Hannibal Lecter’s bacon. There was a simplicity to looking at the role, particularly Mads’ portrayal of the role through the lens of “this is a devil at work here.” And it kind of gives him a greater mythology – not that we have to tap into any sort of Judeo-Christian context at all – but if you just watch the show and think that this is a devil at work and not a man there is a consistency with Mads’ performance, particularly when he gets very emotionally involved. Because Hannibal Lecter is unique in his crazy. He’s not a psychopath, because he experiences regret. And he not a sociopath, because he experiences empathy. So he is unique in his crazy, and that gives him a higher sensibility than just a mortal man.” [Bryan Fuller interview for IGN on April 3, 2013]

Details of Hannibal

When I see people saying that Mads doesn’t understand his character because they don’t agree that Hannibal loves Will, or that he loves him that much, I’m just like…


But–besides that obvious point–do you really think Mads is just out there on his own in this? That he didn’t get any direction from Bryan Fuller about what Bryan wanted him to do? That Mads isn’t known for being an absolute perfectionist and picking apart scripts and even being intimidating and a little hard to work with because he’s so exacting in making sure that the scripts have integrity and that he understands his role absolutely?

Like, you can disapprove of Bryan Fuller’s choices in adapting the show the way he has, and you can claim that Mads was just teasing or delivering fanservice when he said that about Hannibal loving Will “in THAT way,” but you canNOT say that this man doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s just ridiculous.