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You Understand, Right? (Part 6): In My Time of Dying

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 1336+ words

TW: Nothing in this chapter!

A/N: I think this was one of the first chapter I wrote after people asked for a sequel. It has a special place in my heart. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!


It was a couple of days later when Dean had just gotten ready for bed, his eyes closed in hopes for a couple of hours of sleep when Y/N knocked on his door softly, opening the frame, and calling his name at the same time.

At the sound of her voice, Dean all but leaped into alertness. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

She didn’t say anything as she made her way to his bed, sitting on the space he left with her legs crossed. She ignored his watchful gaze as she chewed on her lips. No words could describe her time in hell, but she knew she needed to accept the memory. Without realizing it her breathing became shallower, and just as Dean opened his mouth, she burst into tears.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Dean’s heart ached at the sound of her cries. He circled his arms around her, and pulled her against his chest, his legs resting around her figure. “It’s okay. I’m here. Nothing’s gonna hurt you anymore, you hear?” Tears were stinging his eyes as she cried even louder, despair and grief in every teardrop. He had to physically bite his bottom lip to stop himself from crying as well. “Let it all out, sweetheart. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” Dean drew small circles on her bottom hip, his other hand stroking the back of her hair.

It felt like hours later, and it probably was when Y/N had finally stopped completely crying. She sniffled continuously, using the collar of her shirt to clean up the mess on her face.

“I’m gonna get you a glass of water,” Dean said, seeing her finally calming down.

Y/N scrambled to grab his arm, shaking her head, pleading for him not to leave her.

“I won’t be long,” he promised.

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My Reason

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Mary, Cas and Lucifer (briefly mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: A tiny bit of angst at first but it’s all good. Smut, the fluffy love making kind.      

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is a two birds with one stone sorta of a thing. I promised @salvachester fluffy Dean smut and an aesthetic (hence why this fic has one) because she spend hours helping me create the new theme on my blog. Love you Scar. I hope you like this one.

It is also my entry for @iwantthedean’s SoCo Summer Challenge where my prompt was You’re my reason for breathing, but I kinda used the song the line is from for inspiration as well. Hence the tiny bit of angst in the beginning. Listen to Something Corporate - She Paints Me Blue.

It is set after ep 12x22 but before the massacre that was the finale.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @deansleather for betaing this one for me. Love you Maddy <3

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Dean knew he had no right to be here. He had pushed her away a long time ago. Back when the Mark was still on his arm. He had told her he didn’t love her anymore and he had practically thrown her out of the Bunker. Every since the Mark got ripped from his arm he had been telling himself what he had done was for the best. He knew that he had hurt her, but she left the life. She was safe. She could be happy without him, but the truth was he couldn’t be happy without her. Not even close. Y/N had left a gaping hole where his heart used to be. He had tried to fill it with booze and women, but no matter who he screwed or how much he drank the void was always there.

Admitting that to himself however hadn’t been easy. He yelled at Sam every time he brought her up and he told himself that he was fine. She was just a girl right? There was plenty of girls in this world. Nothing special about her. Other than there was. It had taken Dean being almost buried alive in his own home to see that. All he could think about being trapped in the Bunker while the air slowly ran out was her. He saw her at every turn of the halls. Her smile, her eyes, her body. He heard her laughter echoing off the walls, her soft whisper telling him how much she loved him.

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Fragments - Part 7

Word Count: 8219 (yikes)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence

A/N: I can’t add any new tags and I’ve had to abandon the Fragments series tag list, but if you follow/turn on post notifications for @torn-and-frayed-writes you won’t miss an update. All updates will be reblogged over there right after they’re posted here. 

Fragments Masterlist

“Um, Dean, why are you getting in the back seat?” The three of you had just come out of the woods after another hunt. It seemed you’d been marathon hunting lately, not that you cared. It actually seemed to help keep your mind off everything. You enjoyed it.

“Decided to let Sammy drive for awhile. Thought I’d sit back here with you.” Dean shrugged. “Are you not ok with that?”

“I’m fine with it, unless you’re back here to gloat about killing Hitler some more because if you are I’m gonna throw you into traffic.” Sam’s laughter reverberated through the car but Dean didn’t find you at all funny.

“Killing Hitler is kind of a big deal, Y/N.” Dean grumbled. “You could show some more gratitude. Especially since I saved your ass from some Nazis too.”

“I know. I was there.” You rolled your eyes as Sam started up the car and started driving away. “But you really, really don’t need to tell me about it another thousand times. I got it.”

“Geez. Testy much?” You shot Dean a glare and he held up his hands in surrender. “Sorry.”

“It’s so good to have you back.” Sam chuckled.

“Aw, thanks Sam.” You giggled. “Someone has to keep your brother’s ego in check.”

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MY. Omega. - Bucky x Reader (3/?)

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

A/B/O Dynamics

Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Simple Summary - Out of all the new coming Omegas, will he choose you?

Originally posted by kieranwalker

Warnings - Swearing, arguing, awkwardness, ANGST.

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I Love Her

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Perfect Masterlist

  I sat on the stage, a room about a quarter full of people sitting in front of me, taking pictures and videos. Jared was running a little late for our breakfast panel so I decided to head out and entertain the crowd until he got here. Before it would have freaked me out being on the stage by myself but I found myself enjoying the thrill. 

  Hands went up around the room to ask me questions that I surely wasn’t prepared to answer. I had my grande black coffee that Y/N had picked me up this morning while she let me sleep in. I was still exhausted from filming in past few weeks before hiatus and she always made my life a little easier when the time came around. 

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She’s Every Woman

Pairing: none specified - you choose!

Word Count: 760 (including lyrics)

Warnings: fucking cavities, dude.

A/N: A little drabble written based on the song She’s Every Woman by Garth Brooks

She’s sun and rain
She’s fire and ice
A little crazy, 
but it’s nice

He watched her sleeping, her hair forming a halo around her face and shoulders, fanned out across the pillow. It’d been a long time since he slept, but tonight was the first night he enjoyed missing out on rest, just watching her muscles twitch, her eyeballs moving behind her closed lids, and the gentle sound of her breathing as her chest rose and fell was like a song to his ears.

She stirred slightly, but didn’t wake, just curled closer into him. He’d never understand how she could go from this gorgeous, ravenous, unpredictable hunter during the day to such a sweet and kind, perfectly untainted angel at night. 

And when she gets mad
You best leave her alone
‘Cause she’ll rage
Just like a river
And she’ll beg you 
To forgive her
Oh, she’s every woman
That I’ve ever known.

His mind shot back to the first time they’d kissed. He took her by complete surprise, his mind and heart racing with adrenaline post-hunt. They almost died. Their lives were too damn short, too dangerous to risk not spending every minute he could with her by his side, as his woman. 

She drew back and her fist connected with his jaw when their lips broke away from one another’s, cursing him, ‘how dare you’s’ flying through the empty night air as people watched on in both horror and shock. Blood spattered her face and hair, but she was beautiful. He laughed while she stormed out to the car.

When he found her, propped against the hood, arms folded over her chest while she looked at her feet, she was crying. Her apologies came out in sobs, tears streaming down her face while she asked him over and over again for his forgiveness, that she didn’t mean to punch him, it just happened. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her against his chest while he calmed her down, told her she had nothing to be sorry for, that he could take a hit, but he’d trained her well, because damn it, that hurt. 

Looking up at him with a new sparkle in her eyes, she giggled lightly and smacked her hand against his chest, rolling her eyes. That was the night they both figured, why not? Why not give it a try? They were together all the time anyway, sometimes posing as a married couple if the job required it, and there was no denying that either one of them was attractive enough. 

She was like no other woman he’d ever met before, and somehow, all of them compiled together in the perfect package, wrapped up in a bow. She was caring, loving, would do anything for him and everyone he loved. But she was so… different.

Her instincts took over on a hunt, slicing and dicing the things that go bump in the night without a second thought. She was a force to be reckoned with. But he could handle it. 

She’s so New York and then L.A.
And every town along the way
She’s every place that I’ve never been
She’s makin’ love on rainy nights
She’s a stroll through Christmas lights
And she’s everything I want to do again 

It amazed him how she could just take on the persona of any person she’d come in contact with. Once, they had to go check out a college after sixteen people turned up dead with scars along their arms. She fit right into the sorority scene, despite the fact that she couldn’t stand those girls. 

The rain reminded him of her in every way. It came quietly, always calm before the biggest storm hit. But when it rained, it poured. Nothing about her was subtle. If she was happy, she was beaming. If she was angry, she was on fire. And if she was upset, hurt, lonely, everyone in the room felt it. 

Every new memory with her became one he wanted to relive again and again until the day he died.

It needs no explanation
‘Cause it all makes perfect sense
For when it comes down to temptation
She’s on both sides of the fence 

She was everything he’d ever wanted… and everything he never wanted. This wasn’t what hunters did, not the life they deserved. But here she was, beautiful, glowing, carrying his child, tempting him to step away from the only thing he’d ever been good at. 

So he did. For her - the only woman that he’d ever really known.

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Wake Up Call

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut, Oral (male receiving), implied smut, lots of pics with little text lol, one explicit gif under the cut.     

Wordcount: 1300ish

A/N: So this is just something I threw together really quickly since very slow me only just now realized it was Dean’s birthday and I wanted something to post at midnight EST for him.

Thanks to the amzingly wonderful @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me. 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You had had the day all planned out for weeks. There was no rush. You had packed your bags last night after having chased a grumpy Dean out of the room.

He said he didn’t want you to do anything for his birthday. That it was just any other day. You knew he was lying. He loved when you did things for him. It made him feel loved and special, and you loved to make him feel that way. So no amount of sulking could get you to tell him about your plans, which was what his pouting really was about.

Dean was not good at not knowing. He loved planning little get aways for you, but if the shoe was on the other foot, he turned into a whiney 5 year old. That was until the secret was revealed to him anyway. Then he would always look like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

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Welcome To The End Of The World (Part 3)

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Summary: Dean and reader have been on the road awhile and things come to a head…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: language, mentions of injury/death, zombies

A/N: Short & sweet little series…

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Untitled Freebatch promoted fic even tho I kinda changed the actual prompt

Hey so here is my fic inspired by a prompt. I didn’t use the EXACT prompt but it did inspire me to write this. I just twisted the scenario a bit. Based this off of one my favorite freebatch moments ever. If you know don’t know what I am talking about seriously someone needs to show you the video on YouTube. It will change your life lol


There were many times in Ben’s life where the thrumming energy of impatience threatened to drive him crazy. When he was a kid it was Christmas Eve; trying to sleep as the knowledge that Santa Claus was due at any moment to drop gifts under your tree made him hyperactive and twitchy. When he was older it was the speeding up of his heart as he waited to catch a glimpse of a crush, or waiting to hear if he’d gotten that role he’d auditioned for. And if he was lucky enough to snag the role (he almost always did) then it was the waiting to go onstage and perform, electric sparks of energy pulsating throughout his body.

Sometimes waiting for something you wanted was just too damn hard, and adding the flash of cameras and the roar of a crowd full of strangers into the mix was not helping.

If anything it was making him even more aggravated, even more impatient for the moment all of that would fade away and he would be left alone with the tiny blonde man his eyes were currently tracking like a tiger stalks its prey.

He was trying not to stare, but it had been much too long since he’d been alone with Martin, much less in the same place, and his skin was itching to reach out and just touch….

But he couldn’t. Not here. Not now. Gigantic Los Angeles red carpet premieres for Peter Jackson trilogies were not the opportune place to snog your secret lover senseless in front of your other costars, international media, and said secret lovers long time girlfriend.

So instead Ben waited, anxiously hovering at the periphery of the madness as the large group of assembled actors were wrangled into position for the awaiting cameras to take a group shot. Standing in the last row with the other taller cast members, he did his best to actually look into the camera and smile instead of simply burning a hole into the back of Martin’s head with his eyes. It was tough but he managed a smile just this side of convincing. Barely.

He had ached to talk to Martin all day, but the flurry of pre premiere activity, and then the absolute madness of the red carpet had swallowed up any chance he had. The few real windows of opportunity Ben had to approach (Save for a brief moment when he passed behind him on the red carpet and cheekily pinched his arse) him were shut down by the the presence of Amanda only a few feet away at all times. The two had always got on cordially, but tonight her cold expression as she watched Martin like a hawk brooked no argument—don’t you dare Ben– it practically screamed.

Of course she knew. The lady wasn’t born yesterday and Ben hadn’t been very good lately at hiding it.

It was so strange, Ben thought, the sort of unspoken and uneasy truce the three of them had going on. Everyone seemed to know the score, yet no one was willing to actually confront it. What would happen if they did? He often found himself fantasizing about doing just that. Getting every uncomfortable, ugly detail out on the table and just….seeing what happened.

Sure there would be yelling and tears and potentially things thrown against walls, but in the end would it lead to a time where he could just be with Martin without having to look over his shoulder? Without having to worry about standing too close, smiling too long, or wondering when Amanda (or anyone else really) was going to be around and everything he was feeling would need to be shuttered from his face.

Would it lead to a day where he could casually stroll up besides the tiny man–his man–and slip his hand into his as if it was the most natural thing in the world?

Ben felt his heart speed up at the thought.

Suddenly the group was breaking apart, the photos over, and Ben watched as Martin made everyone near him laugh (including the infuriatingly good looking Richard for which he wasn’t jealous at all…nope) before he saddled up to Peter and began animatedly chatting and grinning for the cameras that now swarmed them. After exchanging a few pleasantries with Orlando, Ben saw a gap of open space behind Martin for the first time, and his body reacted like the pull of two magnets….he was sliding up behind Martin with no thought to what he was doing. He just needed to be there, to be close to him.

Maybe they could take a picture together. He could wrap his hand around his shoulder….pull him close and….

“Ben! Would you say this is a dream come true? Playing Smaug?”

A voice came out of the din and he looked up into the inquisitive face of a reporter, smudged glasses, her hair curly and frazzled, holding a small recording device in her hand.

Oh he was on the red carpet, wasn’t he? Right.

He chatted amicably with the reporter for a minute or two, but he was so close to Martin now that he found it hard to concentrate on anything she was saying, anticipation taking away all of his higher brain functions and focusing it on one fixed point. Him. Once again Ben found his eyes drifting slowly up the lines of Martin’s body, not obscured any longer by the crowd, and was mentally willing him to just turn around already as the reporter moved on.

His heart lept into his throat when he finally–FINALLY–saw Martin turn….only to keep turning and turning, doing a complete 360, his eyes searching through the crowd in a way that suggested he wasn’t really looking for anybody, but was more trying to avoid looking at someone in particular.

He ended up back where he started, chatting with Peter.

There was no way he hadn’t seen Ben standing there.


Logically Ben knew they had to keep their distance in some ways Logically he knew they couldn’t act like a couple on the red carpet. They couldn’t show their hand, all giggles and smiles and slow comforting stroking of backs and whispers into ears. They had to be discreet of course but…..it was hard.

Fuck logic. Fuck discretion.

They could at least act like friends. Couldn’t they? What was this cold shoulder bullshit?

He felt his eyebrows shoot upwards and pursed his lips, knowing that anyone who was looking at him right now would see the hurt and irritation clearly written across his face. The rest of the photo call lapsed by in a blur; one moment he was exchanging idle chit chat with Ed Sheeran, the next he was outright glaring daggers as Martin laughed with Evangeline for a surely absurd amount of time. And this time Ben certainly didn’t care one bit if anyone noticed his miserable, painfully jealous expression (and from the corner of his eye he was pretty sure Richard noticed something was going on by the way he looked at him and then quickly edged away).

Didn’t care one bit.

Oh god he was hopeless wasn’t he?

Somewhere off in the distance he heard the shrill voice of a fan screaming his name and all the jitters he’d been feeling all day, all the pure impatience he’d suffered just to get to be with Martin for a few blissful moments, coalesced into something rotten in the pit of his stomach.

He looked up and stared into the mess of bystanders watching the proceedings; fans from all over we’re just beyond the throng of cameras, partially obscured by both the lights and the dark of the evening, and for the first time in his life he would have given it all away–all the celebrity, adoration, money—the work–to just have a moments peace and quiet with the man he loved.

He felt nauseous.


“Hello darling, my don’t you look delicious! I could just eat you up!” A feminine–American–accent caught him off guard as he was staring into the depths of his drink, lost in thought. The post premiere after party was being held in the same hotel that Ben was set up at, and for that he was thankful. After a long day, endless amounts of frivolous small talk (“have your people call my people” essentially) and quite a few gin and tonics now, he was absolutely knackered and ready to pass out upon his luxurious, high thread count sheets and compose a long and thoroughly drunken text to Martin about….everything.

The last thing he wanted to be doing was chatting with Evangeline, who was now eyeing him with a friendly sort of openness–which was starting to fade ever so slightly, as it took him an embarrassingly long amount of time to acknowledge her presence.

“Hello there. Sorry, it’s been quite the day. A bit in my head, I apologize.” Ben stuttered, trying his best for a disarmingly charming Hugh Grant, but coming off more like an awkward school boy.

Evangeline tilted her head, radiating sympathy. “I get it. I’ve never been involved in anything this…crazy before. This is my first really giant film. I’m still pinching myself to be honest.” She giggled, light and sweet.

Since his role in the film was done all on a sound stage using mocap, and he hadn’t spent long grueling months on location working with the rest of the cast, he didn’t know Evangeline well, along with many of the other actors. Even though this had left him feeling a bit of an outsider, they were all lovely and friendly and this was just another example of one of them reaching out to bring Ben just a little bit further into their tight knit group.

“Indeed. I think we all are.”

If he hadn’t been feeling irrational jealously fueled hatred towards her only a few hours earlier, then he probably would have happily talked her ear off. But instead they both stood there, not saying much of anything, Ben swirling his drink as a nervous habit, wondering what the polite amount of time was to spend before he could excuse himself.

Evangeline just waited patiently, her smile knowing. “I think it all came out wonderfully if I do say so myself. The visuals were incredible. Your voice..” She gestured with her hands, overly dramatic and slightly loud in the way he’d come to find many American actors to be. Perhaps her enthusiasm was a bit more put on to make up for his lack of it. “I could feel it rumbling in my freakin bones! How do you even do that? And oh my god Martin was flat out amazing in the Smaug scene too! How crazy that both you guys have gotten to play two of British literatures most iconic characters?!”

At that exact moment–as if on cue–Martin’s laughter could be heard echoing throughout the room and without thinking, Ben’s head snapped in the general direction it came from, his eyes narrowing.

He was under the impression he would be skipping the after party when he caught a glimpse of Martin and Amanda exchanging terse words and certain looks (ones he’d come to know well) when the film was letting out of the theater. Martin had skipped out on things before to pacify her sudden mood swings, and he had assumed this would be no different.

“Yea he was….good…..great…..amazing really…” He trailed off, scanning the room till his eyes found him. There he was, at the bar, surrounded by Richard and Luke and Aidan and Orlando and that clinch of jealousy reared its ugly green head again. Did all of the ridiculously good looking men in this film need to be swarming around him, standing way too close and…

“Ahem.” Evangeline cleared her throat. Out of the corner of his eye Ben saw her take an exaggerated sip of her drink, her eyebrows raising in the universal sign of “so that’s how it is”. He knew that expression well. He’s pretty sure a million cameras caught the same one on his own face mere hours ago.

Shit. For a highly paid actor he sure was rubbish at concealing his emotions.

“So…seeing anyone?” She said conversationally, looking up at him with eyes like a baby deer as she innocently pursed her lips around her straw.

Ben’s eyes made their slow, inevitable journey back to her face and just stared. He felt his mouth open automatically and he knew he’d just answered her without saying a single word.

Bloody hell.

“That’s all right.” Evangeline reached a hand out to run back and forth on his upper arm. “You know it’s alright–right? I mean. Well..” She bit her lip and her eyes flipped back and forth from where Martin was still entertaining his harem of handsome men at the bar, to Ben as he waited there for the earth to open up and swallow him whole. “It sounds a little cliche to say but I’ve always wondered about you two. Well. And not just me either but….uhh….well. Shit I’m not really navigating this smoothly am I?” She grimaced before barking out a laugh.

“Definitely not.” Ben replied, feeling his face grow hot. Great, so everyone was speculating? Did everyone see how much he pined for that angry little man? He felt so foolish. “Look, I….”

“Save it. You don’t owe me any explanations. It’s not my place. If it makes you feel any better, those boys have got nothing on you.” She leaned in and whispered with a wink, before patting him again in a familial sort of way and excusing herself to talk to someone across the room.

“Fucking hell.” He said out loud to himself before pouring the rest of his drink down his throat and slamming it on a table. He was going to get the hell out of here; he was going to stumble back to his room and try to salvage the tiny sliver left of his pride and…

There was a sudden buzzing in his pocket. Ben fished out his phone, struggling for a second to swipe it open, before looking down to read. Immediately his face exploded into a million chin smile. Every bit of irritation he had been feeling, every sliver of anger that remained from being ignored faded away. He would do anything for this man and he knew it down in his core.

From: Martin
Hey you. Don’t think I don’t see you over there chatting up Miss Evangeline. Don’t you go getting any ideas Mr. Big Hollywood Star. Hey..I am sorry I didn’t get to really talk to you earlier. It was a bit crazy wasn’t it? And Amanda and I…well. She saw when you pinched my arse and… Too much to get into now via text. Anyways I was wondering if I could….maybe later…

From: Ben
Room 305 just knock. Don’t be too long :)


The knock at the door was soft but insistent. Ben dropped the towel he’d been using to run through his dripping curls and scrambled to throw a stretched out, faded t-shirt over his still damp torso, the bottom half of him still clad in a towel. It was useless to fumble with bottoms at this point–he wouldn’t be needing them anyways if that was who he hoped it was.

“Hi.” He said breathlessly as he flung open the door; it was after midnight and he’d begun to think maybe Martin wasn’t going to show. It had taken all of his resolve not to text him every five minutes asking where he was.

“Hello there.” Martin smiled back at him, a boyish, lopsided sort of thing that made Ben’s insides squirm in a pleasant way. He wanted to kiss that damn smile off his face and started to lean forward when he was halted by the press of something cold, hard and wet to his torso.

“Stole this from the bar.” Martin said, wiggling a large bottle of champagne against him, it’s condensation trickling into his thin shirt. In his other hand were two empty glasses. “Thought me and you could celebrate. Privately.”

“Sounds perfect.” Ben smiled, his eyelashes doing a fluttery type of thing that he couldn’t quite control whenever Martin did something particularly sweet. Even though he was tired beyond belief, had definitely had his fill of alcohol for the evening, and was jumping out of his skin to tear every article of clothing from Martin’s body, he simply nodded and pressed forward, kissing him softly on the lips. “Absolutely perfect.”

Martin sighed into the brief press of lips before pulling back and heading for the sofa, kicking off his shoes as he went. His suit jacket was gone, as was his tie, and his sleeves were rolled up, collar gaping open, and it took an insane amount of self control for Ben not to grab him and pull him to the bed.

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry. About earlier.” He mumbled partly into his chest as he tilted down at an awkward angle, wrestling with the champagne cork.

“Hmm?” Ben replied, playing innocent as he sunk into the sofa, spreading his legs a bit wider than natural, letting the towel he was wearing spread a bit indecently, and giving his business a bit of breathing room. He was already embarrassingly hard just in anticipation, like a virginal schoolboy. “Sorry for what?”

“You know. The red carpet…the whole….all of it.” Martin sighed, frustrated, as the cork popped and he poured two flutes of bubbly. “I know I was ignoring you. I know you knew I was ignoring you. But there was a whole thing with Amanda and…” He scrubbed a hand over his face, suddenly weary and looking ten years older. “Things had been bad all day and I was trying not to make it worse…but after the film we had quite a row and fuck…she took off.”

“She left?”

“Yep. Packed and everything. Sent me a text she was catching the next flight home and to enjoy myself.” He blanched. “I think we know what she meant by that.”

“I’m so sorry.” Ben interrupted, his heart twisting at the sight of Martin looking so tired and utterly conflicted. His eyes seemed deeper, full of remorse, and a tiny voice whispered in his brain that this was bad–very bad. Fear gripped him that at any moment Martin could just end this all. That he would say it had all been a mistake and up and leave. “This is all my fault. If I wouldn’t have…She was right there and it was so stupid of me to pinch you like that and I wasn’t thinking..”

“No. No, just don’t…no.” Martin shook his head. “This is so much more than just that. If you or I hadn’t done a million things then, sure, this wouldn’t have happened but we can’t change the past can we? And I don’t want to either.” He looked up into Ben’s eyes and offered a tiny smile. “And I guess at the heart of it all that’s the problem.”

Martin reached out and grasped Ben’s hand; his skin was warm and dry and he gave him a squeeze of reassurance. “I want to be with you and I know that’s never going to change. So…we deal with shit like this. That’s all we can do. We deal.”

“I…I want to be with you too.” Ben said, squeezing his hand back.

“I know it’s complicated and I know that we can’t exactly be…or do….what we want when we want to but I need you to know that I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. With you.” Martin sank back into the cushions of the sofa, pulling Ben along till he was snug up against his side, and wrapping his free arm around his shoulder.

“I feel the same too. I love you.”

Ben held his breath for a moment; they had said those three words to each other only once before, but they had both been drunk off their tits and engaged in some creative trailer shagging at the time, and while he was pretty sure Martin wasn’t drunk enough to forget, neither of them had brought it up again. The idea of saying it again, out loud and sober, added a new element to this thing of theirs that made it a lot more complicated. Once you crossed that threshold you couldn’t take it back, but Ben just didn’t care. Tonight had shown him that he couldn’t–and didn’t want to–hide his feelings anymore, at least in private.

The room was painfully quiet for a beat and when he got the courage up to look at Martin again he was blown away. He’d never seen him look so besotted before.

“I love you too. So much.”

Martin leaned forward, cupping the back of Ben’s neck with his free hand and pulling Ben into a kiss. Their lips glided over each other, hot and languid for a few moments before Martin licked into his mouth and their kiss exploded into a tangle of tongues and pent up sexual tension, ending with Ben’s shirt somewhere on the floor and the rest of Martin’s buttons popped as he sat straddling Ben’s lap.

Martin’s hands roamed down Ben’s now bare chest, stopping to rest at the edge of where his hips met his towel.

“How nice of you to provide me with easy access. No zippers, no buttons or clasps….you are too good for me you know that Cumberbatch?” He grinned into another kiss.

Ben sucked on Martin’s neck, gasping a bit as his pelvic region was suddenly hit by a bust of cool air and the towel was flicked away.

“Oh I know I am.” He replied cheekily, pulling back for a second to look at Martin–to take in his red, swollen lips and mussed hair. “So if you pull the same shit for the Berlin premiere your ass is in trouble.” He growled, low and sultry, before wrapping two strong hands under Martin’s bum and hauling him to the bed, throwing him down and immediately covering his body with his own.

“Is that a promise?” Martin waggled his eyebrows and Ben groaned–so cheesy–before swallowing Martin’s answering giggle with his mouth and sliding the zipper down his trousers.


Hope you enjoyed and sorry no sex lol. Didn’t feel in the mood to write it (I think I’m terrible at it anyways) and just wanted to focus on the angst I guess.

You don’t know how much I needed a good freebatch ficlet today. Thank you so much! I like ass-pinching angst lmao

Huntress- Part 8: Ketch

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E8, so warning: SPOILERS

Part one
Part two
Part three
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Part five

Part Six

Part Seven

Sam and Dean walk over to the Doctor who’s fiddling with his clipboard. They reach into their inside pockets and retrieve the FBI badges, but, before they could even properly show them, the man waved them by and mumbled “Your colleges are already inside.” 
The brothers shared a look and headed in.

Inside, was Cas, Crowley and you. You were reading the case file at the end of the corpses “bed”. Your Dad looked shocked that you were there “Y/N? How did you-”
“I took her.” Cas says. You glance up, wondering how he’ll take it.
Your Uncle shook his head, but he was smiling slightly “Well you’re hear now. Anything interesting?” 
“Not really. They clearly have no idea what the cause of death is, though.” You flip the pages back to the front one and attach it back.

“This is Wallace Parker, a powerful man of pretty much everything.” Cas explained as your Dad pulled back the sheet.
His eyes were completely gone, in place were blackened sockets surrounded by red blotches. You grimaced slightly however you didn’t look away.
“So, Lucifer used this guy as a vessel?” You asked aloud, nearing the corpse. 
Your Dad held you back lightly from getting to close, even thought the man was clearly dead. Maybe he was more worried about you seeing it. ‘Too late for that’ you thought.

“He did,” Crowley took centre stage “Only he’s moving on to bigger people. Highers. Celebrities. Anyone with an influential position in society,” He added on a sarcastic note “Next he’ll be after the bloody Prime Minister.”
“President.” You corrected him and he nodded slowly.
“Him too.”
Your Dad put the sheet back over to cover his face and let go of you completely. 
“I agree with Agent Zapper.” Cas nodded seriously. 
“Would you stop.” Uncle Dean sighed and you giggled.

“Notice anything missing?” Your Dad swiveled his laptop so you and Uncle Dean could both see the images. He flicked between them, Uncle Dean took over and did the same. 
Some of the pictures he was smiling and had a big cross round his neck. Others he was perfectly serious and no cross was in sight. 
It sure sounded like Lucifer was hiding there.
“The cross.” You answered.
“Exactly.” Your Dad nodded.
“So you recon that’s where Lucifer’s hiding?” Uncle Dean asked.
Your Dad nodded again, taking his laptop back. “Worth a shot.”

The Impala pulled up at the back of the Church, you looked up and noticed it was much more modern than any others you’d seen. Of course, it wasn’t new, but it wasn’t ancient either. It had a more homely feel to it, perhaps not with Lucifer wandering about it though.
“No one’s home.” Uncle Dean declared, after having tried the door a few times and looking in through the slightly blurred window.
“I’ll grab the torches.” Your Dad hurried back to the car.
“Got a lock-pick?” You looked up at your Uncle who frowned a little. 
“You know how to?”
You held out your hand and knelt down in front of the key hole. You felt a small instrument being placed into your palm. “Ta.” You say, inserting it into the lock.
After fumbling about a bit you heard the click you were hoping for. 
Standing back up, you hand the lock-pick back to your Uncle and wait for your Dad. He came over and handed you a torch. “You picked the lock?” He squinted in the dark to see the switch on the torch.

“Yep.” You say, switching yours on. Uncle Dean went in first, then you then your Dad- he smiled, impressed that you knew how.

Nothing but the three of your footsteps filled the silence of the building. You shine your torch around slowly, aiming at the door handle before reaching towards it. Focusing on the gun in your pocket in case you needed to fire, you stepped into the room and did a quick once over with your light to make sure there was no immediate danger. You did a double take in the corner, where a body lay, shaking every so slightly. You stared at it, not wanting to move at first. “Dad.” You whispered, looking back.
The brothers appeared in the doorway, their eyes following your light and they run over to the man. “Father.” Dean kneels down next to him.

He looks up, his robes were splattered with blood to match his bloodied face. Breathing heavily, he held up a hand “It wasn’t him.” He gasped.
“His eyes…red.”
You gulped when he started whispering an exorcism. 
Your Dad steers you away from the dying man and you went on to the next room. More bodies, all in the same state as the Father, were sprawled on the ground, or hanging from the ceiling. You look down in respect, not wanting to spend much longer in there.
Either your Dad felt the same way or he noticed you were getting uncomfortable “Come on,” he said “let’s go.”

Sat in the main room of the bunker, you watching over your Dad’s shoulder as he typed away on his laptop, Cas fidgeted in his chair and frowned. “Did the Bunker wardings fail?” He grunted.
“No I uh, disabled them for a while to let Crowley in.” Dean explained.
“What so Crowley can now just wander in whenever he feels like it?” Your Dad obviously wasn’t happy with the idea. “I’d prefer to keep him away, far away.”
“Well thanks for the love, Moose…” He paused and nodded at you “Mouse.”
You rolled your eyes.

“What do you want, Crowley?” Cas sighed.
“I have some news. After all one of my own holds quite the position within the approachable boarders of-”
“Can we skip the drama for once, Crowley.” Your Dad sassed.
“Can we get you without the flannel? No.”
“What’s your point?” You looked him in the eye and he seemed to recoil a bit.

“I believe this is Lucifers’ next vessel.” He took hold of the laptop and typed in something before turning it round. “I give you, the President of this very United States.”

You head in to the main room only to find Cas carrying some cups of tea back in for your brothers. Well…America’s excuse for tea anyway.
He cried out in pain and your expression fell. “Cas?”
He dropped the cups and clutched his head.
“Cas?” You rushed over to him, followed by your Dad and Uncle who must have heard the crash. 
“Angel radio,” he managed “There are so many voices.” He squeezed his eyes tight shut and groaned “There’s been a huge serge in celestial energy. A  Nephilim.”
“Isn’t that-?” You started recalling your memory of Mythology from before but didn’t want to say it. It sounded so strange.
“Yes,” Cas nodded, you forgot he could read minds “An offspring of an Angel and Human.”

“So Lucifer has a kid?”
No one dared answer.

Uncle Dean left alongside cas to grab any necessities, you tried to follow on but your Dad stopped you. “Y/N, this is getting dangerous, and I mean real dangerous. I’m okay with letting you go on hunts but this…” He paused, running his hand through his hair “I can’t let you get hurt.”
You looked at him, unsure of what to say.
“Y/N, I don’t want you getting involved in this. If it doesn’t go to plan then you could get seriously hurt. I can’t let that happen to you.”

You nodded slowly, lost with what to do with yourself. “Okay.” You didn’t want to argue with him. He was far too serious to say otherwise and something told you he was very aware of Lucifer’s powers.

Alone in the bunker you were completely bored. Not to mention worried.
Who knew how long it would be until they came back?
What if they didn’t come back?

However, you weren’t left alone with your thoughts for long as a loud and clear knock came at the door. Hunting instincts took over and you grabbed your gun, putting your demon-blade in your pocket for extra caution.
You climbed up the stairs quickly but almost silently. You then waited. 
Another knock sounded and you swung the door open, holding out your gun.
Sir?” You tilted your head, shocked that he was there but confused more than anything.
“Brooks.” He nodded, using your single-barrelled surname. Your Mum’s surname.
“Do you know where the Winchesters are?” Mr K asked, placing a hand on your gun and lowering it for you. You seemed to have forgotten.
“Oh..uh, why?” 
“I have reason to believe they’re in a rather sticky situation. Sam rung me and-”
“He called you?”
“Yes. Do you know where they are?”
“I know where they’re headed.” 
“Excellent. Lead the way.”

You pulled up where your Dad, Uncle Dean and Cas were fighting some men who were posing as Police Officers. You looked at Ketch who was already stepping out of the car, you got out, avoiding the confused gazes of those across the Motorway and headed to the boot of the car. You opened it p and pulled out the Grenade Launcher.
“Gentlemen, I suggest you get out of the way.” Mr K declared, it sounded calm enough but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a threat. 
You handed him the firearm, fully armed and ready for battle. But he didn’t take it, “Would you care to do the honours?” He suggested, quietly but enough for you to hear. You smirked, having always wanted to have fired one. The Chapter House never let you…until now.
You held the gun as you’d been taught, not really sure how much pressure was needed where but it seemed to work okay as when it fired everyone launched out of the way. 
You couldn’t help but smile when the car burst into flames, sending small pieces of metal flying out. 
“Always wanted to do that.” You chuckle quietly, placing it back in it’s case and into the boot.
“I know.” Mr K still spoke seriously but he had a hint of a smile creeping onto his expression.
“Come along.” 

“Gentlemen, Arthur Ketch.” He greeted quickly, wanting to get down to business, but he turned back round to face you.

“So what you’ve just been watching us and waiting for a moment to appear?” Uncle Dean asked, guessing their ways of work. As logical as it probably sounded, you knew that wasn’t how they worked.
“No we’re good dogs we only come when called.” He stated proudly. 
“What and you’re their Tracker Dog?” Uncle Dean scoffed at you, he was in some sort of mindset that you’d betrayed them in some way.
“He said you were in trouble.” 
“We had reason to believe so when he called.” His long finger outstretched to point at your Dad.
“I hung up.” Your Dad pointed out.
“Well yes, but that meant to us that you were in danger. Which you were. So it’s a good job you did.”
“How are we supposed to trust a damn word that comes outta your mouth?” Uncle Dean snapped.
“Your niece does.” Mr K looked at you, his expression unreadable.

“We understand that America has a…” He chose his words carefully “different way of dealing with the Supernatural. However, we believe we can help each other.”

“Was uh,” Uncle Dean cleared his throat “Was that a grenade launcher?”
“Quite…you see, the British Men Of Letters have been engineering sorcery and technology together for centuries. For example, what do we use instead of decapitation for vampires Brooks?” He asked you like a teacher would and you frowned.
“Irradiation.” You sighed.
“Which is?” He encouraged.
“You reorder the DNA to make their own blood lethal to them.” You recite like a robot. 
“Very good.” He nodded.You thought he was close to offering you a treat.
“Cool.” Your Dad smiled despite himself. 
“Yes well the toys are the fun part. A personal favourite of mine is this: a hyperbolic pulse generator, which-” He glanced at you, expecting you to finish the sentence.
“Creates a bolt of force that removes the demon from the body it possesses. Without causing harm to the vessel themselves.” As you recited it you realised something. “Wait,” You paused “Would that work for an Angel?” 
Your Dad raises an eyebrow, understanding where you were going with this. 
“I suppose so. Why?”
“Lucifer.” Cas stated coldly, he’d been quiet up until that point. Mr K’s eyes widened. 
“If you want to work with us you have to trust us. Lucifer is real and very dangerous…We need that.” Cas looks at the generator as though it would disappear if he so much as blinked.
“In fact, didn’t you have one Brooks?” Mr K turned to you “I believe we sent you over here with a bag of necessities.”
You frowned “You did?”
“Of course, we’re not monsters. We promised your Mother we’d find your Father and we did.”
Your eyes narrowed angrily. Your Dad listened, curious to hear more of their side.
“I’m sensing that’s not quite what happened.”
“That crazy lady tried to kill us!” Dean shouted.
“Bevell? Yes I suppose she can get overexcited at times.”
“She uh, tried to kill me too. I figured that was your orders to be honest…” You looked down sheepishly.
“Why on earth would I want to kill you? You’re our… you were one of our best. I suppose Miss Bevell wasn’t the best of people to send over. She was never fond of you.” He sighed.
“Why not?” Dad asked, wanting to know even more.
You swallowed “Depends on which angle you’re looking at it from.”

After having to explained to Kelly the situation, you all got into position. Hoping for the best was perhaps over-optimistic but it was better than worrying.
The red-haired lady stepped towards you and smiled “I’m Rowena, Mother to the King Of Hell and a powerful Witch.” She introduced herself with over confidence and a bittersweet smile. 
You stared at her and nodded slowly “Okay.” You mumbled.
“Most people mention the accent.” She was trying to get you to be interested in her but frankly, you weren’t.
“Oh…say Hi to Scotland for me.” You remarked and she “hmpfed”.
“I will.” 

Once the house was empty of body guards, the President himself, Lucifer within him, stepped inside. “Kelly, what’s wrong?” The muffled voices could just about be heard from the other side of the wall.
Your Dad walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders, he looked directly at you and spoke very quietly “Stay back and don’t make yourself known to him. Promise me?” 
You nodded, making him squeeze your shoulders slightly more “Promise me.” He said it ever so slightly louder and you whispered a “Promise.”
He nodded: “Okay.”.

Your Dad took the generator from Cas’ grip, who stood back next to you and waited.

The next moments happened so quickly. Your Dad made himself known as he held out the generator-a sphere, perhaps an oval, with strange markings engraved all over it’s faces.
Rowena began to chant something you couldn’t understand, she threw down some ashes into a pot of fire and continued to chant.
Great blue flame-like embers circled Lucifer like vultures, waiting to attack.
Another chant, this one louder and they did. He stumbled backwards.
“This isn’t over Sam!” Lucifer shouted over the noise.
“Go to hell!” Your Dad called back.
You shielded your eyes, but still managed to just about see as the scene quietened down to nothing.
Everyone was silent.

The body fell to the floor, Lucifer now completely gone from him. “Jeff?” Kelly ran over.
“Cas get her out.” Uncle Dean ordered.
You stood waiting, not knowing whether to speak or not.
Cas left with Kelly. Sam and Dean knelt down next to the body. “Is he dead?” You asked, not getting any closer.
“No,” Uncle Dean shook his head, his hand feeling for a pulse “He’s alive.”

“We did it.”
“We got Lucifer.”

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Part Nine- Listen

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Choices - Part 2: I Bet My Life

This one will be out around 8 or 9 pm CET tomorrow. I know it is long overdue. I will do my best to get the 3rd and last part to you a lot quicker. As for now here is a teaser :D 

Choices Masterlist

“Come on. Let’s get you out of here,” Dean smiled, pulling away from you a little before leaning back in, pressing his lips against yours, and you froze.

He felt different somehow, but he was still the same. Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you. You hadn’t been in his arms for so long, maybe you had just forgotten what it felt like. You remembered him as being more tender than that. Maybe it was just or imagination, or maybe the rougher, more demanding feel of his kiss had to do with the Mark. Maybe it was just him being angry you left like that but unable to express it to you in any other way. Still, something was holding you back. You had to make sure. So when Dean helped you back on her feet, you stopped him by grabbing his wrist and forcing him to face you again.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue, Captain,” you smiled at him, praying he would give you the right answer.

“Of course sweetheart,” Dean smiled back at you, and you fought your tears, telling yourself this could mean two things. You had no idea which you wanted it to be, but you had to know.

“I still love you, Dee,” you let out a slight sob with your words, and Dean’s expression softened as he stepped closer to you.

“I love you too, Y/N/N,” Dean spoke as he started leaning in, but just like that, you moved. You knew the man in front of you wasn’t Dean. You had no idea what or who he was but you felt sick to her stomach as you replayed the feel of his lips on yours over and over in your mind. Your fury made you stronger, and your knee collided with his crotch with immense force. The man instantly fell to the floor, moaning in pain.

“Y/N what the…” he started before you kicked him in the stomach silencing him again.

“You’re not my Dean,” you hissed before kicking the imposter again.

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generalgoldfishldrm  asked:

Hey, I saw you post about non-smut story requests and I had one. Do you think you could do one with Gabriel where the reader falls under a spell and grows wings and he's there to help he through the pain and stuff? It's a little odd but I was hoping for some angsty fluff with Gabe?

Yeah! Sorry, I thought I’d posted this somewhere else XD but I’m happy to take it! Thanks! - Nyla


Name: Growing Pains

Angel: Gabriel

Author: Nyla

Words: N/S

Warnings: Reader is put under a spell

A/N: I love hearing comments, questions, and feedback about my stories! 😄❤️Send stuff about this story, or other ones, here.


Fear ran through you, the silent darkness closing in as you tried to look around you to figure out where you needed to go. You were on a witch hunt, by yourself, and now you almost regretted that choice.


You whirled at the sound of a footstep, and your eyes widened to see the witch step in front of you. She was unusually beautiful, with raven locks cascading down her shoulders and gleaming grey eyes that seemed mesmerizing.

You blinked. What?

“Put down the weapon.” Her voice was silky smooth and alluring. You found yourself wanting to obey…

Oh, hell no. She was trying to enchant you. You shook your head aggressively, shooting her a death look.

“Try again, witch,” you snapped, moving forward to kill her.

She huffed, and spat some foreign words at you.


You lunged at her just as she finished the spell, quickly killing her with the hopes of breaking her spell.

Nothing seemed to happen. Weird.

“Well, whatever.” You huffed to yourself, picking yourself up and dragging her body outside to burn. You quickly cleaned up any evidence of your hunt and the witch’s existence.

You cried out suddenly, pain burning in your upper back. Two spots in your upper back had suddenly started burning as though someone was stabbing you there.

It faded as quickly as it had come though, leaving you panting for breath and cursing the witch. This must have been her work.

You hastily finished up, before hurrying to your car and heading to the motel you were currently residing at.

“Hey, sweet cheeks.”

“Damnit Gabe!”

At the sound of his voice, you jerked the steering wheel so hard you nearly swerved off the road in surprise. Gabriel just chuckled beside you.

He liked to show up randomly to “check in” on you, having this weird older brotherly feeling towards you (his own words), which you’d never quite understood. Then again, you didn’t understand angels in general, anyway.

You huffed a bit. “We’ve talked about this, Gabe. Do not show up when I’m driving, or hunting, or in the middle of anything that could get me killed!”

“You know very well I could bring you back, sugar.” He grinned mischievously at you.

“Dying isn’t that fun, you know.” You retorted, before a small hiss escaped your lips. The pain was back, stronger this time, but you kept your mouth shut. You didn’t want him thinking you were weak, and you especially didn’t want him getting involved. He would get all protective and refuse to let you hunt for a week if he knew you’d been hurt.

The grin dropped immediately, replaced by worry. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you lied.

“Y/N.” His tone was stern, brooking no argument. You sighed and gave in, knowing he would just read your mind eitherwise.

“A witch’s spell got me. Should wear off, unless I figure out how to counteract it before then.”

Gabe was silent, his brow furrowed. Then his eyes widened. “Oh, shit.”

“What?” You demanded. You’d reached the motel by now, and turned off the car to face him. “Gabe?”

“That… That was a wing-growing spell, Y/N.” He said softly, staring at you in shock. “You… You’re gonna have wings.”

“Then take it off!” You demanded.

“I… I can’t. Once it’s been cast, you have no choice but to let the wings grow. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” His eyes held sorrow.

“What? Does this somehow involve my death or something? What’s with the sadness?”

“It’s… An extremely painful process for humans. Some… I’ve seen people go insane because of it. Some cut their own wings off.” He admitted softly. “The wings… Your entire body, down to the last atom, rearranges itself to make the wings, tearing itself up before patching everything up again.”

You yelped as the pain increased until it felt like your whole body was on fire. “Shit!” You reached out to grab his hand, gasping in pain as your grip tightened on him. “Gabe!”

His expression changed to worry again, and he pulled you into his arms as your pain only increased, and you tried not to cry. “I’m here, sweetheart,” he whispered, holding you close.

“Don’t leave me,” you begged, grasping at him desperately, wanting something to hold on to.

“Never, Y/N. Never.”


Originally posted by nikole-and-shy

Characters: Cas x Reader, Sam and Dean breifly 

Word Count: 1373

Warnings: Fluff, Confused Cas, Saucy Language, Swearing, It’s a crack fic

Summary:  Cas is oblivious, so the reader turns to less than orthodox methods to get his attention.

A/N: *pushes glasses up nose* To the best of my scientific knowledge, this is not a thing, not really.  So maybe, just tell someone you like them.  Or, idk, maybe chocolate does work on most humans.  

Today was the day.  

You’d been lusting after Castiel forever with not even the slightest notion that he was aware.  Today was that day that changed.  You’d made a list, done your research.  All you needed was a false pretense to get him in the bunker, and another one to get the boys out of the bunker.

The second part was easy enough.  You’d always had a good eye for finding cases.  It wasn’t long before you had a case for them.  The only hang up was explaining why you would be hanging behind. 

 Luckily for you, neither Sam or Dean really understood the concept of what “Lady Problems” included.  They were all too happy to let you sit this one out after a little melodramatic overreacting.  

(“Are you okay,” Dean asked, watching you limp around the bunker like a sad penguin.

“Yeah, why?”  You said woefully.  

“You don’t look so great,” he said, taking in your baggy sweatpants.  

Cue the fake tears. Adios, boy!)

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Kiss Like You Mean It

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Karina (named reader - yep mine name sssshh), Logan (OMC), Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Jensen x Named!Reader (Karina/Kari)

Warnings: Bad date, horrible kiss, surprise kiss, insecurities, nothing much. Mostly just fluff.   

Wordcount: 1300ish

A/N: This is written for @iwantthedean’s YouAu Challenge. It was a little weird using my own name. A lot weirder than I thought I would find it so I tried getting around saying it too much.

It can be read as one of my reader inserts since I wrote it in the same way. Just ignore my name and think your own lol. Also this has a little of me in it, but is not completely me. It is also just a story and not some take on events that had happened in anyway…. Sadly ;)

I am danish but for the sake of this the reader or me or whatever is Canadian.

This was a challenge Nicole. Thanks for letting me try it.

Thanks to the amazing @bringmesomepie56 for sending me a screencap that conjured this idea and for betaing this mess for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“What are you moping about?” Jensen let himself fall down on the couch beside me, instantly stealing my blanket and pulling my spoon out of my bowl of ice cream and sticking it in his mouth.

“Hey!” I protested, only half angry. We had been roommates for almost a year now, and I was getting used to his shenanigans.

“What?” A shit-eating grin appeared on his face, “Sharing is caring, sweetheart.”

I gave him the hardest glare I could muster as I grabbed my spoon back from his hand and pulled the blanket so it was covering us both. “Well stealing is rude, Ackles!”

Jensen chuckled and held his hands up in defense, “Sorry. I was just trying to cheer you up. What is so bad that you are eating icecream and watching chick flicks at noon on New Year’s day anyway?”

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anonymous asked:

Your Johnny and Meena prompts give me life. Can you do one with Meena inviting Johnny over for dinner and just anything else you can think of. (Although Meena has grandparents, they both seem to have just the one parent.)

Sure! I’m not big on shipping anyone in the movie really, but I do like to fill the prompts I get :)

(Similar with what I did with Rosita in the past, I gave Meena’s family’s the last name Loren, after Tori Kelly’s (the actress who voices Meena) middle name.)

An elephant larger than Meena answers the door for Johnny. She towers over the gorilla a bit, with more prominent freckles than Meena has and a pearl necklace.

“Umm, hello Mrs. Loren. My name is Johnny, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Meena’s mother stretched out her hand and shook Johnny’s, being very careful not to apply too much pressure. This was the first time Meena had brought a boy home afterall. It wouldn’t do to scare him away (yet).

“My daughter speaks so much about you.” She smiled warmly and Johnny relaxed. “Come on in. Meena is setting the table now.”

Johnny entered and gazed around in excitement. “You have a beautiful home, Mrs. Loren.” Truthfully, Johnny hadn’t had an opportunity to see…proper homes. He only remembered the garage being the only place he lived growing up and he hadn’t made many friends as a kid. But in Meena’s home, there were pictures decorating the walls and lush carpeting. A young Meena in the middle of an assortment of elephants caught his eye and Johnny smiled. Meena was the smallest in the photo and grinning as she peaked out between the legs of a male elephant who smiled down at her.

Is that the boy?

Mrs. Loren sighed and rolled her eyes; she called back. “Yes, dad.” An elderly elephant stomped into the room and looked around as if he had never been in his own living room before. “This is Meena’s…friend. Johnny.”

“You gotta set of pipes, boy?”

Johnny stared blankly at the grandfather. “Excuse me, sir?”

“Can you sing?” He basically shouted.

“Yes-yes sir. That’s how I met Meena, through singing.”

The grandfather nodded his head approvingly. “My baby’s got the voice of an angel! You better have one that can match hers!” He turned around and paused when he saw the other person in the room. “And who’re you?”

“It’s me, dad. Your daughter.”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s eat!”

Meena’s grandfather led the way to the dining room where a proper dinner table was set with porcelain dishes and sparkling silverware. Johnny stood in awe; the garage was tv dinners on the floor or on folding tables. He suddenly felt under dressed to meet Meena’s family. Johnny wore jeans (his nicest pair) and a button down shirt (that was once Barry’s and was a bit big for Johnny). He had cleaned off his shoes the best he could and attempted to comb his fur.

A sweet voice broke Johnny out of his thoughts and he looked up to see Meena smiling beautifully at him. “I hope you like lasagna, Johnny.”

The sound of her voice calmed him down and he smiled back. “If you made it, I’m sure I’ll love it.” Meena blushed.

“She didn’t make it! We bought from the store yesterday!”

Two groans echoed the room.



Johnny hid his laugh behind a cough and tries to ignore Meena’s pretty red cheeks. He stepped beside Mrs. Loren and pulled her chair out, gesturing for her to sit.

“Oh, thank you dear.” His manners were excellent, she noted as Johnny did the same thing for her daughter. Meena had good taste.

“Let’s dig in!” Grandfather started scooping out his share of lasagna before passing it to Meena. “Where’re you from, son?” He spoke as if everyone in the room had trouble hearing him.

“Brooks Street, sir. I’ve been there basically my whole life.”

“What do your parents do?”

“Johnny!” Mrs. Loren quickly cut off her father. “How long have you been involved with music?” She gave her father a silencing look and passed the tray to Johnny.

He paused before answering. Meena’s mother knew at least a little bit about his family, but Meena knew just the basics herself. Johnny took a deep breath; his dad was honoring his jail sentence and that was…something to proud of. His dad wasn’t escaping (even though he made it clear that he could). “It was on and off for a while. I took piano lessons as a kid, but I…had to drop them. I’ve been singing for a while though, just not in front of people until recently.”

“Did you have a case of stage fright too?”

Johnny shook his head. “I just never had the opportunity to be a performer is all. Does Meena get her talent from either of you?”

Mrs. Loren smiled. “No, Meena’s voice was a surprise to all of us.”

“If I had a voice like hers, I would never shut up!”

“That still doesn’t stop him,” Meena whispered to Johnny as he passed her the tray and they both laughed.

Meena’s grandfather began to sing terribly off-key and Johnny murmured back, “at least we get entertainment with our dinner!”

The Guardian-Part 2

Angel!Ashton AU

Summary: Ashton saved you from those creatures once before, but there are still so many questions in your mind about where you fit in in all this. But when your beautiful guardian angel reveals the biggest secret of all, you can’t help but hope that his protection might mean something more. 

A/N: Part two of my guardian angel Ashton AU, and Brooke made the angel!ashton edit which I just love to death! There will be a part three only if you guys want it! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Part One


The idea was absurd and if there hadn’t been a six foot, winged warrior in your living room you never would have believed his words to be true.

“My guardian…”

“Angel.” He finished for you. “But I’ve never been one for formal titles so you can call me Ashton.” He had pulled his wings back in so that instead of their extensive diameter taking up your entire living room they were folded neatly behind him.

Ashton. So that’s who the men had been talking about.

“We need to get out of here. More of them are going to be here soon.” He said as he walked over to your small window that led to the fire escape and threw it open before looking back at you expectantly. “Well? Come on.” He extended his hand, but you stood rooted to the spot.

“How do I know I can trust you?” You asked warily. You had seen some crazy shit in the past twenty minutes and you just weren’t sure about anything anymore.

Ashton sighed, rolling his eyes at your indignant expression as he walked back over to where you stood, towering above you. “When you were eight years old you fell out of a fir tree from ten feet up, but when it came time to hit the ground it felt like something caught you and set you on the ground and you came out without a scratch right? Yeah that was me.”

Your eyes widened. How would he know that? You didn’t tell anyone about that incident, because you thought it would make you sound like some sort of freak.

He continued.“Twelve years old: you wanted to help your mom make dinner but you held the knife wrong and it sliced your hand but the bleeding stopped immediately. That was me too.” His honey colored eyes bore into yours as he continued on, his face mere inches from yours and his voice hollowing into a whisper. “Seventeen years old. That car crash should have killed you. Nobody could explain how you had come out of a semi-truck collision with just a broken arm, but I can. Your whole life has been a string of unexplainable miracles Y/N, you can’t just think they happened by chance. I’m your guardian angel and I’ll see hellfire before I see my hard work go to waste.” He grabbed your arm and pulled you towards the fire escape, stepping out into the frigid, early morning air. The moonlight shone down on him like a spotlight and you swore you could see the outline of a halo hovering about his bronze curls. As you studied him further you could see the beginnings of stubble that traced down his rigid jaw line that seemed to be made of stone. His gaze was hardened as he surveyed the neighborhood for any possible threat.

The sound of fists banging on your door jolted you from your examination and Ashton looked back with worry before he did something unexpected. His sculpted arms were locked securely around you, one arm cradled under your knees and the other supporting your head. Without any warning whatsoever, Ashton leapt off the edge of the fire escape platform and you two began hurtling towards the pavement thirty floors below. You screamed, throwing your arms around his neck and clinging to him for dear life as you dropped faster and faster. Just as it looked like you were about to hit the pavement, you squeezed your eyes shut and buried your head in his tee shirt.

The impact never came. Instead, you felt your stomach lurch as he suddenly changed directions and soared into the night sky. The wind whipped through your hair and you slowly opened your eyes, widening them in awe. His wings were open to their full span as he navigated through the sky. It was a cloudless night and you had never felt so close to the stars in your life as he held you close to his chest and flew you away from the city, the metropolis now merely a hazy orange light as you left it far behind.

“I guess they don’t call it the city of angels for nothing.” You attempted a joke to make conversation, and he chuckled slightly.

“Are you warm enough?” He cooed in your ear. At his mention, you decided that you were a little chilly but you didn’t know what there was he could do about it, so you lied.

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Y/N, I’ve known you your whole life, don’t you think I can tell when you’re lying?.” He laughed and instantly you could feel his body temperature begin to heat, like he had all of a sudden turned into a pocket hand warmer.

“How are you doing that?” You gasped.

“All guardian angels are equipped to take perfect care of their humans. Whatever your truly need, I will be able to provide you.”

“Oh yeah? Where were you when my rent was due?” You muttered under your breath.

“I’m an angel Y/N, not a leprechaun.”


You had fallen fast asleep in his arms listening to the sound of the wind as you snuggled into his warm body. He woke you gently, just as his feet hit the grass of the little meadow. Purple flowers sprouted from the ground and framed the trunks of the copious ash trees that made a natural pathway to a small pond  that had a beautiful waterfall stirring its current. The whole place was magical and you basked in its beauty under the pale moonlight.

“What is this place?”

“It’s called a haven. There’s one for each guardian scattered all over the world and they’re meant to be a place we can take our assignments to for short term safety. This one is mine if you can’t tell by all the ash trees.“ He chuckled at the irony, sending you a wink before continuing. "I thought here would be best suited for you given the circumstances.”

“It’s beautiful Ashton.” You exclaimed as he took your hand and led you to a small cabin on the edge of the pond.

“This is where you’ll sleep tonight. I’ll be keeping watch so you know you’ll be safe.” He instructed, opening the door for you before he unsheathed his sword and going back to stand outside.

“How can I sleep when I still have so many questions?”

“I’ll answer any question you have tomorrow. For now I want you to sleep.” He instructed and you had no choice but to obey as you disappeared inside the cabin, bringing your long list of questions with you.


You woke to the smell of strong coffee wafting into your nostrils as you fluttered your eyes open and let in the dewy morning. To your surprise, Ashton sat cross legged at the end of your bed, with a white mug full of steaming liquid in his hands.

“Good morning. I trust you slept well. I made coffee.” He handed you the mug, which you took happily. “I have no need for caffeine but I know how much you love it.” He smiled warmly and you could’ve sworn it outshone the sun.

“Thank you.” You nodded, sipping the hot brew as he watched you intently. Putting down the mug and sitting up, you gazed at him from under your lashes, almost like his radiance intimidated you. “Can I ask my questions now?” You asked sheepishly and he threw his head back as he laughed, his marvelous curls framing his structured face in a way that made you stomach drop.

“I’ll answer any question I can.”

You had so many questions whirring through your head, so of course you settled for asking them all. “What’s going on? Why am I here? Who were those men? And, what exactly happens now?”

“Woah there, slow down kitten one at a time.” He laughed and you huffed, as he shot you a playful smile before he suddenly became stoic, his tone glazing over to become serious. “Those men were demons and they were there to kidnap you, I assume, and take you to their master.”

“Th-Their master?”

“Lucifer, yes, is their master.”

“And why does he want me? I’m nothing special!”

He leaned in closer to you, his wings outspread as they held him from touching the ground. He floated mere inches above you, his hand cupped your cheek as he spoke. “I’ve been protecting you your whole life Y/N. I’ll be the first to tell you that you’re anything but ordinary.”

His lips were so close to yours, you swore you could almost taste how sweet they would be if you were to just close the gap…

In a flash he was back at the end of the bed and perched on the edge of the railing, smirking at you as he crossed his legs and you tried your best to pretend it didn’t upset you.

“No, I’m not.” You mumbled, pulling the covers up to your chin.

“You are Y/N. Because you’re different than any other human on the planet.”

“What do you mean?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him as he continued to explain.

“There are things about you that no other human on earth has Y/N and that’s why those demons came after you andwhy Lucifer wants you.”

“And why is that?”

“You really don’t have a clue?”

“Should I?”

He smiled his adorable smile that made your heart melt, his skin almost glowing with golden light as he leaned forward once more.

“There is angel blood running through your veins Y/N. You’re just as much angel as you are human. That’s what makes you so special.”

“I-I’m an angel?” You could hardly hear yourself talk for your mind was running wild. The only thing that brought you back was the sound of Ashton’s voice.

“Well, not completely obviously, but half. That’s the issue.”

“What do you mean issue?”

Ashton sucked air through his teeth, almost as if he was afraid to answer the question, running his long fingers through his curls to distract you.

“Ashton, you said you’d answer all my questions!” You whined.

“I said I’d answer whatever questions I could.” He replied curtly.

“Ash please.” You begged him, hoping that he would help clear up the mess he had just created in your head.

His eyes fluttered closed as he unfurled his wings once more and bringing him over to you.

“I can’t tell you just yet Y/N. It’s not safe for you to know.”

“I don’t care about safe, I need answers!”

“Well unlucky for you, I care about your safety more than anything in the world.” He brought his fingers up to your face again, brushing them gently over your soft skin. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to touching you. Feeling your soft skin under my fingers. It’s all I’ve wanted for two decades. But angels can’t touch their humans unless their lives are in danger. Saves us from breaking the most important rule.”

“Which is?”

His voice was soft now, and he could barely meet your eyes as he stuttered out his answer. “The first, and most crucial rule of being a guardian angel is not to fall in love with your human.” He brushed a stray piece of hair out of your face, the ghost of his touch sending chills down your spine, before he did something you never would have expected. “But God himself knows I could never follow rules.”
His lips were on yours in an instant, their plush softness melting on top of you as he cradled you in his hands, treating you as if you were glass. He had been given half a lifetime to fall in love with you, and unfortunately for the both of you he already had.



Just felt like writing this, decided I was going to keep it short so I’ll post it here instead of ff.net or AO3. Enjoy!

When the witch tells them there’s nothing she can do, the spell is irreversible and Dean is a normal four-year-old who simply has to grop up and live his life again, Sam feels something in him break.

He lost his big brother for good.

They will try to find a cure, of course; but as he kills the witch, he feels that she spoke the truth, for fear of her life.

Dean is gone. He’s not, technically; but everything that shaped him and made him Dean is gone, never to return, because he can’t live the same life over again and Sam would never force him to.

If his brother has to start over, he’ll start over happy.

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Doing the Math

Originally posted by spn-spam

Pairing: husband!Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 918
Warnings: Swearing, angst

Final part of Welcome to the Family

Dean had his suspicions about Brooke that started to creep in around the time that she turned two. He had walked in one Saturday morning after a hunt to see her sitting on the floor. When she turned and smiled at him, with her shaggy brown hair and big hazel eyes, and it was like looking at Sammy all over again. He told himself that it was because she was a Winchester. Brooke was his little girl, so he shook it off, and moved on.

“Daddy!” She got up and ran into his arms, excited to have him home.

His heart melted as he lifted her up. “Morning, princess. What’re we watching?” Dean asked, moving to sit on the couch with her.

“Cartoons.” She giggled, saying it like it was the silliest question she had ever been asked.

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Imagine being Happy’s sister who just had Kozik’s baby boy and being intimidated of a new crow eater that hangs around all over Kozik. 

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Being Happy Lowman’s sister was certainly not an easy task. From him not letting you wear dresses in your childhood, raising you to be a killing machine when you were 7, via Kung Fu and weapon management,  going through scaring the living shit of any boy that came close to you on High School and finally being there in every single aspect of your life, you could quite say that Happy was a very protective person when it came down to his little sister. That’s why it surprised you when he agreed on you, dating his best friend, Herman Kozik. 

Kozik thought it was wrong all along, but he confessed his pure feelings for you and started dating you in all the right ways a boy and a girl should date. Except you were a few years younger and practically living with Happy, due to your mom’s sickness. You were stubborn and a strong woman, but Herman caught your heart and showed you a softer side of Tacoma’s boys. You fell in love, hard. When SAMCRO called the boys, you had your thought about leaving your home town to follow your crazy biker husband and your equally crazy and equally biker brother, but you were an adult woman, not a girl in high school afraid to leave her good life with many of friends. 6 Months pregnant your wrapped your shit and made the drive down to Charming, following the two bikes you were so used to. 

You were pregnant with Herman’s first child; a strong baby boy you decided to name Tyler; When he was born it was pretty much a national party, or at least, Mamma Gemma made it look like one. You were happy, felt complete. You were hanging around the clubhouse, 4 month old dirty blond Tyler in your arms as you waited for Church to be over, along with Gemma and Wendy, Abel running around the house, following former Chief Unser and Thomas sleeping like cherub. 

“They’re little Angels, aren’t they?” Gemma said, blowing the smoke in another direction to avoid the smoke going at the babies. “Soon to be Sons.” You looked up, your gaze meeting Wendy’s and both of you smiled. You could hear the gavel go down and the Church doors being opened, and everyone slowly invading the rest of the house. Gemma got up, walking towards Clay and getting lost in the clubhouse, while Jax sat down next to Wendy, taking Thomas into his arms. You smiled at the scene when you felt a couple of hands massaging your shoulders.

“Is he asleep?” Kozik asked as he sat down next to you, uncovering Tyler’s sleeping figure, showing his black Reaper beanie. You nodded and turned around to look into your husbands eyes. “What?” He asked. You shook your head and took a deep breath.

“I’m dying to grab a beer.” He started to get up, willing to get you one. “I can’t drink with the baby here…”

“Brooke is upstairs with Abel, he’s taking a nap. Wendy was going to put Thomas in his crib, Ty can fit just fine.” Jax said, ears dropping  on your conversation. Kozik looked at you and nodded, before you and Wendy got up, and started going upstairs. 

Happy was already there, putting Abel to sleep. The kid loved your brother and it warmed your heart, really. He covered him and got up, walking to you and smirking, seeing Tyler on your arms. 

“Hey.” You greeted him. “How’s it going uncle Hap?”

“Tired as hell” You brother said and took the baby in his arms, following Wendy and settling him next to Thomas. You smirked. Something about them reminded you of Opie and Jax. Happy put the kids to sleep and after checking the room, went downstairs passing by you. 

You fixed your hair in a near mirror and took notice of yourself. Having a kid was not gracing you much. Your hair was a mess up in the messiest bun ever, the bags under your eyes showed what having a new born was like, and the baby weight was settled in your low stomach, bloated, making you feel like a whale. What was once tight leather pants, biker boots and crop tops as your outfits were replaced by Herman’s shirt, yoga pants and sneakers just to get you through the day. You sighed and looked at Wendy, who was coming your way.

“What is it?”

“I look like a fucking mess, that’s what it is.” You said, letting your hair down and trying to do something for the over sized shirt you were wearing, giving up the second you did.  Wendy shook his head and helped you braid your hair. “I don’t know, i think Koz might be getting tired of me…”

“Oh, c’mon…” Wendy said, pinching your cheeks a little to blush them. You smiled at her. “You just had a kid. Give yourself a break, alright?” She leaned closer and kissed your cheek. As you walked down the stairs you could see your husband talking cheerfully with Donna and Gemma, while Opie and Happy played cards next to them.  Then again, a whole lot of crow eaters next to all of them, just trying to buy their way into SAMCRO with their sweet bodies. You took a deep breath as a particular one placed a beer in front of Kozik. “Who the fuck is that?” Wendy looked around and shook her head.

““Melissa. She’s new.” You rolled your ass and sighed, leaning against the door frame. 

“Well…” You looked at her, clearing your throat. This Melissa girl was really something. She had mile long legs, olive skin and long wavy black hair. Her green eyes popped out of her face and she seemed like she owned the place. You had to admit, you felt quite intimidated. “Oh my god.”

“Dude…” Wendy said, facing you and shaking you by your ear. “You got the ring, you are his wife. You had his kid.”

“Yeah, but dude…” You said. “She has those boobs.” Wendy rolled her eyes and grabbed a feel of your own boobs making you blush but tilt your head to a side. “Yeah, but not like hers, i’m breastfeeding.” Suddenly, Wendy sighed and grabbed you, pulling you to Chib’s room, which was the closest one, practically ripping your clothes. 

“Hey, Jax.” The blond turned around, taking a drag from his chubby. “Have you seen the girls?” Kozik asked him looking around. Happy stepped in.

“They were upstairs. Talking about make up or something like that.” You both came down, you were still wearing Kozik’s shirt but it was tied on the middle, making it look like a motorcycle dress. Your pants were gone, showing your toned legs, and the shirt was cutted out, showing your breasts and how pregnancy affected the,. You hair down and new fresh make up. Courtesy of Wendy. Kozik smirked at you as you got closer. 

“I see what you did there.” He looked down, looking shamelessly at your breasts. “Ty is one lucky dog, huh?” You giggled hugging him by his neck and smiling when Melissa came around, another two beers on her hands, looking annoyed, one of her eyebrow lifted.

Wendy leaned against Jax, smirking, waiting for the show.

“Oh, aren’t you a sweetheart?” You said sitting on Kozik’s lap and grabbing of the beers. “Sorry i couldn’t be here when you were all over my husband, i was putting our son to sleep upstairs. Thank for the beer though, it fits you. The work, i mean. A crow eater.” You smiled.

Melissa scoffed and looked at you, crossing her arms on her chest. “He didn’t mention a wife.”

“That’s because he didn’t talked to you…” Happy said. Everyone laughed a little. You got up and pushed the collar of your shirt down a little bit, showing Kozik’s craw, his initials and the SAMTAC proudly tattooed on your skin. Melissa stepped back, knowing you were a real Old Lady.

“I-I’m sorry…” She said and walked away as fast as she could. You fixed yourself and walked back to your husband, as everyone continued the party. He sat you down on his lap and smiled at you. 

“You fucked up my shirt…” He said as a comment. 

“She fucked up my night and it was your fault. We’re even, baby.” You said before crashing your lips against his. 

Personal Angel - Jake Fitzgerald Imagine

Angelina’s POV

“Jake, you’re never around, what am I supposed to think?!”

We had been fighting like this since he started hanging more around Brooke; it didn’t start this bad in the beginning but the more Jake ditched me for Brooke, the more we fought. Jake had been ditching me to go to take care of Brooke, more so since she started staying in his house; I just started to believe with the amount of time he spent with her then me, that he didn’t care for or love me like I did him. He had tried to explain to me that he was still my friend but I told him that he’d changed so much; he doesn’t even act like a friend.

“Ange, how could you say that? I care about you, you know that.” He tried stepping closer but I took a step back, stopping him in his tracks, “Like I said, you’re never around and even when you, it’s only for a minute before Brooke is calling you and you leave yet again. I’m just sick of it; having you ditch me like this makes me feel like I’m not even worth your time.” I could feel the tears forming in my eyes and when I looked up at Jake, the tears were starting to fall.

I looked right into his eyes when I spoke again, “And the worst part is,” I said with a sigh, “I was going to tell you that I’ve been in love with since the first grade.” I sniffled as I wiped a stray tear from my face, “But now…now I realize you don’t deserve me as a girlfriend…or a friend.” He stepped forward, “Ange, please…” He tried to reach out to me but I cowered back, his hand retracting back to his side. I looked down at my feet as the tears started to fall more, “Jake, I think…I think you should leave.” He sighed and nodded, walking right out the door without another word. After I heard his truck drive away, I broke down, letting the loud sobs I’d been holding back out as I balled up on the couch. I wanted to call him back and apologize but I just needed time.

Later that afternoon, I could hear the rain falling pretty hard; I knew that Jake was heading home, which was far from here. Even after everything earlier, I picked up my phone and called him, just to make sure he was okay. After three rings, he answered, “Hello?” I could hear his voice crack, “Jake, it’s me. Uh, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay since it’s raining really bad outside. I don’t want you to get hurt.” I could hear his breathing getting heavy, “I’m fine…and I’m not losing you.”

I pushed my hair out of face, “What?” I heard him take a deep breath over the phone, “I said I’m not losing you. Angelina, I love you and I’m not gonna leave you, ever.” I started crying and smiling at the same time, knowing that he truly loved me the way I loved him, “Where, where are you?” He laughed lightly, “I just passed our park.” I smiled, remembering the times we had there, including the day we first met. “I love you, Jake.” “I love-oh shit!”

I heard the phone drop, followed by Jake’s screaming and a loud crashing sound. “Jake!” I frantically put some shoes on and bolted out of my house. The park was like three streets away but I didn’t care as I ran the whole way there. By the time I got there, I saw Jake’s truck on its side with the driver’s side crushed and pried open from the firefighters. The sound of talking brought me out of my daze; I could see paramedics lifting Jake onto a stretcher and I felt my heart sink.

I ran up to them but the police stopped me, “Please, step back ma'am.” I tried to move around them, one of the officers held his grip around my waist, but it wasn’t going to stop me from trying to move around them. “Let me through! Please, I’m his girlfriend!” He gave me a skeptical look so I pulled out my phone, showing him a picture of me and Jake from the day we met. He sighed and let me through.

I ran to the stretcher and gasped at what I saw; Jake had a deep gash on his forehead, multiple cuts on both arms and a black eye. As the paramedics put him in the ambulance, they asked if I wanted to come along and I accepted. I held his hand the entire ride, fearing that if I let go, I’d lose him. When we got to the hospital, the doctors told me that he had a concussion and would definitely need stiches. They also said he dislocated his shoulder and broke his leg. They wouldn’t let me go with him and told me to just wait.

I decided to call his mother and let her know what happened; she was in hysterics and said she wouldn’t be able to get here until tomorrow because of the storm. I told her I’d stay with Jake until she got here. Hours later, the doctors told me that Jake was all stitched up but was still unconscious. I went into his room and covered my mouth; he looked so broken and it was all my fault. I slowly walked over to his bed and pulled up a chair next to him, sitting down. I reached for his hand and began to talk to him, hoping to wake him, “Hey Jake, um…I’m so sorry for everything I said earlier, I didn’t mean it.” I stood from the chair and leaned closer to him, brushing his hair out of his face, “You’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had and I just hope you know that.”

I started crying and some of my tears fell on him, “I d-do you love you, Jake, and I wanted to…to tell you but I didn’t know how and, and then you started hanging out more with Brooke which made things more complicated. I just wish you’d wake up, please wake up. I need you.” I rested my head on his chest and whispered, “I love you.” Seconds later, I felt him squeeze my hand, “I love you too.” I sat up immediately and smiled at him, “Oh my god! You’re awake!” I hugged him but he cringed, still in pain, “Sorry, sorry.” He smiled back, speaking with a raspy voice, “It’s okay.” I smiled at him as I wiped the tears from my face, sitting back down. “Did you really mean what you said?”

I looked up at him with wide eyes, “You heard that?” He shook his head, “Not exactly, it was almost like I saw it.” I looked at him with a confused look on my face, “You mean like you were dead or something?” He chuckled, “I think you would know if I was dead, Ange.” I laughed as he just shrugged, “I don’t know how to explain it but after hearing you say that you loved me I just woke up.” I leaned forward to brush the hair from his face, “Well, I do love you but you were hanging around Brooke so much that I never got to tell you.” He reached up and wiped the lingering tears away, “I was only with her so much because I didn’t know how to act around you with the feelings I had for you.” I was surprised because all the times we spent together he never one hinted that he liked me.

His hand was still on my face and then moved down to my chin, pulling me closer to him. Our lips were so close but then the door open, making Jake and I pull away from each other. Brooke came in with a relieved look on her face, “Thank god. Jake, you actually had me worried.” I could feel Jake’s eyes on me but I was avoiding his gaze. “Well, to have you all worried over me is flattering to say the least. Brooke, how did you know I was here?” She scoffed as she walked to the other side of him, “Your mom called, obviously.” She took a seat on the other side of him, taking his hand in her own. I was so frustrated with Brooke being here, I could barely stand to be in the same room as her. I stood up from my chair and tried to put on my best smile, “Uh, well, I’m in the mood for some coffee. Brooke, do you want some? I can bring you a cup.”

She just shook her head and smiled like nothing was wrong, “No, I’m fine. Thanks, Angie.” I smiled and just left the room, holding in the tears that threatened to fall. While I was getting a coffee for myself, I could help but think about how Jake told me he felt the same way about me and how close I was to kissing Jake. Brooke was a really nice person to me and I had nothing against, I just didn’t get how she was able to grab Jake’s attention without even doing anything. I grabbed my coffee and just brushed it off, knowing that I wouldn’t be anything like Brooke.

I got back to Jake’s room and was surprised to find Brooke was gone. Jake had a smile on his face as I walked over to the chair and sat down, “What happened to Brooke?” He continued smiling, “I told her to that you were capable of taking care of me and that she could leave.” I was confused, I thought that he would’ve wanted Brooke to stay with him, “Why’d you tell her to leave?” Jake just scoffed, “The girl I’ve had feelings for since I can even remember told me she loved me and she doesn’t even want a moment alone with me? Maybe I should’ve been more obvious about my feelings then.”

He laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh along with him, letting my head fall into my hand, “God, I am totally stupid.” I felt Jake’s hand grab my own, making me look up at him. I saw that Jake was sitting up and I could tell he was in pain. I stood up and gently got him to lean back, “You seriously need to not move because you’re already broken and you don’t need to be anymore broken.” He wrapped his hand around mine that was on his chest and smiled up at me, “You always take good care of me.” I smiled back at him, “Of course, I’d be a crappy friend if I didn’t.”

He sighed, “Just a friend?” I looked into his eyes and smiled lightly, “I hope not.” He smiled and used his other hand to gently grab my chin and pull my face closer to his. “Good.” He said against my lips before placing his lips on my own and I swore I saw fireworks. When we pulled away there was a smile on both our faces. I carefully laid down next to him as he placed his good arm around my shoulders, “You wanna know something, Ange?” I looked up at him and nodded, “What?” He kissed the top of my head, “The reason I woke up was because of you.” I looked up at him and scoffed, “What are you talking about?” He shrugged, “I heard your voice and, I don’t know, I just woke up. You’re my personal angel, Ange, and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you.” I smiled and snuggled close to him. “I love you too.”