but boyfriend blazers


Trend Watch: Androgyny

Alessandro Michele’s men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection for Gucci Fall 2015 and the rise of transgender models has spurred a new wave of androgynous dressing. Although androgynous dressing is not new (e.g. Annie Hall), this recent wave is a reflection of cultural change happening all over the world, one that is more accepting of transgendered people in media, society and everyday life.

So, take your cue from gender-bending models, Mica Arganaraz, Saskia de Brauw and Isabella Emmack, for a fresh spin on androgynous dressing! Think: tailored blazers, boyfriend jeans, button-down shirts and loose slacks.

the most fanfiction thing that has ever happened to me is that one time the company alphonse worked for, which owned a lot of companies, had a battle of the rockband bands 

and there were like small prelim competitions and stuff and then the final round was at an actual concert venue with a big stage and lights and soundboards and stuff and al was the lead singer of his band, and then my ex-boyfriend was the lead singer of his band and then those two bands were the last two finalists so they had to go against each other

and i was visibly pregnant with al’s baby and he wore like cheetah print pants and a sleeveless flannel completely unbuttoned and my ex-boyfriend wore a fucking blazer and al got out there with his band and fucking demolished it and my ex-boyfriend sang a fucking billy joel song and not only lost the battle of the bands but also had already lost the girl, because she was there supporting another man, pregnant

look at these pictures!!!!!!!! like honestly i am not gonna top an actual battle of the bands between the hero and the villain

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