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Surprise! - Part 2

Summary: The reader wakes up to surprising news about her and Jensen.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,318

Part 1

Hey Y/N. It’s Jensen Ackles. We need to talk.

“No fucking way.“ You gasp in shock at the abrupt text Jensen just sent you. Those nine words start taunting your ass, yet you can’t stop yourself from rereading them.

“What? Let me see!” Steph snatches your iPhone easily out of your shaking hand, an action that would normally be a much bigger feat.

“Oh my god!” Steph screeches snapping you out of your panic induced state. “Let’s Facetime him!”

“No!” You aggressively dive for your phone, trying and failing to ignore the incessant pounding in your chest.

“You have to write back, Y/N. He’s your lover after all.” Steph pulls her knees up to her stomach, protectively wrapping her arms around them. She has a sneaking suspicion you’ll punch her in the gut for that comment.

“I literally hate you.” You whine dramatically swatting her with your pillow. “I need a minute. Go away.“

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Im sorry, But I will always ship FreshPaper and I regret nothing

Just - don’t be sorry for shipping characters someone else doesn’t ship. 

Don’t regret liking a ship that a creator or another artist doesn’t. 

As long as you are having a great time and no one is getting hurt due to the ship - then GO AND SHIP WHAT YOU WISH TO SHIP!!!

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hey gaia could you make some reyes/scott icons pretty please? :) You make some of the nicest colored icons!

i was born for this ask here you go my friend



You may have noticed that i’ve jacked up my art prices.  Even though I am uncomfortable sometimes with it being this high, I figure to myself that I shouldn’t contribute to the low prices of commission art, and that i should lower the bottom line for artists better than me because of my own insecurities. I hope you all understand.

Use your own discretion when you commission me. If its something you don’t see in my art tags at all, its probably something i won’t draw, but I will lay down a couple more obvious ones. 


-fecal matter (this request only happened once when i was 14 and first starting out in the commission game but better safe than sorry)

-Underage looking characters in NSFW themes (this topic too hot i’m not touching it, i don’t know how to draw children looking characters anyway)

Anything else is pretty much fair game, but whether or not i can draw them well is up to your own judgement.

I’m open to making deals if you for some reason want a large amount of drawings (if you notice that i’ve been drawing a lot of Flash lately, yeah that person got a discount)

Paypal+contact email: wang.amy.a@gmail.com

Thank you for your time! :)

Surprise! - Part 2 (Teaser)

Summary: The reader wakes up to surprising news about her and Jensen.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Surprise! - Part 1

Hey Y/N. It’s Jensen Ackles. We need to talk.

“Oh my god! Let’s Facetime him!” Steph screeches snapping you out of your shock.

“No!” You aggressively dive for your phone, trying and failing to ignore the incessant pounding in your chest.

“You have to write back, Y/N. He’s your lover after all.” Steph pulls her knees up to her stomach, protectively wrapping her arms around them. She has a sneaking suspicion that you’ll punch her in the gut for that comment.

“I literally hate you.” You whine dramatically swatting her with your pillow. “I need a minute. Go away.“

"Fine. I’m doing a Starbucks run. Don’t talk to him until I get back!” Steph bounces off of your bed with an extra spring in her step. At least one of you isn’t having heart palpitations.

You listen for the slamming of your front door, the sound instantly giving you a needed moment of peace. This is by far the strangest predicament you’ve ever gotten yourself into. What exactly is the fucking protocol for something this confusing?

You scold yourself to just text Jensen back now, you’re only delaying the shit storm that’s inevitable. Are you being a little theatrical? Probably. But this whole situation seems a bit too good to be true, which leads you to agonizing over how to respond.

Something detailed or short and sweet? Casual or reserved? Emoji or no emoji?! Jesus Christ you really need to pop back like five Xanax. You finally settle on the bare minimum, mirroring the actor’s no nonsense message. Better safe than sorry.

Hi Jensen. Yeah that’s a good idea. When and where?

Your place in an hour?

Oh god. This is really happening. Shit.

“Sure. I’m in the Lenox Complex on Stuart street. Apartment 17A.

"I know. See you then, Y/N.”

He knows?! Oh bloody hell. Never again will a drop of alcohol slip past your god damn lips. This is gonna be a shitshow.

Every day, I have one moment
where I allow myself to think about you;
and just for that moment,
I wish that I had waited for you.

I wish that maybe if I had waited
you wouldn’t have been so angry with me,
and then perhaps you would have reached out to me.
You would have told me that you missed me.
And I would have told you that I was sorry,
a thousand times so sorry.
And maybe we would have cried.
And maybe from there we would try to reconcile.
Maybe we would try to start over (like really start over)
clean slate—
And I would be better than I ever was.
And you would trust me again.
And I would keep your heart safe.
And it would be everything,
it would be us like it was always
supposed to be.

So, yeah, I do that—
I allow myself to wish that I had waited for you.
And in the midst of my thoughts,
right when I start to choke up,
I let the moment pass.
Then I take a deep breath, and go back
to telling myself that I’m better off
without you.


A Momentary Lapse of Pride Arlo Cohen Alexander


Ooooh, I like this AU.  Very interesting to think about and write for!  Thanks for the fun request, I hope it lives up to your expectations and was (at least some what) what you were looking for!! <3 I also didn’t know if I wanted to make this a multiple chapter thing, but in the end I just made it one long one-shot.  It’s lengthy, but do enjoy the long request!  I’m actually pretty happy with it turned out so I hope you are too!! 

P.S. I can’t name stories for shit. It may change, it may not, who knows. 


GOT7 ft. Monsta X

Jaebum/Reader AU

Genre: Drama, Lil Angst, Fluff and, Uh-oh, some cursing too (just saying)

Words: 8.4k (dear lord)

All gif(s) used belong to their respective owner[s]!

Kidnapped [captured]: verb: to take (someone) away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom.

“I’ve already told you Changkyun, I work today.”  You spoke into the your small cell phone as you pressed it to your cheek with your shoulder as your hands worked on gathering the rest of your things to put into your small plaid purse.

“That is no excuse.  You could always call in and actually come out with us today.  Nothing wrong with playing a little hookie you know.”  You rolled your eyes as your young friend spoke back into the other end of the cellular conversation.  

“No means no, Im Changkyun.”  You chuckled at the childish whine that you receive as a response.  See, today Changkyun wanted to take you out with the rest of his friends whom you were also close to because was a special day.  Today was your birthday.  You were turning 23 today and you were stuck working.  Where you may ask, well none other than a boring old bank.  

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so today i learned that my hatred of moffat is so strong that when i’m sick in bed all day i’ll find myself watching a two hour long video about why sherlock is garbage

Fire (Jin x Reader)

a collab with @taesthetes and @zephyoongist

Summary | Yoongi | Hoseok | Taehyung | Jimin | Jungkook | Namjoon (M)

Another side, another story.

angst, 3.3k, jin/reader, angel au

You take a deep breath and let go; the arrow flies through the air, aimed directly at the white wing that pokes out from the branches. It’s probably not the best place to shoot, but at least it’ll paralyze the bird so you can go in for a quick kill.

But then the bird yelps and then curses and tumbles out of the tree and you freeze because that’s probably not a bird. You hurry over to where the thing fell, and—

Yeah, definitely not a bird.

The angel glares at you; you offer an awkward smile in return.

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Bucky is very capable cat that can manage and adapt to any mess he gets himself into (mostly, though help won’t hurt, usually there is quite a lot of mess)

(obviously my take on leaked Antman scene ;)

The Serpent Song *Part Two*

Warning: Hints of underage sex

Word count:1,232


Location: Kristina’s Apartment 4:00 pm, August 23rd Wednesday

Kristina’s POV:

Even after the man told the other men to stop, they didn’t, the two men continued to tell you all the things they wished they could do to you. All I did was stand there, I was frozen there in my spot, I couldn’t move. I bit my lip and listened to everything that those men were saying to me, I felt my eyes well up with tears and I tried my hardest to blink them back; I hated when I couldn’t keep up my tough exterior.

I kept looking down, my lip trembling daring to let my tears spill; when I heard his voice yell.

“Shut the fuck up! The girl looks no more than 16.” He points to me. One of the men looks startled that the crafty beard man just yelled at them two, he quickly stopped what he was doing and nodded. The other guy on the other hand only smirked and stalked over to me. My breathing hitched, and as much as I tried to get myself to just walk away; I couldn’t. He walked over and was two feet away from me, he reached out and wrapped a finger around one of my teal locks.

“What do you say, we head back to mine and have a bit of fun. Take your mind off all that work you seem to have.” He gestured toward my textbook in my hand. I took a breath

“No thanks, I usually like to study alone.”

“Who says we have to study.” He smirked as he caressed the side of my face. Scruffy beard man was watching this whole scene play out, but as soon as he saw the other man reach out and touch my face; he stalked over. He grabbed him by the back of his leather jacket,which was identical to the one he was wearing. The man then whipped him around to face him, and punched him square in the jaw. I gasped and finally took a few steps back, the scruffy beard guy pushed him towards the other guy was catcalling me and he rushed him inside the bar that they were by to get him cleaned up; the beard guy walked over to me.

“Hey pretty girl, you alright?” He looked at me with gentle eyes.

“Yeah, I’m alright I guess. I’m used to guys doing that, but they never got this extreme.” He nodded and looked me in the eyes. “Want me to walk you home? Just to make sure that you don’t get into any more trouble.”

“I think I’ll be okay, thank you though,” I nod and smile softly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make that a question, I am gonna walk you home; because it would make me feel better. I just want you to get home safe, because I know better than anyone what those guys are capable of ma’am.” He chuckled “I’m FP Jones.”

“Kristina.” I smiled and clutched my bag tighter. “My apartment is just a few blocks away from here. We can walk if that’s alright with you.” I turned and looked up at him, he nodded and we began our walk to my place.

The first couple of minutes were complete silent, and all you could hear was the sound of gravel crunching beneath our feet. He finally spoke up.

“So I seen that you were coming from the north, you go to school there?”

“Yeah, I was a bit too smart to be placed in southside. It’s closer to home so I wouldn’t have to walk far..” I shrug “ But you know, an education is an education.” He nodded

“Southside isn’t full of the best people.” I nodded and shivered a bit. “Are you cold?” Before I even got the chance to answer he was putting his jacket around me, I struggled to pull it closer with my book in my hand. FP grabbed my book and held it without a word. I pulled his jacket closer and smiled.

“Thank you for all of this, really you didn’t have to walk me.”

“Like I told you kid, I just didn’t want anything to happen to you.”

I nodded and kept looking forward, we soon got to my street and I walked over to my dingy little apartment building. I shrugged off FP’s jacket and handed it to him as he handed me my textbook, he took it and turned on his heel without a word. I took my lip between my teeth and slightly chewed on it before I spoke up.

“Do you want to maybe come up? For a cup of juice or something, I mean my throat is pretty dry from that walking I dunno about you.” I giggled.

He turned around and nodded. “Sure, actually I’d love that.”

I walked up the stairs and he was right at your heels, I opened my bag when I got to the door and fiddled around looking for my keys. Once found, I unlocked my door and held it open for FP, he walked in and admired everything I had. From the millions of piles of books, to the Union Jack I had hung up in the kitchen; in the place of actual kitchen curtains.

“S’a nice place you have here kid.” He kept looking around as I made my way to the kitchen.

“Thanks, I decorated it myself.” I laughed as I got two cups from the cabinet and poured some orange juice in them. I handed him a cup. “Sorry, this is all I got at the moment.”

He shrugged and took a drink. “Got any champagne to go with this?” he chuckled

I laughed a bit and shook my head. “Nope, I don’t drink.” He gasped slightly in disbelief

“You don’t drink?”

“No, I don’t see the point. I see kids passed out in class due to hangovers. It’s not cute.”

“I drink a lot.” He mumbled into his orange juice, I smiled a bit

“Well we are all different, the world wouldn’t be what it is right now; if we were all the same now would it?”

He shook his head “no” and glanced up at the diner clock I had hung up on the wall. He finished his juice and set the cup on the counter.

“I gotta get going now, some stuff I gotta do before I go home.” I nodded and walked him over to the door, I opened it and he walked out, he walked all the way to the stairs and turned to face me.

“Bye, Kristina.”

“Bye FP.” I smiled and waved as he walked down the stairs. I shut the door lightly and leaned my back against it, I bit my lip and thought to myself.

“What is this weird feeling, something new. No one ever stood up for me before, it made my heart flutter thinking that FP seemed to care about me so much he even went the extra mile to walk me home since he knew how those guys were. What a sweetheart. But I barely knew him, he could be a psycho for all I know.” I sighed lightly and pushed myself off the door. I had grades to maintain and no time for these typical silly crushes on older men that all girls nowadays seem to get.

Meanie Weenie

gif is not mine

Title: Meanie Weenie

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 493

Warnings: Fluff

A/N:  This was fun to write! I love it so much! I hope you all love it as much as I do! Feedback is appreciated and requests are open <3 

Oh and I should apologize for posting so much SPN, and not much NCIS.  I have written a lot of Gabriel and SPN overall lately.  I’m so excited about all of it though!!

The door slammed as you entered the bunker with Gabriel.  The two Winchester brothers looked at each other, leaving the library.  They knew just by the look on your face that the hunt you were supposed to go on alone, didn’t go as planned.  It was a simple salt and burn, Dean and Sam knew you could do it by yourself.  

“Gabe, you knew I could’ve finished the job by myself,” you complained, throwing your bag on top of the table.  You sat on the table facing your archangel boyfriend.

“Yeah, maybe you could’ve cupcake, but better safe than sorry,” Gabriel said, as an apple appeared in his hand.  He bit into the apple, smiling at you as he leaned against the wall.

“MAYBE,” you screamed.  Your hands had clenched onto the edge of the table, your nails almost digging into the wood.

“I know you’re a great hunter and all, but I have to protect you.  You never know what could be out there,” Gabriel said, taking another bite out of his apple.

“I know what’s out there.  I hunt what’s out there,” you yelled back, clenching your jaw.  You loved him, but sometimes the things he did angered you, and boy did he know it.  He knew better than to argue with you.  Instead he always kept his cool.

“Don’t be mad,” Gabe smirked, finishing his apple, tossing the core in the trash.  He sauntered over to the table you sat on and stood in front of you.

You huffed, folding your arms across your chest.  What a fucking ass hole, you thought to yourself.  How can he be so thick headed?  How can he be such a dick?  Thinking that I can’t do a simple salt and burn by myself.  What a fucking meanie weenie.  I can’t belie-

“Really,” Gabriel chuckled, rolling his eyes, cupping your face in his hands.  “You’re cute, [Y/N].”

“What,” you asked, still annoyed.

“I’ve never been called a ‘fucking meanie weenie’, that’s new,” he laughed, his smile melting your anger.  He laughed harder at your confused expression.  “I’m an angel sweet cheeks, remember?  I can read your thoughts.”

“Fuck,” you whispered, looking down as your cheeks flushed red.  “Gabriel, I’m sorry.”

“Apology almost accepted,” Gabriel smirked, a mischievous smile dancing across his lips.

“What do you mean, ‘almost accepted’,” you pouted, his hands still cradling your face.

“I think you owe me some sugar,” the archangel winked, bringing his lips to yours.  His kiss wasn’t hungry, nor was it lustful.  His lips moved perfectly with yours, until he pulled away, the same smirk still on his face.

“You’re such a jerk,” you said, playfully hitting his chest.

“Yeah, but you love this jerk,” he said, giving you a quick kiss.

“Yes I do,” you smiled, hugging him close.  

“Apology accepted, sugar,” Gabriel said, scooping you up and carrying you to your room where you spent the rest of your day cuddling and watching Netflix.

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I absolutely LOVE your Chancellor Obi-Wan posts! I do have to wonder if Palpatine would try to offer any "advice" to Obi-Wan? He couldn't do it directly, of course - especially after Obi-Wan finds some of the secrets the Jedi weren't meant to know - but perhaps he'd try to discreetly give Anakin some "advice" on how to help his former master?

Thank you so much! I’m really glad people are enjoying this and I hope you’ll all continue to do so!

I’ve thought about this one a lot, but no. Palpatine can’t get involved with “helping”, politically, anymore, not even trying to hint Anakin toward it. Especially not as he’s under investigation. However, that’s not so say he won’t give other hints to Anakin…

Anakin stays coped up in his own little room on the ship. They’re all heading out again, another mission on another battle field… Except Obi-Wan is going to stay on Coruscant. Because he can’t leave the Senate; so he’s basically chained to the planet, forced to make plans from afar.

In other words, Obi-Wan is doing the exact thing Anakin has always disliked in quite a few other Council members: staying behind in the Temple, safe and sound, and making decisions that affect those out in the field.

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Hartwin Fic: Kiss and Make Better

With many thanks to @kagekanecavi and @concernedlily

They probably should be going, but Eggsy just doesn’t really care. He and Harry got back late last night from a week-long mission in Turkey – not the most fun place to be right now. Waking up this morning in his own bed with Harry beside him is the best thing that’s happened to him all week. Even his battered and bruised state doesn’t bother him too much anymore now that he’s home. 

It’s already nine o'clock and they would have already left for HQ by now, except his mum came over, bringing JB and Daisy with her. And Eggsy really isn’t sorry, because he’s got a lapful of baby sister, his dog is lying at his feet, and his family is all together. 

His mum is telling a story of something that happened to her at work while he and Harry were gone. She’s also staring at the cut on his cheek, a somewhat painful souvenir of their mission, but Eggsy pretends he doesn’t notice that. He just nods and responds where he’s supposed to, and lets his mum stay in denial. 

It’s just easier that way. 

In his lap, Daisy squirms around until he lets her go. She slides down his trousered legs until she can set both feet on the floor, then she darts over to where Harry sits in the armchair. She grabs hold of his hand and frowns down at his bruised knuckles and the slim cut across the back of his hand. “You got a boo-boo!" 

Harry gives her a warm smile. "Yes, I do,” he says matter-of-factly. 

Daisy looks up at him, her blue eyes very solemn. “Did you fall down?" 

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Life lessons, Chapter 5

Life Lessons masterlist  

A hungover Sebastian is still a beautiful Sebastian (curse him!).

You may never live down the finger guns…

Previous chapters all on here

You were still feeling pretty delicate when you set out for the café that afternoon. You’d drunk as much water as you could bear, managed to eat, and slept a fair bit but the light still seemed a little too bright and noises a little too loud. Focusing on your physical symptoms helped you avoid thinking about your emotions though, a potent mix of excitement, awkwardness, desire and embarrassment.  Your memory of the night before was still patchy and you told yourself once again that you were an adult, and should not be drinking to that extent.

Just before 3, you pushed open the door to the café and peered inside. You hadn’t even tried wearing your contact lenses today (having had to peel off the last night’s pair when you’d obviously fallen asleep in them) so as you stepped out of the cold, your glasses fogged up in the heat. You took them off and wiped at them, peering around through squinted eyes for a familiar if blurry face.

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Foul Ball (Part 3 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by darlingiamobsessed

Summary: Derek Hale college AU; Reader and Stiles become close friends, and the reader gets some interesting news.

Author’s Note: Yaaaaaay! The next part is FINALLY here! This was a ton of fun to write, so I hope you all like it! The next part will hopefully come a bit quicker!

As always, thanks to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for beta-ing this, and for all the wonderful input and suggestions! Basically the whole movie section was written by her since I was having some writer’s block, so tell her how much you enjoy it as well! c;

Warnings: Just some language


“You’re going out tonight, right?” I asked Lydia, plopping down on my bed. She was busy inspecting the clothes in her closet as she answered, tossing a few things onto her bed.

“Yes,” she said, voice soft as she concentrated on her fashion choices. “I don’t plan to be back until probably Sunday. Aiden and I are hanging out.”

“For three straight days?” My tone came out as more shocked than I meant it to be,  maybe even a bit naive, earning a half-hearted glare.

“He says he wants to spend time with me and work on our relationship,” she defended, drawing out word as if it tasted bitter on her tongue, a hint of sarcasm laced somewhere underneath, poking the metaphorical elephant in the room. I was only half-listening now, pulling up tabs on my laptop and keeping an eye on my phone.

“So, you’re going to have sex all weekend,” I deadpanned, my voice a monotone of stating the obvious. Lydia turned to me and offered a wicked grin, making me laugh. “Just be careful.”

“What are you going to do while I’m gone?”

“Oh, a friend is coming over. We’re gonna binge watch Star Wars and probably eat lots of popcorn,” I explained, eyes scanning over the syllabus I had pulled up on my computer screen for one of my classes.

“Have fun with that,” she mumbled in reply, making me grin. Oh, the joy of being a nerd. Lydia left about an hour later, receiving a text from Aiden saying he was there to pick her up and whisk her away for their weekend long ‘important relationship building bonding alone time’, and, let’s face it, a very… eventful evening. I waited until she was out the door before scrambling for my phone to text Stiles and let him know he could come over any time.

Me: Time for a marathon, I hear it is. Ready and waiting, I will be. Get your ass over here, you should.

Me: Sorry. Yoda stole my phone, the little green bastard. Anyway.

Me: My roommate left so come over any time. :)

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Word Count: 1313

Triggers: None

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Requested by @originalpottervengerlock

You woke up in the hospital, your aunt and uncle siting next to you.

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Jody’s Cabin

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: blood, death

Words: 1284

A/N: This request is long overdue! Sorry for the lateness!!!

It had all happened so, so fast. Dean didn’t have time to yell, and Sam was in another room. He didn’t have time to react as he was thrown onto the ground by one of the demons kicking his legs out from under him and, as he was going down, everything seemed to fall into slow motion as he watched you step towards him, planning to take down the demon that was getting ready to kill him. He screamed in his mind as he saw a demon come out of the shadows behind you and dig a blade into your back, seeing the tip of it come out of your stomach.

This was all before he finally hit the ground.

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Back Off

[Word count: 1,778]

Prompt: Hey, I literally live for your imagines. I’m not very good with coming up with a storyline so could you maybe just write an overprotective/jealous sam imagine? Thanks, I’d really appreciate it. :)

omg that’s really sweet thank you!!!!

i have an idea for this and it’s gonna have an ending thats fluffier than Cas’ wings

also there are destiel undertones oops 

Sam x Reader


It’s half one in the morning, you’ve just finished a case, and you’re tired as fuck, yet somehow, Dean had managed to convince you and Sam to go to a bar and ‘celebrate’.

By celebrate, Dean must have meant get drunk and get laid, because that’s what he’s doing right now. Well, attempting to, anyway. You and Sam on the other hand, are sitting together at a table, quietly nursing your drinks as you find entertainment in Dean’s failed attempts at chatting up the waitress.

“Please…” Dean mumbles, holding up a finger as he stares in the general direction of the waitress. “I got one more, it’s real good… You remind me of fast food because-” He pauses to hiccup, holding up his hand before continuing. “-Because I want to take you out, and then eat you in my car.”

Needless to say, the waitress is unimpressed, walking off with a huff and ignoring Dean’s attempts at trying to call her back over.

You muffle your laughter, turning towards Sam with a grin. “I’m gonna go and grab another round. Should I bother getting anything else for the drunken bum here?”

“Uh, I’m gonna go with no.” Sam says, head tilting in mind concern when Dean lets out a burp. “Yeah, definitely no.”

“Good decision,” You mutter, standing up and side-stepping Dean when he reaches out to swat you on the ass. Even if you hadn’t dodged, he would have missed, but it was better safe than sorry - you didn’t want to give a drunk Dean any ideas (the last time he was this drunk, he had mistaken you taking your boots off as a sign that you wanted to have wild, passionate sex with him. You didn’t.)

You miss the look that Sam shoots at Dean - a glare that even a totally hammered Dean takes notice of, raising both hands in surrender at the unspoken threat in Sam’s eyes.

You walk up to the bar, empty beer bottle in hand, and lean against it as you wait for the bartender to take notice of you. Whilst the bartender doesn’t notice you, someone else does.

He’s tall, and smells like something that’s been dead for a week - you actually flip through all the possibilities of what type of monster that he could be before you realize that actually, he just has really bad hygiene habits.

He strolls up to the bar and leans against it, towering over you. You glance at him in acknowledgement, staring straight ahead as you contemplate what will happen when the three of you get back to the motel - a drunk Dean means a cuddly, horny puppy Dean (Maybe you could ask Cas to keep him occupied until he passed out), and so you’ll have to reevaluate sleeping arrangements, what with the three of you sharing a two-bed motel room.

You glance over your shoulder to check on Sam and Dean, biting back a laugh at Dean, slouched over and almost asleep in his chili nachos that he was craving half an hour ago, only to whip around when you feel a sweaty hand land on your thigh - you’re wearing jeans, so if you’re able to feel the sweat through the fabric, you can only begin to imagine how sweaty he really is. 

Pulling away like you’ve been bitten by a snake, you take a step to the side, glaring at the man. However, you notice the glazed-over look in your eye, and sigh to yourself - he was seriously drunk

He smirks down at you, baring yellowing teeth, and you lean away from hhim, nose screwed up in disgust. Ew. Sighing, you turn around, tapping lightly on the bar, your impatience seeping through with the pressure of Mr. Creepy breathing down your neck. Literally.

He’s taken a step closer to you, and is leering above you, reaching up to brush a strand of your hair from your face as he mutters something about you being “an absolute beaut’” that he’d “just love to take home and ravish”. You gag, leaning away as his breath washes over you, and you can’t decide whether the stench of cheap beer or stale sweat is more prominent.

“C’mon, baby,” He slurs, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to him, your arms trapped at your sides so you can only squirm in his arms. “Whadda ya say we go back to my cabin and have a lil fun?”

You can feel your feet leaving the ground, and you wonder why no one is helping, before a shadow looms over you. Craning your neck to see over your shoulder, you could almost weep in relief when you make eye contact with Sam. 

He looks furious.

His jaw is clenched and a muscle twitches as he glares at the man, murder flashing in his eyes. You hadn’t known Sam when he was addicted to demon blood, but you get the feeling that he was only half as terrifying when drinking that stuff compared to right now. 

Even though Sam has half an inch on the guy, he seems to tower over him. You can feel you captor trembling, and he loosens his grip on you just enough for your feet to touch the ground.

“Let. Her. Go.” Sam grits out, voice low. “Or so help me God, I will put a bullet through your brains before you can cry ‘mommy’.”

The man begins to let go, but his arms seem to lock in place, and he stands frozen in place, trembling and whimpering under his breath. “Are you deaf?” Sam yells, and even you jump. “I said, let her go!

Suddenly, you’re free, the man stumbling back. He pushes you - accidentally, because he’s making a run for the men’s toilets - and you fall back into Sam’s chest. He wraps his arms around you, turning you and pulling you close in a comforting embrace. 

“Are you alright?” He asks quietly, voice soft with concern as he reaches up to touch your jawline and study your face. His eyes flit over your face, brows drawn and eyes worried, and you reach up to hold his hand with your own.

“I’m fine, Sammy.” You rub your thumb over his knuckles, which is somewhat difficult considering how tiny your hands are compared to his. “I think we should go, just forget about the drinks.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea, let’s grab Dean and go.” 

“I’ll call Cas, see if he can take Dean home.” You suggest, pulling away as you fish your phone out of your pocket, only to stop when you realize that Sam hasn’t let go of your hand. 

“You can do that in a minute, let’s just…” He pauses, sighing quietly as he glances between you and Dean. “Let’s grab Dean.”

You open your mouth to question it, only to close it again at the look in Sam’s eyes. With a nod, you walk over to Dean, Sam right behind you like an overgrown shadow, and grab your jackets. Sam grabs Dean by the shoulder, shaking him before lifting him up and slinging his arm under Dean’s to keep him stable.

“Let’s go, Dean.” Sam mutters, and Dean tilts his head, eyes half-open as a grin lights up his features.

“Are we gon’ go n’ see Cassy? ‘re we gon’ go n’ see my lil’ angel?” Dean slurs, looking like an excited three year old - well, a sober three year old. “I love Cassy!”

Dean’s squeal is followed by a peal of laughter, and you honestly wonder how Dean hasn’t accidentally confessed his love to Cas yet. The three of you make it out of the bar, and Sam props Dean up against the Impala, keeping a grip on his shoulder so he doesn’t topple to the side.

You call Cas, and within a moment he’s by your side, staring at Dean with a mildly uncomfortable expression. “Has he been confessing his love for me?” 

Castiel asks, not tearing his gaze of of Dean, who hasn’t yet noticed him - he was too busy staring up at the stars, mumbling about how pretty they were, but not as pretty as Cas.

You mutter a suspicious “yes”, and Cas lets out a tired sigh, shaking his head but not bothering to explain himself. Stepping forward, Cas grabs Dean by both biceps, causing Dean to jolt forward in shock with a scream of, “Cassy!”, before disappearing, Castiel in mid-fall. 

You and Sam are left standing in front of the Impala, staring at the spot where the angel and the drunk Winchester last were. With a shrug, you turn to Sam, a shy smile twisting at your features as you stare down at your feet. 

“Thanks for helping me out back there, Sammy. I don’t know what I would have done without you there.”

“You would have made it out of that easy,” Sam says, waving it off with a soft smile, but you shake your head.

“No, he had me pretty damn good. Imagine that, being taken out by a sweat-stained drunkard when I’ve been fighting a nest of twenty rabid vamps not an hour before.” You laugh quietly, glancing up through your lashes to see Sam smile at you with something you had only caught in his eyes a handful of times.

It was a look he would throw your way when he though you weren’t looking. His whole face would soften and a look of wonder would take over him, as if he couldn’t figure out how something so amazing, so beautiful and so perfect could exist, let alone know him. 

“Sam…” You whisper, stepping forward. “Thank you.”

His smile fades, face turning serious as he stares down at you. “There’s no need to thank me, Y/N. I behaved stupidly. If I was there sooner, he wouldn’t have harrassed-”

“Sam, Sam. Calm down. It’s alright, I’m fine.” You soothe, reaching up and stroking his cheek with your thumb. “You were there to save me and that’s all that matters.” Slowly, you lean up on tip-toes, pulling Sam’s face down until your lips meet, a gentle caress that has you gasping. 

“I’ll let you save me a thousand times over, and then a thousand times more, if I get to reassure you that I’m fine each and every time,” You mutter against his lips. “This is me telling you that I’m fine…” And with that, you kiss him again, long and slow and passionate.

“I am more than willing to save you.” He mumbles against your lips, his arms wrapped around your waist as he leans down. “Y/N, I love you.”