but better safe than sorry yeah

one day, after training, shiro fell asleep on a chair because he was exhausted and Pidge and Hunk decided to braid his hair

Okay this is probably nothing, but I’ve been wondering about something.


He said that with the scandal of him being a serial killer he could “break America.” Why America? Why not England? It might just be because America is larger and therefore harder to influence, but I think it’s more than that.

And I also saw a wonderful post (if someone could tag it for me that would be amazing) about how the bomb in The Empty Hearse displayed the time 1:29, the predicted date of The Secret Special, but in England, the date would be written as 29/1.

Now in America, the date is written as 1/29, the month coming first. Of course they could have done this because 2:91 can’t be written on a clock without something being up even to casual viewers, but two random ties to America, one of which completely unnecessary? 

I don’t know. Like I said it’s probably nothing, but better safe than sorry, yeah? 

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It doesnt matter if she wants to do it or not, what matters is that she is already harming their reputation because dumb people are believing it and spreading it even more. Sites will report about it if this keeps going and thats also bad enough. Report with the tweets before this can blow up. Its better to be safe than sorry (that you didnt report before and let her get that far. Also, i dont think she deserves 'something called fairness' Is what she's doing fair? no. but Reporting silently is)

Like I said be always suspicious!! I personally still dont trust this rumor so be carefull!!
U can report all the tweets that I mentionned bc its real proof (tbh im sure u will find more lmao). But yeah I’m a very fair person, and even if Selja did horrible things, since its a really serious topic + serious accusation I still want to be fair.

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can you please tag the Peridot size post as SU critical or something. It's sorta bugging a lot of people who see it.

okay! didn’t think it was salty enough to warrant a tag, but better safe than sorry, i guess

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Considering that Cristina Grimmie was murdered at a meet and greet, it's not really surprising that her security is extremely wild this time around. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Yeah, I don’t blame it too much. 

Taylor Swift has a good security system but fan get to keep their phones etc

But I guess Ariana is still figuring it out

reminder that this is fiction and you should never act like Himiko ever. I’m sure all my followers know this but BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY YA KNOW. So yeah seriously remember this is fake and don’t do anything Himiko does. 

  • Raven: Did you ever have someone that's like your soulmate, but in a friend way?
  • Monty: Yeah. I did. I think it'-
  • Raven: But you also kind of want to have sex with them? A lot. Like everywhere.
  • Monty: wat
  • Raven: wat
  • Monty: ....
  • Raven: *sweats*
  • Monty: Who are you talking abo-
  • Raven: Not Abby
  • Monty: ....
  • Raven: ....
  • Monty: You look a little sweaty.
  • Raven: I should go to medical. Better safe than sorry. Bye.

Bucky is very capable cat that can manage and adapt to any mess he gets himself into (mostly, though help won’t hurt, usually there is quite a lot of mess)

(obviously my take on leaked Antman scene ;)

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My mom has epilepsy, and honestly she can get even from flashing sun from glass, so not too bright lights or yeah, fast. Or like, kinda without showing any signs of something happening or too much light or color from darker. I donno if I helped at all xP

Yeah, you did, thanks for the answer. :)

Like I said, I kept what I did to a bare minimum because I wouldn’t want it to be dangerous for anyone. I can still reajust certain things if I find them too intense, or take them out completely if it turns out to be a bad idea. I don’t think the effects are enough to trigger an epilepsy attack, but still, better be safe than sorry.

Again, thanks for sharing that info. It’s noted!

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sorry your dad is crap. so is mine. he's hateful and hits us and has been a jerk to me today for no real reason. that's okay. they're crap and we're better than them :)

I am sorry yours is, too. Yeah seriously I feel like I should write a list about what not to do while parenting, or even just in general to anyone. The thing that helps me the most is to remember it wont always be like that. I don’t know to what extent he hurts you, but please be as safe as you can. I’m sure you’ve considered this and I’m sorry for mentioning it cause it can get tiring, but if it’s possible, report it. I know every situation is different, I understand. Just use your best judgement. Sending good vibes. 💛

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Okay, wow, now I know to never trust Kaiba with animals. He'll just eat them! D:

Yeah…. I was really kinda upset when he ate that poor turtle- I’m sure he wouldn’t do that with all animals, but better to be safe than sorry…


“So, you like real trees right?” Steve asked you suddenly, breath escaping him in clouds of white as he pushed his face farther into the scarf you’d wrapped around him earlier.

“Yeah!” You smiled, looking up at him as you made your way through crowds that had gathered on the sidewalk. “They’re messy and stuff, but they smell great and I don’t know they just-they feel more like Christmas, you know?”

Steve nodded, smiling down at you. “Good, I like my trees real too.”

“Why’re you asking though?” You asked slowly, a small grin tugging at the corners of your lips. You were almost certain you already knew the answer, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Steve turned his gaze to the crowds in front of him then, his hands deep in the pockets of his coat as he shrugged. “I don’t know, figured it would be good to agree before I bought us one.”

Us? A tree for US?

You felt your chest swell with delight. “You want to spend Christmas with me?” You asked breathlessly, hands curling into fists in your mittens, excitement bubbling within you.

“Yes,” Steve smiled, gently nudging your arm with his elbow as he grinned. “I’d love to spend Christmas with you.”

“Awh baby!” You squealed, throwing your arms around his large frame. This was so exciting! You’d always hoped he’d ask, but it had only been four months of dating and you’d had no idea what to expect from him.

“Can we go pick a tree now?” You asked breathlessly, cheeks rosy as you beamed up at him, chin pressed against his chest. Steve was smiling widely, nose a deep red from the bitter cold air.

“Absolutely darling.”

The Feeling songs and Sans/Reader fics

I associated a bunch of songs together with fics I’m reading? Just. Just look ok

Don’t Make Me Sad - Personal Boogeyman (by SkeezyBreezyCovergirl)

I Thought It Was Over - The Lost Toy Problem (by @auntie-diluvian)

Never Be Lonely - Better Safe Than Sorry (by Milkynubs)

This Time - Feel It In Your Bones (by @dinkywitch)

Loneliness - The Party Incident (by @poubelle-squelette)

Spare Me - Resolve (mine)

How to Survive a Horror Movie

1. Don’t walk around saying “Hello?” like the killer is going to reply “Yeah I’m in the kitchen want a sandwich?”

2. If someone says “Oh yeah, that’s the house where Old Man Jenkins was murdered” then its to move

3. If your friends gets bitten by  zombie and says “Maybe I won’t turn into one,” kill him. Better safe than sorry

4. Upstairs? Bad idea. Outside? Don’t go there. Phone? Never works. Gun? Don’t drop it. Car? Won’t start. Neighbors? Never home. Police? Always die.

5. If something licks your hand in the darkness, it’s not your dog, you dog is dead

6. Stay away from places like Amityville, Haddonfield, Camp Crystal Lake, Elm Street, and the entire state of Maine

7. If you’re running around naked, you might as well just murder yourself

8. If you are annoying or a wise-ass, you will die first

9. If you are a hot blond girl, you will die before the annoying guy

10. If you open he door and there is a man standing there holding an axe, he didn’t come to chop firewood

11. Never go to the toilet alone. If need be, poop your pants it’s much safer

12. If you ever see a clown RUN. That clown isn’t hanging around to make you some balloon animals

13. Leave slow of clumsy friends behind. Every man for himself. Somebody’s got to live to tell the story

14. Don’t split up and look or clues, everything you learned from Scooby do was wrong

15. You know that creepy clown statue upstairs, it isn’t a statue

16. Never say “I’ll be right back” because you wont

17. When you’re walking around a spooky old house, at least try turning the lights on

18. If you’re running from the killer, you’re going to trip and fall down at least twice.

19. If you trip and fall, don’t lay there with the ‘Ow it hurts’ face, get up and continue running.

20. On a stormy night, you will find an open winder that you were sure was locked. It didn’t magically unlock itself

21. Whatever you do, remember that the killer will never forget what you did last summer

22. If you’re pointing the gun at the killer don’t say “if you move I will shoot” just shoot him

23. Just lay down on the floor and pretend to be dead. Hey it works with bears.

24. Never back out of one room into another without looking it will be behind you

25. If you see something moving, hit it with a baseball bat… even if it turns out to be a friend. Swing first ask questions later

26. Listen to the advice of the people who are yelling at the screen

27. Don’t trot around the house shouting, “is anyone there?” of course there is

28. Never take a shower. Killers love showers. Anyway sweaty people are slippery and harder to catch

29. If you’re a girl get a boyfriend. He will be horribly murdered in front of you, but at least you will live

30. If you hear weird noises, don’t go and investigate. You aren’t Dora the Explorer

31. Stay out of the library. It’s one of the worst places to hide. Seriously, it’s like a labyrinth of getting murdered. Do you realize how easy it is for a killer to hide behind a bookcase.

32. If you’ve beaten the killer into a bloody pulp and you’re sure he must be dead, take the opportunity to dismember, burn, eat, blow up or otherwise destroy him

33. If somebody claims that there’s nothing wrong, something is horribly horribly wrong

34. If you’re asked to babysit during a storm on Halloween of Friday the 13th or during a full moon, just say ‘Sorry can’t do”

35. Don’t pick up hitchhikers and don’t hitchhike. If you do both, then the worst case scenario is you could end up picking yourself up and murdering yourself

36. If one of your friends is injured. Leave him behind. Even if it’s just a skinned knee. That qualifies as an injury, Leave them

37. If your friend gets shot, don’t under any circumstances, do CPR. This will make them die faster

38. Always have your keys at the ready. You don’t want to be fumbling in your bag going “Oh where are they. I’m sure I have them somewhere” while the killer closes in

39. Drips are never good. If you hear a dripping sound, its blood. Likewise if you hear a clang, it’s a meat cleaver, and if you hear a thunk, it’s a head

40. If there is a scary legend, believe it. It is real. It doesn’t matter if the legend says the killer has an onion for a head or a bear trap for a mouth. Its real and its coming for you

41. if someone says “it’s just the wind guys. Everything’s fine. Stop overreacting” you should reply “Yeah well I hope I won’t overreact when you’re dead and stuffed underneath the floorboards.

42. Avoid screaming, crying, whispering, panting, wheezing, or breathing heavily when you’re trying to hide. Killers aren’t deaf.

43. Never bend down to spit out your toothpaste. When you come back up, there’ll be someone standing behind you in the mirror

44. Don’t go to places with weird names like Terror Lake, Hell Hollow, Devil’s Den, Screamer Ville, Skull Valley, Dead Man’s Crossing, Spook Hill, Ghost Creek, Bloody Springs, or Slaughter Beach

45. Never go downstairs to check out a strange noise especially not in your underwear

46. If your friends go to check out a strange noise and don’t return, don’t go looking for them. Just make new friends

47. If your son starts telling you “I see dead people” put him up for adoption

48. If you’re babysitting a kid and they tell you they saw someone scary at the window tell them to stand at the window and wave while you go and hide

49. If you’re running from zombies and your friend trips, don’t worry. Leave them and say ‘I will see you again when you’re a zombie’

50. DO NOT hide where you obviously can be SEEN, LIKE BEHIND A LAMP

51. This is the 21st Century. You have a cell phone. Call for help

52. If you’re black, stay away from white people. They’re too curious, always checking out noises and getting killed

53. Have a fat friend. They will come in useful. If you run into the killer, you can use them as a human shield

54. When you hear the music change to ‘eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh…. Ah, ah, ah, ah,” you’re as good as dead

55. If you and your friends are running from the killer, trip up your friends. You can always make new friends, but there’s only one you

56. If you are babysitting and the phone rings, don’t answer it. Just go home and let the kids fend for themselves

57. Always check the back seat of your car. 9 out of 10 times the killer will be crouched there going ‘Aw dude you caught me’

58. If you come to a deserted town, it’s deserted for a good reason. Take the hint and stay away

59. If you’re not sure who’s the killer and who’s an innocent person, shoot them all and let God sort it out

60. If you see something mutating, don’t just stand there with your OMFG face and wait for it to finish mutating. Kill it with fire and get the hell outta there.

61. I’m a leader not a follower… but if we’re going into a haunted house… you’re going first

62. If some idiot in the group says ‘Let’s split up” tell him ‘OK you go that way and the rest of us will go this way’

63. Never under any circumstances run upstairs if you are being chase. Once you get upstairs there’s nowhere left to go

64. If you’re hiding from the killer, put your phone on silent

65. Make sure the killer is truly dead. If the killer isn’t dead they will keep coming back like team rocket

66. OK, under the bed is not a real hiding spot. What self-respecting killer WOULDN’T check under the bed

67. If your BEST FRIEND FOREVER trips and falls and screams ‘Don’t leave me’ change their friendship status to BEST FRIEND FOR NEVER

68. If you find your friend stabbed 78 times and lying in a pool of blood don’t go OMG what happened, you KNOW what happened

69. The killer never dies the first time. Wait until he moves, and then kill him again

70. When you’re driving at night and you hit someone, don’t stop to see if they’re OK

71. Hide in the fridge. Killers don’t get hungry and stop for munchies during a murder spree

72. Never look behind you while running away. When you look back, the killer will be right in front of you.

73. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas, and your cell phone is fully charged

74. Whenever a puppet or a doll turns to you and says let’s play, it doesn’t really want to play

75. If you knock on the door of a creepy old house and it opens by itself, don’t go inside

76. If objects in your house become possessed and start attacking you, don’t run into the kitchen. That’s where the knives are

77. Don’t stop at a gas station and ask the creepy old man for directions. He isn’t going to help you

78. After you shoot the killer, don’t drop your gun

79. If someone hands you a videotape and says ‘If you watch this you will die in 7 days’ don’t break out the popcorn

80. If you see something weird, tell someone. Don’t just go ‘Oh I must be imagining things’

81. There is a killer in town and the police have asked us to give you the following safety tips. Stay in well-lit areas; do not travel alone whenever possible. This aren’t hard tasks

82. Never get into a car. It will not start, break down, run out of gas, or you will lose the keys. Either way the killer is in the back seat

83. if a policeman arrives, don’t get your hopes up. He will be killed just before he reaches you.

84. Find a good hiding place and STAY THERE. If the killer can’t see of hear you. WHY WOULD YOU MOVE?

85. If yo are buying a house and the real estate agent is all like ‘well yeah, full disclosure, there were some murders that happened here’ buy a different house

86. if you hear something creepy in the distance, like a dog’s yelp cut off mid bark, don’t investigate. The killer is there, and your dog is dead

87. Never attempt to pull of the killer’s mask. You will not like what you see

88. Never assume the killer is dead. Shoot him, stab him, chop off his arms, legs and head, then burn the pieces and put them out with holy water. If possible, rocket his charred remains into space. Even then he probably won’t be dead

89. If you have any history of mental illness, you will discover at the end of the movie that you were the killer all along

90. If the walls of your house bleed, do not attempt and exorcism. Move very very far away. Because there’s blood on your walls. Blood. On your walls. Your walls are bleeding

91. Never kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend. Smooching couples are a magnet for deranged serial killers

92. Never yell things like ‘It’s over now’ or ‘We made it’. That guarantees that it’s not over and you won’t make it

93. If you spot a weird dude in your garden holding chainsaw, he is not there to trim your hedges

94. Don’t get drunk or do drugs. Escaping from a kill is much harder when you’re stumbling around and singing to yourself

95. If you’re going on vacation. Google the name of the area. If the first five search results are news stories about Missing Persons, take a holiday somewhere else

96. Don’t go outside just because you hear a noise. That’s like coming out and saying ‘Here I am I’m ready to be murdered now’

97. Protect yourself. Find a weapon. Gun, knife, chainsaw= weapons. Umbrella, mop, lamp + not weapons

98. Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs. Killers in horror movies have an extra-special hatred of drunk or stoned teenagers

99. If your Dad goes insane and starts hacking down your bedroom door with an axe, don’t try to reason with him. Jump out the window

100. If you hear a scary noise and find out it’s just the cat, the next noise you hear won’t be just the cat

101. If one of your arms or legs gets chopped off, don’t let it get you down. Later on, you may be able to replace it with a chainsaw or machine gun

102. Don’t sacrifice yourself to save someone else. Usually the person you saved will die anyway

103. If you see someone in a mask, don’t assume it’s just one of your friends playing a prank on you

104. If your parents murdered a serial killer years ago the killer will return to murder you. Strangely he will leave your parents alone

105. If your girlfriend is a hot cheerleader, dump her for the weird chick nobody likes. Weird chicks never die and the cheerleader always does

106. A good strategy is to say ‘No. Kill me instead’. That way the killer will leave you alone and murder everybody else. Reversed psychology

107. Don’t make friends with rednecks or hillbillies unless you want to be down on all fours, squealing like a pig

108. Never make a plan, because your plan will take into account everything that could possibly happen, except for the one thing that actually happens

109. If you throw away a doll and come home to find it waiting for you, immediately leave the country. There is no other way to get rid of it

110. If the calls are coming from inside the house, get outside the house

111. When you find a strange weapon, immediately grab it. Later on, this will be the only weapon capable of killing the monster

112. If you are shooting at a monster with a big gun and it has no effect, don’t take out a smaller gun and start shooting

113.If a girl with long black hair starts crawling out of your TV, hit the OFF button on the remote before she gets all the way out.

114. If you’re being chased by a kill and you meet one of your friends and they ask ‘what’s wrong’ don’t stop to explain just shout ‘Cantsoptotalkkillerchasingmeseeyoulater’ as you pass by

115. If all else fails, make friends with the villain and help him kill everyone else. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em


“Maybe there’s someone in the locker…”

“Actually, I was kinda worried about that, too. I was thinking maybe we should check it. There might be someone inside waiting to ambush us…”


“Oh, uh, I mean… Yeah, that’d be pretty weird, huh? This being a school and all… B-But you never know what Monokuma might do, right? Better safe than sorry! Anyway, you’re a pretty perceptive guy, huh? I feel like you’ll have a nice, long life.”

I’m getting a strange feeling. Something about Junko seems… off.

“…Am I just imagining it?”

I think we both had a pretty good time.

Ukraine as the ultimate mother of Eastern Europe.

Ukraine as a badass older sister going to kick some serious behind for her family and friends.

Ukraine taking care of animals and being really happy with all the cute baby ones all over her farm.

Ukraine making scarves for her siblings.

Ukraine cooking big meals and inviting all her friends over for them.

Ukraine wanting nothing more than to keep her family safe and make their mother proud. As well as to make sure her loved ones are happy.

Ukraine going shopping with Poland because they are the best of friends. Most times they bring Hungary too.

Ukraine in full uniform and rifle because she’ll no scope some sorry idiot she’s so good. Not to mention hell yeah she serves her country.

Ukraine knowing how to pilot old planes and being one of the best, even better than the boys.

Ukraine in her traditional wear having fun during holidays with her people, especially teaching the children old customs and telling them stories or singing them songs.

Ukraine just being a total sweetie that can break some one’s neck of needs be.

Ukraine not being this fanon shit people portray her to be. She is a lovely woman and will not hesitate to bash some heads if needed. This has been a PSA.

Cover Photo Contest--Getting Closer to a Winner!

Hey, everybody!  Dipper here.  Everybody doing well? Doing good?  Hope so, cause, uh, we have a pretty important reminder!

The deadline for TheMysteryShack’s cover photo contest is just around the corner! Remember, we’re taking submissions ‘til May 31st, so make sure not to wait until the last second–y’know, just in case you face any problems during submitting. Better safe than sorry!

For anyone needing the specific rules and guidelines, you can find ‘em right here! Don’t forget, this is a pretty sweet opportunity to get your art on display for over 15,000 followers–how neat is that?

We’re all super excited to see what you all come up with, and can’t wait to view everyone’s work.  Once again, submissions close May 31st, so get them in while you can!

So, uh, yeah…Good luck, guys!


Just a quick little sketch I did of @therealjacksepticeye yesterday. Watching him play the Undertale genocide route and fight Sans, all I could think of the smol skeleton doing his best to distract Jack and get in his way. >:D Idk, the thought made me laugh.

Sorry about the terrible quality. The second I started adding the text it just kinda went nope and, urm, yeah.