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light a fire, a flame in my heart - part 3

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Liam thinks texting might actually be the devil. That, or the fact that he still can’t spell worth a damn. (3k)

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I know that this is five days late, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, @therealjacksepticeye!!!!! You are an awesome YouTuber and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos. You are extremely entertaining and witty and always make me feel better when I’ve been feeling down. Thank you so much for making and sharing your wonderful talents (and mad gaming skills) each and every day. I hope that this year gets even better for you! Never stop being the amazing person that you are. We all love you! See ya in the next videooooo!! 😂🖐💥 (High-five).

YouTube’s video description:

This is a video response (Part 2 of 4) to Greg’s video, “I Betrayed My Wife”.

It’s 2 weeks late but better late than never.

Since Gregory has made 4 videos on the subject, 3 of them being Re: videos to the original one, I’ve decided to continue his ridiculous Re: videos with another one.

In this video series, I will show you why Greg’s explanation of what happened is complete bullshit.

Greg said his “STATED REASON” for supporting and encouraging Lainey to get a girlfriend was because he WORKS A LOT and THERE ARE THINGS A WOMAN CAN GIVE TO ANOTHER WOMAN THAT A MAN CAN NOT GIVE TO A WOMAN.

COMPLETE BULL! Although Lainey has said on twitter that Greg encouraged her to get a girlfriend because he got something out of it, this video proves it and will serve as a constant reminder to him and his gullible fans on just how much of a manipulative and selfish asshat he really is. (I know, long sentence but don’t know any other way to say it)


MCU Ladies Week: Day #6 - Headcannons/AU
Antonia Stark
Stephanie Rogers
Brigid Banner
Jane Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes
Chloe Barton
Natasha Romanoff
Lady Thor & Loki

EDIT: Because as nakedchrisevans and ohhiddles-myhiddles quite rightly pointed out, the lack of colour in this particular AU was a little stale so here is a revised version starring Nicola J Fury and Samantha Wilson


goodbye elena gilbert • day two ⎯⎯ what i love & will miss the most about Elena: her adorkable moments

“And if he starts twitching or something, just give him fifty milligrams of pentobarbital.”
     “You’re so cute when you’re all doctorly.” 

SJWs: *make a harmless meme called “Down with Cis” to make fun of transphobes*

Anti-SJWs: This is not acceptable. Cisphobia isn’t a joke. You wouldn’t want people saying “down with trans”, would you? Transphobia does not justify cisphobia. You can’t fight hate with hate and then claim that you’re for equality.

Anti-SJWs: *severely harass trans people, misgender them, and call them slurs in response to “Down with Cis”*

Anti-SJWs: Our transphobia is justified because the evil cisphobic SJWs made fun of us

Anti-SJWs: So basically what we’re saying is that hate is justified when we do it, but not when SJWs do it.

Anti-SJWs: Doesn’t that make so much sense, I’m so good at logic.

Anti-SJWs: Look at all this “equality” I advocate for, I’m such a saint


make me choose: ravenhilll asked Teleporno or Aragorn

                       ~ From the ashes a fire shall be woken
                          A light from the shadows shall spring
                       Renewed shall be blade that was broken
                            The crownless again shall be king


Dear Avatar, 

I’ve loved your show since the first day that it premiered. It has an awesome plot line, with fantastic characters that a lot of people can relate too. One character that really stuck with me was Toph. I absolutely love, how you didn’t make her weak because of her disability. Most shows in the media make fun of people that are disabled. But not Avatar. 

Avatar made a disabled person, one of the most powerful characters in the show! I’m beyond grateful, because I myself have a disability. So, I know what it’s like too feel that you aren’t as good as other people because of it. But, Toph was strong. Emotionally, and physically. So, the one time someone picked on her, she wasn’t afraid to tell them off for it. The time she was insecure about it, didn’t define her character. 

I really want to thank the creator’s for writing such a beautiful show. Avatar’s stuck with me for 10 years, and I don’t think that it’ll ever really go away