but being two of the main women in the show

i feel like we need to talk just so i make sure y’all understand something

there’s a bunch of people out there who have decided not to watch the bold type just yet, as to “guard their hearts” from god knows what. and to those people i say: you’re gonna be the reason the bold type gets canceled. plain and simple

i’ve been in fandoms for as long as i can remember and i’ve lost my share of f/f ships. i’ve been through hell and back with them and no, sometimes it wasn’t worth it. actually, a lot of times it wasn’t worth it

i get being hurt. i get being guarded, being wary of shows who claim to be forward-thinking, who make vain promises and leave us hanging, who promise to give us the love and protection we crave only to stab us in the back. i get it, and i’ve been there

but the reality is: the bold type hasn’t done that, and it won’t. this is a show with a f/f couple, its main couple, where both of the characters are women of color. two layered women who got storylines of their own, who are powerful, get what they want, and take no shit from no one

the bold type has done a wonderful job in every possible aspect, and kat and adena’s relationship is no exception. they’ve had some ups and downs already, as expected given they’re the main relationship of this show, but nothing too dramatic that they can’t bounce back from - and they are bouncing back

but you wouldn’t know that, because you’re not giving the show a chance. you claim you want to “wait and see” so you won’t get hurt, but guess what? there’ll be nothing to see if the show gets canceled in its first season

please, tell me, if the bold type were to have seven seasons, would you “wait” for those seven seasons to be over to “see” what happened to this ship and then decide to watch it or not? have you done that with, say, w*nonna earp or s*pergirl? or, you know, any other show you’re currently watching? i think it’s safe to say you haven’t

in my opinion, you’re not being honest as to why you’re not watching this show. i’m all for people watching whatever they want to watch, but don’t go around saying you want this and that on a show only to not support it when it actually comes along. you ask for diversity, for women and men of color, you ask for healthy relationships between female characters, you ask for all these things that the bold type is delivering and still… you don’t show up

you want writers and a cast who supports its show, its characters, its ships… aisha, katie, and meghann were cast due to their off-screen chemistry. katie, aisha, nikohl, the writers; they’ve all supported kadena off-screen. actually, katie is easily kadena’s biggest supporter, and she’s not shy about that 

you want writers who respect the show’s viewers, well, just the other day the writers were approached by someone who believed a couple of things on the show had transphobic vibes to them (arguable, in my opinion), and you know what the writers did? they listened. they took their concerns as valid and promised to pay more attention in the future. unlike some other writers i know, from shows you all want to claim as “progressive”

the bold type checks pretty much each and every one of your boxes. so why aren’t you watching it? why are you making excuses?

  • tumblr: when can we get a show about something OTHER than cishets?
  • eyewitness: [features two gay boys as the main pairing and not a side couple, discusses internalized homophobia and how damaging it is, centers on a the most badass lady in the land, features WOC, women of authority whose positions and authority are NEVER brought into question bc of their gender, LADIES BONDING, women aren’t buried under layers of make up showing their freckles and laugh lines, sympathetic depiction of a drug addict, shows ptsd and mental illness, features loving foster parents, foster dad is a stay-home dad, foster mom is the sheriff always out there being a badass, rural new york instead of nyc, kickass soundtrack, amazing cinematography]
  • tumblr: no but where are the straight guys making eye contact that i can read into

yah so no offense but shao is definitely gay but like lightyears in the closet to  the point where he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t like being w/ women or why he’s so possessive over zeke…. like i’m not reaching here if you rewatch the get down you will see it in his interactions with zeke + his interactions with women but also i will eat my hat if that show actually includes not one but TWO main LGBT characters that’s 2 next level for our day and age


Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker.

Aka Iris West & Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost.

Listen up kids!  whether you ship SnowBarry or WestAllen you can’t and i mean it YOU CAN’T  go to the point that makes you insult one of the actresses personally that just shows how childish and immature and even racist -if you insult Candice bc she is black- you can be.

No matter what you think, Iris and Caitlin are both main characters on the show heck they’re pretty much the only main female characters on it! And they’re both important to Barry! Iris is the love of his life and Caitlin is one of his best friends so you can’t just ignore one of them or send hate towards the other or even try to lessen the importance of one of them to Barry and to the rest of the team just to try to prove your irrelevant point. 

But that’s all on the screen ,off the screen:













So whatever it is you ship, stop this madness and show some respect to these awesome ladies because guess what ? they’re both human and they both have feelings so shut your mouth, enjoy the show, respect the cast and spread love not hate. 

Don’t let a show and two fictional ships make you hate on two very real human beings.

P.s: just to be clear, when i said they’re both the leading female characters on the show i meant that from all of team flash and the main cast, they’re the only girls on it so obviously, they’re the leading ladies, both of them represent two main female characters yes of course Candice represents Iris, Barry’s love and the star that shines in the west family also the new leader of team flash in season 4, I’m not degrading of her importance, I’m just speaking my mind out defending both of the girls, whatever are your reasons of hate on one of them, they never ever justify you sending them insults or death threats.that’s all. I love Candice a lot and i love Danielle too so please don’t assume anything and don’t come at me all violently defending Candice bc i never insulted her.

Also I’m not trying to say anything or get any message through this post else than that Candice and Danielle don’t deserve to be hated despite of the several reasons that could push anyone to hate on them and i understand very well that they’re different that’s why i didn’t mention them. All I’m saying is that it needs to stop, they’re both good people with feelings who are worthy of our respect and note that i didn’t say love i said respect, the least thing you could do to the members of the cast who brings you your favorite show is to respect them.


I made this photo set to showcase the young black actors who do not get as much love and fanaticism as their white counterparts but in making it, it became strikingly apparent to me how the CW minimizes the involvement of young black actors in their story telling. For example, there is no 18-30 female age group representation of black actresses on Arrow or Supergirl. A fact which I became aware of shortly after starting these shows. 

As a young black woman, it bothers me that not only that is the case but also that the black men on the CW’s four main superhero shows live in a very white world. What’s more, I believe that that’s done on purpose. It’s rarely shown that the young black male character pursues a black woman as his love interest. James Olsen and Jefferson Jackson being prime examples of that. I negate to mention Wally West with the former two because we’ve only seen him pursue one love interest during the course of the show. The same comparison can be made for the young black women as well. All of Iris’s and Amaya’s love interests are white. Conversely, only one white main character in all of the four shows have actively pursued and stayed with a black love interest—for which the female POC actress receives so much hate from the fandom. 

Within all of that lies the issue of colorism. When it comes to casting black actors the casting directors fail to explore the full hues of black skin tones. And because of that fact black representation and acceptability, especially with women, is normalized as biracial. Any skin tone darker than that is viewed as abnormal or undesired.  

All this to say, I appreciate the discussions of blackness and black involvement in storytelling, but we have not come even close to representing real diversity. This is not just a CW issue, although I am using them as an example because their programs are geared toward a young audience, it’s a global issue. We as consumers can demand, via social media, op-ed pieces, disposable income expenditure, viewership, etc., that we are represented wholly and truthfully.

Please note that I am speaking as an individual black woman. I choose not to speak on the subject matters concerning ALL POC representation, nor do I choose to speak for ALL black women. 

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I've seen a few posts about what Supernatural would be like if HBO or Netflix had it, and ugh, do I wish that could have been the case, and I think they should buy the rights for the final season because it could be awesome haha in our dreams, right?...but then I also think about how devastating it could be if HBO or Netflix had it lol. A trade I would be willing to make, none the less.

Heh so yeah I have mused on this point before as well. I guess the thing is, consider the kind of concepts that Supernatural explores:

Hell, demons, monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, death, religion, torture, violence, murder.

It would be a horrifying show if that were the case. 

Have you seen the show Penny Dreadful? it was pretty awesome. Its set in Victorian England and its all about the Victorian Gothic monster stories like Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and Warewolves are in it, and the devil is in it as is Dracula and other Vampires… Also two of the main male characters fucked each other the first time they met… soooo yeah. 

Penny Dreadful is a Showtime show, so I guess its a similar kind of network to HBO. Therefore this is as close a show as I can imagine to Supernatural being on HBO/ Netflix that is currently available. 

With Penny Dreadful as my template therefore, here are some things that I think we would see on Supernatural if it were a cable show:

  • Dean is openly bisexual and is seen sleeping with men and women… sometimes at the same time.
  • Sam’s whole BoyKing arc is much darker and more graphic in the way Penny’s arc with the devil was *shudders*.

  • We would see Dean in hell. It would not be pretty.

  • The monsters would actually be really fucking horrifying.

  • The gory stuff would be even gorier. 

  • Dean and Cas would have hooked up in season 4. 

  • They would have then proceeded to have an on again off again relationship that spanned the course of the show. They are of course endgame.

  • But really fucked up stuff happens to them all the time.

  • we would see demons true faces.

  • Including Deans.

  • Dean and Crowleys relationship would have been super twisted.

  • What happened with Dean and Alistair.

  • What happened with Sam and Lucifer.

  • *shudders*

  • We would see Angel’s true forms (or an interpretation of them)

  • We would see angel wings

  • The characters would suffer SO MUCH more than they currently do. I mean in really twisted fucked up ways.

  • It would also be hauntingly beautiful at times. Like when Dorian and Lily dance in the ballroom with blood pouring out of their wounds. I wanna see moments like that on Supernatural. The mix of the beautiful and the horrifying.

  • There’d also be a shit ton of swearing… just the idea of Cas saying the word ‘fuck’ gets me all hot and bothered. LOL.
  • It would NOT have a happy ending. This is just from my experience watching darker shows on HBO/Netflix. They tend to have dark endings that leave me either angry or in tears. This is the downside i guess.

Anyway, would it be better? In some ways OF COURSE. But I also don’t think it would have gone on for as long as it did….I also just remembered True Blood. That was a vampire show on HBO so that’s another good comparison for what Supernatural could have been. Though I have never seen that series and my only knowledge of it is my friends description which was “Vampire Pornography”. So um yeah? Maybe also more pornographic. I suppose that would go down well on tumblr anyway! 

Lemme just explain why I'm so happy rn

- I came out as bisexual in middle school. I’m going into college this fall. I’ve had multiple boyfriends and only one girlfriend. My parents were accepting of the boyfriends, but not the girlfriend. Which left me feeling scared to date women, though I still wouldn’t mind it.

- Legend of Korra was the first show that had not one, but TWO cannocially BISEXUAL WOMEN.

-THE COMIC SEQUEL to Legend of Korra was just released and had a cannocially GAY WOMAN, said that the air nomads DID NOT HIDE WHO THEY LOVED AND WERE ACCEPTING, and announced that one of the past avatars was ALSO A BISEXUAL WOMAN.


So excuse me for being so happy that bisexual women are getting representation, ESPECIALLY in a fandom that has always meant so much to me.

That scene when they walk into the gay bar and Wyatt says “he’s looking at me like I’m a piece of meat” and Lucy responds with “Can’t imagine what that feels like” is SO IMPORTANT because here is a strong, brave, intelligent woman who too often has been reduced to nothing more than a pretty face by people who think she isn’t capable of anything greater because she’s a woman, and she puts up with it because she’s on a mission and she needs to protect history even though she’s dying to give these men a piece of her mind, but no she has to focus and although she’s desperate to change at least this thing about history she can’t she has to stay on task.

There was an entire season’s worth of frustration in that one sentence of hers and I’m so happy this show doesn’t shy away from addressing these things.

This show talks about overlooked achievements of people of color and women in history.

One of their three main leads is black and is arguably the most intelligent of the three.

They show a committed relationship between two women who have children like it’s no big deal.

So many important people in this show are educated in the sciences and respected for it, instead of being mocked by non-scientific people for being intelligent (as I have seen in too many other shows/movies/books).

And now they’ve addressed homosexuality in a more serious way too.

I’m proud of this show and can only pray it gets renewed.

sometimes it still amazes me that despite gifsets of scenes getting so many notes on tumblr thanks to it being a genuinely funny, unproblematic show, not a lot of people actually watch brooklyn nine-nine?? listen y’all if you’re tired of tv shows being misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and all around problematic then i honestly don’t understand why you have not seen the light by watching b99 like this show has made my life so much better!! i have TWO beautiful, badass, multi layered latina detectives to look up to, who are treated with respect and admiration by their male co-workers!! i have actual cinnamon roll jake peralta who has never done Anything Wrong in his life, despite being the white male main character; he always treats his women partners as equals, and is disgusted when other male side characters say misogynistic things!! i have captain raymond holt, a black, gay police CAPTAIN who has worked his entire life to move past prejudice to get to where he is!! his sexuality is not used as the butt of ANY joke, but is simply just another part of his multi layered character, and he is shown to have a healthy relationship with his husband!! the most important relationship on this show?? the relationship between all of them, whether in duos/trios/or a whole squad, focusing on how despite how different they all are, they all love each other and have made a family out of such a group!! it also has no chill, talking about real police issues, how women have to stick together, and taking usual stereotypes and stomping all over them!! there’s no need to worry about characters being killed off for shock value or to cause manpain!! honestly there is absolutely nothing wrong with this show: it is genuinely funny, the characters are lovable, the relationships realistic and healthy, and it deserves  much  more recognition than it’s getting. 

tldr; watch brooklyn-nine nine. you will not regret it.

Today is TBT’s finale and it’s giving me all the feels so bare with me. I’d like to thank TBT for giving us a show most of us have wanted for a while. It has given us the power of supportive female friendships, a boss who is more of a mentor, but most importantly It has given us a representation that most tv shows wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole because they’re afraid. TBT has given us TWO woc instead of the token one that happen to also fall for each other. those two women of color happen to be a black woman who is questioning her sexuality or is bi/pan( hasn’t been discussed yet) and a proud Muslim lesbian. Their relationship is also given the main het ship treatment. They have given us real and complex characters that we can relate to, instead of the same old boring one dimensional characters. TBT also tackles some important issues (like not being able to experience an orgasm or the online harassment Kat faced) without trying to censor them. They aren’t afraid to discuss these issues because they are real life things that happen on the daily. This show has also introduced me to some of the best people who I now consider friends of mine.(good luck y'all stuck with my annoying ass for good lol 😘). So thank you to @freeform for bringing us The Bold Type. So here’s to hoping we get to see more of this amazing show when they get renewed for a season 1b or a season 2.

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Is Brooklyn 99 really THAT good?? Like I've heard alot about it but I'm tired of shows being toted as so feminist/multi racial but then you watch them and they arent...

i totally understand but b99 actually IS all that and more. it:

  • shows multiple poc in positions of esteem
  • shows multiple women and woc in positions of esteem
  • shows multiple homosexual relationships
  • shows multiple interracial relationships
  • shows multiple interethnic relationships
  • out of the nine main cast members literally half are poc
  • features two jewish characters in a non-stereotypical/laughable way
  • talks about/discusses police violence, stereotyping, profiling, racism, homosexuality, etc.
  • does not show female police officers/detectives in revealing/sexy costumes
  • shows multiple scenes in which an openly gay black detective was treated poorly/disgustingly and how he overcame this
  • does not use latin/hispanic stereotypes
  • does not use black stereotypes
  • does not use gay stereotypes
  • shows multiple female friendships
  • shows multiple male friendships
  • shows male and female relationships that don’t become romantic
  • pretty much it just demolishes every stereotype ever basically

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Do you have a top 5 list of tv shows with Gay™ content?

i posted like two seconds ago asking whether you meant wlw content or lgbt content but i have no patience so im gonna go ahead and make a list:

  1. ummmm nobody ever talks about BOMB GIRLS. putting it at #1 just for the fact that it hasnt gotten the respect it deserves. (ps: the gays dont get a happy ending together but the main gay does get one - that is if you believe bomb girls season 3 exists which it doesnt??????????) but yeah its really great, betty mcrae is the soft butch vintage lesbian we needed
  1. greys anatomy. i know nobody wants to watch 4 seasons of heteros to get to the gays but i grew up with the heteros and was happily surprised by the callie/arizona relationship and it was worth it. but no happy ending together again bc sara left the show but thats no fault of bad writing :/ it just didnt work out. arizona’s got a girlfriend now and all in all theres probably hours of queer content from that soap opera of a show 
  1. the 100– lmaooooo you THOUGHT, no next up would have to be wynonna earp, everyone’s favorite rebound show…. it was good to me, it has a cute healthy relationship and writers i really trust and to start shit its basically everything supergirl is representation-wise but without the cw and the fandom that makes me wish i’d never learned to read 
  1. orphan black, listen i know!!! i know!! they let us down for a little bit but fixed their mess, its such a good show…. so good to us…. its got the gays, a few wholesome str8s, its got more gays, they use the word bisexual, im not sure if tony still exists but gosh he existed for 45 minutes once, its just got it all dude.
  1. how to get away with murder this is more of a general lgbt rep kinda show but i think it does a pretty solid job. gay rep through one of the main characters, there’s the whole annalise/eve thing which is ummmm messy, somehow shonda rhimes wrote 7 seasons of callie being openly bisexual but forgot the word existed the moment she wrote htgawm, um what else… sex scenes between two middle aged (if not older) women, um its another show that had a trans character for 45 minutes and then never again, overall i give it a 4.5 on the kinsey scale

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*sigh* This fandom...I understand wanting to see new Bughead content but there's no need to put Varchie down :/ I feel like there shouldn't be any animosity between these 2 ships.

i’ve said it before, but regardless if you personally like veronica and archie together, them having more screen time and their relationship deepening is a good thing for bughead. the more intense and emotional and physical and deep bughead and varchie become: the more ridiculous the idea of betty and archie ever getting together becomes

the core four’s bond has been said to be the most important part of the show. before the finale aired, RAS said that he didn’t want romance coming between the friendship between betty, veronica, archie, and jughead. there’s an interview from him very early on where he says the BAV love triangle isn’t “his bag” and it’s been done so many times in so many ways over the past 75 years. he’s said that veronica and betty are destined to be friends and scenes where they aren’t getting along are the hardest for him. the show has made it very clear that they’re tired of women being pitted against each other (especially over boys) and that’s not something they want on their show. archie is supposed to be our hero and the finale was supposed to kick start his journey into becoming the man he’s supposed to be. we’re supposed to root for him. betty is supposed to be the strongest out of our little quartet. she’s supposed to have developed far past the love struck pushover she was in the first two episodes… 

having our four main characters play romantic musical chairs with each other after establishing deep bonds between bughead and varchie goes against and destroys all the things the creative team has deemed important to them and that they want out of their show (everything i listed above). so, regardless if you ship varchie, you should want their romance to be developed in s2 

Exemption (4) - Negan Imagine

Chapter Summary: After making your decision, Negan takes you through the Sanctuary - giving you more insight about the base as well as Negan himself.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: Negan finds out you’re immune to the virus that caused the outbreak

Word Count: 1.9k

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings & A/N: i really ain’t shit for just leaving this on a cliffhanger for months - wow, sorry to anyone who was really interested in this story oml | OOC wives

Theme: Angst


Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

          ↳ credit: mypapawinchester

Your thoughts were racing, overlapping one another as your mouth ran dry. How were you meant to respond? Would you give up who you were for the greater good - or continue fighting against Negan?

Keep reading

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I hate how that robin-mask person tried to discredit Zelda and Bayonetta. Zelda is the reincarnation of a goddess. Bayonetta is a witch that can summon demons with her hair. Zelda practically tells Link how to stop Ganondorf. Bayonetta stopped a dude from destroying the world and taking her best friend's soul. I'm pretty sure its safe to say they're both very good female representation, in their own ways.








She also tried to discredit the other games I listed such as Pokemon because you can pick your gender, despite the fact that in the anime the protags from the game frequently appear along with a number of female gym leaders and rivals. Hell, even in Blue where you could only play as Red you still had female gym leaders and elite 4. Resident Evil has at least one playable female character per male character. You may not be able to play as one female character in every game but you also can’t play as every male character in a single game either. Bayonetta because from what she thinks its about sexy poses and women, same for Hyperdimension despite the character designers for both series being women. Zelda for being a princess and just ~looking pretty~, etc. 

Normally I just ignore things like this from people I follow but I honestly I feel too strongly about female characters in media to actually ignore it. I will forever debate that post until people actually fucking acknowledge female characters without trying to discredit them for being “Too sexy” and claiming that the character isn’t good because of ~muh male gaze~ despite the fact that female characters are allowed to be sexy and badass. 

Dig deep enough and you’ll find any reason to not like something. She only acknowledged two of the shows I listed as being “okay” for female representation which was PPG and Sailor Moon despite the fact that I listed several other anime that contained female main characters. 

Not to mention, in older shows people thought that girls weren’t interested. Girls weren’t a primary demographic for a lot of sci-fi, comics, video games, etc. because simply put, the developers only thought that boys liked games. Honestly, they’re male dominated due to the fact that in their origins, they were “meant” for male consumption and enjoyment. They didn’t expect women to find it interesting or enjoyable to watch. They were never “excluded” or “not allowed” to enjoy the media because the primary demographic is for males, they just didn’t know women would actually like the shows, comics, games, etc.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Honestly, from my perspective, people who complain about there not being enough female representation also ignore any female representation that they do not personally enjoy or have an interest in. Therefore, there is no female representation simply because they either ignore or don’t have an interest in the shows that have it. Hell, 98% of shoujo manga and anime has mostly or female dominated leads and are commonly written by women. 

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Hi, would you mind elaborating a little more on Into the Badlands ? What's it about, what are the main themes and why do you personally recommend it ? Thank you ! Hope you're having a good evening ! 😊

OK so Into the Badlands is a martial arts post-apocalyptic series with wuxia influences. I should stress the post-apocalyptic nature of the show doesn’t make it super bleak like The Walking Dead. It’s more of a springboard in order to create neat action sequences, sets, and costumes.

Overall it’s a fun show, but it also has some great elements including:

  • The two main leads being POC
  • Sunny’s love interest being a black woman, which is really special because interracial relationships in media often have one half of the couple being white
    • Sunny is allowed to be intimate with her + he’s also allowed to have had past relationships with other women, a.k.a. an Asian man who isn’t desexualized?? amazing
  • A really awesome character whose disability doesn’t define him and who quietly sets in motion a lot of the plot. He is also Sunny’s mentor.
  • Some really kickass female characters; they do take a couple eps to really emerge, but they’re each complex and ambitious characters
  • Absolutely stunning choreography. Ku Huen-chiu is the fight choreographer, and his repertoire in the West includes Kill Bill 1 & 2 and the final Matrix film
  • They’ve talked about filming the same way Hong Kong martial arts films do and it shows; the fight scenes have very few cuts and they’re each 2-3 minutes long. Daniel Wu is a trained martial artist so there’s just a lot more they can do with the sequences that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to if they had to sub in stunt doubles.
  • Behind the scenes, Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu are both executive producers. Both are huge names in Hong Kong, so it’s just nice knowing this seeing as they’re pulling so much inspiration from such a classic Chinese genre
  • A gorgeous color palette. Nothing is washed out; the scenes are vibrant and rich, and color plays a significant role in terms of symbolism as well.

Honestly, I could go on forever. It’s not a perfect show by any means, but it’s got amazing potential and as far as what’s on available on television right now, it’s absolutely near the top.

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" babitha getting back together ? " funny how everyone is getting back together ( or forming unlikely alliances ), unless you are talking about Os + Ed.

I will be THRILLED if babitha get back together. On the condition that Barbara stops mistreating her. I don’t know what was going on with Barbara in 3b but she was a power hungry mess. At first I thought she was mistreating Tabitha because she was upset that she seemed to be picking Butch over her, but as the season went on it just got worse and worse. 

In the finale, Barbara asks Tabitha if killing Nygma really meant that much to her. And I feel like she was kind of missing the point. The point was that Ed kidnapped, tortured, and then cut off Tabitha’s hand. If Barbara loved her, she would be out for blood after finding out that he did that. But instead, she was pissed until she saw an opportunity to use the situation to her advantage. Her need for power took priority over Tabitha’s needs. And I feel like the only reason Tabitha went along with it was because Barbara promised the alliance with Ed was temporary and that they would kill him after using him. 

But in 3b, Barbara keeps stalling and doesn’t give any indication of when this alliance is supposed to end. And she seems to be growing more selfish:

I think the scene above is when Tabitha realizes that Barbara isn’t even thinking of her as a partner at this point. She’s making the decisions herself and just expecting her to go along with it. Of course this all ends up blowing up in her face in the finale when she manages to piss Tabitha off enough to want her dead. Not to mention the fact that Ed betrays them just like Tabitha had been warning all along. If they do get back together in season 4, there definitely have to be some changes. It should be more of a partnership than what they had going on in 3b. 

“funny how everyone is getting back together ( or forming unlikely alliances ), unless you are talking about Os + Ed.”

Yup. There are a few parallels between babitha and nygmobblepot. In both cases, you have a same sex romance (one-sided in the case of nygmobblepot) that started off positive before everything went down hill. We had 3a end with Ed shooting Oswald and 3b ended with Tabitha electrocuting Barbara. Another similarity is that Barbara “killed” someone Tabitha loves (Butch) and Oswald killed someone Ed loved (Isabella). This factored into their reasons for wanting the other dead. 

It sounds like there’s a real possibility that the two of them could get back together in season 4 though. And if that’s the case, then that means Barbara can somehow forgive Tabitha trying to kill her and Tabitha can forgive Barbara for killing Butch. That sounds hard to believe but I do hope this happens because I ship them pretty hard and they were the only canon lgbt relationship on the show, it would be a shame to lose that. But if you are bitter that Barbara and Tabitha are allowed to get over these things and get together but Ed and Oswald will just continue to hate each other, I am right there with you.

I mentioned the parallels between the two ships but there are obviously some differences too. The main one being that Babitha was actually canon while Nygmobblepot was one-sided. I think at least part of this is due to the fact that a relationship between two women is more palatable to the male audience. I mean these are the same people that actually had the nerve to tweet at Robin, a gay man, about the fact that they had a problem with his character’s sexuality. Honestly, fuck the male audience, I could give zero fucks about their opinions. Whoops, I seem to be going off on a tangent here…

BACK TO THE UNLIKELY ALLIANCES. Uhh, i wonder how Tabitha is going to feel when she finds out amnesia!Butch is hanging out with Nygma. And if Butch ever regains his memory, I wonder how he’ll feel about Tabitha hanging out with Barbara. You know, the person who shot him in the head. And while we’re at it, why the fuck would LEE be hanging around Ed? Doesn’t she hate his guts for strangling and chopping up her friend Kristen? All of these people can put aside their history and be buddies again, but Ed is going to break out of the ice and continue to hate Oswald? *rolls eyes* 


“O-kay, turn ‘round and let’s see how that looks.”
Emily Ripov turned to face the friendly zbornak — Sylvia, she’d called herself Sylvia — but she did so awkwardly. Ripov was no longer used to kindness without a price, and had quickly learnt to trust no one while travelling the galaxy. This was the source of her discomfort now as she was dealt with something (or rather someone), that flew in the face of all her experiences. The hunter hesitantly raised a hand to her head, trying to imagine what she looked like now the zbornak was finished.

Sylvia cast an eye over Ripov’s unruly mop of hair and leaned in again to tighten the bandana she’d just tied around it another notch. She stood back then, arms crossed and eyes squinting in the planet’s weak light. She couldn’t exactly say the hair was tamed but it was better than the feral mess it had been before. Sylvia wasn’t one to worry about this kind of stuff usually, but when a young lady fails to deck some creep in a dive bar down to poor visibility, something needs to be done. Sylvia was happy to give up her own bandana for a good cause.

“…Well? How do I look?” Ripov asked, noticing the difference, now.
“I think… it looks like next time, you won’t miss.”
Her answer was accompanied by a wide grin that stretched even further as the larger creature’s gaze moved past Ripov, back towards the bar they’d just exited. The two watched a gaggle of the bar’s patrons begin to trudge purposefully towards them, creep numero uno leading the pack; Oh boy.
They shared a look, Sylvia pleased to see that Ripov could, Ripov pleased to have someone to shoot a look at. There was a high whirr as she fired up her blaster, ready to shoot something else;
“Looks like it’s next time already.”

@savewoygiftexchange gift for @seerofbread
Hope this is cool for you, I know you were more interested in fic, but I wasn’t about to attempt to write something and try to call it a gift.

Your wish list was fantastic, you had so much material there to play with!! I had a lot of fun thinking about everything, but when you mentioned the possibility of Sylvia and Ripov meeting at some point in the past (possibility forgotten on a canon timeline), I couldn’t get it out of my head. I began to think about a younger Ripov and how she might look a little different – And then of course, both of our ladies have a bandana thing going on as bounty hunters.
I was thinking Sylvia went into bounty hunting by choice (and has been doing it for a while now), meanwhile Ripov has been plunged in there by pretty awful circumstances. Finding Sylvia sure could help her out.
Bounty Hunting takes you to a lot of pretty unsavoury places, too. I imagine them being able to bond when it comes to extra dangers they might face as women (“women”).

Anyway: Hope you’ve been feeling better lately and this has brought you some cheer. I’ll shut up now


What the hell is going on?

Episode 14 didn’t really help in giving us more clues about the royal family background and about Sun Woo. I had 1,654 questions before this episode and now I have 13,786. 

Going back to my previous thoughts about Ah Ro, I still think they are destroying her character. Finally her wit and her funny story telling showed up again, but they ruined everything in 0.08 seconds. We can pretty much say the whole conflict that happened at the end of ep 14 is because of Ah Ro and I hate that because the only main female character is the one again who messes up the whole situation and watching this makes me feel ashamed that yet again this is how they portray women. The Princess and Ah Ro as the two main leads (+ the Queen) all they do is making bad decisions, cry, look weak, and end up being victims. I honestly dislike this so much but I often see this pattern in K-Dramas (especially where there are love triangles) and I think it truly pulls down women in general. But that’s another discussion…

At the beginning of Hwarang I was more on Sun Woo’s side. He was a humble young man who hated the Bone rank system, who had a difficult life, and who slowly fell in love with Ah Ro without being aggressive. This seemed attractive to me, however, in the last episodes I feel like he is losing that side of him more and more. Obviously he still stands strong beside the morals he had at the beginning, but his character is getting more and more annoying. It took an interesting turn because now I’m rather more interested about what is going to happen to Sam Maekjong. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in his side at all, but whenever I see Sun Woo’s grumpy face (no offense for handsome Park Seo Joon, I know it’s just what he has to act), it just makes me frown, because I’m getting disappointed by his actions and now I start to feel more sorry for the Faceless King. 

Sam Maekjong at the beginning was an arrogant, pushy, royal born guy who I didn’t necessarily like that much. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Hyungsik portraying him, I would have even felt hate towards him, despite my interest in his story line. But recently he is changing as well to me, but more towards the positive side. And I feel so so so bad for him. Especially because he might not be the king.

Which leads up to, who is the real faceless (even nameless) king?

So we all know what Sun Woo did at the end of episode 14 and we all (probs) disagree with his action and we wanted Ji Dwi to stand up for his true title. However, this might not be too much of a mistake. I think from the beginning we noticed that there is just something mysterious about Sun Woo’s true background and about the relationships and conflicts in the royal family. And now we get more and more hints. Maybe it is a choice from the writer and the production team (though sometimes I doubt the writer would be that smart). The fact that even after 14 episodes Sam Maekjong is still not revealed as the king even when he had his god damn chance not once, that maybe tells us something. Also the fact that in the Hwarang house most of the guys think that Sun Woo is the king, the officials think he is the king, and now he announced himself as the king. Yes we don’t know it for a fact that he is the true king, but I feel like all these lead up to that he will turn out to be the one. I also read many theories how he is the son of a concubine (who the Queen made her to be gone(?)) and the late king of Silla, while Sam Maekjong is only the nephew of the king, therefore cousin of Sun Woo. This is an interesting theory, slightly confusing as well, but it might be true, though that follows up to some more problems… or one problem, Sam Maekjong

If Sun Woo turns out to be the king, I think Sam Maekjong’s life will be over pretty much. All his life he was preparing to be the king, that’s the only thing he knows and had as a goal. He is also going to lose Ah Ro because we know she doesn’t love him. He never had a real family. The only family figure for him was his bodyguard (who is honestly such a sweet human bean, like when he was crying in ep 13, I was crying with him and my heart was so warm), but he probably wanted his mother’s care instead. The only thing that might stay with him is friendship. Because I’m sure at the end Sun Woo and Sam Maekjong will make up for this whole revenge and Ah Ro love triangle, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for Sam Maekjong to not give up on life. I also have a feeling that he might die towards the end, and I’m not ready to see Hyungsik die on my screen. (guys if it’s really going to happen I’m going to cry a Han River 2.0, watch me). So this is why I think at this point I rather want to see justice happen for Sam Maekjong. And I want him to be the king. Even if he is not the legitimate one to the throne, he has to be the king. He knows how Silla works, he knows how to deal with the officials, he prepared for this all his life, and he wants to be the king (at least on the days when he doesn’t doubt himself). Even if Sun Woo could be a good king too, he never really prepared for it and it would just ruin his relationship with Ah Ro, which I think is the most important for him. So maybe if he turns out to be the king, he might end up giving the throne to Sam Maekjong (if they can do that). 

Now for the fate of King Jinheung, I doubt that they will focus a lot on how this king in real history was so great and how he expanded Silla’s territory and the unification of the three kingdoms. However, I do think that would be a good thing to focus on if time lets them, because (as I read it in some sources) Hwarang played a big role in the unification and this drama is about Hwarangs. So we get back to this argument again, that this drama focused WAY TOO MUCH on the love triangle and Ah Ro, whereas there are lot more important and main points in the history of Silla, King Jinheung, and especially the Hwarangs. I know this drama is not here for a Historical documentary, but they didn’t do as much for the potential of the Hwarang story line, as it was promised.

So I don’t know guys. I still like Hwarang obviously, but to be honest, if I wouldn’t have gotten attached to the cast and the cute bromance and Ban Ryu love story line, then I think I would have stopped watching this. It just really bothers me how there was so many potential with this, especially with the great actors and actresses that we have here, but they didn’t make great decisions plot wise and story unfolding wise. We still have six episodes left, and many interesting things can happen in basically six hours. But I feel like it’s going to be the same like with Moon Lovers. Towards the end it might get worse because they might rush the end and even kill some loved characters. (Also I’m going to be sad when it will be over because I’m going to miss this cast, and while many of them will have upcoming dramas, for our lovely Taehyung it’s not going to be soon to seen him in a role again as he is always so busy :(  ) 

This became extremely long, I’m so sorry. So if you read this I’m really thankful and I really appreciate it. ^^


This part of Stormblood’s main scenario came as one of the most welcome surprises in the whole expansion. While loving jokes have been made about 4.0 being “a road trip with the girls,” there is very much a grain of truth to that during the party’s quest to save Gosetsu. At this point, the fate of Doma’s liberation now hinges on not only you but two young women - women who consistently show their commitment to loving and supporting one another as the story progresses. It’s so refreshing, especially considering the overall lack of presence from Heavensward’s female characters.