but before i can play that i have to finish the first game


I’m gonna put emphasis on this. If any one who’s playing this game right now or knows what’s happens in this game or finishes the game before Sean does. PLEASE if you have any respect for him DO NOT spoil this game and ruin this experience for him. 

The Last Guardian is in a game series that’s probably his favorite game series of all time or at least one of them because his favorite game of all time is a part of that series. Plus him and everyone else that loves Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus have been waiting for this game to come out for like 6 years. Sean loves and is incredibly passionate about video games in general and they mean so much to him. Especially Shadow Of The Colossus because it’s his favorite game of all time. When you’re someone who loves video games the experiences you make playing your favorite games of all time for the first time stick with you and are what made you the gamer that you are today. I can already tell that Sean is in love with The Last Guardian so far and personally I don’t want to see the experience he’s starting to make with this game get ruined for him because someone spoiled it for him.

Let me tell you all a little story about me that relates to this. When I first heard about Shadow Of The Colossus that game’s ending got spoiled for me. For the longest time I wouldn’t ever this game a chance because I felt like there was no point to it. If wasn’t for Lucahjin’s playthrough of that game and her playthrough of Ico as well, I probably would of never given that game a chance. The thought of that breaks my heart a little bit because that game is one of my favorite games of all time too and it means even more to me now because of Sean gave me a new appreciation for it with his let’s play of it. 

The point I’m trying to make with this is SPOILERS MATTER and can completely change and ruin peoples experiences with certain games sometimes. 


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Twice ships request: I'm 5'4, I love dying my hair. Playing videogames and shopping are my life. Hugs, I love hugs, I'm always trying to hug everyone. I'm like helping people with their problems and I'm very emotional. I always try to eat organic food but in the end, I will eat anything I want xd

I ship you with


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Tzuyu shares a vastly different personality to you, but the two of you would get along incredibly well, which would surprise the both of you at first. Truthfully, Tzuyu is drawn to people that have big hearts and get most of their joy out of interacting with people. She would really love how open you are, and the fact that you’re highly emotional and don’t try to hide it would be really amazing to her, and she’d honestly love that so much. However, she’s also the type of person who would like video games and shopping, and I can see the two of you just hanging out together doing these things rather than planning a fancy date. She would also secretly love that you hug her all the time.

Ships are now closed, please don’t send any more

I just started about two hours ago and spent most of it designing Goldie’s house - that is to say, the first real assignment.  ^^;

While I enjoyed the heck out of Pokemon Sun, there’s not really a lot to do with it once you finish the Pokedex.  I don’t play competitively, so online battles and the Battle Tree don’t interest me at all.  I’ve still got Monster Hunter X on standby but wanted to play something less combat-related, so I re-downloaded my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf a few weeks ago.

Love, love, love that game and the new Welcome Amiibo update is lots of fun.  I bought so many of those card packs online.  >_<  It’s addictive.  But there’s only so much you can really do in New Leaf before you hit a time wall and have to pretty much do busy work until special events come around.  I hit that pretty quickly.  While I’m currently in the process of making a cafe in my Mayor’s house (I’ve already got a library, a bath hall, a rec room, a personal office, and a cooking show kitchen/recording studio), I realized a lot of the fun I have in Animal Crossing is making homes and collecting furniture.  Then I remembered that Happy Home Designer was a thing, and so far it’s really scratching that creative itch.  :3

I’m loving it so far.  It’s colorful and peppy and has a solid slice-of-life feel to it that’s so hard to come by in games.  Great atmosphere for such a simple setting.  It makes me want to see a little two-minute animated shorts series for HHD in the same vein as Aggressive Retsuko.  Or start a little side-blog comic for the misadventures of my interior designer, which is frankly irresponsible of me given how far off schedule I am with Ask Merriweather.

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::Drift, I have a question that you may not want to hear. I have finished patching up a Autobot Megatron and he is asking if he can come back with us to our ship. I wanted to get your opinion before I did anything.::

Yes, this wasn’t a situation Drift wanted to hear from the medic. Something the white mech didn’t want to face head on out of the blue or even believe. 

The two of them had just finally gotten their bearings, purchased a new ship to call their own, and now their first passenger aboard would be Megatron. Tainting what hopeful start Drift thought they could have. But he can’t exactly argue against it, Ratchet wouldn’t play a game like this if the former tyrant didn’t need his help. The other had a duty of care to uphold, and Drift wasn’t going to be the one to stop him from it. So with an unpleasant resignation, the swordsmech accepts the inevitable.

::do whatever you have to.::


Hi fellow otome lovers! My name is Kate and this is my first official Voltage Inc. blog. Before I would lump in all my voltage posts with my main blog but I decided I wanted a space just for my otome obsession. My main bias’ are Huedhaut and Iori Enjo… And I would have to say Scandal in the Spotlight is my favorite game.

I love to write fanfiction and create headcanons and I wanted to open this blog to requests so that I can co,tinue developing my writing style. I’ll try to update often but I am a busy college student as well as a equestrian showing on the competitive circuit. I’ll be taking headcanon, drabble, and one-shot requests for all games I’ve played. Listed below are the games and the characters I’ve finished routes for:

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

My Sweet Bodyguard

Butler Until Midnight

Enchanted in the Moonlight
-Miyabi      -Chikage                                 

My Wedding and The 7 Rings

Scandal in the Spotlight

Star Crossed Myth
-Scorpio             -Leon

Love Letter From Thief X

Be My Princess

My Forged Wedding

Sakura Amidst Chaos and Samurai Love Ballad

Kiss of Revenge

Gangsters In Love
-Chance Valentine

After School Affairs
-Rikiya Mononobe

I’m pretty familiar with all the characters in the games I’ve played, even if I haven’t purchased their route so feel free to request for them as well. Requests can be anything from fluff and angst to hardcore smut. I’m open to anything. If there is a request I feel I can’t write I will let you know. I also wouldn’t be opposed to letting some of the boys pop in to answer questions if you guys were interested in that. I’m open to suggestions!

I also really want to make friends in this fandom so feel free to message me and day hi! None of my friends at school play otome games or watch a lot of anime so I’d love to make some tumblr friends :) I hope to get some requests soon.