but because the magnitude of the story

The Super Awkward Public Confession Incident

SO! I am a little (make that a lot) embarrassed to have written/be posting this and of the sheer ammount of asks I’ve sent to @geek-fashionista for her #teacher AU (which were all in Anon so thankfully nobody will ever know the magnitude of my obssession). But well, it escalated to the point that I just had to write The Thing™️ (yes it is I, thanks again for the support Princess).

Much like my #miraculous ladybug genderbend fanfic, I’ll be posting random out-of-order snippets for the teacher AU (but fear not, when I post a thing I’ll tell where it goes in the general scheme), mostly Lunon because I’m just really hardcore shipping these kids. God, I need help.

Today’s snippet takes place almost at the end of the story/AU, at the middle/end of Lucas and Manon’s senior year.

So, here goes nothing! Hope you enjoy!

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When characters bring up the ‘Demon Prosecutor’ in fan fics centering around AA5, it sucks because they - also regularly belonging to the news - often try to spin their own narrative from it.

That time belonged to the darkest parts of Miles’ life; a time where he morally was at his lowest, followed by his doubts nearly crushing him because he was still responsible for his own actions. The memories sometimes still hurt. And many strangers try to make a profit out of it or gain an advantage over him by dragging it back up. Or they just plainly don’t understand the magnitude of effect this time and its aftermath had on him. Some even romanticize it

I’d like to see more stories where it’s Miles who brings it up in a conversation with friends and other trusted people. Miles who controls the, his, narrative.

Like …

Apollo: “Ugh, I bet you didn’t have to deal with all the shenanigans back when you regularly practiced law in L.A. Wasn’t it more… orderly?”

Miles: “Not necessarily orderly but controlled. Manfred von Karma ruled the courts with an iron fist where he could next to Gant and under Blaise Debeste. But they still helped him bring countless innocents into jail or to the death row.” *grimace* “And I helped him with my own ‘perfect win streak’ before Wright put an end to that nonsense.”

Apollo: *forgot this was a part of Miles’ life in his admiration, and a part of the law system more than ten years ago; feels uncomfortable*

Miles: “Mr. Justice, the law is never completely orderly. It is striven for, tried to be enforced so that peace my reign - the process never stops, however. People like you make it. People like me make it. I’m flawed like everybody else. And because we are flawed, so will be what we create. Just look at the Jurist System. It has incredible merits and potential, but you’ve witnessed its problems in practice. It still needs several rounds of polishing before we can properly introduce it.

“Contradictions are unavoidable, but what matters is that we do our best, adapt when we realize something is not working, and make up for the mistakes we make.”


Thank you for blessing us with the most beautiful, epic love story I have ever had the honor to experience.

Thank you for creating characters and telling stories that we have needed for so long we lost hope of ever seeing them realized.

You showed the world that being queer and mentally ill shouldn’t keep you from having your own love story, that we too can have it all. The romance, the struggle, the happy ending.  

The fact that so many of us are having such a hard time saying goodbye to this season is a true testament to the magnitude of this story. It has touched so many people, for so many different reasons. It has brought together people from all over the world. Because the truly great stories, they break barriers and transcend our differences.

Thank you for showing us that we are not alone.

This show, this experience, has honestly changed my life, and I will be forever grateful.

gosh does louis even Know how important he is like does he understand that? does he understand that people are alive because of him?? and people who have anxiety or pain or whatever – his voice, his music /helps/ like does he understand the magnitude of who he is???? how his story, how his courage makes people get up in the morning and make it through the day? because he’s out there and his presence alone feels like he’s rooting for them???? like i hope he knows that because he’s invaluable he can’t be replaced and i hope he realizes that we love him with everything we are because of everything he is 


The ‘Injoo Gang Rape’ case was actually written based on the 'Miryang Gang Rape’ case that took place in 2004. 

I highly encourage you guys to google about it, of course, at your own discretion. We need to realize that such cases CAN happen in real life, whereby no drama nor movie (Han Gong Ju) can actually express the magnitude of this incident. 

I am aware that these cases happen everywhere, but since we’re avid viewers of 'Signal’, it would be good to just read about this. 

I am beyond glad that the director, Kim Won Seok and screenwriter, Kim Eun Hee decided to develop the story based on some of the cases actually happened in Korea despite its sensitive nature towards the public, police force or judicial system. 

“The reason why I included such cases in the drama is because I want people to never forget about them and to remind them that they should never happen again.” -Kim Won Seok

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this is all the basic information about the mini bang. If you have any questions this post doesn’t answer, just send me an ask.

What is a mini bang?

If you’ve been around fandom, you’ve probably heard the term “big bang”. Basically, an author writes a story, and then is paired with an artist to create art based on the story. Big bangs usually have a minimum word count of 10k words. Because a fic of that magnitude can be intimidating, and since this the first time we’re doing something like this in the YCMAL fandom, we’re going to scale it down and have a minimum word count of 3k words. Hence, a mini bang.

What can I create?

Writers, as you can guess, will be writing. As stated, the fic must be minimum 3k words. Of course, since it’s a minimum, you can absolutely go over. There is no maximum word limit.

Artists, on the other hand, have many options. You can make fanart, manips, collages, gifset, vids, podfic, playlist. If you want to create something that isn’t listed, message me and I’ll let you know if it applies.

Do I need an AO3 account?

Yes. All the works will be posted to AO3. If you don’t already have an account, you can request an invitation to join, and you will most likely receive it before the posting date.

What are the guidelines for artists?

Because I’m a writer, I don’t know what to set as the equivalent of 3k words of fic. I’m going to let this be up to the artist and the writer. You can both discuss what you think is fair, and what you’re willing to do. If any problems do arise, I will mediate.

Which series are included?

All of them! Anything posted on the youcouldmakealife AO3 page or Tumblr page is fair game. This does exclude Kickstarter and Patreon exclusive content.

Something’s come up and I need to drop out/an extension.

I understand that life happens, and you can’t always anticipate it. I ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you have to drop out or if you need an extension.

What’s a pinch hitter?

A pinch hitter is someone who will take over another participant’s story/claim if they do end up dropping out.

Does the story need to be beta’d?

Yes. If you cannot find a beta on your own, just let me know and I’ll set you up with someone. It would be helpful to know as early as possible if you require a beta.

anonymous asked:

You know how a good story usually has a character having to sacrifice something and then changes because of it? I'm having trouble trying to find a sacrifice and change that fits with my story. I am mostly unsure of the magnitude needed. I watched 12 angry men recently and learned that a change/sacrifice can be as small as an opinion, but I'm still lost. Do you have any insights/links that could help guide me? Thank you!

Not all good stories have sacrifices and you shouldn’t add one just because you think it’ll make your story better. There’s no guarantee of that. When we try to force certain elements into our stories, we’re at risk of hurting them.

In order for sacrifices to work, they have to be deeply personal. I can give you a few general ideas for sacrifices, but not all will be applicable to your character.

First, there are two types of sacrifices.

A selfish sacrifice occurs when a character makes a sacrifice that will benefit themselves. These characters often end up losing a lot anyway, but they lose things they already had, such as friends. The key thing to remember about this type of sacrifice is that there is some kind of benefit for the person who makes the sacrifice. Also, this doesn’t mean that your character is selfish.

A selfless sacrifice occurs when a character makes a sacrifice that is supposed to benefit others. Sometimes these characters give up something that could have been and sometimes they give up something they already have.

When you write a sacrifice, they shouldn’t need explanations for the audience to understand them fully. By this I mean show, don’t tell. When your character makes their sacrifice, whether through dialogue or action, the audience should understand that your character has just made a sacrifice. Sometimes the realization comes a little bit later because another action or bit of dialogue is needed for clarification, but don’t outright say your character has just made a sacrifice.

Types of Sacrifices: (there are some spoilers in the examples)

  • Two Motives: This is one of the bigger sacrifices and how well it works depends on how you write it. Give your character two motives. At the end, they end up giving up one motive to achieve the other. Alternatively, one character can give up their motive so that another character can achieve theirs. Example: Dr. Horrible achieves his motive of joining the Evil League of Evil at the cost of accidentally killing Penny and thus losing his other motive of being with her (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog).
  • For the Greater Good: This is one of the more common sacrifices and it’s so common that it doesn’t create as large of an emotional response as it used to. Therefore, it has to be personal and heart wrenching for it to work. This is when a character gives up their life, their power, their money, their reputation, etc. for a better/larger cause. Example: Spock saves the ship, but exposes himself to radiation poisoning and dies (The Wrath of Khan).
  • All For Nothing: This is when the character makes a sacrifice of some kind, only for it to be for nothing. Example: Katniss volunteers to save Prim’s life, but Prim dies anyway and the Hunger Games continue (The Hunger Games).
  • The Savior: This is also a common sacrifice and, again, it’s hard to make it good because of that. This is when a character makes an impromptu decision to save someone from harm, such as taking a bullet for them. This sacrifice often results in death or injury that just happens to stop this character from reaching a motive/doing something they love. Sometimes this is premeditated. Example: When Gandalf faces the Balrog and exclaims, “You shall not pass!” (The Lord of the Rings).
  • Taking the Blame: This is when a character confesses to something they did not do in order to save others. For this to be a sacrifice, this character has to be giving up something by doing this. Example: Every sitcom ever when they have that one episode about cigarettes or cheating or something so one character steps forward and takes the blame.
  • Redemption: Sometimes a person is not losing anything through a sacrifice because they have already lost a lot. Their sacrifice is a way of redeeming themselves. Death is not always the sacrifice for these characters. They may pledge loyalty to someone, give up their freedom, give up their ability to do something, work for the person they wronged, etc. Example: I’m honestly drawing a blank right now.
  • Opposite: Use the opposite of a sacrifice. A character might be expected to make a sacrifice of some kind, only to not follow through. Example: BoJack Horseman and his decision to leave/stay on his TV show after his friend got fired (BoJack Horseman).