but because she will shoot you

Starting in the Middle

Trying out some Lyatt again because the finale killed me. Based on this headcanon by @victoria-tonks, slightly modified to make it work as a post-finale drabble, I hope you don’t mind!

His skin itched with a restlessness he couldn’t shake, even now that everything was safe. He kept looking up, into doorways, around corners, expecting Lucy to come back, to confirm that she’s safe.

She is, obviously, but that’s not going to stop Wyatt from worrying.

He stalked the corridors until the techs started shooting him odd glances, and that was when Wyatt knew he needed to get some air before they all convened again for their last trip.

Last. It sounded so final, it was final. This was it, once Lucy had her sister back there would be no more stomach rolling trips through time, thrown into different worlds and fighting to protect the past. Ask him a few months ago and he would’ve said that he was glad everything was finally coming to an end, but now…

Now he’d miss it. No point in lying to himself.

Wyatt came out into the large space that housed the charging Lifeboat, easily spotting Rufus near his computer. He collapsed in a chair next to the Pilot, noting the worry that was written all over his face. Jiya, probably, but the last Wyatt had heard, she was making a great recovery.

“How’s Jiya?”

Rufus snapped his head up, like he hadn’t even realized Wyatt was next to him. “She’s fine,” he finally replied, and he meant it, but the worry was still there. Wyatt couldn’t blame him.

“One last trip huh?” Rufus asked, changing the subject.

Wyatt nodded absentmindedly, his mind still running a mile a minute from their last jump. He noticed Rufus watching him oddly and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like you could use a drink.”

Wyatt snorted, “We’re going on a mission soon.”

“Pretty sure you were drunk the first time we took this thing out,” Rufus pointed out, and they both cracked up at the same time, the pressures of the last forty-eight hours relaxed for a moment.

“Come on man, you need this,” Rufus stood up and shrugged on his jacket, leaving Wyatt no choice but to go along and follow. They didn’t go far, only wandering to the bar they liked to frequent after missions, when they’d nearly been killed by somebody who’d been dead for fifty years and they all just needed a drink. It felt wrong to do this without Lucy, but Wyatt knew they’d do this again. Rufus would drag Jiya along once she’d been discharged, they’d talk Agent Christopher into loosening up for a night, invite Mason now that they knew he wasn’t a complete ass, and maybe even Amy too because he doubted Lucy would want to leave her sister’s side for a while once she got her back.

(For a moment though, he wondered what it would be like for it to be just the two of them, him and Lucy for one night with no one else to interrupt. It’s kind of startling how much he wants to know what that would be like.)

Five minutes later and there’s a glass of bourbon in front of him, enough that he knows it’ll take the edge off, but not enough to make him useless. He’d promised Lucy that he’d see their last ride through, he doesn’t want to let her down. Rufus watched him across the table, and Wyatt could feel the other man’s questions practically on the tip of his tongue.

“Spit it out.”

Rufus fidgeted for a moment before finally speaking his mind. “I just – I wanted to know how you were holding up.”

Wyatt looked up, frowning. “You were the one that got shot. And nearly lost his girlfriend.”

Rufus winced, but pressed on. “Yeah, and I know I’m fine. But when we came back without Lucy…”

Wyatt closed his eyes, realizing what Rufus was getting at. To say that leaving Lucy behind with Flynn was hard was an understatement. It had literally taken every fibre of willpower he had to turn around and walk away from her in 1954, to watch the Lifeboat’s doors close with her on the other side, to not buckle her in and know with absolute certainty that he was doing everything in his power to keep her safe.

Their first priority had been getting Jiya medical attention, but as soon as they knew she’d be fine, Wyatt had been left to wonder and worry and wonder some more about Lucy, whether she’d be fine and if Flynn was keeping her safe or if the bastard had double-crossed her. He’d sworn on the graves of his grandparents that if Flynn did anything to her, he’d hunt him down with the single-minded obsessiveness that had driven his hunt for Jessica’s killer.

Only this time, he wouldn’t be failing.

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A Is For Answers, when Shauna starts shooting the window at that café the girls are in, one of them says to call the police, to which another of the Liars responds that they can't, Noel has their phones! And Shauna even reveals she's doing it all for Jenna, because of what Ali did It really shows how much Jenna and Noel were working together for quite a long time

I NEVER realized this and this is why you’re so great!!! Makes so much sense, makes Shauna on the roof a little less random.

Riverdale Theory #2

Geraldine Grundy (or Jennifer Gibson, as she has been identified) is a pansexual with raging hormones. She is crazily scandalous, and is actually having an affair with the entirety of Riverdale. This includes Jason Blossom (when he isn’t exploring twincest or getting Polly preggers). When Jason found out he wasn’t her only lover, he wanted to leave her forever to be with Polly and Grundy panics. She cannot deal with him leaving her, because she wants domination of the entire town. He chooses to leave on July 4th, so he organises to do this with Cheryl, but Grundy intercepts after she’s been with Archie by the river, and she captures him and holds him in her sex dungeon for a week, until he tries to run away again. She gets mad, and shoots him in the head, saying “if I can’t have you, no one will”. She chucks the body in Sweet-water river after she realises what she’s done. This theory also explains Alice Cooper’s hate for The Blossoms, because she was jealous that Jason got so much attention from Grundy, and Alice Cooper is crazily in love with Grundy.

Melissa stayed quiet, her eyes glued to the gun. “W-Wha-What are you… Why?” She managed to form a sentence, feeling a large sense of dread. Was this part of some twisted plan? Become friends, become romantically involved, take her to her room and shoot her?

“I bought it a while ago. I’ve made a lot of enemies in my time, which is rather understandable, so I bought it because I wanted protection, or at least the façade of protection.” Putting the gun back into her purse, she then smirked slightly. “You don’t need to look so freaked out. It’s as good as empty.”

I drew Sara Ramirez as a superhero because I’m extra and gay.

No but seriously I saw @pieces-falling-from-me made this post and I was like, “Yeah, she is a superhero,” and then I was like, “You know what you haven’t done in a long time? Drawn Sara Ramirez. DO IT NOW.” 

She has a shield because she works hard to protect LGBTQ youth and she has Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth because of how she promotes speaking your own truth. Her superhero name is the Activist. 

I used her 2012 Latina Magazine shoot as a pose reference. There actually isn’t a full body of this pose except for the behind the scenes video so I paused and screen shot the tracking shot up her body and then pieced the screen shots together. Because–as I said before–I’m extra and gay.

I’m also super lazy about shading so that looks bad but I’m happy with the rest of it.

I never realized how loud the bi pride flag colors are until I did this.

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When Amelia was at Stephanie's place I thought that the yogurt and the pizza scenes were casual, but right now is clear that something is going on...I mean, being so tired and hungry all the time is not normal but I still don't think she's pregnant! I guess in 13x15 we'll have some answers

I thought about those scenes for a while and it made me realize something. When Amelia ran off on 13x09, CS was on maternity leave and she supposedly only returned for filming when they were shooting 13x15.

Now, they could have let her be gone for that long and focus on Owen looking for her and ultimately losing his patience after finding out she was somewhere safe refusing to talk but they didn’t. They admittedly shot scenes with the actress and added them to already wrapped episodes.

Now if you come to think about it, those scenes only made Amelia’s predicament even worse because even though the fans understand where her fear comes from and what has motivated her to run, what they achieved with those scenes was having most of us get pissed and frustrated when we had to watch her literally stand inside that door and not talk to Owen, who was reaching out to her.

It would have been more plausible to say she took off to LA or something like that. But they actually made Amelia act in a way that was hard to understand and that couldn’t have been for nothing.

As you pointed out, all the scenes involved her either sleeping or eating or both. I do believe those are supposed to send us a message because Grey’s doesn’t invest on screentime for nothing. 20 seconds can be precious in storytelling, especially when you have such an enlarged cast. Of course we could all be wrong and all these can be just misleading coincidences but I really don’t think they are.

Whatever Amelia’s behaviour really means, we are probably finding out in 2 weeks.

Jennifer Lawrence, please keep your butt off our ancestors

by J Kēhaulani Kauanui

How do you define “sacred?” One simple answer: it’s something you keep your butt off. Jennifer Lawrence got that memo, but decided to disregard it. In a recent interview she recalls her “butt-scratchin’” on sacred rocks while shooting Hunger Games in Hawai’i. They were, to her mind, a useful tool to relieve her of itchiness.

In the comments, which she made on a recent episode of the BBC’s Graham Norton Show this week, she says: “There were … sacred … rocks — I dunno, they were ancestors, who knows — they were sacred.” She goes on to say: “You’re not supposed to sit on them, because you’re not supposed to expose your genitalia to them”. But she did. “I, however, was in a wetsuit for this whole shoot – oh my god, they were so good for butt itching!”

She knew this was a gross cultural breach – that much is clear – but Lawrence decided to go ahead and desecrate the rocks anyway.

A pōhaku can be sacred for a number of reasons. In some cases it is because it may be the physical manifestation of an ancestor. In other cases, it may have to do with the purpose of the rock – such as birthing stones imbued with mana of the chiefs. None of these things mattered to Lawrence.

Lawrence’s story shores up a long line of Hollywood productions that have mocked traditional Hawai’ian spiritual beliefs. As scholar Lisa Kahaleole Hall notes in an essay titled: “‘Hawai’ian at Heart’ and other fictions,” Hawai’i 5-0 and Magnum PI in the 1970s and 80s and Survivor today, set the stage for this attitude. Meanwhile, cable programming on Nick at Nite “has introduced a whole new generation to the ‘secret kahuna curse’ raised when the Brady Bunch went to Hawai’i.”

This has to do with the kitsch-factor that continues to plague Kānaka Maoli – Indigenous Hawai’ians – and Hawai’i. As Hall puts it: “This has significant political implications, because by making Hawai’ianness seem ridiculous, kitsch functions to undermine sovereignty struggles in a very fundamental way. A culture without dignity cannot be conceived of as having sovereign rights, and the repeated marketing of kitsch Hawai’ian-ness leads to non-Hawai’ians’ misunderstanding and degradation of Hawai’ian culture and history.”

Also, the retelling of this story for entertainment value makes Hawai’ians and our ancestors “the butt” of her joke. Consider her response when the pōkahu – which she describes as a giant boulder – was dislodged and supposedly almost killed the sound technician on the set when it rolled down the mountain. As she tells it: “All the Hawai’ians were like, ‘Oh my God, it’s the curse’. And I’m in the corner going, ‘I’m your curse.’ I wedged it loose with my ass.”

It is high time that people realize that despite the unbridled colonial violence of modernity, for many Indigenous individual and peoples, the sacred persists in our 21st century world. Mní Wičhóni (”Water is life” in Lakȟóta) is the banner for many of the Indigenous individuals, Nations and other collectives working to protect sacred water, the source threatened by DAPL. They have brought their understandings of the sacred into the mainstream – though there is still much work to do.

Settler colonialism has historically deemed non-Christian concepts of the sacred as a form of savage superstition. This thinking persists today. That’s why we who are Indigenous must assert and claim our sovereign and spiritual connections to our respective ancestral realms – regardless of others’ laughter and dismissal. In the mean time, Lawrence should learn to scratch herself some other way.

Cassian: *doesn’t want to trust Jyn but allows her to keep the gun anyway*

Cassian: *shouts Jyn’s name whenever she puts herself in danger’s way*

Cassian: *looks impressed when Jyn takes down the stormtroopers by herself*

Cassian: *tries to convince himself that Jyn is now expendable so he can now leave her*

Cassian: *goes to find Jyn first before leaving when Jedha’s bombed even though he already told himself she was expendable*

Cassian: *tells Jyn she can’t go with him and Bodhi because she’s the messenger and she shouldn’t be harmed (sure, Cassian, whatever you say)*

Cassian: *plans to shoot Galen Erso but hesitates*

Cassian: *sees Jyn through his telescope* *panics*

Cassian: *tells the Rebel Alliance not to bomb the base*

Cassian: *when the base is bombed, only one word escapes his lips: Jyn*

Cassian: *goes to save Jyn even though it’s highly dangerous and he might be killed*

Cassian: *tries to tell himself that the reason he’s attached to Jyn is based on logic and pragmatism (sure)*

Cassian: *can’t stop thinking about Jyn though*


Me: *sips drink, eats fries* Oh Cassian dear…

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe people actually ship nancy with jonathan, because that completely goes against what the writers are trying to do. they set up your basic trope: good girl is trying to be #edgy and is dating your stereotypical "bad boy", and then this "nice guy" comes along and pays attention to her. listen, jonathan is great and all, but i don't trust pretentious creeps that like to take pictures of girls making out with their boyfriends in privacy without anyone's permission. jonathan also tried to put nancy in this box. "you were trying to be someone else." the writers totally destroyed the idea of nancy simply being that straight A student that wants to rebel. she's not dating steve, or drinking, or shooting guns because she thinks she's being "different". she's doing those things because THAT'S WHO SHE IS. you can get straight A's and want to do well in school while also partying and dating a hunk. speaking of the hunk, steve is actually wayyy better for her than jonathan (i mean i'd be happy if nancy decided not to be with anyone but let's be real i'm a total stevexnancy person) and here's why: he paid attention to her, like really noticed things about her. he didn't make fun of who she was in a condescending way, and he also supports her. like, yes, he's problematic in that he has shitty friends and horrible parents (from what we've heard) and while his initial decisions are rude and selfish, he becomes self-aware and tries to make it up to people. i.e., going to jonathan's to try and apologize and buying him a new camera, or coming to nancy to tell her he confessed to the police even though it got him in trouble, or telling his friends where to stick it and then going to help wash off the graffiti. in short, jonathan romanticized this version of nancy that wasn't really all of who she was and people paint him to be this great guy (would you trust a guy that took pictures of you without you knowing, and then only feeling guilty once you found out?) and steve is this beautiful work in progress that wants to understand how nancy works as a person. so basically the fact that the writers didn't leave nancy with jonathan means that they destroyed that basic story line where the "nice girl" leaves the "bad boy" for the "nice guy" and they did it in the best way possible without completely bashing any one character and i just really love this show.

“One of my favorite filmmakers, especially when I was in film school, is Lynne Ramsay. And Lynne’s first few films, she was notorious for blending actors and non-actors in Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar. And she always spoke about the tension that arises where the trained actor cannot rely on old tricks, cannot rely on muscle memory to react to the person they’re in scene with. So it was something I spoke to James [Laxton, the cinematographer] about because we knew our shooting style would be altered a little bit; when you’re working with a non-actor you can’t be as rigorous with some of the technical aspects of the process… We did a lot of work searching for non-actors that we felt like we could trust in scene to give us what we needed as characters not just the people they were. But I didn’t direct them any differently than I did the others. There was something about speaking to Alex Hibbert that was different than speaking to Mahershala Ali. But I tried to use the same voice. Over the course of the project - who was a non-actor, who was an actor - that line became blurred to the point of non-distinction… My direction to a guy like Alex Hibbert, who’s never acted before, who plays Little in the first story was maybe, to be honest, more direct than it was to the actors. Rather than talking about emotions or meaning, I’d talked to Alex about what we needed to do. And then it got to the point where I would start telling him and then he’d be like, “No, no, no, no, no, I got it, I got it Barry.” Just a brilliant kid.”

- Barry Jenkins, on working with non-actors, Masterclass at Rotterdam International Film Festival

The signs as iconic Jay Park lyrics pt.2

Aries: When you’re on a date with another dude I hope you get the shits. After you’re done I hope you run out of toilet paper.

Taurus: Bitch you finna have a cow, imma have the herd bitch.

Gemini: Yeah I’ll go refrigerator on yah, half my face missing I’ll go terminator on yah.

Cancer: You’re embedded in my head so get embedded in my bed.

Leo: I don’t need a gun to bust, I’ll bust on a mic, bust on ya chick if she like all through the night.

Virgo: Wanna grab you by your booty, girl let’s shoot a movie.

Libra: Stop you at the airport security, bomb pussy bomb pussy.

Scorpio: Jacob from Twilight cause I go and be on beast mode, eatin mother fuckahs because I be on feast mode.

Sagittarius: I’m ripping it, killing it, thinking of iller shit, rapping, you feeling it good like a clitoris.

Capricorn: Always coughing up these raps so you know I keep it ill, you can call me George Foreman ‘cause I’m all up in your grill.

Aquarius: Y'all in lyrical danger spittin’ heavy when i’m on the mic, electrifying like Benjamin Franklin with a kite.

Pisces: Before I go put it in I’ll go underwater girl just like a fish, and the way I stay down there you gon’ think I’m Aquaman.


“I was concerned before shooting with her, if we would have a really nice, tight relationship, because obviously she has a father, I’m not her father. Trying to convince someone that you’re her dad over the course of a movie is just a surreal experience for a kid. So I went out to a toy store and I just got as many gifts as I could that I thought she would like and I wrapped them up, and every day I had a scene with her I would bring her a gift. We got so tight that sometimes the director would whisper in my ear “Can you have her do this?” because we just… I got close to her. By the end of it, I mean that was the hardest part of leaving that movie, it was that little girl.” (*)

Dating Harley Quinn and meeting the Squad + The Joker would include:

Originally posted by pir-ado

Requested by @relationshipyard

Warning: Smut

A/N: I’d like to date the hell outta that girl *_* Oh, and HERE are more Harley dating HCs.


  • Holding hands. 
  • Her letting everyone see that you belong to her- only to her. 
    • Her threatening or killing the fools who try to flirt with you.
  • Sweet kisses in public.
  • Heavy make out sessions behind closed doors.
  • Your arm almost always around her waist in public. 
  • Cuddling.
    • Her being a total cuddler. 
    • Her being both, the big and small spoon.
  • Movie nights which end in cuddle sessions or a heavy sexy time.
    • Sex is always fun because Harley is crazy af in bed. 
    • Different positions, sex toys and all the kinky stuff.
  • Meeting the Squad and them all accepting you. 
  • Harley showing you how to shoot and fight properly. 
  • If you like, she uses make up and hair dye on you. 
    • Her being very good in making you look sexy, insane and feral.


  • Deadshot being funny and really nice to you because he knows how much Harley likes you. 
  • Him telling you about his daughter and you telling him about your family.
  • You realising that he’s the dad of the group.
  • Floyd taking you to the side and telling you to keep an eye on Harley, that you should keep her safe and away from the Joker.

El Diablo: 

  • You first thinking he’s shy.
  • Him being a good talk.
  • You being fascinated why he has so many tattoos, so you ask politely.
    • Him answering your questions.

Killer Croc:

  • You being creeped out when you first meet him. 
  • Him actually being really cool. 
    • He tells you stories about his ‘adventures’.
  • Him promising you that he wouldn’t eat you. 
    • You asking yourself if he ever thought about eating you. 

Captain Boomerang: 

  • Digger flirting with you, asking if you need a real ‘cock’ up your pussy/ass.
    • You slapping him so hard, he stops with his disgusting pick up lines.
  • You finding out about Pinky and him begging you to not the others about the unicorn.
    • Of course you keep his secret as leverage. 


  • Katana being silent. She only talks when she has something important to tell. 
  • Her being decently nice to you. 
  • Her keeping an eye on you.
    • It’s not easy to gain her trust.

Rick Flag: 

  • Him being all military guy, but friendly enough to shake your hand and welcome you to the squad.
  • Rick being the second dad of the group because one is not enough.
  • Him being the one who holds the squad back because some of them like to do bullshit.

The Joker:

  • Him being lowkey jealous of you because Harley gives you more attention.  
  • Him not able to kill you because Harley is gonna be super mad at him.
    • She even told him to not touch you.
  • The Joker accepting you after you three go on a heist together.
    • But him still hoping you both break up.
  • Him creeping you slightly out.

Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary: Sam doesn’t approve of what you’re wearing. Dean does. 

Warnings: possessive/dominant/jealous!Sam, language, a little dirty talk. 

Words: 700+

“If you think I’m letting you leave here with her dressed like that, you’re insane.” Sam gestures in your direction, however his words are meant for Dean.

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Modeling is definitely one of those “endeavors outside of music” she’s been working on

i honestly hate how everyone is reacting to the fact that minzy was upset over the fact that 2ne1 made a song without her. you guys are acting like she left just because she wanted to and that she wanted more than what yg generously gave her. what you don’t seem to understand was that everyone was given the opportunity and chance, except her. everyone had a solo, everyone had promotions, everyone was on reality shows and photo shoots, except minzy. she hasn’t even done a single collab with anyone, for crying out loud! you guys are acting like she was ungrateful when yg literally gave her nothing. i don’t care that she left 2ne1 because it showed that she was finally standing up for herself and putting her foot down and putting herself first. she’s finally being happy and producing her own music and doing photo shoots and being in variety shows by herself, she’s finally doing what she wants. but, what you have to remember is, she was in 2ne1 as well. she was still in the group just as much as everyone else. and to say ‘she left the group why does she care?’ is like saying to your child 'oh you left the house ages ago, why should you care what happens here?’ no matter what 2ne1 was her home and it’s where she came from and although she isn’t there anymore, she still deserved to be on that track just as much as anyone else. bom left the company and she was still featured on the song, so to say that since she left yg she shouldn’t be featured in the song is complete and utter bullshit. i absolutely hate the fact that people are saying she shouldn’t care about her home. yg treated her like shit and she’s the bad guy for standing up and walking out when she knew it was time for her to spread her wings and do what she deserved all along. anyone who says she shouldn’t care about 2ne1 at all after all the time and effort she put into it, is just as insensitive as yg. and yg was just as shitty to not even notify her about the song as well. minzy deserved better.


Why I love the mayhem twins: Reese and Shaw started off platonic and they ended the series platonic. They never flirted and there were never any moments where there was heavy subtext that could be read into. They were legit big brother and little sister who were superheros and beat up bad guys together. That’s it. That is how you do an amazing m/f relationship without there having to be romantic undertones just because ‘He was a male. She was a female. They obviously have to be in love with each other.’

Besides Sarah had other plans for Shaw lol; she dropped hints [back in 2013] for romantic!shoot. The writers obviously took all her ideas into consideration and actually made them happen. Reese and Shaw stayed platonic and Root and Shaw became romantic. Thank you fortune teller!sarah. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧