but because of it

“Sherlock being a dad is so ooc he hates kids!!”

Cool but remember in TGG when Moriarty put the little kid on the phone and he became frantic and was visibly relieved when the kid didn’t get blown up? Or in ASiB when the little girls come to him about their grandad’s death on the plane and while he was quite harsh in his wording, he told them the truth unlike the rest of the adults in their lives? Or in TRF when he does his best to be calm and gentle with the kidnapped girl and looks horrified when she starts screaming in fear? Or in TSo3 when he’s in 221B alone with Archie and they get on well enough that he’s willing to show him case photos, and Archie gives him a hug when they see each other at the wedding, and he listens to Archie’s opinion on the case they’re trying to solve? Or in T6T when he agrees to be Rosie’s godfather, and hands her rattle back to her with a smile when she throws it? Or in TFP when he does his best to be calm so he can help the ‘little girl’ even though he’s being out through a series of extremely stressful tasks designed to destroy him emotionally? Or at the very end when he’s shown looking completely comfortable holding and interacting with Rosie?

But you’re right he totally hates kids

Fandom basic dictionary
  • because getting into fandoms is hard, here's some basic vocabulary for you
  • fandom: a group of people who are fan of the same thing
  • ship: a couple you like and think they should date
  • shipping: liking two people as a couple
  • OTP: one true pairing, your favourite ship
  • canon: confirmed by the original writer
  • head canon: what someone thinks should be canon/could be canon
  • AU: Alternate Universe, what could be if characters were place in different time/space/jobs/etc
  • OC: original character
  • OOC: Out Of Character, not their usual behaviour
  • oneshot: fanfiction with only one chapter
  • smut/lemon: fanfiction involving sex/explicit scenes
  • Mpreg: male pregnancy
  • PWP: 'plot, what plot?' or 'Porn without plot', smut without a strong or clear storyline
  • RP: roleplay, playing to be a certain character
  • slash: gay couple/ pairing
  • yaoi: gay pairing, usually involves smut
  • yuri: lesbian pairing, usually involves smut
  • het: hetero/straight pairing
  • TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read/ summarising
  • fluff: happy fanfictions with a happy plot, very little bad stuff happens
  • !: used to assign a category in fanfiction (example: Dark!Harry (unusual))
  • cosplay: costume play, dressing up an acting as a certain character
  • nsfw: not safe for work
  • crossover: mixing two fandoms (mainly in fanfiction)
  • A/N: author's note
  • beta: (/beta reading) a person proofreads a fanfic before posting
  • drabble: really short fanfic, usually around 100 words at most
  • OP: original poster
  • POV: point of view
  • plot: storyline
  • prompt: story idea given by one person and written by another
  • R&R: read and review
  • TBC: to be continued
  • WIP: work in progress

The book form of Jagged Snowflake came!! I like how it turned out, and I thought you might like a picture!

Cover is a cropped Lightning Fields 225. c: