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they’re actually my manips based on a great fanfic titled “Romeo and His Girl (1925)” by @busterandmary - it’s a fictional romance between Mary and Buster and it’s definitely worth checking out!! i’ve read the entire thing today and it’s a lovely and emotional piece of storytelling (it also has a couple of spicy moments so better beware)


John Smith  +  Battle 

1x02 Sunrise , The Man in the High Castle

battle (n.) c. 1300, from Old French bataille “battle, single combat,” also “inner turmoil, harsh circumstances; army, body of soldiers”, from Latin battuere "to beat, to strike”. Phrase battle royal “fight involving several combatants” is from 1670s.

Adults over 27: “everything’s so political now it was never like this growing up.”

Me, a depressed bastard with an internet blog: “Gee Luke maybe because you grew up during the cold war when anything remotely progressive was tuned out as a communist conspiracy.”

Me: “Plus not to mention being exposed the to metric shit ton of pro-cop, pro-capitalist, and pro-american propaganda tv+movie programs that exploded from the 70s onwards.”

Me: “Plus with the internet we know so much about the shady and evil shit in the world that was kept hidden from your entire generation.”

Me: “So yeah its different from your time because we’re not relying on Hollywood actors to tell us whats going on.”

here’s a pro tip for those who are trying to diversify their writing: latinos dont sprinkle spanish when they’re speaking english. we do not do that because its stupid ok, hollywood lied to you please stop yall making me want to claw my eyes out istg if i have to read the word ‘mamacita’ or ‘carino’ one more fuckign time i will build trumps wall myself to keep yall away from us.

I truly wonder if it’s just a coincidence or a correlation how Taron finds shooting romantic scenes intrusive and that the re-shoots for Robin Hood involve topless scenes.

Amis as things people said in my film class today, out-of-context

Feuilly: “we had a small crew so we had to work ten times harder. And we didn’t get craft but we persevered" 

Enjolras: "my entire script is low key about fighting patriarchal gender norms”

Joly: “if you’re going to have a story about a narrator, you better make the narrator the most narrator narrator to ever narrate a narrative" 

Bahorel: "dude if you get me to read stage directions it’ll take an hour to get through this whole thing I talk at stoner speed" 

Grantaire: "I think [this movie] only got so many Oscar nominations because Hollywood loves to suck its own dick" 

Jehan: "how can you be sure that your best friend is a person”

Bossuet: “I wish Series of Unfortunate Events was scarier like the books but I think I’d be too scared if it was scarier, you know?" 

Combeferre: “But what’s the mythology of your world? Is there a great and impressive committee in the sky deciding on everything or is this man an outlier?”

Courfeyrac: "I’d make a good naked news anchor”


Drinks around the World part 2. Click on each picture to see description and where to find them.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko is the highest-scoring female sniper on record, with a count of 309 confirmed kills, 36 of which were enemy snipers. And while it’s unfair to compare real-life soldiers with superhuman Hollywood killing machines like John Rambo, that’s actually more people than Rambo killed on-screen – in fact, it’s more people than Stallone has killed in all of his movies combined. That’s right – this woman shot more people in real life than a man who was only pretending to do it with the aid of special effects, editing, and extras who weren’t even trying to kill him back. They couldn’t show Rambo killing that many, because it just wouldn’t have been plausible.

Pavlichenko was already an accomplished sniper by the time she was 24 and Hitler decided that Russia was the final boss battle of his world domination game. And where a fictional badass gets his kills by mowing down rows of bad guys running mindlessly into his machine gun, Pavlichenko took hers out one at a time, carefully and patiently. Of her many duels with German snipers, Pavlichenko recalled the longest lasting over three days.

After a near-death experience, the Soviet Union decided to send her as a diplomat to the USA, where she was the first Soviet Citizen to ever be openly welcome in the White House. She even toured the country with Eleanor Roosevelt, advocating the equal treatment of women. She never got a big war movie made about her, probably because commie war heroes went out of style pretty fast after World War II, and because Hollywood prefers its female action heroes in some kind of tight black leather. She had to settle for being immortalized in a song by Woody Guthrie instead. Hey, that’s almost the same thing, right?

5 Real Soldiers Who Were Walking Super Weapons

Aït Benhaddou, Morocco, 17th Century


This remote fortified village is a surreal place to visit, not just because of its scale and level of preservation, but because of the little Hollywood-style settlement that has established itself nearby. The World Heritage Site has provided the location for countless film productions, including BABEL, GLADIATOR, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, ALEXANDER, PRINCE OF PERSIA, THE JEWEL OF THE NILE, and many more.

About the Emoji Movie...
  • Random Dude: Let's go watch the Emoji Movie just for the lolz because it's bad.
  • Me: You do realize that you’re encouraging Hollywood to take your money and produce sh*tty content for the viewers.
  • Random Dude: Yeah so?
  • Me: You can laugh all you want. Because if you decided to pay and watch that movie on your off time, Than you’re just wasting your time and money over something really stupid. If you know it’s bad then you shouldn’t support it.

‘since i can’t trust any of my male faves, i need women to stan’ cool except abuse of power isn’t a male exclusive thing and plenty of women have done absolute garbage things just because they can so how about you just stop putting people on pedestals just because the job they do means you know their name, and recognise that human beings are human beings regardless of career choice and every single one is capable of doing unimaginable things

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I really hate to be THAT anon, but why is it that when a male and female interact it's automatically assumed that they're going to be romantically involved (or even that they're straight, for that matter)? I mean, I know it's because Hollywood shoves this mentality in our faces, but that doesn't mean BTS will fallow the same tropes. :P

Ya I feel you. Even though I went on a tangent about breakups, the vibe I got from Yoongi’s and Taehyung’s was that they were their sisters. From Jeongguk’s, I had the vibe of them being friends who come together due to similar situations. With Namjoon and Seokjin’s, there is hardly any interaction to put a name on it. Hoseok and Jimin’s interaction was the only one that remotely hints at there being any romantic interest. 

Besides, I think we are all focusing so hard on the involvement of girls that we are forgetting that end scene with Hoseok and how in the heck that all ties into it. Perhaps that is the focus? I would not put it past BigHit to be leading us down this trail of questions because there are now potential “love” interests involved, but they suddenly direct the attention onto that smaller detail and expand it from there. Anyway, I am just going to wait until everything is released to cast my judgment on it!


part 2 of x for yaybasanti
hollywood meets bollywood: chris evans x deepika padukone
after S.H.I.E.L.Ds collapse fury and maria decide that steve still needs someone  looking out for him until the avengers facility is built. agent asfa from india is recruited for the job.

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I saw some discourse on my dash today about how Roni's wardrobe is stereotypical and offensive, or it isn't, and I was wondering what your take on that was, since you're Latina and you've always been pretty respectful when answering.

Hi! So, I haven’t seen any discourse because I’ve barely been on here and I don’t follow a lot of OUAT blogs, but I’m guessing both sides have valid points. Obviously, people are entitled to their opinion. I don’t want to speak over other Latinx or PoC on what they consider offensive. If they have a problem with Roni’s styling & wardrobe, they’re entitled to that. If they feel it’s stereotypical, they probably have good reasons to think that.

I’ve seen several Latinx who have been wary about Roni’s styling since the first photos came out, who found it stereotypical and felt they were making her into this clichéd Latina character, and I understand why they might feel that way. I’ve also seen people who don’t mind it. I’m part of the second group. Here’s why:

  1. Regina’s never been explicitly Latina, as in, if you’re a casual viewer, you’d probably never even know she’s Latina. If I’m not mistaken, for the past 6 years, there hasn’t been anything in canon that makes her Latina, other than Lana saying she is, and the fact that they casted a Latino actor as her father, but it’s all understated. As Roni, it’s the same. They have not written her as Latina. I think her wardrobe is just to show how different from Regina she is, as in more laid back & casual.
  2. Cinderella and Lucy, who are also Latinas, have not been dressed in stereotypical ways. I think the costume department never intended Roni’s wardrobe to be stereotypical, but obviously, since Lana is Latina, some might think it as such.
  3. I’m really, really glad that they’re giving Lana’s hair a break. She has talked about how her hair played a part in her getting roles (aka her straightened hair allowed her to look “whiter” because you know how Hollywood loves its stereotypes), and I’m glad she’s getting to show her curls.
  4. I’m not against her styling choice. And this goes beyond me thinking “phewww she looks hot as fuck” in every scene. Because I DO know how much some Latinas love their animal print clothing. And because the animal print hasn’t really been over the top. Because skinny jeans + a tank top every day? Not really stereotypical in my opinion. Hell, that’s the way I dress most days. Because I don’t think they’ve made her into your stereotypical Latina (a la Sofia Vergara in Modern Family).

@tsume-yuki Have you heard? Hollywood is going to make a live action One Piece tv show. I don’t know how to feel about this. I want to hope its going to be good but Im 99% sure its going to suck because its Hollywood.

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I hope this isn't too angst (I wanted to ask this yesterday, but was scared) but what if Sammy got some music deal and he has to be away from Susie for a year or two would he take it?


I’m gonna assume its some Hollywood deal because your ask implies he’d physically be far away rather than just not working in the studio. The studios on the east coast, Hollywood’s on the west, makes enough sense. Anyway he’d spend as long thinking about it as possible, and if he were an instinctive person he would have taken it immediately. When he finally gives his answer he’d decline it, because he’s got a pretty good thing going with the studio (as much as he hates to admit it) and he doesn’t want to leave everything he’s ever known, as well as Susie and his… “friends”, behind. It wouldn’t be an easy decision by any means, and he might find himself regretting it some days when Bendy drops a bucket of ink over his head or when he’s stressed over Joey’s expectations, but he’s honestly glad he stayed.))