but because he just wanted her to be happy)

oh dont mind that noise it’s just the sound of my heart breaking for this poor hopeful little angel

guys I was coming home today and I had the worst headcanon ever because I thought about what can happen next season and then I just wanted to cry in the middle of the bus.

I imagined Regina being with Robin for a while but then she notices he’s never going to be her happy ending and she ends things with him and then she goes to talk to Emma because this is what they do now. And then she explains to Emma why she let Robin go and she says “I don’t know what he is to me exactly, but what I do know is what he isn’t. And he isn’t my happy ending, Emma. Do you know when you settle for things, when you want something so bad, something you thought you would never have, and you settle for things you realize are not what you really want, because you think the real thing, it’s never going to happen, so you settle for hope, that maybe this is what happy feels like, maybe your happy ending will be this someday. Do you know what I’m talking about?” And Regina is looking at her with hope, because she’s realizing what Emma is for her. And then Emma is looking at her with so much understanding, like she knows exactly what she’s talking about, because this is what she’s doing it with Hook. So she just says a “Yeah” and she’s looking at Regina with so much emotion in her eyes, and Regina is looking at her so damn hopeful and they share that look we all already know, that lasts seconds ans seconds. But then Emma panics because this is real, what she’s realizing, it’s real and it’s terrifying, so she runs. She says to Regina she has to do some thing and she runs. And Regina watches her go with a terrified look of herself, because she knows her happy ending is with Emma and Henry now, she just knows, but Emma still didn’t, and everything is angst and pain and I just want to cry now because my dream is Regina realizing first that she loves Emma and Emma being afraid and not accepting right away

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i totally agree with you that schmidt and cece make no sense, but why do you think so?

because he cheated on her. not just with some other girl that he didn’t love and it was only one night or whatever. he was in love with somebody else and didn’t love her enough to choose her. she moved on and was happy and didn’t say one thing about him and didn’t want him, then suddenly she thinks he is “perfect” this season. the writers are being so fucking lazy it’s ridiculous. if you rewatch new girl, you can see there is always one of them wanting the other and it’s so old and i’m over it. i’m so tired of them. when something schmidt and cece comes on my screen, i immediately lose interest. i wish the writers would have more respect for cece and not make her so weak. what happened to season 1 cece that wouldn’t take anyone’s shit? now she is so soft and wants to get back with her ex that was a total dick to her. it makes no sense.

~Top reasons I ship  Zeki:

  • Childhood friend romance
  • Star crossed lovers: A Pureblood and Vampire Hunter
  • They have similar histories; both are orphaned by Purebloods gone mad(Rido and Shizuka)
  • They follow the theme “If you want to hurry, go slow.”
  • They satiate each others’ blood lust until the day they die
  • They plan a child together
  • Yuuki is more assertive with Zero
  • They were separated for a year, but never stopped thihnking of another
  • Zero said he wants Yuuki to “smile from the heart.”
  • Zero is willing to let Yuuki choose to be with Kaname if she wishes; he just wants her to be happy even if he can’t have her to himself
  • Yuuki looks miserable during the chapter 89 sex scene
  • In chapter 89, Yuuki wishes Kaname would “erase her memories of Zero!” because she missed him that much
  • Zero makes a great dad to Ai, and later his son too
  • Yuuki always comforted Zero when he had those nightmares about his family’s deaths
  • When Zero lost his memories of Yuuki, he regained them on his o
  • The kissing scene in chapter 87 where Yuuki thinks “I love him..The feeling is also real, it exists inside of me..”
  • There is a chapter where Yuuki muses “If we were both normal humans, not Pureblood vampire and a Hunter, what would that 17 year old Yuuki do?” which proves that it’s external circumstances keeping the two apart, rather than themselves. Even in chapter 93 where Yori asks Zero why he and Yuuki have not “tied the knot yet” he admits it’s partially because she is the leader of the Vampires, and he is the Hunter Association President. It would cause a lot of conflict on both sides.
  • Despite this, they eventually had a son together and raised a family so it’s implied that they did do so anyways. Even if that’s not the case, them being lovers alone probably caused controversy.
  • Part of the reason why Zero didn’t see accept Kaien as his father is because he didn’t want to see Yuuki as his sister.
  • Even in the first arc, where Yuuki is infatuated with Kaname, she still blushes a lot around Zero, especially when she proposes the “blood donor” deal. Although she denies the sheer intimacy of it, claiming it to be “her duty” her actions speak louder than her words and you can feel the sexual tension as she sneaks Zero into the bathroom, unbuttons her collar and they perform the “forbidden act.” This is especially played up in the part right before the Cross Academy Ball where she has him drink from her and she’s all nervous about getting caught.
  • In the second arc, when Zero offers a thirsty Yuuki his wrist to drink from, she instead goes for his neck; this shows that her feelings were more than platonic because the neck is a much more intimate area.
  • Yuuki gives Zero her only good homemade chocolate for Saint Xocolats day.
  • The blood sucking scenes aren’t the only parts where Yuuki blushes in the first arc. There are also quite a few overlooked moments, such as when Zero takes his shirt off and Yuuki says “Stripping in front of a girl! You don’t even think of me as a girl, do you?!” and that one time, when Yuuki assumes Zero is running away and she grabs him from behind, you can see her blushing.
  • In fact, this in general is one of the good things about Zeki; they tease each other a lot, and this teasing often resembles flirting. Yuuki can playfully flirt with Zero because she is comfortable with him. Even in the most recent chapter, where she pats his head and holds him to her chest she wasn’t trying to patronize him, she was just playing with him. They can poke fun at each other without it becoming a big argument, and that’s a good quality for a relationship to have.
  • And this is also because they are such good friends. Only close friends could joke around like these two do. Furthermore, they didn’t start out as friends, start dating, and then Yuuki falls for him. Instead, we have her gradually falling in love with Zero while they are still friends. People get confused over her feelings for Zero because her love style with him and Kaname differs. With Kaname, it was like a intense limerance(see definition: https://www.wordnik.com/words/limerence -n. An involuntary state of mind which seems to result from a romantic attraction for another person combined with an overwhelming, obsessive need to have one’s feelings reciprocated.  In other words, she for a long time had what she was a “unrequited love” based on him saving her as a kid. Like a typical limerent, she idealize Kaname as a savior, her “knight in shining armor;” She loves/admires Kaname for the man she believe him to be, not who he really is flaws and all. But with Zero, it seems more “storge like” and thus less passionate; she knows Zero, she understands him more than Kaname. So there reallly isn’t a “honey moon” stage in their relationship like there was with her and Kaname. 
  • Furthermore, KanamexYuuki is about two people who would die for each other, but Zeki is the opposite; it’s about a love that makes you want to keep on living. I think the latter is more romantic. Screw the RomeoxJuliet suicide romance thing. After Twilight tried ripping off that idea I started to dislike the play. Ironically though, Zeki fits the “forbidden romance” idea of the play better.
  • Yuuki, being a Pureblood vampire, and Zero, a ex human hunter, breaks tradition. It especially breaks the outdated “Purebloods must only marry their own” tradition. It supports human and vampire co existence.
  • Kaname kept several secrets from Yuuki, such as: His Ancestor past, the Hooded Woman(a possible past love interest at that), His involvement with the Kiryuus’ death, her own past such as her being a Vampire, related to him, and how her parents died; his plan to become the Parent Medal, most of his plans in general, etc. The only secret Zero kept from Yuuki was his becoming a vampire, and Kaien plus Kaname helped hide this from her as well.
  • The only woman Zero loved was Yuuki. He is away from her for a year, and all he thinks about is her. Even when Sara Shirabuki, the vampire Shien, or Maria Kurenai seemingly make moves on him he doesn’t seem to react to them. People can deny Kaname’s feelings for the ancestress, but his obsession with “fulfilling her wishes” and the way he mourns her seems questionable. He even admits himself that “people can’t be replaced. And why would Yuuki get so jealous of the Ancestress if his feeling for the dead woman were purely platonic? Yuuki isn’t the type to get irrationally jealous.
  • It’s one thing for people to use the “just friends” argument, but to use the “loves like a brother/family member” argument is hypocritical. Why? Because Yuuki doesn’t just love Kaname as a fiance, but also as her brother. She didn’t love him despite him being blood related(which he still is, being her ancestor) but partially *because* they are family. She lovingly refers to him as her “Onii-sama” for a while. Even when his true past is revealed, he’s still family. When she said “You whom I love” in her message to Kaname, she was also referring to the familial love she felt for him. So, if Yuuki can both love Kaname in a platonic *and* non-romantic way, why couldn’t she love Zero like that? As both family and lover? Although I kinda doubt Yuuki literally saw Zero as “family.”
  • Zero/Yuuki’s relationship was *very* long. Their close friendship was 50+ years, and then their relationship as lovers was 100+ years.
  • We see them as strangers, friends, enemies, friends again, and finally lovers and parents.
  • ..It’s canon. xD

Credit for the image goes to http://dragonnightroad.deviantart.com/

Just a thought

If the rumour that Zelena messed with the pixie dust to point to Robin and the rumour that Marian was really Zelena in disguise are true, I guess it would make sense for her to be so willing to step aside and let Regina and Robin be together because wouldn’t she want Regina to NOT find her happy ending? So paving the way for her to be with the wrong person (who she thought was right, so would fight to make it work) would make sense instead of making Regina believe he was her soulmate and then not letting them be together at all because then, she would run the risk of Regina finding her real soulmate. 

Let’s be real, it’s Emma :)

I mean, how awful would it be if Regina had kept trying to be with Robin and fighting for that relationship thinking that he was her soulmate, while her happy ending (Emma) was right next to her, hanging out in her own mundane relationship with captain guyliner because the person she truly wants to be with is stuck on a man that she can’t stand.

I mean, wouldn’t Zelena just love that? It makes total sense. She wasn’t successful in going back in time to make sure Regina was never born, so this way, she’ll make sure Regina’s never completely happy.

i don’t understand why people hate lisa braeden???? she took dean in when he had no one left???? all she did during that year was love him and make him happy and comfort him when he woke up from nightmares???? she gave him the apple pie life he always wanted but thought he could never have even if it was only for a year???? she and ben took his mind off of sam for even just a little while???? overall she is a good character???? just because she stood in the way of destiel does not mean that you have to hate her?????

Safe Haven Chapter One

Val and Zendaya were finally moving in together, they’ve been together for three years now and life was good, justin surprised Z with a proposal last spring, life was coming around full circle.  A new house in a nice suburban neighborhood, friendly neighbors, and the excitement from being able to start a new chapter in their lives together.  “Look at this house”, Zendaya squealed “It’s everything I could have dreamt of and more” she said moving towards him.  Val gave Z the world, his world, he only wanted to make her happy, she was his safe haven and even if that meant he had to pull out of pocket for it he would, and did.  He knew they couldn’t afford this home, he had just been laid off from his job and money was a little tight causing friction between the two of them which was normal because they always fought over money, I mean that was the whole reason he moved out here was to find another job and start fresh.  Val retrieves the key from his pocket and unlocks the front door, closing his eyes he takes a deep breath, “here goes nothing”, as he opened his eyes he walks in trying to take everything in, the house isn’t necessarily new but it’s new to them, “It needs some work but we could make it happen” she stated smiling that beauty queen smile of hers.  “Are you hungry?” Val screams from the kitchen, ignoring him, Z steps along the boxes looking for something, “where is it?”,  she is pacing back and forth now, room to room, her heart racing praying she didn’t leave it behind in the old house, stumbling upon it she spots it, the safe.  Zendaya takes the necklace from around her neck, that was in the shape of a key and unlocks the safe, peeking from around the corner she looks to see if she is still alone, she glances over everything quickly, she only has a little bit of time before val begins to wonder where she is, “yep everything is there” she thought.  “Hey are you hungry or not, I didn’t get an answer” val laughed walking down the hall, “I made your favorite;  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!”, “I’ll be there in a minute”, in haste she stashed everything back into place, locking the safe and putting the key back around her neck.   Quietly tip toeing to the basement she hides the safe on a top shelf, and slides it to the back, blocking it from view confident val wouldn’t find it.

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I didn't even ship Finchel the last few seasons but God, I'd take them every single time over St Berry. Jesse was so mean to Rachel and he betrayed her like a thousand times. They just brought him back because John Groff is Lea's best friend and friends with Ryan Murphy but c'moooon. I adore him but I want Rachel with someone random, happy and not pregnant at 25 thanks to her narcissistic husband. I am so mad LOL

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So in my social studies class today we were talking about social injustice and how men get paid more for jobs and get chosen more over woman and this girl was like “Yeah that’s because men are better at most things.”

And i went off at her about how thats not true and everyone was talking at once about how men should or shouldn’t get paid more than woman and when finally everyone was silent this boy was like.

"It should be equal." And i just wanted to kiss him right then and there 

just some of the reasons why ross geller is a kind and lovely cutie pie and people should stop and think before they go around saying he’s a horrible character:

  • he gave up the opportunity to be on tv to stay with rachel and help her get ready when she hurt her ribs
  • he agreed not to see anyone else and to be there for rachel 24/7 when she had emma just because that’s what she wanted
  • he made an effort to hide that fact that monica’s childhood stuff was ruined by pretending that his stuff was hers because he knew how much it would upset her if she found out
  • he bought phoebe a really cute bike because she didn’t have one as a child
  • he told rachel to go to paris even though he didn’t want her to because he knew it was what she wanted and that it would make her happy
  • he kissed joey to help him practise for his audition when nobody else would
  • he told joey to give it a go with rachel even though it really bothered him because he could see it was what they wanted
  • he’s extra cute with his children and got so excited when ben said his first word
  • he made emma’s birthday cake into a bunny to make rachel happy
  • he walked carol down the aisle when she married susan even though she was his ex-wife and she left him
  • he gave rachel the tiny t-shirt back

Favorite Character Meme // 3 relationships

Edward and Bella // “Edward. Edward. My life and his were twisted into a single strand. Cut one, and you cut both.”

Bonnie’s face when she saw Damon looked kind of uncertain… like she wasn’t sure if Damon wanted to see her. But then he calls her name and she almost looks too happy, so she tries to hide it under a witty remark, but as soon as he opens his arms she just let’s it all in and she runs and jumps into his arms because she’s so happy and he’s so happy and i’m??? 

the look on his face, that moment of clarity, after Peggy says she knows her own value and not caring about other people’s opinions, he just pauses.

and she smiles as she walks past him to her desk.

he slips off his crutch.

when he asks her out, he’s the Daniel before the war, the happy and carefree man, and he’s just beaming.  he’s not weighed down by insecurity or fears. he’s confident and happy.

and that’s all because of Peggy Carter.  

he does the same for her, reminding her that she wants to be happy again. she wants more than a job that consumes her.

while Peggy radiates sunshine every time she glances in his direction.

I could talk about this scene forever because it so freaking beautiful and flawless.

Watching Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt. 1 and my Bellarke trash brain can’t stop picturing the Harry & Hermione dancing scene (you know the one) as Bellarke.

Like Clarke is sad about whatever and Bellamy needs to cheer her up so he gets her to dance with him and she doesn’t want to at first but eventually she gives in and they both suck but they don’t care and he is just happy because he got her to smile and that’s all that matters to him and then they end up just standing there holding each other like ho boy I am the trashiest of Bellarke trash I am in too deep and I am bringing you with me.







I got kidnapped by a fourth grader.

Samchel is the real endgame

I don’t care if Jesse comes back anymore. I don’t care if Rachel gets back with him or not. Tonight’s episode was the best so far in my opinion for shippers. We saw ships sink and come back. But we saw what I was waiting for since Finn’s passing. I wanted to see Burt and Carole and I wanted to see Rachel thinking about them. Its all I ever wanted since s5. And when Carole nodded and Rachel smiled, because Carole and Burt are happy that she found someone new. Someone who makes her happy, safe, and special. Then we see Sam just looking at Rachel with these big eyes and gazing at her. He didn’t push her, and waited for her decision. Then the best part was Burt and Carole cutting in and dancing with them. Like I don’t care what happens in the end anymore. If they end up together or she ends up with Jesse…I will forever be grateful that Sam is the one she fell for after Finn. That he was the one to heal her heart and be the person she needs and wants. He will forever be the reason she goes back to New York and succeeds. Because he showed her love again.

I am so upset right now, this whole Danielle thing has me in tears, do you not understand that by hurting Danielle and sending her hate you are hurting Vic to, and Vic suffered from depression, he looks so happy with her, and we should be so happy that he is happy, if this fandom cause something to go wrong between them that Vic is going to be devastated, and he might fall back Into his old ways, and we might not even see him for a while, is that what you guys want???, I don’t fucking think so, and people are saying we are overreacting, but you don’t understand, when it comes to depression It’s so easy to fall back into it, and we care about Vic, and just because Danielle may have been rude to a few fans when they met her, doesn’t mean she is a bitch, she could of been having a shitty day, I don’t understand what makes you people think that It’s okay to bash a band members girlfriend just because you can’t have Vic doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be happy, I am so upset with the fandom right now, and I pray that Nothing happens with Vic or Danielle, because if something does you guys are going to feel like shit, just please think before you send hate.

OKAY wait what if after the battle little Tilda stopped talking, maybe because she was so traumatised, and no one can get her to speak and Bard is sad that she stopped talking but he doesn’t want to push her or make her uncomfortable and whenever Thranduil is around she seems to be more energetic and happy and less afraid and Thranduil is so understanding and kind and helpful to her and she feels safe with him, like she feels safe with her father. Bard is kinda jealous because he thinks that Tilda doesn’t feel safe around him anymore and he thinks its because he failed to protect her and her siblings or something, and Thranduil is just like, no Bard, it’s not your fault, she loves you so much, you’re her hero, you’re my hero, you’re A HERO and they kiss and stuff and it’s cute and they spend lots of time together and they become a family and then one day as they are all relaxing in a field Tilda makes some flower crowns and she gives them one each along with a kiss on the cheek and then she hugs her da and her ada and says “I love you.”

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Really though what's the point of Operation Mongoose if (speculation beyond this point) Hood shows up in the finale and Regina gets back together with him. So her happy ending can't be him right? Do you think A&E would get rid of Hook and Hood at the same time (because Colin's contract ends in April [so does Maguire's] and it seems like he wants to go back to the UK)?

That’s actually really good point… What would be the point of operation mongoose if the end is just going to be Regina ending up with Robin? Because that would happen completely outside of the operation…