but because he just wanted her to be happy)

I wanted to see you

Happy Saturday! New drabble from anon Sofia:)

She was heartbroken not because of him, they’re on good terms again. She’s just been through a lot in the past year. She’s mad at him though. She needed him to be by her side. She’s broken.

She was outside on the balcony. His family was throwing a big family party and he invited her. She was hesitant at first but no matter what this is her family, so of course she would go.

He didn’t see her in the room. He looked everywhere. At least he thought he did.

“Bro she’s on the balcony.” Val whispered.

Maks made his way out there.

She was crying.

“What’s wrong babe?”

She quickly wiped her tears.

“Uh, nothing why?” She said with a shaky voice.

“Did anyone tell you, you’re a terrible liar?”

She gave him a half smile.

“Seriously Meryl talk to me please. You haven’t said a word to me all night.” He begged.

She was quiet.

He walked towards her.

“Why are you out here?” She asked.

“Because I wanted to see you.” He whispered.

“Why did you ask me to come?”

“Because I wanted to see you.” He said again.

“I needed you last year. Everyone was there for me but you. The one person I really wanted wasn’t there, how do you think that made me feel?”

“I’m sorry I was selfish, I only thought of myself. I didn’t even think about how you felt.” He confessed.

He hugged her from behind.

“If I could go back in time and change everything for the better I would. But since I can’t I want to start over.”


“I want to be with you. I want our relationship back. I hate the small talk and the awkward moments. Our silence used to be comforting, it’s not anymore. I know it’s gonna take a lot to get you to forgive me, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you back. To get us back. ”

She sighed.

“Ok.” She whispered.

rosesoftyrell asked:

you know how ryan follows brendon on periscope?? do u think he gets on and just watches him sing like fuckin hell sweet disposition just kill me now

good lord i live for this kind of stuff

  • when ryan sees the notification that brendon’s live he always has to think for a bit before opening it or ignoring the broadcast
  • ryan doesn’t always even listen to what brendon in saying, he just wants to hear the voice that hasn’t spoken to him in years
  • sometimes when brendon sings ryan sings along quietly with him, harmonizing how they used to
  • ryan sees his own name in the chat and is secretly curious about what brendon has to say about him
  • and is not-so-secretly disappointed if brendon ignores those parts of the chat
  • every time sarah is in the scope he is happy for brendon because he is successful an has a beautiful wife
  • but nonetheless is jealous of how brendon looks at her. he hasn’t looked at ryan that way in ages
  • sometimes brendon will reference something that happened pre-split and ryan just wants to go back and try to work out their “musical differences”
  • ryan misses the way that things used to be and would give anything for another chance to fix whatever it was between them

Omg guys, the cutest little girl came into work today wearing a SNOW WHITE dress. She walked up to me with her little brother and I was like, “Hi Snow White! Where’s your 7 dwarfs?” And her brother just looks at me and I said, “Oh! You must be one of them!” And he nodded his head.

They showed me some clay things they made and I said, “Oh they look like Happy and Grumpy!” It was so funny because the little boy was wearing green, so I wanted to call him Bashful pfft.

It was a really cute moment and made my day.

When I started jogging
I lost weight
A lot of weight
And my mom stopped talking to me
She would just stare
From across the table
And watch me eat

My father was so proud
But he didn’t know why
he kept putting his hands on my shoulders

My brother didn’t want me around his friends
When he wasn’t around
Because it wasn’t safe for me to be there

I was like gun
Waiting to go off

But I was happy
I could move
I gave it up.
like I always eventually do
It makes her happier this way
And now I can fit into my mother’s dresses.
Which is all I ever wanted in the first place.

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Can you please do Kristoff for the paragraph?

Kristoff is feeling very exhausted right now. Not physically (though he has been running all over the place) but mentally. He doesn’t know Anna extremely well but he couldn’t leave her tear streaked face. And he smiles now because she’s smiling and he’s genuinely happy for that. But he’s not oblivious to Belle’s face. He knows her best. And he doesn’t like what he’s seeing. He feels responsible. And part of him knows it could be cleared up by asking further what she wanted to ask him. But part of him doesn’t want to ask further - not at all. But part of him can’t stand not to do just that.

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😃 Outlaw Queen

Hi and thank you.

My hope for Outlaw Queen is that they have a discussion about the baby and all their insecurities surrounding parenthood.I also hope for some more sweet and tender moments.

My headcanon is that they are both really nervous about seeing Cora. Regina just wants her mother to accept who she has become. Robin doesn’t think he is enough for Regina. They are both pleasantly surprised when, instead of being cold or indifferent, Cora hugs her daughter, before hugging Robin. There is no protective mother speech, just a heartfelt thank you for making her daughter happy and when the time comes for them to seal their love with a vow they have her permission. There is one condition though her daughter must look like a queen. Regina blushes furiously. Robin grins before answering Always. An unspoken question is answered. For Robin and Regina it has always been about timing.

So this included Cora as well because I want to see that scene so bad.

Send me a 😃 and a ship / character for a headcanon / hope for 5B

The craziest part is 6 months ago I was sitting in the corner of the room telling her I couldn’t feel love anymore bI didn’t feel a thing. Not sadness. Not happiness. Not even pain. I just wanted to be alone because I was overcome with depression.
Sometimes I hate myself for forgetting. It’s only been 6 months since I hit rock bottom and yet I still take it personally when he tells me he just wants to be alone.
—  spazyspud, Give him grace, always

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remus + lily's friendship pre-jily?? (bc they share the same morbid, profanity-ridden sense of humour)

  • they bond over classic books in the library, first year
  • remus was curled up on the ground against the wall reading Walden by Thoreau
  • and lily was looking for a book down the aisle he was at the end of
  • she spots him and her eyes light up and she rushes forward rambling “oh gosh I love that one I read it last year! i’m reading wuthering heights!”
  • remus looks up because, merlin’s hat, more people want to talk to him? he was happy enough to have three roommates that talked to him, but more?
  • he stumbles when he responds, “I-I read that t-two summers ago.”
  • lily immediately asks what he thought of the book, and thus starts their friendship
  • they can usually be found at one of the tables in the library attempting to study, but really just gossiping about what couple was last spotted in the broom closet
  • lily figures out he’s a werewolf before the boys do, but doesn’t say anything in order to let remus tell her when he’s ready, which he does a year after he tells the marauders
  • somehow half of their conversations end up discussing death and other means of it, no matter how they began
  • it’s not creepy, either. they’re just both deeply fascinated by it
  • the other marauders stand back when the two of them are together, partially because they’re afraid of the biting comments lily and remus will spit at them from across the hall, and partially because james is too nervous to work up the courage to talk to her
  • they stay up late at least one night a week and drink hot chocolate in the common room and fall asleep on the couches in the middle of a conversation about what they thought the personalities of the Founders were like
  • obviously remus goes to lily when he realizes he likes sirius and she assures him it’s okay and it’s not another thing wrong about him and actually helps him realize he was bi, not gay
  • remus braids lily’s hair by the lake in the summer as she reads aloud (and remus totally doesn’t use the practice to plait sirius’s hair later that night)
  • lily and remus share classic rock and swing records, they share quills and food and advice on life and what books to read
  • they’re both scarily good at hexes and practice in the astronomy tower during the day
  • basically lily and remus have the type of friendship literally everyone wishes they had

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ML characters on tumblr

Marinette: Reblogs cute graphics with encouraging words, animal videos, LOLcat-level memes and fashion inspo. Sometimes posts pictures modeling her designs that always get lots of notes even if they’re just mirror selfies 

Adrien: Surrealist shitpost hell, reblogs every single post from justbaduns, never posts selfies because he doesn’t want his blog to be connected with his modeling 

Alya: you fucking know what she blogs about

Nino: Posts pictures of his music setup and makes tons of joke text posts, mostly reblogs music. loves the what are thoooooose and John Cena memes

Ladybug Official: Reblogs graphics about safety and kids’ fanart, adds nice comments. Posts whenever areas have been cleared of akuma. Sometimes reblogs from Alya to make her happy but not often enough to be suspicious.

Chat Noir Official: Runs a submission-based blog for headcanons about Ladybug and confirms every single one regardless of accuracy. 


Okay, so I see many people saying “Oh my gooosh no one would stare at a family pic from ‘just a’ classmate like that!” But remember one thing? Not all family portraits look that nice and happy. I would love to say he does it because he LOVES her… But see how happy he looks? I think that means he is glad for her and that wouldn’t cross out the fact that he likes her! Maybe he even is interested in her life. But anyways, for me he seems like he just want a relation like that too~


perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”

let’s talk about finn’s little smile when rey hugs him

Okay so I’ve given this a lot of thought, and every time I watch this hug scene, Finn’s little smile just kills me. And I just love it, and I love it even more when I think about the fact that his smile sort of slowly grows, and he holds her so quickly and urgently, and half of his face is just hidden in her shoulder/neck. And I think that’s because he wants to hug her - he really, really wants to hug her - but he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable with the affection and touching, but then she throws herself at him, holding him completely out of her own choice, and he’s just sososo happy about this. He can’t believe it. And that’s why he smiles and nuzzles his face so many times and practically throws his arms around her, holding her so tightly, because it’s what he’s wanted to do for a while but he hasn’t wanted to do something too much. And the fact that she’s willingly hugging him and holding on to him for dear life just means a lot to him. To both of them.

I’m a mess tbh


Doodle dump. Putting all of the drawings I made while I was out of town into one big post to keep the blog clean. =w=

First, Chi learns that her dad, Fang will teach her how to use her echo location ability. She is happy because of it.

Then at Echo Location training, Lai Chi wears her old junior flight training uniform. She could have gotten one of those fancier modern gear but she didn’t want that. Instead, dad let Chi wear his old gear and she loves it. It’s Fang’s old helmet from when he was training as a colt. Hue.

Then, Terri flies home with her mom, Terri, who just got back after spending 2 weeks in the Crystal Empire dealing with business.

Chi’s happy, Fang’s happy. Terri’s Heppy. Heppy. =w= *sips coffee*


Thank you so much you have no idea how much better I feel. Five years I spent loving him whilst he only ever wanted to friends today I have finally decided I’ve had enough.He is in love with her and is taking her to prom etc. Fives years spent loving him my friends call it five years wasted but I just can’t because I think calling it wasted time is a crime. He was my first love and he had no idea. The blue is the colour of his eyes that I memorised so well and the black how alone and invisible I feel. i can honestly say I hope he’s happy and I hope she is too for she has everything I ever wanted. Thank you so much for letting me share this.

Oda-sensei in SBS in volume 47, quoted here:

D: To Oda-sensei. By the way, yeah. My question is, why does Chopper say, “I’m not interested in naked women”, in Chapter 446 (Volume 46)?! Your approximate age is 15, Chopper! Please ask him that for me, please. (18, Female)

O: I see. Well, you might want to read it closer. He says, “I’m not interested in naked HUMAN women”. He can speak human words, but he’s still a reindeer! Which means, he can fall in love with a human because of his mind, but he won’t be aroused by her looks. He just might be smitten with a really beautiful reindeer, though.

It’s total fanservice, and I’ve fallen for it hook, line and sinker – I’m just so damn happy to see that there’s a reindeer mink on Zou.


“Please Lily, just give him a chance. James has changed, he’s matured, he’s not the same arrogant prick he was several years ago.” You pleaded with Lily trying to get her to agree to go out with James. 

You’d always had a thing for James, but when you realized how in love with Lily he was you figured you’d try and help him out. As much as you wanted him to be with you, you’d rather he be happy, and if someone else could give him that happiness than that was fine with you. 

“(y/n)…” Lily said with a sigh. 

“Please, you know Dumbledore’s not going to let some reckless moron be head boy, just one date, that’s all I ask.” You said trying to sway her. 

“Alright,” Lily said more so because she wanted to shut you off than because she actually wanted the date. “One date. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.”

You smiled a huge grin. “Thank you, Lily. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to tell James the good news.” You said before turning on your heel and walking off. 

You figured the boys would be messing around in the common room; none of them would be doing their homework except for Remus–of course. 

“You’re going to love me after you hear the news I have to tell you.” You told James as you walked over to where all the boys were. 

“Well, it’s a bit late for that babe.” Sirius replied before barking out a laugh.

“What?” You asked scrunching up your eyebrows in confusion. 

“Nothing. Someone put a confundus charm on him, and he still hasn’t fully recovered. What’s the good news?” James inquired trying to quickly change the subject. 

“As you know, this weekend is our first trip to Hogsmeade of the year, and I got Lily to agree to be your date for the trip.” You said with a smile. 

James’ eyes went wide, and you saw Sirius pressing his lips together to keep from laughing aloud.

“What, what am I missing?” You asked getting tired of being kept out of the loop. 


“Bloody hell Prongs! (y/n), James here has had the sudden realization that he’s in love with you.” Sirius cut in obviously getting annoyed with how long James was taking.

“Perfect timing James! Seriously? After all the time I’ve spent trying to convince Lily that she should go out with you, and the second she caves you decide you no longer have a thing for her.” You said before letting out a long, drawn out sigh.
“You’re really lucky I like you too.” You added with a smile. 

James smiled widely. “Really?” He asked not bothering to hide his excitement. 

“Yes, really…moron.” You said as you messed up his hair and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Someone’s going to have to break the news to Lily.” You said as plopped down on the couch next to him. 

Requested by anon

Ames being super chill and wanting to soothe her boyfriend/best friend by offering (and wanting) to do what he wants to do, even though it’s just sitting around eating shrimp all day because she wants him to be happy and that would be enough to make HER happy

Jake counteracting that by telling her NOPE we are gonna do what YOU wanna do because it’s gonna make HIM happy

Amy getting that LOOK on her face because she’s so excited and in awe and in love with her boyfriend and I just.

Some of the character dynamics I love so far in Shadowhunters
  • Jocelyn actually wanting and trying to tell Clary the truth instead of lying the whole time
  • Izzy being so supportive of Clary, defending her against Alec and encouraging her after the fight with the vampires
  • Simon being protective of Clary, giving her his biscotti when she accidentally put hers into the paper, giving her his jacket when she’s wearing Isabelle’s revealing clothes, trying to protect her from the Shadowhunters because they are violent strangers
  • Clary being just as platonically loving towards Simon as he is towards her, refusing to let the Shadowhunters crowd him out, yelling at Izzy when she was supposed to be looking after Simon, trying to fight Raphael when he says they wanted her and not Simon, their little moment at the end of episode three
  • Alec so blatantly in love with Jace and going along with plans he hates because he wants Jace to be happy, but also doesn’t take any of his shit
  • Raphael undermining Camille because he doesn’t agree with what she’s doing
  • Raphael being the one to actually help them escape
  • Ties between the Downworlders. Meliorn and Camille (whether you like their relationship or not, I still think it’s cool they’re making connections between them instead of having each Downworlder species completely separate from each other), and Camille mentioning Magnus
Blame It On The Alcohol || LaurWalk
  • Joe:sat at the bar, nursing a whiskey and leaning on his chin on his hand, Traci's words echoing through his brain. He hadn't expected their conversation to take that kind of turn, but he also felt that he wouldn't have done anything differently if he'd known she would call off the engagement. He was angry with her, angrier than he'd been in a long time. What gave her the right to react that way when he had always been loyal to her? When he had done everything possible to make her happy? He'd proposed because it was the right thing to do. She wanted to get married, he wasn't fussed on the idea. And now, just because Lauren happened to be at the same place he was- Joe paused in his thinking. Lauren. That was what it all came down to. He had fought for her like he should have done before she left LA. He had insisted that Traci apologize and welcome Lauren back into their lives. Because the fact of the matter was that he didn't want a life without her in it.
Nothing Like You

Anonymous request for SpencerxReader in which he is nervous to introduce her to the team because of how edgy and different from him she is, but when they realize how happy she makes him, they love her. 

Originally posted by me-tome-una-pastilla

“Spencer, please?” I begged. 

I’d been pleading with him to introduce me to his team for weeks. He continually told me now, citing various reasons as to why. But I was starting to feel as if he just didn’t want me to meet them, although I didn’t understand why. 

“Spence, I don’t understand what the problem is,” I groaned. “They’re like family to you. I want to meet them.” 

“(Y/N), I’m just not sure about it.” 

“Are you ashamed of me?” I asked, the whole thing suddenly making so much more sense to me. I thought about my dyed pixie cut, half shaven and straight. My piercings, my black eyeliner, and dark lipstick. My questionable clothing choices, my high heels and dominating air. The first impression I make on people is often a scary one. It’s intimidating, and I can see how seeing me with Spencer might be jarring. 

“No, no!” Spencer replied quickly. “(Y/N), of course I’m not ashamed of you. I’m just concerned about how they’re going to treat you.” 

“What do you mean?” I asked. 

“They tend to think of me as this innocent little kid, and they’re really protective. Because of that, and because of what happened with Maeve. When they see how edgy you are, their instinct will be to protect me. I don’t want you to feel like they’re judging you.” 

“Spence, I can handle myself,” I said. “And I know they love you. So, as long as they care about you, they’ll understand that I’m not bad for you.” 

“Okay,” he agreed. “You’re right.” 

“Aren’t I always?” I teased, leaning forward to kiss him lightly. 

I put out a confident front for Spencer, but on the inside I was a complete wreck. Spencer’s team was basically his family; they’d taken him in and they protected him. Their approval, despite what I said to him, meant a lot to me. I wanted them to like me, to accept me. I wanted them to know how much he meant to me. 

“Are you ready?” Spencer asked me. I nodded, glancing at my outfit in the mirror. I tugged at the hem of my shirt. wondering if it was too tight. 

“(Y/N), leave it alone,” he said. “You look fine.” 

“Are you sure?” I asked. He nodded. 

“I’m positive. Come on, let’s go.” 

We went to Rossi’s. It was something the team did often, because Rossi’s is large and convenient and beautiful. When we went inside, Spencer began introducing me to the others. I could see the surprise, the pasted smiles, the uncertainty. 

They didn’t know what to think. 

I liked them, though. Emily Prentiss was my favorite, because she seemed to judge me the least. She treated Spencer like a complete equal as well, which I appreciated. Not as if he were a kid, not as if he were a freak of nature for being so unbelievably smart. 

Just like an equal. 

We chatted politely all evening. I was desperate to get inside their heads. Spencer seemed to be having fun, though. That made me happy, to see him laughing and enjoying himself so much. 

About fifteen minutes after we’d finished dinner, I had been coming back from the bathroom when I heard my name and paused. 

“…seems good for him.” I concentrated, and identified the voice as Emily’s. 

“She does.” That was Garcia. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen him so happy,” she continued. 

“I wasn’t sure about her at first,” admitted a voice I was pretty sure belonged to Morgan. “But he’s crazy about her.” 

“She’s not what any of us would’ve expected,” I heard JJ add. “But she really does seem like a good thing for Spence. He’s ecstatic.: 

“Kid’s grown up,” Morgan chuckled, and the others laughed with him. I smiled slightly to myself. 

“Hey, there you are.” I turned at the sound of Spencer’s voice, and smiled at him/ 

“You good?” he asked. I nodded. 

“I’m great,” I replied. 

“Good,” he said. “You ready to go back in there?” I nodded and took his hand. 

Turned out, I had no reason to be nervous at all.