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Jai Brooks Smut #16 (REQUESTED)

Request: Can you do a Jai smut for me were we have been fighting all day then I go to hit him or something and it gets heated and also my name is Aaliyah than you so muchhh 💓

AN: “y/n” means your name lol a lot of new people to the smut and imagine world are reading and they ask ❤️WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE BABES

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE SMUT. Lol I sound like a hoe writing this smut lol


I walk inside the house with Jai following my tracks. “Y/n will you just talk to me?” He says slamming the door behind him.
“Fuck no Jai.” I say. I sit down on the couch and he stands in front of me.
“Jai just leave me alone.” I say.
“No you need to talk to me. Stop ignoring me whenever we have a fucking problem.” He shouts. I grunt and get up out my seat.

Before I could even walk away he pulls me back. “Jai most of the fights are caused by you! Let me go!” I yell.

“What the fuck did I do?” He says.
“Jai just leave it alone.” I say. He lets go of my arm and puts his hands up in defense.
“Fuck it. Okay.” He says sitting on the couch, turning on the tv. I leave the room and go inside his room to watch Netflix by myself.

About 30 mins into the movie Jai comes in and something in me is hoping he would come and hug me but he doesn’t. Instead he ignores my presence And grabs his charger from the wall behind his bed where I’m laying. He walks out his room and closes the door behind him.


I don’t know why that hurt me but it did. I get up off his bed and leave his room to go the living room. When I see that he’s not there,I go and check the other rooms and I find him in Luke’s room making a video on his computer.

“Just send in any questions guys.” He says into the camera with his phone in hand, must be making a Q&A video for sure. “Jai?” I speak up. He turns around in the chair and faces me.
“Can we talk?” I ask. He rolls his eyes and turns back around to face the camera. He stops recording. “What do you want?” He asks.

“For us to work out whatever is going on with us.” I say stepping closer to him.
“Not now I’m making a video.” He says. “Jai seriously let’s just get it over with I’m tired of arguing and being mad.” I state.

“I wanted to do the same but you didn’t so you’re just gonna have to wait like I did.” He says. “Jai.” I call. He gets out of his chair and walks towards me.
“Y/n leave me alone.” He says in my face. I huff.

“Whatever Jai, I’m just gonna go take a nap. Wake me up when you’re done being an ass.” I say walking out. I walk back into his room and lay in his bed, covering myself in his duvet. Soon I find my self drifting to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of Hamlet’s barking.
“Woof!” Hamlet barks. I groan and place a pillow over my head.
“Ugh hamlet be quiet.” I whine. Hamlet continues to bark. “Jai!” I call. No answer.
“Jai!” I call again. Still no answer.

Seconds later Jai comes in with a water in his hand. “Oi what’s wrong?” He says.
I look at him then Hamlet and then back to him. “Do you not hear Hamlet barking?” I ask. “Yeah.” He answers.
“Well then why didn’t you come in here to take him outside?” I ask.

“Cause you could’ve.” He shrugs. I look at him like he said the dumbest shit ever.
“Jai seriously” I say
“Y/n just tell me the problem.” He says.

“The problem is I’m trying to take a nap and you know that and you let Hamlet just bark in my face.” I say sitting up.

“You’re overreacting you could’ve taken 2 minutes out of your life and taken him out side.” He argues.

“Jai if you were trying to sleep I wouldn’t let Hamlet Wake you up, I would’ve taken him outside or out for a walk I mean something considerate.” I say raising my voice. “Well okay what do you want me to do now you’re already fucking awake.” He fires back.

“Damn Jai what the fuck is wrong with you, you’re acting like what I’m saying doesn’t matter like its no big deal.” I say. “Because it isn’t!” He yells.
“You’re pissed off because a fucking dog woke you and you blame it on me when you could’ve done something!” He says

“You knew i was trying to sleep and you didn’t do anything.” I yell at him, causing Hamlet to bark even louder.
“Oh my fucking gosh move Jai.” I say pushing past Jai to take Hamlet out, him following behind me.

I open the door to the back yard and Hamlet runs outside. “Damn that’s all you had to do was let him out side, thanks Jai.” I say walking back into his room.

“Oi just drop it y/n he’s outside, now you can go to sleep.” He says rolling his eyes.
I close the door and lay back in his bed to go back to sleep.
“I’m sorry for waking you Y/n I didn’t know I was on dog watch or something, you don’t have to act like a selfish bitch.” Jai says from outside the door. I got light headed from how fast I sat up from hearing him say that bullshit.

“Really you’re gonna call me a bitch because I was trying to sleep and the fucking dog kept barking loud as shit!” I yell, getting out the bed. I walk to the door and pull it open. “Oh my fucking God Y/n you wanted to sleep why are you still talking to me.” Jai says.

“Jai you called me a bitch!” I yell.
“I said you were acting like one! You always take things I don’t mean so fucking personal!” He yells. “I just wanted some sleep damn! And you don’t respect me!” I say. “Just go to sleep Y/n, just go back in my room and shut the fuck up!” He yells.

I guess we were yelling at each other so loud we didn’t hear the front door unlock and open. Beau and Luke walk in on the scene. “Fighting again I see. What now?” Beau asks. “We would’ve been finished by now but she just kept yelling.” Jai says.

“Jai if you didn’t open your fucking mouth I wouldn’t be arguing with you now!” I yell. By now we’re both in each others faces.

“Hey hey hey.” Beau says while him and Luke quickly run over to us. Luke gets behind me and pulls me back by my waist while Beau gets besides Jai and wraps his arms around his shoulders and pulls him to the wall. “Beau fuck off!” Jai yells while trying to pull Beau’s arm off his shoulder.

“Why are you guys fighting again?” Luke asks me. “ Luke can I sleep in your room tonight?” I ask. Before Luke can answer, Jai opens his mouth. “No, fuck no.” Jai yells.
“I didn’t ask you, shut the hell up!” I fire back. “Jai come on, let’s go outside.” Beau says, pulling Jai to the front. Jai’s chest rises up and down fast from being so angry. Jai slips from Beau’s grip and comes over to me.

Luke quickly stands in between us with his Hands on Jai’s chest, being the brick wall that keeps us apart.

“You always fucking do this!” Jai spits at me. “Jai fucking go!” Luke says, struggling to keep him away from me.

“Yep I do don’t I cause our arguments are always my fault right? Cool fuck you!” I say, tears streaming down my face.

“Fuck you too Y/n! That’s probably why you and Gypsy aren’t friends anymore cause you’re such a bitch!” He spits.
Something ignited inside of me. I raise my hand and reach over Luke to smack Jai in the mouth but before it hits him, he grabs it.

Luke turns around so that he can pin me against the wall while wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Shut the fuck up what happened between me and her is between us!” I yell.
Luke and Beau struggle to keep us from each other.

Beau grabs Jai by the collar of his shirt and puts his left arm around Jai.

“Jai stop let’s go!” Beau yells pulling him away again to the front door.
“Fuck You Y/n!” Jai says from outside.

“Whatever bye! Fuck you, have a great day.” I say. Luke let’s go of me and sits down on the couch letting out a huge breath. “Ugh he’s irritating.” I say sitting next to him. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me into his chest, comforting me. “It’s okay, What happened?” He asks.

“I was trying to sleep, Hamlet kept barking, Jai didn’t let him out called me a selfish butch for getting mad.” I say.
“Jai does that to me all the time I know how it feels. But you guys shouldn’t fight as much as you have been lately.” He states.

“We’ve been fighting all day.” I say.
“Let’s just get your mind off it, wanna cook dinner?” He asks. I nod and we get up and walk to the kitchen. Luke starts mincing the onions and I begin seasoning the chicken. “I’m going to play some music” he says, turning on the speaker loud in the kitchen.

Justin Timberlake starts playing and I know Luke played his radio because he knows how much I love my Timberlake.
“I’m in love with that girllll.” I sing while swaying my hips. Luke starts singing with me and we start dancing with each other playfully. He gets behind me and my ass is pressed against him and we sway together laughing.

“And she told me, she’s in love with me.” We sing. He laughs and walks back to his cutting station while I season the chicken. Minutes later Beau walks in with Jai behind him. I look up and immediately look down when I notice he’s looking at me. Jai walks up behind me and placed his hands on my waist.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Can we talk?” Jai says in my ear. “I’m doing something Jai.” I say softly, not wanting to start another fight.
“Beau can you take over from here?” He says to Beau. “Yeah so you lovers can love again.” Beau smiles taking my place. I wash my hands in the sink and follow Jai to his room. He closes and locks the door before speaking. I sit on the bed and he stands in front of me with his hands in his pockets.

“Y/n I’m sorry for arguing with you all day, I was wrong to let hamlet bark and I was wrong for being rude all day. I don’t want to lose you and I know I can be an ass sometimes but I need you with me baby.” He apologies. He kneels down in front of me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“I’m sorry baby” he says.
“I’m sorry too Jai. I’m sorry about the whole Hamlet thing and earlier today, I love you.” I say.
“I’m also sorry for bringing up Gypsy and making you cry. That was too far and I hate seeing you cry let alone hurt babe.” He says. “It’s okay we say things we don’t mean when we’re mad I still love you.” I say.

He cups my face in his hands and places a kiss on my lips. He breaks the kisses and quickly plants kisses all over my face and neck.

“Okay okay Jai.” I laugh. He lays me down on the bed and hovers over me, hands on either side of me. “I love you.” He smiles.
“I love you more.” I say. I pull his face to mine and make out with him. My right leg wraps around his torso and his left hand reaches down between my legs. He unbuttons my shorts and tugs them down. He breaks the kiss and goes down to my shorts and pulls them off.

I sit up and unzip his black jacket and pull his shirt over his head. “Are we really doing this.” He laughs. I nod.
“Make up sex is the best.” I laugh with him. He gently pushes me back so that I laying down and he spreads my legs. His finger grazing over my clit and he starts rubbing it. “You’re so wet.” He smiles. He plants kisses from my inner right thigh to my clit as he starts licking and sucking.

“Oh fuck.” I moan in a shaky tone. My hand laces in his hair and I tug on it. His tongue rapidly flicks on my clit sending electricity through my body. “Jai fuck.” I moan. His fingers slide into me slowly and curls them to meet my spot.

“You like that don’t you.” He say. I moan in response. “I can’t hear you babe.” He says.
“Yesss Jai don’t stop.” I moan. His tongue starts curling and rubbing my clit. My legs start closing but he’s quick to pin them back down on the bed.

“Keep those legs open for me.” He says. Three minutes later I’m almost at my high. “Jai I’m gonna cum.” I moan. He stops and sits up on his knees to unbutton his jeans . I sit up with him and swat at his hands to do it my self. He lays down and I help him pull down his jeans, then take them off.

I strip out of my shirt, leaving me in only a bra and go down to his boxers and pull them down. His length springs up making my mouth water. I take him in my mouth and start sucking. I go down as far as I can and pump the rest of what I couldn’t get.

“Fuck.” He moans. My tongue swirls around his head and I continue pumping him. “Fuck y/n you’re gonna make me cum already.” He exclaims. I laugh which sends vibrations through him.
I up at him and his features are flawless. His jawline is exquisite, his mouth forms a perfect o and his eyes are closed shut with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Shit.” He grunts. He exhales and inhales through his teeth making that sort of sucking noise turning me on even more.
His leg twitches as I deep throat him.
“Y/n stop Or I’m gonna cum.” He breathes. I take him out my mouth and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Fuck that was fucking amazing babe.” He says. He pulls me up to him, unclasps my bra and then flips us around, making my legs on either side of him. He slides in me and starts thrusting.
“Ughhhh.” We both moan in sync. He reaches down between my legs and rubs my clit. “You’re so fucking tight.” He grunts.

“Jai don’t stop yes.” I moan. He takes my right leg and lifts it over his left shoulder, going deeper inside of me.
“Fuck!” I say. “Y/n.” He moans.
He flips us over to where I’m on top and pounds into me, not giving me anytime to think.

My breasts bounce up and down and he takes the left on in his hand.
“Oh fuck Jai yesss” I moan. I go down to his neck and start kissing it as he thrusts into me. His left hand go on my ass give it a little spank. Our moans are uncontrollable as we’re reaching our point.

Minutes later He pulls out flips me back over making me ass up and face down. He slams into me and thrusts faster than before.
“Jai!” I moan. He fists my hair and pulls it back. “Louder.” He says.

“Jai harder.” I moan even louder. His thrusts become even harder as the sound of the room fills with wet skin slapping together. The headboard starts banging against the wall, both of us not even caring. He lets go of my hair and firmly grasps my waist, pulling me into him to meet his thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum.” He says. “Me too.” I moan. His strokes become uneven as he pulls out and cums on my back. Once again he turns me over and starts eating me out so I can cum.

“Jai fuck!” I moan as his tongue flickers over my clit really fast. I reach my high and my moan come out louder than intended. Our breathing is off as we clean up the mess we made on the bed and my back. He hands me my underwear, spanks, bra and his DP hoodie and he gets dressed in his shorts and black tshirt.

“That was so fucking good.” He says pulling the shorts up, kissing my cheek.
I nod, still adjusting my breathing.
“I’m fine I promise, that was really good.” I laugh. “I guess they’re still making the food you can go out if you want I’ll be out soon, I have to clean this cum off the bed and your wetness.” He laughs. I nod and get up to walk out.

I unlock the door and walk out closing the door behind me and meet Luke and Beau at the kitchen table. I sit down on the opposite side of Luke with Beau on my side and they both just stare at me .

The walk of shame is no joke.

“Where’s the chicken?” I ask.
“It’s done were just waiting for the other shit to be ready.” Luke says.

“So.” Beau starts. “How was it.” Luke says, sending all three of us in laughing fits.
“Oh my god stop it guys.” I laugh.

“Come on it’s just us girl talk you know.” Beau says. “Oh my gosh.” I say crossing my arms on the table and burying my head in it from embarrassment.
“Oh my fucking God Jai!” Luke fake moans like a girl. Beau starts laughing and rubs my back in small circles.

“Ah come on y/n it’s okay we all know Jai is amazing in bed.” He laughs.
“Shut up Beau!” I laugh sitting up.
“You guys had the headboard banging the wall it must have been really good.” Luke says. Jai walks in and takes in the scene.

He walks over it me and hugs me from behind. “Fuck off you guys.” He says to Luke and Beau. “I love you babe.” He says kissing the back of my head.
“I love you Jai.” I smile. “Awww!!” Luke and Beau say.

“If you guys have a round two, do it on the floor or a chair or something that doesn’t bang against the wall that share with you.” Luke says. “Fuck off cunt.” Jai says, earning a loud laugh from Luke.

“I’m glad that you guys aren’t fighting anymore that’s for sure.” Beau smiles.

“Me too.” Jai and I say together.

Brooks Brothers Protecting you #5

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Luke, Jai, Beau, and you were all heading out to get some lunch. You guys had all been good friends ever since they moved to LA and would hang out regularly. After ordering first, you excused yourself to the restroom, leaving the boys to order their lunches. When you came out, you saw the boys were already seated and waiting for you to join them. You felt a hand press against your butt and you whipped around to see a tall, dark haired man no older than yourself behind you.

“What the hell are you doing? Get off of me!” you gasped swatting his hand away.

“Aww,come on baby,” he said in a gruff tone tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “Let’s get out of here, ya’ know. Have some fun.” You could smell the smoke off of his breath and his teeth were a nasty yellow color.

“Oi,” Beau said walking up to the two of you with Jai and Luke in front of him. “The fuck you think you doing, mate?”

“Just having a chat with my little lady here,” he said putting a hand on your shoulder to which you quickly shrugged away.

“You best be going now, unless you want to take this outside,” Jai said gruffly.

The man had a flash of fear in his eyes and he put his hands up and walked away.

“Fucking cunt,” Luke grumbled watching him walk away. “You ‘ight?”

“Yeah,” you sighed looking down at your feet before looking back at them. “Food ready yet?”

“Yeah,” Beau nodded. “Ain’t nobody gon’ treat you like that on our watch. Ever.”

Highlights- Beau Bennett

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Ok I kinda bash the Devils a little here but I LOVE THEM OK? So no slight intended it’s just… no one seems to like the Devils. Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: An imagine with beau Bennett where you see each other again after 10 years. thank youuuu; and for the beau bennet imagine: like you dated in highschool and then you see eachother again and hit it off


              The New Jersey Devils. Ugh.

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A non-Korean celebrity says that you’re adorable/cute and someone tells him about it when he’s in an interview (GOT7)

JB: -Justin Bieber. You and him both laughed about it he didn’t know how Justin even knew who you were because you weren’t famous but he knew anyways. He laughed about it during the interview as well because he knew you didn’t like him that much- “she gave me this weird look when she heard about it and it was so cute because she didn’t know if she should thank him or not because of me. She thought I would be jealous”

Mark: -Jaden Smith. He didn’t like the thought of a 17 year old having a crush on you. But he didn’t like it when the interviewer brought it up he got jealous and sorta rude about it- “this interview is about us not some boy who likes MY girlfriend. So lets move on yeah”

Jackson: -Beau Brooks. You weren’t necessarily famous you just happened to be extremely cute and was recognized for it by many people thanks to Jackson. But never thought you would be found attractive by a Australian YouTuber you’ve never heard of. Jackson wasn’t sure if he should worry or not- “I have nothing to worry about right? He’s not as pretty as me, is he?”

Jr: -Joe Sugg. You were with him and everyone turned to look at him when someone said you were cute. You blushed and planned on thanking Joe on social media but you were with Jinyoung and didn’t like compliments like that from other males- “I don’t have to worry about it, she’s already denying others of her attention” 

Youngjae:-Jake T Austin. You were internationally famous as an actress and Jake happened to be someone you worked with. He found your innocence adorable while you were playing such a rebellious character. And he hopped you two could work together again. Youngjae was asked about how he felt about you being a ‘badass’ for something- “when she got home she cuddled me and said ‘I felt more out of place than normal’ and apologized that she had to kiss someone for a role. There’s nothing overly bad about her which I like”

BamBam: -Dan Howell. You were an idol and it was known by many that you were a huge fan of the YouTuber. So when Dan said you were cute when you were on YouTuber’s React to Kpop, BamBam felt threatened when an interviewer brought it up- “she’s mine, he needs to know that. I won’t lose her to her favorite YouTuber”

Yugyeom: -Michael Clifford. You met him and he didn’t find you attractive romantically mainly because you had a boyfriend but in general you were an adorable teenager. You thanked him over Twitter. Yugyeom talked about your friendship with the Aussie when it was brought up- “he’s one of the few guys who actually respects a relationship boundary and he just seems to enjoy Y/N as a person” 

Jai Brooks Smut #9 (REQUESTED)

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU AINT INTO THIS STUFF

“Beau, Luke are you guys ready?” I say to them from down stairs. “Yeah give me a minute I’ll be ready” Beau says to me.

“I’m coming” Luke says running down the stairs. “Wow you look hot y/n.” Luke says looking at me. “Thanks Luke” I blush before taking a seat on the couch next to Jai. “Whatcha doing Jai ?” I ask him. “Nothing Just on Twitter, can Beau hurry the fuck up I’m getting bored.” He says before placing his phone down to lay his head down on my lap.

Beau starts making his way down stairs. “Alright let’s go.” He says while walking towards the door. We all follow behind him and get into the car.

“I love this song.” Luke says before turning the music up all the way in Beau’s car. We all sing along and laugh together until we arrive at the party. As soon as we get there, Jai and I go into the kitchen were the shots are being served. “Y/n let’s get so drunk tonight that we can’t even walk straight.” Jai says into my ear over the loud music. “Yes!! Let’s get fucked up!” I say to him.

After we took shots, we made our way to the dance floor. We start grinding on each other and for some reason, our dancing had a little more something in it. He was closer to me, his grip on my waist was more firm and his eyes were a darker shade. We were so wasted.

Jai pulls me in closer so that he can lean in to kiss me. His left hand was on my lower back and his right cuffing my cheek. He leans in and presses his lips against mine. The world around me completely stopped, almost like we were the only people in this room. This was the first time Jai and I kissed. All I felt were butterflies and the weight on my shoulders was lifted off.

The kiss was slow and passionate and lasted a while before he broke it. “Why haven’t we kissed before? You’re so good at it beautiful.” He says. He looked deep in my eyes before laughing. I laugh with him and we begin kissing again.

His tongue grazes against my bottom lip begging for entrance which I don’t give him at first. His left hand leaves my lower back to grab my ass. He squeezes it lightly and I give him access. His tongue massages mine and my hands go up to his cheeks. Luke and Beau notice us and run over to bother us. “Oh yeah get some y/n!” Beau says putting his left hand on my back and his right hand on Jai’s back.

I expected Jai to break the kiss but instead he just keeps kissing me, and I let him. “Use protection!” Luke says while messing with Jai’s hair. Jai still doesn’t budge, but he pulls me in closer. “I think we should go now so they can be happy.” Beau says.

“Jai lets go home now.” Luke says into Jai’s ear. He still doesn’t move away from our kiss. “Jai come on.” Beau says to Jai. Finally he breaks the kiss and he looks at me before taking my hand into his leading us into Beau’s car. Jai opens the door for me and I get it with him following behind me. As soon as we get in the car we start kissing again.

Beau looks in the rear view mirror and laughs. “Luke they’re still making out.” Beau says. “Yeah they’re fucking tonight, Look at Jai’s boner.” Luke says to get Jai to respond and he doesn’t.

We arrive at the house and Beau opens the door for us because Jai and I were still Making out. He gets out the car and he falls. We both laugh at what just happened and we walk inside still laughing. Luke and Beau are in the living room getting ready to play Fifa and Jai and I are stumbling our way into Jai’s room.

When we reach the bedroom, Jai playfully pushes me down on the bed. He takes off my shirt and unclasps my bra then takes off his shirt. The whole time we’re both laughing for no reason. I sit up to unbuckle his belt to pull down his jeans. His erection is visible through the material of his boxers. He lays me down gently before pulling down my underwear. He spreads my legs and presses his tongue against my clit.

“Fuckkkkk.” I moan. He licks faster and starts fingering me. “You like that y/n? You like my fingers inside you don’t you?” He says looking up at me. “Jai I need you now.” I moan.

He stops and pulls down his boxers. He positions him self at my entrance and then pushes himself inside me. He starts thrusting into me really hard and fast. “Fuck Jai don’t s-stop.” I moan. “You’re so tight.” He says. “Ah sssshit.” He grunts.

He reaches down to run my clit and thrust in my even faster and deeper, getting me closer to my high. “Jai” I moan. My hands scratch his back leaving marks. We finally cum together and we end up having round two, round three and so on.Minutes turn into hours until we pass out.

The next morning I wake up in Luke’s room for some reason. I hear people arguing in the other room and I figure it out that’s Luke and Jai. I notice that I’m not wearing any clothes and then I see condom wrappers all over the bed. I put on my panties from the floor and grab a towel to wrap around me so I could hurry to Jai’s room without anyone seeing me.

As soon as I get into his room I drop the towel and grab a pair of his boxers to put on and his shirt to put on.

I leave the room to go calm them down. “Boys stop its too early for this” I say groaning holding my head. “Y/n go back to sleep I didn’t mean to wake you.” Luke says to me. I shrug and go back to Luke’s room and lay down.

“Next time don’t fuck on my bed you asshole!” Luke yells. “I didn’t know I was in your room you cunt I was drunk!” Jai fires back. “You better wash my fucking sheets that’s so fucking disgusting.” Luke says. “I will, I already said I’m sorry I woke up and I knew I wasn’t in my room.” Jai says.

“Whatever just don’t do it again, I mean I’m happy that you guys are I guess together now i don’t know because you guys were all over each other last night.” Luke says.

“Okay, I’ll wash your sheets.” Jai says

Jai comes back in the room and lays down next to me. “You know what we did last night?” He asks me. “Yeah, I mean well I it was Luke at first cause I was in his room with condoms all over his bed.” I say to him. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I was drunk and if you don’t want to speak to me again I understand.” He says to me.

“Jai I don’t remember all of last night but I remember how I felt when you first kissed me last night, I love every moment. So don’t apologize because I loved it.” I say to him. He smiles. “So what does his mean?” He asks. “I don’t know how did you feel when we kissed?” I asked him.

“Honestly the same way, I couldn’t believe I was kissing you and I didn’t want to ever stop. Some thought in my head told me I would have the chance again so I didn’t let anything stop me.” He says. “Well you can if you want.” I smile. He smiles back before leaning in to press his lips against mine. The kiss was short because again we were in Luke’s room.

“So does this mean we’re together or something?” I ask. “Only if you want to be, because of course I want to be with you but it’s up to you.” He says. “Yes I do want to be with you.” I answer him.

“Okay. But I need to redeem myself and ask you in a better way. Maybe dinner tonight?” He smiles. I nod and we laugh together. “Ok so now we have to leave Luke’s room soho can wash his sheets.” He says laughing. “You were so wet last night.” He winks.

“Jai!” I say laughing and then I swat at his arm. He laughs and kisses me again.


“I don’t know if I am Beau, I havent had the motivation to even get out of bed. This whole situation makes me sick. I know she wouldn’t make it, but I should have been there when it happened, and I was not! I was camping with my freinds instead!” I said with a tear coming off my eye, I am devastetaed, I can’t hide it from Beau, he would know that I wasnt good even if I didn’t tell him.

“It’s  not your fault she died on that day. Nicole probably knew she wasn’t gonna make it and wanted you to be with people you liked when it happened, that’s why she, probably, said to you that you should go and have some good time with your friends.”

“But I shouldn’t have listened, I should have stayed right there with her like I did on the months before!” I sair screaming, I felt him hug me hard with no idea of letting me go soon. I felt better, but still guilty.

“That’s why she wanted you to be with us, for you to not be inclosure like you were in the past months, she wanted you to get away from the hospital and spend some quality time!”

“I don’t know Beau..I just know I shouldn’t have left her…”

“Maybe it would be good to leave BridgePort for a while, do you want to come to my house for some days Stace?” 

I was there whit my eyes closed trying to say no, but I do know that it is the best..

“Yeah Beau, thank you..”

"I love you too and I will make this up to you"

Request:  Can you do a Jai brooks imagine where you guys get in a huge fight and he goes to run his hand through his hair but you thought he was gonna hit you and then he crys and its all cute

Warning: Talk of abuse 

Authors note: Enjoy :)

The room erupted with shouting.I had really had enough, I loved Jai with all my heart but I had had enough with all the accusations. He was the one who saved me when I was broken, he fixed my broken heart.But lately, he had become so insecure.He had in his head that I was cheating.I couldn’t I wouldn’t.

The whole day tension was rising.Even the other boys noticed it.I went to talk to Luke about it, bad move.Luke was always the one I went to when I needed a shoulder to cry on if I couldn’t talk to Jai.Jai walked in on me and luke hugging and put two and two together and got 8. I had been friends with the brooks brothers for years, something in me always had a weak spot of Jai.When I broke up with my ex for months I was jumpy.A bang and I would jump.The truth was my ex-abused me I was trapped but Jai saved me, he reminded me not every guy is going to abuse me.

I loved him I really did.

I had never seen him this angry, not even with all the pranks beau played on him.His eyes filled with rage.

“Y/N PLEASE JUST TELL ME"He shouted, I started to shake I couldn’t control my fear.I knew Jai wouldn’t hurt me but I couldn’t help it.

"Jai you’re scaring me please"My eyes filled with tears.

"Maybe if I scare you-you will tell me the truth it always worked with your ex"As the words fell from his mouth, it felt like a knife t the chest.I never believed he could stoop so low.As his hand reached up for that moment, My body froze, I couldn’t help but flinch.It brought me back to the first time I felt my ex’s hand on my face.

I saw Jai’s body froze,His eyes changed from anger to tears.

"Y/n"His voice was softer this time.I couldn’t be in the room anymore, I just had to get out, I didn’t say a word and left the room.

Jai’s pov

As y/n left, my body was frozen I couldn’t move.There was a small knock at the more.

"Jai"Its was Beau.

"Yeah come in"I started to shake, I couldn’t believe she thought I would hit her, I loved her.I knew she wouldn’t cheat I don’t know what came over me, I was just so angry.It was my own insecurities.

"Jai I saw y/n go is she okay?"Beau asked as he cautiously entered the room.I told him everything, as the tears streamed down my face.Y/n was the love of my life, I saved her from the bastard of the ex.The way he treated her was unbelievable, it broke me to see her like that.For months, she would flinch if I would go to hug her.She woke up for months with nightmares.

"Jai just give her time she knows you would never hurt her.she’s gone to calm down to relax okay? Y/n loves you more than anything"Beau embraced me in a hug.I had to make this up to her.

"Jai"I voice called,it was soft quite.It was y/n.


“I will give you too sometimes"Beau smiled as he left the room,He gave me a small smile as he left.

"I’m sorry"She whispered she entered the room.I had no idea why she was apologising it should be me.As I scanned her face, I could see the tear marks down her face.It broke me.

"No, I’m sorry I would never hurt you.I was just so insecure I know you would never do that to me.I’m so sorry y/n I will make this up to you with Netflix and Ice cream"I saw a small smile appear on y/n face as she moved closer towards me her arms wrapped around me.I placed a small kiss on her head.

"I love you"She whispered.

"I love you too and I will make this up to you”

Olli Maatta Imagine

Olli Maatta: NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins) 

Requested by nonnie

Warnings: none

Word Count: 578


Another game in the books and another win for the Penguins. You were lucky enough to be friends with defenseman Olli Maatta, so you had gotten to know the team. Making your way down to the locker room, you smile at the security guard, who just smiles at you, recognizing you. 

As you wait for Olli to finish talking to the media and shower, you pull out your phone, leaning against the wall across from the door. Scrolling through your Instagram, the door opens.

“Look what the cat dragged in.” Someone says and you look up to a grinning Beau Bennett. You roll your eyes, smiling and shoving your phone back into your bag.

“Great game tonight, Sunshine.” He grins and walks up next to you, leaning beside you.

“So you and Olli have plans or something? Gonna celebrate with a little hanky-pank, if ya know what I mean.” Beau winks at you and you punch him in the bicep, blushing. 

“Beau, you know it’s not like that." 

"Yeah. Beau. It’s not like that.” You turn and see Olli standing by the door. He’s clenching his jaw and his cheeks are tinted with a red flare. He turns swiftly and is stalking off down the hallway.

“Sorry about that..” Beau looks at his shoes. You place a gentle hand on his shoulder in response and then run off down the hallway, chasing Olli.

“Olli. Olli! Wait!” You yell after him, but he doesn’t stop. You follow him all the way to the parking lot, where you are finally able to catch his wrist.

“Hey. Wait.” He jerks around to face you. 

“Shouldn’t you go be with Sunshine?” Beau’s nickname drips off of Olli’s tongue like acid. 

“What’s gotten into you?” You ask, pulling your arms across your chest, trying to shield off the slightly damp wind.

“Nothing. It’s nothing. Forget about it." 

"Olli. You have to talk to me. What’s wrong?” You take a step closer to him and he looks down his nose at you.

‘It’s just that hearing you say that to Beau made me…“

"Made you what?” You whisper, looking from his eyes to his lips and back to his eyes. 

You’ve always thought that Olli was attractive but after you watched him bring home countless girls, you realized that he would never look at you twice. 

“Jealous.” Olli whispers back and it’s the only consent you need before you’re pressing your lips against his. His expansive hands fall to your waist, holding you steady as you thread your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you.

“I never knew.” Olli says, resting his forehead on yours, once the two of you pull back for air. 

“Surprise.” You grin and kiss him again.


"You owe me twenty bucks!” A round of voices yell from behind you. You turn and see a few of Olli’s teammates walking towards you. You watch as Beau Bennett forks over twenty bucks to a smug Kris Letang. 

“Now you guys can go home and celebrate the win!” Beau whistles at the two of you. You bury your burning face into Olli’s suit-clad chest.

“Bow chicka wow wow.” You hear Tanger say. 

“Oh my god.” You grumble and Olli lets out a quiet chuckle.

“Let’s go home. But not-not to, ya know.” He fumbles and you peck his cheek. 

“Maybe I want to.” You whisper in his ear and then run off towards his car, grinning widely to yourself. 

got a fever running through my bones (jake)

requested by: anonymous

Are you fucking insane?

Jai rolls his eyes from where he’s sitting across from Luke on the couch, then meets his gaze once more. “I don’t see what the problem is.”

“The problem?” Luke asks, exasperatedly throwing his hands up. “The problem is that that’s super fucking gay!”

An angry laugh bubbles out from Jai’s throat, and Luke shoots a glare in his direction. “You’re shitting me!” Jai exclaims, standing up. “And the other stuff we’ve been doing hasn’t been?!” In response, Luke stares at Jai for a long moment as a blush creeps up his neck, and then stalks out of the room.

In total honesty, it had been fairly innocent when it started out.

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Beau Brooks Smut #4 (REQUESTED)

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT STUFF ALRIGHT.

It’s 3am, and I can’t sleep. I have so much on my mind with Beau and the boys leaving in the morning to go on tour, it hurts, I’m going to miss Beau so much. Just thinking of him leaving makes me cry. I scoot in closer to Beau, he’s still sleeping.

The way we are laying down, my back is against his chest and his arms are wrapped around me. He’s not wearing anything but boxers like he usually does. What kills me is I won’t get to feel his touch for another 6 months, and the thought of that just makes me so emotional.

I didn’t realize I was crying until beau started to stir in his sleep and woke up. “Babe? You okay?” He ask, his voice thick from just waking up. “Yeah Beau just go back to bed.” I lie.

“Y/N we’ve been together for 2 years now I can tell when you’re upset. Tell me what’s wrong.” He says to me. I sigh and turn around to face him. “It’s never easy for me when you have to leave, I miss you so much and you’re always on my mind. Beau I’m gonna miss you” I say, tearing up even more.

He sits us both up and pulls me in close to hug him. I’m sitting in his lap and his arms are wrapped tightly around me as I cry. “Shh babe it’s not easy for me either I promise. You’re always on my mind, people always ask about you and when I get horny Daniel doesn’t do it as good as you.” He jokes wiping my tears. I laugh a little and sniffle.

“Shut up Beau I’m serious” I laugh. “I know y/n I just hate to see you cry.” He tells me. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll see if I can get you plane tickets to come see our Wembly show. How does that sound ?” He ask, pulling away to look me in the eyes. “That sounds fair.” I smile.

“You’re my one and only y/n” Beau says. “And you’re my only one Beau” I say back to him. That’s been our thing since our 1st year, yes it’s cheesy but it’s a reminder of how much we love each other.

“you know when I said whenever I get horny or whatever ” He says. “Yeah what about it?” I ask. He chuckles lightly before grabbing my right hand and placing it inside his boxers. “Oh my god Beau how’d you get a boner already.” I laugh.

“It’s you, y/n.” He shrugs smiling. I laugh and take his length in my hand again. I lean in to whisper in his ear. “What do you say we have some goodbye sex” I say seductively. I back away from his ear slowly before kissing his neck. He grabs my hips and gently pushes me down on the bed. He takes off my shirt and throws it on the floor.

“You’re so beautiful y/n, fuck this is going to be a long 6 months. ” he groans. He starts kissing me from my stomach to my right boob. His hand slides in the front of my underwear and he starts rubbing me. “Beau fuck” I moan. He starts sucking on my neck, the spot he knows that drives me insane and rubs even faster making me squirm under him. “Beau oh my god don’t stop” I moan.

He keeps going for a few more seconds before taking off my underwear. “I can’t wait any longer please just fuck me” I practically beg. He laughs lightly. “Someone’s eager” he says before grabbing a condom out of his drawer. He gets on top of me Again,slides the latex over his erection and then enters me slowly. It’s amazing how we’ve had sex so many times before and yet he still feels so big inside me. “Beau faster” I pant.

“I want to make this last y/n” he says to me only going a little faster. His thrusts gradually getting deeper and faster. “Fuck y/n I’m gonna miss you so much” he grunts. Moans and whimpers escape my lips.

He pulls out before laying down with me, laying us on our sides and then lifts my left leg holding it up to enter me again. So we’re fucking on our sides. This is one of his favorite positions because he can thrust deeper inside me.

“Beau oh my god” I moan. “Fuck” he grunts. He starts going faster and deeper, reaching over my leg to rub my clit. “Beau faster” I beg. His thrust become even faster making the bed make noises. “Say my name y/n” he says. “Beau oh my gosh” I moan. “Again” he demands. “Beau! ” I moan.

“Cum for me baby.” He grunts “fuck”
A few more thrusts and I cum. His thrust start becoming sloppy before spilling into the condom. He pulls out and throws the condom away in the bin. He turns on the lamp on the night stand and gets up to get new clothes . “Fuck y/n that was so good. I’m gonna miss you so much” he says coming over to me.

He hands me my shirt and a pair of boxers. “I figured you’d want my boxers instead, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to sleep in your wet panties” he jokes. “Beau! Oh my gosh!” I laugh.

He laughs with me before pecking my lips. “It’s alright babe as long as I’m the one who made you that wet.” He says in between kisses. “Y/n I love you, you know you can always call me and I’ll pick up. If I don’t I promise I’ll call back. Anything to make my princess happy.” He says laying down.

“I love you too Beau.” I say before laying down with him. He turns off the lamp beside us and we drift back to sleep.


Jai and Ariana’s story:

How they met:

“We met on Twitter,” Ariana said in an interview from last year, “ he made me a video which was very innovative.” “I made her a Keek video saying why we’re perfect for each other.” Jai also said in that interview. “Uhm, it was like reasons why we’re perfect for each other.” Jai says. “Tell us the reasons!” one of the interviews says. “I forget.” Jai replied. “They were funny, it wasn’t a serious video, he wasn’t like ‘I’m a really good guy’ no, it was like…” “She DMd me her number, so she made that important move.” Jai said. “It was Glozell though, you spoke to Glozell before you talked to me. I was too shy to call him, it was just like, I was kind of waiting for him to call me or text me because I didn’t want to make those moves [First].” Ariana says.

Arianas mother Joan, was kind of  reason why they even really got together. “It’s so silly because I was watching her Twitter, she was in the makeup chair with Michael, and I saw [that] there was a trend on Twitter and it said ‘Jai vs Luke For Ariana’. So I just clicked on it.” Joan explains. “And I clicked on it and I said ‘Oh my gosh Ariana, these twins in Australia that are part of this really good comedy group’, that I checked out their videos…,” she further explains,”and I said ‘Ariana go look at this, look at this group of people.’ and she started looking at their videos and we found out that they were really talented and really funny. And that’s when I said ’ You know what, answer him, he’s very funny.’ and I said ‘Just pick one.’” “No, but I knew that Luke was just pretending to like me to piss off Jai though.” Ariana said.

In a separate interview, Jai explained his side. “Before I started tweeting her, I saw her for, like, two weeks, I didn’t know anything about her. And then I started tweeting her funny, corny, stuff and like I can’t remember, but I think she remembers. And then one day, me and my brother had a massive fight on Twitter, like a funny one…” He started. “My mom showed me that!” Ariana added. “Her mom showed it.” “My mom is the reason what I even found out about you guys.” Ari said. “We sent the rudest stuff ever, and your mom showed you it.” ” My mom was like ‘How cute is this?’ I was like ‘Mom this is so, this is a lot!’”

Meeting in person:

Jai and Ariana met in person for the first time at the end of December in 2012, where they’d share their first kiss and a new years kiss.
In another interview with Zach Sang, Zach commented on Jai flying 20 hours just to be with Ariana. “What did they say when you were like ‘Mom, I wanna fly across the world to see this girl, I love her, I wanna spend time with her, do they think you’re crazy?” he asked Jai. “Well, my mom understood I was in love with her and she saw us talking every night for months and she wanted us to meet because she’s always saying ‘I hope that she doesn’t get bored of you before you meet her.’”. Zach asked if he had even thought about what if Ariana wasn’t all that he’d expected. “No, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was what if I’m ugly!” Jai responded. Ariana can be heard saying “No way!” in the background. “Did you ever think that maybe she wouldn’t be into you after flying 20 hours or like it was just text only, Skype only?” Zach asked. “Well, we did talk alot but it was a possiblity, but, we, yeah. And it worked out I’m happy.” Jai replied. “It was something that had to be done if we wanted it to work. We had to eventually meet. Can’t keep talking on the phone.” “Do you think it’ll work when you go back to Australia?” “Yeah, well, we’re gonna plan to see each other. We’re not gonna hold it as long as 5 months. Hopefully we move to America soon so we don’t have to worry about that.”  “And I’ll come to Melbourne!” Ariana chimed in. Jai chuckled a little bit and said, “Melbourne, she says it so good now.” “What if you got here and it was in a disaster?” Ariana asked while giggling. “It wasn’t really a concern for me,” Ariana says, ” we spent a long time talking though.” Jai laughs, “It’s gonna be an awkward plane trip back.”

Later, a fan asked Jai to describe how it felt to see Ariana for the first time. “First time I saw her, she was driving into her apartment and I was like leaning against the car and she couldn’t see me for about ten seconds. And then I knocked, then I opened the door and then I saw her and she was really beautiful and I’ll never forget when I first saw her. And now just being with her is amazing.” He said. Another fan asked him what his first kiss with Ariana was like. “First kiss, we didn’t really have to wait that long to do it, ” he started, “it was amazing. She has nice lips.” Zach asked him to rate her lips from 1 to 10. “Oh it breaks the scale!” he replied. “Where was the first kiss, how did it go down?” Zach asked. “Was it in the elevator or…” he asked Ariana. ” It was outside.” she said. “It was a nice romantic one.” he said smiling.

The relationship:

For the next 11 months, Jai would continue to fly back and forth for Australia to California to see Ariana until The Janoskians moved out to LA, where they’d see each other more often. Ariana threw Luke and Jai a birthday party to celebrate their 18th birthday. She rented Jai a sloth that year because that’s what he loved. Jai couldn’t attend her birthday though, he was back in Australia at that point I think. Whenever he could Jai would fly 20 hours to America and Ariana would stay up all night just to talk to him ( time zone difference).

The demise of the relationship:

Jai and Ariana started dating originally in July of 2012 their relationship ended for the first time in the spring of 2013 because of the distance. But, they only broke up for 4 minutes exactly. The couple would continue to date until  fall of 2013.  A month before the big breakup, Jai did an interview at VidCon. The interviewer asked Jai how long he and Ariana had been together and if he’d planned the one year anniversary yet. ” About 10 months we’ve known each other for well over a year now though… We do have a one year planned…actually she came up with the idea.” he said. In August of 2013, the infamous break up happened. Jai ended their relationship through a text message 4 months before their 1 year anniversary. A month and a half later, after Ariana confirmed her relationship with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan. This sparked a huge Twitter battle between Ariana, her family, her friends, his brothers, his friends, and Jai.
I’m not going into detail about the fight.

Getting back together:

After a 5 month breakup, they got back together. They’d been sending not-so-secret love messgaes on Twitter for a few months until Arian vauguely confirmed that they were dating back in April while explaing her song Problem in an interview. But, by May, it was definitely confirmed that they were back together. Jai and Ariana were spotted kissing backstage at the iHeartRadio Awards, and later they tweeted each other messages saying that they love each other. And earlier that month on Luke and Jai’s birthday, she threw a little party for them, like she’d done the year before that.  While on tour Jai has several interviews with his group, The Janoskians, and was asked about her. In one interview in particular with Entertainmentwise, Jai was asked how he and Ariana actually got back together. “Yeah, well, we just missed each other and started texting again.” he said. “But what made it official?” the interviewer asked. “What made it official? We just, I don’t know…” “It was just over time.” Beau added. “Yeah, over time going back into dating each other again, and talking again, and yeah. Like, we still missed each other while we weren’t with each other.” Jai concluded. Ariana has posted a few pics of Jai on her instagram and one of her and Jai captioned “Tru Luv”. Jai and Beau even flew out to Flordia to celebrate Ariana’s birthday.

In conclusion:

That’s their love story so far, I’m sure that there will be A LOT more to add one day. I think that this proves that forgiveness and putting the past behind you is real and it can be done. I wish them the best of luck.
I’ll post links to the interviews and Twitter and Instagram posts where I got my information from later. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this.


Jai Brooks Interview: https://youtu.be/CFZc504l1KA

The Janoskians: Jai Brooks Lets Us In On Ariana G…: https://youtu.be/etIU7J-X1_Q

Jai Brooks opens up about dating Ariana Grande lo…: https://youtu.be/WrCpHcRjqWU

Ariana Grande’s Full Interview W/ Big Boy’s Neigh…: https://youtu.be/2ol7KYJxcEM

Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks Have A Farewell Make…: https://youtu.be/46_SkiHzbBc

^This is just a vid of Ari dropping Jai off at the Airport

More links up soon!

*Update* Jai and Ariana broke up sometime before her grandfather passed, so in July of 2014.