but beau yeah

“What’s a slacker?” Bobby, who’d been playing on the floor nearby piped up and asked. He’d been very interested in new words lately.

“It’s someone who doesn’t have a real job,” Tank said before Buzz could stop him. There wasn’t any need for the younger boys to hear Tank’s opinion of their older brother, not until they were older anyway.

“But… but Dustin has a job,” Beau said weakly.

“Yeah, he does,” Buck interjected with that cocky tone he had started to use more and more lately, at least towards Tank. “Bobby, what’s Dustin’s job?”

Bobby had to think about it a little bit. “Auntie Dina makes food, and Dustin carries it to people.”

“That’s good, Bobby. It’s called being a waiter. And Ripp makes hot dogs for people over by the club and the pool.”

“So slacker means working with food?” Beau asked Buck. “Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not. Ask Tank what his job is.”

Beau looked like he was about to do just that, when Dustin opened the front door.

“Nina just pulled up in her car, she’s here now.”

Finally, Buzz thought. Time to get married.

Zude Recap (3x07):

-Jude is the best boyfriend ever! (let’s just clarify that)

-Zero is terrified to let his emotions consume him because (apparently) he becomes someone Jude might not like. (which means it’s happened before)

-Zero has a sister named Laura.

-Gideon and his sister were given up by their mother when he was 5yrs old.

-Zero hates that place with a fury passion and with the help of Jude heating him up (and the the sledgehammer he provided) Zero smashed most of the place to bits.

-Jude comforted Zero when he was done smashing and it was actually the cutest thing ever!

Zero had this thing in his voice…like he was trying hard not to show too much emotion, which broke my heart! And I know for a fact he misses his sister and she’ll most probably be coming around soon (thanks to detective Jude) and I can’t wait to see how she became.

“What about their new daddy?”

Dustin looked away, which answered her more than enough.

“He seems decent. To them.”

“But not to you?”

“I don’t know him.”

She tried changing the subject. “Do you like working for my sister?”

“I do. She hasn’t been around much lately though. The manager is okay, but you can tell the real boss isn’t around.”

“And living alone is a relief I guess? No more bunk beds with Beau.”

He smiled. “Yeah that’s cool.”