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  • someone: you can tell a lot about someone from their favorite fictional characters!
  • me, nervously shoving all of my sarcastic trashbag characters with daddy issues and poor decision-making skills out of sight: um

Steve: I guess I have some um….favorites when I’m drawing anyone on the team. But I’ve kinda taken to staying in my studio so I do more non-team related work.

Carol: It’s fun to mess with him when he does though. We all know exactly who his favorite models are.

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The Bachelor. The show you're thinking of, with everyone fighting over Tony, is the Bachelor. Like the Hunger Games, but more cutthroat.

The Bachelor AU where someone convinces Tony to be the bachelor (or do a reality show similar to it), and all of the others are the contestants. Nobody, Tony included, expects anything to come of it - perhaps most of them did it for the publicity/a prize or something - but they end up genuinely liking Tony and wanting to ‘win’ him. Chaos ensues. Someone does indeed get challenged to mortal combat. Clint and/or Natasha are eliminated, but refuse to leave. Thor gets caught making out with another contestant, Jane. Nobody knows T’Challa is actually a prince from Wakanda. Bucky originally only signs up so Steve will have moral support, but ends up being Steve’s biggest rival.

Pepper has to pop migraine medicine like candy, because the whole thing is a PR nightmare.

the post in question

steve rogers: the usa would see him as the sweet cinnamon roll who’s just too good to be true, while the rest of the world, especially ones not immediately allied with the usa would be more hesitant to like him because just the idea of someone calling themselves captain america and running around into foreign borders gives a lot of people a bad taste in their mouths. people are also worried that he’s clinging to his 40s values (and we never really see him participate in press conferences either but thats me being picky). but he seems a nice enough bloke, especially with his fervent belief in helping everyone, and the propoganda thats been built up around him for over half a century definitely helps in putting him into a good light. despite this though, there are still people, especially online who feel as though steve isnt taking into account the feelings of the citizens of the countries he enters when he goes after his mission. he might think he’s foing what he feels is best, but hes still a white american who may not be aware of the current political landscape, and hes fucking around in foreign countries without proper cooperation with the authorities)

and tony stark: the problematic fave. after the avengers people start to like him more because he and his company are the only ones that are actively seen helping rebuild after the battle of new york. his snark is always fun to hear about though, and hearing him rip into a politician or someone who’s pissed him off, and although he’s less approachable then steve just by virtue of being a famous billionaire people still come up to him on the streets, especially the younger kids who might not be as aware of his past as a weapons developer
then there are the conspiracy people (something i wanna write about one day tbh) who want to know why the portal was opened up from stark tower in the first place. no one knows how ultron came along but its easy to guess, considering tony’s past AI inventions. everyone sees him trying to stop the hulk and minimise casualties in johannesburg and theyre divided. on one hand hes the only one who came to stop the hulk (and, again, the only one to participate in clean up), but the fight caused a super lot of damage also. so, tony would probably be among the avengers that have the most broken base (for example, the people who liked him before iron man, hate his new direction. the people that like iron man but hate tony stark. the people who like both tony and iron man and feel that people are being too mean. no one likes the iron legion, but some understand where he’s coming from. he’s got the same issue as steve, the white capitalist american coming into their countries and trying to enforce his own agenda upon them. what do the foreign governments think of the iron legion)

civil war changes all this.

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Mission Tonysitting

I’m sick and cranky so I wrote something to cheer myself up. It turned into this half crack-y, half cute ficlet. Since it was so amusing to write, I hope it’ll make someone else’s day better too. Enjoy (and please don’t take this too serious)!

For @arboreal-elm-ash-oak because an embarrassingly long time ago you asked about a tiny!Tony/protective!WS story which still hasn’t happened. This is just a ficlet but I hope you’ll like it all the same :)

Also @ketlingr Yay, I wrote something! Does that mean I get those cupcakes now, please? *huge tiny!Tony puppy eyes activated*

“We need to talk,” Tony says with all the grave severity a seven year old is able to convey whilst dangling his feet from a desk, as he observes his companion riffling through the pockets of an unconscious security guard.

The Soldier grunts in acknowledgement, causing Tony to beam proudly. It’s taken him a couple of days to get under his silent companion’s skin, but now they’re almost having something approaching an actual conversation. It’s great. One day soon, Soldier is gonna tell him his real name and they’re gonna be best friends and Soldier is gonna wave his huge gun at anyone who’s ever mean to Tony.

It’s gonna be amazing.

All in good time though. [It’s what Ana says when she’s baking cookies and he’s not allowed to try one until after they’ve cooled off a little–but Tony thinks the same rules apply probably apply for other things as well.]

For now Soldier is taking paintings off the wall and Tony is supposed to talk about The Rules.

Usually The Rules are set by his minder. Don’t disable the kitchen appliances, for example, or Don’t set my shoes on fire, I don’t care about what experiment you needed them for or Don’t sneak into your father’s lab or Don’t set anything on fire, ever.

It’s taken Tony less than four hours to figure out that Soldier isn’t very good with children though–which, Tony can totally relate, he isn’t very good with children either, his mother always tells her friends that with a mournful sigh. And because Tony can be nice and not be a brat, no matter what his father says, (and because he doesn’t want Soldier’s mother to sigh sadly at him) he’s decided to help the poor man out.

And it’s not like Soldier isn’t trying. He bought Tony a hot dog and a lollipop when he complained about being hungry–well, he’s never seen Soldier hand over any money, but Tony’s pretty sure the owner wouldn’t have just given them away, so he must have been sneaky about it. Soldier is very good at being sneaky.

He doesn’t seem to know about The Rules though, which is why it falls to Tony to make them up. That’s exactly what he’s explaining to Soldier now–though he still looks far more interested in the now bare wall.

Soldier makes another sound of acceptance.

“Great!” Tony carefully slips off the desk, then claps his hands together once. “The first rule is that you have to tell me why we’re committing a felony before we do it.”

Technically he’s stolen that line from a joke Aunt Peggy made a couple of weeks ago but he’s sure she won’t mind and it’s also kind of appropriate. “Don’t look at me like that,” he scowls when Soldier turns around to face him, “I just helped you break into a government facility, I’m not stupid,” Tony crosses his arms and frowns up at Soldier. “I’ve been in one before, you know?” Well, almost. It wasn’t Tony’s fault that the security didn’t check the entire car, and if his father hadn’t found him he would have made it.

Luckily Soldier is already losing interest, his gaze fixating on the bookshelves on the opposite site of the room. Tony spares a second to pity the books for their undignified end before he continues. 

“It’s not that it’s gonna stop us,” he feels the need to clarify, not that it isn’t obvious by now, because if there’s one thing his father has taught him is that laws need to be broken to get things done all the time. “But that way at least I have all the facts.”

Soldier doesn’t disagree, so Tony considers the motion passed.

“What are you looking for anyways?” He tilts his head to one side, watches his friend’s destructive actions with curiosity. “Oh, is it a hidden safe?”

When Soldier bars his teeth–Tony assumes it’s meant to be smile, if not a very good one–he whoops in excitement. This is so great! It’s like a treasure hunt, just with more people for Soldier to punch.

“You should check the desk,” Tony points out, eager to help. “It’s very sturdy, and not in the efficient way. And the-”

He doesn’t get to finish because Soldier slams his metal hand–his metal hand–down onto the surface of the desk and the wood just cracks, pieces flying everywhere. A few, thankfully pretty small ones, get stuck in Tony’s arms, but he’s too hyped up to feel the pain right now. 

Because this is so cool. Because he was right. And also because Soldier actually listened to him.

“See, this is what we have the first rule for!” Tony tries to sound reproachful but he suspects the giggles he can’t keep from spilling over his lips ruin that effect.

Then Soldier bends down and pulls something out of the mess–it doesn’t look very interesting, just a couple of those boring files Aunt Peggy carries around with her all the time–and his lips stretch into that terrible, terrible not-smile but his eyes are so bright, and really, Tony smiles pretty enough for the both of them anyways.

Soldier takes a step towards him to ruffle a hand through Tony’s hair almost gently and says, in actual words, “Good job, kid.”

The sound of yelling and heavy footsteps from further down the hall ruins the moment and Soldier reloads his machine gun and gestures for Tony to hide. It doesn’t work out too well, there are just too many men coming in and Soldier has to protect Tony too. In the end, there’s no other choice but to surrender–

By which Soldier apparently means slinging Tony over his shoulder like a sack of wiggly potatoes and jumping straight out of a five store building to the sound of screams and gunfire.

Best babysitter ever.

Yep, that’s literally it lol. Thoughts? Opinions? Anything you guys have to add?

people need to stop saying that the accords were bad because the Avengers were put in prison. Like have you even read the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights???? 

I am assuming most people haven’t so I’m just going to highlight a few things here: 

Article 5.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6.

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 7.

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 8.

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

Article 9.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 10.

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

Now, all UN legislation has to be compliant to these rights (among other things). Let me repeat that:  ALL UN LEGISLATION HAS TO BE COMPLIANT TO THESE RIGHTS. 

It is literally impossible for the Avengers to be imprisoned for a long period of time WITHOUT a trial. Yes, they can be held in jail until the date of a trial is set and then they can remain in jail until the day they are tried (just like any other human being). And yes, they need a higher level security prison to hold criminals that hold so much power, but, to assume that the Avengers were gonna be kept in that prison without a trial is literally laughable.

Now, since it is a high level prison, it is obvious that they have spent some time thinking where they would contain them. It is obvious that they were planning to use this jail if any of the Avengers actually went rogue, which in turn means the prison MUST pass the conditions established by human rights law across the world. 

So let’s break down the prison, shall we? 

The location is unknown but it is held underwater. This is not in violation to any rights, given that it does not break the “Accommodation for prisoners shall provide adequate cubic content of air, floor space, lighting, heating and ventilation” clause. The place has ventilation, will obviously have heating if needed, and lighting was rather good. The room sizes themselves were rather spacious, which, again, more than complies with International regulations. 

Next we see that the rooms themselves are reinforced, which comes as no surprise considering who they are dealing with. This too does not go against any clauses under the article  of Right to an Adequate Standard of Living. 

Then we have to consider Wanda’s collar. It seems to be able to give out an electrical charge if necessary to stop her from using her powers. Now, given that it is not actively harming her, nor is it affecting he mental capabilities, one could legally make the argument that it does not fall under torture as described under the charter (act by which severe physical or mental pain or suffering is intentionally inflicted on a person, other than that which is inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions). Of course, one could also argue that if this has been legally sanctioned, then the use of the collar is lawful and therefore does not break human rights laws. Not only that, but under the charter, strong forms of physical force ARE allowed IF the situation requires it (i.e. someone is trying to break out), but of course an investigation will follow to see if it was truly required. It is also important to note that, given the fact that they have not been given a trial as of yet, it is impossible to determine the legality of that damn thing so an argument could be made that it is indeed immoral (though, as I stated before, it cannot currently be said that it is torture). 

Apart from that, they have done nothing to these people. Let me repeat that: they have done NOTHING to the former avengers. 

Furthermore, the US secretary of State would NOT be in control of the prison and the fact that Ross decided to just incarcerate them there without giving the movie audience much of an explanation calls into question the very fact of its authenticity; meaning, we do not know if this is just Ross acting on his own. 

Regardless of whether it is Ross or not, governmental institutions are in their right to imprison those that have broken international law. Let me repeat that: Once international law has been broken, governments around the world have the right to take action and no, not because it is your favorite character means they don’t deserve to go to prison. 

Did the movie try to paint the prison in a bad light? Yes. Did the Russo brothers know about international law and actually thought through the viability of a prison like that? No they did not. Did they take the time to actually show us a more realistic process of legal processing? No, fuck no. Is it okay for them to have been imprisoned without trial? It actually is, IF a trial was promised and a date was set. You CANNOT legally imprison ANYONE unless they have had trial, so, again, the prison wasn’t so much a product of the Accords as it was just a physical show of the Russo’s vast ignorance and desire to produce cheap, idiotic and nonexistent issues. 

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Opening up a yoga studio turns out to be the best decision of Tony’s life. That is, if he doesn’t die from sexual frustration first.

The 5 phases of Tony Stark

Step 1: I feel guilty for this terrible thing that happened because of me.

Step 2: I should Do Something About It.

Step 3: I’m ignoring the advice of people that I love & trust and Doing the Thing.

Step 4:  world goes to shit.

Step 5:  Oops

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Summary: Failing a test and being forced to retake it, is never fun. Unless you have a little distraction to help.

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Studying (*cringes*)

A/N: I honestly love this idea sm. This has changed so many times before it finally got to this. It started off so completely different that I can’t help but wonder how it became this.

Word Count: 868


I hopped up and the counter and smiled sweetly down at Tony.

He sighed looking up at me with the ghost of a smirk on his face, “What’d you do?”

I batted my lashes innocently, “Me? Nothing. A better question is what I didn’t do.”

Tony watched me warily, “Y/N… Did you forget to study?”

I huffed, playing with the hem of my shirt, “No…”


“Fine I forgot!”

Tony sighed running his hand through his hair, “Y/N… What’d you get on the test?”

I hopped down from the counter and begin walking around his lab faking interest in random objects, “Oh what’s this?”


I sighed turning back around to face him, “I didn’t fail… But let’s just say I didn’t pass.”

Tony sighed,swiveling his chair around so he was fully facing me, “What did you get on the test?”

“Y/N… What did you get on this test?!”

“I - er - may have gotten a 50?”



“You got a 50 on this exam?! Is there any way for you to retake it?”

“Yes… my teacher came to talk to me-”

“Great. So you’re retaking the test. And the only thing you are allowed to do until then is study.”


“No buts. Now go upstairs and study I’m going to call your teacher and schedule the soonest day for you to retake this.”

I let out a small groan. “Tony! That’s not fair.”

He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest, “What’s not fair is the fact that you didn’t study the first time around and I’m still helping you out here. Now go study.”

I sighed making my way over to the door, “Fine,  fine.”

“I’m going to come check up on you! And you better be studying!”

I rolled my eyes as I left the room. I was Tony’s ‘niece’. My parents were his best friends and I always considered him an uncle. After they died, I moved in with some relatives trying to find the right fit. Tony, finally, took me under his wing and let me live in the tower with him. And, all the other avengers. To say I got into trouble was an understatement. I was basically always in trouble. It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, I had done something wrong. This is definitely a something I got from Tony. We’d, sometimes, both get into trouble together.

I made my way over to the kitchen where my way school bag was resting and set to work. About ten minutes I felt a breeze blow past me and then Pietro was sitting on the counter in front of me.

“Hello printessa.”

Pietro and I had been secretly dating for the past two months. The real reason why I failed? This man right here.

I looked up and smiled, “Hey Speedy. What’s up?”

His smirk faltered when he looked down at my notes, and books, “What’s all this?”

I sighed, “Studying. Honestly the worst.”

Pietro smiled, “Then why don’t we go have some fun? You can rest your mind for a little while.”

I gave him a sad smile, running my fingers through my hair, “I can’t. Tony is going to come check up on me any minute now.”

Pietro smirked, jumping down from his seat on the counter, to lean lazily against it, “Then why don’t we have some fun in here?”

I chuckled, standing up so I was, closer, to Pietro’s level, “What kind of ‘fun’ did you have in mind?”

Pietro grinned wickedly before crashing his lips to mine. He placed his hands on my hips, silently telling me to jump, and then he sat me down on the counter, standing between my legs, still kissing me.

I raked my fingers through his hair and gave it a little tug causing him to release a small moan. I took the chance and slipped my tongue into his mouth, as the fight for dominance began.


I pushed Pietro away and looked over at Tony.

“It’s not what it looks like!”

Tony huffed crossing his arms over his chest, “It looks like you and speedy were just making out on my kitchen counter while you were suppose to be studying.”

I shrugged innocently, “Then maybe it’s exactly what it looks like?”

Tony glared at the two of us, “How long has this been going on?”

“About two months?”

“You didn’t see that coming?”

I swatted Pietro in the arm and shot him a look, not helping.

Tony looked over at me, “You studying now.”

He moved his steely gaze over to Pietro, “You? Start doing what you do best. Run. And you better hope that I don’t catch you or-”

Pietro smirked, “Stalling are we?”

Then he ran off in the other direction leaving a blur of blue and silver in his wake.

Tony let out a frustrated huff and ran in the direction Pietro went in calling over his shoulder, “YOU BETTER BE STUDY WHEN I GET BACK!”

I chuckled, hopping off the counter and moving over to where all my books were. Pietro was totally dead. That is, if Tony can actually catch him.