but barry's been great

I am so in love with the dynamic between Barry and Iris now.

They’ve been great all season as a couple but last night felt like everything finally really clicked and they were perfect.

I love that Iris can be assertive with him, yet vulnerable.She can be brave and face her fears but at the same time break down and confess what scares her the most.  I love that he knows how to let her be strong, even when it terrifies him, but he also knows how to be strong enough for the both of them when he has to be.

I love that they can tease each other effortlessly. I love that they can go from being super serious one second to grinning like fools at each other in the next. I love that they show why your love of your life also being your best friend is a beautiful thing.

I love how tender they are with each other. The small touches that both actors add that were absent in their previous onscreen relationships makes a huge difference. The gentleness displayed when Barry strokes his fingers along her cheek to wipe away a tear, or rubs her back when they’re sitting on the couch together adds a level of intimacy that the show has been lacking.

I love that the way they are now (in some respects) is the way they should have been in 2A. I love that Iris is allowed to voice her fears and have somebody listen to her. I love that she’s not worried and crying by herself because she isn’t shown having someone to care for her. I love that Barry listened to her and he didn’t try and dismiss her fears. In fact, he’s encouraged her to acknowledge her feelings about the situation because he wants her to talk to him.

I love that even though Barry is sure Iris won’t die, he’s not cocky about it. He has had a real bad tendency in the past of being over-confident right up until things completely go to hell and then he’s humbled enough to realize that maybe he doesn’t know it all or he isn’t fast enough. This time around though, he isn’t doing that. He’s sure that Iris won’t die, yes, but I believe that’s because he’s already made his mind up that he’ll do whatever he has to do to make sure that won’t happen. Failure is not an option for him. With that being said though, he’s not cocky about Iris’ life. Figuring out a solution to save her is not something he approaches lightly. He doesn’t catch an attitude when Julian rudely tells him that he’s not fast enough, he won’t be fast enough and therefore he will fail. He just starts calculating for himself and he realizes that Julian is right. Old Barry would have worked to prove him wrong, now he takes the criticism and turns into something constructive that will help save Iris. This ultimately proves that this truly is about saving her and not about him.

All in all Westallen has just gotten better and better and better and better as the weeks have gone on and I feel like they’ve finally hit their stride. They have found the perfect mix of sexy, sweet, tender and emotional and the actors sell it flawlessly.


Special Agent Barry Allen was thrilled when he was assigned to guarding Mayor Snart of Central City. But the ‘perfect leader’ image he had of the mayor shatters soon after he starts working for the man –don’t get him wrong the mayor is intelligent, hard-working, and cares for the people with all his might– but he is, also, a complete dickhead! He keeps treating him like a servant. Barry has to constantly remind him that he is a special agent assigned to protect him god dammit, his job does not entitle getting the man breakfast!

Somehow along the way and after spending too many nights cooped up in the mayor’s library with him –because the man is a workaholic, who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of sleep, something which Barry had commented on once and felt pride swell up inside him when the mayor’s reply had been ‘I’ll sleep when my people can sleep safely’– Barry finds himself caring deeply for the man day by day, he’s still an asshole but Barry can now recognize the mask and understand the necessity of it.

When Iris’ birthday rolls up, Barry asks for the day off and Leonard grants it for him –he’d met the CCPD Captain before, and he won’t admit it to Barry, but he is terrified of her wrath, so he’s not gonna be blamed for keeping her best friend away on her birthday.

The day had been going great, Barry was enjoying the fact that he can have a drink without worrying too much about jeopardizing the job, when his phone buzzes, it’s Len and he chuckles–he should have known better than to expect for the man to let him have the entire day for himself– It takes him more than he’d like to admit to realize what he’s seeing, he blinks and blinks, breath stuck in his throat, but the video keeps playing, Len’s face staring up at him while someone is beating him to a pulp.

By the time he’d managed to show Iris the video –and he’s never been more grateful for her ability to switch into her calm Captain mode– they’re trying to trace the video and he’s jumping with nerves because he knows he needs to be out there looking for Len, he wants –needs– to do something other than sit and stare at the video over and over and over again.

30 minutes pass and they still have nothing, they’re still doing nothing and he loses it, he manages to punch Anderson and scream at everyone in the precinct before Iris drags him out demanding that he takes a walk, he starts yelling but then she hugs him and he breaks and cries and cries and cries until he’s shaking.

“I just want to find him.” He rasps, and she strokes his back whispering “I know, Barry. I know.”


Or the Guarding Tess AU nobody asked for.

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Aww man, you know what would of been such an excellent line? If Snart had said to Barry at King Shark's cell, "Oh I see. You didn't just recruit me for my skills as a thief, did you? You wanted a partner who wouldn't mind winding up being the BAIT!" ("Huffs* Alas, what a wasted opportunity)

it def would have been a great callout to snart baiting, but barry?? using someone as bait???? neverr…… *cough* it happens like biweekly

i’m really glad we got the murdery line though, like what an icon. 

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Pre-slash Coldflash Merlin AU

Anyone else watched BBCs Merlin?  Yes?  Okay, hear me out then, a Merlin AU where Lewis is the hated king of Camelot and Len and Lisa are the prince and princess.   Not only is Lewis selfish and cruel but due to the risk they pose to his power, he’s sentenced all those with powers, ‘metas’, to death, calling them dangerous and wicked and feeding fear amongst his people.

Leonard knows what his father is doing isn’t quite right but in order to remain heir to the throne he has to go along with his father’s madness, creating a persona that to most of his subjects his temperament appears distant and frosty, earning him the nickname ‘The Cold Prince’.  The one thing he and his father agree on, however, is that metas are dangerous.  After all, one killed his mother.

 Then enter Barry Allen, a young man with powers of his own who was told by his future self that his destiny was far greater than farming on a little village, hiding away from those who sought to kill him.  He goes to Camelot, finding a man called Harrison Wells (his future self told him to go to him) to whom he accidently reveals his powers.  Fortunately, Harrison has very similar powers of his own and along with his other charges, Cisco and Caitlin, promises to teach Barry how to use and hone them properly.  

Of course, Harrison doesn’t expect Barry to immediately find the Prince on the first day, which he does completely by accident.  He’d just witnessed the execution of a meta like him, only a young boy who apparently could move objects with his mind, when he turns and bumps into a knight.  He’s smiling, looking pleased at the proceedings, and Barry can’t help but get angry and begins to yell at the man, explaining that all life is precious and surely powers aren’t as dangerous as everyone thinks (only just managing to avoid exposing himself).  

It’s once Barry’s calmed down that the knight explains that he is in fact, the crown prince of Camelot and Barry earns himself a night of imprisonment and a day in the stocks.  Considering that Leonard is the man he is supposed to protect and see become a great king, Barry can’t say it’s been a fantastic start.

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Best friends // Barry Allen

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: The Flash

Word count: 701

A/N:  English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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You know what it is to be in love with someone and he does not love you in return? And worse, he tells you that he always liked your best friend.

And if you have never felt anything like it, I envy you totally, because this feeling of jealousy and sadness can seize your body and take the control.

Barry Allen has been a great friend for most my short life, we were together from primary school to university, we work together, at times we go out to lunch or dinner, yes, our relationship is not as strong as what he has with Iris. Oh, Iris, my perfect best friend, hardworking, beautiful, intelligent, the whole package of good things, and I, only a slow girl and a little clumsy with pale skin and freckles all over my face. In a word, pathetic, I do not blame Barry for not noticing me.

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I genuinely believe having Barry and Felicity date for a little bit would have done wonders for both shows, Westallen, and Olicity.

First, Barry and Felicity, despite having feelings for other people, are obviously attracted to one another and have great chemistry. They openly admitted to being perfect for each other. However, neither of them can be with the person they love. It would have been interesting and touching to see them try to be help each other see if they can even move on from Iris and Oliver. (Plus, no needing to think of clever cover stories when they have to go off and do superhero stuff!)

Imagine how cute it would have been. Their little babble conversations. Their science talk when they’re on and off screen. Imagine Felicity’s cute “I have a type” moment being when Barry figures out he can use the salmon ladder with his speed. 

But then imagine Iris’s reaction. How happy she would be at first because she loves Felicity and thinks she’s perfect for Barry. But then suddenly Barry is available to her less often. Iris realizing that she might be getting jealous, but accepting it because she loves Barry and wants him to be happy. Iris’s reaction when she finds out Barry is the Flash and eventually figures out that Felicity knew before her. 

Then there’s Oliver, who is so convinced that “guys like him” don’t get the girl, having to see and deal with the fact that Barry can be a superhero and get the girl. Oliver trying to make up excuses about how it’s different because Barry has powers or because it’s a long distance relationship. Oliver eventually having to accept that his excuses are bullshit.

And eventually something happening in one or both of the shows that leads to Barry and Felicity breaking up because they realize they’re never going to be able to move on from the other person. And then having to work together at some point and having it be slightly awkward, but because they’re both such awkward people it becomes super awkward to the point where it’s no longer awkward. And, in the end, they just end up closer friends because they were able to be there and help each other out when they needed it.

Iris West Week Day 6: Stories that could have been great Part 1: The Iris/Barry/Linda Love "Triangle"

a.k.a. 11-15 with more Iris and less gross writing for female characters

On the show: Barry meets Linda after karaoke with Caitlin, and asks her out. He shows up on Picture News for their date and Iris feels jealous (?) and when Linda asks for advice on Barry’s elusiveness, Iris implies that Barry is in love with her. Barry tells Iris that she doesn’t want him and she doesn’t want anyone to have him, and basically tells her to stay out of his relationship and that he doesn’t have feelings for her. Later, the two couples (Iris+Eddie & Barry+Linda) double date at the bowling rink and Iris and Barry behave inappropriately around each other. Eddie and Linda call Iris out on this, both telling her that she has feelings for Barry.

So my AU imagining got really long & goes under the cut. But I wanted something that rather than a stupid love triangle that makes Barry out to be God’s gift to women and two hot women fighting over him, I wanted a story-line that prioritised Iris/Linda’s friendship, showed the strain between Iris/Barry post-Confession without making Iris out to be a dog-in-the-manger, also gave Iris/Caitlin some moments (because really show, why can’t these two women be friends?), brought back Iris/and-the-Flash, and moved Iris’s role in the Harrison Wells/Man-in-Yellow investigation forward.

Disclaimer: I don’t remember the non-Iris plots for 10-14 very well.

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Accident Prone, chapter 9 (a Baldo fic)

Chapter 8

Barry knew he wanted to tell Naldo how he felt. In fact. Barry was actually really excited to tell Naldo. He already knew that Naldo had feelings for him, so there was nothing to be scared of. Everything would be great.

That’s what Barry kept telling himself, anyway. But deep down he knew it wasn’t true. Maybe things would work out and he and Naldo could be together, and that would be amazing. But Barry knew that wouldn’t be the end of his problems. He had always been a bit of a worrier, and he couldn’t help stressing over how other people would react when they knew the two boys were a couple.

Even though Barry wasn’t popular by any means, he wasn’t actively disliked by his peers. They were indifferent to him. But that would probably change if they knew Barry was dating a boy, wouldn’t it? They would look at him differently. They would judge him. Barry tried not to spend too much time dwelling on what other people would think of him, but as a high schooler, these things did affect his life a great deal. He couldn’t just shrug off the feelings like they didn’t matter.

He figured he should just take things one step at a time, so he didn’t get overwhelmed by the stress. First things first, he had to tell Naldo how he felt. No more putting it off. It was time.

So when Barry woke up the next morning, he rushed to the lab. He wanted to tell Naldo as soon as possible. He was so ready. It seemed like hours before Naldo finally arrived, but it was actually probably only a few minutes. Barry was just so eager to share his feelings that the time seemed to crawl. Barry laughed at that thought. He couldn’t remember any other time when he has been so excited to share his feelings. Usually it made him uncomfortable to talk about how he was feeling. But not now. Not with Naldo.

When Naldo walked in the door, Barry beamed at him. Naldo immediately smiled back. “You’re in a good mood,” he commented, heading over to the counter Barry was leaning against.

“I am.” Barry held each of Naldo’s hands in his own. “I have something to tell you.”

Naldo’s smile grew. Was this going where he thought it was going? It had to be, right? Why else would Barry be holding his hands? Why else would Barry’s eyes be twinkling like that? This was it, wasn’t it? Naldo’s heart was beating so fast he could almost hear it.

Barry took a deep breath. “I love you, Renaldo. More than a friend. More than I ever thought I could love anybody.” His eyes were filling up with tears, but his smile grew wider by the word. “I am in love with you. And I’m sorry it took me so long to see that.”

Naldo’s eyes were also beginning to water. “What changed? A couple days ago you just wanted to be friends.”

“A couple days ago I was scared,” Barry admitted. “I didn’t want our friendship to change. I didn’t want anything to change. You know I’ve always been afraid of losing you.”

Naldo cupped Barry’s cheek and wiped away a tear. “You don’t have to be afraid of that. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I know.” Barry’s voice was watery with sobs, but his smile was bigger than ever. “And I’m so happy.”

“Me too.” Naldo wrapped his arms around Barry and squeezed him tight. “So we’re doing this?”

Barry pulled slightly away from the hug, still loosely clinging onto Naldo. “We’re doing this.” He held Naldo’s face in his hands and leaned in. This kiss was less urgent than their first one. It was less out of desperation and more out of happiness. It was two boys in love, showing that love as deeply as they could. Barry put everything he had into the kiss, and Naldo gave everything he had in return. Both boys were still crying, but they had never felt happier.

Eventually Naldo pulled back to catch his breath. He looked into Barry’s eyes and saw that they were now dry. He saw how happy Barry was, and it made him feel incredible. It was wonderful to know that he could be the cause of that happiness. He never wanted this feeling to go away. So he leaned back in and kissed Barry again, this time quickly and sweetly. “Hey,” he whispered, inched from Barry’s lips. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Barry whispered back, catching Naldo’s lips in his own once more. His heart was so full, and he felt downright euphoric. He had forgotten everything he had been worrying about earlier. It didn’t matter what anyone thought or what they said. All that mattered was that Barry and Naldo were together now.

“Hey, we should tell Cyd and Shelby,” Naldo suggested a few minutes later when the boys had settled into the booth, both sitting on the same side so they could be as close as possible.

Barry agreed. Even if he was still a little nervous about how people at school would react, he at least knew that their friends would be thrilled for them. Cyd and Shelby should be arriving at the lab pretty soon anyway, and now the boys would have good news to share when they got there.

“Hey guys,” Cyd greeted when she and Shelby entered the RV about 20 minutes later. Barry was leaning against the counter, looking like he was trying to appear casual, and Naldo was sitting on the edge of the booth, his feet rapidly tapping the ground. “Everything okay?” she asked her friends. She knew about the kiss from a few days ago, but Naldo had told her the awkwardness had passed. So why were the boys acting so jittery?

“Yep, everything’s great,” Naldo beamed. “Better than great, actually. We have some news.” He stood up and joined Barry by the counter.

Shelby grabbed Cyd’s hand excitedly. Was this happening? Had Barry finally realized he had feeling for Naldo? After hearing about the kiss, Shelby had been disappointed that Barry had insisted the boys just be friends. But she knew that wouldn’t last. Maybe Barry wasn’t sure how he felt, but it was clear to Shelby and Cyd. The way he looked at Naldo gave it all away. The boy was in love, whether he knew it or not.

Cyd squeezed Shelby’s hand. Had Barry admitted his feelings to Naldo? How great! All that Cyd wanted was for her friends to be happy, so she had been very upset when Naldo had told her that Barry didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Cyd had been sure that Barry was just in denial, but she didn’t tell Naldo, because if she got his hopes up for nothing she would have felt terrible. But secretly she hoped Barry would eventually admit to himself and to the others that he loved Naldo just like Naldo loved him. Had that day already come? Cyd was so pleased.

And the girls were even more excited when their hunch was confirmed. Barry placed Naldo’s hand in his own and interlocked their fingers. “Renaldo and I are together now,” he announced, looking quickly to Naldo and then facing the girls.

“Ah, really?” Shelby exclaimed, at the same time Cyd burst out, “It’s about time!” The boys laughed and moved forward to hug their friends, who wrapped their arms around them in delight.

“We’re so happy for you!” Cyd said as they all pulled away from the hug. “How did it happen?”

“Well really, it was all Renaldo,” Barry replied. “If he hadn’t kissed me the other day, I’m afraid I never would have admitted how I felt. I was in such deep denial because I was so afraid of losing him.”

“But then when he kissed you, you still didn’t admit how you felt,” Shelby pointed out.

“I know, it was stupid. I just… I never let myself believe that Naldo could feel that way about me. So when it happened, I was so shocked.”

Naldo laughed. “I never let myself think that you would feel the same way about me,”he admitted.

“So I guess we’re both to blame for how long it took,” Barry offered.

“Yeah, for geniuses, you’re both pretty stupid,” Cyd declared.

“I wish I had realized how I felt sooner,” Barry said. “But you know I’ve never been great at reading feelings. Even my own.”

“It’s okay,” Naldo assured him. “It took me a long time to figure out my feelings, too. We’re just slow on the uptake. But all that matters is that we’re together now.” He brought Barry’s hand to his lips and placed on a kiss on the boy’s knuckles.

Barry lay his head on Naldo’s shoulder. He had never felt so content in his life. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He was in love with his best friend, and the feeling was mutual. They were together now, and they were so happy. Barry never could have imagined this life for himself when he was younger. But now he had it, and he was never going to let it go.


I’m so sorry it took my so long to write this chapter! I’ve been a bit busy, but once I got a message today requesting an update, I got to work on it! I hope you like it!

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24 coldflash?

Coldflash telepathic bond:

Traditionally, soulbonds only appear after you’ve had physical contact that once-in-a-lifetime ‎person at the right moment in time, whether it’s someone you had known for ages finally changing to be what could be your perfect half or a stranger on the street.

But they have also been known to happen in moments of great stress.

Barry used to think Iris was his soulmate-yet-to-be. Now he knows better.

Barry doesn’t know who “Len” is, or what he looks like, but that’s not important. He knows Len is an adult. He knows Len is a thief. He know that Len loves deeply and passionately, but that he keeps a tight lid on his emotions to the public for fear of showing weakness. He knows there’s a Lisa (sibling?) and a Mick (best friend?). g

He knows, because he’s been able to hear Len’s thoughts since he was eleven. Not clearly, of course: like an internal monologue by someone in the next room over, a voice that rises and falls, that sometimes he can hear - when he really needs to - and that sometimes he can’t because he’s okay on his own. Most of the time it’s extremely mumbled. It doesn’t matter; the fact that it’s there by itself helps a lot.

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WestAllen + wedding

Bartholomew Henry Allen and Iris Ann West

request the pleasure of your company

at the celebration of their union

Sunday, the seventh of May,

two thousand and twenty four

at eleven o'clock in the morning

4562 Central Bay, Central City.

“Where is my tie?” Barry asked, a panicked look on his face, “I can’t get married without a tie!”

“Uhhh…weren’t you wearing it like a minute ago?” Ronnie asked as he fiddled with his bow tie, “Cisco?” he asked the younger man who was fidgeting in front of the mirror in his tuxedo.

Cisco shrugged, “Don’t look at me, I haven’t seen it,” he muttered, tugging at his suit jacket, “Who’s idea was it to get married on the beach? Wearing a monkey suit no less?”

“For real?” Barry cried, “You guys are supposed to be my best men! Find me a tie!”

Both Cisco and Ronnie took a step back from the stressed out groom.

“Barry, just whoosh over to your place and get a replacement, it’s faster that way,” Cisco said, his voice calm, “And you need to stop panicking bro.”

“Panicking? Pfft! Who’s panicky? Not me…” Barry replied, trying to get his heart rate down, “I’m not panicking,” he repeated his statement firmly looking at the wary looks on both his friends faces.

Both he and Iris had decided on an outdoor wedding, and luckily they had managed to rent a beach house near a secluded corner of the Central City beach. And it was a beautiful spring day, the decorations had all been put up; an arch covered with white orchids had been designated as the altar, facing the ocean.



“Oliver! Felicity! Great to see you guys!” he exclaimed as he walked towards the beach, “Where’s Rose?” he asked, referring to their two-year old daughter, “You brought her didn’t you?”

“Of course we did,” Felicity replied, grinning, “Why aren’t you wearing a tie Barry?” she asked, already digging through her purse, “Here,” she said, handing him a black silk skinny tie, “I came prepared.”

“Oh thank God,” Barry exclaimed, relief evident in his voice, “I was afraid I had to go back to my apartment just for another one.”

“Where did you lose your tie?” Oliver asked, looking at the younger man in mild amusement, “Never mind, don’t answer that,” he replied hastily, before Barry could launch into a sad explanation.

“I’m going to see Iris,” Felicity announced, “Barry, go do something to that mop on your head you call hair,” she said, narrowing her eyes at her friend, “This is supposed to be a formal event.”

“I was going for a windswept look,” Barry protested, “Besides, I look good like this.”

“Who told you that?” Oliver asked him, his eyes following Felicity as she walked away from the two men.


“Wow! Iris, you look fantastic!” Felicity exclaimed as she looked at the bride, “Rose, tell Aunty Iris how pretty she looks,” she told the two year old who was smiling at her mother, making a tremendous effort to grab on the long dangling earrings Felicity was wearing.

Iris laughed, “Thank you Felicity, how’s Barry doing?” she asked as she slipped into her white pumps, “He’s not nervous is he?”

“Barry is the last thing from nervous, trust me-”

“Hey baby girl, you ready?” Joe’s voice interrupted them as he entered the room, “It’s almost time.”

Iris took a deep breath as she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror, “As ready as I’ll ever be.”


Take a big sip of the champagne, Cisco breathed in the salty ocean breeze, enjoying a moment of peaceful of relaxation. The wedding had gone off without a hitch; Barry not tripping down the aisle being a huge bonus point.

“Hell yeah,” Ronnie grinned, clinking his glass with Cisco, as Caitlin took the other seat, “Here’s to being the best best men.”

Cisco snorted, “I’m pretty sure I was the main best man.”

“Yeah right, you lose points for crying during their vows,” Ronnie said, smirking.

“Yeah…well, Caitlin was crying too!” he accused as the woman rolled her eyes, “I’m a woman, and I basically have a right to cry at weddings,"Catlin said, "What’s your excuse?”

“There was sand in my eye,” Cisco said stubbornly, refusing to look at the couple as he took another sip of the champagne.


When the DJ announced that it was time for the cake-cutting, Barry’s face lit up as he dragged a giggling Iris towards the four-tiered chocolate cake.

“My turn,” Barry said as he quickly swallowed the rich confection, a knowing smile on his face as he moved towards Iris, who glanced at his expression and jerked away from him.

“What’s the matter Iris?” he asked, his voice lacked with mock confusion, “Don’t you want to taste the cake?”

“Barry, no!” Iris exclaimed, moving away from him again, knowing full well that he wanted her to have cake all over her face, “Ahhh!” she squealed as he caught her by the waist, a wicked grin on his face.

“Barry! I swear you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight,” she warned him, her words having the opposite effect on him as she squealed again and tried to wriggle free of his grasp, but to no avail.

“It’ll be worth it,” he grinned, as he took a small piece and smashed it on her face, laughing at her expression.

“I’ve got it in my nose you jerk!” she exclaimed, laughing as he tried to wipe it off with a napkin, “I’ll get you back for this,” she mock-threatened, a big smile on her face, “I’m serious!”

“You know that you have to catch me right? Me? The fastest man alive?”


He cut her off, kissing her thoroughly, cake and all. His lips moved smoothly along hers, his tongue slipping into her mouth as he almost lifted her up.

Save it for tonight you too!“ Joe yelled, causing the entire wedding party to break into laughter.

Both of them smiled, sheepish looks on their faces as Joe looked at them with a slightly disgruntled expression on his face.


"I’m really happy,” Iris whispered as they sat on the front porch of the beach house, both of them staring out at the ocean.

Barry tightened his arm around her waist, “Me too,” he said as he pressed a kiss to her hair, what was once up in an elaborate bun, now tumbling past her shoulder in waves.

“You wanna take a walk on the beach?” he asked her as he stood up, tugging her along with him, “C'mon, the weather’s perfect right now,” he said as he glanced at the full moon in the cloudless sky.

“My dress will be ruined,” she said, looking regretfully at the expanse of white silk, “Wait, this part of the beach is private right?” she asked, quickly unhooking the buttons on the side as he nodded his head.

“What…are you doing?” he said, mentally kicking himself when he realized that his voice was much higher than normal.

Iris rolled her eyes, “Relax Bear, I’m not going to skinny dip on my wedding night,” she said,shimmying out of the dress, “I’m wearing a slip under this. See?” she said, pointing to a white silk slip that came up to mid thigh.

Putting his jacket around her shoulders, she slipped her hand into his, as they walked along the shore.

“Did I tell you that you looked beautiful today?” Barry asked her as the gentle waves lapped at his feet, “Because you do.”

She smiled at him, reaching on her tip-toes to kiss him; clinging helplessly to him as Barry pushed down, the pressure of their lips melding together in delicious sensations that sent shivers of delight up and down her spine. Barry’s lips moved effortlessly against hers even as he pushed harder, deeper and achingly slick.

“I think we might want to move this indoors,” Barry mumbled as they grew apart for air. Before Iris could even nod her head, she was placed on the bed, Barry hovering over her, a smirk on his face, “I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite part of the wedding,” he said, as his hand caressed her inner thigh.

“You and me both,” Iris replied, a matching smirk on her face.


Olivarry Week | Day One | Barry working for the SCPD

Barry held the black arrow up to the light, eyes tracing over the lethal edge of the tip down the metal shaft and ominously colored fletching at the bottom. After the night of the Christmas Hostages - horrid name, really, but even Barry could admit it had a level of comic-esque badass-ness to it - he’d be happy if he never saw such an arrow again. Unlikely, of course, given the Dark Archer had it out for the Starling City Vigilante, and the man in the green hood was very much Barry’s business. Had been since Detective Lance had pulled him onto the Vigilante Taskforce.

Which meant a front row seat to all the Hood’s latest endeavors, something Barry just couldn’t argue with, even if it also meant he had to ‘clean up the mess’ as it were.

And even sometimes, like tonight, it meant playing a game of wits with the Hood himself.

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Accident Prone, chapter 2 (a Baldo fic)

Chapter 1 here (although you don’t have to read it to understand this chapter)

Naldo closed his locker and slung his backpack over his shoulder. It was the next day at school, and the bell was about to ring for first period. Before Naldo could make his way to his class, Barry ran up to him excitedly.

“Renaldo, I have great news!” Barry exclaimed, coming to a stop seconds before he would have collided with Naldo.

“They’re making a sequel to Crabnormal Behavior?!” Naldo asked excitedly. Man, he loved that movie! And anything Vance Carroway did, obviously.

“No,” Barry returned bluntly. “It’s something even better, if you can imagine it!” Here he gave a slight eye roll. He loved Naldo, but his taste in movies was still questionable. “You know those novelty t shirts you design? The ones with the fake state names?”

“Of course,” Naldo replied. “Stencilvania is for tracing.”

“Yes, and New Pork is for eating the other white meat,” Barry smiled back. “Well, it turns out there’s a market for them! We can sell them and make money to update the lab!”

Naldo frowned. “I don’t want to sell them, Barry. They weren’t supposed to be for profit. They were supposed to be something fun, between you and me.”

Barry sighed. “Renaldo, please. The shirts can still be something for us, but isn’t it the right thing to do to share our fun thing with the world? You’re always talking about doing the right thing.”

“Well in this case, the right thing is not selling the shirts, because I’m asking you not to,” Naldo said somberly, and then walked away without waiting for an answer from Barry.

Barry just stood there in thought for a moment. He hated that he had upset Naldo, but he really didn’t get what the big deal was. Why did he and Naldo have to keep the shirts between them? Were they really such a special thing to Naldo, that he didn’t want to share them with anyone else?

That struck a chord with Barry. If Naldo was so unwilling to share his shirts with anyone, yet he shared them with Barry, that must mean that Barry was pretty special to him. This thought made Barry smile, and suddenly he wasn’t so upset about losing out on a chance to make money.

Meanwhile, Naldo was sitting in math class, wishing he hadn’t been so harsh with Barry. Naldo knew that Barry wasn’t always great with understanding emotions and human connections, so he probably didn’t understand why it was important that Naldo wanted to share his hobby with him. Naldo figured he ought to explain. He pulled out his phone to text Barry, but noticed he already had a text waiting on his phone screen. It was from Barry, and it read Renaldo, I’m sorry I tried to push you into selling your shirts. I get that they’re just a hobby for you, and you never wanted to share them with the world. But it means a lot to me that you would share them with me. Thank you.

Naldo smiled. Maybe Barry was getting better at picking up on social cues. Could it be that Naldo was rubbing off on him? Naldo didn’t have much time to dwell on this thought, because suddenly he noticed the teacher, Miss Gannon, leaning over his desk. “No phones in class, Naldo. Sorry, but I’m going to have to give you a detention slip.” She handed him a pink piece of paper, and Naldo dejectedly took it.

At the same time, Barry was being handed a pink slip for being late for his music class. He didn’t realize he had dawdled in the hall for so long. Darn it. He had never had detention before. And he really didn’t want to stay later after school. He had work to do in his lab.

Barry was less upset when he arrived in his next class and saw that Renaldo had also gotten a pink slip. At least they would be in detention together.

“Sorry, Renaldo,” Barry whispered as the teacher gave them instructions on how to complete their work. “You wouldn’t have detention if I hadn’t texted you.”

Naldo shook his head. “No, I got my phone out before I even knew you had texted me. I wanted to apologize for getting so mad at you. I overreacted.”

“You didn’t,” Barry assured him, patting his shoulder. “We can find another way to make money for the lab. A way that doesn’t involve selling something that you design just for fun. I didn’t mean to turn your hobby into something corporate.”

“I know,” Naldo replied, smiling at his friend. “I’m not mad at you. We’re good.” The two boys shook hands. “Oh, by the way, I’m going to be late getting home today.”

Barry chuckled. “I know, Renaldo. You’ll be in detention. So will I.”

“That’s a relief. I don’t know what I would have done if I had to spend an hour without you,” Naldo joked. Barry laughed, but there really wasn’t much fallacy in what Naldo was saying. Barry couldn’t remember a time the two of them had gone more than an hour without talking to each other.

“Are we too codependent?” Barry asked, pondering the thought. Should the boys spend some time apart from each other?

“Probably, but I don’t care,” Naldo replied easily. He had other friends, of course. But none of them were as important to him as Barry. He could probably get by without them if he had to. No, he definitely could. But not Barry. Naldo needed him. And he was fine with that. Because he knew Barry needed him, too.

Barry was relieved that Naldo didn’t mind that the boys were possibly too close. Sometimes he worried about that. He worried that Naldo would realize how many other people there were out there, that could probably be better friends to him than Barry was. That he didn’t need to spend so much time with Barry, because the world had a lot more to offer. Barry never realized how insecure he was until it made him think about possibly losing Naldo.

“Hey Barry, what are you thinking about?” Naldo asked, noticing his friend hadn’t said anything in a while. He looked like he was mulling something over.

“You said yesterday that I would always have you,” Barry said thoughtfully. “You promise, right?”

“Of course,” Naldo answered, nodding. “You don’t have to worry about me going anywhere, Barry. You’re my best friend, and I’m not going to leave you. Ever.”

Barry nodded in reply, looking slightly relieved. “Good. I just… worry sometimes, I guess. I feel like you’re gonna realize one day that you can do better than me.”

Naldo looked appalled. “Barry, I had no idea you thought like that! You don’t have to worry, buddy! I’m not ever gonna realize that I can do better than you, because I can’t! You’re the best there is! You’re the only best friend I ever want to have.” He grabbed Barry’s hand and squeezed it in reassurance.

Barry could feel his face getting hot. He didn’t like getting all emotional like this, but for some reason, Naldo brought it out in him. “Me too, Renaldo,” he said, hugging his friend. He didn’t know how long the hug lasted, but he did know that by the time it ended, the bell had rung and their classmates had all fled the classroom. Whoops.

Not only had they not noticed the bell ringing, but they also missed their classmates staring at them confusedly for several seconds after the ringing had stopped, before they finally left the boys behind and made their way into the hallway.    


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(requested by spicandspan89)

As many times as we saw Joe and Barry have heart to heart convos, Iris and Joe FINALLY have a good one in the finale and you cut that?

Now every other scene I’ve seen, I can understand why it was cut (even the Baby Westallen adorable ass scene), but I think they should have made room for that Joe and Iris scene in the finale. It was one of the few times we really got to see them interact and got to see Joe actually LISTENING to Iris. And the fact that someone other than Barry told Iris that she was a good writer would have been great to see. 

That’s the one scene I’ve seen so far that I’m pissed they cut. And Candice and Jesse SOLD the hell out of that scene. 

Now, why are there not tons of gifs yet? 

Olicity fic, one-shot.

All right kids, this is my first crack at writing Olicity. I hope you like it! Right now the piece is untitled, but I’m open to suggestions! And a very special thank you to oliverqueensies for the great feedback! 

Two months had passed since the near-disaster at Sebastian Blood’s Unity Rally, and though they’d put Shrapnel away for his crimes, Oliver still had no new developments on the man in the skull mask, or anything at all related to Mirakuru. Since defeating Cyrus Gold in the weeks  prior to the rally, Brother Blood, as he would come to be known, had all but disappeared. 

Oliver and Diggle spent most nights patrolling the streets of Starling City in hopes that someone, somewhere would know something, but so far they’d come up empty. And Felicity, much to Oliver’s vexation, continued splitting her time with he and Diggle in Starling City, and with Barry, who’d awoken from his coma shortly after the Unity Rally, in Central City.

After a particularly uneventful evening on patrol, Oliver sent Diggle home early and headed back to the Foundry to let off some of his frustrations on the salmon ladder. He made his way down the stairs, and a small smile crossed his lips at the sound of Felicity typing away on her computers. He knew she liked watching him work out, and he didn’t know why, but knowing her eyes were on him always made him train just a little harder. 

“Oliver,” Felicity said, turning her chair to face the glass case where he stopped to hang his bow and quiver before pulling the leather gloves from his fingers. “Hey.. I didn’t think you’d be back tonight.”

He lifted his head at the unnaturally high sound of her voice. When he turned to study her expression he realized that she seemed nervous. He couldn’t remember the last time, outside of working an op in the field, that Felicity acted nervous in front of him. “You all right?” he asked, as removed the his mask and turned back away from her to place it inside its case. That damn mask - Aside from the custom bow Felicity had made while he was back on Lian Yu, It was probably the most effective addition to his Arrow gear, which irritated Oliver, considering he was still trying very hard not to like Barry Allen. 

Oliver was lost in his own thoughts when she answered his question, which is why he was certain he’d misheard the words that spilled from her mouth. He froze in place, and his breath caught in his throat. He could feel Felicity’s eyes boring into his back as her words washed over him, and he was immediately thankful she couldn’t see the expression that played on his face in that moment. The green leather of his Arrow suit suddenly felt too tight, and he pressed the palms of his hands against the cool metal of the table in the front of him for balance before clearing his throat. “He asked you to what?”

Felicity noticed the muscles in his neck tense, and she willed him to turn and face her. When he didn’t, she responded tentatively, “He asked me to move to Central City.”

After another moment, Oliver turned and leaned back against the table, giving Felicity an unreadable expression. “I didn’t realize your relationship with Barry was that serious,” he said evenly.

“It’s not. I mean, it is. Or, it could be, maybe, if we ever spent more than a day or two together at a time,” she said shaking her head and gesturing around the Foundry. “You know what I mean. What we do makes it sort of hard to keep an active social calendar.”

“Do you want to move to Central City,” Oliver asked, tilting his head down slightly to catch her gaze.

Felicity sighed and fussed with the hem of her green cardigan.  She was afraid to look up at him, sure that if she did her eyes would give away how badly she wanted him to ask her to stay. "I’ve considered it, sure. I mean, it would probably be really great – because Barry is really great – but I’ve been trying to think of ways for me to be there and be here, and besides the fact that it’s a really long commute, you don’t exactly have a plethora of IT experts on hand to help you and Diggle catch the bad guys.”

Oliver opened his mouth to speak, but she waved him off and continued,” Not that you need me, per say. I just mean that it’s probably really helpful having me, er..someone, here to..”

“Felicity,” Oliver said, trying to gain her attention. He waited a few seconds, and when she kept rambling he moved forward, closing the gap between his spot at the table and where she sat at her computer. He put his hand on her shoulder, a gesture he intended to be comforting, though he wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t just because in that moment he wanted, no needed, to touch her.

"Felicity,” he said again in that low, soft voice that always made her stomach tumble inside of itself. She smiled slightly and relaxed under the warmth of his hand.

"You should go,” he said quietly, not taking his eyes from hers. “You should go and be with Barry.”

Confusion and something Oliver couldn’t quite distinguish – rejection, maybe? – washed over Felicity’s face. She sat back in her chair, causing his grasp on her shoulder to slip.

“You.. you want me to go? What about the mission? What about Digg?” She hesitated, looking down at her hands before continuing, “What about you?”

“Of course I don’t want you to go,” Oliver said, willing his reserve to remain intact. It would be far too easy to tell her exactly why she shouldn’t go so he chose his next words carefully, “But just because I’ve chosen this life, this mission, doesn’t mean you have to do the same,” He’d decided long ago that what he felt for Felicity had to remain locked away. Working with him already put her in harm’s way more times than he’d care to admit.

Pushing her away, pushing her toward Barry, felt like a punch to his gut, but he had to do it. He knew he couldn’t ask her to stay here with him when she could have a man who would give her everything he couldn’t. “The work you do here with Diggle and me is invaluable. YOU are invaluable. But you deserve to be happy, Felicity.”

She stared up at him through her glasses, unblinking, head tilted slightly, as if she was deciding whether or not to believe him. Finally Felicity stood up, not caring that, as usual, Oliver was invading her personal space. The toes of her shoes nearly touched the toes of his leather boots. When she looked up only a few inches separated their faces, but she didn’t back away.

“No. I don’t buy it,” she said, deciding that he was full of shit. “Two months ago you stood in this very spot and told me that you needed me here, that I was your partner. Now you’re telling me I should leave Starling City? I know you, Oliver, and I know my happiness was no less important to you then than it is now, so what’s changed?”

Oliver was used to Felicity challenging him, but this time he was at a loss for words. He thought back to that day, eight weeks ago, when he finally realized how much he needed Felicity Smoak in his world. He’d projected the blame onto her when Shrapnel got away for the second time, and it was Diggle’s words immediately following their confrontation that forced him to face the reasons why.

"I think you didn’t have a problem with Felicity’s performance until she met Barry Allen,” Digg had said to him before following Felicity from the Foundry.

Oliver played those words over in his head, trying to deny their truth, but he knew his friend was right. It wasn’t just the prospect of Felicity wanting Barry Allen, but also the reality that she may not always be by his side. When he brought her into the fray he thought he’d gained a woman whose advanced computer skills would help him in his mission. What he didn’t expect was for Felicity Smoak to charge in with her adorably-awkward babbles, fuchsia lips and firecracker personality. She was one of the only people who had ever called him out on all his bullshit. She stood up for herself and for what she believed was right and good. She was remarkable, so remarkable that her absence left a dull ache in Oliver’s chest.

Felicity snapped her fingers in front of Oliver’s face, bringing him out of his reverie. “Earth to Oliver Queen!”

“How the hell has she always been able to see straight through me,” he thought. ”And why is it one of the things I love most about her?” His blue eyes flickered to her mouth, and he considered what the fallout would be if he just kissed her.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Felicity waited for his response. She truly hadn’t known what she would do, but in that moment she saw something in his eyes that told her she couldn’t leave. Something important was about to happen. Something had shifted between them, and she decided. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“You can’t stay here just for me,” Oliver said, steeling his resolve once more.

“Damnit, Oliver!” she cried, slamming her hand down onto the computer desk. Oliver, startled at her outburst, took a step back. “You cannot actually think that I would be happy if I left Starling. And save your speech about the life you lead, blah blah blah.”

Oliver’s mouth gaped open in amazement at the ferocity in Felicity’s voice. This is one ramble he wouldn’t be able to stop even if he’d wanted to.

"You’ve been with damaged woman after damaged woman, and I know it’s because you think you’re too damaged, yourself, to be with someone..” she stopped short, sure that if she continued she would reveal all of the things she felt but could never say; all of the things she felt but forced herself to push down because she knew he wouldn’t let himself feel the same way.

“Someone like you.” Oliver offered as more of a statement than a question. The words tumbled from his mouth before he could stop them.

Shit. Shit shit, he thought.

Felicity’s voice caught in her throat, and she gripped the edge of the desk to steady herself. “Wha..What?”

Oliver furrowed his eyebrows, realizing that she still couldn’t see how much she meant to him. “I used to love so easily that it was borderline reckless. It became an easy weakness for others to exploit,” he said, rubbing a hand across the back of his neck. “And because of that, almost everyone I care about has been hurt in some way.. or killed.”

He closed his eyes briefly and thought about how Shado and Tommy had died, about the countless times Laurel, Thea and even Felicity have been in danger, and about how Sara was irrevocably changed - all because of him.  ”Every single day I think about how I’m responsible for the bad things that have happened to everyone I get close to, and I can’t forgive myself for not being able to protect them.”

Oliver linked his fingers through Felicity’s, pulling her hand to his chest. She could feel his heavy heartbeat through the leather of his jacket, and her own heart was beating so hard that she thought she might pass out.

“It’s a constant reminder of why I’m doing this. I survive and I press on, not only because Starling City needs The Arrow, but because I owe it to all of them to be something better than I was,” he said, squeezing her hand into his. “But with you..”

Oliver stopped and shut his eyes tight again, trying to find his voice. When he heard his name, barely a whisper on her lips, he knew he couldn’t turn back now.

“I’ve already taken enough chances with you. You’ve already been hurt too much. If something happened to you, if I lost you,” his eyes searched hers, willing her to understand. “If I lost you that would be it for me, Felicity.”

His admission was supposed to make her understand that moving to Central City, away from The Arrow, would keep her safe. He definitely hadn’t meant for it to be a reason for her to stay, but that’s exactly what it had become.

Before Oliver realized what was happening, Felicity’s body was pressed against him, her hands twisted in the material of the shirt he wore under the green leather jacket, and her lips found his in a kiss so urgent it nearly knocked him backwards. For a split second Oliver considered pulling away, considered stopping the kiss while he was still able to think clearly. But then, with her warm body pressed to his chest, her fingers trailing along the scruff on his jawline, her lips on his lips, he couldn’t remember why he hadn’t kissed her sooner. 

Felicity pulled away first, her eyes brighter than Oliver had seen them in a long, long while. They stood with their foreheads touching for a few moments as they caught their breath. Felicity suddenly realized that the front of Oliver’s grey T-Shirt was still clutched in her fist and decided to make a show of smoothing the soft fabric back down over his muscular chest and stomach. And then something amazing happened, Oliver laughed the most whole-hearted, genuine laugh Felicity had ever heard. It was the kind of laugh that filled her until she couldn’t help but laugh herself.

“I know you’ll keep me safe, Oliver,” Felicity said, with renewed determination in her voice. She wrapped her arms under the edges of his jacket and around his waist. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Yes, I most certainly will,” he said, as he tucked a rogue strand of blond hair behind her ear, “And, No. You’re not going anywhere.”