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Imagine Barry surprising you with a date

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“Hey, Y/N, I’m home!” you heard Barry shout. 

You grinned. “There’s my superhero. How was your day?”

“Great,” he responded happily. “But it’s even better now that I’m here with you.” He paused for a moment. “Speaking of which… want to go out for dinner tonight?”

You laughed. “Sure! Give me five minutes to change and then you can whisk me away.” You pecked him on the lips and hurried to freshen up.

Barry smiled at you. His day hadn’t been great, in all honesty. It was stressful, and busy. But it was worth it to be able to come home to a person as amazing as you. 

You came back out and grabbed a jacket. “Alright, Flash, let’s go!”

I am so in love with the dynamic between Barry and Iris now.

They’ve been great all season as a couple but last night felt like everything finally really clicked and they were perfect.

I love that Iris can be assertive with him, yet vulnerable.She can be brave and face her fears but at the same time break down and confess what scares her the most.  I love that he knows how to let her be strong, even when it terrifies him, but he also knows how to be strong enough for the both of them when he has to be.

I love that they can tease each other effortlessly. I love that they can go from being super serious one second to grinning like fools at each other in the next. I love that they show why your love of your life also being your best friend is a beautiful thing.

I love how tender they are with each other. The small touches that both actors add that were absent in their previous onscreen relationships makes a huge difference. The gentleness displayed when Barry strokes his fingers along her cheek to wipe away a tear, or rubs her back when they’re sitting on the couch together adds a level of intimacy that the show has been lacking.

I love that the way they are now (in some respects) is the way they should have been in 2A. I love that Iris is allowed to voice her fears and have somebody listen to her. I love that she’s not worried and crying by herself because she isn’t shown having someone to care for her. I love that Barry listened to her and he didn’t try and dismiss her fears. In fact, he’s encouraged her to acknowledge her feelings about the situation because he wants her to talk to him.

I love that even though Barry is sure Iris won’t die, he’s not cocky about it. He has had a real bad tendency in the past of being over-confident right up until things completely go to hell and then he’s humbled enough to realize that maybe he doesn’t know it all or he isn’t fast enough. This time around though, he isn’t doing that. He’s sure that Iris won’t die, yes, but I believe that’s because he’s already made his mind up that he’ll do whatever he has to do to make sure that won’t happen. Failure is not an option for him. With that being said though, he’s not cocky about Iris’ life. Figuring out a solution to save her is not something he approaches lightly. He doesn’t catch an attitude when Julian rudely tells him that he’s not fast enough, he won’t be fast enough and therefore he will fail. He just starts calculating for himself and he realizes that Julian is right. Old Barry would have worked to prove him wrong, now he takes the criticism and turns into something constructive that will help save Iris. This ultimately proves that this truly is about saving her and not about him.

All in all Westallen has just gotten better and better and better and better as the weeks have gone on and I feel like they’ve finally hit their stride. They have found the perfect mix of sexy, sweet, tender and emotional and the actors sell it flawlessly.


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There have always been really great posts about the reasons why Iris is the love of Barry’s life, and how much she means to him, but I feel like there should be more about what Barry means to Iris, too. 

  • Growing up without a mother was hard for Iris, but she had two people when she was little that helped her get through that loss, her father and Barry. They bonded over the loss of their mothers, and he made her feel as though they were not alone because they had each other. He was the only person that knew how she felt. 
  • Iris always had a good house with Joe, but it wasn’t until Barry moved in that it became a home, and they became a family. It was not your normal family, with a mom, dad, kids, shared DNA, but it was theirs and they had a good childhood together. 
  • When Iris lost her mothers rings, she was devastated, and Barry remembered that, and how upset she was and where they had been too, always planning to replace it for her one day, and he did. He found a ring so close to the one she lost that she thought it was her mothers ring. He remembered something that hurt her many years ago, and made it better, even though it took him years. 
  • Iris loves journalism, and it was Barry that had helped her get to that place. He believed in her, loved her writing, and when she told him that her writing was said to be not good enough, he never believed that, because he believes in her talent.
  • When Barry was in the coma, Iris truly was lost, and even admitted that she does stupid things when he is not around. I know many say that Iris is Barry’s voice of reason, but he is also hers. Just like when he was in the speed force, she put herself in danger. It is also why Joe at times asks Barry to speak to her. They may not always listen but they are each others best chance of seeing things clearer. They keep each other balanced. 
  • Even though Barry had admitted his feelings for Iris, he never tried to poison her against Eddie. When she moved back in after their fight, and asked Barry if Eddie was cheating, Barry never took that as a chance to get his happiness because hers in more important. He went back in time and did the most selfless thing by having Eddie record that message for Iris, not for himself, but for her. Iris has a person that would truly place her happiness before his. 
  • Even when he never had his speed he was always her hero, running after the thief that stole her laptop. She always had him protecting her even before he was a superhero and had powers. 
  • When her world was falling apart when she found out about Wally, it was straight into the comfort of his arms that she went to, because he is still the only person that she knows will never judge her. He will give her the comfort and the back up that she needs emotionally. 
  • The Flash is not her superhero, Barry Allen is.
As many times as we saw Joe and Barry have heart to heart convos, Iris and Joe FINALLY have a good one in the finale and you cut that?

Now every other scene I’ve seen, I can understand why it was cut (even the Baby Westallen adorable ass scene), but I think they should have made room for that Joe and Iris scene in the finale. It was one of the few times we really got to see them interact and got to see Joe actually LISTENING to Iris. And the fact that someone other than Barry told Iris that she was a good writer would have been great to see. 

That’s the one scene I’ve seen so far that I’m pissed they cut. And Candice and Jesse SOLD the hell out of that scene. 

Now, why are there not tons of gifs yet? 

The Flash boss teases Earth-2, hunt for Zoom and more | EW.com

What can you tease for the West family getting to know Wally?

There’s a new West. In the beginning, Joe goes through all the stages of being a parent. Initially, he’s trying way too hard to be insta-dad. Wally is not having that. There’s a lot of friction between Wally and Barry, because as much as Barry is Joe’s son, Wally is his actual son genetically; Barry is the son Joe raised. So you have both of these young men who are vying for that place and Joe’s affection. Joe is also wrestling with how do you love them both without making one or the other feel like they’re being alienated?

How do Barry and Wally get along?

Initially not very good. In the beginning, it’s fraught. There is jealousy. Wally has been hearing now about the great Barry Allen, he’s the greatest son, and that makes it very hard to step into the West family. For Barry, he’s always felt like Joe’s son.

What does the dynamic between Wally and Iris look like?

She’s the sane one in any relationship she’s in. She’s the one who is trying to get Joe to pull back a little bit on the gas. Also, we’re going to learn that Wally is a street racer. He’s racing Fast and the Furious-style races. Because of that, he’s in danger. Joe is actually not putting a stop to it, where he has every right to do that as a police officer. Iris is the one who is trying to massage him through what Wally needs to be. At first, Joe’s instinct is to be his best friend, but he realizes that’s just not who he is, that he needs to be his father. That’s really what Wally needs, especially [with Francine dying].

It seems like, from the short promo that we saw, there’s a chance that Barry and Iris may be together on Earth-Two.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true.

Will we see more of Iris’ journalism career explored more in the coming episodes?

Yeah. We actually have a lot of that in episode 12, which is directed byDoctor Who favorite Rachel Talalay. That episode is called “Fast Lane,” and it’s all about Wally and his drag racing. The villain in that one is Tar Pit (Marco Grazzini). It’s really Iris and her journalism that’s driving the story. It’s a really great story for her, we’re really excited about it.