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Hi!!! Can you do a headcannon on how the RFA members would react when they find out that their teen child is being bullied and kid is slowly getting depressed. I love your writing and keep up the good work :)

I wasn’t sure how to refer their child. To make things easier, their child is called “Pup”, well not counting Jumin and Seven hehe. They refer to their child as “Kit”, short for Kitten of course.


  • after Yoosung came back from his break, he found his child sitting at his desk
  • they have a tissue up to their nose
    • !
  • of course, he’s happy to see them but they should be in school right now
  • they exchange pleasantries until the dreaded topic was brought up
  • “so Pup, what’s with the tissue?”
  • they’re evasive on the subject
    • “Just a bloody nose”
  • but Yoosung could read his child pretty well
    • they smile too much when they’re lying 
  • he wants honesty and his kid knows it
  • when they lower their arm, revealing their swollen nose
  • they start to cry
  • wide-eyed yoosung is panicking
  • he’s talking too fast and they can’t tell what he’s saying
    • obviously, he wants to know who did this to them
    • but this bully has been at their throats for months now and it’s really taken a toll
  • he has to be there for them
  • so he calms himself down, and has one of the nurses get you an icepack
  • once they have an icepack, he gives them Lisa to cuddle with and holds their hand
  • he calls the school to dismiss you for the day
    • he doesn’t know what to do exactly in a situation like this
    • he would need to consult you for advice


  • based on Jaehee’s martial arts background,
  • Pup was most definitely trained in Judo
    • but they were always so passive
    • never really liked fighting other people unless they had to
  • but when someone started bullying them, they were so afraid they couldn’t fight back
    • it goes on for months
  • one day Jaehee and you get a call from the principal saying that Pup got into a fight
  • unfortunately, you can’t make it so Jaehee went
  • when she walks into the office she sees her child’s clothes dirty and their hands wrapped
  • the principal sits her down and tells her about the incident
    • mainly focusing on them and not the bullies
    • is the principal blaming them???
  • the entire time Jaehee remains stoic, glancing every now and again to Pup
    • they look so empty and ashamed
    • she can’t stand to see them like that
  • “I assume the ones who did this will be receiving punishment as well?”
  • the principal says they were getting three days suspension
    • THREE DAYS!? 
    • HELL NO
  • Jaehee’s glasses flash and the next ten minutes is dedicated to slaying the principal
    • threatening with a lawsuit!?
    • the principal has seen hell and LIVED
  • as you two are walking down the hall, the bully and their parents are walking the opposite way
    • her eyes dart to them, a flash in the lens of her glasses puts a chill down their spines
    • they all cower in fear


  • Pup is Zen’s number one treasure (besides you, of course ❤ )
  • if anyone lays a finger on you, they will see Hell
  • lately, he’s been noticing how dim you looked
  • one day Zen left rehearsal early so he came home, hoping to scoop his child up
  • but they weren’t home???
    • they should be home around this time
  • he called them, asking their whereabouts
    • “Oh I’m uh…on my way home”
  • ten minutes later he hears the door open
  • when he heads to the entrance, he stops in his tracks
  • Pup’s clothes were coated in mud, face stained with tears, forehead bruised
  • through their sobbing, they explain to him about they’ve been bullied for a month now 
    • a mix of verbal and physical abuse
    • the world ugly is pinned to them
  • In their entire existence on Earth and bearing the same blood as their father, they can read HIM pretty well
  • and they can see how heartbroken he is
    • his own mother called him ugly
    • he’s not going to let anyone make his own child feel they have no worth
  • but also the FEROCITY 
  • he wants to know WHO did this to his treasure!
  • they sort of expected this to be his reaction
  • okay, dad I hate them too but please be sensible
  • under his anger, he sees how this broke them
    • pulls them into a hug, even if he got muddy as well
  • when you come home, Zen tells you and now Pup has two FURIOUS parents who will burn down the entire school to keep you safe
  • oh jeez


  • he figured that Kit was hiding something from him
  • they seemed more distant, not willing to tell them specific details of their day
    • honestly, he loves to hear about it come on
  • you and Jumin try talking to them but they still evade the question
  • they just didn’t seem right
  • Jumin comes home and Kit is sitting on the couch playing with Elizabeth 3rd
    • they’re wearing a hat that shadowed their face
    • ???
  • since it’s rude to wear a hat in the house, he asks for them to take it off
  • and they say no
  • >.> exCCUSSSEE ME????
  • the donut has full reign on his emotions, so he asks again peacefully
  • it’s not the time to test their father’s patience
  • they take off their hat that was trying to cover the big shiner on their left eye
  • and things start to click in the donut’s brain
  • he sits down next to his child and Elizabeth 3rd
  • “Kit, is there something you want to talk about?”
  • they talk about the bully that’s been dogging them for weeks, making their life a living hell to the point where Kit felt so empty and worthless inside
  • externally Jumin is attentive to his child, listening to their story, being there for them
  • internally he has a rage that burned with the intensity of a thousand suns
    • it was getting so bad that he wanted to excuse himself to call you
    • hearing your voice would definitely calm him down
  • the most important thing he could do is be there for them
  • pulls Kit into a tight hug before he grabs an ice pack for them
  • the next day he sends them with bodyguards and the bully doesn’t bother Kit anymore???
    • thanks to their dad, he put the fear of God into them


  • Kit hasn’t been talkative lately
    • usually, they chew his ear off
    • like father like child ^^
  • this is already sending warning signs to Seven
  • then they stopped doing things they enjoy doing like playing games or watching their favorite TV show
  • one day Seven visits Kit in their room as they’re doing homework
  • he asks them if they’re alright and if there’s anything they need to say
  • they just mumble a few words and get back to work
  • he can tell they’re bothered by his presence so he leaves
  • later he brings them a snack
    • and you know it’s Honey Buddha Chips :3
  • when they turn down the snack
  • Seven expresses his concerns and asks them if they’re REALLY okay
  • then they just break down
  • tells him about the bullies who have turned them into their dummy
    • and it hurts them because they used to be friends
  • Seven holds them in a tight hug while they cry
  • when they have no more tears left, he vows to them that he will solve their problem
  • “Don’t worry. Defender of Justice 707 is going to destroy them for you Kitkat ^^”
  • O_O when Seven says he’s going to DESTROY somebody, they just get fucked up
  • all you want is just justice but he tends to take it too far
  • when you come home Seven has them explain their situation
  • you’re the sane one so they expect you to go talk to the principal
  • but you have this stone-cold look
  • they have two insane parents who love them
  • the bullies should be afraid  ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

11x17 “Red Meat”
“It’s time. The Empty. It’s waiting,”

for @her-roses-never-fall who asked me about this topic

“His death was only the beginning of his victory”, it is said in the movie Elizabethtown and I had to think back to this line when watching this week’s episode and particularly the exchange between Billie and Dean. Because not only did it imo allude once more to Dean’s inevitable death and “trip” to the Empty, much more than that to me it was yet another nod towards Dean as a christ figure due to Billie openly calling Dean a martyr. Why that is you wonder?

Because commonly in Christianity, a martyr is someone who brings about the “Word of God” (the Word of God, which broke when Dean died in 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” for example and with that has been always linked to Dean in a special way imo). Wikipedia interestingly enough also calls martyrs - and this is important as Dean thinks of himself “as a witness” -

“A Christian witness is a biblical witness whether or not death follows.”

Meaning one could link Dean feeling like a “witness” to martyrdom in th way that Dean himself may become a witness of the divine. What’s also important to note in relation to martyrs is this

“However, over time many Christian testimonies were rejected, and the witnesses put to death, and the word martyr developed its present sense. Where death ensues, the witnesses follow the example of Jesus in offering up their lives for truth.”

In a way we have had this fight already in 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles” when Dean as the true christ figure was killed by the one putting himself up to play a christ figure by living among the poor and performing miracles: Metatron.

If we follow through on this, imo it can be analyzed as Dean sacrificing himself for the world while at the same time becoming whole and much like Jesus did in the end returning from the dead and yes, possibly even the Empty…