but baaaaaby

Monsta X reaction to them wanting to cuddle but you teasing them that  you don’t want to


When you started teasing that you didn’t want to cuddle, Shownu would just shrug a bit and not really care. He would sit there and go back to what he would go back to what he was doing. When you realized your teasing backfired, you turned to go into the other room. Shownu would then jump up and pull you into the covers, laughing a bit. “Now you’re stuck~.”

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Wonho would pretend to cry when you said you didn’t want to cuddle him. He would start to sniffle and rub his eyes while his face got all red. When you came forward to tell him that you were only kidding and really wanted to cuddle, he would grab you and pull you into his chest. “I’m never gonna let you go!” He would say, laughing loudly.

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Minhyuk would laugh at little bit at your “refusal” to cuddle him. He would pause a bit then he would cross his arm and stick his lip out as he started to fake pout at you. “Fiiiiiine~~!!” Minhyuk would cover himself in blankets, hiding and tossing around a bit, until you gave in and finally cuddled him. He would stop pouting right away and give you a kiss and hold you tight as you laughed at him.

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Kihyun would be a little surprised you didn’t want to cuddle. He’d make a little bit of an annoyed face with a tiny sigh. “If you don’t want to cuddle, i’ll take a nap by myself then.” When you heard that you’d chuckle a bit and get under the cover with him and cling on closely. “That’s what I thought, you little brat~.” he would laugh and put his arm around you.

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When you joked that you didn’t want to cuddle, Hyungwon would make a little face at you. He would get all comfy and make a little cozy spot for you beside him. “Well, I’ll be here when you wanna cuddle.” When you came back to snuggle up to him, you found him snoring away. He fell asleep waitng for you to come cuddle him.

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When you didn’t want to snuggle, he would start to do his signature baby aegyo voice to try to get his way. “Baaaaaby!! come cuddle!!” he would coo while making grabby hands at you. When you gave in, he would wrap his arms tightly around you with a cute triumphant smile on his face.

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Changkyun would ask you once and when you started to tease, he wouldnt take that as an answer. He would keep asking non-stop. “Come on! Let’s cuddle!!” He’d keep repeating. Even when you left the room you would get a call from him asking to cuddle still. You’d finally even give in, he would laugh and hug you tightly. “I’m glad i only had to ask once~”

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1x04 “Phantom Traveler”

“Of course, the most troubling question is why do these people assume we’re gay?”

“Well, you are kinda butch. Probably think you’re overcompensating. “


laurenjauregui: My baaaaaby girl isn’t a BABY ANYMORE😭😭😭 @normanikordei happy HAPPY happy 21st birthday you beautiful beautiful soul. Words can’t express the shit we’ve been through together but moments of releasing emotions by your side for the past 5 years has been a blessing. Thank you for being so admirable and kind and hardworking and thoughtful and fuckin perfect. You have been such an amazing friend to me and I appreciate your wisdom and friendship so so much. You’ve been my rock in some of my lowest times and I’m so grateful to have watched you grow and come into your own and be at this birthday dinner with you right now. You’re such a special talented light and I love you with all my heart❤❤❤ I wish you a million years of love and success and to celebrating many more birthdays with you☺❤☺☺❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA

cravings / jimin (smut)

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warnings: smut, smut, smut

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words: 2000+

jimin had a small accident and that caused him to be in the hospital. he was one of those clumsy boyfriends that would do dumb stuff on purpose just to see you giggle. no matter how many times you told him to stop he didn’t listen. and so one day you two were walking down these massive stairs and he wanted to show you how cool he looks hoping on one leg while going down. he slipped at the last stair and fell hard on his bum. he twisted his ankle enough for him to be in the hospital’s bed. you thought he would be there for maybe a couple of days but those days turned to weeks. you would see him everyday and bring him some food and tell him what he’s missing out back at home. you two would talk until the visiting hours would come to an end, you would have to return back to your lonely home. without him it felt weird, the bed felt cold with no one to spoon you and give you little kisses on your spine. if there’s a time that you cannot visit him you’d still face time and talk on there. but one day you got a really interesting text from jimin that made your eyes widen.

jimin: baaaaaby i need your pretty little mouth come and suck me off plsss

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just little ‘3rd wonder woman viewing in 6 days’ things

  • the wayne enterprises car license plate number starts with “JL”
  • themysciran armadillo
  • the way lil diana says “no sharp edges” is my favorite line delivery of the whole movie, except possibly adult diana cooing “ohhh, a baaaaaby?”
  • lil diana putting on a cloak to sneak out to meet antiope??? like maybe it’s just chilly out but humor me: diana thinking she’s totally gonna fool those guards, they won’t see through a child-sized person in a cloak. nope! sure won’t think to themselves “hmm, could it be THE ONLY CHILD ON THE ISLAND”
  • robin wright’s scars and wrinkles i love her as much now as ever
  • diana unpinning her hair. that’s all. 
  • holy smokes she does lightning-quick outfit changes??? and not one sexualized boob- or thigh-lingering shot god BLESS
  • the music building as diana climbs the ladder to cross no man’s land
  • diana’s smiles!!! when she takes her cloak off in london and etta and steve both freak lmao, at the villagers when they’re thanking her, at charlie when she says “who will sing for us?”
  • i really love the look on diana’s face before she and steve have their fade-to-black… instead of being coy and seductive, her eyes are just. huge and dark and her expression is so OPEN they’re so tentative and trusting of each other what the heck
  • chief casually stealing a car and how excited sameer is to drive it
  • also, sameer’s many hats
  • can i please get a comedy (romcom?) about chief, sameer, and charlie post-war omg
  • diana’s pose when she stabs ludendorff… standing with her arms back, her head back, thinking her mother’s work is completed… the lasso’s fucking beautiful in that scene too
  • the way steve says “we are all to blame” and honestly that whole exchange
  • the fact that diana is naive and flawed and loses her faith but she is never beaten down for this; steve is never harsh with her or condescending. he didn’t try to stop her after she saw the dead villagers — he knows humanity just broke her heart twice over — so he holds her face — he presses their foreheads together, he pushes his hair out of his eyes so he can hold her gaze, and he BEGS for her help. 
  • you might think the third time you hear steve say “i wish we had more time,” you’ll be prepared for it. you are wrong about this.
  • the pale pink dawn that rises after ares’ defeat. the hush that falls.
  • “i used to want to save the world” vs “only love can save the world”
  • so diana dedicates herself to becoming it

arbitrary astronaut photosets (5/?): Pete Conrad + hats

I collect hats… The other thing, which didn’t make the flight [of Apollo 12], is a gigantic goddamn hat, because everybody knew I collected hats, that I was going to wear on the lunar surface. But it didn’t make the flight… It was fairly big, so I don’t think they figured out how to get it on the spacecraft and get it by the inspectors.”