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Too cute for words!

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Imagine a room full of Naruto and his clones surrounding Kishimoto, talking all at once.

“Sensei, when are you going to let me meet Sasuke?!”

“No Sensei I won’t tell you how soft Sasuke’s lips are, never”

“His hair though. Sensei, thank you for giving Sasuke the softest hair." 

"But Sensei why did you have to let him grow his bangs out and wear that onesie outfit" 

"No I’m not complaining, Sasuke is the definition of perfection" 

“My favorite part of the story is him feeding me” 

“Oh shut up. My favorite part is where he used fushashuriken. That’s so cool”

“Excuse you, the Sharingan is always the bestest”

“Bestest isn’t even a word, Dobe” 

“Only Sasuke has the right to call me Dobe, clone!”

“Says the clone himself!”

“Shut up clones. Sensei! The time in the Land of Waves where Sasuke nearly died traumatized me how dare you!!”

"Wait is that Sasuke finding me in a hotel?! I never knew he’s that concerned about me?!”

“Aww Sasuke as a child is so cute”

“No more Tsukiyomi on Sasuke. Just no.”

“Sensei please. The pain from the curse mark is too much for him.”

“Sasuke nearly kissed me before he left???”

“What do you mean Sasuke doesn’t appear in the following chapter, you can at least have me thinking about him”

“Sasuke half-hugging me! Yesss!! Perfect reunion!”

“More shooting star scenes!! Please!!”

“Look what you’ve done to me Sensei, I can’t sleep. All I think about is Sasuke.”

“No homo, but how did you know I often imagine naked Sasuke beside me in the public bath”

“Sensei you’re a genius. Matching necklaces is the greatest concept ever.”

“Sensei, it’s OK if you mix up the Konoha symbol with the ninja-alliance symbol, but it’s NOT if Sasuke isn’t drawn right. His bangs didn’t cover his forehead before Itachi died, remember?”

“Can we have one more flashback on Sasuke meeting me by the river? Pretty please? I miss young Sasuke”

“Agh I want to fight him. Now. How much longer til the ending Sensei”

“Aesthetic: Sasuke worrying about me. Me.”

“My mom and his mom are friends?! For real?!”

“Can I frame the ‘my one and only’ panel on my bedroom wall please”

“No I won’t stop saying the word Sasuke”

Kishimoto: …please leave me alone (how did I fit so much gayness into one manga)

Embarrass Your GF Day

Pairing: Hamilsquad x Reader (poly) 

Requested by @shanileyba: “Could I request a poly Hamilsquad x reader where reader comes home from exercising and the hamilsquad notices how great her body is, they get into a big argument about which part of her is best, and the reader ends it by listing the boys’ best parts?” 

Trigger Warnings: Poorly edited hehe. And I mean, if you have a problem w/ hamilsquad calling you sexy lol. Not as long as I’d hope, but it’s a fun little ditty. First time writing poly Hamilsquad sooo I’m working on it. 

You arrived home one Saturday afternoon in a sports bra and leggings, having just left the gym. You had yourself on a rigorous exercise schedule since five months before, and you were finally starting to see results. 

Part of you wanted to do it for your boyfriends: Alexander, Lafayette, John, and Hercules. You wanted to look better for them, despite them always telling you that you looked fine. That was back when you felt like exercising was a hassle. Then, about halfway into your gym visits, you decided that you wanted to do this for yourself. Upon that revelation, your weekly gym visits became fun. You made friends at the gym and always left with a smile on your face. 

“Guys, the car smells like sweat, but I’m home!” You called. You heard John laugh from the kitchen, so you followed the sound of his voice. Upon seeing him with an apron on, surrounded by food, you gasped, “Is that John Laurens? Cooking?” He laughed sarcastically, pecking you on the cheek as you walked by. It was well known in your relationship that John did not cook very well. “But, for real though, Laurens, don’t poison me.” 

 As you bent over to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, you felt a slap on your butt. You squeaked, looked up to see Alexander with a smirk on his face. “One of these days, I’m gonna cook an amazing meal, and no one can have any but Herc.” John pouted. “Awww, don’t be like that, babe.” Alex cooed, pinching his cheeks. 

Upon smelling food (whether or not it was edible was a different story), Lafayette and Hercules made their way into the kitchen. “Are y'all messing with my baby again?” Herc asked, placing an arm around John’s shoulders. “We’re always messing with your baby.” Lafayette snorted in his French accent. 

 After several minutes of trying to figure out the difference between olive oil and virgin olive oil, John tossed you his phone. “Just order pizza.” 

 They laughed as you dialed the number of your usual pizza place. You paced back and forth as they asked for your address and card number. You noticed the boys staring at you from the island as you spoke, your eyebrows furrowing. “Um, hold on,” you said into the phone. “Guys, pepperoni or sausage?”

 They stared at you with blank faces, then turning to whisper to each other. “Okay, one of each, I guess.” You dragged out. “Yeah, okay thanks.” 

 You looked at your boyfriends and they looked at you, the air filled with a weird sort of tension. A short moment of silence passed before you finally spoke up. “Well, are y'all gonna keep staring or tell me what you’re whispering about?” You asked them. “Now, honey,” Hercules said, putting on his sweet voice, “Don’t get upset–” 

 “What happened?” You were all of a sudden concerned. Herc only used his sweet voice if they did something wrong. “Did you break something?” You narrowed your eyes at the boys. 

 “No!” John said. “It’s just that…” You rolled your eyes at them. Sometimes you thought they cared about you too much. They never told you what they really thought, at least that’s what you believed. They always tried to tiptoe around your feelings when all you wanted was for them to give it to you straight. You didn’t want your feelings spared. You wanted honesty. “Speak, boys.” You joked. 

 “You’ve been going to the gym, right?” John asked. You nodded, “Why?”

 “Don’t get us wrong, you looked great before!” Lafayette said. “But now, you are, how you say…” 

 “You’re fucking sexy, Y/N.” Alex deadpanned. The boys gave him a look as you chuckled. “What?” He asked. “Someone had to say it.” You were happy that they noticed, and that they were supportive. You knew you couldn’t do it without them. Some part couldn’t help but ask them what you could work on.

 “Are you kidding?” John asked incredulously. “You don’t need work. I mean you’re gorgeous!” 

 “I agree.” Alex added. “At the risk of sounding like a caveman, I can’t help but stare your ass every time you turn around. Have you been doing squats?”

 “Alex!” You said, your cheeks becoming a furious red. The boys didn’t seem to notice though, as they were starting to get into their own argument.

 “Her ass? Have you seen her legs? Like, damn.” John said. “Are we all going to ignore the fact that her abs are going to be better than Herc’s soon?” Lafayette asked, making you unconsciously run a hand over you abdomen and feel the underlying muscle. 

 “Hey!” Hercules defended. “Firstly, Y/N, I love you, but I’m the ripped one in this relationship. Secondly, I’m actually in love with your cute, little back muscles.” He added. “Now I see your obsession with mine.”

 Alex snickered, as if you couldn’t blush any harder, “You’re obsessed with Herc’s back muscles?”

 “Don’t act like you’re not!” You retorted. 

 “Touché.” He nodded. “I mean, it’s no different from your obsession with my hair.” He shrugged. “Okay, is it embarrass your girlfriend day? ‘Cause that’s what it feels like.” You asked loudly, covering your face to hide your glowing red cheeks. 

 The boys laughed at your humiliation. They thought it was cute that you still get flustered in front of them when you all talk about those sorts of things. Sure, it’s not as if you all haven’t seen those sides of each other, but talking about it so publicly and casually was still abnormal for you. “Well, I suppose we should tell her infatuation of ours, as well.” Lafayette said to John.

 “I suppose you shouldn’t.” 

 “We should.” John replied, purposefully ignoring you. “I hate you all.” You groaned.

 “She’s expressed a very fond love of my abs.” Laf chuckled. Herc promptly placed a hand on his heart and gasped, “Y/N!” He cried, “I’m offended.” 

 “Your turn, John.” Alex chimed in. “Johnathan Laurens, if you say a word, I will temporarily break up with you.” You threatened. John gave you a small laugh, knowing you weren’t serious. Even if you were, temporarily wasn’t forever. You’d both live. 

 “She likes my ass.” 


 “No way!” 

 “You like his butt?” Alex screeched.

 “Girls can like butts, too, okay?” You returned just as loudly. Laf and Herc were busy dying of laughter on the floor as you stomped your way into your bedroom. You didn’t think it was that funny, but you let them have their moment. (It wasn’t your fault John had a cute butt.) “Aww mon amour!” You heard Lafayette call, “Come back!”

 “We still think you’re gorgeous and adorable!” John added. 

 “I’m taking a nap!” You told them, smiling a bit to yourself. You listened to them as they continued to tease you from down the hall. You didn’t understand how you fell in love with those four idiots, but you wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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  • Jace: Words can’t describe how cute you are
  • Simon: Aww
  • Jace: Numbers can, though
  • Jace: 3/10
Sparks Chapter 13

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go to a children’s birthday party! Bucky’s arm getting poked and prodded by little toddlers. 

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Not Quite

Written for @aligrump‘s HC about Alex and Ryland being roommates for so long they keep getting mistaken for a couple. I couldn’t help myself. Also, this took my like three failed tries to get this damn thing to post. Hmph.

“You two are so adorable!” A woman said hands clutched together at her chest. Ryland gave her a quick glance from the corner of his eye as he put the stupid fuzzy green thing Alex had put on his head back on the shelf. He heaved a sigh, trying to angle his body away from the woman. Well, there goes his good mood.

“Aw, thank you,” Alex cooed, turning to face the woman and giving her a big grin. Ryland would have elbowed him in the ribs but he had already stepped away from his side to talk to the annoying woman. Why did Alex have to engage them? He got that Alex didn’t catch on when people assumed they were together. He just didn’t think of them that way. Not that Ryland did, of course. But living with the guy so long, he’d gotten comfortable and let his guard down more often than he’d like. Which only led to more things like this.

“How long have you two been together?” The weirdo continued, leaning forward eagerly. That should have made the light flick on in Alex’s head, but Ryland didn’t even bother to hope.

“Together?” Alex asked, tilting his head to the side. “I mean, we met up this morning but that’s hard not to do when you live together.”

Okay, Ryland was done fuming. This woman was getting too doe eyed and Alex would probably chat with her about their nonexistent relationship for an hour. He just wanted this over with.

Turning around finally, Ryland slung an arm over Alex’s shoulder and gave his biggest, most convincing grin. “Yeah, well, after the night we had I’m not sure how you’re even up and moving today.” He squeezed Alex’s shoulders, giving him an exaggerated wink. The woman immediately blushed and Ryland fought the urge to smirk.

“Yeah, that was fun. We should do that again tonight,” Alex chirped, leaning into Ryland’s side. “You never did teach me how to do the move with the-”

“Woah, let’s talk about that later, boo, mkay? Don’t wanna scar the poor lady.” Ryland gave the woman an apologetic smile, verging on a smirk at how nervous she was getting. He knew Alex thought they were referring to the video game marathon they’d played last night but that only made this more amusing.

“Oh, well, um, that’s very nice,” The woman stuttered. Alex blinked at Ryland, obviously trying to figure out why he couldn’t explain how to do a triple backflip in public, but Ryland was having too much fun with this to let him ruin it.

“And man, the way you just hold me down- ” Ryland shook his head. “Amazing”

“Oh, um,” The woman glanced away a moment. “I have to, um-”

“You’re the one who holds me down half the time, Ryland. Mostly when we cuddle.” Alex gestured between them, smiling. “I love to snuggle with my honey bear. He’s so soft.”

Ryland blinked, glancing back at Alex. He expected him to grin, to show that he finally, finally caught on. But all he saw was a soft smile, his eyes happy and full of something he couldn’t identify. His throat was suddenly too dry and his chest felt tight. Did- Did Alex think-

“Aww,” The obnoxious woman cooed. “That’s so precious.” Ryland never wanted to strangle someone so badly but he managed to turn back to her and smile.

“Thanks. We actually have some shopping to do, so have a nice day.” The words probably sounded as forced as they were, but the woman just smiled and nodded, happy to leave now that she could pretend they were the cute little gay couple she’d initially imagined.

As soon as she turned her back, Ryland dropped his arm, taking a step back for Alex’s side. His head was still swimming, trying desperately to explain away the things he’d seen before. He practically jumped out of his skin when he felt Alex’s hand against his face and he glanced up to see Alex giving him a worried look.

“You alright, Ry?” He asked all hints of whatever had been there previously gone. Ryland swallowed, ignoring the fluttering in his stomach as he reminded himself, yet again, that Alex was oblivious. He had to be. Or else Alex might actually think of them as- as something that they weren’t and Ryland wasn’t sure if he was ready to unpack that can of worms.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” Ryland managed, patting Alex’s hand. And if the relieved smile Alex gave him made him feel any lighter, he pretended not to notice.

Thanks Kitty - T’Challa x Reader

Okay y’all I been thinking of a prompt and I came up with this! Big thanks to @pocmarvelworks​ and @multi-fandom-fiction​ for being my inspiration! This is for you!

“T’Challa, taste these yams!” you ordered, holding out a spoon weighed down by sweet orange mush out to the King of Wakanda.  To many, he was just that - the Black Panther, King of Wakanda but to you? He was your sweet boyfriend.  “Mnandi, this is not necessary.  The food looks great,” He assured you.  “Okay, but does it taste great though?”  T’Challa sighed as you inched the spoon closer to his lips.  He let the spoon enter his lips, and you watched him as he tasted its content.  “Delicious,” he said decidedly, “It has a fantastic taste.”  

“Mhmm - bet you’d like to taste something else,” W’Kabi murmured as he took a quick sip of his wine.  T’Challa smacked him in the bad of his head as he and Okoye tried unsuccessfully to cover their laughs.  You would’ve laughed too, but you had other things on your mind.  “Did you two finish with the decorations?”  “Would we be sitting here if we didn’t?” Okoye responded as she rubbed the ears of Chaki, T’Challa’s pet panther, “(Y/N), you must relax.  This dinner is going to go off without a hitch.”  “Yes,” W’Kabi agreed, “Keep panicking like this and you’ll give yourself an ulcer.”  Chaki purred in agreement.  “I am not panicking.”  “Mhmm, sure,” W’Kabi said sarcastically.  “I think what W’Kabi and Okoye mean is that you are doing so well with the preparations.  What could go wrong under your supervision?” T’Challa amended.  You sighed as you let him wrap his arms around you and kiss your temple.  You knew he was right, but you still weren’t feeling confident enough.

It was the first dinner you were having with your family and T’Challa’s.  Your mother Janet, your grandmother Michelle, your younger sister Aisha and older brother John (along with his four old babygirl Tia) were visiting you in Wakanda for the first time.  They were annoyed at first, as you and T’Challa had to wed in secret due to the risk of assassination at a public wedding, but he did make the announcement a week later (after you had returned from a very steamy honeymoon).  At least your family was forgiving.  And you were so excited, yet so panicked.  Your family visiting your husband’s family in Wakanda for the first time? Wow.  Unfortunately, Bast loved to play tricks.  Your chef, Mumbazi, had gotten sick on the day your family were supposed to be flying in.  Luckily, you were a chef when T’Challa had met you, and old habits do die hard.  

“Okay, I’ve got the Turkey - John’s favorite, I’ve got the Collard Greens - mom’s favorite, I’ve got the yams - grandma’s favorite…wait, where is the Fufu?!”  “Right here,” T’Challa soothed bringing it to the dining table, “next to the Cranberry Sauce - Aisha’s favorite, I know.”  “Okay.  Is the hallway clean?”  “Yes my queen,” one of your other helpers around the palace, M’laka, answered.  “Okay, good!” You felt a lot better now.  “Just in time too, your family’s here,” Ayo called.  You swiftly rushed to the throne room, handing on of the other helpers your apron before they ran off to ready the rest of the food.  T’Challa followed you as you fluffed your puffy afro and straightened the wrinkles in your dress.

You walked into the throne room, looking fabulous and saw your family there with big smiles on your face.  T’Challa smiled as you happily hugged them and kissed them, it was nice for him to finally see you relaxed for the day.  Once your reunion had finally calmed down, Tia noticed Chaki staring at her with inquisitiveness.  “A kitty!” she shouted with joy running toward him with childish joy on her face.  Chaki backed up with distrust and Tia stopped, now sad that the animal didn’t like her.  “He’s just a bit defensive,” T’Challa assured her as he knelt down her level, “Panthers tend to run or bite when they get scared.  Don’t ever run up to one if you don’t know them, okay?”  Tia nodded.  “Good, now make a fist like this,” T’Challa said balling up his hand.  Tia did as he said.  “Good, now we’re going to let him sniff it okay?” “What does he do that?” Tia asked T’Challa as Chaki’s nose lined her fingers, trying to get a sniff.  “Well Panthers have a very strong sense of smell.  He can tell who is who by how they smell, and who he likes.”  Tia laughed as Chaki licked her fingers and purred at her touch.  T’Challa laughed, “See, isn’t he sweet?”  Tia nodded as the panther wrapped himself around her, his body still vibrating with purrs.  

“I see Tia’s met Chaki,” John spoke walking up to T’Challa, “And good too, she’s been wanting a cat.”  T’Challa smiled and the two got acquainted, “Nice to meet you, I am T’Challa, (Y/N)’s new husband.”  “So this is him huh?  He is as cute as you say.” “Aisha,” you chastised.  Your sister had a habit of having literally no filter.  “It’s alright love,” he said, shaking Aisha’s hand, “I have heard much about you too.  It is a pleasure to meet all of you!”  “Likewise,” Aisha said as servants came to take their luggage to their room, “And you got servants too? Damn!” “Oh lord,” your grandmother, Michelle sighed at her daughter’s language.  Tia and John just giggled.  You glared at your older brother, “Do not encourage her.”  Being your older brother, John just continued to snicker.  “Oh yeah,” Aisha said as she linked arms with your husband as you all walked into the palace, “Since we’re pretty much family now, let me all of (Y/N)’s most embarrassing stories.”  “Aisha!” You snapped, glad your melaninated skin was good at hiding your blushes.  “What? He’s your new boothang.  He needs to know.”  “Yes (Y/N),” T’Challa said with false innocence, “I need to know everything about you.”  You glared at the sneaky look he slipped you.  Oh you ain’t gettin’ no pussy for a goodass week, you thought.

Things were soon settled in, and now it was time for dinner.

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Everyone was soon sitting down in their assigned seats and eating, joyfully laughing and talking with on another.  It was pure harmony.  Your mother was talking with T’Challa, who - using his charms, swiftly wore down her anger over your not-wedding.  Your sister was flirting with W’Kabi, who returned it just fine.  And even your grandmother was getting along with Ramonda, both of whom were chatting about their lives.  Yeah, pure harmony.  Your mother, however, soon caught your niece paying a little too much attention to a certain panther.  “Tia, stop playin’ with Chaki and eat ya’ food,” she chastised.  “Sorry grandma,” she apologized, getting couple more rubs in before she and Chaki dug back into their food.

Everyone dismissed it as a child being a child and laughed it off, going back to their food.  However, things swiftly took a turn for the worst.  


Aw shit, you thought catching sight of an unusually large yellowjacket swirling near one of the light, 3….2…1…and…  

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”  Everyone was startled by Tia’s screaming.  John swiftly tried to calm her down as she buried herself deep in his arms.  Chaki growled at the flying insect that brought discontent and fear to his new friend.  T’Challa whistled, catching his pet’s attention, “Chaki! Fetch!”  The panther glared back at the bee before readying himself in his seat.  Once ready, he sprung through the air, catching the bee in his paws, and narrowly missing the light before gracefully landing on all fours.  He beat the insect to death, crushing it over and over with his heavy black paws, giving it one last deafening roar for good measure.  Chaki slowly turned back to us.  I feared the reaction my family would have, but it turns out I was worrying for nothing when they broke out in rousing cheers and applause, followed by the rest of the table.  

“Yay Chaki!” Tia cheered as the panther in praise smugly sauntered back to his seat.  “That is a very impressive panther you’ve got there!” Your mother noticed.  “Oh he doesn’t need me,” T’CHalla spoke, connecting eyes with Chaki, “He does it all on his own.”  Chaki gave a sweet grumble T’Challa’s words.  “Thanks Kitty,” Tia mumbled, kissing Chaki’s nose, making everyone ‘aww’ at the sweetness.  Yeah, you thought, taking a sip of your wine, Thanks Kitty.  

AND that is all folks!  Once again,@pocmarvelworks and @multi-fandom-fiction​, I hope you both especially like this!  I was SEVERELY inspired by the two of you!  Please, please enjoy!  AND PLEASE SHARE AND REBLOG!  I wanna see what other people think!

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Pssst! How would the spooky scary skelly crew react to a bilingual S/O? Any foreign language kinks? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (P.S. You're doing amazing here sweetie!! Ahh, thank you so much for spending your precious time here and brightening people's day with your writing!! I hope you have/had a good day/night!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚)

Aww, thanks a skele-ton, darling! Your words have certainly filled me with DETERMINATION, :). I love to write, and it’s even better if someone else can enjoy it, too.  Bilingual people are incredible, honestly. I grew up speaking english, but my grandparents both speak Mandarin, and when I was little they used to tell me Bedtime stories in Chinese that would give me so many warm fuzzies. 



You and Sans are laying on the couch when he finds out you’re bilingual, when you start cursing at the TV in a language that is not the one Sans is familiar with. You don’t even notice you’re doing it until you spot Sans staring at you with one brow bone raised and a glimmer in his sockets. You’re bilingual, huh? That’s pretty damn impressive. Sans likes the way your accent sometimes creeps into your words, and finds it actually really relaxing (even if he isn’t entirely sure what you’re saying). He’ll sometimes snuggle up next to you when you’re speaking to him in your foreign language and fall asleep on your chest as he mumbles your words to himself softly.


You’re bilingual? Why didn’t you tell him sooner? That’s incredible!

Papyrus is utterly fascinated with your language, and will probably ask what each word means. He himself will probably go learn how to speak it, just so that he can understand what you mean when you talk to him. He’s impressed with just how fluent you are, because he has trouble getting the accent down just right. Yes, he’s probably got a bit of language fetish. He loves the way you speak. might end up asking you to speak in the foreign language in bed, and you’ll certainly oblige. 


He isn’t exactly sure what’s happening, honestly. All he knows is you two were fighting, then you started to yell at him using words he’s fairly sure do not exist in his vocabulary. Once you catch sight of his blank face and inform him that you were indeed bilingual, his temper is forgotten. Shit, that’s pretty cool. Also, you kind of sound super sexy cursing at him in a different language, so full steam ahead!

He might get a little annoyed, however, if you try to have a conversation with him in which he doesn’t know what you’re trying to tell him. For communication purposes, it’s a little hard for him, but he does love listening to you talk.



Edge is a little confused about the whole thing at first, because he certainly isn’t used to you speaking a different language. Once you tell him you’re bilingual, his shoulders relax and his eyelights glint in ponderance. He has to admit, that’s pretty badass. It takes a lot of work to be as fluent as you are, and he really, really likes the way the words roll off your tongue. Yes, he’s very much into that.


Wowie, you’re bilingual? That’s wonderful! Also, what does bilingual mean?

Blue is over the moon. The pinpricks in his eyes have turned to literal stars, and his hands twist in his scarf. That’s so very, very cool! Ooh, can you say his name in that language? He’s a constant flow of praise and suggestions, and it’s very sweet. He’ll certainly ask you to give him some lessons, because he loves the way you sound and wants to understand what you tell him. He has a language kink, too, but not as much as the others. He really likes dozing off to your voice.


Bilingual, huh? That’s pretty neat, kid.

Stretch finds your bilinguality a pretty damn big deal, and is thoroughly impressed by the roll of your accent and the way you put your emphasis on certain words. He loves listening to you drone about anything in any language (it’s pretty much ASMR for him) and finds it incredibly soothing. He’ll go learn in private, only to casually reply back in perfect accent to an absent minded question you’d tossed his way. The face you made was hilarious.

The Secret - Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: May can you write something where the reader is a big fan of Teen Wolf/PPL (you choose) and she has a crush on Theo/Mike and now she’s dating Cody and she never told him about knowing and crushing on him/his character. And after dating for a while he, somehow, finds out and gets really mad about it? But a happy ending xx

Word Count: 2,178

Warnings: Mentions of sex 

Author’s Note: I love Cody. I need him in my life.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“We are here live on the red carpet for The Ryan Seacrest Foundation in San Antonio, Texas, where some of Hollywood’s biggest and favorite couples are spending their Valentine’s Day giving back and raising money for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio,” Ryan Seacrest spoke into his E! microphone and looked directly into the camera before he turned to his left to see who was next on the red carpet. “In fact, here’s my good buddy and his girlfriend, Teen Wolf’s Cody Christian and Y/N Y/L/N. Watch your step,” Ryan offered a hand to Y/N as she picked up her dress a little and carefully walked up the steps with Cody’s hand at the small of her back, guiding her up the steps.

Hugs and handshakes were exchanged as they quickly said hello to one another before Ryan jumped back into work mode. “First of all, thank you so much for spending your Valentine’s Day with us as I’ve known you two for a while now, but I didn’t realize you two are also celebrating your ten year anniversary today!” Ryan put a hand to his mouth to cover his next words from the couple and looked directly into the camera, “I hear wedding bells soon,” he sang in a playful and jokingly kind of way as he winked at the camera.

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hi! i was wondering if you could write a svt reaction maybe?🙈 to their s/o hugging them from behind and whispering "i love you" with their head on his back/shoulder (it depends😹) -this is so soft😭- thank you!

Aww this is cute! Thanks for the request hun!

S.Coups: He felt your chin resting on his shoulder and didn’t think anything of it at first. But, once he heard you say ‘I love you”, a blush would creep up on his cheeks. “I love you too.”

Jeonghan: You swung your arms around him from behind, catching him off guard. He was about to scold you for sneaking up on him. But, once you whispered “I love you” he’d smile softly and repeat the words back to you.

Joshua: Once the words escaped your lips he immediately said, “I love you too.”. Turning to look at you with a gentle smile on his face followed by a kiss on your cheek.

Jun: “I love you.”, you said leaning your head on his shoulder. He paused for a second, it almost scared you how long it took him to respond. “I love you too.”, he finally responded while squeezing your hand reassuringly.

Hoshi: You wrapped arms around him from the back, “I love you.”. He giggled, “I love you too!”. He said this while playing with your hair as you rested your head on his shoulder.

WonWoo: Once you told him that you loved him, he would lift your chin up so that your eyes met each other. “I love you too.”, He said and pecked your lips.

Woozi: After you whispered “I love you”, he’d kissed your forehead. Then, he’d say “I love you” right back.

DK: “I love you.” He smiled brightly, placing a hand on your knee. “I love you too.”, he squeezed tightly.

Mingyu: As soon as the words left your lips, he turned around. Causing you to move your head from his back and release your hold on him. He grabbed you by the waist and kissed you passionately. “I love you too, baby.” He said once he pulled away from the kiss.

The8: He’s smile softly at your word. “I love you too.” he’d say and continue what he was doing while you leaned your head against his back.

Seungkwan: “I love you.”, “I love you too.” he’d rush the words out but, then realize that it came out a bit cold. So, he placed a kiss onto your forehead as your head rested against his shoulder.

Vernon: “I love you”, you whispered into his back. “I love you too babe.” He’d reply as you wrapped your arms around his waist.

Dino: Your head rested on his shoulder as you laid down together on the couch watching TV. “I love you.” you whispered, barely audible. He caught what you said though, even with the noise from the TV distracting him. “I love you too.”


Thank you @sherlove-freebatch for helping me find @pembroke who is the artist of our lovely little cartoon above!! Thanks for the inspiration for this little fic :)

Stiles doesn’t know exactly when it began. No, that’s a lie, it started with the Fairy Incident of July. What he means, is he doesn’t know when it became normal. The first time it happened was last year with those godforsaken fairies.

The Big Bad wasn’t exactly big, but damnit, they were mean.

It had begun as pranks almost, little things done around the pack as inconveniences and something to roll your eyes and sigh at. Things like adding blue hair dye to Isaac’s conditioner. (Scott’s blush when he let the word ‘cute’ slip made Stiles ‘aww’ resulting in a nice bruise on the arm from Isaac.) Then it was the thing where all the forks in Derek’s apartment up and disappeared. Then Boyd’s car got saran-wrapped.

Easy stuff, really inconsequential. Sure, it was annoying and made Erica wolf out when her favorite t-shirt had a smiley face cut out of it, but it wasn’t like they were actually hurting them. Derek decided it was probably best to leave them alone and leave them shiny trinkets in the forest to keep the pranks from persisting.

It worked, too. (Crazy? Stiles definitely agrees.) They have a nice month of quiet and the settling feeling of their territory being at peace. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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Make Me Yours

A/N: An anon request for a Morgan x Reader smut where it starts out because he’s jealous. Oh Morgan, why are you jealous, boo? Look at you. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


Reaching over, you gave Bryan a hug and waved him off just as Derek was heading back from the bathroom. If you knew your boyfriend, and you were positive you knew him better than anyone else, he’d only gone to the bathroom because he was jealous of Bryan. 

The two of you had briefly, like seriously briefly (maybe three dates) dated back in college. Since then, you’d both graduated, gotten jobs you’d loved, and you’d just found out that he was engaged to a woman he worked with. 

For the most part, Derek was fine with your male friends and his friends, but the few male relationships you maintained after dating seemed to bother him to some degree. You’d told him the first time that he would either get over it or lose you because you weren’t about to cut people out of your life, and he’d accepted that. But on the rare occasion you ran into an old lover, he’d get a little touchy. “Done throwing a temper tantrum?” you asked with a smile. 

“I wasn’t throwing a temper tantrum,” he replied. “I did actually have to go.”

“You took longer than you normally do.”

“Coincidence, I swear,” he laughed. “You ready to get out of here?” After a show for your birthday and a couple of drinks, you were ready to go home. With his hand at your back, you exited the bar and headed toward the car. It was about three-quarters of the way home that it all came flooding out. “Why did your relationship with him end anyway?”

“Oh, here we go,” you laughed. 

“What?” he exclaimed. “It’s a genuine question.”

“We ended on good terms. As I’ve told you before,” you said emphatically, “we went on a couple of dates and just realized we weren’t compatible, so we stopped seeing each other.”

On the way upstairs to your apartment, he continued on with his seemingly ‘benign’ questions about your lack of a relationship with Bryan. “I just don’t see it,” he said. “Like how you ever thought you’d be compatible. He’s so…”

You shrugged, begging him to say something. It was a good thing he’d only voice his jealousy and not take it any further because otherwise you would’ve been mad. Honestly, it was pretty funny. He was the most sure of himself man you’d ever dated. He was gorgeous and kind and strong and funny. What did he have to be jealous of? “I don’t know…” he said. “It just doesn’t seem like he’s at all your type.”

“Well, he was nice, cute, funny…he was…I don’t know. We just didn’t have anything in common, and he was a little too obsessed with money,” you said, looking up to see his eyes fixated on you. “He had a lot of the same qualities as you.”

His eyes got dark at those words and he backed you into the wall. “Aww, so jealous, baby,” you laughed. “Do you need me to list all the wonderful things about you?” Derek ran his lips up the length of your neck, occasionally jutting his tongue out between his lips to taste your skin. 

“No,” he said. “I’m gonna show you why I’m nothing like him.”

With a slight laugh, you wrapped your legs around his waist. “It’s a good thing I know you’re not actually this jealous,” you grunted. His lips had left the hollow of your neck and traveled down your stomach until he was on his knees in front of you and licking at the fabric hovering above your core.


“See,” you cooed. “Bryan should be jealous of you. You get all this.” At the mention of your old lover’s name, he ripped the panties from under your skirt and delved into your slippery folds. He lifted one leg over his shoulder, steadying it with his hand while the other flattened against your stomach to keep you pinned to the wall as your sex thrusted into his waiting and needy mouth. 

He mumbled something about ‘mine’ at the juncture of your legs. They turned to jelly as he continued flicking at the sensitive bud, until even he couldn’t keep your body upright. “Good thing, you realized you weren’t compatible,” he said. “Otherwise, he’d know what you tasted like too and I don’t like that idea. This is mine.”

You gasped as his hand cupped your center, his middle finger massaging your clit. “Yes,” you sighed contentedly, pulling him in by his shirt and jumping into his embrace. “I am all yours.” You heard a ripping sound as he pulled the dress from your frame. “You owe me new clothes.”

He practically threw you down onto the bed, but you were in such a state you didn’t care. All you cared about was watching him remove his own clothes and crawl toward you, his cock twitching with need for you, as his muscles glistened with the sheen of sweat that had started to form. At the moment, he was largely driven by jealousy, but you didn’t care. 

When he crawled up the length of your body, he grabbed your wrists and held them over your head with one hand. Restricted, he could do what he wanted, nibbling and licking at your sensitive flesh as you writhed underneath him. “This is mine,” he said, taking your nipple in between his teeth. When it was satisfactorily peaked under his tongue, he moved to the other. “And this is mine.” Slowly, he made his way around your torso, claiming every piece of you. It didn’t matter. You would’ve willingly given him all of you. 

“Go ahead,” you breathed, grabbing his head and bringing him back up to look into your eyes. “Make me yours.” You bit your lip, and allowed your legs to splay open, an invitation that you wanted him to take you. The second he placed himself at your entrance and slipped inside, you wrapped your legs around him and pushed him in further.

Derek let go of your wrists, allowing them to gather at his shoulder blades, digging in deeper and deeper with each thrust. “Bear down,” he grunted, reaching down to grab your leg as further leverage. Doing as he asked brought the tip of cock closer and closer to your g-spot, and within mere minutes, you were panting into his skin and begging for your release. “No.”

Letting out a choked cry, your head flew back and to the side, biting into the pillow to stave off your orgasm. “Oh my god, Derek, please,” you begged again as he thrusted in and out of you. “Please, please…I’m yours…please.”

“Say it again,” he chuckled in your ear. The vibrations from his laugh did nothing to ease the need to orgasm. “Say you’re mine and I’ll let you.”

“I’m yours, Derek,” you breathed, taking his mouth in yours. “I’m all yours and always will be.”

Again he laughed, the tip of his nose trailing along your skin. “Damn straight…now you can come.” As the words fell from his lips, you screamed out his name and wrapped all four limbs around him as tightly as you could, trembling and quivering as you rode out your release. Soon enough, he followed behind, bellowing your name as he released himself inside you. “Oh, hell.” He laughed as he pulled himself out of you and collapsed at your side. “I dare Bryan to contend with that.”

“Goddammit, Derek!” you giggled. “That’s the thing, I wouldn’t even give him the chance to contend with this.” You stroked your hand up his length and laughed as he gasped, still sensitive to your touch. “You’re the only one for me.”

Kombat kids reactions to babalities.

Johnny Cage

Cassie: Oh my god! Is that how I got those baby sunglasses?!

Jacqui: *laughs* aww that is adorable!

Takeda: *snickers* I’m surprised he doesn’t have a sticker with his name on his chest.

Jin: Of course he’d be still signing autographs.

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Better Late Than Never

Mark x Reader

Wordcount: 1,703

Requested by celeste-hello:

Hi!!!! Can you write a slightly angsty Mark imagine where he gets jealous because the you’ve been hanging out alot with Jeno lately with a really fluffy ending, Thank you!!💙

“Ya!  Noona!  Stop it or I’ll have to get revenge!”

“Try me Jeno!”  You exclaimed, bursting with laughter at the expression on his face – the result of you hitting him over the head with a pillow. Your laughing quickly ceased when you felt a pillow hitting your face in retaliation.  “Oh, you’re so gonna get it now,” you said as you paused the movie the two of you were watching together.

You were over at the NCT dorm with Jeno.  It was rare that one of the members was home alone, but today, with all the others out for schedulesm, doing schoolwork, or visiting home, Jeno – who had a sore ankle and was resting – asked you to come over to keep him company.  You were close with all of the NCT members, but Jeno in particular had become like family to you.  He was only a year younger than you, but he was still like the little brother you had always wanted.  If he wanted you to visit him at the dorm, all he had to do was ask and you’d be there in a heartbeat.

He had put a movie on for the two of you to enjoy, but getting bored part way through, you had decided it was a good idea to tease him a bit by hitting him with the pillow you were holding in your lap.  It didn’t take long for the two of you to become engrossed in a full-fledged pillow-fight – the movie you were watching completely forgotten.  You had stood up off of the couch to get leverage on Jeno who was trying to attack you from the couch.  He took his pillow and hit you in the knees, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward onto him.  The two of you were so busy laughing and trying to focus on winning, neither one of you noticed the front door open.  


You and Jeno ceased hitting each other when you heard someone clear their throat.  Looking at each other, you slowly lowered your pillows and turned to look at the door.  Mark was there standing in the doorway.  You quickly dropped your pillow and awkwardly clambered off of Jeno. Narrowing his eyes, Mark looked back and forth between the two of you for a moment before stomping past the couch into the kitchen.  You heard him open the cupboard door, followed by it slamming shut.  He was pouring himself a glass of water by the time you arrived in the kitchen.

“Are you okay Mark?”  You asked cautiously, already knowing the answer.

“No I’m not okay.  I convinced the others to let me leave early today thinking maybe we could finally have some time together.  I get back to the dorm after hours of practice, and you, my girlfriend, are all over Jeno!”

“Mark, we were just having a pillow fight,” you tried to keep your voice calm at his accusation.

You heard footsteps approach the two of you, turning to see Jeno awkwardly staring at the floor, knowing Mark was mad at him just as much as he was at you.

“Hyung, I swear nothing happened.  She’s basically my sister and I-”

“Shut it Jeno!”   Mark snapped.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t yell at him like that! He didn’t do anything wrong!”  Seeing the look of fear on Jeno’s face, you couldn’t help but raise your voice at Mark out of frustration.  You had never seen this side of Mark before – no one had.  He was always calm, even when he had to step up and act as the younger members’ leader.  It was obvious Jeno was stunned that Mark had yelled at him.  You gestured for Jeno to leave the room, wanting to hash this out with your boyfriend.

“Of course you’re defending him!”

“Mark, it isn’t about defending anyone.  Jeno and I were just hanging out and for you to accuse us of anything more than that is unfair.  You know Jeno’s like a little brother to me.”

“I don’t believe that lie anymore (y/n)!  I know what I saw!”  You had never heard Mark yell before.  Everything you knew about him had led you to believe he was always calm and collected. It was one of the reasons you loved him. “I’m not around so you’re falling for Jeno!  It’s not my fault that I’m in every sub-unit, have participated in every comeback and was on a survival show.  It’s my job and I thought you understood that dealing with that was a part of being with me! I know it’s hard for you that we can’t always be together or even talk on the phone, it’s hard for me too!  But I never thought you’d sink so low as to move onto one of my members because he was more available!”

As he ranted, Mark’s eyes had began to fill with tears of anger and hurt, while your hands had balled into fists.  The accusations Mark were making were absolutely ridiculous, and you knew that deep down, he knew that too.  It had taken so much just to convince the company and managers to let Mark date in the first place.  There was no way either of you would do something to mess up what you had fought so hard to have.  The two of you had never bickered, let alone had a full blown fight.  You wanted to fix it, but at this point, you couldn’t stand there and allow Mark to accuse you of cheating.

“Mark, you know I wouldn’t hurt you.  Jeno wouldn’t either.  Just think about that.”

With that, you left Mark in the kitchen to sulk.  You walked back over to the sofa, where Jeno had retreated too.  Putting your arm around his shoulders, you tried to reassure him that Mark was just overworked and not thinking straight.  As angry as you were at Mark, even you knew his behavior was uncharacteristic.  

It was true. Since NCT had debuted, he hadn’t had a break.  It had to be taking a toll on him.  You knew he wanted to spend time with you just as much as you wanted to spend time with him.  Maybe seeing you and Jeno play-fighting had caused him to reach his breaking point and take out all of his built-up emotions on the two of you.

Removing your arm from Jeno’s shoulders, you reached for the remote and put the movie from earlier back on.  There was nothing the two of you could do now but wait.  Imagining Mark standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with his glass of water, you hoped he would come to his senses.


The movie credits began to play as you and Jeno got up from the sofa. Both having decided to give Mark space, you made your way over to the door.  Jeno put on his sneakers and opened the door as you put on your own shoes and grabbed your bag, which you had left by the door when you arrived.

“(Y/n), Jeno, wait.”

You looked up to see Mark making his way towards the two of you.  He reached past Jeno and and gently pushed the door closed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to either of you that way.  I was out of line.”  Mark watched as you and Jeno exchanged glances, not knowing what to say.  He continued.  “You were right (y/n).  I know that neither of you would hurt me, and I know that the two of you are like siblings. I’m just so tired and seeing you spending time together and having so much fun made me jealous.  It reminded me of what I’m missing out on.”

“There’s nothing to be jealous about,” your voice had softened significantly since earlier.

“I bet noona would rather spend time with you than me any day hyung!”  Jeno spoke up.

Mark laughed and ruffled his hair.  Jeno’s face changed to reflect Mark’s as he smiled as well.

“Jeno, I’m really sorry I yelled at you.  I didn’t mean it.”

“I know hyung. Just buy me some ice cream later and we’ll call it even,”  Jeno replied cheekily.

Mark laughed at Jeno’s antics.  Agreeing to his conditions, he then turned to you to make amends.  You could tell he felt ashamed for how he had spoken to you, as he should.  But you wanted to fix things just as badly as he did, so you spoke first.

“Mark, what you said earlier is true.  It’s hard for me dating an idol and barely getting to see you.  But none of that matters to me because you’re mine, and I’m yours.  I would never cheat.”

“I know. I’m so lucky to have you.  Thank you for standing by me and putting up with me and my lifestyle.  I love you so much (y/n).”

You were slightly taken aback.  Both of you knew that what you felt for one another was love, but it was a silent understanding.  Neither one of you had ever said it out loud to the other.  Smiling at his words, you had no problem at all reciprocating his feelings.

“I love you too Mark,” you said as you launched yourself forward to give him a hug and a peck on the lips.

“Aww, you guys are so cute!”  Jeno said as he made kissy faces at the two of you.  “You know, hyung has been telling us all how much he loves you and how he couldn’t wait to tell you.”

“He isn’t wrong,” Mark smiled at your obviously ecstatic expression.  “Actually, I was planning to tell you when I got back to the dorm but well…  We all know what happened.”

The three of you laughed at how Mark’s hissy fit had foiled his own plan.  The good news was that it had all worked itself out, and in the end he still got to say those three words that the two of you had been secretly wanting to exchange for ages.

“It’s okay Mark.  The point is you still got to say it.”

“I could have told you sooner if I wasn’t acting like such an idiot earlier.” Mark hung his head in shame.

You gently placed your hand underneath his chin, lifting his head up and making him look at you.

“You still got to say it Mark.  You know what they say.  Better late than never.”

And with that, the three of you made your way to the couch to watch another movie – together.  

“So what should we watch guys?”  Mark asked as he leaned his head on your shoulder.

“I’m fine with anything, as long as noona doesn’t ruin it and start another pillow fight,” Jeno said.

The three of you laughed and settled into the couch.  With the earlier argument already forgotten, you were eady to spend time together and give Mark the relaxation he deserved.

YOU GUYS.  I haven’t posted in so long omg.  I think it’s been almost two months since I’ve posted a fic.  I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive.  This summer has been kind of difficult for me so far, and as a result I wasn’t really in the mood to write.  But for some reason I decided to sit down and finish this fic!  Hopefully I can continue to post more regularly now.  For those who have sent in requests, I will get around to doing them soon!  Thank you guys for your continued support, and for the awesome people who followed me even when I wasn’t posting.  I love you guys!!

“Trick Or Treat!” (Inktober Day 2: Children)

Title: Trick Or Treat!

Author: VampAmber

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary:  After getting hit with a witch’s curse that causes de-aging, what Dean wants to do more than anything is go trick or treating. He wants Cas to go with him too, of course, because he just knows Cas is going to love it. And since Castiel can’t say no to Dean, no matter his age, he’s stuck wearing fake wings and a halo. Good thing it’s only treats tonight, the one at the end probably being the best.

Word Count: 1872

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12247962

“We should be focusing on reversing whatever spell that witch cast, not goofing off,” Sam complained as he poured through yet another book of lore from the bunker’s vast library.

“I agree,” Castiel said as scanned the pages of a different tome. “But he is being rather insistent, and it’s becoming somewhat distracting.”

“I wanna go trick or treating, Sammy!” Yelled Dean as he ran into the room, his four year old body full of far too much energy. “I wanna costume, and I wanna get candy, and I wanna do it now!” They’d been dealing with this for over an hour already.

“Dean, we need to be fixing what the witch did,” Castiel scolded him.

“You’re not the boss of me, Cas,” Dean pouted. “You’re the same age as me, so you can’t be.” The freckle faced child stuck out his tongue at the angel before running back off again. Castiel just sighed and turned the page, his legs dangling in the air because they weren’t long enough to touch the floor now.

Whatever the spell was that had hit Dean and Castiel, causing them to de-age, had also apparently worked on their mental ages as well. The angel was quite certain that Jimmy, were he still in this vessel, would probably have been acting the same as Dean right now.

“Maybe we should just take him?” Sam suggested, closing his book. “We’re obviously not getting anywhere right now, and I doubt taking a break for a few hours would really affect this one way or the other. Besides, he didn’t get that much of a childhood, since everything started around this age. Maybe this is a temporary good thing?”

Castiel closed his book as well. “I didn’t think of it that way, Sam,” he said, still not used to hearing his voice come out so high pitched. This wasn’t the first time he was in a child’s body, but Claire hadn’t been quite this young for the short amount of time he used her body, so this was all quite new to him. “Dean could certainly use more happy memories.”

“So, to the store then?” Sam asked, and Castiel nodded. “Hopefully there are some costumes left still,” he muttered before calling to Dean.

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The Gang’s reaction to Homecoming

(A/n: This one was pretty fun because homecoming is coming up for me ;))


- Wasn’t originally for it but he did it for his s/o

- Looks great in fancier clothes 


- Only dances to like one song 

- brought money just in case 

-talks to a lot of people because he has a lot of friends 

-social butterfly

-He probably breaks up a fight


- Probably asked you to homecoming 

-he looks fine as hell


-SO MANY jealous girls WOW

-He can actually dance pretty well but loves dancing with you 

- Fergalicious comes on and he freaks out because he knows all the words 

-never leaves your side the entire night 

-y’all take great pics together 

- snuck in candy but it melted while he danced


- was SUPER reluctant to go but decided to swing by for a bit 

-barley dances to one song with you and then stands in the back for the rest 

- notices other people staring at you 


- High key grinding in the end 

]-he didn’t dress too much but he did look good  


- Asked you to homecoming in a cute way aww

-tbh thrilled to go 

-dresses up a touch too much 

-gang makes fun of him 

-doesn’t let them get him down 

-dances the night away 

-very thirsty all the time?? can’t find a drink??

-laughs a whole bunch and has a very fun time 


-Asked you in a lovely way 

-he was a blushy mess. You were a blushy mess it was great 


- He didn’t put grease in his hair that day and it looked pretty good

- Doesn’t really dance, maybe a song or two 

-got grinded on by a stranger ( is it just my homecoming that’s like that??)

-holds your hand 23.7/7 (takes a break to wipe the sweat off his hand) 


- He was casually asked to go 

-always down to party 

-”There is no party without me” 

- This kid dresses up and is killing it 

-Is dancing probably the whole time

- Snuck in a flask and got away with it

-He’s a real cutie on the dance floor

-ends up spiking drinks for money 


- Not too shocked someone asked him 

- steps out of the car and is SERVING LOOKS 

-wow people are jealous

-he’s actually really good at dancing and does a small duet with soda probably 

- vv smiley 

-he has so much fun 

-takes a whole bunch of pictures to remember the night 

Originally posted by xstayg0ld

anonymous asked:

Could I please have some 2p Face Family headcanons with a S/O? (has a southern accent,enjoys sweet tea, ect) If not, I understand! P.S. I love this blog!!

((aww thank you~ and I think I can do that. I actually tried a batch of homemade sweet tea this summer for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised))

((this is gonna be a lil stereotypical (this is hetalia what do you expect) but stay with me okay))

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy:
- He’s got an image in his head and you probably don’t fit it. Don’t worry, he’ll get over it.
- He has trouble understanding your accent sometimes
- but it amuses him whenever you over-emphasize your voice (if you’re lucky, you might make him crack a smile).
- He finds your cuisine really weird (”Why is everything fried?”)
- He likes the scenery in the countryside down south. Take him for long walks along dirt roads and he’ll be very content.

2p!America/Allen F. Jones:
- He’s gonna make fun of you, so you gotta make fun of him (he probably has some kinda nothern New Jersey accent so go from there)
- He’s not fond of how carnivorous the south is, but if you show him some good vegetarian alternatives he’ll be down.
- He already likes sweet tea, so you bond over that.
- Loves it when you say “y’all.”
- If you ever bring him down south, take him to a ranch because he really wants to play your “sexy cowboy” (just keep an eye on him because he’s probably gonna get bucked off a horse).

2p!Canada/James Williams:
- Wow that is quite the accent.
- Often asks you to say certain words because you sound so damn funny.
- Try it back at him and he won’t say a word (he probably doesn’t sound as intense as a newfie, but he does emphasize those O’s and says eh without realising it).
- He likes a lot of your cuisine. Very fond of the chicken on waffles thing.
- You should take him to a ranch too, but don’t worry he knows how to ride a horse and he’ll look majestic af.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland:
- Aww you’re so cute.
- He’s most likely gonna try correcting your pronunciation on certain words, so get ready for a few arguments.
- Learns how to make southern baked goods for you (especially if you’re ever feeling homesick).
- Matching cowboy hats~
- Be careful if you ever take him to a ranch because 10 to 1 he’s gonna get chased by a chicken.


another list of my favorite lazytown fanfics <3 (part 1)

((if I left a comment on your fic under the same name, and you can’t find your fic here, please message me! there are a lot of fics I read and can’t find anymore))

More AUs

(we need more “different meeting” stuff, i tell you!)

Welcome to the Building (I Guess) by Neyiea

General Audiences – Words: 9,594 (FINISHED + other instalments)

Some new people are moving into Robbie’s apartment building.” | Really sweet. I think everyone has read it by now but it’s worth mentioning :)

Teach Me How To Feel by gayzytown

General Audiences – Words: 2,301 (WIP)

Resident engineer Robbie Rotten builds an unintentionally gay robot to take care of him after he starts going blind.| The summary says it all. Sporadic updates, but I really love the idea!

see also: The Hallway, by the same author

Quoth the Raven by rextexx

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 40,999 (FINISHED)

“Sportacus finds an injured raven with a bruised wing and decides to take him to the airship and care for him during the night.”| Shapeshifter!Robbie, hurt/comfort, pining. What more do you want?

Dance to My Heartbeat by ChibiTabatha

Mature – Words: 27,806 (WIP)

“You know what’s worse than stabbing yourself with a needle several times while the very attractive man stares at you?” | Stripper!AU, get ready for lots of flowers and lots of feels!

He Hides from the World by Dinolad

Mature – Words: 11,604 (WIP)

“Robbie could feel eyes on the outskirts of town, looking in.” | Cryptid!AU. I’m not usually a fan, but I’m really interested in this story!

More Fluff

(those precious cinnamon rolls need to be happy)

The Greatest Gift by Talax

General Audiences – Words: 2,404 (FINISHED)

“I just wanted to say that everyone was really glad you made it to Ziggy’s party.” | Because we’re all mad Robbie didn’t get the love he deserves in that episode.

What Do You Know About Me? by indigorose50

General Audiences – Words: 31,456 (FINISHED)

“Sportacus wants to know more about Robbie Rotten.” | Strong!Robbie is the best!!  I only wanted to read one chapter then study but… impossible. It’s just too cute, man.

Golden Sands by yaoiputin

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 13,328 (FINISHED)

Sportacus and Robbie become stranded on a deserted island.” | Yes yes yes please. I squee-d and aww-d more than once! We all want our soft boys to be safe and in love.

Stuck by someoneplsloverobbierotten

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 5,478 (FINISHED)

Robbie gets stuck in the lift with his health-nut of a neighbour and his dog.” | Claustrophobic Sportacus is the best!! And Robbie gets to reassure him ;)

see also: Sportarhino, by the same author

Fabric and ribbons and lace, oh my by DefinitelyNotAnOwl

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 10,451 (FINISHED)

“Oh, no. No. I am not making a dress for some little brat’s ballet lesson.” | Robbie makes a dress! And then more dresses! And then it gets really cute!

On Hiatus

(those fics that haven’t updated in forever - When did you say? - FOREVER!)

The Sirens of Latibær Bay by meltycity_midnightsky

General Audiences – Words: 13,923 (WIP)

There are things by those docks that are dangerous to children,“ he said. "Broken glass, rusty nails… dangerous sea life…” | Sportacus is a merman!!! And Robbie is on a ship!!! And things were about to go down, but the author is reeeally busy.

Strawberry ice-cream smoothie by onion_kid

Not Rated – Words: 4,073 (WIP)

“Sportacus knows that his soulmate is in Lazytown somewhere.” | Soulmate!AU, and Robbie has a secret identity of sorts. I was really excited about this, but I don’t know if the author plans on continuing this :(

Cirque du LazyTown by CaptainLeBubbles

Teen And Up Audiences – Words: 53,448 (WIP)

I was wished here, so I’m doing what I was wished here to do.” | A circus, a bit of magic, and a lot of action!! I really hope there’s an update soon.

Clandestine by WreckkedRekt

Mature – Words: 7,315 (WIP)

Robbie Rotten has trained his whole life to be an assassin under the name of R. Agencies and his grandfather.” | That Undercover!AU everyone’s talking about. It’s here, it’s amazing and… It hasn’t updated since March haha.

Not Sportarobbie but still awesome

(Some fics are so well-written, the characters are so on point, you can’t not read them)

Robbie Forgotten by AnnGry

General Audiences – Words: 32,624 (FINISHED)

I don’t think… no… It feels like my memory… it’s as missing as a sock in a dryer. I can’t even remember who I am!” | What if it was Robbie who forgot everything? What if the others did not want him to remember?

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