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Solangelo head canons

- Will makes awful poetry. Nico, of course, pretends he can’t stand it but he finds it adorable when Will spouts romantic nonsense at him.
- During the summer they’ll sit outside and read, or listen to music, or watch the sunset. Will’s head rests in Nico’s lap, and Nico can never resist the urge to stroke his soft blond hair.
- Will sometimes falls asleep like this, and Nico will hardly dare to breathe or move, resulting in them both falling asleep and being found by Jason or Annabeth in the morning.
- Nico is a sucker for Will’s puppy eyes and can never refuse him anything.
- Will steals Nico’s dark hoodies and aviator jackets and in return keeps giving Nico brightly coloured bracelets or t-shirts.
- Will gave Nico a bright sunshine yellow scarf for Christmas one year, and Nico secretly loves the winter so he has an excuse to wear it because it’s warm and snuggly and smells like sunshine and Will.
- Nico introduced Will to rock and heavy metal and Will is the best headbanger you have ever seen.
- They’re both just huge dorks and play mythomagic and have now set up a camp club for the game.
- They’re working with Annabeth to make a mythomagic go app for mortals to generate more income for the camp.
- Percy taught them how to skateboard.
- Annabeth taught them Latin so Nico can stay in touch with Reyna.

Morning with Markson

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Sweet morning with your boyfriends, Jackson and Mark

Genre: fluff, poly relationship

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My take on episode 3:

Oh my! I actually really enjoyed this episode. I honestly didn’t think I would, but I did.

Starting off, we have Tyrion and Jon meeting again. Awhhh. Then, we have Tyrion bringing up Sansa, asking if she’s well, Jon responds that she is. Tyrion then cracks a joke, that Jon does not find funny. 

“Does she miss me terribly?” Needless to say, Jon glared down at the man, making Tyrion turn, and immediately try to right the statement, saying they never consummated the marriage.

“I didn’t ask.” Jon snaps, not even letting Tyrion get the whole sentence out. Oh Jon, you didn’t ask, but you thought about it.

This is the THIRD time a ‘suitor’ of Sansa’s has suggested something sexual with Sansa. First was Ramsay, second was LF (I love Sansa, as I loved her mother, which means…hey wanna fuck your sister) third is Tyrion, (we never consummated the marriage.) 

I’m sorry but the mention of Sansa sleeping with these men, really gets to Jon. Also, he knows the marriage was a sham, Sansa said as much. She also said she respected Tyrion. He respected her, didn’t touch her, etc. So, Jon doesn’t go in snapping at Tyrion. It was just the little jest that bothered Jon. 

Now, the meeting between Jon and Dany. I don’t know, it fell flat to me. Just…not very…enticing? Maybe it’s because Dany is self absorbed, while Jon is trying to get her to understand what is coming for all of them. She tries to go through the history of house Stark bending the knee to house Targaryen. Saying the last Northern king did. Well, Dany, you’re wrong because ROBB STARK was the last king in the north. 

Moving on: She tries to get Jon to bend the knee, because the stark ancestors did. Well, when they meet, she asks him not to judge her by her father. Yet, she expects Jon to bend the knee because HIS ancestor did. Uhhh, hypocrite much? 

I don’t know, Dany’s ferocity and stubbornness, not to mention her arrogance really gets on my nerves. She’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum, all she needed was the foot stamp. She’s just so…cold now. Fine by me honestly, I’d rather see Targbowl then Targcest.

Jon refuses to bend the knee. 

He’s now, basically a prisoner. 

Also, shipper goggles all the way off here, I saw no chemistry between Daenerys and Jon. With Sansa and Jon, I saw it instantly, it jumped off the screen, slapped me right in the face. That’s what made me ship Jonsa. I was DRUNK last night ya’ll, and saw no chemistry. Jon was wary of her. Cause honestly, Dany is getting that ‘crazy’ look about her to me. 

Oh, and this analysis will NOT be in order. 

Mel and Varys talk when Jon and co. show up. She ‘claims’ she got fire and ice together. Which is not accurate. Jon by himself is ice and fire. He’s not full ice. He’s half. Anyway they talk, Varys telling her she should leave. Mel said she would return to die in Westeros. Also saying, he has to die here as well.


Euron is a riot to me. He’s just so…joker-ish? 

“Did you see little Theons face when he jumped overboard? Oh noooooo. Twat.” I’m sorry but that was hysterical. I laughed for a good two minutes at that line. He’s such a character, completely mad, but damn…completely hot. TO ME.

External image

He delivers the sand snakes to Cersei. Asking for his reward. She says she will give him whatever he wants, when they win the war. 

Now, I personally think the sand snakes deserve what is coming to them. They murdered Doran, Trystane, and Mrycella. All innocent people. Oberyn died in trial by combat, his arrogance killed him, he should have dealt the finishing blow. Not paraded around and played with the mountain. So….they’re a shrugged shoulder to me.

Cersei poisons the daughter of Ellaria. The same way she poisoned Myrcella. Now that’s poetic justice. And for a split moment, when Cersei is talking to Ellaria, asking her why she killed her daughter, we caught sight of human Cersei. The woman who has been killed and buried beneath grief, and hate. I love Lena, she is so amazing. The sand snakes did well here too. The acting was intense on all fronts. 

Sorry Sand snakes, but Cersei will draw your punishment out until the very last breath leaves your body.

Tyrion stumbles upon Jon Snow brooding. Shocking huh? Well, he’s back in  his cloak. He’s thinking. He’s thinking about Winterfell ‘cough’ Sansa. And he thinks himself a fool, and says he should have listened to his counselors, because he is now a prisoner. 

Well, Jon, you should have listened, lol.

Tyrion tells Jon that he should talk things out with Dany. Jon says he doesn’t believe him, but Tyrion says he does. Tyrion props up Dany. Of course…

External image

Jon walks down, still in his northern cloak I might add, to talk to Dany about mining the dragonglass. Before this, Tyrion and Dany discuss letting Jon mine the glass. Tyrion tells her it’s not a big deal, and she didn’t even know it was here. Tyrion lets her know that Jon is not a liar. And to let her allow Jon to mine the dragonglass, hopefully wooing Jon over to their side, having him bend the knee.

Jon and Dany talk, both facing away from each other. Hmmmm. Still, the chemistry fell flat to me. Dany always has this resting bitch face now, it is annoying me.

Anyway, she allows him to mine the dragonglass.

External image

Winterfell! Best part of the episode to me. We get a scene of Sansa overseeing food, shelter for the Northern houses that might flee to Winterfell, incase the war starts. She is walking around Winterfell, making sure armor is being made right. 

“Aren’t these supposed to be made with leather on them?’ Yes, they should. It keeps the cold out a little more. 

Gah. Foreshadowing? Sansa is the only ruler, right now, well, her and Jon, who are thinking about the smallfolk. Dany and Cersei are to busy fighting over the iron throne. Sansa and Jon are concerned about the people who are being effected by all the madness. Sansa is insuring that food is stocked, so when the families flee, they don’t have to worry about packing any. 

Bran comes home! I cried ugly tears, even with Bran being a frigid shell of his former self. Sophie stole every scene she was in. She’s become so good! Her reaction was so powerful!

“I wish Jon were here.” :( Yes Sansa, we wish Jon were there as well. He is not having a pleasant experience in the south at the moment. 

Sansa tries to talk to Bran, asking him what the three eyed raven means. She doesn’t understand, but he decides to ‘show’ her, of sorts. He tells her sorry about all the terrible things that have happened to her. And apologized that they had to happen in their home. 

He then tells her about her wedding night, and how she looked beautiful.

Poor baby :(

She gets choked up and leaves. 

You know what I love though? The leak said he would tell her the Night King was real, and that they must prepare. Well, she believed Jon, and has been preparing! I loved that. Even with Baelish, he tries to dismiss the threat, but she says, “As they should be.” She trusts Jon. She misses Jon. She wants him back home….


The unsullied ‘take’ casterly rock, with Tyrions knowledge of the sewer systems. But, they really didn’t. The Lannisters were too busy setting up shop over at Highgarden. GW then looks out at the sea, to find the Greyjoy fleet destroying the last of the Targaryen fleet. 

That was so damn clever.

Tyrion has vastly underestimated Cersei. 

Euron is her wild card. He’s dominating right now, lol.

So…the unsullied are trapped. They have no transportation out of Casterly Rock. 


Jamie talks with Olenna, after sacking Highgarden. Now, people are saying this was way too easy. Well, you have to remember that Randall Tarly pulled his armies out of Highgarden, backing Cersei and Jamie now. So, that was a good chunk of her army. 

They talk. Olenna tells Jamie that Joffrey was a cunt. She tells him that Cersei will destroy him, and that she is truly terrible. 

Jamie gives her poison, she drinks it. Unlike the strangler, this poison is painless, and works quickly. 

She admits, before Jamie leaves that she is the one who poisoned Joffrey, and to tell Cersei. 

R.I.P Lady Olenna, say hi to Margaery for me!

Well, that is it really. I enjoyed this episode, I liked how after meeting Dany, Jon put his cloak back on immediately, and he also had it on when he talked to her the second time. I liked how Sansa was mentioned. Sansa was just…amazing. A TRUE QUEEN my peeps, she’s actually focused on the real threat, not some pointless squabbling. Not on the iron throne, but on her home, on Winterfell, and the people that will need sanctuary if something were to happen. I like that Cersei is coming out on top, because Tyrion underestimated her and her powers of persuasion. She really did pick up a few things from Tywin. He’d be proud.

Hope you enjoyed!

  • <p> <b>Crowley:</b> The U.S. cultural attaché is advertising for a nanny and a gardener.<p/><b>Aziraphale:</b> We take employment with the family?<p/><b>Crowley:</b> Exactly.<p/><b>Aziraphale:</b> Shotgun the gardener job!<p/><b>Crowley [annoyed]:</b> Awhhh! [mournful] Have you //seen// me in a skirt?<p/><b>Aziraphale:</b> Culloden, 1745.<p/><b>Crowley:</b> Oh. Yes.<p/></p>
Grounding // paul lahote || requested

request; Could i have an imagine where the reader is having a panic attack bc of social anxiety(if you dont mind) and where Paul(who imprinted on her) has to calm her,even though its a new situation for him? Thank you,i really enjoyed the last request!

a/n; of course love!! and awhhh!! thank you so much!!

You sit silently in class, you where tired, very tired from the lack of sleep you’ve been getting though the week.

Your own family problems, anxiety problems, and the stress of school was taking its toll yet again on you.

But today didn’t help at all. You where in math class, your worst subject, yeah, you’re good in addition and subtraction, multiplication—the basic things. But when it came to deep algebra, it was hard.

It was mostly your anxiety, you where so scared to ask questions in class. But Paul came, and helped you from then on.

He’d help you, ask your questions in class, and be there for you.

Paul holds your hand under the table, running his thumb over your knuckles as you work on taking notes.

You tired to pay attention, but the words sounded foreign as your teacher spoke.

“Y/N. Won’t you please answer question nineteen?” You teacher asks.

As she said this, your heart dropped and your breathing picked up. Everyone in the class tired to look at you, and you froze in place.

You tried taking in deep breaths but nothing helped. You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Tears appeared in your eyes. Paul, watching what was happening, pulled you from the classroom and into the hallway.

“Shhh, hey, babe.” He whispers.

You have told him not to hug you if it had ever happened, as you got more anxious when someone did this.

“Baby, hey, you’re alright, yeah?” He was a little anxious himself, as he had no clue to what he was doing.

He did some of his own research to figure out what to do, but when he thought about it, it all slipped his head.

But when he looked at you, it’s like he remembered again.

“Let’s get you to a quiet room yes?” You sob, and nod at him, he leads you by the small of your back to a quiet room, and then he sits you in the chair.

“Do you want water?” You shake your head.

“Okay, do you need me to leave?”

Your eyes widen and you shake your head, a scared expression on your face, “No! N-n-”

“Hey, baby, okay. I won’t leave you,” Paul holds your head in his hand, “Want to ground yourself?”

“Let’s point out five things wee see yeah?” You point to things.

“Great baby, now four things you can taste?”

“Good, three you can smell?”

“Amazing. Two you can hear?”

“You’re doing great! One more, one you can touch?”

Your breathing soon got under control, although you where still sobbing.

“H-hug me?” You ask Paul.

He pulls you into his chest quickly, kissing you hairline and whispering sweat nothings into your ear.

“I love you, baby.”

“Love you, Paul.”

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bestthingintheuniverse  asked:

Hello! I heard that your askbox is open! I guess UT and US bros going to a bookstore and meeting the owner (who he immediatly have a crush on!) Thank you!

Awhhh so cute! 



He goes to the bookstore because it’s the only one within miles that has the puns book he wants. You were shelving books and he mistook you for a customer and started dishing out books puns. Your laughter rang in his soul and for the first time in a long time, he feels a blue blush creep his his cheeks. He was a surprised when you rang him up after he found his book, and when you gave him a 60% discount, he leaves the store finding excuses to come by again. 


Papyrus enters the bookstore to run an errand for Alphys when he spots you at the counter. His soul immediately leaps and begins to strike up a conversation with you. You don’t seem bothered by his presence so he continues to talk and eventually, he asks you out on a date. He’ll pick you up at 7. 



OH WOWIE. The minute he lays eyes on you in that bookstore, he straight up tells you that he finds you very attractive and you two go into a deep conversation about your favorite books. Heck, he goes find all the books you recommend them and purchase them all at once. He refuses to accept your discounted price and pays for them all full price. As soon as he finishes them all, he’ll ask you out on a date. 


After seeing you in that bookstore for the first time, Stretch low key stalks you. He swings by the bookstore once a week, pick up a random book, and pretend to read when he’s really watching you do your thing. He just can’t stop staring at your, you’re perfect. Eventually, you notice him and confront him about it. Stretch sincerely apologizes and doesn’t return to the bookstore for a while. When he does, he apologizes again and did what he should’ve done the first time: asks you out on a date.