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  • Jonathan: Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world.
  • Steve: Jonathan, I'm going to be honest with you because we're friends, and friends don't lie to each other.
  • Jonathan: What is it?
  • Steve: You're a really awesome dude. Like, you're funny, smart, kind, really cool overall. And sometimes it just hits me and I don't get why I used to bully you. Like, how could I ever be mean to someone so cool?
  • Jonathan: ...oh, um, wow--
  • Steve: And then you say shit like that and suddenly I remember.

*me listening to Merzbow* “Is that a dude screaming and some drums and some wicked guitar feedback? yeah. sick. I love this. so sick. so abrasive. you have any ibuprofen? awesome dude thanks for showing this to me.”

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I've been following you for a grand total of like 5 minutes but your art is so awesome dude!!!! I love the style it just looks so cool!! Hope you have a radical day and keep drawing amazing art!

sgdgjfdh!! Thank you so much for the kind words, hun!! it means a lot to me heheh, glad you like my stuff! I try my best with it!! And I hope you have a wonderful day as well!!

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Why didn't I know you were italian? I'm italian as well! I'm shook!

Really?? That’s awesome, dude! :D glad to meet people from the italian jse community every now and then!
Batti il cinque :D

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I m gonna CRY,, I'm so glad you like my art too o h miGOsh . ImGonnaDie. I admire you sm like wow! L I k e. You reblogged my /art/I m.. SO HAPPY!!! Blease..... stay awesome dude

THIS IS SO NICE THANK U??? idk what to sAY besides these last couple asks made me think of this n Im laughing

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hi!! just wanted to let you guys know that you have the fic royal(ly fucked) linked in the deaf!keith tag and the fic includes pidge/shiro/allura as a side pairing. i know you guys try not to include sh@ladin so just wanted to make sure you guys were aware. have an awesome day xx

dude so it does! thanks so much for letting us know, ill take it off the post now <33 - Karri


Alright so I’ve been meaning to draw @circateas Cuphead Announcer design for a bit now and I’m glad I finally gave into the temptation cuz DAMN is he fun to draw (also please check them out their art is tOP FUCKING NOTCH)

Vietnam vet with dementia reassured 'your duty is done' - BBC News
When a US war veteran with dementia was convinced he needed to return to Vietnam, a Lt Col stepped in.

“When a loved one starts to lose their memory and show signs of dementia it can mean they are often confused about time, dates and what has happened to them.

“So when 84-year-old Vietnam veteran Lawrence Silk insisted he return to the war in Vietnam, where he completed three tours, his family began to worry.

“It was [his son-in-law] Kenny’s idea to write on social media:

“"He is consistently haunted by his need to do his duty so we are asking for a current or retired military officer to volunteer to visit him - in uniform - and tell him that his responsibility to his country has been fulfilled.

“"Perhaps present a certificate of some kind and take a picture so we can show it to him in the event that he forgets.“

“Soon after the post went public a recently retired lieutenant colonel from the same squadron agreed to visit Lawrence and tell him that his duty had been done.

"”It was pure coincidence that he was a commander of the same unit. It was perfect” said Kenny.

“Lt Col LaFrazia presented Lawrence with a certificate of appreciation from the United States Air Force (USAF), a USAF civil engineering badge and coins from the Prime Beef and Red Horse units.

“Along with all of the advice from complete strangers, Lawrence now has a selection of army memorabilia to remind him of his past achievements and that he doesn’t need to return to Vietnam.

“"Col. LaFrazia is a saint in our eyes.”

“”No stranger I have ever met has been more gracious, caring and understanding.”

"”He did this to serve the Brotherhood and hopes people understand that veterans’ stories don’t end when the war ends.”

I drew the other two girls, might as well pay tribute to this lovely gal! Also, I wanted to draw something for @zacharandom because he sent me a bunch of sweet texts this morning and it just melted my heart, I have such great friends. So here’s to you, my dude. Galaxy haired Hazel!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jakei95!! (✿◡‿◡ฺ).:*☆

The first pic is kinda desspressing.. But we know you have been fighting all this time to make us smile and happy.. must be hard– YA NEED TO BE REMINDED HOW LOVED YA ARE HWHWHW

Seriously I HOPE YOU HAV A LOVIN DAY :’333

Martin Shkreli: Australian boys recreate life-saving drug - BBC News
Australian students cheaply recreate a life-saving drug that was famously hiked in price last year.

US executive Martin Shkreli became a symbol of greed when he raised the price of a tablet of Daraprim from $13.50 (£11) to $750.

Now, Sydney school students have recreated the drug’s key ingredient for just $20.

Daraprim is an anti-parasitic drug used by malaria and Aids patients.

Martin Shkreli: ‘The most hated man in America’

The Sydney Grammar boys, all 17, synthesised the active ingredient, pyrimethamine, in their school science laboratory.

“It wasn’t terribly hard but that’s really the point, I think, because we’re high school students,” one boy, Charles Jameson, told the BBC.

The students produced 3.7 grams of pyrimethamine for $20. In the US, the same quantity would cost up to $110,000.


thank you 3 for having us in for the early Q and A, you were hilarious as ever and you mean the world to us all ^~^

also I can’t believe I was sat right in front of Brandon Turner, holy crap that dude is awesome omg



Link Strikes

 Or: “How have they not accidently killed each other?” ft. Noctis and Ignis

Also let’s appreciate Ignis