but atleast i made an effort

PearlJasper drabbles 1: The ocean and the fire Chapter 5: Oneshot 1: A Heart to Heart (Request), a steven universe fanfic | FanFiction

I made some fluffy jaspearl! This was a request from a fanfiction user and I finally completed it!

Anyway can someone comment on it please? Or atleast leave a like on this chapter/story. I put so much effort into this it’s insane.

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Trials Of Derpulies - Rap Battles

Ok, I thought i’d so on a little rant about the latest episode of trial of derpulies. I know its all fun and everything but i don’t think that Sjipos should have won, not only was the effort minimal compared to the other teams. All they did was repeat the same lines over and over again. Atleast Team Flux Buddies or HatFilms created all different lines. I mean the whole of hatfilms rap was original in the sense of lyrics and nothing was repeated and they also tried to get everything to rhyme. Same with the flux buddies rap it was pratically all original for a pardody of a already made song, but it was better than the same lines being repeated.

Another thing, I know someone made a post about this type of thing, but the whole episode was done from team sjipos POV which would have been good, but we were all expecting what was to be said in the rap as we had watched the whole process. They could have left some unheard bits of it and show the other teams process a bit more.

Lastly, once again i know that this series is all for fun, but i think it was very rude that throughout others raps team sjipos interupted it while the other teams were respecting the other teams and staying quiet until the end. I know that they also spoke over there own but for the other teams sharing theres and them doing this is a bit mean. And especially because the veiwers also wanted to see the teams raps as we hadnt got to see a process of it being made before hand. We only heard the first bit of Team FB’s rap in there ½ sec cut to in the last session