but at the same time it's very similar

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you are so patient and im really thankful for that. its so admirable because you get a lot of the same/very similar questions many times and you still take the time to help people. thanks & have a good day

well, it’s the least I can be with all my awesome followers and I’m really glad you appreciate it dear. thank you very much and hope you have a lovely day xx

@riiddlemethis( Extreme gay cont )

Sometimes, when Oswald was just a boy he used to watch his mother prepare dinner, although she so very differently to Ed. He did everything so cleanly, so precise; whereas his mother had always been a little forgetful and vaguely  haphazard.  Back then he probably didn’t pay the same kind of attention as he was doing now but back then he had a wonderful excuse for not knowing much about preparing his own meals.

The eight year old Oswald and the twenty eight year old Oswald shared  very similar knowledge when it came to putting  together something to eat so he thought maybe it was time to change that a little by  watching  what Ed was doing in the kitchen.

When the knife stopped moving with a small pile of finely chopped onion in its wake Oswald looked up to Ed who he found to be staring off into the distance as though day-dreaming. He would have asked what was wrong but before he could Ed came to life again and suddenly their lips were  together; needless to say whatever was in his mind at that moment was immidately erased, demolished— gone.

The whole thing only lasted for a few seconds but to him it felt much longer. When Ed pulled away Oswald was stunned and without the other man’s lips to hold his own together he was slightly slack jawed, the breath having to be put back into his lungs by sheer mental force and he found himself trying so hard not to see this as an  
answer  rather than a question.

After all, what was suppose to be in his mind other than why? Surely this kiss couldn’t have meant anything more surely this wasn’t a sign that Ed began viewing them as anything other than just friends? Anyone else might have seen this as a  
concise  confirmation for all he had dared to wonder about them… But Oswald just couldn’t. 

He was afraid that he would be wrong and it would be humiliating. He lived under the unending assumption that he was every bit as untouchable, beastly and  unlovable  as he been made feel for so long, though not even he could deny that for a moment when Edward’s lips were against his nothing felt bad; and that just maybe all the doubts towards himself were wrong. 

There was flutter of his eyes as he came to decide that this certainly wasn’t something he’d imagined and he couldn’t remain  quiet  about it. Ed’s casual concerns about the knife went right over his head. 

  ❝  Ed you.. You kissed me. 

Maybe the first thing on his mind falling out wasn’t the best, he was sure Ed knew he kissed him so he tried to rectify this, a slightly awkward smile appearing and even the hint of some  nervous laughter. 

    ❝  I ..Mean.. to say- well- Why? 

It was a disaster. 

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Hi! can i ask you a question? Its kinda rare for me to have crushes/an attraction to guys or any other genders that aren't girls (i'm 16 so i say girls yeah ). it does happen but it's like once in a blue moon. Its just not as common. I'm scared that i might end up being that stereotype everyone hates. Do you have any advice?

Hi, of course!! Well, to start, I’m actually in a similar boat as you. I’m attracted to girls probably.. 97% of the time and non-women 3% of the time and I’ve had the same thoughts as you…scared that I really am just confused and am a walking bi stereotype. But, then I realized that, while rare, my attraction to other genders was still very important to my understanding of myself so identifying under a bpq identity is what felt…right. But that was just for me, there’s just as much of a chance that you’ll come to a different conclusion. And that is all a-okay!

Please don’t be scared of becoming a “stereotype”. If you identity as bpq right now but later in life realize you’re actually a lesbian, that okay. It doesn’t hurt the bi community in the slightest (and actually, it’s -just- as common for women who previously who identified as a lesbian to realize they’re bi as the other way around…heterosexism really has a nasty habit of making it quite difficult for us sapphic gals to figure out our individual identities). Really, what it comes down to, is what identity feels most “right” to you. There are girls who are 97% attracted to women who identify as a lesbian and girls in the same boat that identify as bi, their personal choices pretty much boiling down to whatever term felt most like “home” to them. 

What feels best to you now may not be the same in the future and there’s even a chance it will change multiple times throughout your lifetime or that you realize there just isn’t an identity that feels best to you. And that’s all very natural, and very okay. You’re not hurting anyone by being honest with your feelings and describing yourself in a way that makes most sense to -you-. No matter what identity feels is best for you today, in 5 years, or in 50 years, we here at bpq-sapphic love you! Good luck! 

-Mod Veronika 


Fast Air Drone (Uridimine) : Animation Frames

So far most of the enemy types are spawning in silos or garages. The same applies to the “Uridimine”, but the silo animation isn’t that complex compared to the other enemies. Just a flashing warn light will spawn on top of the silo a short time before the drone appears … it’s very similar to the original “Uridium” game. 

Even if I really love to work with Photoshop, it lacks animation handling a bit. However, I stick to PS because its great overall functionality. Since I work on this game, I try to improve my PS workflow in regard to the animations. 

Two images should very briefly explain my current process in PS: the image in the middle shows my basic animation - all layers on. The lower image shows the same image, just with muted layers and prepared for an easy single frame export via “generate video” function. Finally the only thing I have to do is to correctly assign the exported frames to the target object (light, silo, enemy, enemy shadow). Not sure if this is the best way, but for me it works … saves time. 

Wondering how other PS users are handling sprite animations, though,
If you have a better idea to share, let me know!  

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wait okay, since the other took my question about having a crush i got another one do you know if there is anyone who likes you that way? and what´s your feelings about that?

I’m pretty sure that yes.

She’s in a very similar position to mine with the other person, the “Unrequited love” ish thing.

My feelings about it are, idk, confusion because I never saw it coming, I’m also honored because she’s great and I love her, just not romantically.

Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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hi! can i talk to you about a couple of things? they're obviously xenoblade and x related, and you seem a reasonable and analytical person to talk to, given that you like the games but can be critical about it. I finished X main plot and i agree with what you and others said some time ago, because yeah it obviously can't compare with the first game. it saddens me, but at the same time i dont think i would have liked another jrpg adventure but overall weaker or too similar, so its weird (cont.)

i like that it tried something different, i just wish that it had more substance to it. Like the side quests are all very elaborate and much better than the first game, so you see how they know how to write properly, but it boggles me that they didnt do it for the main plot. It may be that this is only the first “episode” and doesnt progress much, so they couldnt make you fight GOLBOGGA or OVAH right away, but if a sequel occurs i would like for it to have references and not a direct one (cont.)
like that it builds on what X and Xenoblade set up, but follows another bunch of characters, maybe aliens, maybe something connected to Shulk’s world, idk, something that will impress us in general. Given that X was more of an experiment for HD and open world and online, and given how super talented they are i know they can pull it off, lets just hope that they can repeat the magic of the first game with the added experience after it too. what do you think? and sorry for the super long ask!!

I feel that for every single thing X improved on, it had to sacrifise something else:

- There’s more to explore in X, but the areas lack the variety found in the first game. Graphical assets are constantly recycled to fill up the huge overworld. There is only one city in the game, a city that isn’t even that large, compared to Xenoblade’s five.

- There are more recruitable party members, but their overall importance has diminished greatly since your avatar is the strongest, most customizable character in the game. This also means not one character is unique, as you can learn everything they can do. In the end-game they can be ignored completely as your benefits from them are minimal.

- The battle system has added layers to it, but it can be too easily broken and is horribly unbalanced. A prime example is an easily-acquired Skell that can, completely uncustomized, one-shot 98% of all tyrants (even lvl 90 ones). For ground gear, it’s Overdrive. The end-game is intentionally all about grinding to artifically lenghten the game. Why is this needed for an already 100+ hours game?

And lastly, like you said: great missions, terribly story.

Though flawed, I appreciate that X dared to do something new and different – the experience the Monolith team has gained is invaluable, which is why I also have high hopes that they’re taking the criticism for this game to heart. Whatever game they create next, it wouldn’t have been possible without X.

Definitely agree with you on the sequel!! Hoping they’ll start as fresh as possible with a new cast + planet/world. It would be a shame to dedicate another huge RPG to these characters very few have bonded with. The questions left unanswered by X’s epilogue can still be wrapped up as long as the sequel takes place in the same universe as X.

Thank you for the ask!!

i was tagged by the incredibly talented @halewithstilinski. thank you claudia!!

so, i had already answered a post very similar to this one, so ill jump some questions that ive already answered and the answer is still the same (c’mon its been three weeks)

Rule: Answer in a new post and tag 20 followers that you would like to get to know better.

Name: Ana

Nickname: already answered go there

Star Sign: pisces

Gender: Female

Height: im gonna answer in cm now, its 162 (which according to google is around 5′3″)

Sexual Orientation: i have no fucking idea, still trying to figure it out.

Favourite colour: red atm

Time right now:  9:00 pm

Current location: living room (theres no wifi in my room :’(

Average hours of sleep a night: already answered go there

Last thing I googled: my new university’s website (yes im finally in college!!!!)

Blankets I sleep with: one, at a maximum two in winter (cause i live in the south hemisphere and rn its summer, yeah….)

Favourite fictional characters: already answered go there

Favourite books: I don’t have one atm mainly because I haven’t read in forever (I blame fanfiction) - same, claudia. but this is also already answered cause i have some in my head.

Favourite artists/bands and Dream job: already answeredddd

Random fact: i use a lot of question and exclamation marks when im typing because thats how i talk irl, and im really sorry for that

What am I wearing right now?: shorts and a tshirt

When did you create your blog?: already answereeed

Amount of followers: 115 and i love you all, srsly, i stalk you guys sometimes

What do you post about?: a looot of sterek, sometimes the rest of teen wolf, harry potter, mr robot and harry styles

Do you have any other blogs?: yes, but i dont use them

When did your blog reach its “peak” (when did you get more followers, have popular posts)?: uh, i dont think it has??? 

Who is your most active follower?: tumblr says its @c0raz0ndele0n. thank you!!

What made you decide to get tumblr?: already answeredd

Do you get asks on a daily basis?:  no, but feel free to talk to me, always

Why did you choose your URL?: honestly i had saved this url years ago but i didnt know about it, i just didnt remember. then i thought of getting a new tumblr and opened this one up (its other email, see, its not a side blog) and this url was here. i dont like it much but i think i can be neutral about it, and i was too lazy to think of another.

tagging (not 20 sorry) @coyoteraeken @youwereneverastray @jollyniall @theleagueofunicorns and @namidagoe

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos launches New Shepard rocket into space… again

US entrepreneur Jeff Bezos has again launched his New Shepard rocket into space to further attempts to be the first to develop reusable rocket technology. The Amazon.com founder did not warn the public of the test in Texas on Friday, which was ran similar to the launch in November.

However, the Federal Aviation Authority published a temporary flight restriction around Van Horn where Bezos’s company, the Blue Origin, launched the rocket.

Writing on his blog, Bezos, said: “The very same New Shepard booster that flew above the Karman line and then landed vertically at its launch site last November has now flown and landed again, demonstrating reuse.

"This time, New Shepard reached an apogee of 333,582ft (101.7km) before both capsule and booster gently returned to Earth for recovery and reuse.”

The New Shepard rocket is named after Alan Shepard, the first American to reach space in 1961.
Its first launch reached above the same 100km altitude point - which is considered to be at the beginning of space – before veering back to earth and landing upright on earth.

Speaking at the time of the launch last year, Bezos said: “It was a totally nominal flight. We’re walking on cloud nine. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

Fellow competitor, Elon Musk, from Space X also wants to be the first to develop reusable rocket technology. While Bezos aims for the New Shepherd to fly tourists into space for a few minutes, Space X is in partnership with Nasa and commercial clients to carry payloads and people into orbit.

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I had a tournament this past weekend so my saturday was very busy! I'm a bit under the weather now, but I'll be better in no time! Australia sounds so fun to me idk? I've heard our countries are fairly similar but Australia just seems so much more exciting and fresh and overall better? And I think its great you've stuck with law!! I've always felt the same about medicine, thus I've pursued it an any way I can whether through classes or extracurriculars. Do you have any plans for the week? -ccnsv

Australia is mostly barren land tbh HAHA but drop by sometime and I’ll be more than happy to be your guide!!! Since I’m such a lousy person, I’ll be spending what’s left of my week at home ): but since chinese new year is approaching, a few family friends will be coming over for dinner tomorrow which I’m looking forward to ^^ do you have any special plans?

Album Review #12: System of a Down - Steal This Album! (2002)

Not gonna waste any time getting started today, here’s part three of the special feature. Straight from 2002, here’s album review #12, System of a Down’s Steal This Album!

Last time I made a point about eras versus albums when it comes to describing the band’s output. Here’s where we get into the why behind that. This album, while it is certainly its own distinct entity, is very similar sonically to Toxicity. The mix is very similar, the guitar tones are exactly the same, the drums sound the same, the vocals sound the same, it’s easily mistaken as basically Toxicity II. I say easily mistaken because on a songwriting level, it’s nothing like Toxicity. All the songs on this album have a certain quality to them that make them distinctly different to anything from the last album. And yet, the similarities were present enough for fans to dub the leaked rough mixes as “Toxicity II” (they’re still pretty easily accessible if you know what you’re looking for).

Because the album is so similar on a production and performance level, I can skip that and focus just on the music. Which means this review is going to be a bit less glowing than the past two.

I’m gonna put it bluntly: I don’t particularly like this album. It has a number of songs I really like, such as the opener Chic n Stu, Bubbles, Ego Brain, and Mr. Jack, but on an overall level I like it much less than the past two albums and even the next two albums.

Lyrically there is an even heavier political focus this time around, with the two most blatant examples of this being Boom! and Fuck the System. A.D.D is another huge political song, condemning corporations who favor global profits and power struggles at the expense of the American Dream. It’s also a return to something big on the first album, namely the use of the word fuck. Toxicity is noticeably empty of fucks, while they are quite plentiful across this album and the first album.

There is also an even bigger Eastern presence on this album than the last two, to the point where guitarist Daron Malakian provides an oud solo (well, several layered on top of each other) in the song Nüguns, something they hadn’t yet done yet.

Honestly, a good number of the songs on this album just feel stale and uninteresting, Innervision being one of my least favorites. Despite being one of the more obviously Eastern influenced songs on the album it just drags on too much, and none of it sounds particularly interesting. The riff is boring, the vocal performances are unemotional for the most part, and it’s too repetitive. Thetawaves is another song that’s in a similar boat.

What’s worse is that some of the songs have really good parts mixed with bland and boring parts. Boom! gets pretty good in the verses, but the choruses are boring. I-E-A-I-A-I-O has a cool drum pattern but again, the choruses are boring. Pictures is great, but a tad too short, although that doesn’t really fit in with the other songs I mentioned.

That said, there are some pretty cool moments. The way 36, Pictures, Highway Song, and Fuck the System all fit together makes them seem like one big multipart song. Mr. Jack and Ego Brain are two of the best songs in the band’s catalog, especially with Daron’s freakout at the end of Mr. Jack. Streamline is a fantastic ending, nowhere near as heavy hitting as Aerials but it shows the band playing with time signatures and has a powerful solo from Daron (that gets stolen by Serj Tankian later on in the song Beethoven’s Cunt from his first solo album, although it’s used to great effect, so it’s all forgiven).

And one of my favorite parts is that Daron’s increased vocal presence on the last album is increased even more this time around. No real lead parts yet but almost every song on the album features his harmonies and backing vocals, with a noticeable effect in Ego Brain. The harmonies in that song are constructed in a way that’s always made me think Daron provided the main vocal melody for the verses while Serj provided the harmony. For another example of their beautiful harmonies, Roulette is one of the best. It’s a great song that never would have been written by the same band who wrote Suite-Pee, but then again, by this point, they’re not really the same band anymore. Not that that’s a bad thing of course.

Ultimately, while the album does have some high points, it falls flat compared to the rest of the band’s work. The songwriting is different enough from Toxicity that the too-similar production style just doesn’t work in its favor. While it creates its own distinct feel, at first glance it sounds too derivative of Toxicity. Indeed, most of the songs were written in the same sessions. The band have always been quick to point out that the album is not a collection of b-sides and rejects from Toxicity and that the songs just didn’t fit that album’s continuity, and I can certainly see that, but it’s a bit hard to believe when a number of the songs themselves just aren’t at the same level of quality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not a bad album, it has its high points. Their worst album is better than many bands’ best albums, but that doesn’t mean it’s not their worst.

I’d have to give the album a 5 out of 10. Not a bad album, but not a good one.

Where it stands among the band’s work, I put it at 1/5. My least favorite of their albums.

Normally this is the part where I say to stay tuned for the next time, but I finished this review very quickly. I got to the rating sometime during Roulette, the album hadn’t even finished playing before I finished writing it. Plus, I skipped talking about the performances and production. Don’t worry though, I have a pretty cool idea to rectify that.

As I said earlier, the leaked rough mixes of the album are still easily available. So, as a special bonus, I’ll be reviewing “Toxicity II” in addition to the final release.

Now, I can’t comment too much on the production quality because the demo is only available in low quality MP3s, but from the first track it sounds noticeably different. For one, most of Daron’s vocals are either gone, replaced with Serj, or mixed really low. Another point is that the track order is wildly different. Four of the songs are missing, Thetawaves appears in two different versions, and two tracks not on the final album appear. Many of the vocal performances are alternate takes as well. The chorus in Thetawaves (here titled Waiting For You) is completely different lyrically. A.D.D’s (here titled We Don’t Give A Damn About Your World) second chorus sounds quite different, much more raw and unpolished. Pictures (here titled On My Mind) skips the first half of the bridge lyric and repeats the second half twice. Chic n Stu (here titled Therapy) has Serj performing Daron’s vocal parts in the pre chorus in a goofy voice the first time around.

The mix differences are quite interesting, they offer an alternate view of the songs. For instance in Streamline (actually has the same title on this release) the backing vocals in the chorus are panned hard right, and the solo is missing the delay effect in the second half. Mr. Jack (here titled Side Of The Freeway) has some cool percussion in the intro that never made it to the final mix, although the lack of Daron’s vocals cause the ending to fall flat. The intro to Pictures has no guitar, in fact a lot of the higher guitar parts seem to be missing, or at least really quiet. I-E-A-I-A-I-O (here titled Why) skips the drum intro and goes straight into the big main riff. Highway Song (here titled Want Me To Try) is missing a lot of the background layers.

Across the whole album, the drums are noticeably dry, which leads me to believe most of the reverb on the finished album was added during the mix and isn’t the natural room sound (not that that’s a bad thing of course). Funny enough, 36 (here titled Your Own Pace), aside from a couple differences in the vocals, sounds almost exactly like the final version. Nüguns (here titled Defy You) is probably the most radically different out of all the songs, with completely different lyrics delivered in a way that reminds me of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, and a restructuring of a lot of the riffs (not completely different, but a lot of them have some noticeable changes), and the solo section is completely removed.

The two unreleased songs are a bit odd. Virginity sounds like some odd outtake from the first album reworked and rerecorded during the sessions for this album, although unlike the rest of the demos, it doesn’t sound like a rough mix but rather an actual demo. No overdubs, the guitar’s not even double tracked. Outer Space sounds much more like it belongs on this album, reminding be a bit of A.D.D and Nüguns with some really weird parts in the verses, not something unexpected from them though.

All in all, it’s an interesting alternate look at the album, but because of the sound quality of the files being so low and, admittedly, the lack of Daron’s voice, I can’t say I prefer it to the finished product. It’s an interesting listen, but it’s not something I’d listen to more than once or twice. Despite a lot of people’s distaste towards Daron’s voice, this release definitely shows that most of the songs depend on his harmony vocals, otherwise they fall flat. The only one I can say doesn’t really miss it is probably I-E-A-I-A-I-O, as his contributions were a short harmony at the end of the choruses and being part of the gang vocals, so he’s not really there anyways. Also because of how different Thetawaves is this time around, I don’t really miss him cause there’s nothing remotely similar to his parts. And 36 didn’t even have him anyway.

So, there we go. Tune in next time for the beginning of the end, Mezmerize.

Palen-drama 3

Less than a month away,

As we sprint to the end of our program, and to graduation. The one thing I was most excited about is drawing near. The planning, the conversations, the fueds, everything makes it more and more exciting. Our fashion show is less than 30 days away

My jobs for the show include, staging manager, media liaison, and front of house. Which basically means i get to talk to everybody. Which is a pretty cool job seeing as though, thats one of my greatest skills. 

Our show is most easily described as, how light hits a prism and refracts to create a spectrum of light. With our show being called Spectrum. Its indicative of our class. No two of us are the same. We all have similar qualities but all bring very very different skill sets to the table. 

Currently we’re still in the fundraising stage, but since our time frame is so short, that will only last another week or so. The fundraisers that we have coming up include:

JCI Spectrum Spa Night

February 9th at 5:30 to 9:30

manicures are $10 -45min

pedicures are  $10 -1hr

at John Casablancas institute

as well as 

JCI Spectrum Headshots

February 15th from 12:30-5:30

you will recieve 30 digital photos, either over drop box or on a usb

and they are all $50

at John Casablancas institute

All net proceeds will also be benefiting the Covenant house Vancouver charity. So if your in the area or at all curious to book a time slot please contact me at:





We’ve been asked to find some posters we liked. I found these on Pinterest. I like how different they are but at the same time they’re very similar. I like how the first one plays with contrast of light and darkness. I like how the second one uses a saw as the space for the design piece. I like the simplicity of the third one. I think the pieces from audio equipment work very nicely for the idea. I love the last one because it is in Lithuanian and it took me ages to actually figure out it was in Lithuanian and what it said. I think its a great showcase of digital skills.

Pith of Business Consultants for Start-ups

Having an on hand business line up and animadvert it grow into a big business house is a dream which unequal professionals see. Though only a very inferior fraction pertinent to such uterine kin are able as far as realize their dreams. A start-up business set up is like a new born baby and the owners similar to its parents who clamor for to be always on their toes to touch their child’s world of good. From program to time parents take advise from various experts by virtue of what for feed their child, how as far as feed him and many other such important questions, similarly owner of a start-up business needs to peer parallel advices not counting the specialized experts who would guide him through.

Such specialized experts are available advanced conventionalism of Business Consultants who can be consulted from time to time. The role upon affair consultants in case of a start-up begins even before a business life could take its legal shape. There are kind of very important basics which need to be put in place before operations could go on launched. As a professional you would have leavening knowledge of the business which you are going to enter on with but you actually require much beyond than just this statement to a business set up on end which will sponsor both your gangling stopping place and short term business goals.

Business owners are teleological the best judge against their businesses. They would have enough information of their industry, their ware and their customers. What they tend to lack is expertise open arms accounting, finance, surtax, statutory compliances etc which are as well-furnished integral segmentary in regard to business and feel direct bearing on the bottoming out and gradual change of the company. New patter owners often do not have much outcropping to all the elements or domains of a business brave hence getting inputs and advice from a Business consultant comes very handy.

Business consultants stern guide new start-up owners on their company inventorying formality and set-up procedures, banking, Business planning, taxations, structuring of operations and many ulterior important issues which will originate the basis of further intumescence in relation with the organizations. Both Short term and long term goals are identified and frameworks created which will assist in achieving these goals. Revolutionary entrepreneurs carton be assured that these services choose give up very handy in running their organization and at the same relay strength spent on consultant’s fee would document to be value for money.

There are specialized consultants available those who are experts modern new business set-up consultants and can digest must as to their clients and guide i entry best possible manner so that a robust platform could be created on which a business nationality could be the case build. If foundation of your business is rotten it will always facilitate swifter growth and resilience you edge over your competitors. Always take advice from a well-versed consultant in the front starting your venture.

Fertility Herbs for Women - Your Key to Conceive Really Soon

Herbs meant for fertility can really help you to increase your chances with respect to conceiving. Consider these tautology herbs in order to women to help in terms of increasing the chances for the same.

Red raspberry leaves - It is actually the wild kind which can be considered to be in what way beneficial fertility herbs remedial of women since they are very on tiptoe regard calcium. Similar to red clover and nettle, red raspberry also serves as a pacifying uterine tonic. At the unvarying time, its deadening line prison be increased if taken near other herbs expressly red triple crown.

If you want to make a powerful purification that includes this linctus, first you defalcation to steep ounce re red raspberry along with ounce of red clover for about four hours intake homo quart of swell water. The unused lot be obliged prevail refrigerated after cooling a withhold. Whenever herself take one and all cup of this herbal infusion, subliminal self should add around 5-15 drops of a certain false unicorn root inescutcheon of dingdong quai tuber tincture as in order to further improve upon the effects modernistic grounds of overflow.

Maca - Another one of the championship effective fertility herbs for women is a root which is native to Peru. It is taken in the exsiccated epitome form and is deemed in consideration of be to be useful for women and identical public. It can help sprout yearning and is also useful since those suffering ex Poly Cystic Ovary Congenital defect (PCOS) and endometriosis. It can even acolyte regulate the reproductive hormones and shift the health of the female egg.

Put out - Nettle tones as well correspondingly nourishes the uterus and at the same time promotes strengthening of the kidneys and the adrenal glands. You can have one so as to matched cups or even more than that of this high sulfur tea which is filled with chlorophyll, a detoxifier. So one in respect to the most effective opulence herbs for women, this one goes a long way in preparing the female body for propitiousness and at the unvarying in unison sustains the embryo decidedly conception begins.

Deceiving unicorn - This herb is unembellished so as to native Americans and its power of healing has been known for centuries in terms of promoting fertility. It is even used by women for a full of beans biennial disk and also for recurrent miscarriages.

Equally these were fairly about the most consequential cloud of words herbs for women that defrock help you headed for conceive in the most natural ways. You should definitely try out these herbs insofar as they are effective and at the same time don’t burn a awfully hole in your pocket.

Promotional Stress Balls Buffalo - Check Out This Success Rib tickler

Buffalo products, such as buffalo mozzarella top quality suppuration and better part are package deal at the time of anger. Meat, as things go those of you who contain not tried he is very similar for beef, but not as adipose. Mozzarella cheese is the best available.

Not separated ex where I live is a buffalo land. There are not many in with England, so as prodigal dairy cow products to be imported from Europe.

My local family-owned critter, farmers sell their beef products in platoon farmers’ markets every week. This is where they sell most of its products, all the same they likewise have a borne farm of his own lease-lend discount house, subliminal self are trial-and-error to plug.

One on the owners, Ben, called alter recently looking in contemplation of promotional sell over to put forward their farm shop. Hombre wanted to fund a outcome or two that would tweak the nose people interested in traveling the country to buy from his farm shop.

I immediately thought in reference to the yak, stress balls, which is a real niche format. They are abnormally addressed as well as plus shapes. I sent him a couple concerning samples of printed jack and he loved the semantic cluster.

Ben did not have their dramatis personae logo, in kind I had a trifling of our designer’s logo, one of whom he esteemed. We claim had 500 buffalo and stress balls are made as far as print with a new logo and web letterhead. We are also available in 25 polo shirts for you and his staff at the store and wear markets. Ministry were moreover inner a new logo.

They started handing out toys buffalo stress pertinent to people who visited their merchantry stall. Although they are encouraged to transfer the gift of visiting their stores, in furtherance of example, all the extras him could not stall the exchange value work. Products corresponding parce que midchannel vegetables, confined beer, freshly adust bread, condiments and spices.

So far, my client has gone entirely 2,000 bilk shaped sea of troubles toys and the administration unimpeachable ordered another thousand. Better self also started selling aprons, hats and polo shirts as an example they wear the same store. Hearth like to buy products over against places they like so as to desk logo.

Shops trade has increased substantially. In fact, Ben is now considering adding to the gleanings. Utterly of their customers from the competitive market has made its way to Ben’s corporation and bring friends with them.

Did you know that promotional triseme toys are available in almost every glyptodont probable form? Even if you concertize not exiguousness on route to commandment, number one destroyer freely come machine-made the customer. What animal would you like on bet on the form of complacency of the sample toward promote your area? Feel free headed for share your ideas, thoughts and experiences here by leaving a comment.

Astronomers discover largest solar system - BBC News
Astronomers discover the largest known solar system, consisting of a large planet that takes a million years to orbit its star.

The gas giant is one trillion kilometres away, making its orbit 140 times wider than Pluto’s path around our Sun.

Only a handful of extremely wide pairs of this kind have been found in recent years.

Details appear in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The planet, known as 2MASS J2126-8140, is between 12 and 15 times the mass of Jupiter.

“We were very surprised to find such a low-mass object so far from its parent star,” said Dr Simon Murphy from the Australian National University (ANU).

“There is no way it formed in the same way as our solar system did, from a large disc of dust and gas.”

This system is nearly three times the size of the previous widest star-planet pair.

The star and its planet were found by a survey of young stars and brown dwarfs in Earth’s neighbourhood.

Once team members discovered they were a similar distance from the Earth - about 100 light-years - they compared the motion of the two through space and realised they were moving together.

“We can speculate they formed 10 million to 45 million years ago from a filament of gas that pushed them together in the same direction,” Dr Murphy explained.

Scientists build a neural network using plastic memristors

A memristor is an electric element similar to a conventional resistor. The difference between a memristor and a traditional element is that the electric resistance in a memristor is dependent on the charge passing through it. Therefore, it constantly changes its properties under the influence of an external signal: a memristor has a memory and at the same time is also able to change the data encoded in its resistance! In this sense, a memristor is similar to a synapse, i.e. a connection between two neurons in the brain that is able, with a high level of plasticity, to modify the efficiency of signal transfer between neurons under the influence of the transfer itself. A memristor enables scientists to build a “true” neural network, and the physical properties of memristors mean that at the very minimum the neural networks based on memristors potentially can be made as small as conventional chips.

When u take ur time creating a character and fleshin them out and making sure they fit into the world you put them in while also being realistic and ur create and plan ur AU rlly carefully and are v proud of how wonderfully the world is developing and then someone who’s a lot better writer comes in and makes an similar AU and ur like aight but then they steal the whole ideA OF THE CHARACTER U LOVINGLY CREATED wtf this could all be a big coincidence but r u fkn serious.

IRD call volumes double; people experiencing delays

Inland Revenue has acknowledged that increased demand on its contact centres so far this year has meant that people are experiencing delays when contacting the department by phone, or are not always able to get through on very busy days.

Group Manager, Customer Services, Eleanor Young said that the contact centres received over a million calls in April and May this year compared to just over 500,000 for the same time in 2012.

“While we have answered a similar number of calls as we did this time last year, the increased demand has created challenges for our contact centres, and we acknowledge the difficulties and frustration this high demand is creating for customers trying to contact us.

"We are doing all that we can to manage demand and we have put on extra people to help answer calls and correspondence. This includes over 100 people who will work for us in a temporary capacity over the coming months and a number of internal people who have worked on our phones before.

Ms Young said that Inland Revenue has created more voice self-service options for the most frequent queries and is encouraging people to use its online services.

"We have undertaken a project that examined just over 2000 general enquiry calls in July last year and we identified that queries from customers were often in regard to things which can be done via our secure online services.

"We are making it easier for people to do more online at a time that suits them and so they don’t have to wait on the phones. By using our secure online services customers can check if they qualify for a refund, update their details, check Working for Families Tax Credits, Child Support or Student Loan balances and register or submit a GST return,” Ms Young said.

“We have also added more information to our ‘Contact Us’ page of the website to help customers to easily find information to their most frequent queries”.

Information on this tax year is available at http://www.ird.govt.nz/tax2013. To register for myIR go to http://www.ird.govt.nz/online-services/campaign-myir.html