but at the same time it's very similar

That the world of Oberon and Titania is disrupted by a lovers’ quarrel of course links the fairy world with the human world—desire is disruptive in both realms, and an ideology of patriarchy rules in both as well. At the same time, however, the humanized Oberon and Titania control the forces of nature and live in a fairy paradise of rare beauty distinct from the human world and with its own poetic stylization. They are personifications of the natural world even as they display human foibles. This is not an unfamiliar combination. Shakespeare (and all educated Elizabethans) had seen something very similar in Ovid and other sources of Greco-Roman mythology. The Greek and Roman gods had exactly this combination of qualities—embodying and controlling powerful natural forces but still subject to human emotions and weaknesses, desire and jealousy prominent among them. At one level, the fairy realm is thus a mirror of human society, but at another level it is far superior to it. It is neither heaven nor Eden; it is more like Olympus
—  Hugh Grady, Shakespeare and Impure Aesthetics: The Case of ‘a Midsummer Night’s Dream’

There is this person who always copies me, my way of speaking, use of words, style of taking pictures, tagging, photos i upload, even the blogs and people i follow. For example when i share a post adding my comment 30 minutes or an hour later they share it with the same comment just the words are placed bit differently but the meaning is the exact same, or when i add a photo which i screenshot and cut myself, they download it and upload with very similar caption and pretend that the idea was theirs, the words are coming from their mouth. If it happened few times i would have thought it was coincidence but it happens everyday and i feel kind of annoyed?? I mean i dont want credit for every word i speak but its slightly uncomfortable when someone is taking the words out of your mouth and pretend like they re saying those words. Sometimes when i scroll down my feed i see their post and think “oh its my post” but its not mine, its the post they copied lol. I feel like id look arrogant if i tell them to stop copying me, i also feel like they’d completely deny that they copied me because they’re fake like that

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I was thinking about it the other day, and that rehashing of Superior Spider-Man is the same exact idea I had (Doc Ock's consciousness lingering in Peter's body) to correct its poor execution/concept. I kinda shrugged it off, since I felt it was very similar to Peter's time with the symbiote, but I didn't know that it only corrupts him in other forms of media. What happens in the original issues? Does Peter just naturally become corrupted because of the symbiote's extra power?

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My sister wants to be a police officer and she's a girl and muslim im not saying girls can do this stuff but a Muslim girl... this job requires touching of the opposite sex and she doesn't wear hijab. A lot of my family have talked to her and told her this is not a good job for a Muslim women but she doesn't listen she 18 and has always messed up when she doesn't listen and then she learns but this is a career not something small she's wasting her time on this I'm worried cuz it's very dangerous

The same thing goes for a Muslim man though, so should Muslim’s not be cops at all? I feel like its different because its similar to war, you’re fighting to protect people so I don’t think the touching matters like there are female officers in the middle east but the difference is uniform. So that’s the only reason why I don’t agree, because the uniform.

Aneonaway's 90 Day LDR Challenge!

Day 13: What are some things you two have in common?

Kayla: ugh. We are both Geminis <.< We are gay gamers. We like animals. We are pro smoke…stuff. We have very similar humor AND PERVERTED AS FUCK. We both believe I am GOD. We have lots of stuff in common. She’s my half of the pizza. 

Melissa: We also enjoy the same tv shows (well at least I like all the ones she likes/introduced me to). We both sometimes start talking at the same time and its really funny. xD We both like pewdiepie and watching youtubers. haha and about her being god.. she magically knows everything im doing and sometimes before I do it. o_o we’re both really in sync and we fit so well. o: This girl is the flavor to my ramen,

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Not to sound mean but why is she his favorite? She's very ordinary looking and he's had some really gorgeous groupies before: Sara Ellen, laxtitia, acacia brinley. Like at the end of the day they're all just booty calls and he just wants to fuck, so why choose her over all the others? But at the same time, she kinda looks like his ex Aliesha, so maybe that's what the appeal is??

this whole aleisha comment has sparked a debate between me and some others that know the pair and 1)we agree she is similar looking and its weirded us out 2)lauren can be very caring maybe he needs that attention 3)she is very intelligent and he is too 4)no one except her inner circle (we arent that worthy) knows what goes on behind their closed doors and facetimes 5)they are really alike in behaviour

oyasumiseki replied to your post: anonymous asked:Theres a horrir t…

it is not a sequel at all!! they are completely unrelated. also it’s very very VERY similar to rocky horror picture show in that it is super camp and there’s not really any plot at all. it was made to be a theatre experience more than a movie.

yeah!!! i hear people say it is all the time and im like its just the same artists that doesnt mean LOL omg im going to watch it

I never really got the whole "why can't they take place here" arguments of Disney animated films.

For the most part the movies take place in the region where the original stories originated. Frozen and The Little mermaid are both based on books written by Hans Christian Anderson, who was Dutch, so the stories take place in cultures similar to Denmark. Rupunzel is a German fairy tale so Tangled is given a very German aesthetic, same goes for Snow White. Beaty and the Beast was written by a Frenchman so it’s in France. And Aladdin stems form One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Arabic stories. The only really big offender of white washing is Cinderella, which is an Italian fairy tale known as The Little Glass Slipper, the film doesn’t look all that Italian and is certainly a product of its times more than anything. I’m not even a really big fan of Disney, but they have attempted diversity with Princess and the Frog, and I’ve never really heard of a hard fairy tale for it to have originated from, just more so the common myth of a frog prince. What I’m saying is the movies are, for the most part, based where the tale originated. It would most certainly be nice to see more diversity in animated films, and there has been effort made, but maybe people should ask why stories from more cultures aren’t being produced than attacking movies that draw inspiration from the culture the tales originated from.


19 and Counting [6/16/14]

Hello family and friends,

So I figured out that when I email on Monday, due to the fact that there are thousands of other missionaries using the email service at the same time, It gets really clogged up. So If I don’t email you back right away its probably because I haven’t actually gotten your email yet, and I probably won’t for another 30 mins.  

But this week has been great! For those who want to know about Elder Kint, He is from the Seattle area, Marysville I think. I really like him a lot, he is very similar in personality to Joseph. He likes minecraft, youtube, and legends of Zelda… Its kind of uncanny how similar they are. The only difference is that Joseph also like games like Black Ops 2 and Gears of War. So Elder Kint and I are like 2 peas in a pod. 

My birthday was… interesting. Other than a small party that some members threw for me it was just a normal day of a missionary. I did get some perks for the day such as free pizza for lunch from my parents, the party, and Elder Kint and I went to happy hour at sonic and Elder Kint bought me a drink. Seriously other than that it was a normal day. But I’m 19 now. woot woot. 

On the missionary work side of the week it was not the best. All of the investigator lessons we had set up for the week except for one got cancelled. So we ended up only teaching 5 lessons this week which is pretty low for this area. We can usually get 10. So not the best week. 

Oddly enough though we did have something to do all day every day. We cleaned out the area book (which is a binder with all the information about the area) a bunch this week by getting rid of some former investigator forms where the investigator had moved away. 

Elder Kint and planned out next week really well so we are pretty sure that this week will be much better than the last one. 

Thank you all for any prayers you say for me! 

Elder Stuckey

OnePlus 2 vs OnePlus One: should you upgrade?

So, the OnePlus 2 is finally unveiled and about to launch. Having went through the whole invite system to buy the One, you may wonder whether it’s worth to go through the same ordeal and shell out the cash for the “2016 flagship killer”. Well, let’s see what’s improved, and whether it’s worth your time of day!

Same design language, slight facelift
The OnePlus 2 looks very similar to its predecessor. The updates to its body include a slightly different camera module (to house the laser focus sensor), a metal frame with a speaker grille on its bottom, and a touch-type … Cheap android phones - http://ift.tt/1GRC6eV
OnePlus 2 vs OnePlus One: should you upgrade?

So, the OnePlus 2 is finally unveiled and about to launch. Having went through the whole invite system to buy the One, you may wonder whether it’s worth to go through the same ordeal and shell out the cash for the “2016 flagship killer”. Well, let’s see what’s improved, and whether it’s worth your time of day!

Same design language, slight facelift
The OnePlus 2 looks very similar to its predecessor. The updates to its body include a slightly different camera module (to house the laser focus sensor), a metal frame with a speaker grille on its bottom, and a touch-type … New android phones - http://ift.tt/1J0eTqI
OnePlus 2 vs OnePlus One: should you upgrade?

So, the OnePlus 2 is finally unveiled and about to launch. Having went through the whole invite system to buy the One, you may wonder whether it’s worth to go through the same ordeal and shell out the cash for the “2016 flagship killer”. Well, let’s see what’s improved, and whether it’s worth your time of day!

Same design language, slight facelift
The OnePlus 2 looks very similar to its predecessor. The updates to its body include a slightly different camera module (to house the laser focus sensor), a metal frame with a speaker grille on its bottom, and a touch-type …

New android phones to buy, best cell phones - http://ift.tt/1v8T1CW
Retailer Listing Of The Meizu M2 Gets Leaked

Meizu has had some success with the M Note lineup, as it offers good specs into a solid plastic build, of course, not everyone is fond of the very large screens of today’s smartphones but would like to have a similar experience in a more compact device, that’s why the company releases smartphones with following the same design, but they have a smaller screen. The specs of these devices are not as good as the ones on the larger device, but they are offered at a very competitive price. The Meizu M2 Note was recently announced, only 6 months after its predecessor with some changes like the so-called mBack Home button offering different functionality depending on how hard it gets pressed.

Now, the time has come for the smaller version to be unveiled and the company has actually sent some very original invites for the event of July 29th where the Meizu M2 is supposed to make its debut. Today, a leaked listing of this phone revealed some of its specs and its price, some of this details match the previously rumored information. The listing mentions that the phone will include a 5-inch display with HD resolution, the processor is a quad-core MediaTek MT6735 clocked at 1.3 GHz. The internal storage is supposed to be 16GB eMMC 5.0 memory and the battery has a capacity of 2,500 mAh.

Previous rumors suggested that the amount of RAM would be doubled, resulting in 2GB. The internal storage would be expandable with MicroSD cards up to 128GB. The cameras of this phone would be a 13-megapixel one on the back and a front-facing one of 5 megapixels. The listing includes some colored visuals shaped like the button found on the M2 Note, so this feature might make it to the smaller phone. As for the price, it is listed at 599 Yuan, which translates into $96, a price which was expected, as the VP of the company had previously mentioned that the phone would fit into that price range. We’ll have to wait a couple of more days to confirm all of the specs, but the price is still very reasonable.

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Why SodaStream Will Continue to Fizz Out

NEW YORK (TheStreet) – Years ago, a friend showed off his ice cream maker. It was nifty, and he made delicious ice cream with it that one time. He never used it again.

SodaStream International’s products seem very similar: initially exciting but quickly forgotten.

SodaStream has always seemed like a fad – a long-running fad, to be sure, but a fad nonetheless. Even though the company has shifted its focus to sparkling water from soda, the wise observer’s thesis remains the same: This company’s prospects are bleak.

In case you’ve missed the fad, SodaStream makes countertop devices that create sparkling water by using replaceable C02 cartridges. The company also sells sparkling drink mixes to add flavor to one’s drink.

But why would you want to spend $79.99 or more for a SodaStream machine and $5.99 for each bottle of drink flavoring (each one makes 10 liters) when you can easily buy cans of flavored water or soda for less? And remember that you’ll have to shell out $29.99 for a new carbonator after your first 60 liters of flavored seltzer.

Let’s do a cost comparison.

Your first 60 liters of flavored sparkling water will cost at least $79.99 for the machine, plus $35.94 for six bottles of flavoring. That’s a total of $115.93.

Meanwhile, you could buy seven cases of La Croix Lime Sparkling Water at Staples to get nearly 60 liters. At $9.99 per case, the cost would be $69.93.

Or you could go the soda route and buy seven cases of Coca-Cola at Staples for $12.99. That gives you a total cost of $90.93.

These are just quick, random comparisons. There are probably other deals out there.

Remember that your second 60 liters with a SodaStream machine will still cost you a total of $65.93 for the new cartridge and more bottles of flavoring. That’s less than the two comparisons above, but it’s only $4 less than the La Croix option. Also remember that SodaStream’s other machines are even more expensive, costing as much as $199.99.

SODA data by YCharts

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Bulls have always said the product is superior and it saves you having to lug home the soda cans. But that seems like a solution in search of a problem. Lugging soda home is not a problem. You lug groceries home already, and getting cheap deals on soda (or flavored sparkling water) at a local retailer offsets any inconvenience.

SodaStream had to shift gears because of the global move toward healthier drinks. Soda sales at the big companies are down, which was unthinkable until recently.

But even if you want to invest in this shift, you’re better off buying a traditional soda company stock instead of SodaStream. That’s because companies such as Coca-ColaPepsiCo , or Dr Pepper Snapple make all sorts of non-soda beverages, including energy drinks, water drinks, flavored water drinks, juices, teas, coffees and sports drinks.

SodaStream's razor/blades model of selling soda machines (where the soda machine was the “razor” and the soda flavorings and C02 cartridges were the “blades) wasn’t working long term. Sales plummeted.

In the company’s third quarter of last year, which ended on Sept. 30, revenue fell nearly 13%, to $125.9 million from $144.6 million in the same quarter a year before. Revenue from starter kits fell 34% year over year, and the company’s net income slumped to $9.5 million from $16.4 million.

"As we previously announced, our third quarter performance was pressured by challenging selling conditions for soda makers and flavors primarily in the U.S.,” said Daniel Birnbaum, the company’s CEO, in a news release announcing those results. 

So the company pivoted to a new “growth plan” that’s equally bad: water. There is just as much variety and competition for water products as there is for soda.

But even with the new focus on water, the numbers continue to decline. Looking back at the first quarter of this year, total revenue fell 23%, to $91.3 million from $118.2 million a year before. Revenue from starter kits fell 15%. Unit sales of C02 refills did rise 4%, but unit sales of flavors collapsed 41%.

Net income did rise, to $6.0 million from $1.8 million a year before, but most of the latest quarter’s income was “financial” income resulting from currency hedging gains and profit from a decrease in the value of euro-denominated bank loans, the company said. 

SodaStream had $40.6 million of cash at the end of the first quarter, down from $46.9 a year earlier. That’s probably enough to continue operating for a while.

But the turnaround plan won’t work. Not when sales of the company’s sparkling water makers are falling the way they are.

Some value investors may see that the company earned $1.31 per share in 2014, calculate that the stock trades at a price-to-earnings ratio of 14.5 and think they’ve found a so-called “Growth at a Reasonable Price” stock. No way. Even though the balance sheet has $40.6 million in cash and $25.8 million in long-term debt, the consistent revenue declines do not bode well.

There’s no way you should buy SodaStream stock here. If it rises, you may want to consider selling it short.

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Could you please analyze Prince of Time? And what do you think about this classpect?

Prince of Time:

Destroys using their abilities to control time. A destructive time class, same as Lord English, although much easier to master, less extreme, and less destructive. Although since they’re different classes their powers would work different, with a few similarities because of the loose similarities in how the class deals with its aspect. Powers would likely surround traveling through time to cause destruction, possibly having multiple versions of the player all fighting at once if they had a good enough handle on their powers. It could be vaguely similar to Lord English does but dialed back and likely more precise.

My personal opinion on Princes of Time?: It’s definitely very different than how Lord English works but has some baseline similarities. This would likely show up in the nature of the powers this god tier possesses. My opinion about all princes is that how their powers develop or how they use them depends greatly on their aspect, obviously, and how the team treats them or interacts with them. If things are done right I think it’s quite possible to get a prince to channel their powers against the enemy and learning to control them better so they can cause controlled destruction and be a huge help to the team, but for princes and other destructive classes this takes a bit more work.

-The Knight

also im making another psot about something that interest me! there is an interesting phenomena in all 1950s-1970s french films starring young-middle aged dark haired men (specifically the earlier examples). they all look the same, its like its one guy playing every role in every movie. they have very minor but definite bone structures that are similar which means its evident that that area has developed different but common features over time and thats so cool!! i just love that shit like various common bone structures from around the world especially when you get into one specific race bc no matter which one it may be there will always be more variation than you think. unfortunately research on this is not as fun bc sadly most of the topic is due to white people raping woc during the exploration era which is really fucked up

  • I'm so glad that I actually have one friend, that I know I could tell anything to. And they feel the same with me. Its so rare to find something like this. I'm so happy that I have someone in my life like that I can trust with everything. There is no judgement because we have both experienced pretty much the same things, in different ways. We experience the same things at the same time and talk about it every day, always having very similar problems to each other. We both know the others strengths and weaknesses, and we know how to calm the other down, or comfort them. Its just amazing, that I have this with someone, who 3 years ago, we disliked each other intensely, and could not stop fighting. So happy I have someone like that. ❤❤❤❤

on the other hand i had a really deep conversation with an old friend yesterday and it was really cool actually. we always used to talk to eachother about very personal shit and back then we realized that we had very similar views on things. i havent hungout with her in a couple years and the first time hanging out we talked about the world for 2 hours and i completelyforgot about time, my phone, etc. but even after those 2 years we are still very similar and have both matured at a similar pace and still have the same views, just on more important things such as the state of our world and the corrupted, greedy reality we live in.

idek i gues its nice knowing that there are still good, like-minded people here with the power to change the world. it was aso rreally eye opening hearing her opinions on a lot of things. fuck, i hate small talk.