but at the same time it's very similar

Humans and aliens in relationships

In this world where humans are Space Orcs™, Capable of Anything, Afraid-of-Nothing…

Imagine the alien actually having a relationship with a human. First, their friends are so curious and awed and thinks their friend is brave for getting involved with a human.

Second, they are too, at first, until they realize humans are not one particular species that all do the same, but that the specific human they are building a relationship with is pretty cool. Their mind boggles when they realize this, as this would mean that no human can be the same, that they all have different upbringing, likes and dislikes, everything infinitely complex. They finally figure that they, while understanding all of humanity might be impossible, they at least can try understand the one in front of them.

“Hey, C’Lom” the human says as it snaps its fingers in front of their eye-stalks. “Are you still with me?”

“Yes,” they say, “apologies, I was, as you might call it, lost in thought.”

The human stretches its neck muscles to one side, keeping its weird, big eyes on them. It’s very observant, but in a concerned way, like it wants to find out what it can do to make things better.

“Penny for your thoughts?” It says, eating another fried something from the container in front of it.

C’Lom bows their head a bit. Humans and their weird expressions. They ponder a while on how to best use the English language to express such abstract things. The dark room around them is only lit by a few night lights, the mess hall silent for another half hour before everyone starts their shifts. C’Lom had just woken up early and found their crew mate, and learned that it couldn’t sleep. They had started talking in hushed voices and now it was almost morning. Not that the time mattered on a spaceship anyway.

“The vastness of you amazes me,” they finally settled on, watching the humans expression as it took another bite.

The human swallowed, nodding.

“Likewise,” it said, and smiled a smile that made the whole room seem brighter.


I also can’t help but imagine the sex. Like, the alien might not know that humans procreate in any special way because they have never heard of it. They don’t really know anything about different sexes either because not all aliens has those, or they might have moved past it so that it isn’t part of their culture anymore, or something. TLDR, sex isn’t a thing this alien knows about, and even less human sex.

And after a while they are in a relationship and they want to make their human feel good, for their birthday or something. So they ask another human, and this human, after the shock dies down, start asking what kind of relationship they are having. Are they just friends? Are they lovers? Do they meet other people or are they exclusive? Have they kissed? Are they going to have a family?

The alien is so confused and preoccupied they don’t get a present for the human at all, they just sits around and stares vacantly until the human flat out ask them what’s wrong. The alien tells it and the human is making a facial expression where it’s both concerned and amused at the same time.

“Yeah, Dana has very strict ideas on what a relationship should be like. I don’t think that such definitions are as important as long as we are happy together.”

“Do I make you happy?”

The human smiled and traced C’Loms face with its eyes.

“Yes, you make me very happy.”

Maybe their relationship turns physical after this conversation, and C’Lom learns that the Strong, Capable Human™ can turn into putty if you know where to touch them.

Aaand maybe the alien does have tentacles or something similar and maybe they aren’t compatible enough to make babies but they might not want that anyway, and maybe they can adopt?

Anyway, this were just some things on my mind ;)


Kepler 452-b - “Second Earth”

Kepler 452-b is 4-8 billion years old and found 1400 light years away orbiting a G2 type star which is very similar to our sun. It’s orbit is very similar to earth which puts it in the goldilocks zone meaning there is a much greater chance of it containing liquid water which is one of the keys to life. A year on 452-b is 385 days and the planet is about 5% further away from its star than we are from our sun as well as being about the same temperature. Scientists believe it could have the type of climate that supports clouds, oceans and extremely active volcanos.

452-b is about 6 times as massive as earth making the gravity twice as strong. This means any life on the planet would likely be very stocky and we would have a difficult time adjusting to feeling like we were twice our weight. The star it orbits is also 20% brighter than ours and the planet absorbs about 10% more energy than ours.

juanpujolgarcia  asked:

What's rick and morty actually like? I've been kinda avoiding it because the guy who tried to convince me it was a great show just went on for ages praising its nihilistic worldview, and I just don't have time for that, but what do you think of the show? Is it worth watching?

This is such an interesting question to answer! 

I mean, short answer is *yes*, absolutely, but as for explaining what this show is *like* I’ve been trying to solidify my thoughts into words for months.

When my brothers had me start watching it, I was skeptical from the start, because it *seemed* like a show that was getting laughs at the expense of its characters, and I just have no space in my life anymore for media that isn’t inherently kind and inherently aware of the humanity of its players.  (Data point: I had a similar reaction to the beginning of Archer, which I wound up really liking.) 

But as I watched more it quickly became obvious that this was a show that was deeply empathetic to suffering.  

In a way, it kind of strikes me as the opposite side of the same coin as Steven Universe (a show I think really embodies the values and needs of the current generation).  It’s not outwardly hopeful and uplifting– it’s a show very much rooted in dark humor and cynicism.  But at the same time, I think it winds up being an unflinching, serious look at the issues a LOT of people in current generations are struggling with– depression, anxiety, PTSD, social alienation, lack of mental health care, a sense of helplessness as an individual facing greater powers of the world, a deep fear that maybe the world is really a bad place and we might not be able to stop it, anhedonia… heck there’s divorce and alcoholism and literally at one point an attempted suicide.  This is some dark shit for a zany universe-hopping space adventure.

These are all issues the show looks at dead on, almost painfully accurately, while at the same time with it’s sharp, incisive sense of humor and it’s nuanced sense of the humanity of its characters it still somehow succeeds in being neither grim nor depressing.  (Another media type I have basically no space in my life for these days.)

It’s not so much precisely hopeful as… cathartic?  Honestly it’s kind of like therapy that way– you have to look straight at your secret fears to see which parts are real and which parts are distortions and where there’s still hope and possibility buried in them. It’s a show that challenges the pessimism and cynicism and fatalism of its characters even as it tackles all this bad shit.  In that way it is uplifting.

This show is so incredibly smart in how it tells its stories and builds its characters and explores their worldviews.  I find myself going ooooh or wow or goddamn, ouch over and over, which is maybe another way I find it comparable to Steven Universe and its deeply nuanced characters and themes.

And, okay, apparently there’s a whole subsection of fandom that has somehow missed all the epically smart symbolism and allegories and storytelling craft and has taken away some kind of “yay, nihilism!” surface level viewing.  This bewilders the heck out of me, because I think the writers have been pretty explicit at “look how self-sabotaging and fucked up Rick’s life is.”  It works because they’re also very clear on “sometimes unhealthy strategies are the only coping skills you’re currently equipped with.  Sometimes they’re the only thing saving your life right now.  Maybe you can figure out better ones.”

I am so here for this ride as they work this out.

The 3 Queens of Westeros: A Costume Meta

I should be finishing my  sewing projects but here I am writing this meta lmao.
I had a lot of requests for it, so I hope you enjoy it :D

Season 7 clearly had three major characters when we talk about outfits: Cersei, Daenerys and Sansa. I’m gonna talk about Jon’s outfits later but these three ladies are the hot topic when we talk  about hidden meanings. So here we go.

They are Queens

I know Sansa wasn’t crowned [yet] as Queen in the North but let’s be honest she was the queen in the north this season. And not only we feel that, but her costumes have common elements to Daenerys’s and Cersei’s that [alongside with other things] makes me believe she will be fighting for the title of Queen of Westeros next season. The more I analyse the costumes more evident it gets. Also Michele Clapton herself makes sure to talk about Sansa’s outfits everytime she talks about the queen’s costumes, to make sure we’re aware Sansa is connected to it.

Their Inspirations

The first important thing to notice is how the costumes these characters wear mimic characters they are trying, intentionally or not, to be like. The items they wear, the colors but most important the textures they wear show who they are trying to become.

Cersei is mirroring her father, Tywin Lannister more and more. Tywin was a man of black clothing and the texture of his coats would be more rudimentary if he wanted to show  aggression  or smoother at moments he was less a general. Cersei does the same at moments she’s negotiating in private.

She’s  also wearing high collars as her father used to.

Daenerys is mirroring her brother Viserys..She is slowly losing her own style [skirts, long winged sleeves and lots of dragonscales] and heading to a more straight style that resembles her brother.

Sansa is also mirroring her brother. Well, actually her cousin, not that she’s aware that. But aside from episode 7, all Sansa’s outfits are the female version of Jon’s costume as King in the North.If we think Jon actually mimics Robb and Ned, we could also say Sansa mimics them as well.

As the show builds them as wannabe final queens of Westeros they connect through similar elements to show how they share this important role, but at the same time, they wear slightly different versions of items to show how they differ from each other too.

They all wear dark colors.

Sansa wears light grey outfits with brown tones and very few black details. Daenerys wears dark grey with red and silver elements. And Cersei is the only one who actually wears black with lots of silver items.

Cersei is mourning for her children so the  black is always there. By the end of the season as her pregnancy goes on, her dresses became more greyish but the black details still appear. It’s important to notice how Cersei is so obsessed with the Iron Throne she distance herself from the Lannister colors. We see no more red on her outfits, only black and grey with a very few touches of gold.

Sansa is the character more connected to her house colors this season. Grey is the official Stark color alongside brown in the show, and these are the colors we see her wearing all the time, to show her loyalty to house Stark, to Jon and to the North. She wears a lot of unusual textures which I tinfoil  bit about their significance here if you’re interested.

Daenerys is on the edge this season. The more she embraces her Targaryen side more she loses her own clothing trademarks and colors. At her first scene at Dragonstone we see her very usual style, but at the end of episode 7 she’s wearing a way more Targaryen style. I think this is such a shame, since Daenerys’s outfits at season 5 and 6 were so elaborated and full of beautiful details. As season 7 goes her costumes became way more plain, we see no rich embroidery or dragon textures anymore.

Her color became a very dark grey, and she’s wearing red for the very first time, which is literally a red sign. The more red she wears more threatening she is trying to look.

It’s nice to notice that Daenerys was half way madness this season, with very questionable decisions. My guess is that the moment she embraces “fire and blood” for real, she’ll finally wear black and red instead of dark grey and red. Daenerys as a villain would wear only blackwith waaaaaaaaaay more red. A complete red outfit is unlikely but the more red she wears more a threat to everyone else she becomes.

They wear a crown

Michele Clapton only gave a crown to Cersei when she was officially crowned Queen. That’s why Daenerys doesn’t have a crown yet neither have Sansa. But they do have a representation of a crown, they wear chains.
If we look back at season 6, before Cersei blows the Sept of Baelor, she wears a chain on her outfit. At that moment she feels powerful, she feels as the true queen because she knows Margaery is going to die. But she wasn’t wearing a crown there, she was wearing a silver chain to symbolize the crown she would wear very soon.

Daenerys and Sansa do the same. Daenerys has this silver chain built over a dorsal spine of a dragon. It represents her strength as  a  dragon queen. It’s very dramatic as Daenerys likes to wear and the silver imo makes a reference to the Iron Throne as well.

Sansa’s chain is very humble when we look at it. Its meaning is also very unique for her. Sansa’s chain is part of her necklace which represents a stitch. Sansa’s chain ends on a needle she hitches at her belt as Jon hitches Longclaw to his. The needle is her weapon, she sews her own destiny with it, and it represents her pride and feeling of safety. It’s important to notice Sansa’s chain is vibrant golden to counter Cersei’s and Daenerys’s and show Sansa has a different kind of “crown” and its inspiration is not the Iron Throne itself.

They have the same silhouette

One of the most fabulous thing about her costumes is the fact they look so similar and yet so different at the same time. They all have the same a similar shape when we look at the shoulders, but in three different versions of it.

Cersei wears a more rounded kind of shoulder pad. Daenerys wears a more triangular one while Sansa wears a more squared shape.

The shoulders may seem a very stupid detail at first but it’s nice to notice Stannis, Robb, Robert, Renly, Tommen and Joffrey they all had different shoulder shapes on their costumes.

I could tinfoil a bit and say the shoulder pads represent somehow what these characters care for and carry over their shoulders as rulers, but their individual meaning I’m not very certain so I leave it to your interpretation.

They wear an armour

All of them wear a piece of clothing to represent an armour somehow.

The more threatened Cersei feels, more embroidery she wears on her costumes and higher the collars on her outfits become.

When she meets Euron for the first time she’s so triggered the embroidery of her outfit is almost ridiculous. She wears them as a protection to her neck, [we would probably do the same if a witch have told us the valonqar was coming for it, right?].

At moments she wants to feel  powerful, her embroidery armour became very threatening, almost as if was thorns coming out of her costume. It’s pure art to be honest.

As Daenerys is never on defensive mode, her armour is way more an item for attack. She wears her chain as a shoulder armour when she fights and  adds a cape to it to send a political message during a meeting. A red one if she’s being aggressive or a more friendly color if she’s being more tolerant as a queen. When she doesn’t see need for a warning, she doesn’t wear it.

Sansa is the most humble queen when we talk about costumes as you can see. Sansa is always protecting her shoulders from the cold, but when she sides with Arya to defeat Littlefinger she changes her fur cloak to a cape with a wood that resembles Arya’s coat. During Littlefinger’s trial she even wears it over only one shoulder as Arya does. Every time Sansa was in a dangerous situation she wore a cape. This tradition was kept at season 7 too, so the cape is her armour.

Cersei x Daenerys

One of the most interesting outfits for Cersei imo is the one she wears at the Dragonpit. Michele Clapton said that was a sort of “undercover Cersei” outfit. It was supposed to make you believe she was being honest but it should reveal she was actually lying the whole time, if you’re smart enough to notice.

Her costume is grey, to deceive you and make you believe she’s not that evil being she is. The black is there as a reminder of her mourning, but the embroidery is not visible over her neck. It makes us believe she’s not on a defensive mode like a lioness. But when we look it at close we see her silhouette looks like there’s a shoulder armour hidden over her coat, and when she turns around we see her threatening back detail. It’s a warning sign almost as she was holding a hidden dagger on her back. That’s precisely its meaning.

The interesting part is that Daenerys winter coat have a similar feature. The threatening back is also there, in Viseryon colors. Of course it may only be a reference to dragons, but if it means something more I leave it up to you.

Cersei x Sansa

Sansa and Cersei share a lot of past experiences together, but at this season they share a very similar outfit. When Arya is questioning Sansa’s loyalty to Jon, Sansa wears one of her most amazing  dresses ever, with only her cloak.  Her  outfit resembles a lot the outfit Cersei wears when Jaime leaves at episode 7. It’s funny to see Sansa is talking about fighting together to  win the great war while wearing this costume, and Cersei is talking about letting the entire north die in the great war while wearing her version of this costume.

Sansa x Daenerys

I have a huge meta about how Daenerys looks resembles Sansa a lot this season and I tinfoil a bit why this is happening, but Daenerys battle suit is waaay more similar to Sansa’s standard dress this season than to any of Cersei’s outfits. At her most vulnerable moments Daenerys wears a very similar hairstyle to Sansa’s as well. Especially around Jon, Daenerys’s looks seem to approach way more to Sansa’s and the reasons for that I leave it up to you too.

Winter is here.

Before the end I’d like to talk about the winters outfit.
Jon’s winter costume is amazing. I really love it. It’s just what I think the King in the North should wear.A lot of people thought his coat matches Daenerys’s. Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t.

His whole costume is very connected to the wildlings, specially to Mance Rayder. Jon’s costume is a younger and more luxous version of Mance’s outfit, with a little bit of Jon Snow on it, with his huge cloak protecting his nape.

I think it’s a very clever joke, about Jon being the King beyond the wall, either he’s aware of it or not. It’s also nice to notice how Jon’s position with Daenerys this season resembles a lot Mance’s with Stannis. They were both trying to save their people from the threat beyond the wall; They  face a ruler who enjoys burning people alive demanding them to bent the knee. Jon’s lines sometimes echo Mance’s and they have this inner struggle of saving their people or losing their respect by submitting to a southerner ruler. Jon is Mance 2.0 this season and this costume reflects that.

Daenerys’s winter coat is very peculiar. The first thing I noticed is how it didn’t look warm enough to be north the Wall. And if we see the backstage shoots we see Emilia was actually freezing on it, because it wasn’t a  warm coat at all.
The dragon back is a reference to Viserys, that’s where its color comes from.

The texture with furs is imo a reference to the Night King himself.While Jon’s is a random pattern made with fur, Daenerys is a regular and somehow geometrical pattern just like the NK. Daenerys’s outfit presents her a the ultimate enemy to the WW’s. Almost as a Yin/Yang thing. She was supposed to be  an alternate, more humanized version of him. Their outfits are two sides of the same coin. His is all in black and blue tones that evoke the cold and frozen winter, while Daenerys’s is all white and cream with touches of silver, to evoke the snow and beauty of the winter.

Daenerys wearing white is something we see a lot when she is trying to be a savior.She used to wear only white at Meereen, where she was considered a mother, a mhysa. So now that she feels like a savior again, rescuing all those people, the white is back.

To be honest with all the drama they put on Daenerys’s wardrobe I was expecting a much more impressive coat for her beyond the wall costume.

This coat it’s not something I really like to be honest, not because I find it ugly or something like that  but bc this coat kind of disappointed me as a costume maker, because I know Michele Clapton could do so much better for a winter design, specially for Daenerys which is such a drama queen when we talk about outfits.

I was thinking a lot about Clapton’s motivations, and then I realized Daenerys’s is not wearing the best winter outfit in the show because Clapton is keeping her best winter design for Sansa.

If Sansa really is going to be crowned Queen in the North next season she’ll have to wear an amazing outfit that stands out how much she IS a Winter Queen. Her costumes will have to be gorgeous so the viewers will look at it and have no doubt about which queen really rules the north.

I’ve always enjoyed Daenerys’s costumes but this season I must say Cersei’s were far better. Now that winter is here I want to see Sansa’s outfits as well.  I’m so excited. Lmao.

12x10: an Episode in “Friendship”

This episode … this freaking episode! All about angels’ relationships with humans, whether it be their vessels, their charges or their actual love interests, it all dealt with how they felt about one another. Yeah, yeah—it could be boiled down to the careful tread between the earthly and the divine; but there was more to it then that … a focus here that was just too specific to be accidental: the mirroring between Ishim and Castiel.

They were the traditional good vs. bad. Like most of these types of stories, the good guy and the bad guy are very similar in a lot of ways, almost exactly the same if given just a simple glance, but it’s usually one small event, one poor choice that turns one of them towards darkness. In this case, it was heartbreak that brought out the evil in Ishim. He fell in love with a human so deeply, that he shared everything with her. He told her all of heaven’s secrets, but when she didn’t necessarily return his affection, he grew enraged and retaliated.

Now, we could say this is its own story and nothing like Castiel’s time on earth nor his experience with humans, except—Ishim himself made this connection!  He said, as Castiel was beaten and bloody on the floor: “So now, I am going to cure you of your human weakness … the same way that I cured my own” and then, he heads for Dean.

Ishim “cured” his human weakness by breaking the heart of his love, because she did the same to him … so if that’s the case, what is he implying about Dean Winchester? What is he saying the man is to Castiel? Whose heart is he planning to break next?

And one could say, “Dean is Castiel’s friend, so his death would be heartbreaking in and of itself” which, yes—of course that’s true; however, did we notice the use of the word “friend” in this episode? Specifically when they were talking about Benjamin and his vessel. Dean was surprised to find that Benjamin was in a female vessel—so Castiel explained that the angel and his vessel weren’t just “partners” in some divine deal, they were … [long pause] “friends”.  Hell, Cas couldn’t even find the words himself, so Sam had to be the one to fill in the blanks, and even as he said it, there seemed to be a slanted emphasis to it all, as if “friends” had a deeper, more profound, and special meaning, apart from the norm. So for Ishim to take Castiel’s “friend” away, specifically Dean … seems a bit more significant, especially when mirrored with his own romantic heartbreak.

According to Ishim, human weakness is love.

To highlight this, everything in this episode was coated with a sense of something more happening between friends than just friendship. The bickering between Dean and Cas … the way Dean charged into that diner and scooted in right next to his “buddy”, just so he could stare down the other angel and play “whose got the bigger blade”. The way Dean kept saying things like “Well, Cas knows who his true friends are “ and “Cas, is different now.”  He defended him, even when he was mad at what he did to Billie– he stood by his side and ran to his rescue and helped him to his feet, touched his shoulder, brought him a beer—which is of course, a very touching Winchester-gesture. Yes, Sam did similar things, but whereas Sam also defended Cas, he was more focused on mending Dean and Cas’s relationship. He worried about how his brother was reacting to their friend, and he even playfully mocked the way Dean just couldn’t stay away from Cas in the end. Yes, Sam was defending someone who has become part of his family, but Dean was defending someone who has gotten under his skin and become part of him. There was a difference.

Overall, this episode felt like a lover’s quarrel, healed by risks of bigger problems … a common enemy, and the fear of losing each other. It was a reflection of what could happen if they allow themselves to become greedy with one another, and a lesson in how important it is to always love and respect each other … even when you feel like the other is wrong. This was more than just an episode about Castiel’s past … it was an episode about his “would be” future, if he hadn’t found the right way to love a human.

After all—Acabel had it right all those years ago when he said: Humans are good … how could one know them and not love them?


Cardcaptor Sakura Release Set #1 (E09 - E22)

Synced! Open post separately to see them play at the same time.

Specific episode noted on each gif

titanic au

Laurent wasn’t proud to admit that his last thought was probably going to be I went and fell in love like an idiot, and now I’m going to die. It wasn’t his smartest choice, but if he was honest, today was a day for idiots. The captain had been an idiot when he left two bozos in charge of the lookout post. Said bozos were probably drunk off their asses and stupid enough to steer the side of the boat into an iceberg. Jord was stupid enough to lose his room to Damen in a bet, Damen was stupid enough to accept a second class ticket when Laurent knew he was old money, and Laurent… Laurent was stupid enough to go looking for the damn oaf while the ship continued to sink.

If Laurent didn’t have blond hair and Damen didn’t have a smile as warm as the sun, he would never have even been in this situation. He would have been in a lifeboat by now, trading his stack of money for a coveted seat and leaving this dreadful mess behind.

But Laurent’s plans weren’t exactly being respected.

“Damen!” he yelled.

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Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Two (Favorite Familial Relationship)

“I think [Arya] must be dead too.“ When she said that, it felt as though a giant hand were squeezing her chest. (ACOK)

And her lady mother, what would she say? Would she still want her back, after all the things she’d done? Arya chewed her lip and wondered. (ASOS)

arya and catelyn’s dynamic has been my favorite among the starks since the very beginning. i remember when i read a storm of swords i almost threw my book across the room as i got to the part where arya pulls cat’s body out of the river. and the first asoiaf graphic i ever made was a really ugly arya/cat picspam. its not exactly a warm fuzzy relationship. its complicated. arya worries her mother would not want her back because she didnt feel she could be a lady and cat does despair of arya at times (while still loving her as much as the rest of her children)  they dont even interact on page. but its my fave all the same. i think one of the reasons i love it so much is because they’re actually so similar and neither of them realizes it. on the surface they’re very different: cat has always comfortably embraced her role as a lady while arya has struggled to conform to it. but deep down? they’re both practical, intelligent, outspoken, no nonsense women with pragmatic minds. they are assertive and capable leaders. they act instinctively and boldly.they’re fiercely protective of those they love and vindictive against those who wrong them. it might be silly but i love how they both stan for the direwolves too. arya’s bond with her wolf (and her wolves) runs deep and catelyn has a great respect for their power. she “loves” summer for ripping out a man’s throat to save bran’s life. which feels a lot like something arya would think as well. 

“She is a fierce little thing, my lord. I have never seen such anger in a girl.” (AGOT)

“Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be,” Catelyn replied. (AGOT)

the most important (and underrated) similarity between them is the devotion they show to their family. they are two of the most family orientated characters in this series. cat’s words are family, duty, honor and arya’s personal motto is the pack survives. this is what motivates them: the desire to get their family back. and they will do just about anything to accomplish that goal. they value this above all else, including vengeance. but when their families are completely gone they will come for those responsible. 

I am a creature of grief and dust and bitter longings. There is an empty place within me where my heart was once. (ACOK)

It was a hollow place, an emptiness where her heart had been, where her brothers had lived, and her parents. (ASOS)

on a narrative level they are so deeply intertwined that i cannot believe its a coincidence. they share a strong water motif. arya spends a majority of her time in the riverlands which is not only catelyn homeland but its her current location too. arya fights so hard to reach riverrun, and her mother and robb. without knowing the other is fighting just as hard to find them. but the red wedding is where it all comes crashing down. inside the castle, cat has to watch as her last son is betrayed and murdered before she is killed by the freys. outside, arya finds herself in the middle of the slaughter too. she runs for the castle, to save her mother, but sandor clegane knocks her unconscience. this tragedy ends with arya and catelyn stark blacking out and when they awaken they are changed. 

I’m not his daughter, Arya might have shouted, if she hadn’t felt so tired. She was no one’s daughter now. She was no one.

“She don’t speak,” said the big man in the yellow cloak. “You bloody bastards cut her throat too deep for that. But she remembers.” (ASOS)

arya is stricken with grief. her last hope to return home and be reunited with her family was destroyed. arya feels as if she is no one. her identity was built upon her pack and without them she is more lost then ever. catelyn stark never truly wakes up. arya and her wolf pulled the three day old corpse out of the river and beric dondarrion gave it the kiss of life, in a possible attempt to fulfill his oath to arya. lady stoneheart’s existence is a direct result of arya’s will. 

The white thing lay facedown in the mud, her dead flesh wrinkled and pale, cold blood trickling from her throat. Rise, she thought. Rise and eat and run with us. (ASOS)

“The Freys slashed her throat from ear to ear. When we found her by the river she was three days dead. Harwin begged me to give her the kiss of life, but it had been too long. I would not do it, so Lord Beric put his lips to hers instead, and the flame of life passed from him to her. And … she rose. May the Lord of Light protect us. She rose.” (AFFC)

but she is not the woman she once was. she is a creature driven by nothing but revenge. she has no objectivity or remorse or sympathy. all she wants is to see hanged men. arya is also driven by revenge. its all she has left. this and the fact she has nowhere else to go brings her across the narrow sea to the house of black and white. there she begins to train in assassination and espionage. one of her responsibilities is caring for the dead. its a hard, bloody thing she’s doing. but she has nowhere else to turn. she’s lost and afraid and grieving. she takes on catelyn’s name as one of her aliases and mercy is also a nod to stoneheart who is known as mother merciless. arya is capable of violence and ruthlessness just like her mother’s revenant but she still has a heart. it is not gone or made of stone or even as hard as she likes to think. its still hurting and loving. 

Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes. (AFFC)

lady catelyn stark is dead but arya is still alive. arya does not need to go down this road that lies before her with the faceless men. or even one outside of them where she pursues those on her list. she still has a life and a future and those who will love her. all she needs is to find that path again. and i think lady stoneheart will help her realize that. i very much believe they will cross paths. when they do it will be both a climax and a closure. arya will finally understand how much her mother loved her. many of her self doubts and fears about where she belongs will be conquered. she will finally be able to save her mother too. thats what she wanted more than her own life. the arya who walks away from this will be stronger and more confident. and lady stoneheart will finally be given her own mercy. she is a soul in torment but her daughter will be the one to give her peace. i can think of no better ending to this storyline. its a culmination of the themes in their both arcs coming together in one heartbreaking and cathartic event. 

Bruised and Battered Chapter 6

Dean Winchester x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: Being friends with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“So, everything pointed to Vampires, but the more I’ve researched, the more I’ve come to realize that might not be the case.” Sam said as you sat nervously in the back of the Impala. Cas was sitting next to you, staring at your knee that wouldn’t stop bouncing. You were a bundle of nerves. Nervous about the hunt that was your first in years. Scared at seeing your parents again for the first time in a couple of weeks. Wondering how they were going to react when they found you traveling with Sam and Dean.

“I believe it might be two types of monsters working together.” Cas answered, reaching over and placing his hand on your knee. The weight from his hand, along with the positive energy he sent your way calmed you enough that your body stilled.

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SKAM and Scandinavia

Whilst SKAM undoubtedly had a great impact internationally, most notably within the LGBTQ+ communities, I’d like to take a moment to thank Julie Andem for creating a show that brought Scandinavia together.

If you don’t know much about Scandinavian history, here’s a short briefing: we used to be kinda one country, either ruled by Denmark or Sweden (there were a lot of wars), we shared a language (now into 3 languages, but still very similar to each other) and culture. The last time any of the countries were the same country was back in 1905 when Norway asked to be its own country and Sweden said yes.

The older generations have thus quite a bit of understanding of the other Scandinavian languages and it’s not uncommon to see a Swede and a Dane talking together in their respective languages. However, for us younger folks, especially in Sweden (where I’m from), we’ve been exposed a lot less to the other languages. I know that in Norway they watch a lot more Swedish television that what we watch Norwegian, esp children’s shows and films (Pippi for example), but there’s still a lot of Scandi youths who don’t understand each other. Part of the school curriculum is to learn about Scandinavian languages and learn a bit of Norwegian and Danish, but it’s not much.

With SKAM, all of that changed. Suddenly you could hear Swedes and Danes saying Norwegian words in the school corridors - Norwegian was the new English in terms of a second language. (almost)

And it wasn’t just the show itself, but the community that was created. Here we suddenly had the Kosegruppa Facebook groups, where I, myself was part of both the Swedish and Danish one. Fans over Scandinavia discussed the show in their own languages and suddenly we were exposed to them like never before. The (few) interviews with the actors were with journalists from all three Scandi countries, all speaking their own languages.

Last year, the show even won a Nordic prize, praising it for the spreading of Nordic languages and the understanding. (quickly: Nordic countries also include Finland and Iceland - Finnish is completely different but many speak Swedish, and Iceland, while it may look completely different, it’s close to the old Norse language that the Scandi languages come from)

It may be hard for a non-Scandi (or at least non-Nordic) person to understand what an impact SKAM had on our languages, communication and the sense of belonging to something bigger than just your own country. While people compare for example Spanish with being similar to Portuguese and Italian, it’s not even close to the Scandinavian languages. 

I’m not only proud to be Swedish, but to be Scandinavian now, and thank you SKAM for this. 


“They say that even the brightest star won’t shine forever. But in fact, the brightest star would live the shortest amount of time. Feel free to extract whatever life lesson you want from that.” ~ Dr Philip Plait

Here’s another fun book… Death from the Skies by Dr. Philip Plait! If you want to learn about the hostile environment of space and the many ways its looking to destroy this tiny blue ball that we’re so desperately clinging to, this is worth a read.

Fun fact, I went to see him give a lecture at a local university, and he signed this book for me! It was really awesome, and he’s such a cool guy!

Get the look!






Dress (Not the same exact dress, but very similar!!! This one is actually better lol)

thisloveisastateofgrace  asked:

Hi Katie! I have a question for you. Are you still anti-abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger? You've probably already answered these, so I'm sorry! But I was just curious as to what your opinion is. 😊

Hi! Thanks for asking! I’m always happy to re-explain my positions, especially on hard cases, because it gives me a chance to practice and to clarify.

Let’s take these one at a time, because they are all very complex.

Rape/Sexual Assault

Rape is wrong. Rape is horrible, evil, despicable…and any other words I can come up with. Rapists should be caught, put on trial, and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Survivors of rape should be protected. They should be supported, loved, and cared for. They should have access to health care that they need, counseling, and support groups. They should have friends and family around them who love and care for them. If that isn’t the case, communities need to step up and fill those gaps.

We can all generally agree on these things. They aren’t controversial. Pro-life people, pro-choice people, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians…just about everyone. If someone doesn’t agree with those things, we stare at them like they’ve just grown a second head.

But what about the children of survivors of rape?

This is my friend Patti. We met doing pro-life work while I was in college out in California. She was conceived in rape. Her birth mother chose to place her for adoption, and she grew up loved and cared for. She says:

“I want to say that even though the circumstances of my conception were in violence and hatred, I am not my father, nor am I my mother. I am unique. I was created by a loving God and my life is so valuable. And so is the life of every baby conceived — valuable and a gift from God.“

This is Travon. She was conceived in rape. Her mother raised her instead of choosing adoption, and told her about who her father was after her 18th birthday. Today, she is a speaker, wife, and mother. She travels telling her story and advocating for children like her to be protected under the law.

This is Mary. Her mother had paranoid schizophrenia and was married to a man who also had a mental disability. When her mother was raped, the husband went to the police, but ultimately claimed Mary as his own to protect his wife’s reputation. Because of her mother’s schizophrenia, Mary was cared for by another couple, visiting her birth parents periodically. Eventually, when she was five years old, that couple adopted her.

(More stories at SaveThe1.com)

Do any of these people look like they were conceived in rape? What would that look like? My friend Patti told me that she has heard people refer to those conceived in rape as “devil spawn.” Should they have horns and tails? Should they carry pitchforks?

Or are they children? Teenagers? Adults? Mothers and fathers? Husbands and wives? People?

The circumstances of conception, no matter how violent, how terrible, do not reduce the value of the child conceived. If abortion is wrong because it kills a human being, then it is wrong no matter who that human being’s father is.

What about the mother? Like I said above, I am all in favor of resources and support for survivors of rape. I am all for counseling to help them process and heal. Abortion will not solve their problems. It will not take away their nightmares. It will not take away their fear, their pain. It will only take away the life of their child, who has no guilt in how he or she was conceived.

Meet Darlene. She was not only conceived in rape, but as a teenager she became a victim of child trafficking and became pregnant from rape herself. She says that in order to escape from her captor, she pretended to have an abortion. Now she is married with five children and two grandchildren.

Darlene, despite her own difficult childhood and the way she was forced into motherhood at a young age, has made it her life’s mission to protect the lives of children like her and her oldest child.

She says:

“I am so passionate about the value of every life; whether one is conceived with wine and roses, in a test tube or as a result of violence. I absolutely reject the utilitarian view that people are valuable only if they can contribute to society in arbitrarily contrived ways. We should all hold to the Declaration of Independence’s admonition that each of us is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights: the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These God given rights are consecutive, not concurrent. Without the right to life, nothing else matters.“

I have included all of these stories here not because they prove my point. I include them because these are the real human beings we’re talking about when we talk about abortion in the case of rape. We need to remember these faces, these names, every time someone says “cases of rape are only 1% of abortions, we shouldn’t be a stickler over 1%.” Every time someone says “a pregnancy from rape is only a terrible reminder for the mother.” Every time someone says “abortion is okay for the same reason that rape is wrong, because of bodily autonomy.”

These are the people we’re talking about killing.

Pro-lifers know that abortion kills children and hurts women. So why should we abandon those women and children who have also been hurt by rape to the additional pain and death of abortion?


This is very similar to the case of rape, and many people put these two together. However, I gave incest its own section so I could deal with what does make it different.

In the case of incest, we have an extra layer of complexity that makes these cases exceptionally painful. In the case of incest, we usually have a young girl who is raped by a close family member, often her own father. She has been scarred in ways that someone who didn’t experience that can never understand. And now she’s pregnant, probably at a very young age.

What do we do?

First, we get her out of that situation as quickly as we can. We get her to a safe place, and we do everything we can to make her feel safe. We don’t want her to be worried about her rapist coming back for her, at least no more than she has to be.

We put her rapist in jail. We make sure that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps we even find comfort in knowing that in prison, he will be rejected even by other criminals for the nature of his crime.

But she’s still pregnant. And she’s still a child. What do we do?

We love and care for her and her child. We find a permanent home for her, through adoption or through other family members if possible. We give her power over the process as much as we can so she feels like she has some control. We talk to her about adoption and parenting, and we let her make the decision. If she chooses parenting, we work with her new guardians to make a plan for her welfare and the child’s. If she chooses adoption, we give her the opportunity to meet potential adoptive parents and choose the family that she wants her child to have. We give her the choice between open and closed adoption, so that she doesn’t feel like her child was taken from her.

We don’t kill her child.

Just like those conceived in rape, people conceived in incest are still people. They are human beings with the same right to life as any other human being. We cannot abandon them either.

If abortion is wrong because it kills a human being, then it is always wrong.

Health/Life of the Mother

This case is almost more complex, because here we get into the definition of abortion. For our purposes, I am defining abortion as a procedure that intentionally takes the life of the preborn child.

There is one case that comes the closest to abortion being necessary, and that is a tubal pregnancy. In these cases, the embryo implants in the fallopian tube. With current medical technology, we have no way to save the child. If we do not intervene, the child will grow, the tube will rupture, and the mother can die from hemorrhaging. So we have to intervene and remove the child from the fallopian tube.

I do not consider this an abortion. Our goal is not to kill the child, but to save the mother. If, someday, we found a way to save the child and the mother, we would do it. But currently, we can’t. A doctor’s job is to save as many patients as possible, but the loss of a patient does not mean the doctor is a murderer. He or she is only guilty of murder if the patient is intentionally killed.

This same reasoning applies to every other case. It is wrong to intentionally kill the child. However, if the child needs to be removed to save the mother’s life, we can do so. We just need to be sure that we are also concerned for the life of the child, and doing everything we can to save that child’s life as well.

Some will argue that late-term abortion is necessary to save mothers, but this makes no sense. Sure, and early delivery might save the life of the mother. But why should dismembering, poisoning, or beheading that child in the process do anything to improve the mother’s health?

For more on this from an actual doctor (which I am not), watch this video of an interview with Dr. Anthony Levatino. Dr. Levatino was an abortionist and is still an OB/GYN. He worked out of a regular practice rather than an abortion clinic, and so he would routinely do an abortion in one room and then talk to a mother who was keeping her child in the other. He saw patients with complicated and high-risk pregnancies. He knew, even then, that abortion was not necessary. In fact, as he says in the video, for late-term patients an abortion is more dangerous than an early delivery. A late-term abortion might take up to three days, while a c-section delivery could take an hour. If the mother’s life is truly in that much danger, which would you choose?

Every case is different when we’re talking about high-risk pregnancies, but we can tackle each of them in a pro-life way by following a simple rule: treat both mother and child as patients. If we are doing that, we will find the best approach that saves the most lives.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask for any clarification on anything I’ve said here.

anonymous asked:

You know, it's funny. I have a rare genetic mutation called hemochromatosis, that results in me having about 300% more iron in my blood than the average person. Thankfully I don't have the dangerous version, so the only thing it does is ensure I'm never anemic. But I wonder how the Fair Folk would react to someone like me. Salt only works in its solid form, and so iron is presumably the same. But still it's a curious question. What do you think?

OH WOW that’s a bunch of iron. This is one of those weird lines where there’s iron and then there’s blood, and they both serve very different purposes in folklore. I think that similar to crystalline salt vs salt-incorporated-in-cookies, for example, spilled blood itself would be its own thing, with all the properties blood usually has? But at the same time I think that you as an individual full of iron would be given the kind of distance and respect usually afforded to smiths. It is an interesting question; I don’t know exactly how that would work out!

zaffremoon  asked:

do you think Dazai changed much after leaving the port mafia? and when Rampo said in Chapter 47.5 " almost feels like going up against Dazai ,, Does he mean that Dazai is as intelligent as himself? You think he admire him in some point or whenever?

Dazai’s change started before he left the Port Mafia, as evidenced by the fact he left at all.  The change continued on its natural progression from there.

I believe Ranpo meant it with no frills.  When you’ve played someone in chess enough times, you get a very good sense of how they think, and how they respond to a problem.  Ranpo means it the same way here - the reactions to each attack by the ADA and Port Mafia alliance are strikingly similar to the ways Dazai would go about solving the same problem.  He’s not comparing himself to Dazai, or even really Fyodor to Dazai.  He’s just commenting on gameplay.

For another thing, Ranpo and Dazai approach problems very differently.  Ranpo trundles in head-on, almost arrogantly, and trusts his crew to back him up.  Dazai goes in with no backup but himself (others can come if they like, and he’ll use them, but he never relies on them fully) and hangs back while planning things out about twelve steps in advance.  Dazai plays almost defensively by enacting a targeted offense in small, bite-sized chunks - the well-known Divide And Conquer method.  Ranpo plays in what I’d call the spray-n-pray method.  He’s smart, he’ll definitely hit the target, but there’s a lot of unplanned waste in his movements and very little forethought.

This is just my personal impression of their respective tactics.  I believe the reason they work together so frequently on planning is that they are a decent balance for one another.  The instant Dazai was hospitalized, the operation turned very ham-handed until Dazai took the reins again.  That’s Ranpo’s influence, and also a testament to his quickness to react emotionally rather than stick to the plan.

anonymous asked:

I don't know why no one had drawn a crossover between April and Andy from Parks and Recreation and Alfred and Natalya.I mean they have too many similarities, it's kinda weird and awesome at the same time, could you do one? ps: sorry if it's too hard or if the request bother you

it’s very very very *infinite repeat* late but have this..^-^a

i haven’t seen Parks and Recreation so i googled it and found them really have many similarities with amebel! maybe i’m watching this later..

capitainequebec  asked:

Hi! How do you recommend practicing sight reading? I've got a piano exam coming up in a few months and apparently the sight reading portion is really tough at my level. Thank you!

Sight read for 15 minutes a day. Doesn’t matter what you play, just read something you’ve never read before.

Before you start, tell yourself out loud:

  • What key the piece is in.
  • What meter it’s in.
  • What clefs are used. (Don’t assume right hand is treble clef and left hand is bass!)
  • What the highest and lowest notes are.

Notice the tempo marking. Even if you can’t sight read at allegro or vivace, you’ll learn about the style and mood of the piece from the tempo marking.

Now pick a tempo and stick to it. If you can’t, turn the metronome on.

Always keep playing! Here’s how to do that:

  • Never, ever repeat a note. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Oh well. No need to make the NEXT note wrong too by re-playing the last one instead of continuing.
  • Never stop. Never take your fingers off the piano. If you can’t read what’s in front of you, make something up that’s in the same key and has a similar rhythm to what you see.
  • If your right hand gets lost, keep playing the left hand.

Sight reading can be a discouraging thing to practice at first. By its very nature we will never feel good at it: playing something for the first time can’t possibly feel as secure and musical as playing something we know.

BUT: it’s a skill like anything else. Some people are not magically “good at sight reading” while others are naturally bad at it… sight reading is a learnable skill. Remember that once upon a time you couldn’t read English either, but now you can blow through a four hundred word text post in a few seconds. Reading music works the same way.

A few last tips:

  • Pick music this easy and play it flawlessly the first time with gorgeous phrasing.
  • Pick music this hard and just play one or two measures.
  • Pick music whose tune you know so you can use your ear.
  • Pick music whose tune is unfamiliar so you’re forced to read the notes.
  • Sight read duets with friends.
  • If you recognize the I and V chords of all keys, you can understand the structure of an excerpt and read it more easily.
  • Aim to play actual music as you sight read. The kind with dynamics and emotions and occasional mistakes. This will impress the judges more than a cold technical reading of correct notes.

Good luck on your piano exam!! If it’s a few months away and you’re already thinking ahead about practicing, you’re going to be great. I’d love to hear how it goes!

Jyn’s and Cassian’s childhoods are obviously very closely paralleled, and those parallels are critical to their relationship. But I see a lot of “they had the same childhood” and such, or “he had exactly the same childhood as her” (and vice versa), and I think that’s a mistake. 

Their histories can be similar, obviously meant to underscore the fundamental similarities they themselves miss, without being the same

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anonymous asked:

Hello! How do you differentiate between zhiduo and daopao (if you have more picture examples)? They look *very* similar (to me) that I cannot find a difference on its style ^^"

Hi, thanks for the question!

Zhiduo/直裰 and Daopao/道袍 are indeed very similar, and have even referred to the same thing at times. Both are traditional men’s hanfu popular during the Ming Dynasty, and comprise of a full-length, cross-collar robe with side slits beginning below the waist.

The two are differentiated nowadays by the understanding that Daopao has side panels to conceal the undergarments, while Zhiduo does not, so that the garments underneath are visible.

Here are some pictures for comparison:

- Zhiduo:

- Daopao - notice how there is extra fabric on the sides to conceal the space between the slits:

Hope this helps!

What happens when @its-me-lsp leads the dance? THIS! Hnnnn touching!.. We talked about this! )^F<

( My GOD this was supposed to be a small doodle but oooh I just love these two so much I couldn’t stop there! <’D )

( I wonder when is she going to notice he can’t hear any of the music 8l… )

silverglimse-productions  asked:

I generally don't think Keith would make a good leader, since I find him way to brash, and quick to blow a fuse around others (especially Lance) and I do kind of think that Shiro was biased in the decision, since he (presumably) has know Keith a lot longer than the other three...

This is so freaking interesting for me, actually???? Because I never thought much about which paladin would make a good replacement leader before season 2. And I was already very involved in the fandom when season 2 came out, so when Shiro chose Keith as a leader I - like most people here - actually shared your opinion. 

But then I started following more Keith-centric blogs instead of just Lance-centric ones and watched Voltron again - and all of a sudden it all made sense to me. Yeah, Shiro knows Keith better than the others, but that’s exactly why he sees the sides of him that make a good leader. Keith might blow a fuse rather quickly when someone attacks him with no convincing arguments to back it up (!!) but he is aware of his temper and has succeeded in holding himself back more than once:

(and Lance is just as quick to react to Keith’s insults as Keith is to react to Lances :P)

Keith has an aura that makes everyone around him instinctively listen to him. Right in the very first episode he has demonstrated this, Hunk, Lance and Pidge followed him without complaint: 

And of course they weren’t all that happy about driving off a cliff but it’s a fact that Keith had everything control. It continues with Keith showing them his board about the blue lion (where he actually proves that he is very analytical - he pierced the majority of the story together on his own and immediately knew that the Fraunhofer line that Hunk had drawn a diagram of fit to the caves he had discovered) (apart from that he also convinced the entire team to follow him to the caves…). 

Keith, out of all the paladins (including Shiro who struggles with his self-image), is the most self-aware. He knows what he can and can’t do, even if he sometimes gets overwhelmed by his temper/miscalculates other factors in his plan that lead to him falling down a cliff instead of catapulting him across it. He listens when someone presents a plan that is better than his own-

-and when he sees something that needs to be investigated (be it because his instincts tell him that or because situation calls for it) he is ready to spring to action:

In the first screenshot he really wanted that quintessence. It was never explained why so we can only assume that his instincts told him it was important (and if that’s true, it’s probably gonna play a major role in the future again because his instincts are almost never wrong). As soon as he realized that he couldn’t handle the situation anymore, he called for an extraction. 

In the second screenshot the Arusians saw fire and sentries in their villages. Keith’s solution was to jump down into the fire. Their spacesuits are most likely heat resistant - they can, after all, survive the absolute 0 of space. He did what the situation required, even if it looked a little rash from the outside, and figured out that it was a trap.

^When Allura and him got locked out of the castle, he turned towards her - but not because he was seeking guidance. It was because he acknowledged that she knew the castle better than him and he was looking for solutions. Keith doesn’t need to depend on other people in stressful situations. He might be an emotional person, but he virtually never panics, which is a very important quality for a leader that the other paladins don’t possess. 

Keith is also a lot less selfish than Hunk, Lance or Pidge. He isn’t quite on Shiro’s level yet but he always places the lives of everyone else above his own. “Everyone in the universe has families!” (S1E4) and “It’s not about the glory, Lance.” (S1E7) are some examples of that. 

[another example of that is the BOM episode: Keith survives and thrives of knowing who he is. So when him being Galra suddenly got thrown into the picture, he had to question everything he thought he knew about himself. He tried everything in his might to regain his footing and that’s when Shiro called him “selfish”. But behold: he gave up on “being selfish” when he was forced to decide between defending the universe or finding out about his past. The moment he decided that yes, the lives of everyone else still are more important to him than knowing about his own, like how it’s always been for him, he snapped out of his low. He knew again who he was and awakened the Blade. Keith is selfless, another quality that the leader of the defenders of the entire universe desperately needs.]

What else… oh, he’s actually a really good team player, both with people he has never met before and people he has trained with for a long time:

(The last pic is actually another example of people instinctively following him - Pidge understood what he wanted and nodded at him, agreeing to his plan. He didn’t need to voice it but she looked at him searchingly and from the way the scene was framed it was pretty obvious that she followed him.)

Keith is an amazing team player and can learn from his mistakes. Take the Balmera episode for example, after Lance had shown him that less direct solutions might be better plans sometimes. He did not understand Lance’s second plan via hand signs, but he came up with the same one all on his own. 

And then!! He has also shown that he is aware of support/space his friends might need!!! 

In the Belly of the Weblum episode he effectively calmed Hunk down. When Lance convinced Hunk to go mermaid searching with him, he pretty much just scared him into it - not Keith though. He might not be the best with words but he tries and it works.

He also understood that Allura couldn’t be forced to accept him. She needed time and he respected that. He wasn’t happy about it, but he respected it and was ready to accept any words she might throw at him when she came to apologize (and that was after the BoM episode where he had more or less made peace with who he was).

Oh and forget structure lmao in the Belly of the Weblum episode there was also this gem:

Keith!!!!!! Is not afraid to give compliments when they’re due!!!!! And Hunk was so proud of himself afterwards - these words meant a lot to him. Apart from Shiro, none of the other paladins have shown to have that effect on other people. 

Listen, I’m not saying Keith would be a perfect leader. Far from it, he still needs to work on his temper (example: when he freaking attacked Zarkon!!!) and on explaining his thoughts to the team. The whole “wandering off on his own because this thing here feels important for the future” is another thing that he needs to work on. But the way I see it, he has more leader-like qualities than the other paladins… uh, excluding Shiro of course :’D

See, Keith isn’t Shiro and will never be him: Shiro leads with example and Keith leads with action and instinct. But that does not make him a bad leader. He’s not afraid of the responsibility that comes with the position, he always takes care of the greater good, he doesn’t panic, he can work in a team, he always listens to everything the others say and accepts their words as facts, he can encourage and compliment people, he is analytical…….. he’s just not experienced in leading more than just himself. But that’s what the team is there for: they have shown to be supportive of him but are aware of his mistakes at the same time and it’s honestly the perfect combination to help him grow in the right direction. I do not agree with those who say that Shiro has made the wrong decision with making him the interim leader^^ He isn’t perfect, but he is the best choice for now (ALSO excluding Allura, she’s an awesome leader).