but at the same time it feels so good

So today I ventured out with both kids alone for the first time...

I needed to go to target… So that was our first stop. We did great! We had no problems at all and it was a very enjoyable trip. Javier wasn’t able to go with me to my doctor appointment today… So all three of us headed out alone again for my appointment. I was feeling pretty good at this point because of how the day had gone so far…

So I was in the room with no pants on waiting for the doctor and both kids just pooped. Loudly. At the same time. And then Noah was screaming and crying and julisabel was yelling poooooop!!! Neither one wanted to settle down, so I had to get up… With no pants… And change Noah’s diaper. He still wasn’t satisfied, so I start nursing him while asking julisabel if she could wait until my apt was over. She says “yes mama.” But then stands next to me whispering “poop” over and over, just as the doctor (who is a different one than I’ve seen before) comes walking in.

You can’t make this stuff up 😂😂

Andy’s eleven months old! 

It’s funny…I was thinking today that having him makes me feel simultaneously grateful and greedy. I cannot believe how lucky I am that I have a child, and that this is him. I’m almost embarrassed at how good I have it, like I won the lottery. At the same time, I want ten more just like him and for time to move slower for us than it does for other parents because the days seem to go unfairly fast. Sometimes Kevin and I fight over who gets to feed him, hold him, put him to bed. 

He’s just the best baby. We love him so much. 

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Who's more likely to initiate a "we're just friends who fuck" relationship and who's more likely, when they start getting feelings, to suck it up and ask what they're really doing?(grahamscott)

Nathan. Both of these would be Nathan because he doesn’t like to get close to people ya know like get into his head, but having sex with the same person so many times feels so good to him and he eventually starts asking Warren to hang out more and asks if he wants to stay and cuddle you know stuff like that and Warren never objects because he doesn’t mind and Nathan can feel himself falling deeper into this hole that he didn’t know existed, like one foot is hell and the other is in heaven and he starts feeling weird whenever he’s around Warren like all he wants to is kiss him or hold his hand or just listen to him talk and one day he and Warren are just hanging out and he kisses Warren because he can’t stand it and he just fists his hands in Warren’s shirt pushing him up against the wall saying something like “what are you doing to me Warren?”

Don’t know why I am a wrapped up in
Yesterday’s, last years
Why my heart won’t stay still at cliche hours
Why do I still feel the dust in my nose
Still dripping memories
I won’t let go of anything, I earned that good feeling
Fought so hard
Just to be at ease
For a night
I want to relive, relive, relive
Read over every text
Make sure my heart flutters the same
I’m still in love with 3 people
And I’d leave them all just for one last hit

Book the same hotel, please smell the same
Bring along the grey backpack with the rips along the seams
I wasn’t satisfied last time
But I get full off the memories
Savor them down, suck you up
You as in the concept
Of having normalcy
Things should be this way, I know
I shouldn’t be this way, I know
Just the way you are is a way enough
Keep lighting up my phone

—  I’ve Been Awful Lately, E.L.

So I’ve been told that it’s my job as a white ally not just to call other white people out on racism, but to explain to them why [insert action here] is racist/oppressive in a non-aggressive way. Or, if you don’t feel like you can adequately have that conversation, direct them towards articles/resources that describe it better.

This way POC don’t have to spend their time exhausting themselves saying the same shit over and over to the same racist white people. It’s fucking tiring, I know.

If you see your family saying racist shit on Facebook, don’t block them! That does nothing to help. Instead, message them. Be the ally that creates one less racist person in the world that a black person might have to encounter.

Of course, this doesn’t always work, and that’s ok. Some people are lost causes, or they need to hear it from multiple people before it starts to make a dent. But you could be a tipping point- and that’s what matters.

As a queer/trans person, that’s what I’ve asked my straight friends to do. And to my relief, they’ve listened. some of them have made an impact.

That’s what a good ally does.

(Additionally, listen. If a person of color tells you that you’re wrong, or asks you to back off- even if you think you’re being a good ally, or that doing the right thing- stop and listen. We can’t know the experiences of POC. We cannot speak for their needs. We can only offer our ears and our voice when theirs are worn out from screaming. On that note- please tell me if I’m wrong in saying any of this.)

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What Am I Afraid of: I know we live & we learn but I'm definitely scared to fall in love & give someone all my time. Just for them not to feel the same later down the road.

So do i, that’s why it’s good to really get to know someone before taking it all the way & pay attention to the signs, if they’re unsure of what they want or they don’t seem 100% invested then you’re wasting your time

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moana how do i get people to love me now (even as a friend) if ive spent my whole life bullied/not talking? im asexual, but im a guy so im pretty limited in what i can do/say without coming off creepy/weird. Please help me if you have advice. :(

I am probably not a good person to ask I wish I can be more helpful! if you work or go to school / university I would try find common interests w people,I feel like these are good places to make friends because u are doing some of the same things as each other so u can talk / complain / help each other or you can spend breaks together and get lunch or something ^_^ and then I’m sure things u both like will come up and you can find things to talk about or more things that you can spend time together doing outside of school/ work. sorry again I’m no good @ this many pples company drain me 😩 I’m wish you luck and be confidence

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I saw The Danish Girl trailer and it looks really good and stuff and I want to watch it, but at the same time, I feel like it's really inappropriate because they're getting a cis guy to play a trams character. So I don't even know what to do. :/

The thing is, it doesn’t really look good, not from the perspective of a trans person. It looks like blatant exploitation. 

This post sums it up pretty well, so I’d urge you to take a look at it http://rambleonamazon.tumblr.com/post/128191618054/the-danish-transploitation

Honestly, if you want to watch it, I’d suggest streaming it online; don’t pay to see it. Don’t put money in the pockets of people who want to use the stories of trans women for their gain without actually hiring trans women or helping the trans community in any way at all. 

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Out of curiosity, I decided to find out what the whole "Times Mulder and Scully should have made out this week" thing was about and I'm not even half done but I think I need to re-watch the entire show again. Good job on those volumes. Really.

Ahh, thank you!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I hope you feel the same once it gets really obvious that I’m losing my mind.

1. Foot feels about the same as any other day. Good news.

2. Happy Force Friday! All the new Star Wars merchandise is hitting stores today.

3. I watched To Be Takei last night. It’s a documentary about George Takei and it was awesome. So sweet. What a neat guy.

4. Three.Day.Weekend.Y'all.

5. Is it nap time yet?

I wish I just wasn’t a bitch. As in, I wish I didn’t have such an anti-social personality.
I love being blunt and direct, but I hate it when I have no patience for others in situations they wouldn’t even need patience, I often hate how overly serious and dismissive of silliness I can be, I despite it when I accidentally dismiss eagerness, I hate it when I can’t stop myself from using manipulative language, I hate accidentally hurting a sensitive person’s feelings, I hate being misunderstood, I hate not being able to hide that someone close is irritating me, I hate it when I act in the same ways that might irritate me, I hate feeling someones annoying me or wasting my time when I love them.
I love my friends and good natured people so much. I have endless feelings of positivity towards good human beings, yet I can’t completely rewire my irritable anti-social personality. I do have this under control to the point where it’s usually only expressed when I’m in a bad mood, I’m generally a very pleasant person outwardly, but it’s really been bothering me lately, A LOT.

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AHH! That Chen scenario was so good! I liked it a lot (: do you think you'd do a part2??

If I have an idea for it…

Haha! I’m sorry. I know I say that every time. 

Ah, urgh, I don’t know. I feel like this scenario ended the way it should have.

And I’m not talented enough to write a happy ending to a cheating scenario, so if there was going to be a second part, it would probably just be more of the same (a load of angst and vomit.)



If I have an idea for it, sure. But right now I just don’t see it going anywhere. 

Out of all the scenarios I’ve written, this is the one least suitable for a sequel, in my opinion.

- Admin I

My boyfriend actually made a good point about relationships. Everyone gets into one because they’re lonely. Now, obviously there’s other reasons for wanting to be with someone but all humans are looking for companionship. And my boyfriend did admit to me one of the reasons he got with me is because he was lonely. But at the same time, that reason developed into an actual solid foundation and now I don’t feel so bad when I hear people say they only hang out because they’re lonely. Because everyone needs another person/companion in their life. But it’s how the relationship grows that truly matters.

By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles
Characters: Nick Grimshaw, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Mpreg, louis mpreg, bottom!Louis, Top!Harry, Bottom!Harry, Pregnant Louis

Summary: It’s all a rush, from being the top CEO administrator to secretly having affairs with an under aged teen a.k.a. intern. Maybe it’s wrong, but at the same time what’s wrong just feels really fucking good and sometimes when you’re in a rush you forget things, really important things. The fact that you’re throwing your reputation, your so called boyfriend, and a young one’s life.


Seventeen Master Post

Okay so I decided to make this post full of links to videos that you can watch. Whenever I’m bored I just watch a whole ton of random Seventeen videos and I thought that making this post you can reference to it if you feel sad or just want to watch some for fun! 

*Do take note that I tried to find them in pretty good quality so forgive me if some aren’t in the BEST quality..* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Self Camera : 

Seventeen :

Seventeen Episodes 1-6 :

Seventeen Teasers ~Big Debut Plan : (Because honestly you know you can watch these all day)

Random Videos :

Bindaetteok Gentleman ~

Ya’ll Had This Coming…..

Seventeen + Adore U :

Live Performances ~  Show Music Core \ The Show \ M! Countdown \ Show Champion ( I skipped all the way to the performance but you can go back) \ Inkigayo 


Please inform me if you want a certain video clip added to this list.

Also I do know that these aren’t ALL the videos but I think I got a few, enjoy!


The last time they met

I’ve thought a lot about what Rainbow Quarts felt about Rose being pregnant with Steven- I mean, if Steven and Pearl fuse Rainbow Quarts won’t be the same for sure, (Will their fusion even be the same gem?) different memories, different …So I thought it would be very interesting (and heartbreaking) to make a comic about the last time Rainbow Quarts got to be herself.

And Yeah, I wrote a little song too! I tried to mix Pearls Sadness and desperation to get a final beautiful together with her love and Roses confusion of if it actually was a good choice leave to Pearl and the others- And all those complicated feeling fused into a heavy-hearted Rainbow Quarts, who still had a little dose of hope, after all.


MD: “We have a similar process,” says Davenport of her and Cotrona’s approach to their roles. “D.J. and I are not Method actors so we kind of just played it as ourselves, but thought about what our characters had gone through and how that would influence our feelings toward one another. [Seth and Kate] kind of hate each other and love each other at the same time; D.J. and I have the same thing. Sometimes I tell him I’m going to murder him in his sleep, and he says the same to me!”

DJ: Madison [Davenport], in my opinion, is the most talented actor on the show. She’s a beast; she’s so good and effortless, so I have a lot of fun and learn a lot from working with her. We both enjoy the fact that we have such different characters.


[SCAN] Men’s uno magazine - D&E :

The story of how D&E began…

The story started 15 years ago,Donghae joined SM as a trainee.He could not get used to Seoul when he first arrived and there was no friends who he could rely on.He was on his own ,but he stuck on to his dream and worked hard towards achieving his goal.

Then,in the company canteen,he met Eunhyuk,at that time,neither of them knew they would be assigned to the same group,they only knew they were both new comers.

With Eunhyuk being witty and happy character,it made Donghae relax so much,and the two started became good friends and since then its already 15 years!

Eunhyuk: After so many years, we are still exactly the same like we first met,we are still so naughty,still so pure,still nothing has changed !the feeling is wonderful!

After Eunhyuk finished,they looked at each other and smiled,from the eyes they exchanged a secret which only the two would know

How D&E came out..

The impression that donghae and eunhyuk give to us are very different.

Donghae seems to be a hard working manly type while Eunhyuk is the joking playful type.

When they are together,the characters are so different,yet they are so compatible.It feels like Donghae has been influenced by Eunhyuk,changes slowly from a shy little boy to a humerous guy and at the same time Eunhyuk has been influenced by Donghae,gradually become more stable and reliable.

After this cross - influence,the chemistry between them is perfect.

When they first knew each other,they had already wanted to have a sub unit together,to have an album together,to perform together.However,after they became members of SJ,they had been so busy,so this thought had been put aside .

Then they story changed to 2011,when all the members were busily preparing for SS4, and were preparing for their own solos,Donghae suddenly thought “Is boring to perform on stage by myself,two people must be more fun,so I suggested to the company about performing together as a sub unit and the company agreed immediately.”

Then their first product (Oppa Oppa) appeared,relaxing and fun song which was widely accepted by all fans and it set the rock base for Super Junior D&E.

Last year with their Japanese Album (Ride Me) and this year with their first Korean Album (The Beat Goes On) they have fulfilled their childhood dreams!


In Korean culture, guys will address each other as ‘brothers’ and according to their age to decide who is the elder who is the  younger.

Guys address each other as friends’ if they are same age, even is newly acquiantance, the two will automatically become ‘friends’.

SUPER JUNIOR D&E Donghae and Eunhyuk,they are both ‘same age friends’ and also ‘real friends’,born in the same year, joined the company in the same year and debuted in the same year. Their brotherhood has been built up by 15 years of togetherness.

The most important is Understanding and Coordination..

Super Junior D&E only has Donghae and Eunhyuk,even though there are dancers on the stage with them,the feeling is just different from SJ on stage.

Donghae: When it is just two of us,I always feel there are very few people next to me, it feels like the stage of SJ and D&E is just too different.

Normal days when 12 members gather together, the whole place will be full of noises, it is just like having a party when everyone talks, especially when they appear together in variety shows.

Eunhyuk: Before, even if I was not good enough,there would still be other members around,I could just sit at the back and not do the talking.Now,everything will have to be handled by just the two of us,the pressure is much larger, because responsibility is much heavier

But as they have debuted for 10 years and were so well trained, fans who have seen Super Junior D&E performances all know that,they are perfect in what they do, their stages are so full of fun, this is probably because these talents are natural to them!

Two people feel more relaxed when together ..

The interview was done the day after their D&E concert in HK,Donghae and Eunhyuk came with their tired bodies,rubbing their eyes while greeting our staff,then walked into the dressing room.

After just a little while, they were both ready and doing all different poses in the most skillful ways.

During the photoshooting,they didn’t talk much,but full of well understanding of each other. When Donghae slanted his body to one side, Eunhyuk would immediately respond with similar action, every action matched so perfectly.Because of the perfect coordination between the two, the shooting then finished very smoothly.

Being together for 15 years, working partners and also good friends, it is not surprising to have this kind of understanding toward each other.  

Donghae: We have been staying together since very young,our hobbies,age and even our heights are very similar,we also like similar kind of music,so it is very natural for us to have Super Junior D&E.

The way Donghae and Eunhyuk treat each other..

Even they have debuted for so long,Donghae was still uneasy in front of the camera and being very quiet. Eunhyuk who was sitting next to him, on the other hand,didn’t stop talking and from time to time would whisper to Donghae and lead him to answer some questions. Sometimes, Donghae would add his own opinion to Eunhyuk’s answers. The atmosphere between the two and the way they are to each other are enough for us to envy.

Eunhyuk: We are together everyday, from debut, we moved to our dorm together, and we spent all our life together and we work together, we are just like family, we really know each other too well (Laugh).In fact, it is only in front of the camera that Donghae would become so quiet, behind the camera, Donghae really loves to joke, and makes all the people around him very happy.

Eunhyuk said he was used to talking more in front of the camera to cover the blank spots of Donghae and Donghae would feel very relaxed with Eunhyuk taking care of him this way.

As they know each other so well, knowing each other’s good and bad points, strong and weak points, these two brothers know their way of understanding each other, taking care of each other, and with this, their friendship can go a long way!

supporting each other ..

This year, they are both entering the 30’s, this is another stage in their life.No more a childish youngster, but increased their feel of maturity. While starting the D&E, they both have different thinkings and destinations.

Eunhyuk: For the past 10 years, we have grown up a lot in every aspect. Before, when we did recordings and practicing, we cared very much the final results and how it came out. We often felt so worried and uneasy,but as time went by,now I think I have become more mature. We thank you all our fans for their love and encouragement. Now, compare to ‘results’, I appreciate more the ‘process’, and hope to enjoy the whole process to the most.

This time when making (The Beat Goes On) Eunhyuk participated a lot from beginning to end, added a lot of his own ideas and fully enjoyed the whole process of making the album.

Asked about D&E future destination, Donghae actively answered: “Actually, there are still a lot of possibilities in the future, we will try our best to enjoy every moment of it, and hope that every concert or every new album, we can bring the audience a new refreshing feeling, let them see our different images, and we want to repay our fans’s support with these, these are our destination.”

After the interview was over, Donghae sighed with relief, Eunhyuk padded Donghae’s shoulder with a smile and Donghae also returned a smile to Eunhyuk and ready to leave.

Although neither of them spoke, but from the tiny action, we could see their intimate relationship, how they support each other, neither of them can live without the other and continue hand in hand to grow in their paths of life!

* This men’s uno interview in taiwan seems it is the same as the HK version, all the convo is same just the pics are different ^^ * 

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