but at the same time beautiful

Reasons to love Eddie Vedder

1. He is like all grumpy but at same time the cutest man.
2.Actually if you just take a look at his facial expressions while he performs, you’ll easily realize that he’s a fucking genuine performer who thinks and feels every single word and line of his songs. Emotion!!!
3. Hyperactive? There was a time when Eddie used to make superhuman jumps on stage…
4.He’s a beautiful human being. I mean just look at his hair, cheeks, smile and eyes.
5. He was a shy guy. On interview he is all shy and quiet and when he sings on stage he is full of passion, improvising.He also talks with audience between songs.He is not that kind of dude who do stuffs to be famous.
6. Pearl jam is still alive, sharing beautiful moments with us.They don’t make music videos which is so cool ‘cause you have to listen music and imagine.
7. He is just natural, he’s not affraid to show that he can be drunk or with cigarettes in his hand. Not trying to me someone else.
8.He always says what he means even if media doesn’t like it.
9. He has awesome sence of humour.
10.He loves his fans, he protects them on stage, he would do anything for them.
11.He is amazing songwriter.
12.The way he feels song, his moves and voice is perfect.
13.He likes nature, surfing and skateboarding.
14. He plays some kick ass rock songs with his guitar and ukulele.
15. He helps people.
16. Always with wine on stage.
17. Talks with sarcasm.
18. Wears pair of jeans and old t-shirt on stage.
19. Loves cubs and basketball.
20. Has big heart.


And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast…

may i present to you, that beauty and the beast au featuring leon as the beast and the king of the heavens as the enchantress

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elliephantes  asked:

Hi!! your comics are so inspiring, do you by chance have any tips for mapping out the compositions or just generally drawing them? Also, what art program do you use? Thank you!!


I am glad to hear so! Inspiring others and making them happy and creative means a lot to me, since I get this vibe from other artists too and it’s just beautiful!

As for tips.. Hmm.. For example, here in the latest comic update, I have the same scene with a dialogue. In order to make it less boring or static, I would recommend using different angles to portray the situation.

Another trick, used also in cinematography is to sometimes show the character that’s not talking, to catch his expression/reaction to the other character’s words. 

For general compositions I cannot give any trick. With practice, it’s a thing that comes naturally. It’s very useful when you watch a movie (second time mostly, when you’re less focused on the action and story) to analyze the compositions. I totally recommend any Disney animation (not necessarily the old 2D ones, the new ones are as good. I rewatched Big Hero 6 this weekend and saw some amazing compositions there!). Sin City(either of them) is also a movie to be watched for this, because it’s based on a comic so it stole some compositions from there!

Last but not least, “steal” from others! Read comics, look on Pinterest and ArtStation, and last but not least, look around you. Everything can be a composition if you look from the fitting angle! 

As for program, I use Adobe Photoshop :3

Hope this helped! Thank you again for the kind words!

The highlight of my day was when Baby Rian suddenly chatted that she would sing for me. I was surprised and touched at the same time. So we had a Viber call and her voice was so cute, I tell you. She was also very talkative which is so fine for me since I love listening to others instead of talking. She even talked to a cat! How cute is that! She kept on munching until she finally sang Oo by Up Dharma Down and oh heavens, she’s an angel blaring the trumpets up above. Her voice was so beautiful to the ears! I thought she would sing the whole song as joked but she suddenly got shy to me. Hahaha. But I enjoyed the song though. She’s the first to sing that song. I’m used to being sung for. In fact, she’s the third lady to sing for me. She then talked in straight English as she shared her feelings about something. She’s so cute when she got shy all of a sudden since I’m the one she’s talking to because she wanted to talk to me way before and I’m famous (a fallacy since I’m just a commoner and lowkey). She sang another song entitled Can’t Help Falling in Love (if I got the title right). Her voice was really soothing. It was the second time I was sung that song. Then I kept on laughing as she started speaking Korean words which some of them she really got no idea what they meant. She also shared that she knows other accents so I asked her to voice some local accents but she didn’t know them hahaha so she ended up speaking in British which was so good. She got that accent. It reminded me of the series I am currently watching entitled Skins UK. It was a fun call. Till next time Baby @andrelaline-rushh. You’re cute, not just your voice, okay? Shame on those who body-shames. It is never right to do so. Show some respect, douchebags.


Okay but how many times do you think Even is about to leave for work but Isak calls him back for a kiss and tells him not to leave. Even tells him he has to work so he can spoil his baby and so Isak gets all grumpy and pouty. This is when Even kisses him lovingly and tells him he’ll see him later, leaving Isak still a bit grumpy but all soft and in love at the same time♡

taehyung: *breaths* *moves a little bit*
me: a beauty out of this world, showstopping, art, a masterpiece, ethereal, brilliant, we are truly not worthy and yet we have the chance to live at the same time as this iconic, talented, amazing, smart, soft angel..wow

ate-wapakels69  asked:

Gosh, this is my first time asking and I hope I don't screw 'tis up. So imagine Prince Sidon and Revali's s/o disappearing on some days. On those days a soft melody plays. They hide near where s/o is and find out that the melody that played on those days was Zelda's Lullaby. OKAYBYE

No wait don’t leave–

same though?? i’m too shy for tumblr


- Curiosity got the better of him and he just had to know what that beautiful song was but he didn’t wanna ask his s/o

- So one day he follows the melody 

- Spots his s/o and almost calls out, but is entranced by the sleepy melody

- He’s heard this before, but where?

- It’s only five minutes later when he figures it out

- Lullaby…. Zelda’s Lullaby

- Is too tired to figure out who Zelda is at the moment and passes out where he stands


- Made it his mission to find out where his s/o goes

- But again feathers aren’t very discreet

- Takes FOREVER to learn their path but eventually does

- He listens closely as they begin playing, and the first thing that runs through his head is as follows

- Fucking Link

- How d a re he speak with his precious s/o

- And corrupt them with his silence

- Salty af and cannot enjoy the song now

A China Rose Chapter 7: Sneak Peek

Author’s note: Here’s the next chapters sneak peek. This week is a holiday, so less time revising, more time writing. Yay! So enjoy this sneak peek until the full chapter comes out on Thursday  :) 

You had never seen such a beautiful room. It managed to outshine even the exquisite hallway from when you first discovered the castle. The room was large. That was the first thing you noticed, and the bed alone was easily the same size as half your bedroom back in Villeneuve. The bed in question had satin sheets that shimmered under the crystal chandelier that hung from the painted ceiling. Several cherubs were staring down at you as you slowly walked into the room. Like the rest of the castle you’d seen, there were gold accents everywhere, and there were even spirals of gold simply hanging from the ceiling. There was a mahogany vanity table to the right of the bed with a deep red coloured velvet chair tucked neatly underneath it. On the left hand side you saw several large windows each with their own teal set of curtains, paired with a golden bar. As you walked in further, you saw that next to the door (in a groove in the wall) was a large armoire that was sky blue with gold detailing. A couple of metres away from that in another grove was a petite writing desk, with crisp paper and tiny stool.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say our goodbyes to our dear friend America, who died recently after a brief, intense battle with fascism and a long, slow battle with carbs. Thank you all for coming out to help say farewell. It’s not easy. But at least America died doing what it loved most: deep-frying Halloween candy while white men tried to explain to women what jazz is.

America was sick for a really long time. In the early stages, I think we were all in denial. You could tell that America was unwell—public displays of brutality, deeply internalized prejudice, “Entourage”—but it seemed curable. Just a case of plain old electile dysfunction. We thought that we’d caught the fascism early, but, as we now know, it had metastasized. America was more Florida than country by the end.

America was born right here, in America, and lived here its entire life. America was always about family. It is survived by its similarly ill father, Britain, and its large brood of children: baseball, Google, fireworks, losing your fingers to fireworks, giving your Uber driver only four stars because he talked to you, thinking granola is healthy, Chicago (the place), “Chicago” (the musical), “Chicago” (the movie adaptation of the musical), Chicago (the band), “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Justice,” “Chicago ‘Chicago’ ” (a show about the Chicago production of the musical “Chicago,” coming to NBC this fall), and a bunch of wars.

I’d personally be nowhere without America. America was there when I was born, when I got married, when I saw Janet Jackson’s nipple at the Super Bowl. Remember that? After that happened, none of us slept for days, because we had never seen the pointy part of a boob on our TVs before, and it really upset us. America was really cool that way. It would always get mad when you’d see the pointy part of a boob on a TV. I’m gonna miss that.

However, we should not dwell on the loss of our dear country, friend, and place where all the Cheesecake Factories and Lids stores are. Today, let’s celebrate America’s life, and remember all of the remarkable things it accomplished and how many actors playing Spider-Man who keep getting cuter and younger were inside of it. America gave us so much. And, boy, did it look good for its age. America was two hundred and forty-one years old when it died, but it didn’t look a day over a hundred and sixty-four! It looked so young, it could’ve been the very same America that put its own citizens in internment camps!

America got a bunch of things really right. Mostly how to put food inside other food. Anyone can just eat a chicken. But in a duck?! In a turkey?! In a gun?! No one is going to forget the Turduckenun any time soon. America was so inventive that way. And, I mean, everyone does silly stuff when they’re young. America was beautiful, too. Sure, it was a little lumpy, and you could always see its Florida through its pants, but it just got hotter with age. So hot. It was so, so hot by the time it died. Almost too hot to live in.

If there’s anything we should take away from this tragedy, it’s that you should always check yourself for fascism, especially around your midsection. It’s easy enough to do in the shower. If you catch it early, it can be cleared up with a rigorous regimen of local elections and books and yoga. But America was cocky. Nothing bad had ever happened to it before! It assumed this fascism would pass, just like the Second World War and “Entourage” had.

What a shame. America was just the best damn country in the whole U.S.A. I’m sorry that I’m getting choked up. I get really emotional when I think of America, and also I took too big of a bite of Turduckenun and it got lodged in my windpipe. We will all miss America greatly. Every time I see an American flag or a gun, I’ll think of America. But we can all rest easy knowing America is in a better place now: Russia.

Just some Viktor Analysis for you kids, because you know I love it:

Figure skating, in general, is a Much Bigger Deal in the YOIverse than it is in real life. To the point where Viktor gets name recognition from people who don’t know anything at all about figure skating. I say this because I’ve been interested in figure skating my whole life, unlike I think a lot of the fandom (I could absolutely be wrong here, but that’s my estimate of the situation) and I learned very early on that Nobody Knew Jack About Figure Skating. Like I can name a total of TWO figure skaters off the top of my head who generally get name recognition–Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan–when I talk about them to people who aren’t in the know. And even Kwan is a bit iffy. I can’t think of a single male figure skater whose name I could say in casual conversation and have someone say, “I totally know who that is.” I think this might be because the general population thinks figure skating is mostly just women, and also because figure skating really just isn’t on most people’s radar. This could be different in other countries, but even then I don’t think Viktor would have his International Celebrity status irl.

On the other hand, Viktor could just be one of those category-defying athletes who gain international attention because they are literally Just So Fucking Good at what they do. Think Michael Phelps or David Beckham. Nobody, in general, cares about swimming, but they sure do care about Michael Phelps. Everybody knows who David Beckham is, even in America, a country that doesn’t even have a real fanbase for the sport he plays. It’s entirely possible that at some point, someone realized that Viktor Nikiforov was Winning Everything and everyone got super curious over whether he would continue to do that–much like Phelps.

Also, Viktor is a very handsome European man, which probably helped a lot.

Either way, Viktor is an unusual celebrity who probably came up in the world very, very fast. As in, all attention was just on him suddenly one day. This probably happened somewhere around the 2010 Olympics, if you assume that Viktor probably hadn’t reached his full potential by his first Olympics, which was probably Turin 2006. I’m pretty sure Viktor Nikiforov stepped off the podium in Vancouver, suddenly a Russian household name and an international figure at an age where most people haven’t yet moved out of their parents’ house.

By the events of the anime, Viktor has been central in the public eye for over half a decade. He’s been TMZ’d and had a paparazzo follow him home, he’s done ads for sports drinks and athletic wear and shoes and cologne, he’s been put on diets–not Athlete Diets; Celebrity Diets; ‘eat four saltine crackers and a glass of coconut juice for two meals a day’ diets (Yakov put a stop to this quickly)–he’s had a publicist scream bloody murder at him over the phone because he did something stupid outside a club in Ibiza. One of my favorite ‘why Viktor cut his hair’ headcanons is that he had to cut it off because people kept pulling it in crowds, or trying to cut off pieces when he walked by.

These are not the typical experiences of a career athlete.

Viktor is a Celebrity Athlete, probably figure skating’s only celebrity athlete. There are probably a lot of people in the sport who don’t really even consider him an athlete, but at the same time he isn’t a movie star or a pop star, not One Of Us among the red carpet elite. Also, figure skating is unusual because it is an intersection of sport and performance. People get confused about where someone like Viktor lies on the athlete versus celebrity scale because he’s beautiful, he dresses up in costumes and performs to music. This isn’t football, or hockey or even track or swimming. Nobody is sure what Viktor Nikiforov is. He’s a creature unto himself.  His experiences are so drastically different from the experiences of everyone he knows that he literally has no one to relate to.

It creates distance. It makes him untouchable. 

And Viktor? Viktor is so fucking starved for genuine human contact and connection by the time he meets Yuuri that he’s willing to take himself halfway across the planet to get it.

With all of this known, can you imagine how powerful it was for Viktor to hear Yuuri say, “I just want you to be yourself, that’s all I need”?

It’s probably reason number one (of roughly ten thousand) for why Viktor fell in love with Yuuri.


Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3