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Taking each other’s virginity
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You and your boyfriend were both virgins. Never thought about the time to bring up sex to each other either. But, last night you suddenly craved him, not for a cuddle, or kiss either. When you hungrily kissed him he knew exactly what you wanted to initiate with him and he followed your moves. You felt his bulge growing against you, showing you he felt the same.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Jagi?” He whispered into another kiss. You just nod as he pins you to the mattress, removing your clothing, piece by piece.

It was perfect, just how you imagined it. It was passionate, and it was a beautiful thing you two shared.

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You wake up to Jin’s bareback in front of you, a smile ran across your face as you wrapped your arms around him. Jin was still peacefully asleep, so you kissed his shoulder, and got up to make him breakfast.

You got picked up his shirt and put it on. You always loved wearing his clothes.

You walk out of his room to the kitchen. You completely forgot you were in the dorm, so when you walked out, Hobi was walking about the dorm in his boxers. You froze, he froze, he yelled. You ran back to Jin’s room, nuzzling into his chest, face bright red. Jin woke up and kisses your cheek.

“Good morning beautiful,” He whispers, his voice raspy. “Last night was amazing,”


You woke up in his arms, his grip tight. Yoongi held you like you were a security item. When you slightly moved, he woke up smiling. He rolled over so you were laying on top of him, as he covered your face with sweet little pecks not missing a single spot. It made you blush a bit, so you hid your face, Yoongi pouts, taking your head, and lifting it by your chin so he could see you, and kissed your nose.

“Thank you,” He hummed.


You woke up alone in his room, which confused you. You sat up yawning when the door flew open. Thinking it was one of the other members you squealed covering yourself with the blanket. Luckily, it was Hoseok with breakfast. He laid the tray on your lap and sat next to you.

“A beautiful breakfast, for my beautiful princess.” He hummed placing a strawberry on your lips.


You and Joon lay in bed, both just awoken by the sun shining through the window. He rolled over wrapping his arms around you and kissed your neck. You whined unintentionally, which kinda made him wanna go for a second round.

“Babe, wanna redo last night?” He smirked positioning himself over you.


You woke up to Jimin spooning you, him the big spoon, you the little. His bare chest, against your bare back, just felt so good to you, it made you warmer than the blanket did. You rolled over and kissed his cheek. He woke up, and immediately, Jimin had an uncontrollable, goofy smile, he covered himself with the blanket, giggling.

“I’m sorry Jagi,” He chuckles, “You’re just so perfect,”


You sat up to see Tae walking around in his boxers, his hair still messy, you figured he just woke up. When you stretch he froze making eye contact with you. You smile at him, Taehyung came over to you, cupping your face, and kissing you all over.

“I love you so much, Jagi!” He sang, placing the final kiss on your lips.


You woke up to his face buried in your face, and his arms draped around you. You loved him so close to you, just like this. You placed a hand on his, making circles with your thumb, and cuddle closer to you, kissing your collarbone.

“I love you,” He sleepily whispers onto your skin.

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Is it wrong that I sometimes wish I wasn’t gay? Not because I WANT to date boys, but mostly because I know it would just be so much easier? I’ve done a LOT of self evaluation the past few years, so I know for a fact that I’m a lesbian, but I guess sometimes it’s just really discouraging to know how slim a chance I have at finding love. Especially since I would never ever ask a friend out because developing any kind of feelings for friends makes me feel like a gross predator. :(

it’s not wrong but i think it’s definitely damaging to you. Being lgbt is hard undoubtedly and when i was younger i had times where i felt the same. I used to hate that i had to be “different than everybody else” and used to blame myself for everything. But now i love who i am and i don’t wish i was anything other than what i am. You are beautiful and amazing and so worthy of love. Not being out or just not knowing where to look for other wlw is hard and can make you feel isolated but that doesn’t make you any less likely to find love, it’s out there waiting for you. You’re not a predator. Guys have crushes on their friends who are girls and vice versa and that doesn’t make them in the wrong so why does that make you in the wrong?? you are normal and nothing is wrong with you my love. self love and self acceptance takes time and you will get there. You are an amazing lesbian and ily!!!

A Dad on Valentines [PART SIX] - Jihyun

This is heavily inspired my @myetie 2nd Gen AU/Taemin AU, cause I’m obsessed with that.

Hope you enjoy :3


Jihyun and you had taken your time with everything regarding your relationship. Getting together had taken almost two years, actually getting married another three. After that, you’d decided to wait with having a child, so you could have some more time to yourselves.

However once you’d settled on the idea of getting pregnant, the both of you were 100% sure about the decision. You were not only mature and financially stable enough, but had also finally found your peace with the past and yourselves, confident in your parental abilities.

Luckily it didn’t take long for you to get pregnant and merely ten months after making the decision to become parents your son Jincheol was born, a little boy with the same mint hair and the same mint eyes as his father and grandmother. He was beautiful.

Since the both of you had mellowed out and found stable jobs that allowed to a certain freedom, both Jihyun and you invested a lot of time and love into Jincheol, making sure that he not only got the best education, but also all the emotional support he needed.

You could tell how important it was to Jihyun to form a strong bond with your son, especially when he reminded him so much of the opportunities he’d missed with his own mother and even his father. Jihyun took a long time to learn, but once he had it, he never repeated the same mistake.

The time and effort paid off as Jincheol grew up to be a clever, free spirited kid with a heart of gold and the same leader tendencies as his father. He too always tried to make everyone else happy, which was generally a good thing but had the tendency to being self-sacrificial.

For the most part the two of you allowed things to play out the way they did without interfering too much. This was something Jincheol had to learn for himself and Jihyun knew that it was for the best if he learned it early on instead of too late, like he had.

For the most part that strategy worked out until Jincheol had grown into a young man and how to spend the most time with his friends was no longer the only thing on his mind. He didn’t really talk about it, but you could tell that he’d fallen in love.

It got particularly obvious during his last year in High School when Valentines Day came and went, leaving him somewhat on edgy, like there was something on his mind – or better yet, in his heart – that he wanted to share but couldn’t.

Things got even more obvious a month later on White Day. When Jincheol came home from school there was something about him that both of you picked up on, but couldn’t quite put a finger on. There was something wearing down on your son, but he was trying to hide it.

During dinner he barely spoke and while he didn’t look gloomy, both of you could just tell that it was about to burst out of him. So, after the meal was done, you excused yourself to take care of the dishes while gesturing for Jihyun to take over.

Jihyun followed your son to his room, knocking on the door and once invited in sat down on the bed where Jincheol had made himself comfortable with his phone in hand. “Son, is there something that’s on your heart? You seem awfully…worn out?”

The boys tapping fingers stopped, his eye trained on the phone for a moment longer before he put it down and sat upright, directly facing his father as he nodded. “There is something, but I don’t know if talking will help, since I know what I should do. What is the right thing to do.”

“Well, why don’t you give it a try, Jincheol? I can tell you from experience that sometimes the things we think are right can turn out to be pretty, pretty wrong. Relying on someone else’s opinion, someone who might not be as emotionally invested, isn’t a bad thing.”

Jincheol nodded, pulling his knees up to his chest and resting his head on them. “There is this girl I really like, but I know that one of my closest friends likes her too, maybe even more so than me? Either way, I can’t pursue her. Somewhat would get hurt…he would get hurt.”

Jihyun listened carefully, nodding along to his son’s words as he tried to think of what to say next. “Listen, if there is one thing that I’ve learned in life, it’s that sacrificing yourself for others can often times backfire. Especially in matters of love. It’s as they say: all is fair in love and war.”

“So you’re saying I should go for her?” Jihyun nodded. “If you really like her, and I can tell you do, Carpe Diem, Jincheol.” The boy nodded before starting to beam and jumping off the bed. He gathered his things and with a quick goodbye he was gone. Ah, to be young again…

Dating Wendy from Red Velvet would include:

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Dating Wendy from Red Velvet would include:

• You met the first time ever you entered a gym in Seul, compelled by a sudden desire of getting in shape you made the rash decision of checking out the gym on the same street as your apartment.

• You noticed this beautiful girl, working out like a professional, a pair of earphones in her ears and skin glistening from perspiration.

• Wendy noticed you as soon as you walked through the door, you looked like a lost little puppy and she immediately felt the need to protect you at all costs.

• She offered you her help as soon as she saw you struggling with the gym equipment,

• “Hey there, not to be rude but it looks like you might need some help?” “Nope, I’m doing completely fine thanks.” “You won’t be when you end up crushing your spinal cord.”

• Wendy became your personal trainer.

• She then became your lunch companion,

• Then your dinner companion,

• Also your occasional date night companion,

• It got to a point where you were together so often that Wendy just decided to openly admit one day how much she wanted to kiss you.

• Day by day she starts leaving her personal items at your apartment, it starts with a toothbrush and ends with half of your closet being Wendy’s.

• You always bring her food during rehearsals, the girls adore you since you stared bringing them snacks as well;

• “Oh yeah she’s definitely a keeper Wendy…” “I know that Seulgi, now finish your chocolate before we start again.”

• Wendy manages to make you smile even on your worst days with her shining positivity.

• You shock her one day by noticing as soon as she enters your apartment that something is off.

• She knows you understand her better than anybody else.

• Wendy believes that cuddling you is absolutely one of the best feelings in the world.

• She is fully aware of the fact that you hate waking up to an empty bed so she always leaves something for you when you wake up, wether it’s a hand scribbled note, a flower or breakfast.

• Constantly bickering over stupid things like regulating the thermostat in your apparently “freezing apartment”, what disney movie you should watch for the night, let’s not mention the fights over the choice of takeaway.

• It doesn’t matter though because at the end of the night you’ll find yourself cuddled up on the couch in blankets, her arms wrapped around you, watching a disney movie with some takeawayon your laps.

• Teaches you how to play the guitar.

• Wendy introduces you to her family over a FaceTime call to Canada, filled with laughter and a bunch of embarrassing baby pictures.

• As a surprise to everyone you’re the first to say the L word;

• When you do tell Wendy you love her she may or may not have cried.

• Wendy is absolutely the dominant one in the relationship.

• Which means she gets to be the big spoon,

• And boy does she love taking control.

• Although deep down she is just absolutely terrified of losing the most important person in her life.

• Which leads to her sometimes being very possessive and having a few control issues,

• Your biggest fights are always over this, and by fights I mean fights.

• Screaming at one another and throwing objects across the room, both trying to come up with the best way possible to hurt each other.

• It will probably end in either two ways: Wendy outdoing herself with some extremely hurtful words, making you leave in tears and her absolutely heartbroken in a state of pure guilt; or with some extremely rough and passionate sex in which for once, you get to take control.

• No matter how bad your fights are you always find your way back to eachother.

• Because when you’re apart it feels like a piece off you is missing and you just can’t function correctly without Wendy in your life.


I sure don’t know how I got so lucky. My heart is so incredibly full it’s bursting. Last night was so special to me, that I can barely describe it. Being able to hug @taylorswift so tight and to tell her thank you for every single way she’s helped me in the past 10 years without even knowing it, to hold her hands and tell her about my husband and I and how much her music means to us, to share stories of friendship and love and watch her gush over my Fearless/Speak Now inspired dress (she called me beautiful and gorgeous, and asked if it was the same dress she had too) and lift my hand to examine my wedding rings…to be able to forget everything I was meant to say but say everything I needed to at the same time…to watch her smile and listen and goof off with me like a best friend, this night meant more to me than anyone will ever know. When I asked if we could do “something snuggly,” as our pose, she said “Yeah let’s do it! Let’s snuggle hard!” Like??? To watch her light up when I was walking up and, unquestioningly, with a huge smile, say “Allie!”…never in my wildest dreams did I think she would recognize me or be so thrilled to welcome me into her home.

And on TOP of that, to have her trust me and CHOOSE ME (after a year of lurking) to come and sit on squashy cushions on the living room floor and listen to each and every track on reputation…that was everything. The album is truly unbelievable and I can’t even begin to tell you how it blew me away. I gasped and screamed and laughed and sat there, heart bursting with love for her, as tears streamed down my face. She sang to me several times, and she made each and every one of us feel like friends, instead of just fans. I feel so much closer to her than ever, and the fact that she lets us in this way, and loves us as much as she demonstrated last night, will form memories that will break my fall and that I will cherish every single day of my life. I truly will never be the same. I love you Taylor, and thank you for everything again. Long live all the magic we made. ✨

Inktober 2017 Day 23:

Comic Page Part 3! (previows page)

“They decided to leave that awful fancy party they were in and Zoe talked about eveything. About the island she lived in, about her family, her old friend, and principally her old dream to depart from that place and explore the world. She finally fulfilled this objective, but ended cutting her connection with her home and couldn’t go back. They ended up losing the track of time while talking about their lives. In the middle of that, she realized how beautiful the stars were, and how the sky was the only thing that remained the same after all these changes. Zoe’s current and past lives were still connected despite everything.”

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YO WHATS UP? Also, how would mt sans (if you don't take mobtale than uf sans please) react to his s/o singing and playing some really soft, pretty acoustic song on guitar,,, before realizing they switched out the lyrics for something a lot darker, more violent (like,,, for example, death metal lyrics,, totally something I'd do tbh)

YO WHADUP KELLIN!! Of course i take mt, its one of my top 10 aus ;3 and honestly same. I play guitar actually and im trying to learn some mettalica))

He had just got home from work and he was tired. The only thing that his mind registered was your pretty voice in perfect harmony with your guitar. He smiled and walked to where you were playing, tapping his feet to the soft rythm. Only then does he notice the lyrics. Holy crap. That is spooky. How do you do that? Its beautiful and deadly at the same time. But hey, no less than he expected from his s/o. He walks up behind you and kisses your head, chuckling as you scold him for sneaking up on you like that. Aw come on babe play another song. He loves your voice, no matter what you sing.

there’s a place for us - chapter 4

summary: Daisy finds herself abducted adopted by Phil and Melinda, the King and Queen of the Inhuman Royal Family. 

Daisy had not particularly been looking forward to spending time with the King and Queen, and her disappointment grows when she learns that it is only her Majesty who will be assisting in her “training.”

Queen Melinda.

Daisy doesn’t think there’s anything visibly wrong with the woman. She’s beautiful, with hair that makes Daisy envious and sympathetic at the same time, for she wonders how much effort one must go into to maintain so much of it. The way she walks and talks and acts is befitting of her Royal status, or so Daisy assumes, for she’s never really met monarchs before.

The only thing is that she seems so cold.

She does not smile, or show any kind of emotion, and her tone is always the same when she’s speaking.

It’s odd, and Daisy really wants to find out why.

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Hey so I’ve only seen the 2017 ‘It’ and I’m real confused about all the dead Eddie talk so can you fill me in on what that’s all about? Ty bb

This is a massive spoiler for the next movie/book/mini series but BASICALLY they return to Derry as adults and fight IT one more time as a group and IT manages to rip Eddie’s arm off during the fight. He basically bleeds out in Bev’s arms and Richie is crying next to him and Eddie’s last words are for Richie and it’s just the saddest thing ever…I don’t wanna see it in the next movie but at the same time it HAS to be in the sequel because it’s a beautiful scene


Pairing/s: Richard Armitage x fem!reader

Warning(s)/Genre(s): Fluff, not as NSFW-ish as you might think (I think?)

Word Count: 986

The Hobbit films © Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and New Line Cinema
Context © me

Requested by @deepestfirefun.

A/N: With the prompts “What’s so funny?” and “You’re quite a naughty girl.” I honestly wanted this to be funny. But since I don’t know how to write comedy, and my many attempts had been crappy, I just stick with fluff. Sorry about that :/

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What’s so funny?

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The Yuki-Onna (雪女 or ゆきおんな, Yuki-Onna) is a snow woman ghost described as inhumanly beautiful, whose eyes can strike terror into mortals that get lost traveling in the snowy mountains. She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints. 

Yuki-onna appears on snowy nights as a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair and blue lips. Her inhumanly pale or even transparent skin makes her blend into the snowy landscape. She sometimes wears a white kimono, but other legends describe her as nude, with only her face and hair standing out against the snow. Despite her inhuman beauty, her eyes can strike terror into mortals. She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints, and she can transform into a cloud of mist or snow if threatened.

Some legends say the Yuki-onna, being associated with winter and snowstorms, is the spirit of someone who perished in the snow. She is at the same time beautiful and serene, yet ruthless in killing unsuspecting mortals.