but at the moment i can't be bothered

Listen up folks...

I’m not gonna talk about what sparked this rant. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I’m about to say.

I’m freaking done with the hate.

This SPN Family is supposed to be encouraging, accepting, we’re supposed to at least try to get along. Apparently that’s too hard. Now I could rant for hours about how some people in the SPN Family are treating eachother, but that’s for another time. This rant is going to be about one thing, the hate that the wives of the two leaders of this SPN Family receive. For this post I’m going to focus on one of the wives in particular…Danneel Ackles.

Once again as the Ackles family was nice enough to share parts of their life with us, people decide to be douchebags. This time Jensen isn’t happy with his life because he isn’t smiling in the photo of him & JJ. Also apparently comparing his kids to the comedy & tragedy is just a terrible thing to do. Oh, did you also hear that the twins might not be his because he said “my” twins instead of “our” twins. This is all Danneel’s fault too because she makes Jensen hate his life.

She can’t do anything right in the eyes of some people and it’s pissing me off. What did she do to cause so much hate? Now is the part when I ramble on about all she’s done…

She told her husband to go to a convention for the fans a few days after giving birth to twins.

Jensen told the story about finding out about the twins…JJ gave him a letter about it when he arrived at the airport…meaning he couldn’t be at the doctor appoint. How many doctor appointments do you think he had to miss because of filming?

She uses her “celebrity” to bring awareness to different events and situations going on in the world. I didn’t know about the Yulin dog festival until she talked about it. She does different work for a variety of charities, freaking google it if you don’t believe it.

Her husband is in a different country for the majority of the year while she stays back home in Austin. Have you ever had your husband away for a long period of time? Cause I have. It sucks. I complained about it on social media ALL THE TIME, but she never does.

She was a working woman in Hollywood. IMDb that shit. She was a steady worker in Hollywood however she slowed down/stopped when they had JJ.

Think of all the times she’s been out with her husband, cause that’s what Jensen is, he’s not “omg Jensen Ackles TV star”, he’s Jensen, the pain in the butt who forgot to take out the trash or forgot to grab the milk when he ran to the stores. Think about how many times she’s probably been out with him & had to deal with people coming up to talk to him. Now think about how many times this has happened & people have ignored her existence or used her as nothing more then a photo taker. Fans don’t mean too, but that shit probably happens more often then you think. I would get so sick of that.

Did I forget to mention how Jensen freaking lights up whenever someone brings up Danneel? CAUSE I WITNESSED IT IN PERSON A FEW WEEKS AGO & HE LEGIT LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER IN LOVE WHEN SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT HER!

But no.

Apparently we’re supposed to hate her just cause.

Now is when the “haters” start to go, “you just like her because of who she’s married to.”

No haters.


I knew about Danneel before I knew about Jensen. I know Danneel from One Tree Hill but I started to admire her when she hosted Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2009. She was the really pretty model/actress that I looked up to because she was funny & pretty. It wasn’t until I started watching Supernatural in 2015 that I had the “holy cow they’re married to each other” moment.


To sum up this rant; you don’t have to like Danneel, just don’t be a dick. If you admire Jensen as a human, don’t disrespect his wife or his family.

Basically if you wouldn’t go up to a person & say it to their face, don’t say it. Plus why bother wasting your time hating something when you could spend your time on something you love?

End rant.

Lapis: Oh… sorry, Peridot.

Peridot: It’s okay… just, take it easy with that bat.

There have been plenty of occasions in the past where Peridot’s belongings have been destroyed, thrown out, or almost thrown out.  Despite Peridot having to apologise for her own behaviour in the past, no-one’s ever actually apologised for mistreating her belongings and/or upsetting her.

Except for Lapis, who immediately apologised after almost breaking Peridot’s tablet when she mistakenly thought that Steven was trapped inside it.  She panicked and acted in a rage because this reminded her of her own traumatic experience (being trapped inside the mirror) - and yet she still apologised for upsetting Peridot, regardless of the fact that she actually had an understandable reason for her behaviour.

The fact that Lapis is the only Gem who’s ever bothered to apologise to Peridot in this way really speaks volumes.

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Can you tell us something about a current writing project of yours? *makes big puppy eyes*

Hey, dear anon :)

Well, of course I’d love to share some stuff! Here’s a summary of a fic I’m currently writing:

“Please, Dean!! Please!”

“Are you kidding me, Jo?”

Jo’s eyes are big and wide and a serious competition for Sam’s puppy dog look. “It’s just for a weekend …”

“You want me to pretend to be your freaking boyfriend?”

“Maybe three days tops …”


“Okay, closer to four days. I promised I’d help with the preparations for the wedding …”

While she keeps rambling about flower arrangements and seating plans Dean rolls his eyes, wondering once again why he didn’t bother to look for some better friends when he still got the chance.

(In which Dean finds himself at a wedding as Jo’s fake boyfriend, eating overpriced (and thankfully free) food and smiling at strangers the whole time, trying to appear all handsome and perfect and utterly in love … until the moment his gaze meets the two bluest eyes on planet earth and he realizes with a shock that the groom’s brother is actually his old high school crush Castiel – the only person Dean was never able to forget.)

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So your tags fuckin kill me, especially the ones about Eskimo kisses. Can u elaborate on Isak x Even Eskimo kisses and why they make you all fuzzy? I'd love to hear your thoughts


Okay I’ve had this ask sitting in my inbox for a couple of days, because, I really wanna commit myself 100% to when I answer this, and answer it as … fully as I can, because, yes, you’re right. Their eskimo kisses make me all fuzzy. They’re probably my most favourite thing about them. This may get long? But urm … yeah, I need to explain.

Eskimo kissing, honestly, is normally, majority of the times, passed off as “just another trivial act of affection and love”, in most cases. It’s given a moment of appreciation where people go “AWW!! That’s cute!!”, and then … that’s it. You move on. It’s never really dwelled upon that much. In short, what I mean to say is, eskimo kissing is super underrated. 

But Even and Isak make it … much, MUCH more than that. They have it be this constant running theme between them, one that never drops midway through the season once they become more sexually/physically close. It remains. It stays. It sticks. Even until the very, very last scene of the season, it stays. 

Now, I don’t know if … it was scripted? Or if Henrik and Tarjei simply improvised it, but … once they had their very first, proper, eskimo kiss in episode 5, where Even and Isak spend the whole weekend in bed, after their first kiss, it’s been an ongoing Thing. Never edited out. Always being there, incorporated. 

What Even and Isak bring into their eskimo kisses is intimacy. Intimacy on a whole other level.  And it’s amazing, just how they showed that level of intimacy right from episode 5, when they’re both lying in bed that weekend, and they become, for the first time, physically close to one another. It instantly becomes so much more intimate, when Isak rubs his nose against Even’s, and Even waits to see what Isak is doing, whilst Isak is simply allowing him to bask in that feeling of being in the arms of a boy. In the arms of THAT boy that he’s felt so MUCH for. In the arms of Even. And Even smiles. He SMILES when he realises what Isak is doing, because … he’s already head over heels for Isak, but here is this boy, who just wants the smallest of touches, the simple feeling of pleasure you get when you are this close to someone you’ve been crushing on for so long, that you can finally lie in bed and brush noses, and the outside world doesn’t matter. And Even reciprocates it back. That, yeah, I feel that too, Isak. I feel that too. 

Yes, it’s cute. Yes, it’s adorable. But I find it also being EXTREMELY intimate. In fact, even more intimate than their actual kisses. Why? Because their eskimo kisses aren’t just used “when they kiss”, they don’t just eskimo kiss then. They eskimo kiss in other times too: in times where they want to comfort each other, or start a conversation with each other. It’s their direct, first point of contact. 

Case in point: In episode 5, before Even asks Isak “So, what do you think your parents would say if we began dating?”, there’s a small, private, intimate moment between them 2, where Even brushes his nose against Isak’s, then bites his bottom lip and looks down, in apprehension for what he’s about to ask Isak (because he KNOWS how big of a deal this is to Isak and him). Isak senses that Even’s … nervous … and Isak then brushes his nose against Even’s. And that’s when Even works up the courage and takes a breath in, and asks Isak the question. 

And again, in episode 8, when Isak says “Only you can feel what you feel”, Even instantly brushes his nose against Isak, again, comforting him, making it a point of contact, before he tells Isak, “And I haven’t felt anything, quite like this, ever.” It’s SO … private. JUST for them. 

Again, in O Helga Natt, what’s the FIRST thing they do? Isak walks up to Even, and he brushes his nose against Even’s, and then traces his nose against Even’s cheek. It’s SO fucking intimate. It’s SUCH a private moment. It’s literally … their first point of contact and communication. No words, just a way of them telling each other, “Hey, we don’t have to speak, but I’m here, ready to listen, when you’re ready to talk. In the meantime, let’s do something we’re both familiar with.”, and they brush their noses against one another.

In episode 10, during Minutt for Minutt, that last bit, where Isak brushes his nose against Even’s. It’s a sign of Comfort. Warmth. Safety. Intimacy. It’s so much more than just being “another physical symbol of love”, it speaks it’s own language. And Even’s deep long breaths that you can hear him take during that bit show him wanting to feel safe, and feeling safe, feeling somewhat content that he has Isak there, and that he’s taking in all this familiarity, this warmth, that Isak’s giving him. 

Even in the last scene of the season, before Sana walks in on them, AGAIN, there is this CONSCIOUS moment, where they both eskimo kiss. But here, it’s Even now providing Isak with some courage, with some calm, because even though Isak said to Even that he doesn’t find it awkward meeting Even’s Mum, so as long as Even’s smiling, and wearing clothes, that things will be chill then, Even still knows just how frightened Isak was that night when Even had his episode. Even can still feel the after effects, hear it in the way Isak’s voice became so serious, even if he was saying it light heartedly. And it’s Even that says, “I promise I’ll wear clothes”, but it’s so much more than that? That’s Even saying to Isak that, I know somedays it’s won’t be easy, and I’m sorry that I scared you as much as I did, but know that … I do love you. Know that, I’m still me. Know that, when you get scared, I can feel it. Know that, I want to soothe your worries and comfort you too, just like how you do with me. We can be that for each other. And then Even goes ahead and brushes his nose against Isak’s, for good measure, a visual, physical measure, to once again show that their eskimo kisses are a sign of comfort. It’s intimate. So intimate, that Sana walks in on them doing THAT, instead of having her walk in on them kissing. They could have EASILY shown Sana walk in on them kissing, but she didn’t. Why? Because their eskimo kisses ARE that much more intimate, and she walked in on THAT, and her fond laughter shows that she too realised she walked in on a very private moment between them 2.

And, well, if that doesn’t make me feel all fuzzy, and warm, and safe … then what will?

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what do you think about lana's behaviour this last con in barcelona? i'm really conflicted about it all, like i can't look at her the same way anymore? everything feels tainted in a way.

it really didn’t bother me much? 

i mean, i definitely got the impression she was impatient w/ the swan queen fans in that room at that moment, but i don’t think that’s reflective of her feelings on the fandom as a whole. and tbh i’ve been to a lana panel where i was deeply uncomfortable and sometimes outright annoyed with the questions swan queen fans were asking…i don’t have the full context in this particular situation but i’ve seen her put on the spot before and cornered into answering weird questions (asking her to repeat multiple regina lines w/ the implication that the lines were sexual innuendos, making her dance/perform/etc., referencing content from fics like o/iaq, demanding repeated assurances about her support of the LGBT community, holding her responsible for writing decisions she had no part in making, the list goes on–all things that fans would never dare ask jennifer morrison) and i empathize with her. 

i think many fans (regardless of their intentions, which i’m sure are not malicious) have reached the point where they want lana to satisfy a checklist more than they want to…interact with her…? i get the impression that many of them would rather treat her as a vessel for their ship than acknowledge her as a human being capable of independent thought and it isn’t fair…she’s reached out to us more so than anyone else in this cast, especially her co-star. 

so imo, lana’s snippiness during that panel wasn’t so much a response to an isolated incident (although asking her a question and booing her answer was…kind of tasteless) but the culmination of being treated this way by fans for 6+ years.  

the only thing i will say is that i wish she hadn’t singled out swan queen by name–because it took all of five seconds for anti-shippers to jump on that as proof that lana actually hates us and thinks we’re disgusting; every gif set of that exchange that i’ve seen has been giffed by csers, and i don’t care whether they consider themselves supportive of swan queen or not, that’s ugly–this is none of their business, and it’s just fanning the flames. but i genuinely don’t think she meant any harm–she joked that swan queen fans would be annoyed that she defended hook, which…isn’t an assumption on her part, it was a pretty clear statement of fact since the entire room had just booed her for doing exactly that. 

anyway, i didn’t exactly feel great watching the clip of that moment, but like i said, if we’re comparing one moment of rudeness against years of people gleefully taking advantage of her, i’m going to have to side…pretty firmly with lana. 

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the funniest thing about this "omg caitlin betrayed the team this is horrible" is that her keeping the part of the stone prevented savitar from exiting speedforce in the first place... her hiding it saved them all until wally had to freak out and throw it away lol plus caitlin is basically the most selfless character on that damn show, she's kind, brave, strong and i just can't

Honestly caitlin is so selfless, risking her own sanity by using her powers to save barry and iris but the moment she does something for herself such as refuse at first or try to to find a way to stop her powers, basically worrying about her since no one but a new guy in the team gives a damn about what she’s feeling and understands her trauma, and ironically is not totally selfish cause if she becomes killer frost she can kill them all lol. 

It doesn’t bother me when characters lie or fuck up every once and again be it cisco, caitlin, julian or wally, what bothers me is how the fans can justifiy some actions *cough* like of a certain guy who’s the one to blame for all of this disaster *cough* but drag a girl who’s literally scared, traumatized and is trying to not become a monster. It bothers me that in the show, the characters that are her friends don’t care about her, and it’s not only this season but in s2b when caitlin was kidnapped. 

Does anyone else have those moments where you know there’s something you need to do but you just don’t have the energy and you have to get it done and you know what’ll happen if you don’t but you just can’t.

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God I'm sorry but I snorted so fuckin' hard at that person using every single moment of the manga to prove that SS isn't terrible, when the majority of their interactions were fucking terrible, or are we just going to pretend that Sasuke never belittled her, insulted her, tried to kill her multiple times, stuck her in an unnecessarily cruel genjutsu that basically showed her being murdered by him, can't be bothered to keep in contact with his family for 10+ years... am i missing anything?

A lot of people were posting/reblogging “first and last appearance” gifs after the ending, and the juxtaposition of Sasuke and Sakura just made me really sad for how the ending failed them both.

Sakura, first appearance: Sasuke-kun!!
Last appearance: Sasuke-kun!!

Sasuke, first appearance: sets himself apart from everyone
Sasuke, last appearance: sets himself apart from everyone

(gif credit to @shiroiraiha, couldn’t find these specific gifs in the search engine)

Character development, I don’t know her?

Now obviously both characters did change a lot over the course of part one and Shippuden, but the fact remains that their fundamental issue at the beginning–Sakura’s obsession with Sasuke, Sasuke’s inability to have healthy, present relationships with anyone–hasn’t really improved.

Spoiler alert: it’s going to be pretty much exactly the same 15 years later. It’s a real waste.

Imagine Bucky stalking you, showing up at the most random moments.

“Goddamn it Bucky, when are you going to stop being such a creep?” you asked, trying not to let your smile show. He could be so adorable at times.

“When you agree to go on a date with me,” he grinned, putting his arm around your shoulders.

“Well, I think you may get that date soon… ”

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Hi, I've see your Vergil's headcanons, it's amazing! So I wanna ask you about his attitude to his tiny so. Thanks 💜💜💜💜💜

I might just make this a general being with Vergil thingie, but there is a tiny bit in here that you could read as being a smol s/o haha!

Just dating Vergil things:

Originally posted by incneet

  • I guess from an outsider’s perspective, it might not seem like Vergil cares about you because he is a very, very independent person. If you’re someone who constantly craves affection, I think you might struggle when it comes to being with Vergil. He is someone who thinks more than he feels, but he’s learning about what to do with the feels when it comes to being with you, so please be patient.
  • That being said, when he is affectionate with you, it just means so much more and feels like so much more. Any affectionate gesture, no matter how simple, is kind of intense; in the best possible way! For example, maybe after a decent scare you’re trying to stay strong with your hands clenched tightly together so you won’t give away that you’re shaken. Your boyfriend is incredibly observant even though he seems like he doesn’t care 1200% of the time. He does care and Vergil hates it when you’re scared. So he’ll gently take your hands in his and silently stay with you until he feels that you’re not feeling so vulnerable anymore. It’s not just a simple gesture of affection, not just holding hands, it’s kind of more like a small promise that he’ll be there for you.
  • Dante gives his brother so much shit for being with you. Not that he hates you, its just that the red devil is so happy that his surly brother has found someone. Praise the fucking universe. If you’re 100% human, it just gives Dante that much more ammo. He’ll walk around pretending to be Vergil sometimes with is hair slicked back “I’m Vergil and I hate all humans except the one I’m totally banging one right now~”. Honestly its funny and you can see that Dante loves his brother very much and is happy that Vergil has found you. Although, Vergil sometimes gets really fed up with Dante and will stick some of his summoned daggers in him. Not fatally of course, but he does it out of the blue and it can scare you.
    “Ah! Vergil why did you do that to him?! He was joking—”
    “Hmph. It will take a lot more than that to kill that imbecile. Would you like me to demonstrate?”
    “Vergil, no…”
  • Vergil stares at you. It’s not bad staring, he’s just kind of trying to rationalise how he strongly he feels for you. Like, up until this point he’s never cared about anyone like he’s cared about you. He’ll look at you and pretty much just be a little bit bewildered. Consider this: Vergil is an incredibly powerful being. He can destroy legions on his own if he wanted to. He could crush your skull in his fist on a whim! But some days you’ll smile at him and sweetly ask him to do some menial task like get you your favourite mug from the top shelf because you can’t reach and he will gladly do it without question. He should be the one giving orders, he should have everyone under his thumb, but you just… smile and he’s ready to do anything for you. It’s pathetic.
    Sometimes you catch him looking, “Hm? What is it, Vergil?”
    He’ll just look away and shake his head. “…Nothing, worm.”
  • On that note, really bizarre pet names? Like, okay, they are degrading in most cases, but they’re really weirdly sweet when Vergil uses them with you. They are never said with any kind of malice, although to any outsider it’s probably fairly alarming because your boyfriend is very clearly calling you things like ‘weakling’ or ‘worm’ or constantly announcing that ‘you are the biggest thorn in his side’ and ‘you’re too much trouble’. But its okay. No one ever misses that very brief flash of warmth in his expression when you fire back with, “Mmhm and you love me, so shh.”
  • Best moments with Vergil is if he’s reading something on the couch and you kind of wriggle under his arm to try and take a nap against him. He will absolutely roll his eyes and chide you for bothering him while he’s doing work or whatever, but its not like he won’t slightly adjust how he’s seated so you’re much more comfortable and can actually rest.
  • “I could kill you at any time, little worm.”
    “Hm? Oh, I know. Love you too~”

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i'm the anon that sent the ask about the forehead kiss. I'm totally all for Cas having emotional connections and friendships with more characters than just Dean. Just wanted to clarify that. I guess it bothered me because I feel like they put it in there to make their relationship seem ambiguous to mess with people. i'm assuming he is just trying to comfort her, but idk it's fairly intimate especially being Cas. I don't like that it continues to blur the line for casual viewes and antis.

I mean let’s see. I still stand by the fact that they gloriously no-hetero’d Cas and Kelly’s relationship in 12x19 by gloriously yes-homo-ing Cas and Dean’s so beautifully. 

She might be DYING. She was raped, tortured and he’s her literal guardian angel, supposed to look after her unborn child like a protector. Like, the dude can give her a peck on the head right?

Originally posted by mishacolins

My insides ache and I miss the wide open streets of before! And how quiet they were in the dead of night, and the vibrancy of it, in that small moment just before I outgrew it … I don’t live in the before anymore, and the world seems duller- or perhaps that is only because I spend most of my days enclosed in concrete, on concrete footpaths next to concrete roads and tall concrete buildings, and they tower over everything and block the evening sun - my heart, it hurts!


Inspired by the lifehacks post. It had me wondering what Sanji would look like in Zoro’s shirt and I just couldn’t help myself. *sob*

Yoooooo. I NEVER have the desire to draw canon!Ferra with guns. Once in an RP she literally destroyed Itzal’s gun because she wasn’t prepared to see it (I didn’t know she hated guns until that very visceral moment). But SEVERAL HOURS of binge watching RWBY gave me gun-toting feels and so young, naive, mass murdering Ferra came out.

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POV: Mr.Min's on the happenings between the OC and Jungkook during the staff meeting (; I can't wait for chapter four

Anonymous said:pov - the scene in chapter two of Mr. Min where he fingered the oc during that meeting, but from his perspective? (Is this how this works…)

Yessss, let’s dive into that jealousy.  It’s going to cover the entirety of the staff meeting but it’s going to jump around a little.  If I wrote it moment for moment like the chapter was then this would end up being 3-4k words.  Hope that’s okay.

He was grateful that people generally left him to himself, confident that the CEO didn’t want to be bothered by their forced small talk.  They were right, of course, but he had ulterior motives for being left alone at this particular staff meeting.  His eyes were trained on the door to the room as he waited for you.  

He had seen you earlier with Jeon though at first he couldn’t remember what the kid’s name was.  Yoongi had watched the way he had stared at you while he rubbed the back of his neck like some painfully shy child.  The whole thing had been quite amusing to him, especially when he heard you snap at him, something about your clothes, and seeing your brows furrow, the corner of your lips turn downwards, as Jeon desperately tried to repair the situation had even made him chuckle.  That was, until he saw the way your cheeks flushed in front of him.  The sweet and endearing smile that stretched across your lips at some, no doubt idiotic, thing Jeon had said lit some kind of fire in his stomach, one he wasn’t used to.  He tried to focus on the documents an employee was showing him but, for some reason he didn’t entirely understand, all he could think about was if he had ever seen you smile that way when you were around him.

By the time the meeting had come around the fire in his stomach had cooled into an angry wound, one that seethed and oozed, still not closed.  And if he had thought he could control the way the wound festered and tugged at his mind the moment he saw you walking towards the door he lost all hope.  Jeon was with you, of course, and was standing entirely too close to you.  Surely there was something in the employee handbook about the distance co workers should keep from each other.  He made a mental note to check later and if there wasn’t then there absolutely needed to be an addition made.  Jeon had leaned into you as you walked in front of him, his mouth dangerously close to your ear and as he said something that absolutely had to be not worth your time Yoongi watched as your lips spread into an amused smile.  

You walked into the room and only then could he see the way Jeon’s hand rested on your lower back.  It was only a moment that he saw it before he had pulled his hand away from you and placed it back where it belonged next to his own damn body.  Apparently no one had taught Jeon that it was impolite to touch other people’s things.

“So are you my knight in shining armor or something darker,” you asked and he watched as that stupid smile only spread across your face.

“Who said I can’t be both,” Jeon had asked with a sly smile and walked towards an empty seat that was, mercifully, at the other end of the table.

You froze once you noticed Yoongi, the smile had disappeared from your face as soon as your eyes fell on him and seeing the joy instantaneously leave like that felt like a stab right in that festering wound.  He wanted to say something about how close you appeared to be with Jeon seemingly out of no where but he bit his tongue.  He had no place to demand loyalty from you, he had purposefully not included that in your agreement and the mere fact that he was so displeased by the interactions between the two of you was dangerous enough.  He knew you had always wanted something more than your tenuous and tentative agreement.  If he mentioned any kind of feelings he might experience here and there for you it would only fuel your delusional desires and that helped no one.  

Once the meeting started, his hand already up your skirt and a finger already buried inside of you, he felt satiated.  Jeon was in his rightful place at the other end of the table and you were compliant and submissive to him even in public, just as he wanted you to be.  The fact that you were already wet for him before he had even rubbed against your needy clit fueled his ego and once again he didn’t care when this ended, because of course it would end eventually, if he just got to enjoy one more time of feeling your warmth around him.

Jeon had spit out some ludicrous story about how you and him were going to finish sorting important files and clearing out any bad history in them as if he was qualified for that kind of job.  He had only transferred to the department a couple weeks ago, surely there was someone more qualified for the job.  Someone else who could do the work with you.

“Is that right,” the supervisor’s grating voice called down the table and Yoongi pulled himself out of his thoughts of who else could take Jeon’s place just in time to see that all the eyes had focused down on you.  He slapped the inside of your thigh and by your response it was obvious, had to be, to everyone at the table that you were not paying attention to the conversation.  Typical.

“Jeon Jungkook said he split some of the client files with you to review.  Is that right?”

Yoongi smirked subtly, a small lift of one side of his mouth, and pushed another finger into you without warning.  You clenched around him, your muscles tightened and your breath hitched momentarily.  One of your hands darted under the table to grab at his wrist to slow him down but he had no intentions of doing that.  

“We split the files between the two of us and hope to finish before Monday.”  Yoongi could hear the warble in your voice but he was sure the others in the room couldn’t.  It came with an intimate knowledge of your sounds.

“And you’re both okay with that?  It’s going to mean some overtime this weekend?”  Then it was time for Yoongi’s breath to hitch.  Overtime?  In the office?  Most likely by themselves?  Free reign to do whatever they wanted on any surface of the work floor?  He began thrusting harder into you as his mind raced through all the possibilities. 

“We’ll try to finish as quickly as we can,” Jeon had answered and then he smirked at you.  He smirked, right in front of Yoongi.  As if his fingers weren’t knuckle deep in your cunt at that very moment.

“And you’re fine with the overtime, Mr. Min?”  Once again that grating voice from the supervisor pulled him from his thoughts.

Was he fine with it?  How was he supposed to answer that?  He looked right at Jeon as he thrust into you almost unmercifully.  Your fingernails dug into his wrist to beg him for reprieve but his mind was hazy and altogether gone.  “If it has to be done then there’s no way around it.  Just try to keep the overtime short.  If you want to chit chat or flirt then do it on your own time, not mine.”   He was pleased to at least hear that his voice was dark and deep.  The subtle threat should have been easily heard by Jeon.  Surely he wasn’t such a naive and idiotic child that he couldn’t see that you had other things to tend to, not the work he had been, surely, unfairly sidled with by someone smarter than him.

It was unbelievable, inconceivable, but Jeon broke his stare to chuckle.  It was silent but Yoongi could see the way his lips curled and the jump in his shoulders.  What an idiot.  Yoongi hadn’t even noticed that his fingers were thrusting into you at a brutal speed with enough force for you to grab onto his wrist with both of your hands.  He turned his head just enough to see you in his peripheral vision.  Even from his position he could see the way your lips parted as if you wanted to cry out his name, the flush of your cheeks, and the way your brow furrowed in concentration.  What was so difficult for Jeon to understand that he was the only one who could make you feel that way?  “Do you think you can handle that,” he asked you.  He didn’t need to but he wanted to flaunt his dominance in front of you, Jeon, and every other pathetic person at the table. 

When you had answered in a weak voice he turned back to the other end of the table and found that Jeon was staring at him, his gaze darker than before.  “If they can keep their hands to themselves then it shouldn’t be a problem.”  Jeon didn’t break his stare but it was clear that his jaw was clenched.  With every rough thrust of his fingers he stared Jeon down in a way that he hoped declared the truth.  You were his.

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