but at the end i disliked the palettes


FUSED GLASS (jasper/amethyst)

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]

together they are a hot mess.


under cut there’s 3 things: 1. the reasons they fuse into glass rather than quartz 2. predictions on the relationship between jasper and ame and what’s going to happen with it (the possible amethyst arc?) and 3. just some stuff on the design itself + bonus old versions

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PromptPlumbogummite; Eats soaps, shampoos, and body washes; dislikes loud noises and wears ear plugs to cancel out noise; gemstone is on the left wrist; lives on Earth in the barn with Lapis and Peridot


Gem Cut

Color Palette:

Personality: Bubbly, kind, sweet, caring, artistic, can act disconnected

Hobbies: Hanging out with animals/plants, floating in water, growing plants

Likes: Flowers, herbs, soaps, animals, plants, succulents, cacti

Dislikes: Being forgotten, loud sounds, clutter, bad smells, people/gems sometimes

Weapon: Rarely uses a weapon but can summon a double ended mace

Abilities: Can calm/tame animals and gems

Stance: Hates home world for abandoning her, likes the Crystal Gems for taking her in

Pronouns: Her/She

Backstory: Plumbogummite is a middle class gem, higher than a soldier but lesser than an aristocrat. She used to be sent to different colonies that had life found on them. She would then check the health and status of the different species and log data about them. She was created a little bit after Pink Diamond was shattered. Her mission was made when the idea of preserving life that came from Pink Diamond spread around, and was continued to keep the memory of Pink alive. On a mission to Earth, she was dropped off an island with full access to warps, so she could meet up with a ship that would pick her up at a specific coordinate. However, before she could reach the ship, she was lost in the various locations and the ship couldn’t wait for her. Stranded, Plumbo continued to travel through the warps and made her way to the Crystal Gems and their base. They offered her refuge in the barn and she remained separated from other gems and people. Plumbogummite was fine with this and lived in peace with other plants and animals until the barn was also given to Peridot. Plumbo never realized how much she wanted to be around other gems until Peri came. They became close friends and their friendship was opened onto Lapis when she came. Now all close friends, they live in the barn together.

aoi-hagane  asked:

I love your art! How do you do such amazing color? it looks so vibrant jet paint like #Goals

Thank you so much! And to compliment my color, that’s kind of surprising lol because to be honest color is something I struggle with a lot, and oftentimes I end up really disliking my color palette that I’d used in my artwork… So I wouldn’t completely rely on what I say if I were you, since I’m also still learning, but take what you can from this :)

here are some tips that I keep in mind when painting (though I could definitely use some help as well haha…)

•keep colors moving: don’t think that there’s only one color in certain places like in shade or in light, it may not be glaringly obvious but one color almost never stands alone; it’s always supported by the colors surrounding it. To be more specific, James Gurney’s Color and Light book says that “colors can be understood only in relation to each other and that no color exists in isolation”. So what looks blue may not actually be blue, it might be a really desaturated green next to a really saturated orange or some other warm color, and vice versa.

•grey is more nice to use than you might think: I use it a lot to balance my colors, for example the general rule of cool light and warm shadow/cool shadow and warm light, I usually use a more grey shade of a color to tone down some spots if they’re too saturated. Also, if you use the desaturated versions of a complementary color on a more saturated color, you’ll get some type of blue. In the most basic terms, if you have a really strong yellow or orange and you put a really desaturated green or green blue, it’ll look blue, and that kind of thing is what I go for instead of putting an actual blue on a strong yellow/orange, since that’d only make it look garish.

•value is equally, maybe even more so, as important as color, if your values are not working or not believable then most likely your colors will also end up that way. However, in my case in the past I often had too much contrast between values where it shouldn’t have been, like a cloth fold shadow would be too dark and the light hitting it to bright, and my clothes/skin/etc ended up looking like it was made of rubber or plastic or some other gross shiny thing that wasn’t supposed to be shiny.

•I also implement broken color (“placement of adjacent strokes of contrasting hues which mix vibrantly in the eye”, also covered in Gurney’s book) to add that vibrancy. It can be found in Impressionist or probably early 20th century illustrations/paintings, a good example of that is The Loneliness of Peter Parrot by Walter Everett, or any of J.C. Leyendecker’s paintings.

•limited palette: in general, using colors from all over the color wheel could turn out very badly, depending on the circumstances. Try not to overdo colors, for me; I either keep one color strong and the complementary of that color weak, or I use an analogous palette so it doesn’t look boring, stuff like that.

So yeah, this probably doesn’t need to be said, but I recommend you give Gurney’s book a read, and also to learn more about color theory. I’m not a professional (here’s the disclaimer lol), and this only applies to what I specifically find helpful for me, not every artist there ever was, so take my info with a grain of salt :) hope this helps!

Omgcp characters as things I've done

(Inspired by @mrcrappyknight and others)

Bitty: baked lemon cakes with a friend, while blasting Beyonce’s LEMONADE

Jack: stole a joke from my dad to impress my crush

Shitty: wrote an essay debunking one of Socrates’ (whom I dislike a lot) theories for one of my most important philo class essay that year. ended it with a “In your face Socrates”

Ransom: had a existential crisis in the middle of a epistemology test and wrote it all down on the test. got a 97

Holster: had a sore throat on our yearly school camping trip. Insisted to sing anyway, and ended up completely hoarse for a week

Lardo: used my hand as a color palette when drawing on my wall cause I couldn’t bother with getting a real one

Dex: my friend told me I can’t mock Twilight since I haven’t read the book. suffered through the entire thing so I can do just that.

Nursey: over loaded a plate with food in a eat-all-you-can buffet. too focused in balancing the plate to notice the closed glass door. there was food everywhere

Chowder: proudly beamed as my friend excitedly (and drunkenly) explained in detail why I’m her favourite person to hug

Tango: almost had me and my friends miss our only bus home because I was completely engrossed in a conversation with a old artist lady, and had to run 2 blocks to get to the bus on time

Whiskey: walked into class to see a guy in my class twerk upside down. walked out without saying a word

Kent: accidentally come out to a friend only for them to say “I know”. twice