but at least we get a pic

we are about to get an info overload here, and i am already dying. in the next six weeks before the ep airs:

they’re gonna drop a new trailer, prob soon-ish. we’ve got whatever intro thing at the tab cinema screening on the 7th. there’s the bafta thing on the 9th, which i’m pretty certain will include the official ep 3 title announcement and cinema screening announcement. and then there should also be a tst trailer if that isn’t already the next trailer that we get. we’ll start getting actual press about the eps including new promo pics, we’ll get at least the first ep description, the episodes will get ratings, we’ll get the bbfc info about ep 3. we’ll get the dvd cover art. we’ll prob get more interviews and bts vids from the youtube account. 

so much is coming and soon. hold on to your butts, friends.

jakekodish :
Damn dude as of today a full year has gone by since finishing this amazing tour with these amazing people. This was the first pic we got to post letting everyone know what we were doing. I get to see most of you at least once a week but it’s awesome to see all of us succeed in our own ways. 2015 was the shit. Taylor is the shit. These dudes are the shit. 😊✌🏻️#1989worldtour

In my opinion at least, Danielle has been used as a lightning rod to keep our attention so that Louis and his family have been able to deal with Jay’s illness privately. We focused on her and the stunts, giving us something to do rather than worry about not seeing Jay in the kids’ snaps or wonder where Louis was. Every set of pap pics was a few days more privacy. And I think this is the same. Louis gets a bit of press to promote the song, and we focus on her rather than probing into the rest of the family’s whereabouts. And the hotel is to keep our attention diverted from wherever his family is now, grieving.

skam hiatus diaries (aka how extra is henrik holm today)

dear diary,

17.12. i’m still in shock over the finale but i’m hoping we’ll a get a trailer within a month

31.12. i’m growing more desperate by the day but thankfully henrik posted that hotel scene bts pic and julie wrote an evak au oneshot so i might make it into 2017 after all

24.1 henrik and ulrikke hung out so life was good at least for a night even tho no sign of the trailer

7-9.2 i can’t believe henrik invented bandanas

8.2. there is a stupid poll with 64 ships but who cares, it’s not like a tiny fandom like skam could win…

10.2. what is a poll, i don’t know a poll i only know that henrik holm is king of weed and extraness who unfollowed a bunch of ppl to keep his perfect 420 aesthetic

12.2. where’s the trailer, our careful calculations led us to believe today was the day

19.2. henrik carried around a dog like a baby and wore pink. fandom totally did not lose it’s shit. at all.

20.2. a ski mask is only appropriate attire if you’re about to steal the s4 script,, pls go back to petting puppies

21.2. henrik meowed into the camera, in a parallel universe vilde was proud

24.2. send nudes (not me)

25.2. a rare sighting of tarjei in his natural habitat (aka antiteateret)

27.2. henrik touched his lip and wore an alt er love cap. i’m ok,,

28.2. rainbow hoodie? rainbow hoodie.

5.3. today was the day julie andem generated a meme

2-5.3. guess who’s (vi)king of the alps

5.3. i don’t have time to think abt a trailer bc the sharks are coming to get us

6.3. after hours of murdering captchas just when you thought those evak bts stills would be the highlight of the day henrik holey socks holm decided it was a good day to make his ‘suck my board’ comeback. needless to say fandom never quite recovered from the onslaught of memes

8.3. first, even took all the paper towels. then he took isak’s heart. now, they both took home a win for the google drive fandom!

9.3. tarjei winked at us. okay it might’ve been from the video preview of his show but still. ngl we lost it

11.3. draped in a rainbow flag then wearing a weed cap, henrik proved he’s master of speaking spanish. also pardon his french but,, suck my board cutie

13.3. (drop the trailer al)ready


Junghope get too close to each other’s mouths all the damn time and it’s giving me heart problems mmkay?

Look at how close their lips are!

It just takes a slight nudge and then bam!

Look at this tension

It’s a sweet, crazy, idiotic tension

How they’re naturally drawn together

Just a little closer

C’mon just a bit closer

Almost there


…at least we have this pic to console us… 

that tongue tho 👀


Happy Hump Day! Been traveling for work for a few days, and just logged in to catch up, and it feels a little like I fell into a mud hole! Maybe it’s me, but why do I get the feeling that there is some type of SamCait hangover going on??

I just saw the newly released pics from OL with the Claire and Frank thing, and while not my favorite way to promote the show…I get it. Let’s face it….Jamie and Claire are separated for 20 years in those blasted books, and they are going to play that. But, we know how that ends. And, they are not going to tease “the reunion:….at least not yet. We just have to trust in their methods, and I am just going to wait on the final result. And, I trust MBR, who is so heavily involved this year in pivotal moments that I am truly excited for S3!!

As for our dreamy duo….can you imagine their life right now?? They have been working their tails off the past few weeks, and are getting ready to move to another continent! It took me 2 days to pack for a 3 day work trip to Charleston, and I am still missing some of my toiletries, and pissed that I didn’t pack some different shoes (even though the ones I brought are very cute, but I digress)! I cannot imagine what they are doing, so I am giving them a break on this one.

January has been a sublime month for us, and they have really given us much to bask over. And, I believe more is coming. Yes… we are waiting with anticipation on that jersey pic, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The problem here is we always want more (I know I do), because we love it from them. But I think we have to remember they are still slowly raising this curtain, and it might not be something every day. I am A-OK with this, because it is all good!

And, I see the anti’s and nervous Nellie’s are at it again. Don’t you find it funny that since Swiss Miss is out of the picture (and let’s face it, that one is dead and buried, and did you see the latest IG post…"fascinate me”…wtf? Maybe that is why the anti’s are so pissed…yes, it is a piano, and yes those are keys, and is that my head? Geez!), they are back to others who Sam is now with. I find that absolutely hysterical because they are blowing up their own asses, and Sam is not playing with them.

So, I am sailing away with all of the goodies of the lady few weeks, the fact they went to the rugby game, and the Idea that they are packing up their belongings to discover a whole new world….together!! And if we just sit back and play amongst ourselves, I am sure they will continue to play with us! It is all good! We just need to keep believing in Sam and Cait…and I REALLY do these days!

Happy Wednesday sweet shipsters!! Now I must go figure out how to make two conditioners into shampoo. I see a bad hair day coming on!!😲😙❤


This paparazzo followed Jen and D for several city blocks.

This is not an easy task with snow all over NYC. Yet he knew where they were headed and was perfectly positioned to take their picture.

There are 40 pics that have been posted and despite Jen and D “hugging and kissing the whole time” this pap didn’t get any of those pics.

Just one awkward hello/goodbye hug.

And again E! has to bash Chris Martin about how high-profile that relationship was despite the fact that we never really saw them together and have seen Jen and her aging director in at least 5 different sets of pap pics.

Believe me, celebrities hide in NYC every day. It’s probably one of the easiest places to hide for a famous person. Yet we see Jen and Darren a lot. Too much. Way too much.

“Vinny, I feel ridiculous!”
“Shaddup! At least yours is blue!”
“This circular knit is really breathable.”
“Knock if off, Raschel, you’re creepin’ me out.”
“Vinny, you sure Sharky wanted us to wear dese for dis job?“
"Boss says we got’s ta get in on the inside, and dis is the way in. We shoot dis Penney’s catalog ting and den whack the photographer guy when he’s not lookin’.”
“Boy, dose musta been some pics he took of da boss and the commissioner’s wife!" 


Pixel was also in the backyard!

we let Pixel out with Bambi, hoping they would ignore each other and play alone, and they did! for a while, at least. until Bambi felt like she needed to Fite and lunged at him

also, my cat only tolerates Bambi. the other bunnies make him get up and leave. the pics with my cat are right before he left lol

anonymous asked:

Someone said Chris was at the W Magazine pre-golden globes party. Do you know if it's true? I thought we'd see pics if he was. I'm just trying to figure out if he's going to the gg or not. He usually at least gets announced to present.

i didn’t see any pics or hear anything about him being at the w magazine party but i was hoping he was. wasn’t announced as a presenter for the golden globes and isn’t there :/

chris at the gg in previous years. tonight we are not blessed :/

anonymous asked:

How do you think Mackie (or at least your fic Mackie) feels about the Weibo/panda/gym rat fuckboy selfie/sexting China ordeal?

he is the living epitome of popcorn.gif

do I think Mackie texted Seb to make fun of him for sexting Beijing and they wound up playing dick pic chicken? 

yes I absolutely think that happened.

so we already know, right, we already have this:

When Seb’s phone dings, he gets some kind of sixth fucking sense about who and what it’s gonna be before he even thumbs open the lock screen.

He’s not wrong.

Why are you painting your abs on, kid, Mackie says, just right to the point as ever, and Seb frowns at himself in the gym mirror, twists sideways slightly to see what he looks like from a three-quarters angle.

shut up, he texts back, knowing as he does it that it’s only gonna escalate the situation, and half an hour later when he’s using his thumb to tug the elastic band of his underwear down so low it’s just not quite obscene, he thinks, what did you really expect.

If anyone asks, this isn’t why he did it.

but here’s the other side of that conversation:

 It’s all over twitter when Mackie gets the chance to look, and all he can do for a minute or two is laugh, kind of disbelieving, because: what the fuck, Sebastian.

Why are you painting your abs on, kid, he types out, knowing immediately that it will get under Seb’s skin like nothing else.

shut up, Seb says, and Mackie rolls his eyes, sees how the three dots are flashing at the bottom of the screen. Seb keeps typing something else and then pausing, like he’s thinking about what to say, maybe, and Mackie takes pity on him, taps out a reply.

No, really. You need some validation? Need me to tell you you’re looking good, or something? Don’t you have Xavier Dolan for that now?

It’s mean, really. When he scrolls through the rest of Seb’s screenshotted Weibo adventures, waiting for him to stop choking on his own tongue long enough to reply, he can’t help but be weirdly charmed by it the way he always is. The duality of goddamn man, that’s Sebastian Stan. Trying his best with shirtless pictures and still falling immediately into weird, dorky sweetness as soon as he opens his mouth.

you know I value your opinion the most, Seb gets out eventually, a response so carefully neutral Mackie can only imagine how long he’s agonized over it. 

Well, he says. In that case.

you’re just jealous of these biceps, tell me you’re not

You look good, man. I’m not saying you don’t. You wanna make it a thirst trap, though, it could probably use a little more work.

Seb’s always been a quick learner. By the time he’s pushing his sweatpants down, sending Mackie a shot of the groove of muscle along his hipbone, the barest suggestion of dick, Mackie thinks he should probably just give the fuck in and call him already.

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"Pap walks don't exist" part2 - Tell me last time Hillary Duff was relevant - then explain why I see her pap pics posted to the enews Insta at least once a week. Antis I swear!! 🙄