but at least they're interacting somehow

haljathefangirlcat  asked:

I've just realized that a Bronn/Jaime/Brienne OT3 would make so much sense because Jaime and Brienne are shippable, Jaime and Bronn are shippable, and Bronn himself was already shipping J/B back in that "you think they're fucking?" scene last season. Now we just need Bronn/Brienne interactions...!

NO LISTEN I’ve been pondering it since bronn threw himself in front of a dragon for jaime and like… listen bronn and brienne would totally bond over ‘we need to keep this dumb idiot alive and away from bad influences is2g WHAT ARE OUR LIFE CHOICES’ and they could totally deal with sharing I think and jaime totally could do with two people who actually put *his* well-being before theirs or at least don’t abuse the shit out of him tbh I mean I kinda really wanna write this somehow IN SOME WAY because it’d just work splendidly I think u_____u