but at least i'm not hungry

  • Dan: Phil what are you doing?
  • Phil: *walks in* Just getting ready
  • Dan: Phil maybe we should go get lunch first, I'm quite hungry.
  • Phil: *hugs Dan*
  • Dan: *sighs*
  • Phil: *turns on camera*
  • Dan: *waves at camera*
  • Phil: Hello, Dan and Phil gay-mers!
  • Dan: Oh God here we go. We wanted to tell you something.
  • Dan: *lifts hand with ring*
  • Phil: Yes Dan has got engaged!
  • Dan: *stares at Phil*
  • Phil: *smiles and lifts hand* And so have I, phamily, we're getting married!
  • Dan: *turns camera off*
  • Phil: Do you think we'll ever post it?
  • Dan: Probably not. But at least we'll have it anyways.
  • Zelda: I wonder.
  • Mipha: what's on your mind, Princess.
  • Zelda: It's just. He's always so silent. Rarely speaks any words. Now that I think about it, he's only really made grunts and screams when he fights.
  • Mipha: He used to talk more when he was younger. Now he rarely shares his thoughts.
  • Urbosa: I do sometimes wonder what is on his mind.
  • Daruk: His actions are all I need. Though I do wish he wasn't so quiet.
  • Revali: I find his silence to be his best quality. But there are times I also wonder what he is thinking.
  • Link: (Oh shit they're staring at me. Have they figured out I have no idea what I'm doing? No...just keep quiet and-man I'm hungry. I want food. I should have that tart I found. Wait I ate it already. Mmmhhmmm that was a good tart.)
  • Zelda: I think I know what he's thinking.
  • Mipha: I can tell he's thinking about food right now at least.
  • Urbosa: Maybe he isn't that hard to read.
  • Daruk: The drool is a good tip.
  • Revali: (I should have that tart now)
I'm just saying...

It seems pretty damn possible that Ali is the one who moved that game into her own house, or at least like knew it was going to be there.

1. She has a key to the barn.

2. She sorta created a situation for Aria and her to go in the kitchen and find the game. She asks her if she’s eaten and when Aria says she’s not really hungry, she kinda presses it with “that’s not what I asked.”

I get that that is totally a concerned mom thing to say, but if she had just let her go to bed instead, then she couldn’t have guaranteed Aria was there when Ali “discovered” it.

3. Seriously how TF did she not notice something that huge sitting on her table? I mean, it’s a pretty open floor plan. It’s literally RIGHT behind where she’s standing, and it’s the size of a coffee table.

The signs as things Monkey D Luffy said :
  • Aries : "I refuse your refusal."
  • Taurus : " I decided long ago that I'm going to be King of the Pirates... and if I die trying, then at least I tried."
  • Gemini : "Are we friends ? Or are we foes ? That kind of thing you decide for yourselves !"
  • Cancer : "Being lonely is more painful than getting hurt."
  • Leo : "Without you, I won't... I can't... become the pirate king !!!"
  • Virgo : "I know that I need others to help me if I want to keep on living !"
  • Libra : "Why the hell should I listen to you ?"
  • Scorpio : "What God would try to destroy everything ?!"
  • Sagittarius : "When you're hungry, eat."
  • Capricorn : "You want to keep everyone from dying? That's naive. It's war, people die."
  • Aquarius : " I don't want to conquer anything. I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean... is the Pirate King !"
  • Pisces : *about alliance* "It's like being friends, isn't it ?"
Jumping to Conclusions (FFXV Kinkmeme Fill!)

Gunshots burst forth in rapid succession, exploding with overlapping precision and deafening roars through the steady onslaught of rain that beat down on them. But it was the sound that followed that made Ignis’ heart clench.


Prompto’s bloodcurdling scream stole his very breath as it echoed across the marsh, setting the sodden hair at the back of Ignis’ neck to rise. Cold sweat trickled between his shoulder blades, just barely noticed in the relentless downpour. Beside him, with teeth bared and dripping, godlike build well past the edge, Gladio leaped forward at the sound.

To Ignis’ credit, he managed to finish the job before the sudden distraction made any more trouble in an already trying day. The gigantoad they’d been battling gave a final, rumbling groan, limping instead of hopping as it teetered around. Finally, it fell with a spatter of unpleasant warmth against Ignis’ cheek as he withdrew his blades from its sagging throat. Disgusting creature that it was. He dragged his already stained sleeve across his face as he spun quickly around.

Across the muddy field, Prompto was kneeling, head bent as though in desperate prayer. Gladio was upon him in an instant, massive blade recommitted to the twinkling blue ether with a cursory swat of his hand. His expression was as grim as Ignis could ever recall having seen on the man’s scarred and battle-hardened visage.

Ignis could barely think, couldn’t bring himself to even speak for the moment as he tread closer through the squelching mud beneath his feet. Beside the others, the second gigantoad lay dead, a veritable spray of bullet wounds centered between its grotesquely bulging eyes.  He tore his gaze from it at last, schooling his expression to at least resemble detached calculation, ready to assist, as he finally looked down between Prompto’s bent frame and Gladio’s imposing presence. What he saw, however, soon dismantled all efforts to appear anything but horrified.

There in Prompto’s lap, cradled lovingly between his dirtied hands, lay a small, green frog. Except…

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The Cookie (DaiSuga)
  • WARNING: this is not mine. It is from a fanfic and I thought it was amazing and had to post it. I do not own it but I'm thinking of trying the same scenario with other pairings. The text for this post is from the fanfic “you better catch it” by laubear, I recommend you read it, it's awesome. The scene is set as follows: there is a cookie between Daichi and Suga, they are to pretend they are on a stranded island and the cookie is their only means to survive. This is how they deal with it.
  • Daichi: Suga, come on. You have to eat.
  • Suga: I'm not hungry.
  • RA: You are. Both of you are hungry.
  • Suga: I’m not eating anything until Daichi stops
  • being so obnoxiously self-sacrificing.
  • Daichi: You’re blaming me? You started it!
  • Suga: Only because I knew you’d pull something like this anyway. I’d say I only trust you as far as I can throw you, but at this rate I’m going to be able to launch you across the island like a volleyball!
  • Daichi: Oh, don’t exaggerate. Look, sorry. Let’s at least split it in half.
  • *Suga splits the cookie*
  • Daichi: Of course you didn’t break it evenly.
  • Suga: Well. Go ahead. Take a bite.
  • Daichi: I’m saving it for later.
  • Suga: Well, then I’m saving it for later, too.
  • Daichi: Quit it. I know you’re just planning on forcing your half on me later, when the situation gets desperate.
  • RA: Speaking of desperate, another hour passes. You are now both extremely hungry.
  • Daichi: Oh, come on! Okay, how about this. I’ll take a bite if you take one.
  • Suga: Fine. *picks up his half of the cookie*
  • Daichi: ...
  • Suga: Why aren't you eating yours?
  • Daichi: Well I'm not going to eat it until I'm sure you will.
  • Suga: Daichi!
  • RA: Another hour passes. Suga, you pass out from lack of nourishment.
  • Daichi: What? Why not me?!
  • RA: Because I said so. Daichi, what do you do?
  • Daichi: I try to feed him my half of the cookie.
  • RA: Alright. Suga is unconscious and cannot chew. He chokes to death.
  • Daichi: What?! Suga, I'm so sorry-
  • Suga: It's okay Daichi. At least now you've got twice as much food.
  • RA: Daichi, what do you do now?
  • Daichi: Nothing.
  • Suga: Daichi. Eat the cookie. You have to.
  • RA: Suga, no talking, you're dead.
  • Suga: Then I'm a ghost.
  • RA: That's not within the parameters of the experiment. Daichi has to make this decision on his own. By the way, another hour passes. What do you do?
  • Daichi: Nothing.
  • RA: An hour passes.
  • Daichi: *shakes head*
  • Suga: Daichi!
  • RA: Daichi, you pass out from lack of nourishment. Several hours pass, and you die.
  • Suga: Oh my god.
  • Daichi: I was only trying to help!
  • Suga: Well, great job! We're both dead!

Crimson Claret ‘Claire’ Stiletto for @morgibritt‘s Shipwrecked Passion BC!

The Stilettos are a clan of courageous, ruthless fashion designers and models, but the middle child of the current generation, Claire, has always stuck out like a sore thumb. While her younger brother Cadillac has already released two bestselling perfumes at age 19, Claire has no ambitions to join the family business at all. She dreams of being an actress, but her fear of pretty much everything has gotten in the way multiple times, and it doesn’t help that she’s still naive like a child, either. She’s only really herself when she’s in her basement sculpting, a freetime activity her therapist has suggested and that she fell in love with right away.

Now her parents have decided they’ve watched her daughter fail often enough and have signed her up for Willie’s BC, hoping that the ties with a fellow businessman will at least provide them with a few advantages. Claire wasn’t exactly mad when she found out, not having had the best luck with men while she’d tried herself, but of course before she can win his heart, she has to survive the journey in Willie’s yacht surrounded by lots and lots of terrifying, hungry water…or is there perhaps more to this young lady than what she lets others see? Is she really a hopeless coward? Who really knows?

DL is private, link will be with you shortly!

Its 3:40am here and I still need 200 words of a 2000 word essay due tomorrow. So I’m going to take a break and read fanfic for a bit while hoping for inspiration to bullshit more about language as a means of creating/maintaining social hierarchies in colonial Australia.

Trying to go to bed but remembered that I hadn’t taken my nighttime meds. Whoops. Got up and did gang but then I lay back down and it felt like the pills were stuck in my chest (I get this feeling a lot I don’t know if it’s a POTS thing with chest tightness or what) so I chugged some water. Now I’m lying down and my ears started ringing so loudly omg. Body, let me sleep pls.

  • ❝ Uh, do whatever you want, I'm super dead! ❞
  • ❝ You have a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, I'd have matching halves. That's very important. ❞
  • ❝ Ring ring, hello? Oh, hold on, it's for you - it's second place. ❞
  • ❝ You know that I ain't bragging. ❞
  • ❝ I'm reading this from Wikipedia, so it has to be true. ❞
  • ❝ Let's hatch a plot blacker than the kettle callin' the pot. ❞
  • ❝ I bet I've got til lunch at least before everyone sees I'm a spaz! ❞
  • ❝ I'm not very hungry - just gimme a double Polar Burger with everything and a cherry soda with chocolate ice cream. ❞
  • ❝ Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo! ❞
  • ❝ Hey turn around, bend over, I'll show you where my shoe fits. ❞
  • ❝ Is that unfair? -- Oh wait, I don't care. ❞
  • ❝ The truth is that you're such a dork, you kinda make it cool. ❞
  • ❝ We got more balls than the team we cheer for! ❞
  • ❝ Miss Goody Two Shoes makes me wanna barf. ❞
  • ❝ Even mocking cheerleaders cannot hide the emptiness in my soul. ❞
  • ❝ They're dogs! No! Lower than that, they're fleas on dogs! ❞
  • ❝ I'm a trust fund baby, you can trust me. ❞
  • ❝ The dinosaurs choked on the dust, they died because God said they must. ❞
  • ❝ Happy kitties, sleepy puppies, tiny duckies, sparkly ponies... ❞
  • ❝ My teen angst bullshit has a body count. ❞
  • ❝ Give my love to the leprechauns. ❞
  • ❝ I thought you were a spoiled, rich, uptight little white bitch now I think you're just white. ❞
  • ❝ I am tired of living alone with my cat! ❞
  • ❝ You drink a lot of Red Bull, don't you? ❞
  • ❝ If I get blood on the carpet my mother will kill me. ❞
  • ❝ Some say that I'm a pompous creep - somehow I don't lose that much sleep. ❞
  • ❝ Such a blunder. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bring the thunder. ❞
  • ❝ Shakin' at the high school hop. ❞
  • ❝ I've got lots of experience with not fitting in. Do you need some pointers? ❞
  • ❝ Ugh. You've got a left hand, use it. ❞
  • ❝ Showing up here took some guts, time to rip 'em out. ❞
  • ❝ Keep that pelvis far from me! ❞
  • ❝ Thanks, but I don't need voices in my head today. ❞
  • ❝ You don't wanna hear all the horny details. ❞
  • ❝ I gotta go get my asthma spray... ❞
  • ❝ Your perfume smells like your daddy's got money. ❞
  • ❝ Does your mommy know you eat all this crap? ❞
  • ❝ Jesus, you're making me sound like Air Supply. ❞
  • ❝ Language, honey child, please. ❞
  • ❝ Like a beautiful blonde pineapple. ❞
  • ❝ I don't rat my hair! ❞
  • ❝ My dog speaks more eloquently than thee. ❞
  • ❝ Damn, you're in worse shape than the national debt is in. ❞
  • ❝ You're my last meal on death row. ❞
  • ❝ I've got a big butt, well so what? It's good as any other! ❞
  • ❝ I led a protest march against insensitive cartoons! ❞
  • ❝ Some people are SO touchy. ❞
  • ❝ Mama gave birth to the hand-jive. ❞
  • ❝ It's hot in here and kinda smells like someone wet the bed... ❞
  • ❝ Oh... I wanted to answer the puppy question? ❞
  • ❝ You're absolutely right - should have shot him in the mouth, that would've shut him up. ❞
  • ❝ I haven't slept since 1992. ❞
  • ❝ Malum in se is an action evil in itself. Assault, murder, white shoes after labor day. ❞
  • ❝ You need a cite a more specific grievance. Here's an itemized list of all these years of diagreements. ❞
  • ❝ Donate my car to crippled kids, or to those ghetto moms on crack. ❞
  • ❝ I'm, like, gonna cry - I got tears comin' outta my nose! ❞
  • ❝ Keep your filthy paws off of my silky drawers. ❞
  • ❝ Color me stoked. ❞
  • ❝ Yo, who the f is this? ❞
  • ❝ You've got the best friggin shoes! ❞
  • ❝ Keep it positive as you slap her to the floor! ❞
  • ❝ Come on! Let's go krunkin' in the parking lot! ❞
  • ❝ I've come of age to be a raging castrating bitch! ❞
  • ❝ I'll be Socrates throwing verbal rocks at these mediocrities. ❞
  • ❝ Really stick it to the phallocentric war machine! ❞
  • ❝ Must we all descend into madness? ❞
  • ❝ It's a work of genius. I couldn't undo it if I tried.... and I tried. ❞
  • ❝ Dear God... it's scented. ❞
  • ❝ Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. ❞
  • ❝ So go on, here's my head, just hit it with a rock. ❞
  • ❝ I want a devil in skin tight leather. ❞
  • ❝ You've come so far why now are you pulling on my dick? ❞
  • ❝ You know, for a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure. ❞
  • ❝ You ain't never caught a rabbit. ❞
  • ❝ Honestly, it's kind of draining... ❞
  • ❝ I just did what you wished you could but you don't have the balls. ❞
  • ❝ I'm dazzling! Magnificent! I am the one percent! ❞
  • ❝ Now what I'm going to say may seem indelicate... ❞
  • ❝ I'm gonna French kiss with tongue like I dreamed I'd do - and not just with my pillow! ❞
  • ❝ It's like hearing a ticking sound coming from unmarked packages! ❞
  • ❝ Someone's had their morning coffee... ❞
  • ❝ We're what killed the dinosaurs! ❞
  • ❝ I don't know what you heard, but whatever it is, they started it. ❞
  • ❝ Fine, okay, I'm gay! ❞
  • ❝ You can set my bones and I know CPR. ❞
  • ❝ Immigrants - we get the job done. ❞
  • ❝ Man. What rich, romantic planet are you from? ❞
  • ❝ Whaaaaaaat. ❞
  • ❝ What can I say? I'm a sucker for a happy ending. ❞
  • ❝ Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. ❞
  • ❝ Awesome... wow. ❞
  • ❝ I'm bigger than John Lennon! ❞
  • ❝ I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love. ❞
  • ❝ If you're going for mediocre, you've done great! ❞
  • ❝ Alright, we can't break out of here, but we sure can break a sweat! ❞
  • ❝ Gotta be going to that malt shop in the sky. ❞
  • ❝ It's got groove! It's got meaning! ❞
  • ❝ When I fight I make the other side panicky! ❞
  • ❝ That is a metro hetero jerk! ❞
  • ❝ Love is like forever this is no time to economize! ❞
  • ❝ Their thinkin' is stinkin' and a little outdated. ❞
  • ❝ I'm probably too cool for you, so friend request denied. ❞
  • ❝ You're on Jiffy Pop detail. ❞
  • ❝ I don't have to always be right - when I'm with you, I just am. ❞
  • ❝ I'm raisin' hell and I'm a felon in a four foot frame. ❞
  • ❝ Guys who wear that get beat up on my street. ❞
  • ❝ It's like making love to you all night, NO WAIT! It feels so much better! ❞
  • ❝ No sleep for you, better chug that Mountain Dew. ❞
  • ❝ All I got was a running nose and Asiatic flu. ❞
  • ❝ You ain't no friend of mine. ❞
  • ❝ We have fought on like, seventy-five different fronts. ❞
  • ❝ I'm not freaking out, I'm really okay, I'm totally chill. ❞
  • ❝ If your Irish boy tires of you, you're allowed to shoot him in the knees. ❞
  • ❝ You ever see somebody ruin their own life? ❞
  • ❝ The more you jump around and scream, the sexier you seem. ❞
  • ❝ Peachy keen, jellybean. ❞
  • ❝ Both your hair and shoes are flat. ❞
  • ❝ Lookin' hot, Cream of Mushroom! ❞

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Requested by anonymous:

“Could I request an imagine where the reader is Illya’s sister who Napoleon meets during a mission, she’s not a spy but knows some from Illya & ends up stunning Napoleon with her fun girl next door-like charm, unlike most women he’s been with. Napoleon asks her on a date & Illya is confused because he’s talking non stop about this girl, & seems like he wants her for more than just sex. Illya spots them on their date & gets all mad, but the reader convinces him that it’s ok w/fluff. Love ur blog!!”

Warnings: Fluff

Note: I used google translate for some of this so if you’re Russian and it doesn’t make sense to you… forgive me!!! p.s you can see the translations at the bottom of the story :D

*not proof-read

“They’re gaining on us, can you please step on it.” Gaby spoke, her voice slightly strained.

“I’m going as fast as I can.” Illya retorted as he swerved through the narrow streets. “Well try to go faster.” Gaby snapped back as she peered behind them to see their chasers getting closer and closer.

“Duck.” Solo spoke casually before sliding down in the seat next to Illya as gun shots rung out. If Gaby and Illya had ducked a second later both would have had bullets planted in their skulls.

“Ok seriously how far away are we?” Gaby queried as she peeped over the back seat of the car.

“Also where exactly are we heading to?” Solo asked and Illya’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he tried to control his temper.

“My sister’s apartment.” He grumbled before making a sharp right, the tires screeching on the road. “Sister?!” The two spoke at the same time, an amount of surprise evident in both their voices.

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“It’s the weekend! Time to start the day!”

two hours later

“It’s the weekend. Time to start the day?”

two more hours later

“Weekend. Some time to-bleh.”

ten minutes


and so it goes as every past home-alone weekend had gone, until everyone is back, bringing an onslaught of mental cursing and “DAMMIT NOW I HAVE TO WAIT TILL NEXT WEEKEND FOR [insert project here]”

anonymous asked:

Could you do "I'm hungry. I'm not moving" with Dean for the drabble thing?

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~528

Tags (If you want on a list, go here. If you want off, send me a message!)@charliebradbury1104 * @hanny-writes-spn *

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Nonstop hunts for three months straight.

A werewolf pack preying on a retirement home, a vampire den run by a demon, said demon sending the five of you on a wild goose chase for a few days before you got to gank him, and a rugaru running amok around Minnesota. 

Everyone was done officially with the world, at least for a few days.

Even Cas, who supposedly couldn’t get tired, somehow managed to wander off somewhere in the bunker to get some rest. Sam and Mary had pretty much disappeared upon returning and you and Dean shuffled your way to his room, all but collapsing into the plush memory foam.

Neither of you bothering to change into more comfortable clothes, you kicked off your shoes and laid your head down on Dean’s chest and that was it. For the next eight and half hours you were dead to the world.

You woke up for some unknown reason, groggy but comfortably warm as you laid over Dean’s chest. There was a vague memory of a dream where you got to drive Baby but for some reason the steering wheel was in the back of the car. You shifted closer to him, hand snaking under the soft material of his undershirt to rest over his belly. He stirred slightly but didn’t seem to wake up completely, so you let yourself slowly fall back asleep.

Just as it was about to take you again, presumably back to your silly dream about Baby, Dean’s stomach rumbled noisily under your hand making you giggle. He drew in a long breath as he woke and as he stretched some, his stomach felt hard under your hand for a brief moment.

“I’m hungry,” Dean grumbled, voice deep and scratchy from disuse.

“I’m not moving,” you replied barely above a whisper.

You groaned when he tried to roll out from under you, your arm automatically wrapping around his waist to keep him still.

“We’re never gonna eat if you don’t let me up, babygirl.”

“But you’re waaarm and I love youuu,” you complained, rubbing your cheek against him as you snuggled closer. For a moment you thought you might’ve won as you listened to his breath even out but you were thwarted by another rumble from his stomach.

“I’ll make those waffles you like,” he bargained sleepily and he chuckled as you finally relinquished your hold on him.

“And bacon,” you added.

“And bacon,” he laughed quietly, pushing a pillow between your arms so you didn’t have to change positions. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, lingering for just a moment before standing straight. Your arms wrapped around the pillow and rubbed your cheek against it too for good measure. You sighed happily as it was still warm and smelled like Dean.

“Stay here, I’ll bring them to you when I’m done,” he said as he pulled off a few layers and donned his dead-guy robe.

But his directions fell on deaf ears as sleep had already taken you back. He’d have to remember to ask you what your dream was about as you mumbled something about not being about to see from Baby’s backseat.

Send me a character (MCU or SPN) and a line from here for a drabble.

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hey, i'm 15 and still live with my parents so i'm kinda forced to eat dinner with them every night. most of the days i only eat dinner, or like something less than 100 cals around 3. my average intake is about 500 cals but i'm craving food like 24/7 and it's all i can think of. i find myself looking forward to eating dinner everyday and it really sucks but i don't really want to have more calories per day. any tips? 💕

Hello lovely, I’ll try my best to help; I know the feeling because I’m 15, too! <3

Let’s start with the basics; 

- Drink at least 2L of water a day; you will be more full and won’t be as hungry.

- Drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day, it will fill you up AND make you lose more weight. it also helps suppress your appetite! 

- Coffee is an appetite suppressant too, a better one than green tea, but it also helps w/ weight loss. (After drinking coffee though, drink more water. Coffee tends to de-hydrate you!!!)

- Chew gum when you are hungry, it will make the cravings leave for a while. 

- If you really want to eat; eat ice.

- Peppermint tea curves your appetite. 

Here are my personal tips:

- I find listening and tuning into ‘ASMR’ videos (with earphones) really helps me forget about food and cravings and eating.

- Reading books helps me take my mind off them, too. 

- Painting my nails and not being able to eat until they dry is a good way of postponing eating, and I use nail polishes that take forever to dry. Usually by the time it drys, I’m no longer feeling cravings/hungry

- Food. Porn. 
 As strange as it is, I personally find that looking up recipes and food porn helps control my cravings/hunger. 

- Play a cooking/baking game

I recommend flipline’s studio’s ‘Papa’s ___ria’ games. I love the animations and seeing the food somehow makes me not hungry anymore. not sure of the science behind it, though.

- Buy a colouring book and colour!

i have an adult colouring book which I adore. Whenever I am hungry, I colour in it and try to focus on nothing else but the drawing.

- Carry pictures of thinspo in a small wallet so you can always look at how you want to look, and how you will look like if you push through.

- In worse case scenario’s, eat something healthy/low-cal. Perhaps a celery stalk or carrot, or Apple or a cup of blueberries. Something that won’t fuck you over too much. 

I hope I was of some help!

Good luck. <3 

Ps: please try and stay as safe as you can!

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Hi Melissa! Something to think about maybe? Bucky & Steve, maybe during the war: “With this bullet
lodged in my chest, covered with your name, I will turn myself into a gun, because
it’s all I have,
because I’m hungry and hollow and just want something to call my own. I’ll be your
slaughterhouse, your killing floor, your morgue and final resting, walking around with this
bullet inside me
‘cause I couldn’t make you love me and I’m tired of pulling your teeth.” Richard Siken, excerpt from Wishbone

Oh my god this is Bucky during the war. Absolutely. That “I love you and you don’t love me back so I’m going to do everything I can to protect you.” That desperation to just give everything he can to Steve.

I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s why I’m always tired. Human probably weren’t meant to live off of only hot pockets. But I mean. At least I’m eating something right? All in all, my situation is a little better than it was in the past.