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happiest of days to beloved frog prince, passionate dancer and favorite sextuple scorpio ji hansol! there’s so much i want to say to you, how PROUD i am, how relieved, at how far you’ve come with only the power of your determination and raw passion. i have always been 100% positive that you can make it anywhere if you just put your mind to it let your wit and well-mannered, optimistic demeanor guide you on the way. i love you, and i couldn’t be prouder that you chose your own path and that you’re walking it without regrets, bright and cheerful, as ever. watching you grow makes me ecstatic! happy birthday, hansol.

Messy study thing with Mobu because I hate studies but I love Mobu…///

The adventures of Russian students who study to become a teacher of English
  • quite ironically among the teachers of pedagogy and methods of teaching I know there are many weird teachers who like to belittle students and can’t explain clearly what they want them to do in their assignments
  • the local meme is college teachers’ favourite phrase “but you are future teachers!” (so you should/shouldn’t do this and that)
  • once during teaching practice at a school I spent the night preparing for the lesson that our college teachers would be assessing. Suddenly when I was writing something the following day I realised that I hadn’t changed the keyboard layout from Russian into English and must have been writing something like xnjnj ythfp,jhxbdjt kfnbybwtq for a minute. After a few seconds in frustration I realised that everything was fine and that couldn’t have happened because I was writing by hand
  • many like throwing in English words in their speech. That’s mostly to show off, but also because, as expressive as the Russian language is, it lacks good alternatives for some English words like challenge, guilty pleasure, abuse etc.
  • why do so many people want to enter our university, is this such a popular profession? Not really. The main reason is that you can’t find a good job without a degree, and as many young people don’t know what they want to do for a living, they just think “ok, I’ll just study there and at least I’ll have a degree and more or less good English, and then I’ll figure it out”
  • at a lesson in college a groupmate of mine answered the question “What is the English for [the Russian word for ‘manual labour’]?” with “Handjob” in all seriousness (and I was the only one who chuckled)
  • when we discuss lesson planning with our groupmates online we are too lazy to change the keyboard layout all the time so we often write in English like хеллоу чилдрен, тудэй ви ар гоинг ту райт э тест 
  • every other cOoL English-as-a-second-language blog/youtuber has “ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?” as their catchphrase
  • a few years ago I taught myself to write in cursive and for some time was proud of writing like a native speaker, before realising that it’s not a thing anymore (so I unlearnt it) 
  • once I talked a girl out of starting her lesson with this tongue twister
     I am a mother pheasant plucker,
     I pluck mother pheasants.
     I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker
     Who ever plucked a mother pheasant.

When you research your disorder and realize something you’re doing is because of that disorder but when you tell other people what you learned about it and they get mad at you because you are “excusing your behavior with the disorder” but you’re really not, you’re diagnosed with this disorder and this is a symptom of it, but somehow finding out why you do a thing is “just an excuse” for doing the thing



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Another year behind oh boy (and I’m still posting reborn stuff oh boy) 
Happy 2018 everybody I hope you all have very nice and fortunate year!

NaNoWriMo Tip

If you’re like me, you’re struggling to get though nearly 2,000 words a day. You might even bounce back and forth between multiple projects in a desperate attempt to keep the creative juices flowing. You most likely suffer from the bad habit of editing while you write. 

This year, I had the good fortune of attending a presentation by Julie Berry, and what she said had a profound impact on me. She said we need to give ourselves permission to write badly. Unless you’re editing your work, when you sit down to write a scene for the first time–you need to just write crap. You’ve never written it before, why should it be perfect? Don’t kid yourself–it’s never going to be perfect on the first try. World-renowned published authors can’t do it. No one can. The real writing comes in the EDITING process, when you mold that misshapen lump into something unique. 

Her words were inspiring, but the full meaning of her advice didn’t resound with me until a few days ago, because I hadn’t realized what “write badly” meant. It’s painfully obvious in hindsight, but hopefully this will help someone. 

Originally, I thought “write badly” just meant writing a skeletal screenplay version–he said, she said, he did this, then she did that, etc. Light on the details and simple, basic dialogue. It helped me put more words on paper, but not enough. Then one day, I found myself wanting to describe how quietly someone moved. I wanted to make the metaphor relate to the worldbuilding/personality of the character, but the only thing my brain could come up with was “quiet as a mouse.” SUPER cliche, right? 

Except that’s exactly what writing badly means! Phrases like “the sunlight streaming through the tree branches peppered her olive skin” don’t come to you on the spot. You have to sit there and mull over a variety of words in your head, turning them inside out and sideways to get them just right. aka–the editing process. 

So what do you do instead? 

- Forget about the majority of writing skills you’ve been taught, just stick with writing coherent sentences and separate your dialogue. Those other skills are for editing! 
- USE AS MANY ADVERBS AS YOU WANT! I don’t care how many “quietly’s” or “slowly’s” you use, you can always embellish it later. You just need the basics.
- Cliches are your friend. Seriously. Again, you can embellish it later, just get that scene from your head onto the paper! Cliches are quick and fast and that’s what you need.
- Long, run-on sentences are fair game. You can fix that later. (see the pattern here?) If you end up with a six-line paragraph sentence? Great job, that’s six lines of your story that wouldn’t be there otherwise. 
- Be redundant. If you describe a character tightening their grip on their sword five times on one page–that’s fine! You can figure out later which one you want to keep. Your story will go through multiple drafts and you can discover which placement carries the most impact. 
- Use all the dialogue tags you want. They’re cheap and easy and let you know how your character is feeling or acting. You can–(say it with me)–fix it later and add subtle hints and gestures to better convey their emotions.
- Tell don’t show. This is a rough draft, you’re just vomiting words onto the paper.

tl;dr–In your first draft, do everything you’ve been told NOT to do. 

Embrace your inner ten-year-old again! Write for the joy of writing! You never stopped and wondered if you were writing well, you just wrote! DO THAT AGAIN!

It’s just like making a sculpture. Your rough draft is merely slapping pieces of clay on top of each other to create a lumpy mess you can refine later. A person who has a horrendous, cliche-ridden, third-grade level, completed novel is far more successful than the person who has ten perfect revisions of only one chapter.

Give yourself permission to write badly. You can always fix it later.  

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When your husband’s a big dork

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ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass



SKAM 1:09

“What is this bullshit about what kind of person I am? Maybe I am someone who gives up! I don’t know! Why would you know what kind of person I am? Everyone is like: ‘what kind of person are you? you have to know who you are!’ What a fucking cliche.”