but at least i refined it


Finished my first taako animation with my toonboom harmony rig ! Colors and designs are so simple but it moves alright ! im hoping to refine it further but it was a good first test run with one of my fav taako lines.  The goal is eventually to do at least one of each main since i do so love them all. 

I think I’ve figured out a pretty great analogy for my romantic orientation. It’s the same as my relationship with coffee.

I’ve always loved the coffee aisle of the grocery store. It always smelled earthy but refined, and has always warranted a deep inhale when I go through it.

I love coffee shops. How some people linger for hours and others rush in and out. How there’s usually relaxing music and at least one person with a book.

I love almost everything about coffee and coffee culture, except for two things. I hate the taste of coffee, and so I don’t really understand the “coffee as necessity” culture, because I’m not a part of it. I understand the tropes, and will send the pictures of oversized coffee cups to coffee lovers in my life, but that’s not part of me.

Now, I could probably train myself to like coffee, but I don’t want to, because I don’t want to become dependant on caffeine or coffee. (The previous sentence is a break in the metaphor, but I’m coming back) I’d just like to find someone (coffee drinker or not) who also likes smelling the coffee in the grocery store.


Author: @peetabreadgirl


Prompt 12:, Anonymous, Katniss is trying to study in the library, but she can’t keep her eyes from wandering over to Peeta, who’s reading a comic book a few tables over. 

I took some liberties here. No comic book, but he’s still distracting her. And I included a bit of jealousy. Because that’s one of my favorite tropes and I just can’t help myself. ;) Enjoy the short read!

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favourite sherlock moments → 8 / ∞
“How? Every movement I made was entirely random, every new personality just on the roll of a dice!”
“Mary, no human action is ever truly random. An advanced grasp of the mathematics of probability, mapped onto a thorough apprehension of human psychology and the known disposition of any given individual,can reduce the number of variables considerably. I, myself, know of at least 58 techniques to refine a seemingly infinite array of randomly generated possibilities down to the smallest number of feasible variables.”

Maybe it’s just the podcasts I listen to, but I’ve noticed that there tends to be a pretty dramatic shift between the first and second seasons. 

Purely speculation here, but I imagine it’s one part that the hiatus between seasons is a good turning point, and a good time for creators to ponder what works and what doesn’t, and to try something different. For creative teams who are relatively new to podcasting, I imagine that by the end of the first season their skills are refined to the point that they’re more willing to push the limits of what they can do. Also the nature of the first season finale seems to often require that at least some of the premise is abandoned, because the story seems to have moved on from there.

Personally, this pleases me– there’s something really nice about creators having the freedom to adapt the story as they go without the threat of executives breathing down their necks to keep rehashing the same thing over and over again. 

WTNV had probably a more subtle shift, going from seemingly unconnected daily life in the first season to the very clearly connected Strexcorp plot in the second. Notably with that one, though, the later seasons seemed to go back to more of a middle ground between the two. 

The season one finale of Wolf 359 cemented a fairly huge tonal shift in the series, but that was furthered by the format of mission logs and all that jazz being formally abandoned early into season two. 

I saw similar in the format and plot of both Tanis and Ars Paradoxica, though I’ll leave the specifics on that one to people who have dedicated more thought and energy to those than I have. 

Archive 81 kind of takes the cake for it, to the point where it inspired this post. Listening to the first episode of the second season, I was very much “well… that is not the direction I foresaw this show going.”

All that in mind, the Concierge episode of The Penumbra Podcast seems to be an in-universe segue for the same kind of shift in format and tone. Especially considering how the series was originally intended to be a Twilight Zone-esque anthology show and eventually turned into the Adventures of Juno Steel Plus A Few Side Stories.

*cackling loudly at this choice of words*

The Lost Special site: “Even the elephant photo was chosen at random.”

Sherlock:  no human action is ever truly random. An advanced grasp of the mathematics of probability, mapped onto a thorough apprehension of human psychology and the known dispositions of any given individual, can reduce the number of variables considerably. I myself know of at least 58 techniques to refine a seemingly infinite array of randomly generated possibilities down to the smallest number of feasible variables.”

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Bound to Happen (Part 8), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,373

Author’s Note: Sorry for the lack of a write-a-thon fic today, I thought I would make up for it with an early release of this?

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

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Lin knew better than to be bitter. You were right with your unspoken insistence that he was holding you back from doing greater things.

He bit the inside of his cheek at any mention of what you were working on - more computers in underprivileged schools, a bill passing that rewarded scholarships through your foundation.

You were doing amazing work, and he knew he was being selfish wishing you were next to him just in case he needed something.

He decided a complete lack of communication was best. Still, there was shoulders brushing at certain events and that one time he was out with Alex and happened to catch you in the middle of a date.

He tried to push that memory as far away as he possibly could.

The general lack of communication (even though there wasn’t a lack of wanting to communicate) meant you went an entire year without a decent conversation. A year that could have easily turned into many - maybe a re-connection at a college reunion - if it had not been for a last minute addition to a White House Poetry Jam.

With an unheard three minute hip hop spin on a founding father in his back pocket, Lin blew your socks off for the first time since In the Heights. You wouldn’t have even seen the performance had it not randomly popped up in your recommended videos on YouTube.

Which is how you found yourself typing a frantic e-mail in a caffeine-induced haze. Something along the lines of ‘what the fuck is this thing about Alexander Hamilton and how can I get involved?

Lin read the e-mail at least twenty times before moving it to his trash folder. He couldn’t let you trickle back into his life just as he began to move on.

You had long-forgotten about the e-mail the next time you had even heard the name Lin-Manuel Miranda. A casual conversation with your parents, who had always supported your close relationship with Lin, mentioning they had watched him on House the other night.

You immediately dropped anything you had planned and tracked down the episode - which turned into two. You were ashamed of the tight hold he still held over you. You considered sending another e-mail.

You chugged a bottle of wine instead.

Time continued to pass as you continued to rise. Promotions (you didn’t even know that word and your name could go together in a sentence until now) and whispers of a successful Lin loomed in the distance.

Having the old team back together wasn’t strange to Lin. What was strange, however, was a distinct absence.

I was thinking.” Tommy drawled, pulling Lin from his musical head space. He had exactly eight hours to figure out how to follow Alexander cheating on Eliza.

“Hmm?” Lin tucked the pencil behind his ear and closed his laptop, affording Tommy all of his attention.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Y/N.”

“Six years is a long time.” He answered, trying to fight the harsh tone. He lost the fight.

“Right. And she’s still heading that arts in public education project, right?” Lin could tell Tommy was easing into it.

Ever since you had announced your departure and Lin had moved on to other projects, you were a rather tense subject for the group. The last update Lin had received about you had been years ago about a guy you had been seeing.

Since then his life had been a strict ‘no Y/N zone’.

“What about her?” He grumbled, returning to his work with one ear still on Tommy.

“Publicly educated students seeing Hamilton free of charge.”  With a sigh, Lin closed his laptop again before glancing at Tommy’s smug face.

“Set up the meeting.”

Getting a call from Tommy had been the last thing you expected on a Saturday night. A quick stop at the Public Theater, a place you hadn’t been since early In the Heights days, was requested of you and you dropped everything to make the appointment.

You didn’t know he would be there.

Sleep deprived as ever. New, shaggy hair framed his face and he looked…taller.

Tommy hadn’t aged a day from the look of it but Lin was more mature somehow. He had more experience without you by his side and while you could sense a certain hostility in his eyes, there was also a particular confidence in his steps. A confidence he started to gain with his first show, but had never blossomed this widely.

It was as if the man you had met so many years ago was just an outline and now you were looking at him all colored in. Bright and pristine - there was some coloring outside the lines and the shading wasn’t perfect but he was Lin.

You just wished you had dressed up a bit more.

“Tommy.” You whispered into his chest, a breath of solidarity as he tucked you close. A long forgotten friend. Next was Alex, who was grinning as widely as ever. He greeted you softly and passed you along to Lin.

Tommy shared a look with Alex as they stepped to the side, mumbling an excuse you didn’t care enough to listen to.

“Stranger.” You greeted. No handshake.

“Big shot.” He acknowledged, taking you in.

Your hair was shorter and darker. It was a more professional cut than the one you used to throw up into a bun at the Richard Rogers. Your clothes fit better now, you had the time and money to shop for nicer things. If the disheveled blazer was any indication, you had just gotten off work.

“Oh, uh, this-” You made work of straightening out your jacket, tugging at the sleeves to flatten them out. “Busy morning, I didn’t have time to-”

“I’m glad you’re back.” He cut in, rushed. You didn’t realized this meeting was a re-entrance into this life. You definitely wished you could have dressed up.

“Me too.” And you were in his arms for the first time in years. The hug confirmed your suspicions that he was taller - or maybe he was just standing a little straighter now. “What can I do for you guys?”

It was an absurd idea, to say the least. Thousands of public school children attending their show free of charge. Not just in New York, but wherever they performed.

And he hadn’t even finished writing the damn thing yet.

“I’m close!” Lin promised. He wasn’t, really.

After refining the details - how it would work, who would get to participate, when it would happen - there was only one last thing to figure out. Who was going to pay for it all?

“That’s where you come in.” A finger was shoved in your direction as all three men eagerly looked at you. Ah, right. The Rockefeller Foundation.

“Something like this will take months to plan and approve.” You answered honestly, watching them deflate. “But, I’m going to give as much of my attention to this as I possibly can. We’re gonna have to be in contact a lot over the next few weeks.”

“That’s fine with us.” Alex promised.

“Yeah, we missed you.” Lin added.

Some more than others.” Tommy finished with an elbow to Lin’s side. Lin coughed to cover his embarrassment as he responded with a harsher jab into Tommy’s side.

“I’ll get started on this right away.” You stood as you checked your watch. The boys followed, all mumbling similar sentiments about how great it was to see you again.

Shrugging on the blazer you had discarded earlier, you sling your bag across you shoulder and make for the door.

“I’m running late but I’ll let you guys know when I have something for you, you know where to reach me!” You called, the quick and distant click of the door behind you signalling your hasty departure.

“So.” Tommy drawled as Lin stood in awe in the direction of the door, “Still totally in love with her?”

Lin didn’t answer, brushing past the men as he walked deeper into the theater, back to his laptop. A sudden inspiration for an Eliza lyric he had been stuck on for weeks came to mind.

I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit.

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can i request daddy!chuuya headcanons pretty please! (o・ω・o) if it has been requested, i'm sorry i will pay more attention next time!

  • Chuuya inadvertently raises the classiest kids to ever exist. Although he makes it clear that he doesn’t expect them to grow up interested in his same refined pursuits, and that it’s perfectly okay if they go after less elegant interests, they end up being near carbon copies of him. All of them know fluently no less than three languages, have impeccably dapper fashion taste, and incredibly exquisite food preferences. He’s endlessly proud of his sophisticated children (especially when at least one of them turns out to be a wine connoisseur, as well).
  • Chuuya’s kids get anything they want from him; they’ve got him completely wrapped around their tiny little fingers, and he knows it. Despite this, he’s still going to make them work for something that they want. Any request is met with a reasonable list of demands that his kid has to fulfill before they’re granted their wish. Chuuya doesn’t want his kids growing up only looking longingly at the comforts other children had, like he did, but he’s also determined that no child of his is going to turn out a spoiled brat. From a young age, he’s going to instill in them an appreciation for hard work, and let them know that stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum will get them nowhere in life. 
  • When his children are quite young, Chuuya loves giving them baths. Even if bubbles get smeared all over him, bath toys get lobbed straight for his face (who knew toddlers were strong enough to bruise people with rubber ducks), and the kids scream that the water’s too hot, he still looks forward to bath time. Kids can be a pain, sure, but he doesn’t mind wrangling them, especially if it gives you a free moment to rest. Bathing his children affords one of the rare moments of calm domesticity Chuuya wasn’t sure he’d ever get in the Port Mafia. Plus, they’re adorable with bubble-streaked faces and soaking scarlet hair.
  • Chuuya’s violently against hiring a nanny. He understands that you need rest; after all, any child of his is bound to be a high-maintenance handful. His own parents’ abandonment when he was young, however, has made him a bit paranoid of distancing himself, or you, from his children. If you truly need a break, Chuuya will gladly babysit the little devils for awhile. Any nights that you want for just the two of you, or if you want to take a little romantic vacation now and then, Chuuya asks Kouyou to look after the kids. They’re much safer with her, anyway, he reasons, if you protest. The only drawback is having to deal with sly “Don’t come back with another one,” comments as she sees you two off at the airport.
  • Something about arranged family pictures rubs Chuuya the wrong way. There’s only one image taken by a professional photographer in the entire house; a family portrait, all of you dressed formally and stiffly positioned, that hangs in the main hallway. Every other picture is a candid shot, snapped either by you or him. Chuuya much prefers the messy reality of being mobbed by laughing, probably dirty children over the stiffness of an arranged shot. One of his favorite pictures is a quiet scene, featuring you surrounded by snoring kids, nodding off while trying to finish a picture book. Chuuya keeps it in his pocket wherever he goes.
  • None of Chuuya’s children hate him like kids usually hate their parents through their teen years. He’s not a perfect dad, by any means, but there just really isn’t much to despise. Chuuya’s not one to let bad feelings linger, anyway. Years of close shaves in the Port Mafia have taught him you never know when your last breath will roll around, and he’s not about to die on bad terms with the best, brightest parts of his life. Whenever he senses animosity stirring, Chuuya’s immediately working out a way to solve whatever problem might be bothering his kids before it really starts.
Ed Sheeran: Up All Night With Pop's Hardcore Troubadour | Full Rolling Stone Interview

“Let’s go to my place for the finale!” Ed Sheeran shouts as he hops into an SUV. It’s just after midnight in London. Sheeran spent much of the evening in a bar, but even with his bright-red hair hidden under a ball cap, people started to recognize him. The DJ played one of his songs, and his friends had to create a wall around him so he could drink in peace. It all made him a little anxious, which is why we’re speeding to his West London home to keep the party going.

Sheeran is celebrating tonight because he knows he’s about to score his first Number One hit in America with “Shape of You,” a sleek, funky stomper from his new album, ÷ (pronounced Divide). We’re joined by his girlfriend, Cherry, and his old friends Zack, Nathan and Catherine, who have been watching him perform since he released his first album, The Spinning Man, when he was 13. “I went plywood,” Sheeran, now 25, jokes about that LP. “Not gold. I sold 100 copies.”

Sheeran has been going hard tonight: espresso martinis and rum-punch shots at dinner, gin and tonics at the bar. It’s my birthday, and at one point he grabs my phone, takes a selfie of us and posts to my Instagram, writing “It’s my birthday bitches #london #hashtag #believe #achieve #inspiration.” He encourages friends to knock back pints with a drinking song that ends “Na na na na/Hey hey hey/You’re a cunt!”

Soon, we arrive at his house, a five-floor, industrial-style space with brick walls, wood floors and several personal touches: a Charmander Pokémon stuffed animal in his bedroom and a bong shaped like Benny Blanco’s head in the living room. There’s also a recording studio, a gym and a full bar, where he recently entertained several young cast members of his favorite show, Game of Thrones. As we arrive, Sheeran offers bedrooms to anyone who wants to “get rowdy,” then goes to work mixing drinks.

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and neither have i wings to fly

prompt: wylan, kuwei, “you’re too young to hate the world” / ao3

here’s a list of things kuwei can’t stand, in order.

  1. damp tombs in miserable graveyards with a group of teenage criminals for company.
  2. being spoken to, or about, like he doesn’t exist past the rare moments when one of the others deigns to address him, or give him something to do.
  3. wylan van eck, in particular, talking to him like that.  

because really, what the hell does wylan know about it?  

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i need help still

I made a post like this a while ago because I was trying to save to move out. I’ve been saving and have $700. My parents found out I have changed my major and are forcing me to change it back. they have abused me for years, which my followers and irl friends can attest to, and when I tried to leave they threatened to sue me.

they’re able to sue me because when they were bankrupt they had me get credit cards and used those cards. then together we ended up with $10,000 of debt. they used their retirement to pay it off and are insisting i pay it back. they probably couldn’t win in the courts but they definitely could try and I can’t afford a lawyer to fight back.

I tried to take my car and since my brother cosigned on it he told them to call the police if I took MY CAR which I’ve made all the payments on. again would need a lawyer to prove this in court.

so basically I need to come ip with at least$3000 to pay off my car the rest of the way i am going to the bank this week to ask about a refinance but again they shot my credit so… that’s unlikely. if i can pay off my car then I can leave for good and some friends will try to help me fight them legally. but im not able to work without my car.

i can do basically anything you ask, id never ask for free money so if you’re interested in helping me.. please contact me.

my PayPal is: enzyme_ameoba@yahoo.com

Sherlock and Rewriting Stories

Storytelling has always been an important element of the show. Think of Rich Brook, the storyteller, and John who is telling their stories on the blog and knows when he is in one. But in S4 we get a new theme  - rewritten stories. 

MYCROFT: You wrote your own version, as I remember. Appointment in Sumatra. The merchant goes to a different city and is perfectly fine.
SHERLOCK: Goodnight, Mycroft. 
MYCROFT: Then he becomes a pirate, for some reason.                                                                                 

ADULT EURUS: You were upset …  so you told yourself a better story.

JIM: I wrote my own version of the nativity when I was a child. “The Hungry Donkey.” It was a bit gory but, if you’re gonna put a baby in a manger, you’re asking for trouble.”

The concept of rewriting stories you do not like for some reason is a common theme in series 4 and is presented as another parallel between Sherlock and Jim. But this is just the surface reading because their motives differ profoundly and serve as further evidence of the fundamental differences between them. 

Jim rewrites the nativity - a story of peace and hope - into a gory tale about a donkey eating the baby Jesus. Of course it is presented tongue-in-cheek and with his usual devilish charm but it is still about good becoming evil

Sherlock on the other hand is concerned with rewriting the Samarra story because he hated the idea of predestination and not being able to outrun one’s supposed fate. So he creates his own version in which the merchant is saved and, in order to fulfill Sherlock’s romantic ideas, becomes a pirate. 

So far this has been about rewriting religious or literary stories. But Sherlock does not stop there. He has rewritten parts of his own life, the parts which have caused heartbreak and have changed him irrevocably. He could not accept the fact that his own sister killed his best friend and he himself was unable to save Victor. So he created a better story, the story of a dog who was his constant companion. 

But, as ever with the show, we are challenged to question this perception. Because did he really create a better story if the one central fact we learn about Redbeard is that he died, that he had to be put down? When Mycroft reminds Sherlock during the wedding, this is meant as a warning. He reminds Sherlock that loving someone will inevitably result in heartbreak. It is interesting because Mycroft is walking a very thin line by referring to the rewritten version of Sherlock’s childhood. 

Conclusion: I think that the recurring theme of rewritten stories may hint at large parts - or all of S4 - not being real. Sherlock is still rewriting the story of his own life, trying to anticipate people’s responses in “scenarios” he “devised”, knowing “of at least fifty-eight techniques to refine this seemingly infinite array of randomly generated possibilities down to the smallest number of feasible variables”. 

(P. S. - an afterthought: we should not forget Mycroft rewriting part of Sherlock’s story by falsifying the Appledore evidence. This is different from the above examples because someone else is rewriting a person’s story instead of the person doing it themselves. The fact that Sherlock does not seem to be happy with this proves that he wants to be master of his own storytelling.)

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Bewitched, Body and Soul 1/5 (??)

MC is taken to the house of the stern Jumin Han and takes an instantaneous dislike to him. The feeling is mutual. 

AKA PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AU IS GO. Also this chapter was supposed to be twice as long, but I thought it would be funny to end it on the tropiest of tropes like if you’ve seen a period drama in your life you’ll have screamed over this i know it instead.

MC is not named in this version. She is called Areum on AO3. The prologue to this is here (unnamed) and here (named)

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A brief, unsolicited glimpse into my daily routine as of late, as well as my sudden slowdown in Tumblr responses in general…

For the past 2 weeks, my life schedule has literally been the following:

4:15 am: wake up & prepare for work (job training)
6:00 am - 12:00 noon: Job Training; juggle brand new info while trying to refine/improve learned content
1:00 pm: arrive home
1:15 pm ~ 3:00: Record/Send VO auditions
–Pass Out until around 7-8 pm from exhaustion–
8:30 ~ 11:00 pm: Eat, Shower, Relax, Practice Job Content
11:00 PM - Sleep. Repeat.

Once the training finally completes, the schedule will still be full even if it won’t be nearly as time-consuming; I’d be working weekends at the theme park while continuing my full-time voiceover business during the work week.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had many, MANY mental check-ins where I wanted to drop at least one thing to free up time, to scale back on part of the routine just to make things easier for myself; several peers/superiors I respect have been on the listening end of these rants.

And yet, I have refused to go through with it, because deep inside of myself I know I am capable of making it all work. There’s a part of me that knows if I TRULY couldn’t handle it, I’d have just cut the strings tugging me too hard instead of trying to first convince myself (or, more accurately, seek “permission”) to quit.

A lot of this has not been fun, or immensely fulfilling (yet); on the contrary, it’s been extremely stressful and at times very difficult to view as a positive path. But every single time I have sought the hard times through to their end there was payoff waiting on the other side; hard jobs became easier to do, and complex tasks become simpler to understand. My refusal to let tough challenges overwhelm me is part of the very mindset that allowed me to make a career out of my passion in the first place. I put these kinds of demands on myself willingly, then proceed to drag my own kicking & screaming inner child through it all to complete them.

This post is as much for me as it is a public looking-glass into my recent pursuits. Life is not always easy, and scaling back every time it isn’t is the easiest way to breed mediocrity; you - and you alone - are capable only of what you allow yourself to see through to the end.

A Deal Gone Wrong (Jumin x MC)

Mafia! AU: After a narcotics deal goes awry, you get thrown deeper into the Han’s family business.

Word Count: 1254

AFJKDLSAFJ I got really tired for some reason this afternoon and IDK why still even now, but it’s vaguely still around. Also, my arm is weirdly killing me???? Doesn’t really work out too good when you play the violin on a daily basis. Anyhow


“We have to stop by a client’s on the way back to my home I’m afraid,” Jumin said, guilt scattering his face for a moment. “I hope you don’t mind.” 

“Oh no, it’s fine!” You exclaimed, leaning forward in the car seat. “What does the client need?” 

“It’s moreso…what I need.” He adjusted the ends of his gloves, frowning. “They’ve been abusing my family’s narcotics trade, attacking other valuable clients to get their own when they can’t afford it.” 

His family’s business, to say the least, left you uneasy.

And you could see how it dragged him constantly, you being the only thing to light his days.

And even if it left you unsettled, you loved him more than words could describe, and so did he.

You weren’t leaving. 

“And when can they not afford it?” 

“These days…?” He scoffed. “Always.” 

The vehicle skidded to a halt in front of a refined set of apartments, similar to yours although clearly far more opulent. 

Driver Kim give a faint nod of knowing, giving a comforting grin in your direction. 

“Stay here.” He stated, looking towards you, his brow furrowing. “Please, for my sake.” 

“Are you sure it’ll be alright?” You scrunched up your nose, taking his hand. “I don’t want you going in if you might get hurt.” 

“I’ll be fine.” He replied, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead before slipping out. 

You noticed him turn back the jacket of his suit, the smallest bit of a grip to a pistol entering your view.

You tensed. 

“Jumin,” You spoke up, watching as his head whipped to you. “be careful okay?” 

He gave the smallest bit of laughter. “I’m honored that you’re worried about me darling.” He dropped his shoulders. “I don’t deserve it honestly…” 

Before you could go against his statement he cleared his throat. 

“I’ll be right back.” 

You gawked as he made his way inside, an eerie silence taking over the area as though horrible things were only guaranteed to come. 

You began to fiddle with your fingers, desperately searching amongst the windows for some sort of sign from him. 

You couldn’t tell if a sign would be good or bad, however. 

And it only seemed to get worse by the growing minute. 

You tapped your legs against the car floor, your gaze darting between others as though they had a sort of answer. 

There was no sign of him from your angle of the apartments, but you swore even if just for a second, that a ring pierced your ears. 

But still, nothing.

“If it’s any consolation, I think he’ll be alright.” Driver Kim reassured you, dropping his hands from the steering wheel. 

“How many of these things have you come with him for?” 

“Many, I’ve worked with the family since Jumin first came to America,” He sighed. “It’s hard at first…to handle the reality of some these things, but you’ll get used to it.” 

“Is there any way he could get out?” 

“With his father being the boss? He’s expected to take over when he passes. Especially with him being the only child of Mr. Han…I’d say impossible.” 

You bit your lip, fingers trembling. “Does he want out…?” 

“He doesn’t express his feelings to me. I don’t think he wants me anymore involved than I am now. But, I think so- personally.” 

“…T-Thank you.” 

“Of course ma’am.” 

And so you sat, no longer fidgeting quite as much as you used to. 

And eventually, he did come back.

He drew his hair back, a dark glaze in his eyes.

He was no longer wearing his gloves.

Thoughts began to drip into your head as to why, a sickening feeling crawling along the edges of your mind. 

“I’m sorry I took so long,” He muttered, sitting beside you.

“Is that all Mr. Han?” Driver Kim asked, tipping his head back. 

“Yes, I believe so, thank you.” 

When he turned to you, you noticed the soft and light glimmer painting him. 

And you smiled, pushing your worries away. 

“Did it all go okay?” 

He hesitantly nodded. “…I hope it did.”

You noticed the exhaustion that drenched his tone, his body lurching back in the seat as the wind blew through his messy strands. 

You sank against him, entwining your hands as you rested your head in the crook of his neck. “I’m sure it did. It’s over now.” 

And perhaps for the time being it was over. 

It had seemed that way for the next few hours, the two of you in Jumin’s office as you yourself went about reading various books about his former home, beside him.

You had assumed the creaking throughout the house had been from age or maybe his cat, Elizabeth 3rd. 

You were very wrong in your assumption. 

The door was thrashed open, a man with fresh tear stains having been the perpetrator. 

His clothes and hair were ragged, a wild and savage expression contorting him. 

He shot daggers at Jumin, shakily aiming a pistol towards him.

“Y-You killed my brother!” 

Jumin hid you behind him almost immediately, scowling. 

“You need to leave. Now.” 

“I-I bet y-you’d like that wouldn’t you?” The man howled. “J-Just for me to f-forget about this?” 

“I would say that’s in your best interest.” 

“And if I d-don’t?” 

“I just said leaving was in your best interest.” 

“A-And what if I shoot y-you?” 

He didn’t respond, merely raising his eyebrows in doubt. 

“W-Why…?” The man whimpered, chin quivering. “W-Why’d you do it…?” 

“Your brother threatened my family and my other clients. We warned him and he refused.” 

“D-Didn’t you ever think about those t-that cared about him?” 

“He clearly wasn’t thinking about it. Why should I?” 

“D-Don’t talk l-like you knew him!” 

“I did know him.” 

“N-No you didn’t!” 

He pulled the trigger, his weary, unsteady aim instead hitting the wall.

Just beside you.

You screamed.

As though just the idea of you being harmed, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, your fiance quickly shifted.

The man staggered backward, yelling. “I-I’m not afraid to do it!” 

“You’re not?” Jumin growled, a low rumble in his throat. 


“MC,” He spoke your name, a warmth catching him at the sound of your name before dispersing. “Come here.” 

You awkwardly walked forward, staring with horror at the stranger.

You stood beside him, watching in confusion as he pulled you close, taking one of his hands to cover your eyes. 

“W-What…? J-Jumin?” You whispered, drawing your fingertips against his knuckles, a lump growing in your throat. 

He felt colder than ice.

“Well, I’m not either.” 

And you knew in that moment, why he covered your eyes as he snatched out his gun and promptly pulled the trigger. 


Looks like there’s a bit of dicussion about upcoming projects going on. Jaehee had enough work as it is, what with her normal workload as well as RFA matters. Maybe she’ll get lucky, and Mr. Han won’t talk about anymore cat projects…

….or maybe he will.


Photos taken at Kamicon 2017

Make sure read the captions on the photos! :)

Jaehee: @figuringitoutasigoalong
Photographer: James
Last photo: @theanimelibrarian

darkvelvetroses  asked:

I want to lose 10 lbs in 2-3 weeks. Any tips and guild lines up should follow?

10 lbs in that short of time can be really unhealthy/unsafe so please be careful!
Here’s my rules that helped me lose 10 lbs in the last 3ish weeks:

1. Stay away from: milk, gluten, corn, soy, refined sugar, nuts, and tomatoes.
2. Eat an egg every morning (eggs have a lot of protein and nutrients that will keep your body looking and feeling better).
3. Do at least an hour of cardio every day and weight training every other day.
4. Eat veggies with every meal and try to eat different veggies.
5. Fast for 36 hours once a week (obvi stop if you feel dizzy, etc)
6. Drink at least one cup of water or tea every hour.
7. To help with cravings, drink ginger tea (or apple cider vinegar if they’re really bad).

Stay safe please ✨

CSBB Author Spotlight: justanotherwannabeclassic

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @justanotherwannabeclassic

What is your writing process like?

I hate to say it, but my writing process is neither refined nor organized. I start with an idea, with it niggling at me until I do something about it. This also transforms into a line, and then work my story around that. For example, when I wrote “Roses in December”, I had the line “In a flash of rainbow light, Emma remembers” before anything else. I often end up asking myself a number of questions: Where do I want this go? What is the goal of the fic? This helps me further flesh out the plot, or at the very least figure out how I want to begin or end the story. Then, I begin writing. Also, I have horrible tendency to ask, “how can I make this angsty?” So there’s that.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a writer?

I like to think I’m good at conservation of detail. I’m not an overly wordy person. I believe my writing style was once described as “nice, breezy”, which I think was pretty apt. I also tend to put a lot of care into characterization. It’s very important to me that everyone is in-character, so I often spend a lot of time trying to determine just what that means and how to write it all out.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

I have a Stage Manager/Actor AU that I have kicking around in my head, but I just haven’t figure out how to get it written yet.

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

Killian Jones, definitely. He has such an interesting character, and his voice is so distinct. You can’t approach him quite like you do other characters.

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

Does persistent badgering count? Kidding. (Mostly.) Honestly, I signed up because I wanted to further develop my writings skills, and because I like a challenge. Assuming I complete the CSBB, this story will be the longest thing I have ever written, which is both daunting and exciting. I like a challenge, and it will certainly be a challenge. I’ve also never written a MC completely before posting, so I am curious how I will write without consistent audience feedback.

Favorite Fics:

Roses in December (FFnet/AO3/Tumblr)

I’d be pretty remiss if I didn’t include this one, wouldn’t I? This was the first MC I had ever completed, which is somewhat amusing considering it was originally intended to be a one-shot. I had so much fun writing this, and because of this story, I feel much more confident writing Emma’s voice. Also, this story was voted first place in the CS Fanfic Awards for Best Multi-chapter (-50k), which blew my mind.

In the End (AO3/Tumblr)

This was my first foray into smut, and I’m pretty proud with how it turned out. Also, I really enjoyed writing Lieutenant Duckling.

With a Little Help from My Friends (AO3/Tumblr)

Why do I like this one? Because I had such a fun time trying to figure out what the personalities of the next generation would be, and what their lives would be like. I feel proud of myself for creating such distinct personalities, and for all of the headcanons I have in this little world.

Check out justanotherwannabeclassic on FFnet - AO3 - Tumblr!

loyal-to-reylo  asked:

So wait... I'm confused... Are Grey Jedi real or not? Or is Pablo just being a big bag of dicks because he doesn't like Kylo and admitting that Grey Jedi exist is basically saying he'll get a redemption arch? Because last I checked Windu was a Grey Jedi...

So here’s a link for the info on Gray Jedi  http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gray_Jedi

So the Gray Jedi aren’t “canon” I don’t believe. Not yet at least. I think it was in the EU. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. 

Yet, it looks very much so that this is the path that the trilogy is going. 

The Poem at the beginning of TFA novelization…

First comes the day                                                                                             Then comes the night                                                                                        After the darkness                                                                                                  Shines through the light                                                                                    The difference, they say                                                                                          Is only made right                                                                                                     By the resolving of gray                                                                                           Through refined Jedi sight.

Page 181 Aftermath Empire’s End

“Where he with soon join with the living Force, all hail the light, the dark, and the gray.”

And then we have the trailer for TLJ and the poster

“the light, darkness, and the balance.”

The poster represents the three Force users. Luke, Kylo, and Rey. My personal theory is that Luke is going to explore the more Gray aspect of the Force. Because he has realized his mistakes with Ben Solo. They are going to help Kylo find balance. Because he is being torn apart. He is struggling with the pull to the light. He needs balance. Balance is in the Gray. 

Pablo doesn’t like anti heroes or tragic villains like Kylo. I think his tweets about the Gray Jedi were more so about the title “Jedi” because it seems as if they will name it something else. Maybe even just “the balance.” So in that aspect, yeah it isn’t Gray Jedi. Because this is the Last Jedi. 

I hope that makes sense!