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How to save a tv show

I don’t know if you realize or you just don’t care anymore, but, if we get some media coverage on the issue of queerbaiting, we can:

  • At least make it so that it doesn’t get worse, like Sherlock kissing Irene or John dating/marrying another woman. 
  • Possibly even get as much as implied married!lock with parentlock. 
  • In a best case scenario, if we play well our arguments outside of tumblr with the help of the press, we might even get the writers so understand our point of view.

There has been a wall between us an the writers until now, but we could at least make an attempt to remove it, keeping in mind that they are 50+ years old people that might have very little understanding of young people and of what kind of representation is needed nowadays. They seem on some levels to be invested on the queer side of the relationship themselves for their own personal reasons. They behaved very badly, but they are not intentionally evil, they are people that can learn (even if sadly the burden of making them learn is on us).

Some of us can keep developing these characters outside of the show, but it remains the fact that what is the actual content of the show will still have an impact 1) on the real world’s perception of queer people 2) on the future of queer representation in other shows 3) on all future Holmes adaptations concerning whether Holmes and Watson will be portrayed as a romantic couple 4) on new queer viewers who might get hurt while watching for the first time 5) on the ultimate fate of the characters of this particular adapatation, as with time the characterization we have developed during this hiatus will be lost if not in agreement with the show, possibly very soon. And probably other consequences I can’t think of right now.

My suggestion is that we can try to get the press on our side and, since we were till the other day ten thousand or so, it is something we could easily do if we tried.

  • I thought that we can tweet, retweet, like massively with the tags #TheGreatestLoveStoryNeverTold #sherlock (quotes, arguments, pictures, gifs, even from other Holmes adaptations).
    Keep it civil if we want to come to an understanding with the writers.
  • Tip news outlets on the possibility of writing an article on the matter.
  • If you have the means, write an article yourself to submit outside of tumblr.
  • Send you complaint to the BBC if you already haven’t. Here’s a guide.

Have you got any new ideas to add?

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I’ve been in therapy since I was 13 for a couple different reasons, and there’s one really simple concept that I couldn’t accept for the first 2 years. It’s that there’s always going to be bad things and hard times in your life, and you may be miserable 23 hours a day, but if you have 1 hour, or 10 minutes even, of happiness or laughter or any sort of good feeling, the day was worth it. Happiness isn’t a constant state that you can just level out at, it’s just like any other emotion, it comes and it goes. And you shouldn’t invalidate your happiness because it’s not a permanent state. Anyways this is a dumb and unnecessary post but I just read an old journal and I’m sad for my younger self

Thoughts and Impressions from the new promo:

-I came to the hardcore realization today that the first episode AT LEAST will have a lot of Bellarke-all-on-their own scenes (and maybe more depending on how long they try to keep this problem to themselves). Bellamy and Clarke are rarely alone together in a scene and when they are, you know what they’re usually doing? HUGGING AND TALKING ABOUT FEELINGS AND STUFF.

-Is it Raven that says “from the ashes, we will rise?” Because I LOVE THAT.

-it appears that Raven notices the rising radiation levels concurrently with Clarke telling Bellamy about the end of the world—as in, she figures out on her own that radiation levels are rising which could lead to some tension if Bellamy and Clarke come back and pretend nothing is wrong. (I also wonder at the timing of Raven happening to notice the Geiger counters. Is this something to do with her ALIE-enhanced brain?)

-“Clarke and Bellamy need to decide…” yaaaaas

-the scenes in Polis from what I’m assuming is early in the first episode look amazing and I can’t wait

-Octavia looking normal and talking to Clarke and Bellamy? From early in the season or later?

-highkey excited to see Echo attempt to threaten Clarke’s life

-I’m curious about the scenes that look like they take place in the dead zone?

-Eliza is so frickin cute oh my

-Jasper + Raven brotp/otp (I still don’t know which)

-I would love it if Clarke and Bellamy decide to tell Raven because she’s a genius, but she’s either like “I know already” or she brings it up before they can

-it’s SUCH A RELIEF to see Clarke having a breakdown and actually feeling things

-confused because the lighting of the scene with her clearing the desk and putting her face in her hands is the same as the hand-nuzzle from the first trailer, but the clothes are different? Either they start taking clothes off to show their vulnerability or Clarke and Bellamy spend a LOT of alone time in that room, comforting each other and…stuff

I never post anything political on this blog, but I have a (mostly rhetorical) question.

I often see young men who are new to tumblr, and who have these edgy-ass blogs with descriptions like “this blog is not a safe space, are you triggered special snowflake??? ;) ;)” because they haven’t been here long enough to realize what 4chan told them about tumblr only applies to a specific subset of tumblr’s userbase.

These kids almost always support capitalism and are critical of communism and socialism.

These same kids are also the type to repost art, and they get super offended when they are called out to at least give credit because that’s how the artist makes money.

And they reply with shit like, “fuck off SJW”

But by denying copyright law, aren’t these edgy kids implicitly claiming that they have some kind of communistic ownership right to art belonging to other people? Isn’t this a fundamentally anti-capitalist attitude?

Give people the chance to make money off their work, my dudes.

Don’t give up.

You can get through this. I might not know you, but- I care. You may be hundreds of miles away from me. You might not know that I even exist. You might be the type of person I hate the most, but- I need you to know that I care.

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, I care about you. Your life. Yourself. Realize your worth. You’re beautiful. Love yourself. If you’ve become someone you hate, change. I’ll help you with it.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know why I’m typing this. I just feel a strong urge to do this. Who knows? This might save someone’s life. Now, or in the future- I hope that this helps someone. Know that, at the very least, there’s someone who cares about you. I’m here. I love you.

I would be careful with what you say
Someone could get hurt
You think there ain’t any repercussions
When you say all that dirt
It’s not even thinly veiled
We see how it all works
Constant hiccups where’s the trouble now
There’s a crack in every turn
Last time I checked no one check with me
It’s funny how you’re afraid of being
This is the sound of minds dying
Why you always gotta learn the hard way
You’re becoming easy to avoid
You could’ve prevented it in a lot of ways
Realize now what you’ve destroyed
Saying goodbye before I arrive
Soon I won’t have no tongue left to bite
This is the sound of minds dying
In front of the world’s biggest firing squad
At least one of the guns is empty
You be the grinding and I’m the halt
Wash our wound with the salt of the sea
Maybe I’ve never tried
Soon there’ll be no time left to bide
Be thankful you’re not me
This is the sound of mine dying

Something I finally realized after a lot of sigil work - will takes the path of least resistance. The less restrictions you impose on a goal, the faster and easier it will come. The universe already knows the easiest way to make something happen and it’ll take that quickest route if you let it. That’s why if your statement of intent can be interpreted as something other than your goal, and that interpretation is physically easier to have happen, you’re gonna see that outcome rather than the one you wanted.

So after learning about Keith’s mum being Galra, I just had to draw something of her. They have the same eyes, messy hair, and independent streak.

And I kinda sorta headcanon that Matt had met her many times while he was with the resistance and had even become friends with her. When he first met Keith, bells were instantly ringing, but he couldn’t tell how the red palladian struck him as familiar. At least until Keith removed his helmet and Matt got a good, long look at his eyes, and realized that they were her eyes too.

Speaking directly to other lesbians here on tumblr.hell: an actual major way to combat the self hate and anxiety many of us feel surrounding our identity is to pay close attention to what kind of messages you’re surrounding yourself with and whose voices you are amplifying and by extension internalizing. I spend too much time on this site mainly because I currently don’t have any irl access to an lgbt community in general, much less a lesbian community, but since I’ve started to be more selective about the blogs I follow, the better I feel.

If you’re following people who primarily reblog lesbophobic rhetoric from tumblr users + the general media, and a large portion of what you see on your dash is made up of that kind of content, it will negatively affect you. If you spend a lot of time on here & that’s the main thing you see, even if you realize that it’s hateful bullshit, you kind of can’t help internalizing those messages or at the very least beginning to feel defeated and the weight of the hatred some people have. Since I’ve started paying less attention to the negativity and, particularly, stopped following so many blogs who focus on chronicling lesbophobic posts, I feel so much better in my actual life. If you’re following something on here, or facebook, or twitter, etc that isn’t contributing to your growth or education and is directly oppositional to promoting self love & self confidence & acceptance- unfollow them.

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with accounts that try to record hate against vulnerable communities & demand accountability, but when so many of us already deal with self hatred in general (and sometimes specific mental health struggles) it’s just so, so incredibly important to make sure we aren’t surrounding ourselves with those messages. If you use the internet as way to connect with other lesbians and feel some sense of community- focus on blogs that promote lesbian positivity. There are so many blogs/twitters/etc at this point that focus on lesbian artists, writers, academics, activists, and so much more! Follow those! Celebrate the amazing talent and history of our community and try to surround yourself with the positive. Don’t get too preoccupied by non-lesbians who are only interested in spreading negativity like a toxin. I’m honestly so much more confident in my sexuality and feel a much greater sense of community since taking my own advice. 💕

Devils’ Trap

Devils’ Trap Part 1

Characters- Sam, Dean, (female)Reader

Pairings- None

Summary- Canon fic: Sam and Dean rescue the reader from demon possession and realize she could hold valuable information- if only she could remember …

Word Count- A little over 5k

Warnings- Canon-typical action violence; Mild (censored) language

A/N- I didn’t mean to write this. I actually told myself I wasn’t going to write fanfiction- at least not featuring Sam and Dean- because I didn’t feel like I could do them justice and I’ve really fallen in love with the characters. Then this story more or less came to me and I decided it needed to be written down.

Thanks to @jalove-wecallhimdean for being my editor and mentor and to @deals-with-demons for being my cheering squad. I would not have been able to finish writing this story without your encouragement!

Further thanks to @neversatisfiedgirl, @whatdoyouthinkmyjobis, @torn-and-frayed, @moonlitskinwalker, and @seenashwrite for inspiring me and without whom I wouldn’t be getting this posted (It’s not like I’m expecting you to read it or anything, I just believe in giving thanks where it’s due)

 "Tibi facias libertate servire,“
 It was a familiar scene: A freshly-painted red circle, with the star and sigils comprising a devil’s trap; A chair in the center with a writhing black-eyed girl secured with iron chain.
  “Te rogamus, audi nos.” As Sam voiced the last words of the exorcism the girl gave a final shriek; a plume of black smoke shot out of her and circled against the confines of the trap, finally sinking and flaring up briefly before melting into the concrete floor of the abandoned building.
  With the demon gone, the girl slumped in the chair, her head hanging limp; blood oozing from somewhere, mouth or nose he couldn’t be sure. He was hit with the sick fear they had been too late. He rushed forward, pressing two fingers to her neck to check for a pulse. Dean hovered nearby waiting for the verdict.
  He found what he was searching for and felt a surge of relief, “She’s alive.” The girl stirred and Sam carefully began to remove her restraints. She started to raise her head, reflexively touching her tongue to the blood that was dripping off her lip.
 Dean took a step forward, “Hey, take it easy.” He pressed a cleanish bandana into her newly-freed right hand and she clutched it to her nose to stem the bleeding. “What’s your name?”

 She glanced at Sam, who was just straightening after freeing her, before returning Dean’s gaze, trying to make sense of what was going on. She was struggling, either to grasp the meaning of Dean’s question or to remember the right answer, but she was finally able to croak out the word she was searching for.
 “Anything damaged, besides the nose bleed?”    
 She considered this for a moment, before shaking her head which produced a noticeable wince, “I don’t think so.”
 “My name’s Dean, this is my brother, Sam. We’re the good guys. We need you to tell us what you remember.”

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emptygoat  asked:

tumblr gets so much crap but tbh im rlly happy i found it introduced me to asexuality and helped me realize that its ok that i don't feel sexual attraction and that its ok that i dont want to have sex and that may change one day and thats ok too. thank you for making this blog because im sure a bunch of teenagers are going through the same thing as i did and blogs like yours can help at least a few realize that its ok to feel how they do

Oh goodness I hope we do help others discover themselves and come to terms with their sexuality! Tumblr is where i discovered my asexuality and aromanticism! I’m thankful for discovering it at a relatively young age after feeling weird for years from people having crushes and wanting relationships, i just wasn’t feeling it. I’m happy i found it and i’m so happy you found it to! I’m glad the both of us were able to discover ourselves and i hope more do as well!

- Mod Feli

  • mother: adventure!! fun! friendship! sometimes things can get a little scary but that's ok!! just keep going! believe in yourself!
  • earthbound: yeah!! have fun! never give up even when things look bad! you can do it!
  • mother 3: humanity is a deeply flawed race that will inevitably give way to nothing but a swirling vortex of greed and apathy. nothing you do matters, because it's all doomed anyway. 'happy endings' are nothing but an unattainable myth

i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv