but at least i cried while making this

Okay so… I’m just tryna figure out why people even voted for J*ssica to win the halting hex… this girl is worse than Dominique and I feel like even casuals should know this?… they gave J*ssica at least two bad edits that showed her colors… meanwhile Dom gets mocked for praying and telling the truth. Dominique was there to play unlike 95% of the house, but y'all gave it to a girl who followed her boyfriend around all day, bullied a dude for being emotional and then cried over cake while making Dom’s birthday about herself, and said she felt like an African child when she was on slop and hungry… okay.

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30 Tell-tale Signs that you are Hardcore Yoongi Biased with the Softest Core

1. You cried at least 5x while listening to “The Last”

2. You cried when Agust D was released 

3. You cried when you finally understood “First Love” 

4. You’re practically dehydrated every time Yoongi releases a personal track 

5. You also cried when Yoongi cried. This lane cries a lot. 

6. You’re Yoongi kink list includes (but is not limited to): Yoongi working in his Studio, Yoongi playing the piano, Yoongi eating, Yoongi talking about his music, members talking about how Yoongi takes care of them 

7. You see his hands, your first thought, I want his fingers between mine 

8. Seeing his gummy smile makes you feel like everything will be okay 

9. You almost bought bubble wrap when he injured his ear… You also wanted to fight a door… At some point in 2014 you also wanted to fight an appendix… but shit was too complicated to comprehend… just how?

10 .He breathes… you praise his genius 

11. You could listen to him singing… on loop

12. You believe he is shippable with any Bangtan member… coz come on! His relationship with everyone IS good! (don’t fight us on this… trigger warning)

13. Yoongi + Basketball… cannon

14. When Yoongi does aegyo... you cringe… then giggle… then die.

15. Nevermind Live.… also… All Force One Fancam.

16. You know what ‘brown’ is in Korean

17. Black, Blonde, Mint… probably in that order. You love Yoongi in all hair colors and you are always ready to fight BigHit when it changes. But you’ll love the new color anyways.

18. You know and love all his personas (BTS Suga, Min Pdnim, Agust D, Father Louis William Suga Adams III, Motionless Min) but your ultimate favorite is Min Yoongi.

19. You noticed how more cheerful and carefree he became after releasing his mixtape.

20. You see Yoongi sleeping, you think, “Yes, baby. So hardworking. You deserve that rest.”

21. Triggers: “Suga copied/plagiarized…”, “Suga is dieting”

22. You actually fear the day Yoongi regains his bulk and muscles. (You’re soft heart ain’t ready for that shit. He will be too perfect! *sobs*)

23. Kkaepjjang… IS a thing!

24. You BELIEVE in his dancing

25. You have listed either Daegu or Genius Lab (or both) as one of the top places you want to visit.

26. You hear Bangtan is on a break… you wait for Min Holly updates.

27. Your world stops when Yoongi tweets

28. You’re still waiting for A-Yo and So Far Away MV

29. When someone asks you why Yoongi is your bias, your first answer is “he inspires me…”

30. You actually finished this list just to see if you match any of the following… 


Sundays in Windenburg 🍜🎶 

Thank you so much @sim-bubble for Julie and @fatpandasims for Dorian! Be sure to check out their amazing stories! 

things i noticed during the great comet

so i saw the show on july 8th with ingrid michaelson as sonya and dave malloy as pierre, i was seated in the onstage banquettes, stage right, on the inside aisle, 2nd row. before i forget all of these little things i noticed and saw that you can’t get from the cast recording, i wanted to make a list. anyway, here are just a few of the things i got from my seat during the show.

- the lighting is truly remarkable. there are a ton of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling as well as those beautiful starburst chandeliers, and they lower or rise at various points in the show. the lights are all connected, even the lamps on the tables, and they flicker and dim and go wild all together. sitting on stage and seeing all of the lamps in the audience was an experience in itself
- during “no one else,” after the “and flying away like this” natasha was standing in the aisle a few rows behind me and andrey was standing right next to me. it’s snowing on him and she keeps singing and looking sadly at him, while he rifles through letters (presumably from her) and mouths to himself “i love her” and “i love you” and other things. it’s always been a beautiful song, but seeing them a few feet away, and the facial expressions…i cried
- fourth wall who? the entire cast sings a looot of the show directly at people, and there is so much more interaction (at least in my seat) than i could have dreamed. someone sat right next to us during the opera scene, watching through their opera glasses; i got handed a love letter during “letters”; they wink and make faces at you while singing or playing their instruments
- SPEAKING of interaction, during “the abduction” when anatole sings “wait! shut the door! first we have to sit down!” he looked around and then came to where i was sitting on the aisle and frantically gestured at me to move over, pushing until he had room, and then sat on the banquette. he looked around and sang “that’s the way…it’s a russian custom” and then looked back at me and just. stared. lucas steele’s eyes just looking right at me. i giggled for a few seconds, then gave him that “sup how you doin” head nod, and he paused for a second and then did it back. i was so aware that the entire audience was looking at me, and it was wild, people were laughing and he just kept smirking at me. finally he went “alright” and got up and carried on. my heart took a few measures to normalize
- THE CLUB SCENE. there is SO MUCH going on. the ensemble is dressed in like leather, fishnets, neon, sunglasses, and the whole “ohhhh ohhh ohhh, ohhh ohhhh ohhh ohhhohhohohohohohoh” beginning part is just STROBE LIGHTS and it was WIIIIILD. i don’t know how they all move around during that scene without falling off anything. also marya is wearing leather pants and holding a riding crop
- after “pierre & andrey” nicholas belton goes back to the bolkonsky section of the stage and mary looks so happy to see him and goes to give him a hug and he just throws up his hands and pushes past her to sit and sulk, and she looks absolutely devastated
- dave malloy is an incredible pierre. he embodies the emotions and inner turmoil and conflict so beautifully. his “dust & ashes” was gorgeous
- during “sonya alone,” a single lightbulb comes down over sonya’s head, and it’s one of the most simple songs with the least amount of movement onstage and it was fantastic and ingrid michaelson sounded wonderful
- during “the duel” when it’s dolokhov’s turn to shoot, pierre just stands there with his arms outstretched and his head down, waiting for it. after the shot, everybody is still for several seconds and then pierre lifts his head and does that “wait…am i okay” thing and pats himself on the side and stomach like he’s checking for a wound, and then the song continues
- in “pierre & natasha” when pierre sings “she began to cry” denee benton moved away and bent over and started sobbing, and doesn’t stop throughout the next several lines and it was so very distressing and sad
- omg during “the opera” after the first part of the opera actually happens and the music gets faster again, before natasha sings “grotesque and amazing” the lights come up and she and sonya are in their box watching and sonya’s face was all scrunched up like she had just eaten something rotten while natasha was literally doing the :-O face, and everybody laughed

like a million other things happened that i love obviously but i can’t even remember all of them. moral of the story, i loved it and if you can see it, do.

Why Phichit is my Favorite Character

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was about time I made a post that shows that this blog is actually what it sounds like. This is going to be a long ride full of incoherent rambling, so hold on tight. Yes I am listening to Shall We Skate and Terra Incognita on repeat while writing this

Lets start from the beginning. The first time we see Phichit, we see him for only a few seconds, where he only says one line of dialogue, ¨Yuuri!¨, which was preceded by a giggle. We don’t see him again for the rest of the episode, or the next. Or the next. There is nothing that you can glean from this character at first glance.

But that was the moment I fell in love with the character that is Phichit Chulanont. 

See, It wasn’t his first official appearance that made me fall in love with him. The reason I liked this character so much was because I understood he was close to Yuuri and cared about him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I became invested in Yuri!!! on ICE because of Yuuri and the premise + figure skating. Not victuuri, although that was wonderful because!!! Representation!!! I was just glad there was a main character I, and many others, could deeply relate to. But this post isn’t about Yuuri. Its about Phichit. And because I could see he cared for Yuuri, I got interested. 

So I watched the scene again to figure out what I could. And here is what I was able to come up with.

He lives in Thailand, but has just arrived home after being somewhere else, or is leaving. More likely the former. He is cheerful, and invested somewhat in social media. He is close friends with Yuuri, or at least acquainted, and is likely a figure skater. 

I looked him up after that, and my love only grew. 

Also, we had this picture in the ending

God I love him

The next time we see Phichit, we see him in a video call with Yuuri in episode 4. His first appearances are all very Yuuri-centered. 

But boy did this scene deliver a BIG LOAD of information. 

I had been right about quite a few things from my first guesses about Phichit. He just arrived back in Thailand and likes social media, as seen by the literal touchscreen gloves and multiple IG posts. He is also very close with Yuuri. VERY CLOSE. I damn near cried over how comfortable and happy Yuuri became when he was talking with Phichit. And how comfortable PHICHIT looked when he was talking to Yuuri. 

They had clearly been friends for a long time, Yuuri even knew phrases in Phichits native language, and I have no doubts that Phichit knows phrases in Japanese.

This sort of familiarity and calm interaction is something we only really see Yuuri take part in when he is with his family, +the Nishigori’s, at least at the beginning of the series. 

When Yuuri starts talking about composer girl, Phichit is able to immediately understand what Yuuri needs without even having to hear Yuuri say it. That is the kind of friendship some can only dream of. 

We already know Phichit is a wonderful, reliable friend from less than a minute of interaction. Less than a minute. I counted. I have seen dozens of shows where it takes multiple WHOLE EPISODES to understand the relationship between two characters, but with Yuri on Ice it takes less than a minute. This is a result of good writing and good, rounded characters. 

Which leads to my next topic of discussion.

Phichit is such a well-rounded character holy shit

There are no lingering doubts about Phichit’s character. There isn’t a scene where you are left wondering, “Why did Phichit do this” or “What is Phichit thinking” because we know, at least in my case. As long as you understand Phichit as a character you can understand the motivations behind his actions. 

Episode 6 is a beautiful Phichitfest and I was having a good ol’ time. 

Now, for reference, episode 6 is when I really got into Yuri on Ice as a show. Characters I didn’t really like were starting to have more appeal, like Viktor, and characters I loved got better, somehow. 

Bonus points for fashion goddamn


His constant need to document everything on social media is also much appreciated. 

also this

Captain of the #victuuri ship honestly same Phichit

So,as I’m watching this episode I’m just waiting and thinking 

when do i get to see Phichit skate?? when??

I find out Phichit skates first and Im !!!!

then he skates. 


Phichit steps out onto that rink in his princely attire and I am gone then and there.

Shall We Skate? is such a masterpiece and I LOVE IT

You can say what you want about Phichit, but if you cant see how much Phichit adores skating through his performance than you clearly haven’t watched the series. 

I have a record of crying every time I watch Phichit skate when I watched the episodes he was in for the first time. Every time. This one is no exception. 

The fact that the audience is shown to get very caught up in Phichit’s performance made me so happy? These people, who are all there to support the more popular skaters, are getting caught up in the dance of a skater who hadn’t even been on their radar. 

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what a good friend fukc i love him

What I wouldn’t give to have a friend like Phichit


Terra Incognita. 

me too ciao ciao

This performance showed how much you can glean from a person while watching them skate. And yes. I cried. 


His motivation for skating is so fucking clear. 

He wants to make his country proud.

And he does. 

The audience is rooting for Phichit, he gets the crowd hyped up and he delivers. 

He worked his ass off for this performance and it pays off

He nails all of his components and scores higher than he ever has

He is so confident that hes won and he WINS






And that’s why it made me so mad when he lost the Grand Prix Final. 

Sixth. Place. 

I love the other skaters. I really do. But JJ did not deserve a bronze medal. He was way over scored and should have gotten last place. Phichit scored about as high as the previous years third place winner. JJ. 

His Shall We Skate made me hella emotional and sob along with him at the end. He is SUCH A GOOD SKATER. 

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I never cried as hard during the entirety of YOI as I did during Phichit’s Terra Incognita performance. He was so happy to just be performing. Even after he messed up one jump he continued to smile. 

That is what makes a performer. 

Phichit entertains the audience. He holds their attention and gets them hyped up and on the edge of their seats. 

He has fun while he skates and just genuinely loves his sport. 

This gif sums it up pretty well

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The scenes he got outside of the competition made me happy at least, and some of the flashbacks provided some nice information and depth

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and the iconic #victuuricaptain moment

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and I may be really salty about his loss but i am SO PROUD OF HIM

I am going to quote something I said when I first made this blog. 

“Just by qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals, Phichit won. He may not have won a medal, but he achieved not only one of his dreams, skating “Shall We Skate” in a major competition, but also made history by becoming the first Thai skater to compete in the Grand Prix Finals. WE should all be extremely proud of him, and hopefully watch him continue to made his dreams reality in the next season!”

I stand by this statement fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, Phichit deserved to be placed higher, and yes, it was completely unfair. But lets be proud of what he did achieve, and appreciate him for the amazing character he is. 

tldr; Phichit is a wonderful character and I love him. Thanks for 500 followers!

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What if one day, MC is just feeling really romantic and fluffy (?) and just starts randomly slow dancing with RFA+ Saeran. How would they react and how would it make them feel? (I'm feeling really fluffy) ^^ Hopefully you're still taking requests! :3

A/N: Aaww! This request is really cute! ^^ ~Admin 404


               -The two of you were just walking downtown when you heard an outdoor symphony start to play

               -You gasped before grabbing his arm and practically sprinting towards the music, dragging him along

               -“M-MC! Wait! You-you’re running too fast! Where are we going!?”

               -He ran into you because you stopped so abruptly in front of the musicians

               -Looking around, he saw a fairly large crowd- people were either standing there and simply admiring the music, while others seemed to be dancing together

               -You turned to him, a wide smile on your face as you grabbed one of his hands, putting the other one on his shoulder

               -“Yoooooosuuuuuung! Please dance with me!”

               -His face turned a neon red- so red in fact that it could put Saeyoung’s hair to shame.

               -“H-here? Out in the open? With this many people around here?”

               -The soft smile you gave him melted him into a puddle. Without a second thought, he put his other hand on your waist and started to sway the both of you back and forth softly

               -You couldn’t help but giggle when his burst of confidence faded because he had absolutely no idea how to slow dance, so the two of you were stumbling left and right, bumping into people, but all around having a good time with each other


               -He came home to some soft music playing in the living room

               -Among the music, he could hear the little pitter-patter of your feet moving around

               -So, out of curiosity, he took a peek around the corner to see what in the world you were doing

               -He watched as you spun about the room, switching between who lead the dance- you or the broom you’ve made your dance partner

               -His heart practically flew out of his chest as he watched how happy you seemed to be as you danced around

               -Couldn’t help but join you; the light blush that grew across your face when he appeared in front of you was not left unnoticed

               -One hand to your hip and the other intertwining with yours, he gracefully guided you around the room, avoiding the furniture with ease

               -Your smile made his whole world stutter and burst with joy! Seeing you genuinely happy, with something as little as dancing around the room with him, makes him fall more and more in love with you

               -The end of the song was nearing, and he decided what better way to end the dance than with a kiss

               -So he spun you around and pulled you back to him, holding your face gently before leaning in to place a small kiss on your lips, living in the giggle you let out afterwards

               -He loved the feeling of dancing with you so much, he plays the song on repeat for hours just so he can have an excuse to pull you into another dance


               -You felt incredibly lonely at home, so you decided to visit Jaehee at work for her lunch break!

               -Placing a neatly wrapped lunch box on top of her paperwork, she jumped a little in surprise before she looked up at you

               -“Oh, MC! I didn’t hear you come in! What are you doing here?”

               -“Um, what does it look like, silly? I brought you lunch! I know for a fact you didn’t eat yet, so I’m here to make sure you do!” She raised her eyebrow in suspicion, waiting for you to finish. “Well… I mean, I might have been lonely as well?” you replied, shrugging sheepishly

               -As much as she wanted to get her work done, she also couldn’t deny having lunch with you

               -A visit from you was always relaxing, refreshing, and just what she needed to get through the day

               -The time spent after lunch was calm, listening to some musical soundtracks play softly in the background

               -But you jumped up when a familiar song came on, grabbing her hand to make sure she followed you up as well

               -One hand took hold of her hip while the other held her hand gently, pulling her closer to you as you took the lead, guiding her around her desk

               -She was blushing like crazy, the fact that she’s at work and you were being so loving, she loved it but it was so unprofessional, what if Jumin had come out and saw she was dancing with you rather than working?

               -The moment you kissed her cheek though, she decided she didn’t care if Jumin walked out, she was enjoying and basking in your love and affection and he could fuck off (though she would never say it out loud to his face)


               -He could hear the music playing from the living room but he was busy finishing up important business in his home office

               -The sound of your laughter is what finally pulled him from his paperwork hell

               -He peeked through the doorway, watching as you were swaying back and forth to some classical music

               -You spun around and he could see that you were holding Elizabeth in your arms

               -She was meowing in enjoyment, rubbing the top of her head against your jaw as you continued to dance with her

               -“Are you having fun, MC?” You spun quickly to watch him walk towards you, a smirk creeping across his lips

               -“How about you, Elizabeth? Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked as he reached to scratch the top of her head, she practically jumped up to meet his hand

               -“We’re having a lot of fun! But, I think it’d be a lot more fun if you joined us!” you shot him your award winning smile, one you knew from experience that he couldn’t deny

               -So you place Elizabeth on the floor before interlocking your fingers behind his neck, his hands making their way to your waist

               -He lead you all around the room with a thick aura of elegance, Elizabeth wrapping around both of your feet as the two of you danced

               -It got to the point you had to pick her up again and hold her between the two of you just so you wouldn’t trip

               -But the three of you spent the rest of the night dancing together as a trio, you and Jumin switching off on who gets to hold her, laughing when she would meow in complaint when the two of you danced alone


               -“Saaaeeyyyoooouuuunnnng!” you whined, throwing yourself across his desk, he quickly grabbed his keyboard and lifted it above you before impact

               -“MC! I’m trying to finish this! We can play after I’m done!” he watched as your lips puckered into a pout “Oh come on, don’t do that!” In a huff, you crossed your arms and walked out, hearing Saeyoung yell an “I love you!” over his shoulder

               -You sat on the couch, just grumbling to yourself, not seeing Saeran sitting next to you

               -“Hey not that I really, you know, care? But you’ve been grumbling to yourself for a good 10 minutes now” the sound of his voice made you jump, your head whipping in his direction

               -“I’m starting to think we should put a bell on you.” “YOU SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME AND STARTED TO GRUMBLE, ASSHOLE”

               -You sighed and rested your elbow on the arm of the couch, holding your chin in your hand. “I’m just.. well it’ll probably gross you out, but I’m just really…. loving right now, and your stupid brother won’t pay any attention to me”

               -“You’re right, that is gross. But just go make him pay attention to you. Push him out of the chair, lean over and type random things on his keyboard, I don’t know. Just go be annoying somewhere other than here”

               -So you took his advice…well, lightly at least. You  pulled his chair away from his desk as he tried to type, his cries of slight distress made you laugh softly. “MC! I was working! What are you doing!”

               -You caught his hands while they were gesturing to the desk and pulled him up without any hesitation from his part. You wrapped your arms around his waist and laid your head against his chest before he could sit back down

               -The sound of his heartbeat kicked up in his chest as he wrapped his arms around you and set his chin on the top of your head. When you started to sway and move the two of you in a circle, a small chuckle come from the back of his throat

               -“Okay okay, I get it now MC, I’m sorry I was ignoring you. Work can wait a little bit if it’s for you”


               -Soft music is always playing during his galleries

               -He wants his guests to feel relaxed enough with their surroundings that they can truly feel the emotions behind his photos

               -So he has you help him pick songs to play because nothing is more relaxing to him than you!

               -The night of his show, he couldn’t help but admire you as you talked to his guests, walking gracefully, the true picture of elegance in his eyes

               -The song playing caught his attention and was the only thing able to pull him from his thoughts about you

               -He remembered you had told him it was one of your favourites when the two of you had put the playlist together

               -Making his way over to you, he stopped to bow in front of you, hand outstretched, looking up at you slightly with a warm smile on his face

               -“MC, would you please honour me with a dance?”

               -His smile only grew when he watched you look at the crowd now looking at the two of you, your face growing hotter every second before you nodded and took his hand

               -You found comfort from everyone’s eyes by burying your face against his chest as the both of you wrapped your arms around each other, you quickly found yourself gaining more confidence as he lead the two of you around the floor

               -With a graceful spin and a quick dip, the dance ended with you completely red and him smiling down at you with a face completely full of love, everyone in the room could just feel the emotion radiating off the two of you and clapped to celebrate


               -“MC, I don’t dance.” queue the high school musical song

               -“But Saeran, pleeeeease! Just this once? No one’s here to see! It’s just me!”

               -One of his eyebrows rose as he crossed both his arms and his legs, eyeing you suspiciously

               -“Just why do you want to dance with me all of a sudden anyway? Is Saeyoung here? Did he put you up to this?”

               -You threw your hands in the air in a huff, puffing your cheeks out before your hands landed on your hips

               -“No! Saeyoung isn’t here! Is it so bad that I just want to be close to the love of my life? And incorporate something cute couples do? Is it?”

               -He rolled his eyes before standing up and replacing the hands on your hips with his own

               -“Fine! Whatever! Just- I dunno, just put your hands somewhere,” he said, blushing and looking anywhere but at your face as you interlocked your fingers behind his neck

               -It was painfully obvious that he was stressing because he had no idea what to do, so you took initiative to start swaying the two of you back and forth

               -After a while, he got a little more comfortable with the idea of moving around the room, and he lifted his eyes from the floor to meet your own

               -“I guess this isn’t that bad… as long as it’s with you,” he said, lightly kissing the tip of your nose, “but tell Saeyoung and I’ll kill you.” You giggled in response before nodding and laying your head on his shoulder

               -“Whatever you say, ya big softy.”


“And Then She Ran” Daryl Dixon

Words: 2,023

Summary: After Daryl’s daughter dies, he finds her diary and learns more about her than he wanted.

Warnings: This is dark. Death, some swear words, angst

A/N lol I cried writing this

Link to part 2 here!


Daryl can still remember his daughter’s death like it was yesterday.

It was her on her eighteenth birthday. Daryl, not one to show his emotions, had gone out of his comfort zone that day to make sure it was a special one. He’d had Carol over to cook her favorite breakfast (at least, her favorite out of the few options they had), and while on a previous run, he found her a beautiful diamond necklace in a house that was still in good shape. He managed to find some paper to cover it with. He had everything ready to go. It was not often that she got to feel like she was special.

They had a fight that day. This was not just any normal fight, not like the ones that they usually had. And they had fights often. This fight was different.

Everyone had noticed that she had been acting differently lately. Nobody brought it up with her, but everyone knew something was wrong. Daryl was the last one to catch on, and when he finally convinced her to tell him what was going on… It turned into the worst fight they’d ever had.

She had run off after that fight, but Daryl didn’t pay any mind to that. She had a habit of “running away” for a few hours. The first few times she did that, Daryl freaked out. He looked for her up and down until the minute she came home. Usually she came home drunk, which would just piss Daryl off more, but at least she was ok. So after a few times of her pulling that act, Daryl stopped worrying.

“She’ll be back soon.” Daryl told himself that day, not bothering to run after her.

She didn’t come back. As a matter of fact, she never came back. A few days after her disappearance, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn went out looking for her. In her place, they saw something they wish they never saw.

She was dead. She was a walker.

Daryl broke down after that, crying harder than he had in his entire life. He just lost his little girl. When he got back to their house later that night, he grabbed the necklace and threw it out the window, sobbing.

It took Daryl a while to be okay after that. In reality, he knew he’d never be okay, but he was okay enough to move on. It took almost a year before he could even go into her room again. It smelled like her; he could almost feel her presence in there. That was comforting for the first few days, until he realized he was never getting her back. She was gone.


This was the first time he’d been in your room since that night. Daryl took in the surroundings- it was a mess in here.

‘She was definitely not a tidy person.” Daryl thought to himself, laughing softly. He sat on the bed, taking a deep breath.

“I shouldn’t be in here.” He said out loud to himself, getting up to leave. But something stopped him. He noticed a notebook nudged in between the mattress and the floor. Hesitating, he picked it up and opened it to the first page.

‘I’d been caught with Carl more times than you could imagine.

At first it wasn’t anyone important catching us, only people like Maggie or Glenn who I knew wouldn’t say anything. Then, Rick found out. Rick was pissed, and told Carl to stay away from me.   “She’s too much trouble, Carl. Don’t get involved with her.” Rick had told him. I know he doesn’t like me. He only tolerates me because I’m his best friend’s daughter. I know he’d kick me out of the group if he could. So when he promised me that he wouldn’t tell my dad if we stopped while we were ahead, I agreed. I cried, and told him I’d keep it friendly between the two of us.

Carl didn’t listen. I didn’t either. I just played it up so he wouldn’t tell my dad. We just found other places to sneak around to and have sex.

But, oh boy. The look on my dad’s face that day when he saw me on top of Carl, clothes scattered everywhere. I hadn’t seen him scream that loud at anyone in his life. Daryl Dixon is not a man to piss off. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write in this but I’ll try to as much as possible. Don’t exactly get too much free time around here.’

Daryl knew he shouldn’t be reading his daughter’s diary, but he couldn’t stop himself. Despite the conditions of the world forcing them to be together all the time, he knew absolutely nothing about his daughter except that she and Carl were together and that she was good with a gun.

A part of him knew it didn’t matter anymore. She was dead.

He turned to the next entry.

My dad is keeping me on a leash now. He’s mad at me. I don’t care. Carl’s the only person that genuinely makes me happy. My dad doesn’t make me happy. He just wants to control me.

I know this put a damper in his friendship with Rick. Rick’s saying it’s all my fault because I’m a bad influence. My dad stood up for me, but I know deep down he agrees. I’m a “problem child.” I have attitude. I’m dramatic. I like to venture out on my own and go explore, sometimes bringing Carl with me so we can have alone time.

I know my dad wishes he had a better daughter. Sometimes I wish I was. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born, and that my mom gave birth to a different kid. A kid that wasn’t me. I bet my dad would love that. He hates me.

My 18th birthday is in two weeks. I don’t know if legalities matter anymore in this world, but I’ll be an adult. I want to be treated like one. I want off this leash. I want to be allowed to be with Carl without being told no.

I won’t stop seeing him.’

The more Daryl read that, the more his heart broke. He never knew that she thought he didn’t care. Tears starting forming in his eyes, but he wiped them away quickly. He refuses to cry about anything anymore.

‘I’m sick. I can’t stop throwing up everywhere. It’s odd, because I feel fine other than when it just hits me out of nowhere, and no one else is sick beside me.

I refuse to even think about the other option. I’m sick, that’s all.

I got to kill a lot of walkers today. I haven’t got to do that in a while. It felt nice to hold a gun again. Carl is sweet with me. He’s always making sure I’m okay, being protective and all. He loves me, he told me that today. I think I love him too.’

Daryl didn’t know Carl and her were that serious. He thought they were just hormonal teenagers, doing things that teenagers done. He didn’t know there was feelings there. That was an odd thing for Daryl to imagine, love. He hadn’t ever felt it for a girl that wasn’t family.

‘It’s confirmed. I’m pregnant. I did something to piss off my dad, so then it would start a fight, and I ran off without him trying to find me. If I ran off without a reason he’d be suspicious.

I found the tests in the town over. It wasn’t a long walk, but the coldness was getting to me. I ran home, and hid the box in my coat.

My dad didn’t even look at me as I walked past him.

I don’t know how I’m going to tell Carl. God, how am I going to tell anyone? My dad? Rick? I don’t understand how this happened. He pulled out every time. We didn’t use condoms, they’re not exactly easy for either of us to obtain, but I thought pulling out worked, too. I guess I was wrong.

I suppose I didn’t really have anyone to teach me this stuff.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’m sitting here writing in a diary like a little girl for God’s sake.’

Tears spilling, Daryl slammed the diary shut. He couldn’t read anymore. He stormed off the bed, and punches the wall near him.

“Daryl?” Rick appeared. Daryl turned his body to face him, ready to break at any moment.

“She thought I hated her.” Daryl says slowly, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

“I doubt she thought you hated her. She knew you loved her. You wouldn’t have gotten so protective of her if you didn’t love her.”

“Rick, I foun’ her diary… I shouldn’t have read it, but I did. She said she wished she wasn’t born because she thought she wasn’t a good enough daughter for me.”

Rick could see the man in front of him, broken to pieces. He felt for him.

“I’m going to finish reading it, I think.” Daryl said after a few moments of silence. Rick took that a que that he wanted to be left alone, and made his way out of the room.

Daryl’s hands shook as he reached for the small, brown notebook once more. Turning it to the last entry she made, he took a deep breath and continued reading.

‘I told Carl.

He took it okay. We were in the middle of eating breakfast that Carol had made for the group when I pulled him outside to talk. He was mostly freaked out. I don’t know if he was more freaked out at the fact that he was going to be a father, or the fact that he would have to tell HIS father. But in the end, he knew his father would be supporting regardless. He gave me a real big kiss and told me we would get through this together.  

I told him I didn’t want to tell anyone until I told my dad first. I’m telling him today. It’s my birthday. I figured it’s as good of a day as any to tell him.

I found the necklace he got me. The paper he had it all wrapped in was torn and it was falling out. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen anything to beautiful in my life. I don’t think my dad’s ever gotten me a gift. It makes me happy. Not because its material, but because it’s meaningful. I don’t get attention from him like this. It makes me want to cry.

Stupid pregnancy. Makes me emotional.

I can’t wait for him to give it to me. I feel like maybe it’s his idea of trying to open up to me. If he’s willing, I’m willing.

I have this idea that if my baby turns out to be a girl, I want to give the necklace to her when she gets older. I want to keep it in the family. If we live long enough for that.

I love this baby so much already. I’d do anything for him or her, I can already feel it.

I’m going to tell him whenever he gets back from doing whatever he’s doing. I know he’s going to kill me. I’m getting anxiety about telling him. I considered just not telling him at all, letting him figure out on his own that he’s going to be a grandfather. But I need to tell him. I’ll write in this later and-“

It stops mid-sentence, not continuing. Daryl notices stains on the side of the paper, a puke-ish color, like she got sick while writing that and forgot about it.

He slowly closes the journal, mind numb. He knew the rest of the story.


He had home early from checking out a possible un-scavenged pharmacy with Glenn when he saw her sitting outside, deep in thought.

“How did it go?” She had asked him, attempting to build up a conversation with him before dropping the bomb.

“Overrun by walkers, but mostly un-touched. Rick’s sending in a team tomorrow to clear the place out.”

“Awesome,” She had said blankly.

“Look, I know we’re not the perfect example of a father daughter relationship, but if somethings wrong I need you to tell me.” Daryl told her, taking a seat next to her.

“Dad, I’m pregnant.”

Daryl looked over at her in shock. Her eyes were rimmed with tears, and her stomach felt nauseous, although she wasn’t sure if that was from more morning sickness or the anticipation of waiting for his response.

“You’re jokin’, right?” He looked at her dead in the eye. All she could do was stare at him.

“Fuck.” He cursed, getting up from next to her. “How could you do that? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“It’s not like we wanted this, dad!” She was angry.

“I’m gonna kill him. I’m gonna rip his head off.” Daryl was fuming.

“Dad, please-“

“God, I don’ understand, why couldn’t you have just been a good kid? Why do you gotta run around causin’ problems for everyone. I shouldn’t even be surprised.”

He had hit a nerve. She looked at him, no response. He looked at her one last time before storming into the house, slamming the door shut.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you.” She talked to her baby, rubbing her stomach. She was so angry that she forgot to grab her gun.

And then she ran.

Okay seriously, about Eclipsa…. I honestly feel like the way she acted needs to be talked about a little bit, because it was interesting

She was so gentle with Moon. She sympathized with her. She asked her if she was certain that she wanted the spell before it was given. Now, that all could have been ways to coax Moon into believing she’s not so bad. It could have been a very effective way of essentially killing two birds with one stone; she’s queen of Mewni, too, so why shouldn’t she want the war to be over before she’s freed? Less work for her in the long run. 

However. I do not think that this is the case. With Eclipsa’s known reputation, it very well could be, but until we see more of her, I’m going to have to say that I do not think Eclipsa is truly a villain. 

I’m going to further analyze her under the cut, so if you’re interested to see what I have to say, then feel free to keep reading. 

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The Truth Is For Wimps

Pairing: John Murphy X Reader
Requested: Yes (on wattpad)
Warnings: cursing, and sexual themes
A/N: Two in one day!! I have a lot of requests right now which is AMAZING but that means if you’ve requested something recently it might take awhile for me to write it. My inbox is still open though so don’t be shy!
Word Count: 1247


“No! I’m not making out with Octavia!” Harper’s voice rang through the drop ship.

“Why not?” Jasper whined, “You chose dare now you have to follow through with it,” he pointed an accusing finger at her.

“It’s either that or you forfeit and have to chug an entire bottle of moonshine,” you told her.

“Y/N that’s not helping,” Harper’s reply was followed by a glare in your direction, you gave her a ‘what can ya do’ shrug. It was late at night, and everyone had gotten bored of the usual sitting around the campfire so you all decided to spice things up with a game of truth or dare. Mixing in a fresh batch of Monty’s moonshine and things were bound to get interesting.

“C’mon it’s just a kiss,” Octavia said before leaning over and pressing her lips to Harper’s. All of the boys had their eyes locked on the scene in front of them, while the girls (and Bellamy) just shook their heads disapprovingly. Your entire friend group was sat in a circle inside the drop ship: Monty, Jasper, Miller, Bellamy, Monroe, Harper, Octavia, Clarke, and someone had even convinced Murphy to join in. Everyone was having a blast, laughing, getting drunk, and coming up with weird questions or stupid a dares for the others to do.

“Okay, Y/N, truth or dare,” Harper asked as soon as Octavia pulled away trying to divert attention away from her blushing face.

“Truth,” you tell her before taking a drink.

“Ugh, lame!” Everyone choruses at your answer.

“Hey! I don’t want a repeat of last time we played. I had to lick Jasper’s goggles. He never cleans those things! I have no idea where they’ve been!” You tell tell them motioning to Jasper who just shrugs and rolls his eyes. Harper looks around the room waiting for an idea to strike her.

“Oh, I know!” She exclaims. “Y/N, out of every guy in this room, which one would you have sex with?” A smile graces her lips, she’s proud of her question.

“Hmmm, if I have to pick, I’d say… Murphy,” youtell them. Everyone gives you shocked looks and Murphy scoots closer to you.

“Wel Doll, ya know all you have to do is ask,” Murphy tells you while wrapping an arm around your shoulders and giving you a wink. You roll your eyes and push his arm off of you.

“So, Jasper tru-” you get cut off before you can even finish your sentence.

“Wait, wait, wait! I want to know why you’d fuck Murphy out of all of us,” Monty interrupts you.

“Yeah, I got to admit I’m curious too,” Bellamy tells you taking a swig of his drink.

“Fine! I’ll explain myself,” you say while sitting up instead of resting against the wall. “Well, I didn’t choose Monty because we’re so close he’s basically my brother, and I don’t want to fuck my brother. It’s not Jasper because he’s not my type,” you look at him to see his face is pulled into a pout, “Sorry Hun I’m not into stoners. Bellamy, you’re really hot, don’t get me wrong, but you’re overconfident and I don’t find that sexy. Miller– well Miller’s gay!” You end your spiel by throwing your hands into the air.

“Wait a minute, so I’m just your last option?” Murphy asks you, his voice holds a playful tone which is brought out by the alcohol coursing through him. You’re all plastered by this point in the night.

“Don’t look so upset, at least you’re getting laid at all!” Cries Jasper bringing everyone’s attention to him.

“Jasper, I’m not actually going to have sex with Murphy,” you explain to the drunken boy.

“Oh,” he says looking down at his lap sadly.

“Don’t sound so sure of yourself Doll, I can be very persuasive,” Murphy whispers in your ear while placing his hand on your thigh. All you do is roll your eyes, making no move to remove his hand.

“Can we get back to the game now?” You ask everyone, your question is followed by a chorus of yeses. “Clarke, truth or dare?” Clarke downs the rest of her drink before looking up at you.

“Dare,” she says with a determined glint in her eye.

“Well, let’s see, what can I make the princess do?” You tap your chin in thought– it doesn’t take long for an idea to pop into your head. “I dare you to take Monroe’s bra off.” Clarke takes a deep breath before crawling over to Monroe and unclasping her bra and then pulling the straps down her shoulders, eventually taking it out from under her shirt. She holds the bra up in the air as if it’s a trophy and then returns to her seat next to Bellamy.

“Murphy, truth or dare?” Clarke asks him. She has a suspicious glint in her eye and you know she’s planning something.

“Dare, I’m not a wimp,” Murphy squeezes your leg when he says that.

“I dare you to give Y/N a lap dance.”

So that’s the devious deed she had in mind. You look over at Murphy expectantly, waiting to see if he’d actually do it or not. Surprisingly he stands up and offers you his hand. You raise an eyebrow at him as you let him pull you up and over to a chair. It’s obvious Murphy is totally wasted, there’s no way he would ever do this sober. A laugh escapes your lips once he starts to do a strip tease– slowly taking off his jacket and lifting his shirt up so you can see his stomach. As he moves closer to you he’s doing body rolls and thrusting his hips while pointing at you. The next thing you know he’s on your lap, grinding down on you and all you can do is throw your head back in a loud laugh. Once Murphy has deemed the dance over you both head back over to the group who is laughing their asses off at what they just witnessed.

“Hey, don’t laugh I know you all secretly wish that was you,” Murphy slurs at them.

“Okay well I think Murphy’s had enough fun for tonight. C’mon let’s get you back to your tent,” you support Murphy as you try to walk him back to his tent which is luckily close by. When you finally get him in he’s already half asleep. Sighing you take off his shoes and socks, then tuck him into bed.

“Wait,” you hear Murphy faintly say as you get up to leave, “stay?” He asks you.

You look over your shoulder at him, he seems so vulnerable, so unlike the Murphy that everyone thinks he is. The rude, sarcastic Murphy can’t be found when you look at him now, he’s been replaced by someone who just needs a friend. Someone who just wants somebody to care about him. So, you nod and get under the covers. You cuddle into his side, his arms are wrapped around you as your head lies on his chest. You drift off to sleep, soothed by the sound of his steady heartbeat.

In the morning the two of you will wake up with pounding headaches and far away memories of a very hilarious lap dance. Sadly, the drunk carefree Murphy will have disappeared only for the asshole to take his spot again. But maybe, just maybe you can bring out that side of him when he’s sober.

probably never have I been more impressed or pleased by a book-to-screen adaptation than the handmaid’s tale

the book means a ton to me, I’ve read it half a dozen times at least, and to make it into a series that’s compelling and vivid and gripping without losing the tone and heart of the book is so impressive

they struck such a perfect balance between this is a story I know by heart the words are all familiar and my emotions are wrapped up in suspense and ready to burst

just gonna… think about it for a while

natashabaranov  asked:

dude what would the meme team™ (the bidders) be like with an mc who rescues animals (pshh what this totally isn't based off me what (i say as i sit with my 12 rescues))

LukThe meme team is their new squad name. Thank you for the ask bby. The rest are under the cut since they’re rather long!


Scoffs at the idea to keep up appearance, but inside he’s like “holyshitholyshitholyshitILOVEANIMALS”. Of course when MC brings yet another animal home, Eisuke acts disinterested. When MC isn’t looking, Eisuke is stealthily reaching for a toy and trying to play with them. With his shitty luck regarding animals, Eisuke will probably walk out of the living room with his hand covered in scratches and tuffs of fur stuck to his suit. MC pretends to ignore the sound of yowling and barking she heard only moments before. This poor bastard. 

“Tch, I told you keeping animals in the Penthouse was foolish”


He acts slightly miffed at first, but this big softy secretly finds MC’s passion endearing. Soryu is used to chaos with Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Inui and Samejima), so having dogs and cats run around his penthouse or the Ice Dragon headquarters is no skin off his nose. This mobster is impressed to see MC control even the biggest dogs with a simple command. Though he finds it hard to admit, Soryu is partial to the dark-colored tabby that rubs against his desk while he’s filling out paperwork. 

“I wouldn’t mind keeping this one, if you’re okay with it”

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so, as you all know, and for the people that don’t know, some shit went down at vidcon yesterday. here is a list of everything that i know happened yesterday. 

- everyone thought dnp got mobbed and the whole phandom lost there shit there for a few minutes but it was actually ricegum. 

- at about 7 pm the night of community started and quite a few people performed at the night of community and said some stuff. 

- first off to perform was tre melvin

- second was tessa violet singing word’s ain’t enough and not over you

- third was hank green

- fourth was john green and elmo

- fifth was aysha abdul

- sixth was markiplier explaining why he loved space so much (i cried tbh)

- seventh was madilyn bailey singing shape of you and congratulations

- eighth was the try guys performing different videos throughout the years and doing impressions of youtubers like jacksepticeye and pewdiepie. and most important of all impersonating dan and phil while almost making out on stage ( i hate them i really do) 

- and last but not least, dan and phil being complete idiots, missing there flight because dan lost his passport and best of all, yelling at each other on stage. 

[TRANS] Shinee’s Key about Shinee’s Jonghyun

In what is perhaps not a shocking turn of events, Key reveals that Jonghyun indeed cried while watching Titanic, and not just once, either. More important, Key adds that Jonghyun also has a “secret” shrine dedicated to young Leonardo DiCaprio, to which (Key says with a bit of annoyance), he plays a heartwrenching rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On every night on his specialty, the kazoo. Key also reveals that he and Jonghyun are, indeed, married and going on their honeymoon, which is why they don’t have the time nor the desire to join top Korean songwriter Ryan Jhun’s lineup for the ideal Korean boygroup. Key mentions something about how the two of them would do better as a subunit anyway, but chooses not to elaborate on the topic.

cr. storyoptwo

naruto and sasuke forget gaaras birthday until the last minute and they panic and try to put together a birthday party in an hour. it ends up with chinese left overs heated up in the microwave, a box of twinkies as a cake, and naruto and sasuke making shitty “couples coupons” bc they texted sakura and asked what they can get him for less than five dollars.

gaara comes home and sees their shitty display of birthday fun and almost cries out of gratitude.

“i really appreciate all the work you put into this,” gaara says while flipping through unevenly cut construction paper with phrases like ‘free cuddles at any time’ and 'one kiss on the cheek’ and 'sasuke will leave the apartment for a full hour’.

“its the least we can do,” they say utterly perplexed on how this is working

“im glad you both have welcomed me into your home so completely,” gaara tells them while flicking one of the condoms blown up and taped to the wall. “are these suppose to be balloons?” his heart is so full of love.

As Easy as Falling 31/?

New Chapter of As Easy As Falling….

A/N: I completely forgot to say thank you to @mel-loves-all for the Felicity Bucket List Idea that was used in Chapter 29. Sorry about that my friend, thank you for your idea - it seems everyone loved it xxx

Summary:  Felicity Smoak had everything figured out until tragic news causes her to rethink her life. As part of dealing with tragedy she embraces her adventurous side in the form of skydiving. Will love be waiting for her between the clouds or will she let tragedy keep her away from falling?

Read from the BEGINNING AO3



He feels his body go numb just as the words reach his ears. If he’s feeling panicky right now, how is she feeling? He tries to look at her but her facial expression remains closed and pensive, but he knows her better. He knows her thoughts are spiralling in her head at a million miles per second and right now he can’t do anything to make it better.

Dr. Isaacs discusses the way forward and the treatment options he wants to start next week and it suddenly feels like someone hit a fast forward button because when he starts paying attention to his surroundings again, the appointment is over.

Felicity greets Dr. Isaacs and they head for the clinic doors. She looks calm, but he knows there’s a war waging inside her. She has a smile on her face but it’s strained.

He opens the car door for her to get in and quickly makes his way over to the driver’s side. After he puts on his seat belt his hands tighten around the steering wheel. She must have noticed his white knuckles, when he feels a small hand on his thigh.

He risks looking at her, but he’s blown away by how calm she seems. Suddenly he’s unsure if he really knows what’s going on in that beautiful mind of hers or if she’s putting up her best act to soothe him.

“I’m a bit tired.” she says, her voice is calm and steady. “Would you mind letting Gina Dickens know I’ll reschedule our appointment for the wig?”

He nods in response. He doesn’t trust his voice and the last thing he wants to do is upset her more. He takes her hand still lying on his thigh and holds it for a while. He can feel her pulse in her wrist and he needs to take a deep breath when the thought enters his mind that feeling her like this, being with her, hearing her voice is all on borrowed time. Nothing he can do, no amount of money or strings his family name can pull will take away this disease.

He gives her hand a final squeeze before he lets it go to drive them back to her house. Her hand remains on his thigh all the way until they reach her house.

The drive home was silent and when they enter her house, she only gives him a kiss on the cheek and he knows to give her the space she needs to work through the news and her own emotions.

He takes a seat on the sofa, pulling Felicity’s ever present blanket over him. He can’t hold her right now, something he longs to do, but smelling her on the blanket is oddly comforting. He’s not sure if he should let anyone know what’s going on, but he decides to at least let Donna know. She can be a bit much sometimes but Felicity is still her daughter and she deserves to know what’s going on.

He lies down on the couch clutching Felicity’s blanket and very soon he’s overcome by darkness as he falls asleep.


A knock on the door wakes him. It takes him a while to figure out where he is and when he looks at his phone, he sees at least 90 minutes has gone by since he fell asleep.

He opens the door and finds a distraught Donna on the other side. She immediately embraces him and he holds on to her, the numb feeling returning to his own body.

“Where is she?” Donna asks when she breaks the hug.

“She’s sleeping.” he answers and gestures for her to come inside.

“Oliver…” she starts and stops in the middle of the lounge looking at him with tears in her eyes. “I know she probably doesn’t want me here, but I have…I need to see her. Please? I need to see my baby girl and make sure she’s okay.” she sobs, barely getting out the last few words.

Oliver moves closer and envelops her in another hug. He holds her tight as she cries.

“Okay. I understand. I will be right here if you need me.”

She gives him a grateful smile and disappears behind the bedroom door.

He decides to make some coffee. Felicity always believes that caffeine is the cure to everything; maybe she’s right and at least by busying himself with something other than thinking about their current situation will help him breathe a little easier.

It takes a while to get the coffee machine running and getting the cups ready, when Donna joins him in the kitchen, taking a seat on one of the bar stools at the counter. She looks relieved, almost calm and he knows he’ll probably be in trouble with his fiancé for letting her into the bedroom, but seeing Donna, he’s happy to take that shot.

Without a word he pours her a cup of coffee. He places it on the counter for her to drink when he hears more footsteps heading his way.

Her hair is a mess and her eyes are red from crying, but she’s smiling at him. His brain is telling him to still be careful about what to say and how to handle her, but she’s having none of it. She walks straight towards him and swings her arms around his neck, her fingers playing with the hair on the back of his neck. He gently brings his hands to her waist, still a little unsure of how to act right now and looks into her eyes. She smiles, not once looking away and then it hits him…everything hits him so hard and the tears he’s been fighting since Dr. Isaacs broke the news wells up in his eyes and he can’t stop them from escaping and falling down his face.

A soft sob escapes his lips and she soothes every emotion by pressing her lips on his. He drinks in her presence as she kisses him, a promise that everything is going to be alright. Her arms leave his neck and she cups his face, forcing him to look at her when she whispers, “it’s okay, I’m right here.”


They spend some time with Donna, talking about trivial things when the conversation suddenly turns towards the wedding. He almost freezes at the change in subject but Felicity continues to indulge her mother and continue the conversation.

It isn’t long after this Donna decides to call it a night and with much more peace than she arrived, she leaves giving them both a long hug goodbye.

Felicity closes the door and when she turns around to face him sitting on the couch, her smile fades and her expression turns serious. His heart skips a beat, thinking that the big talk is about to happen…everything that he feared will now be discussed in detail and who knows, maybe after receiving the news she’s changed her mind about getting married and she doesn’t know how to break the news to him.

She takes a seat next to him and takes his hands in hers. She looks at him and all he can see is love. His heart wants to break at this moment; he doesn’t want to lose her.

“Oliver, we need to talk.” she begins and his heart tightens in his chest.

He merely nods, not saying a word.

“Today was eye opening for me…it was really hard to hear the news and it felt like after all the treatment and hope and pep talks, it was basically for nothing.”

He wants to tell her she’s wrong, but he can’t. How can he give her hope when he himself has not come to terms with what actually happened today. He feels raw, but he knows they can’t give up, but how do you convince someone not to give up when there are so much emotions bottled up inside yourself?

“But while I was trying to come to terms with what’s happening, I realised today more than ever that you were right. We’re not promised tomorrow and in my case there might not even be a tomorrow but I’m tired Oliver…I’m so tired of waking up every day and wondering if today will be my last…I’m tired of making decisions based on ‘what ifs’ and I’m tired of trying to do this on my own and spare the people I love.”

“My whole life I’ve felt alone, I’ve had to fend for myself, work my butt off to get where I am and I pushed people away in the process because I was scared, but no more. You, my mom and everyone else have been here all along, and even though in a way I’ve given over a bit of what I feel, I’m done hiding. I need to live for the now. I don’t want to die and know that my time spent with you was only with a part of me.”

“I told you that I would marry you and Oliver I still do. After today even more so than the day you asked me. I’m sorry that I pushed you away today. This is hard for me, but I only realised when my mother showed up in my room that all of this is just as hard on you guys too and I’m sorry.”

“Felicity…” he whispers, more tears joining the conversation.

“Oliver, I love you so so much and if I get to live two weeks or a month or even a year, every day that I am still alive I want it to be with you. I want to give you me, the real me, all of me. So, if you’re still willing and will still have me, wi…”

“How can you even ask me that? Of course I still want you. Nothing has changed for me Felicity. I told you that it didn’t matter what today’s results would reveal. I love you and I want to marry you, no matter what.” he quickly adds and pulls her in for a hug. She holds on so tight it’s like she’s afraid he will disappear. “It’s okay beautiful, I’m not going anywhere.”

She gives a sigh of relief and looks at him again. “Okay, if we’re going to do this, we need to make another appointment with Gina…and Oliver?”

“Yeah?” he smiles at the mischievous way she says his name.

“Your fiancé needs a ring.”

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Asahi + Fem! Reader where he walks in on her singing and dancing in the kitchen while making breakfast and she's wearing one of his shirts and her underwear (I live for stuff like this cries I hope it's okay)

Thanks for requesting this!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Haikyuu or the characters.

Pairings: Asahi x Reader

Warnings: Slight NSFW.

Asahi got easily shocked. He also got easily scared.

So when he woke up in the morning to hear a clatter from the kitchen and a string of curses, he automatically shot up. He looked around frantically, searching for the bat he insisted you put under the bed.

At least until he noticed that your side of the bed was empty.

He fell back down onto his pillow, a sigh of relief escaping his lips. He ran a hand through his hair, and went to the bathroom. He rinsed his face and used half a cup of mouthwash. He walked out to the kitchen expecting your amazing breakfast food.

But was greeted at the sight of you wearing his shirt and it was incredibly sexy. Your hips swayed around to the music playing from your phone, and you held a spatula in one of your hands.

Asahi was a gentle giant, yes, but when he saw you in just panties and his shirt, he was automatically turned on.

You turned off the stove, still humming softly and swaying to the beat, but before you could turn around, a pair of lips were on your neck. You could feel a slight bulge against your lower back, and a light blush made its way onto your cheeks.

“What about breakfast?”

“We’ve got a microwave, I can’t resist you right now.”

And you were whisked out of the kitchen.

This kinda sucked. And Asahi is kinda OOC, but thanks for reading!

-Admin Ella

It’s too early for THESE JOKES!

This stuff is adorable! Make it for real!:

Look at Byron’s face! It doesn’t even look like a beak at first. It looks like his o-face while he’s wearing an owl costume. I cannot! 

At least the joke wasn’t that Yamazaki’s route was going to come out. I would have cried tears.

Meanwhile, Voltage:

Milord Ieyasu? Booty naked?:

The corner sure is crowded today.

Also, I happened to turn on my computer at exactly this time: