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Hey, I am LOVING your writing on the Gnosticism themes on Homestuck--I hadn't thought about the Aeons as Cherubs yet, and that's fascinating stuff. However, a couple comments and leads: I don't think Abraxas is ever referenced as Sophia's partner, or at least, I haven't found a source making that claim. far as I can tell, Abraxas was the name of a totally different god later attributed to the Ur-God that generates the Aeons, by Carl Jung in the 7 Sermons to the Dead (1)

That paper describes Abraxas as the ultimate, invisible God that unites all opposites into one being, as well as the Lord of frogs and amphibians (puts a whole new spin on consorts and BSlick, not even to mention Jake’s consort kingdom, huh?). I also think the most obvious analog for Aeons are actually the Aspects themselves–it’s important that the world of the Pleroma is also the world of Ideas, and that Yaldabaoth is a “blind” god because it cannot perceive the Ideas that created it.

The Ideas angle also links into the Ur-Self stuff you talked about with Davepeta. I think Hussie covered that pretty thoroughly, because the Ur-Self is just another branch of a topic Hussie already covers from Act 1: Platonic Realism, and the expression of the pure realm of Ideas in the world of Material reality. My next two videos are covering the links between Gnosticism and Greek theory of Platonic Realism, but in the meantime Tex Talks’ alchemy stuff breaks the latter down v well.

Oh, also notable is that Yaldabaoth is described as having created “seven heavens” in the sky–lending additional weights to the Seven Gates leading to Skaia, as the characters must Ascend the gates much as humans must Ascend to the Heavens to reach Pleroma ;) And you are indeed correct that Skaia is the metaphysical manifestation of Pleroma–hence why it acts as the Sessions’ Sun. It also gives off Light, but Skaia’s Light is more focused on Ideas.

At last I finally have a chance to post your very helpful correction! Sorry it took so dang long! XD

Yeah, I was totally wrong on Abraxas when I said he was Sophia’s counterpart Aeon. I think I must have decided that because 1) it seems weird to me that we wouldn’t know the name of that Aeon, but mythological systems are weird and arbitrary like that I guess 2) I misread one of my sources, which referred to Abraxas as “in Pleroma with Sophia,” which is still technically true, but as it turns out, true in a more general way.  I’ve corrected the original post. Won’t stop old reblogs of it from going out, but ah, that’s the nature of the tumblr beast. ^^’

I’ll have to look into Jung’s take, but I’m intrigued. I think Abraxas predates Jung, existing in earlier Gnostic systems (but not all of them) and I think he does start as a separate god originally. But I LOVE that he’s associated with amphibians! That’s fantastic. That really ties him closely into the system of Sburb, even more than I originally thought, and suggests that Hope is somehow tied to the unlimited creative potential of Skaia.

Also, I was looking into Abraxas, and as far as I can tell he seems to have been a Hellenistic-Roman god of curses and power, of a type that was pretty common in that period of history—gods whose long, bizarre names were written on papyri and stones to summon the god’s magic power, frequently as a curse to bring down your enemies. Variations on Abraxas’s name were common, and in fact (I made sure I double-checked this this time, ha!) this does appear to be where we get the word ABRACADABRA, from tablets and similar riffing on ABRAXAS. Or Abraxas is a riff on ABRACADABRA and similar bizarre power-god names. Which is fascinating in its own right, but on top of that, it occurred to me…

Writing ABRAXAS like this might look something like:

And oh my god Jake is closely associated with Abraxas as his denizen and Roxy even wonders on that page if he was writing ABRACADABRA and this just ties Jake and the mysteries of the Hope aspect even more closely into Gnosticism, and fuck, Homestuck really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? Fucking love it.

You’re right, Homestuck has always engaged pretty closely with the platonic/archetypal nature of its entities, all the way from Act 1 onward! Thanks for pointing that out. It’s interesting to see how it becomes more explicit (and more focused on characters) later on, but it’s so satisfying to notice how the seeds were already there. I like the Platonist Forms connection lots of folks have made; I’ll admit Platonism isn’t my area of expertise, though. I tend to approach this much more from a Lit Crit/ Structuralist theory of ideas. But it kind of comes to the same result, doesn’t it? Structuralist concepts and Platonism get along pretty well, the only difference is that one’s encoded in language and one in the universe. Given that Homestuck’s a linguistic-narrative structure that represents a cosmic structure, it’s a pretty fantastic marriage!

Seven Gates / Seven Heavens is another SWEET CATCH, thanks! Sevens are a pretty classic magical number, but they don’t appear super often Homestuck outside the acts and the gates, do they? Curious. Very curious. Another echo of Narrative as Cosmos, Story as Gnosticism? From what I gather the archetypal power of sevens historically comes from the seven visible heavenly bodies, (the sun and moon plus the five visible planets), and that’s probably pretty closely tied to the Gnostic idea of Seven Heavens. Which all ties in very nicely with the planetary and cosmic structure of Sburb. Excellent stuff.

Thanks so much for writing in! I always look forward to hearing your ideas. :D

Everybody’s so angry about body types and race headcanons on Cherubplay, but nobody pays attention to all these mental ideas that could be really neat, not even to explore, just as an offhand thing.

Like, Roxy with ADHD. She types fast and that’s why she makes typos, just vomiting all her ideas onto a page. Gaming or hacking makes her go into hyperfocus, she does it for hours and hours.

Karkat with anxiety problems. He’s so scared of people funding out his blood colour and culling him (even though most of his lawnring buddies wouldn’t even mention it next time they talked to somebody, they’re kind of chill) that he never leaves the house. Nobody can stop him from having the least sharp everything. And yet he constantly beats himself up over this to try to get out of the house.

Jade with executive functioning disorder. She can’t keep anything straight, and even her colourful reminders can’t help. She needs to get John to organize her things for her, which is a mess because he can hardly do it either.

I dunno man, physical headcanons are important, but I think that things about characters that aren’t just their appearance is so much more interesting.

reading really good homestuck meta is super satisfying for me for two reasons

1) i love finding meaning in shit. i’m the bitch who english teachers wanted to adopt because i’m so adept at finding themes and meaning in literature. it’s a hobby for me. my favorite cartoons are revolutionary girl utena and neon genesis evangelion like i’m just a bitch who loves imagery and Deepness whether it’s That Deep or not, it’s fun and fulfilling for me to pretend it is and wax on about it

2) i love writing but i have never (unfortunately) had any talent at writing fiction. i wish i could my dream is to be an accomplished fanfic author someday, but the reality is i just don’t have a knack for it. and i always thought that was because i was a good reader but not a good writer

but it turns out…. i am a good writer. i wrote essays so good in high school the AP exam requested to keep them as samples of what essays scored as a “5” (the highest score) looked like. i have always been an amazing essay writer, and that ability wasn’t apparent to me until meta and analysis and even fucking Discourse™ became popular

because i’m… i’m good at those things. i’m good at understanding concepts and stringing words together and using down to earth accessible language to explain big concepts in a way that people can relate to.

and man, it’s just homestuck meta…. but knowing that writing talent based in the ability to analyze and unpack and write essays about media & concepts is as valuable as the ability to write fiction (and that it appeals to people other than me) feels good. it’s niche, but at least my writing talent has a place.

My thoughts on another pause:

Homestuck has been pretty much my life for years, and I still love it

But….it’s been so drawn out; I’m exhausted. I want it to just end. I’m dreading the end because I feel like it won’t be that satisfying, but delaying it for so long just makes that worse. The last pause did nothing but hurt the comic/fandom really; it’s a shame.

And like, I understand why the pauses exist. I don’t blame Hussie at all for this. He used to literally do nothing but work on his comics. And when it updated literally almost ever day for years, it showed, But the suddenly he found himself in something way bigger than he ever anticipated. He suddenly owned this company, had to get a game made, especially after all that shit that went down, conventions went terribly, he has to still have time for family, especially after his loss a while ago…

That combined with the fact that the story is out of control (which is something I’ve ranted about numerous times, so I’ll spare you), it’s just like Hussie barely has the time for Homestuck, and i don’t blame him. Hell, even fans don’t have time for Homestuck. i doubt anyone could possibly spend time writing it. I just want it to be done so we (Hussie included) can move on. And by move on I don’t mean leave the fandom and forget about it, but at least move on from this dread about having to read a comic that you just don’t see having the amazing ending you hoped for all along.

Green Slime Ghost
Mark J. Hadley

I don’t even think I offered this one to Andrew.  Back when he revealed Green Slime Ghost to be a Ghostbuster’s knock-off, I thought about writing an 8-bit knock-off of the Ghostbuster’s theme that sounded uncomfortably close to the original without actually being it.  This is all I actually wrote; at least it can be looped.