but at least he read my sign!

welcometomomuniverse  asked:

Hi, I'm doing some research right now in regards to fans imagining of harry potter. you were the first blog i found to suggest the idea that harry could be Indian. Do you have any specific headcanons in regards to this? Or what it means to you to have him be Indian? It's okay if you're not comfortable answering. Thanks.

This is a really great idea! I hope your research goes well. 

Well I began to imagine Harry as being half Indian because Harry as a character reminds me of my brother (who like me is half Indian). I always saw him as looking sort of like Dan in terms of skin colour and hair colour. 

It was only through Tumblr that I really started to look more deeply into it. A lot of people had Harry as mixed race in their minds and seeing all that art and those ideas allowed me to explore my own thoughts on it. 

Reading the books again (I read them at least once a year), I realised how meaningful it was that the Dursleys had never liked or approved of James Potter. They seemed to see Lily as having lowered herself by marrying him. To me, as a child of an Indian father and English mother, I KNOW that reaction very well. Sometimes it’s not said, but it’s implied and it gets to you. People called James lazy and basically hinted that he wasn’t good enough for Lily (Snape and Petunia mostly) which is a sure sign he was brown, because as far as I can see James was a good man who adored his wife and son. A lot of people will unfortunately always go out of their way to try and make brown men look bad. Not to mention that Snape’s superiority complex was so deep that I find it hard to believe that it just came from the fact James was cruel to him at school. I honestly believe it was partly because Snape held racist beliefs (at least when he was younger). He never could take it that Lily had chosen James over him. 

The stuff about Harry’s dark, messy hair seemed to fit too, because in our family we all have dark hair that curls. My brother’s hair curls if it grows long enough, and my dad has really thick dark hair as well. 

Then there’s how the Dursleys used to try and hide Harry’s appearance from the neighbours, which implied he looked noticeably different to his family. I always got the impression the Durselys and their neighbours were UKIP sort of people. You know, the sort who wouldn’t say they were racist but would be suspicious if they saw a brown person in a shop. 

I know the reason the Dursleys don’t tell Harry about James is because of the magic, but I also like to think that part of the reason was that they wanted to bring him up like a ‘nice English boy’ and keep him from his father’s culture. Everything about them screams trying desperately to make Harry ‘normal’ and to them ‘normal’ would probably mean trying to erase his links to his heritage. He might have found power and solace in that, and they wouldn’t have wanted that.

There’s also the fact that before James was murdered, he was making sparks of light fly from his wand to make baby Harry laugh. In 1981 (the year of the murders) Diwali would have fallen on October 27th, which is only 3 days before Halloween, when James was making the sparks. I personally feel this could have been to do with Diwali, since it is the festival of lights. 

Last (that I can think of right now) is how Harry’s eyes always stand out to people. They are obviously striking, and I think him being brown skinned and dark haired and having his mother’s green eyes would make that more prominent. My brother has green-ish eyes (inherited from our mother), despite the fact most of our Indian family (me included) all have dark brown. It’s definitely noticeable and something you might comment on. 

Thanks for the question by the way! These aren’t all my original headcanons, but I can’t really source them because they’ve come about through reading the ideas of lots of people and forming my own ideas for Harry through them. 


Muchy’s Top Best Overwatch fics

I said I’d do it, so I’m doing it: Recs for the best Overwatch fics I’ve ever read, in no particular order of importance. 

[[In the Bones of Our Beast]]



Junkrat slips into the Omnium and finds treasure, he doesn’t know what it is but other people seem to know, and they want it. Bad. Bad enough to hire famed enforcer Roadhog to drag him in, kicking and screaming.

Relationship/s: Junkrat/Roadhog

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

Amazingly written outback adventures with good relationship development with trash mouse and street pig, with an actual treasure that makes sense, as opposed to the mysterious but undefined treasure in canon and other fics. 





The feeling started when they reached the edge of civilization.

Junkrat wasn’t familiar with the twisting sensation in his stomach, the constriction of his chest, and the tingling of his fingers when he held onto the belt of the man driving the motor bike. He knew it wasn’t fear, or anxiety, as he often did experience. It wasn’t the thrill and delight he feels when he blows something or someone up.

This kind of feeling was… Nice. Warm. Nauseating. All at the same time. It grew more sure as the bike accelerated and he held on tighter, the barren landscape blurring passed them, the dust and wind blowing through his singed hair, the roar of the engine ringing in his ears. He tried to brush it off. He tried to forget about it.

Business, it’s only business, he reminded himself. Nothing more. Never will be.

Oh, how he tried.

Relationship/s: Junkrat/Roadhog

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Another well-written Outback adventure story, just fantastically written, engaging, with good character development between our favorite trash folk. 



[[Bad Sun]]



When Blackwatch agent Jesse McCree is sent to kill a mysterious assassin known only as DRAGONSTRIKE, there are a few things he expects to occur.

Falling in love isn’t one of them.

Relationships: Mccree and Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

The comparison of Reyes to the chessboard black Queen, as opposed to King, with Jack as King and Mccree as Knight. The exciting encounters between Hanzo and Mccree are also appealing, but the chess scene stands out, as well as the relationship between Reyes and Mccree in Blackwatch days. 


[[Watching You Run Into the High Noon Sun]]



Gabriel Reyes taught McCree everything he knows - not to shoot and kill, but how to survive by more than luck and aim.

McCree learns something else as Overwatch falls, fades, and then rises again: in this life, everyone leaves him behind.

He won’t watch it happen again.

Relationships: Mccree and Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic:

You will see a ton of AsheRhyder fic in here, just a heads up. They’re my favorite Overwatch fic writer of all time, and I will trust literally anything they come out with. And it began with this fic.

What I loved most about it was ridiculously, canonically competent Mccree. So many fics fail to think past the Cowboy and fail to maximize the potential of what it meant to be a Blackwatch, former gang member prime Black Ops agent, but this fic hit the mark with a Mccree that isn’t defined by his cowboy hat and boots, but not removed from the persona either. 

Also the relationship between Hanzo and Jesse here is very subdued compared to other fics, but beautifully done. For Mccree lovers who enjoy character studies, and anybody who loves good fic, this is the fic for you. Definitely in my top 5 best. 


[[Blue Roses and Salted Caramel]]



Hanzo hated Valentine’s Day and everything that went with it. This got exceptionally awkward for a man whose courier service saw business triple in the lead up to February 14th.

A series of ‘special deliveries’ between Mr. Jack Morrison and Mr. Gabriel Reyes drew his attention. Initially, it was because he wasn’t sure if it was the world’s most polite form of hate mail or the world’s most awkward flirting…

But then there was something about Mr. Reyes’ son, Jesse, that kept him coming back…

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Look, it’s Asherhyder again, haha. Though I should note that while I’d decided Asherhyder was my favorite writer in OW, I had no idea this was written by them until after I finished it (because I do not pay attention and didn’t notice the author name lmao)

I just could NOT STOP SMILING AND GIGGLING throughout this entire fic. It’s so fluff it’ll rot your teeth off, it made my pores clear, my crops flourish, I cried tears of healing as I read this fic. 


[[Cast a Long, Dark Shadow]]



Jack will never forgive himself for not noticing it the first time a prisoner dies while in the new Overwatch’s custody. He knows the signs better than anyone alive: Gabriel taught him how to see the invisible fingerprints Blackwatch left behind.

But someone is cutting off his access to the old Blackwatch records, and to manage that, there needs to be an active commander in the field…

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Asherhyder again? Listen… you gotta read everything this person has written. Do it. Right now. 

This one may actually be my favorite of the lot, at least firmly in the Top 3. Short, but fantastic and poignant in less than 3000 words. Another amazing character study. Read it right now immediately, it won’t take you long. 


[[His Master]]



Master Genji teaches his student Zenyatta at Shambali Temple in Nepal.

And yet…

And yet.

Relationship/s: Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Just LOOK AT THAT SUMMARY AND TELL ME YOU’RE NOT INTRIGUED. A role reversal fic–or is it? One of the more heartrending fics on this list, and absolutely beautiful. In that space between sad and happy-poignant. You won’t regret reading it.


Update: additional fic as of 5/1/2017

[[The Desert Glacier]]



Hanzo Shimada is a one-year veteran of Overwatch. Having been assigned to lead and defend the reinstitution of an abandoned Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, he leads his team against Talon, deals with the pressure of leadership, and longs for the company of his precious cowboy.
Also: ghosts.

Relationship/s: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse Mccree

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

Don’t be fooled by the “Also: ghosts” like it’s a side note, this is one of the best supernatural mystery works I’ve read, and it’s a fanfiction. The supernatural element may not be front and center, but it’s one of the most engaging parts of an engaging and well-written storyline, and the fic reads just like those published mystery novels you love with a twist uniquely Overwatch.

[Still incomplete, but near completion]


Update: additional fic as of 5/18/2017

long is the road that leads me home



You can meet the strangest people on the road. Sometimes, the best.

Relationship/s: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse Mccree

What I enjoyed about the fic:

I can’t believe I forgot about his one when it was one of the ones I promised myself would be on a best fic list before I ever even made one. So here it is!

I love fics that are written with the descriptiveness of published novels, and this one does imagery right. It’s not too long – 17,000+ words, it’s all around fantastically and professionally written, with the fun and intrigue and delicious romance you’d expect from a fanfiction. 

It gives you the juicy bits slowly but in a way that keeps you satisfied. You get a taste of Mccree and Reyes’ backstory (with our favorite Papa Reyes back at it again), of Hanzo’s as well. 

It’s just fantastically well-written. I can’t describe it more than that, you have to read it to get the full experience. 


Update: additional fics as of 6/17/2017




Jack joins the SEP and finds trouble almost immediately. At least his commanding officer is on his side—supposedly.

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

The fic is about transman Jack Morrison, and what I loved about it is how it tackled the aspects of the Soldier Enhancement program that a lot of writers gloss over, like how it would physically and chemically affect various soldiers, etc. It also posed and answered the question of how fictional supersoldier modification could affect real life (or at least futuristic real life) FTM transition. everything’s well thought out, the characters are interesting and fun, especially Jack’s friends and roommates, and the tension–sexual or otherwise–between Jack and Gabe is intense, gets you more excited to see the conclusion overall. 


[[When We Were Young]]



When Jack Morrison was 18, he joined the military. Fifteen weeks later, he joined the Soldier Enhancement Program, and that was when he met Gabriel Reyes. That was when everything changed.

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

So it’s rare for a fic’s OCs to really set it apart, but that’s what happened here. The story was well done, with some amazing side characters and “co-stars” in the program with Jack and Gabe that really gave this fic heart. It also shows Gabe to be a cold, terrifying black-ops style killer, which I love for the sake of canon–a guy who’s a hero, but also the kind of man who you wouldn’t be surprised headed Blackwatch. 

Also it opens on a BDSM scene. So that’s fun. 


Update: additional fic as of 8/12/2017

[[Life is Strange]]



Time travel. It was the most harebrained idea Winston had ever come up with, but even he had to admit it was probably their only option.
This is a terrible plan, he mused.

An ill-fated trip to the past leaves Gabriel pining for a man that no longer exists.

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

The feels, man. The feels. This one kind of plowed me with the deep emotion and desperation on top of time travel shenanigans between Soldier and Reaper. It gets sad but hopeful at the same time, it casts Soldier’s regret so heartrendingly. It’s not one of the most well-written fics on the list, but it’s certainly one of the most moving. I love the whole aspect of love reaching through time and space without it getting too cheesy. Definitely worth the read and subsequent feels bomb. 

Side note: in case y’all think their name sounds familiar, yes, that is the same Asherhyder who created the Roommates webcomic on deviantart. A quality writer/artist who does quality work all around. Blessed is the Overwatch fandom for having them. 

Side note 2: there’s a fic series I forgot the name of, but I’m gonna add it to the list later. I’ll also be adding fics that I find striking as I go along. I tend to favor McHanzo, Reaper76, Genyatta and Roadrat, so if you think there’s a fic that should be on this list that isn’t, this is basically just a reflection of my fic reading preferences. 

Book!Gems I wish the BBC had included

 D’Artagnan showing up, alone, at the monastery to get Aramis like “I am so tired and hungry and have had such a hard time Aramis let’s go” but Aramis is like “First let me read you my thesis and also some poetry…I can’t get you real food but we do have spinach” and d’Artagnan’s entire reaction

Athos teaching his manservant a form of sign language so there’d be at least one person he wouldn’t have to speak verbally with

Athos locking himself and his servant in the cellar of this dude’s inn and drinking all his wine, ransacking all his groceries

D’Artagnan being so overwhelmed by Athos’ angst, so awkward, so uncertain how to respond so he just pretends to fall asleep and Athos lowkey finds it adorable like “aw look at this. lightweight. #BlessHim”

D’Artagnan showing up to talk to Athos. Wearing a dress. And Athos not even batting an eye.

The Inseparables teaching d’Artagnan to play tennis but he nearly gets smacked in the eye by the ball and panics, “I have to meet with the king I cannot go to the palace with a black eye” and that one guard dragging him about it so d’Artagnan chases him all over Paris on a duel and actually kills the guy. The king finds this hilarious and gives everyone money I’m crying

Papa “Do not sell this horse” d’Artagnan, Charles *Immediately Sells the Horse* d’Artagnan

Athos “d’Artagnan don’t do the thing” de la Fere, Charles “Athos I did the thing it went about as well as you expected” d’Artagnan

D’Artagnan’s hysterics over Constance and Athos initially trying to calm him down but then just telling him to go ahead and weep, d’Artagnan actually fainting from being so upset about Constance

Athos “You jostled my injured shoulder, prepare to die” de la Fere


Athos being the leader of the Charles d’Artagnan fanclub

D’Artagnan making smalltalk before his duel like “is your arm okay for fighting?” and then apologizing to Aramis and Porthos because he’s that sure Athos is going to kill him before he can fight them I mean in what way was that not pure gold c’mon son

The Boys scrounging for food and they all contribute and then d’Artagnan being like, “I know a guy who has chocolate”

Rochefort and d’Artagnan hating each other to such an extent they kinda bond over it

The musketeers forming a Friendship Walk so many across it takes up the entire street

D’Artagnan fighting Rochefort at that inn and then getting the hell beat out of him by everyone there, subsequently fleeced, and then showing up at Treville’s office like “look man, I got nothin’”


That one scene where Athos spends like half an hour giving d’Artagnan a detailed play-by-play of gambling, losing all their stuff, winning some back, losing it again, while d’Artagnan steadily wilts on the spot.

D’Artagnan’s tendency to exclaim/whisper/mutter/hiss “merde !” so often it’s practically his catchphrase

D’Artagnan being lowkey insulted and quite honestly alarmed by life in general

sarcasm | jughead x reader

Originally posted by jughead-thethird


written by: kelly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: hi for the prompt thing, can you do #18 w/ jughead? thanks 💫

prompt: 18- “you and your sarcasm suck”

chapter song: me & mr jones / amy winehouse.

moving schools was always hard. you would think that i would have gotten used to it by now. 6 schools in 3 years, spread across 5 states.

my parents were never on the best of terms. they were teenagers when they had me and that was the start of their adult life.

my mom re-married and moved to germany because my stepdad was in the army. all of the moving schools was due to the army life we married into.

i never really grew up with my dad in my life. he was a trouble maker and my mom didn’t appreciate his carelessness. he moved to riverdale when I was 3, and I hadn’t seen him since.

I’m now a 16 year old and this is the first time i’ll be living with him. i’m nervous, but at least he is letting me stay with him and his girlfriend.

we pull up to a trailer park called sunnyside. the sign was faded from sun damage, making me laugh a little bit at the irony of the situation.

the cab slowly stopped in front of an older trailer with caution. i slowly get out of the cab, grab my cases and take it to the front.

i notice that the second i close my door the cab driver sped off. the trailer has a sticker on the door that reads welcome to the snake den.

interesting. i knock on the front door three times, not sure where to look.

almost instantly a tall blonde lady opens the door. she was beautiful, but she looked hungover. she looked me up and down, not with a bad attitude but with curiosity.

“can i help you?” she questioned, hesitance present in her voice.

“um, is danny here?” i answer.

a look of clarity spread across her face.

“you must be y/n.” the stranger stated, leaning against the doorway smiling.

“yeah.” I blurt out.

“i’m lana, your dads girlfriend.” she announced.

“nice to meet you.” i uttered, super shy for some reason.

she then gestured for me to come in - so I grabbed my bags and I walked into the dingy trailer.

It looked like it had just been cleaned, the windows were open and there was a small arrangement of flowers in an old beer bottle. they were rose’s.

she then had me follow her to a small bedroom. the bedsheets were pink and there was a small desk in the corner of the room.

“by the way your dad speaks about ya I was expecting a little girl to walk through that door, but you’re not so little anymore. you’re stunning.” She insisted, the compliment making me blush.

“he talks about me?” I question, cocking an eyebrow in disbelief.

“oh god, all the damn time. there’s a photo of you and him next to his bed.” she states matter-of-factly.

“where is he?” I ask

.“oh um-uh- he’s at work, he’ll be back real soon.” she acknowledged.

after that brief conversation with lana, I began to unpack my stuff. i set up my laptop and i went onto my blog. writing gave me clarity and was a calming release for me.

all thoughts were interrupted when I heard a car roar past the trailer. the doors opened and I heard a whole bunch of guys laughing and yelling.

I heard a soft knock on my door and then it was followed by lana telling me that my dad was back. that’s when my nerves hit.

i adjusted my hair into a pony tail and i stepped out of my room. as i walk out i bump into a tall, black haired boy. his eyes were deep blue and we stared at one another for a second.

“oh sorry.” i say trying to avoid eye contact. he was hot and i was embarrassed.

silence entered the room at a record setting speed. dead silence. all of a sudden a look of relief washed upon the mysterious strangers face.

“you’re y/n, right?” he asked, raking his long fingers through his thick hair.

“yeah.” i nodded, while realising this question would be a re-occurring one.
while looking at the tall, dark and handsome guy, I noticed he had a cool leather jacket on. it appeared to be vintage, but it gives him this look. like a mixture of a young james dean and young leo dicaprio.

“i think i need to go and you know, see danny.” i mumble, doing that awkward rock on my heels people do when they want to leave a room.

the cute stranger smiles and carries on towards the restroom. the back of his jacket has two embroided snakes on it. southside serpents. pretty cool if I do say so myself. must be their school football team.

as i exit the small hallway i’m greeted by loud cheers, filling the small trailer. i get a bit of a fright, looking around at all these smiley strangers.

tall and scary men, some older and some look around my age. tattoos and matching leather jackets. i see a man get up and walk over to me.

younger looking guy, tons of tattoos. it’s danny, i can tell. we have the same eyes.

“good to see you again, y/n.” he smiled, giving me a massive squeeze.

“hey danny.” I reply, returning the smile.

we sat down and started taking with all the guys and i can promise you this, i’ve never laughed so much in my whole entire life. the tall and handsome boy was sitting in the middle of the crowd, looking at me. with some sudden ball of courage, i ask him a question.

“i have a camera if you wanna use it.” i snicker.

the boy goes red and the crowd busts up laughing. all of them turning to danny saying i’m just like him.

“you and your sarcasm suck..” the boy states matter-of-factly, looking up at me with the most wonderful half smile.

“well i’d like to credit you for that powerful statement, but i don’t have your name.” i answer back.

“jughead jones.” and with that unusual introduction, i got handed my own leather jacket. it was the day I met my future husband and the day the future queen of the southside serpents was born.

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Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 9

The song On My Mind by Ellie Goulding inspired this chapter. Totally suggest to listen while reading!

Chapter 9 - On My Mind

It was fun while it lasted, but all things must come to an end. We gathered our belongings and placed them by the door. Dasha and Sydney’s parents picked them up. And it was just Allegra and I.

“Allegra!” Mr. Leto called from the kitchen. “These clothes need to be washed.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to walk Kerri home?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s right.” He crept around the corner as he dried a bowl with a paper towel.

His head rested against the wall as he looked at me. His grin stretching from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat himself. “I’ll walk her home,” he said.

“But Dad!-” Allegra whined in protest.

“Sorry honey.” He cut her off, still drying the bowl. “You need to hit those clothes. They’re a mile high!”

“Fine.” She fumed.

“Besides… it be nice to see Ms. Sanders and Nico – it’s been a while,” his eyes lit up as he thought.

Apparently, I had no say in this matter. I stared back at Mr. Leto, trying to see what lurked behind his eyes. Was there another trick up his sleeve?

“Just give me 5 minutes Kerri and we can head over.” He told me before quickly shuffling away.

After Allegra and I said our goodbyes, I fetched my things, making sure everything was packed. I didn’t live far away at all, like 2 ½ blocks down, but I guess no neighborhood not matter how nice is safe to travel alone in the evening.

Butt up and head down, I bent over, trying to squeeze everything in my bag. There was this one section that just wouldn’t zip. It was stuffed to the max. I thought I heard something behind me but I was too focused on this. If Allegra wants to make a joke about how silly I look, so be it. I placed the bag between my legs as I pushed down with one hand and tried to zip with the other. Once it finally fit, I stood up straight, and flung my hair back. I turned around and to my surprise, I saw Mr. Leto there leaning against the wall.

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Luminescence: Chapter 1


Summary:  Dan never expected Phil to seriously notice him. Sure, maybe he’d glance at his sign and laugh, but not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine actually getting called up onstage to do the one thing he’d dreamed of for years. But what happens when a simple kiss unexpectedly turns into something more?

Formerly titled “One for the Books”

Word Count (for this chapter): 3.1k

Genre: Fluffy smut

Extra tags: Musician AU, concerts, first kiss, getting together, first time

Warnings (for this chapter): Smut (but nothing explicit), swearing

Read on ao3

A/N: Based on a prompt from phanfic:

basically, dan is a total fangirl of phil, who’s a musician. phil does this thing, like halsey does, where he’ll be people’s first kiss at concerts. dan goes to his concert and phil notices dan, they kiss but it turns out to be a total make out session. you decide what happens next…

Yeah. Can you imagine how much I wanted to write this? Well, after nearly 3 long weeks, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!!

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like if eiffel/minkowski are the jester/mentor soulmates, eiffel/hilbert are the ethically ambiguous ‘what are we’ subject/scientist duo, and eiffel/hera are just…fuyckn…in love, then eiffel and lovelace have the potential to have the best brother/sister dynamic:

  • eiffel and lovelace who constantly rag on each other, teasing and giving the occasional (read: at least once daily) punch in the arm as a sign of affection; except Lovelace’s punches do considerable damage to Eiffel, but he is King Of The Noogie
  • [From the other room]: ‘MINKOWSKIIIIIIII!!!!! LOVELACE BROKE MY SCALE MODEL REPLICA OF THE MILLENIUM FALCON!’ / ‘It was made of a post it note you dweeb!’  
  • *so many momkowski head shakes*
  • ‘that’s my toothbrush’ / ‘umm, no it isn’t.’ / ‘[together]…shit.’ 
  • the pair of them confessing to one another that they’re gay as heck (Eiffel as a bisexual space disaster, and Lovelace as the perfect astro lesbian we all know and love) which a) leads to ‘i bet i can get that girl’s number first’ squabbles when they both go weak at the knees for cute girls in bars and b) Eiffel probably losing and c) Lovelace compensating by scoring him the number of the lead singer from the live band all in the space of ten minutes
  • They become the ‘ride or die’ siblings; Eiffel making sure that Lovelace knows that he is there for her no matter what, and ready to tackle any problem head-on with her, and becoming one of the only people Lovelace feels immediately comfortable around. Building on their rocky start, his welcoming demeanour and ability to instantly sympathise becomes charming, and something she admires
  • Lovelace assuring Eiffel that she’s got his back in whatever fight, but reminds him that she can still kick his ass if he gets out of line with the drinking again; ‘We’ve both gone to hell and back multiple times alone, but now I’m here to wrench you back out of it’
  • cinemasinning together
  • eiffel giving a heartfelt speech at Lovelace’s wedding which nobody understands because he’s speaking in references again, but cut to Lovelace and she’s in tears of joy and love
  • telepathic sibling conversations via distinct looks such as: ‘minkowski is going to kill us’ and ‘please don’t kill minkowski’ and ‘there’s extra pie in the fridge, I’ll distract her while you stealth in there and I’ll meet you back in my room in fourteen’
The Joker x Reader - “Getting Married”

Getting married with The Joker would include:

– He is nervous as hell, but wouldn’t admit even if it kills him. Sometimes at night, J has second thoughts but then he looks at you sleeping and takes a deep breath, thinking: “Shit, I guess I’m doing this.”

– You have fights about the color of your wedding dress: The Joker wants to see you in white, but you would prefer purple, one of his favorite colors. You break up and call off the weeding for about…4 hours, before starting to speak to each other again because now you have to fight about the color of his tuxedo. You want him to wear the classic black and J wants to wear green.

You call off the wedding again for about…5 hours before bumping into each other in the living room. He growls and you pout, telling him to come to bed because it’s late. J follows you to the bedroom muttering and complaining until he falls asleep.

–But you can’t doze off. You are so anxious about the upcoming event that you have second thoughts. But then you watch him dream and scoot over, forgetting you are mad at him. You snuggle to his chest and he squeezes you tight in his arms, kissing your forehead. I guess J wasn’t really asleep, he was just waiting to see if you would make the move before he does.

– The King of Gotham buys you all these little wedding gifts he hides all over the place for you to find. When you discover something you don’t remember you had before, he doesn’t admit to it since he doesn’t want you to think he cares too much:

“Of course you had that diamond necklace, I saw you wear it on our last date.”

“Are you kidding me? That dress has been in there for ages.”

“Ummm, those earrings have been in your jewelry box for at least 5 years.” (But, you know… you’ve been together for 2 years…)

“Come on, now, those stilettos have been in that box for at least a year.”

“Seriously, you don’t remember this car?!”

So smooth, you smile to yourself, aware of what your future husband is doing but pretend not to have a clue and play along. It’s more fun this way.

– J wants to invite Batsy to the weeding. You believe it’s a great idea so tonight you blew up Gotham Bank and sprayed a nice graffiti on the only wall still standing: “ Come to the wedding” with the Batsy logo under. “P.S.  No people were hurt in the making of this wedding invitation. You’re welcome.” Of course he saw it but there is no address, no date, no nothing. “Lunatics,” Bruce Wayne thinks, “how am I supposed to know what’s going on if there’s no info?!”

– You are afraid he will get bored with you after getting married. What if it doesn’t work and it all goes down in flames? What are you going to do without your green haired nightmare? The Joker notices you are stressed out and it only makes him even more nervous: I mean, what if he doesn’t work out and you get bored with him afterwards? What if ends up badly and you leave him? What is he going to do without his pain in the ass?

– One day, J finds you crying your eyes out on the balcony and you finally tell him why. Well, thank God because he didn’t want to bring that up, but what a relief to find out you share the same concern.

“Of course I’m going to divorce you in a couple of years: you’ll be too old for my standards,” he teases, spanking your butt.

“You’re already too old for my standards but I plan to stay married,” you whimper, blowing your nose in a tissue so loud it makes him cringe.

“Ewww, that’s it, the weeding is off!” and instead of laughing at his joke you bawl harder because the whole thing has been an emotional roller-coaster so far. “Ugghhh,” he rolls his eyes and lifts you in his arms, while you rub your eyes, upset. “Hug me,” and you don’t react. The threat follows: “Your arms better go around my neck really, really tight in the next 3 seconds or the ceremony is off for reals!”

– You don’t remember being so fast in obeying.

“I guess we’re still on,” your fiancée huffs and the teary smile gives him such an unexpected feeling of bliss. J wants to say something sweet for once but ends up mumbling a few words you don’t understand.

“What was that?” you ask, not sure if he really said anything.

“Mind your own business, woman!” but he doesn’t look mad and it makes you happy.

– Conflict arises when the subject of kids is brought up again: The Joker wants 3 and you want none. Huge fight and J leaves, slamming the door and yelling a bunch of stuff that makes you hate him for 30 minutes before you have a change of heart and text him:

“I am willing to compromise for 2.”

– He actually makes you sign a treaty stipulating your little truce. J types the text and prints it, bringing over the piece of paper.

I agree to let my husband knock me up at least twice,” you read out loud, ready to sign. “Baby, I don’t like that ‘at least’ in there’ –it’s misleading,” you complain but The Clown Prince of Crime won’t have any of this crap.

“Just flippin’ scribble your name on the bottom of the page and stop whining!”

You take a deep breath and sign: “Y/N.”

“Wrong name, Pumpkin,” The Joker points out. “It should be Mrs. J since we are basically married !”

You giggle and cross a line on top of “Y/N”, correcting the mistake.

“Sucker!” J smirks, yanking the page away and folding it as soon as you are done. “Now I can have as many kids as I want. You’re so easy to trick, Princess,” and the paper gets carefully placed in his seif and locked away.

You sulk, aware you stepped right into this one.

– The Joker wants to have the most opulent, luxurious and lavish wedding ever in the history of mankind. You want a more private ceremony, not necessarily less posh, but 1000 guests seem too much for your taste. You want…950 guests and would love to get rid of that extra 50 people, but J is threatening with no sex until after the wedding if you don’t agree to his list.

– You panic. How are you supposed to survive with no sex with The Joker for so long???!! It’s one week away, a whole eternity for Heaven’s sake! So you say yes.

“Sucker!” he maliciously laughs. “Can’t stay away from Daddy, hm?”

“The wedding is off!” you have a comeback at his sassiness, yet J has some sane logic for once:

“Then there will be no sex, obviously.”

“OK, the wedding is on!” you shout, irritated and rush out of the living room, defeated and pissed.

– You never had a first date so you will have one tonight before the wedding. Things between the two of you just kind of happened and you are the one that wants to fix that. J was totally against it but he gave in, renting your favorite restaurant for the night.

– You just started the evening and barely had an appetizer when he already had enough of romance:

“Come on, Doll, get naked, I wanna have you here on the table.”

“What?! On our first date?!” you reply, blushing a bit.

“Don’t make me wait!” J growls and you are disappointed; that’s why you never had a first proper date, he’s so impatient.

“I don’t sleep with anybody at a first date!” you conclude and he’s lost.


“Let’s enjoy our early evening and then we can go home and sleep. Tomorrow is a big day,” you try to convince him. “You know you can’t see the bride before the wedding anyway, so tonight it’s perfect for us to have a first date and have the tradition taken care of too.”

He just stares at you, grinding his teeth.

“This is bullshit; take your dress off!”

“No! “ you fight back and he slams his fist on the table, getting up to leave, enraged at your nonsense.

“Where are you going?”

“To find somebody else for the night since I am being refused on my apparent first date!” and he storms out, abandoning his bride- to- be at the restaurant.

– You called Frost and he brought you back to the Penthouse. You are nervous to see if he’s home after all he said. Of course he’s home, locked inside one of the bedrooms upstairs. Not that you thought J would cheat, but…you never know.

You are still furious though and debate if you should show up for the wedding tomorrow. You have no clue he is thinking the same.

– You linger in front of his door, debating and turn around to leave when The Joker suddenly opens the door:

“What do you want?” he snaps.

“Nothing…” you scratch your shoulder and stare at each other.

“Then why are you here?”

You lift your shoulders up, not answering.

“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the weeding so disappear!” he mocks, slowly closing the door. You are fast to sneak in before he does it, not that he tries to stop you.

“If you don’t want to see the bride then close your eyes,” you flutter your long eyelashes, biting on your lip.

“That’s stupid,” he whispers but closes his eyes and heads towards the bed. You silently follow and get under the sheets, making sure to say:

“But we can’t have sex, it’s the tradition.”

“Pfft, you already hurt my pride tonight and I don’t forgive that. EVER,” and slides towards you, groping your butt in the process.

Needless to say that was the best sex you had all week.

– His heart stopps when he sees how beautiful you look in the white dress. Yes, you decided on what he wanted.

–Your heart stops when you see him wear the black tuxedo, a very handsome devil. Yes, he decided on what you wanted.

– The Joker almost shoots the priest because things aren’t moving too fast. He’s not a patient man. You calm him down and the ceremony continues without any further death threats.  

– The big letdown for the special occasion is the fact that Batsy didn’t show up. You invited him, right?! Both of you are bummed about it; maybe he was busy or something…Oh, but maybe he will like to be the Godfather of your first child or occasionally babysit…And then again maybe not since he ditched the groom and bride on such an important day. The fact that he didn’t have an address or date has nothing to do with it.

– But he would have probably used the opportunity to bring the SWAT team over and catch you so…a blessing in disguise Gotham’s Vigilante didn’t show up.

– Unexpectedly, for the wedding night, J decides to be romantic.

“Allright, Mrs. J, this is special,” he winks, kissing you roughly and you just can’t wait to take your dress off. ‘”We will use our weeding night as a first date and we won’t have sex, just like you wanted. Surprise!” he grins, soooo proud of his romantic skills.

Your jaw drops to the ground.


“This is my remarkable wedding gift to you: can’t say I am insensitive to your needs,” he dramatically gestures, full of himself.

“And NOW you want to do this??!!”

“No better time.”

“That’s… that’s… preposterous !!!!! There is no way I’m not getting laid on my wedding night!!!” you scream and start yanking at his clothes, eager to get him out of the dammed tuxedo.

“Jeez, Mrs. J, calm down. You’re so desperate it’s embarrassing. I am doing this for you; we’ll just talk,” he yawns  and crushes on the bed, stretching on top of the purple sheets.

“Fine, fine, whatever,” you utter, distressed, admitting in your mind you actually asked for this…last night. You collapse by him, glaring at the ceiling, frustrated.

“On the other hand…” J gets on his elbow, “we can maybe postpone this for another time.”

“Really?” you get on your elbow too, full of hope.

“Sucker, I totally got you!!!!” he chuckles when you crawl on top of him, kissing him in frenzy.

“You’re such a jerk!”

– Needless to say it was the best sex you had all month.

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vanillarainbowpanda  asked:

Hi do you think you could update the Internet/Online tag? This blog is my go-to when I wanna read sterek! You're great!

thank you very much friend!

At least the Road to Hell is paved, I’m not good with Stairways by lady emebalia (emebalia) (16/? | 33,535 | NC17)

When Derek signs up on a BDSM dating site, he expects things to be straight forward. Turns out the road ahead has more unexpected turns than he thought. But at least Stiles comes well equipped for twists and turns.

Opposites Attract by Pigeonpost (6/6 | 23,666 | R)

“Stiles,!” Lydia tapped her Jimmy Choo clad foot impatiently and tossed her long, strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder, “ do you want to get laid or not?” The determined glint in her eyes was matched by the sharp edge to her voice.

“Yeah,” Stiles whined, he was thinking more of a deep, long-lasting , loving relationship that led to kids and anniversaries. “but……….”

“But nothing,” Lydia balled her hands and rested them on her hips, “Brett has got to go.”

“But,” Stiles protested, “I spent ages finding,” Lydia’s eyebrow rose disapprovingly, “ok, technically stealing, ” Stiles corrected with a blush, “that guy’s photo from the Internet and hours and hours making up that profile, couldn’t we just keep some of it?”

Lydia glanced at the laptop. “Stiles sweetie,” she said more patiently, “he’s not you, he’s a fantasy you made up and you deserve to be loved for who you are." 

Wishing For You by ironmuffin (1/1 | 5,088 | PG13)

Scott thought that Stiles was being catfish and asked him to sign up for the MTV Catfish to find out if Stiles’ online boyfriend was even a real person or not cause somehow that guy looked photoshop and too good to be truly exists.

When You’re Ready by Julibean19 (1/1 | 3,008 | R)

He wasn’t going to do it again. He wasn’t going to let another date look at him in horror. Derek refused to be seen as a freak. He was just going to find a new job, move out of his parent’s house, and die alone.

“Just one more date Derek, please!” Laura begged, following him down the stairs and waving her phone at his back.

“I said no! You don’t know what it’s like,” Derek muttered, suddenly defeated.

“I know babe,” Laura told him, coming up to wrap an arm around her little brother, standing up on her tippy toes until she could lay her head on his shoulder. “But look at this guy. He’s gorgeous.”

Derek couldn’t resist a quick glance at the dating app. Damnit. Laura was right, as always. The guy was gorgeous. A mole dotted face with an adorably upturned nose smirked at him from behind a pair of square framed glasses, and he could feel his resolve crumbling.

in loving memory

pairing: jeongguk x reader
genre: angst
word count: 12,170
warnings: terminal illness, hospitals, needles, etc; 
note: put a tiny bit of a twist on this one, but i’m not sure how to categorize the concept itself. it involves a japanese legend that i based off on the children’s book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

Originally posted by jessabella-hime

Jeon Jeongguk is ill.

It first surfaced when he was out playing with his friends, running along with them one summer morning, his shoes scraping against the pavement as he ran fast to keep up. In the midst of it all, as he was reaching out to tap his friend’s shoulder and finally get his revenge on him, Jeongguk suddenly felt his legs collapse from underneath him and soon the soft skin of his cheek met with the coarse concrete. He remembered his friends running to get his parents and when his father carried him in his arms, he fell unconscious and woke up in a cold hospital room where his mother sobbed quietly.

Jeongguk was eleven years old when he was diagnosed with something that he commonly referred to as what made people treat him differently.

The changes that came with this revelation were drastic. Jeongguk often had to miss out on school for weeks at a time, staying in the vicinity of a hospital where he lay in bed all day under careful observation by doctors. What used to be time spent for learning and making friends is now scheduled for routine check ups and treatment. Even the people Jeongguk had considered friends whispered about him and steered cleared of him, even though his illness isn’t contagious in any way. In truth, it was their parents that made his old friends avoid him, used him and his sickness as a way of threatening their children when they weren’t obedient.

“Go study, or else you’ll end up like that Jeon kid!” They would say variations of this, as if Jeongguk had been reduced to some kind of curse that only existed when fear is the only thing that would get through their young minds.

As a result, Jeon Jeongguk often felt lonely, having only minimal conversations with the nurses that routinely checked up on him while he stays in the hospital, and his family who try their best to look as if their youngest isn’t burdened by what could possibly be a terminal illness. The doctors called him a fighter, and Jeongguk would smile up at them with eyes filled with certainty because he believed them and will try his best to endure every process he has to undergo to get better.

Keep reading

Churro-Boy pt 3

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: curse words and spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming

A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! I wanted to make this part really good. Also, credits to the writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming since I used some lines!

word count: 4.8k

Part 1 II Part 2

That night at Liz Allen’s party, I realized quite a bit about myself. Not in the sense where I somehow had a new found appreciation for high school parties, but in the sense where I had an epiphany about the type of person that I am. On the car ride back, over-thinking like I do best, I reflected on my choices that night. I had put myself out there to try and make new friends, Peter and Ned being said friends, and came back defeated. I mean, not necessarily with Ned, but definitely with Peter. 

That night, I was vulnerable, in a sense, and it completely backfired. Did he not come back because it was me? Was that a sign? Should I just stick to what I know and just not try

It hurt to be rejected by Peter. The fact that it’s Peter Parker somehow just stung the most. I thought he and I had a lot in common. Or, at least, a few things in common: enough to be friends at least. Knowing him from class, he seemed so sweet and dorky and cute even, just -the type of person that everyone needs in their life. 

I guess I’m not worth befriending.

To make matters worse, as I tried to fall asleep that night, I heard a knock at my window. Calming down, I went to my window to see a note stuck on the glass by some type of web. It read “I’m sorry Y/N” and was signed Churro-Boy.

Even Spider-Man had ended my attempt at a friendship.

That one was more understandable though -I mean -what did I expect? I could never befriend a superhero. Our interaction probably meant nothing to him. I most likely read too much into it anyway. The fact that I thought he seemed cute too -god, how could I have been so stupid

These thoughts plagued me until I eventually fell asleep.

Determined to stop pitting myself, the next day, I decided to do what I do best. I will avoid Peter -and sadly Ned because where there is a Peter, there is a Ned -and avoid my problems all together. I didn’t want to confront Peter about the party; I do not confront things. I just have to go the rest of high school avoiding those two. 

Seems logical, as Spock would say.

Besides, I had MJ, and she was more than enough for me.

Not to mention I had actual things to worry about, like Nationals today. I was outside the bus confiding in MJ as we waited to board like the rest of the team was currently doing.

“So you’re just going to avoid the both of them?” MJ concluded, nose stuck in a book, as per usual.

I sighed, “I mean, what else can I do?”

“Oh you mean besides just, I don’t know, talking to them about this?” She said sarcastically, looking up at me.

I narrowed my eyes, “That’s not what I wanted to hear.”

MJ rolled her eyes at me and said, “Y/N, this is New York; you’re going to hear a lot of things that you don’t want to.”

“You know what I mean,” I said, ignoring her attempt at a joke. “I tried to make friends, and it failed. Going out of my comfort zone was hard and I’m never doing it again. I’m just not made to be social, okay? I can accept that. Of all people I thought you’d understand that.”

MJ’s eyes softened in understanding, “This shouldn’t discourage you from making new friends.”

“The one time I think ‘hey, why not try something new’ and it ended up like shit,” I said, looking away, chuckling humorlessly. I shook my head softly, “You’re the only friend I need anyway.”

Michelle looked at me with a small smile, “And you’re the only friend I need. But,” she said, with a now teasing smile, “it won’t hurt to let others in. You and I both.”

I sighed, knowing she was right. I knew I needed to hear this. After all, I’m just being over dramatic. “I know, but let’s pick someone else. Like Liz, or Abraham, or literally anyone else on the team. Not Flash though,” I said, shaking my head.

MJ crinkled her nose, “Yeah, no, definitely not Flash.”

Speaking of Trash, I mean Flash, he started a commotion with someone. Michelle and I looked to see who everyone was talking to.

“Hey! Welcome back Peter!” our teacher called, stepping off the bus.

Peter? What is he doing here?

“Flash, you’re back to first alternate,” he continued.

“What?” Flash gaped.

“He’s taking your place,” Abraham laughed.

“Um, excuse me, can we go, already? Cause I was hoping to get in some light protesting at the embassies before dinner, so,” MJ cut in.

“Protesting is patriotic, let’s get on the bus,” he responded.

I hid my smile and boarded the bus.

That smile I tried to hide earlier dropped once we were seated on the bus. MJ called the window seat and continued reading her book, and I was stuck staring at the back of Peter’s head while Liz quizzed us. Whenever I rang the bell before Peter did, he would look back at me with a weird expression on his face and it made me uncomfortable. It was like he wanted to tell me something, but I think he felt just as awkward as I did and decided not to say anything.

Should I say something to him? Or just avoid him all together like I originally planned to do so?

Before I made a choice, it seemed as if fate did it for me. Peter got a phone call and headed to the back of the bus. I watched him with the corner of my eye and then turned to MJ.

“I should just talk to him, right?” I whispered.

“Sure,” she said, not looking up.

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” I pondered out loud.

“Maybe you shouldn’t,” she suggested with an indifferent tone.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said, trying to reassure myself.

If Peter wants to tell me why he didn’t show up, then it’s up to him. Things don’t have to be weird between us, right?

That kind of thinking is exactly why I ended up fighting with myself in my hotel room later that evening.

“Your pacing is making me dizzy,” Michelle said to me from her spot on the bed.

I tugged at my hair and said, “Look away Michelle, you don’t wanna see me like this.”

“Don’t move so much, I’m trying to get a good sketch of you,” she said, doodling.

“Hey,” I protested.

She chuckled and said, “Perfect, stay like tha-”

MJ was cut off by a knock at our door. We both looked at each other before she mouthed at me “You go.”

I shook my head and harshly whispered, “What if it’s someone trying to kill us? Who knocks on people’s doors at midnight?” 

“No one is trying to kill us,” Michelle scoffed.

“I could open that door and get shot,” I exaggerated.

“Y/N? Michelle?” they asked through the door.

Looking at the door, then back to each other, we both said, “Liz.” 

I opened the door and smiled, “Hey Liz, glad you’re not an axe murderer, what’s up?”

She looked at me weirdly, but laughed it off, “I’m glad I got the right door. Do you guys wanna join us? We’re heading to the pool for a late-night swim.”

Liz could already see me trying to come up with an excuse so she interrupted me with, “We have candy.” 

She held out some chocolate to me with a teasing smile. “I don’t know,” I trailed off, accepting the candy anyway.

Michelle piped up from the bed, “You know what Liz? That is a great idea. We’ll join you in a few.”

“We will?” I questioned, looking at MJ.

“You will,” Liz said, looking at me.

“I guess I will,” I said, giving in. 

“Great! I’ll see you guys there then!” she exclaimed, running off down the hall. 

I closed the door and looked at MJ.

“Letting people in, remember?” she said, looking through her things. 

“Figuratively or literally? Cause I didn’t let her in. Literally, she just stood outside. I could go and get her if you want though,” I said, gesturing to the door with my thumb over my shoulder.

Michelle scoffed at my joke and said, “I won’t swim, but you look like you need one. So, I am going to sit on one of the lounge chairs and read, while you get changed, okay?” 

I sighed, and said, “I could use a swim I guess.”

After getting dressed into a swimsuit, I grabbed my towel and left the hotel room. On the way there, I saw a hooded figure creeping out of their room. 

Just walk passed them, and don’t make eye contact, I thought to myself. 

Straightening my shoulders to seem unfazed, I sped up my pace until I realized who was under the hood.

“Peter?” I asked, slightly unsure.

They looked up from whatever they were looking at and I saw that it was indeed Peter Parker.

His eyes widened and he said, “Oh, uh, hey Y/N. I see you’re, uh, going for a swim. That’s nice. With the rest of the team, right? That’s what Liz said at least. I’m just…assuming though. You could be doing something else, I wouldn’t know.” 

I chuckled nervously and said, “And here I thought my swimsuit gave it away. I’m just going to get some dinner, obviously. Dressed real casual though.” I attempted to make light of this interaction, but my joke was pretty terrible, so I internally cringed at myself.

Peter looked away from my bathing suit and turned red, “Yeah, dinner, my bad.” He then realized what I actually said, then stumbled as he looked back to me, “Tha- that was a joke wasn’t it?”

I laughed slightly and said, “My mom doesn’t get my jokes either, it’s cool.”

This is going smoothly, isn’t it, I thought sarcastically. Avoiding him sounded like a better idea.

“No! That was funny, definitely funny. I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” He said sheepishly. “About tomorrow,” he added quickly.

Wait a minute. I’ve heard that before, but, where?

“Well, one of us is clearly going for a swim. Not the one in the hood though. Where are you going?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m going to go study,” he said, gesturing at his back pack.

Study? You’re like the smartest guy I know, you don’t need to study,” I scoffed.

“I, uh, know this is important to you and the rest of the team, I just don’t want to mess up tomorrow,” he said.

I nodded my head in understanding, “Right. Well, don’t study too hard. We need you there tomorrow.”

“Yeah, of course,” Peter breathed.

I started to walk passed him, ready to say goodbye. But then I stopped and turned back to Peter. 

Fuck it, I thought.

“Oh, and Peter?” I asked, getting his attention. He looked at me expectantly before I added, “I ate your slice of pizza, so, I owe you one.”

Peter looked confused before a look of realization flashed across his face. “Right,” he said, “maybe after the decathlon we can, um, get some, or something?” 

I looked at him with a sudden hope, “Yeah!” I cleared my throat before saying, “Sure, I mean, if someone offers you pizza, one cannot deny it, right?”

Peter looked at me for a moment, and then smiled. “Yeah, no one refuses pizza.”

I offered a small smile and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Tomorrow,” he repeated, walking backwards.

“Bye Peter,” I said, also walking backwards.

“Bye Y/N,” he said softly, not looking away.

I turned around to keep walking and took a deep breath. 

That wasn’t so bad. Maybe Peter and I can actually get to know each other better. It won’t hurt to try again.

Determined to turn a new leaf, I went to go relax with the rest of my team.

“We’re going to be late,” MJ said, hitting me with a pillow.

I groaned and turned over, “Five more minutes won’t kill anyone.”

“I will smother you with this pillow if you don’t get up,” Michelle muttered, hitting me with each word.

Too weak to defend myself, I grumbled, “Alright, alright. Put your weapon down, I’m awake.”

Michelle continued to gather her things and I reluctantly got up to pack and get ready to leave. 

Once we were both ready to join the rest of the team, we headed downstairs. Finding the rest of our teammates was pretty easy given the fact that we had to wear yellow jackets. I saw Liz look way too stressed out about something and decided to see what had caused that look of despair.

“Hey Liz, what’s wrong?” I asked. 

Liz sighed and said, “No one knows where Peter is and we have to leave right now or else we’ll never make it on time.” 

“Peter’s gone?” I said, getting worried.

Did something happen to him last night? Was I the last person to see him? Shouldn’t we call the police?

I looked around and saw that everyone was here, ready to go, except for Peter. I went up to Ned and asked, “Hey, where’s Peter?”

Ned looked at me troubled and said, “Um, he got caught up with…something. Doesn’t feel good.”

“Is he okay?” I asked, more confused than worried at this point. “Is he coming back?”

Before Ned could answer me, it was time for the competition, so we were ushered away.

Damn it Peter, where the hell are you?

Nationals was extremely stressful, and I’m glad it was over. Thanks to Michelle, we had won first place. I expected to see Peter burst in through the doors at the last minute, but no one had heard from him still. Maybe he was extremely sick.

We were on our way to see the Washington Monument and I decided to enjoy my time away from Queens. Sight seeing was always fun for me anyway. Michelle, on the other hand, had no interest in the monument, so I went in without her. Besides, I can spend some quality time with Ned.

“Hey Ned,” I smiled, approaching him. I saw him looking at his phone, deep in thought. He snapped out of when he heard my voice.

“Oh, hey Y/N, I’m just trying to check in on Peter,” he said, motioning to his phone. 

“No word from him yet?” I asked.

“No, I keep calling, but he won’t answer,” he mumbled.

“Maybe he has bad reception?” I offered.

“Maybe,” he said, dialing again. 

I saw some free pens and a bag on a table and said, “Imma go get some free stuff, do you want some?”

Ned looked up to me and smiled, “Yeah!” 

I smiled back and said, “Cool, wait here.”

Grabbing two of each, muttering, “It’s for a friend,” I came back to see Ned talking to someone on the phone.

I switched Ned’s phone with the pens and asked into the phone, “Peter, is that you?”

“Oh hey Y/N!” Peter exclaimed. 

He doesn’t sound sick, I thought bitterly. 

“Please put Ned back on the phone,” he replied.

I ignored Peter and decided to get some answers. “You don’t sound sick at all, Peter,” I said, getting mad at him for making me worry so much. “You are so lucky we won,” I scolded, “I want to stay mad at you, but, I’m more worried about you. What is going on with you?” 

“Y/N! I have to talk to Ned, it’s really important,” he went on.

As I was about to give in and pass the phone to Ned, the security officer told me to put all items on the conveyor belt, so I set the phone down. I went through the detector and told Ned, “He seemed fine, but had something important to tell you apparently.”

“I’ll call him back when we get off the elevator,” Ned said, walking in. I followed him in and we had some small talk on the way up. We were both excited to see the view from up there. “Do you think we’ll see some birds outside the window? They fly this high, right?” he whispered.

“Obviously, it’ll be like a bird’s-eye view huh?” I joked. 

He laughed silently and said, “That was so lame.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” I whispered back, chuckling quietly so that the tour lady wouldn’t be offended by our lack of interest in whatever she was saying. 

Suddenly, there was a bright flash and a sudden heat filled the confided space. The elevator came to a halt, and we all gasped. It smelled like something was burning and Ned dropped his backpack. With the smoke clearing out, we all looked at each other. Then Flash pointed something out.

“Oh my god, look at the ceiling,” he gaped.

We all looked up and saw that there were lines that showed something had burned through the metal.

What the hell?

Just stay calm everyone,” the tour lady said.

“Oh, we are all going to die here,” said Abraham.

My heart rate increased and I began to panic. 

“Freaking screwed,” someone muttered. 

“Okay guys, I know that was scary but our safety systems are working,” the tour lady said trying to reassure us, “we are very safe in here.”

“Are we really,” I said, almost hysterical. 

How are we supposed to get out of here? What caused that?

Yes, let’s just open the hatch and climb out,” she replied, starting to open the hatch. She managed to do so and climbed out. She began to help our teammates up, and I felt slightly better. Not completely fine, but just a little better. One by one, they slowly made it out, with people helping us out at the top. We were practically all the way up, so it was easy to climb out. Anxiously, I waited my turn.

“Okay, who’s next?” our teacher asked.

Wanting to get the hell out of there, I was about to go until Flash shoved his way to the front and said, “Me! It’s my turn!”

“Flash, seriously?” Liz said, incredulously. 

“C’mon Thompson,” I muttered. 

He made his way up, clutching onto the trophy as if his life depended on it. 

“Don’t worry about the trophy!” I exasperated.

And, as usual, he ignored me and held on to it tighter. The elevator jolted and I held my breath.

Hurry up Flash! 

Flash continued to climb out and held out his trophy to the men, “Take my trophy!” After that, he kicked his foot to get off of the elevator and got pulled up. I heard a metal screech and winced momentarily until I felt another jolt. This time, however, the jolt wasn’t a short one. The elevator dropped, and we all screamed. I closed my eyes and waited for it to end, continuing to scream. I felt the elevator come to a sudden stop, and we all dropped to the floor, holding onto the bar attached to the wall. 

Is it over?

Opening my eyes was a mistake because the elevator dropped again, but then came to an abrupt stop. 

Jesus Christ-

Suddenly, I saw a flash of red and blue drop onto the floor in middle of the elevator. My eyes widened at the sight of Spider-Man. His drop, however, caused the elevator to continue its descent to the bottom, prompting another chorus of screams. He quickly shot a web, and suddenly, he was upside, holding us up. The screaming stopped, and we all looked at him. He was right in front of me and he kind of stared until he cleared his throat.

In that fake New-Yorker accent, he said, “Hey, how ya doin’, don’t worry about it, I gotchu.” He began to pull us up, and I was too shocked to say anything.

Churro-Boy was here? In Washington? Is this really happening right now? 

Ned didn’t seem as shocked as he exclaimed, “Yes! Yes!” Fist bumping in the air as he did so.

Spider-Man dropped the accent and said, “Hey hey hey hey hey, big guy! Quit moving around!”

Ned stopped and said, “Sorry sir, so sorry!”

Spider-Man continued to pull us up, and we eventually reached the top. I tried to calm down my breathing as I realized we were safe now. He grunted and held us in place. “Alright, this is the stop!” he called out. Ned and our teacher went ahead, and I let Liz go in front of me. 

“Go, go, go! Everybody out! Move it people, move it, move it!” Spider-Man exclaimed.

I gave her a reassuring smile and whispered, “I’m right behind you.” 

Liz made it out and turned around to offer her hand out to me. I extended my hand, glad to get out of here, until I saw her and the floor move up. But it wasn’t them who was going up, it was me who was going down. The elevator gave way, and I felt that all-too-familiar drop. 

I screamed and Spider-Man yelled, “Y/N!” 

He reached out to grab me. I couldn’t reach him, however, and saw that he was moving further away. With my eyes closed and my hand still extended, I felt a sudden pain in my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw that I was hanging on by a thread -literally. I looked up and breathed shakily as Spider-Man pulled me up. 

“You’re okay, you’re okay. I got you Y/N,” he whispered. “I got you. Grab my hand,” he reassured me as he gripped my hand tightly. He helped me up, and the workers reached out to help me get on stable ground. I turned to look at Spider-Man, not knowing how to thank him. He was hanging upside and cleared his throat, “So, uh, is everyone okay?” he asked, putting on the accent. 

I merely nodded my head, not able to get any words out. I stood there, regaining my breath, staring at him.

He’s really here right now. He just saved my life.

Suddenly, Churro-Boy fell and he yelped. I gasped in shock and looked down as my teacher beside me called out, “Thank you!”

Flash leaned over, still holding that damn trophy, and called out, “Are you really friends with Peter Parker!”

Getting off of the bus, I looked around for my mom. I spotted her after a minute or two and ran towards her. 

“Mom!” I yelled.

My mom looked around at the sound of my voice and visibly relaxed, “Oh thank God!”

She hugged me tight and I reciprocated. 

“That is the last time I ever let you go on a field trip,” she muttered, running her hands through my hair,

“Mom,” I laughed, glad she wasn’t too emotional right now. Otherwise, I would start crying too. “I”m fine,” I said, pulling away.

My mom hugged me tighter, however, and said, “Never again.”

Walking to my locker on Monday, the TV played the morning announcements. Betty and Jason were talking about what happened in D.C. I stopped to listen to what they had to say. It was when they mentioned “the Spider-Man” when I decided to continue walking. Despite all the excitement surrounding Churro-Boy, there was one thing that I couldn’t shake off.

What was Churro-Boy doing in Washington? He’s our local, Queens, friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man. Has no one questioned this? 

Sure, I could leave it up to a coincidence, but he was at the Washington Monument. The same day, and time. I’m glad he was there, of course, but I couldn’t figure out how he got there so fast. Did he know something was going to happen to us? Did he follow me?

I slowed down my walking the more I thought about it.

Okay, no, that last one makes no sense. Hm. Follow me…he wouldn’t need to follow me unless he was already with me. 

My eyes widened and I completely stopped walking. 

“He wouldn’t need to follow me unless he was already with me,” I whispered out loud to myself.

In that moment, I saw Peter walking happily down the stairs further down the hall, with a faint smile on his face. As if he felt someone looking at him, he turned to his right to see me standing there and offered me a smile. It looked like he was going to come and talk to me but Ned called him over.

Why is Peter so happy? He’s in trouble for ditching the Decathlon. Ditching the Decathlon…

“No,” I muttered to myself, walking to my locker again. I furrowed my brows, deep in thought.

Peter disappeared that day; he was the only one from our team who wasn’t there. And he was from Queens. And went to Washington D.C. Coincidentally, so did Spider-Man. 

I fumbled with my lock combination, only half trying. I managed to open it and stared blankly at my books. 

Now that I think about it, Spider-Man and Peter sound a lot  a like. 

I scoffed at myself, collecting my books.

Yeah, right. Peter Parker is Spider-Man? 

“Hey,” MJ said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I jerked in surprise and placed a hand over my heart, “Jesus Christ Michelle, you don’t just sneak up on people like that,”

I closed my locker and looked at my friend.

She chuckled softly and said, “It never gets old.”

“Well, I am getting old and you’re going to give me a heart attack one day. I’m more at risk the older I get!” I said.

“Better enjoy your youth while it lasts then,” she remarked, patting my shoulder.

I thought about telling MJ my thoughts on the whole Peter and Spider-Man thing, but I decided against it. It had to be a huge coincidence, right? Instead, I joked back and said, “Better enjoy yours because you’ll be the one driving me to the hospital.”

“I’ll get you a Life Alert for your birthday instead,” she replied, walking away. 

I followed her and scoffed, “Way to ruin the surprise.”

“I didn’t say which birthday!” she called.

I shook my head and went to class. 

“Wanna head to the library today?” I asked, going up to MJ after school.

I managed to avoid all things Spider-Man today -including all things Peter. He seemed like he wanted to talk to me at lunch at some point but I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Just when I thought I was over the whole “Peter might be Spider-Man” thing, I kept seeing more connections. I mean, the whole “Stark Internship” could be a cover-up. It made so much sense, yet at the same time, it didn’t. It wasn’t until I looked up Stark Industries during class in the computer lab where I decided that this was something to investigate. Stark Industries didn’t have a current internship department. I’ll tell MJ about it once I rule Peter out for sure. 

“Can’t. I’m heading to detention,” she said, closing her locker.

“But you don’t have detention,” I said, following her to the detention room.

“I know,” she said walking in. “I want some new faces to draw. You fill up at least ten pages in here,” she said, waving her sketchbook at me as she sat down.

“Gee, what an honor,” I dead-panned. “As much as I’d love-” I started, but cut myself off when I saw Peter walk in and sit at the front of the classroom. MJ looked up at me, waiting for me to continue and I responded without looking away, “to leave, I think I’ll join you. This video seems interesting.”

I sat down at the desk beside MJ and put my backpack on it.

“Okay,” she said, unconvinced.

Coach Wilson had put on another Captain America tape that I tuned out. I looked at Peter and could just feel how troubled he was.

I wonder what he’s thinking about.

Peter sat there for another minute, sighed, and got up from his seat to leave detention. 

Can he just do that?

A couple of seconds later, I got up too and left after him. As I was about to round the corner, I decided to stay back a little and let Peter get ahead. I took a small peek, trying to go unseen, and saw him stop at the lockers. He looked around quickly, not spotting me, and bent down.

What is he-

My face turned from one of confusion to one of shock. Peter lifted the whole row of lockers and grabbed something -it looked like a bottle. I poked my head back in and leaned against the wall I was hiding behind. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I did not just see that.

I peered back and saw that the halls were once again empty. 

I did NOT just see Peter Parker do THAT.

If I did, what am I supposed to do now?

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hopetaegukkie <3 i was thinking about tae and how i've never seemed to read a post or fic that manages to capture who tae is! unlike jimin, suga, kook, mon, who are so transparent - I never know what Tae hates or loves, only that he absolutely loved his grandma and loves army, and he can get strangely upset at times. I wonder if what your thoughts about this boy is? because I just can't grasp him at all

I’m…so…glad…that…you…noticed. i’ve been waiting on an ask like this because Kim Taehyung is easily, at least in my opinion, easily the most complex and private member of BTS even though you wouldn’t think so. Especially now that Yoongi has lovingly shared such a big part of himself with us (and honestly seems happier for it which is very nice.)

So, Kim Taehyung. Well, firstly, a basic profile as of currently.

Summary/short ver:
Kim Taehyung.

Capricorn sun sign. (and tbqh he really reads like one, even though when he was younger I thought that he didn’t seem very Capricorn, as an adult 100% does.)
Was born in Daegu, lived on a farm with his family.

hobbies & likes:
BTS, ARMY, family, animals. High fashion, jazz and blues, art and photography especially high fashion or people and nature photography, and artsy, romantic films. Fashion in general. He often wears very up to date fashion in SoKo despite the fact that people like to think of him as having a ‘hobo’ style TT. Anything soulful or rich in texture, his favorite music has lots of baritones and soul/warmth. He prefers big animals to small but likes all kinds, and has never stated much physical preference for love interests besides the fact that he wants someone loyal. when asked at fanaccs for other specifics, most of the time he puts down big numbers for weighs and the average height for females(or would be a shorter cis male height in SoKo, because while the fans tend to super target their questions for a female audience, i don’t want to be presumptuous.) He has a preference for sophisticated things. Even as a kid he showed a more refined tastes because he kid picked saxophone to play (when asked what he would do if he wasn’t an idol anymore it would either be to stay on the farm with his family or become a saxophonist.) He loves acting and modeling!!

Full discussion:

Kim Taehyung is a man of refined tastes and despite the fact that you wouldn’t think so, he’s an incredibly private man. As a teenager closer to debut he was a bit more playful, but as he’s matured he’s a lot more closed off. When he lost his grandmother at the end of last year that only became more distinct.

As for what he likes, Taehyung has a very ‘old soul’ approach to things. He’ll most likely pick whatever is more soulful over something mainstream. When they got the chance to have influence over their own solos, Taehyung said he worked hard and much on his, and that it ‘suited his tastes very well’ and he said something very confident about how it was ‘quite nice’. Stigma is a very heavily jazzy song, that suits his warm tones and shows of his range. It’s honestly, a really, really good window into who Taehyung is.

For the record, people think that Taehyung is a goofy guy and tend to brush him off or stereotype him that way but Tae is a LOT more complex than that. And not only is he complex, the man tends to hide those parts of him.

The real truth is, Taehyung IS hard to get a read on. You have to be good at reading people in general, or REALLY love him and pay ALL the attention to him and REALLY absorb every inch he gives us. Because the truth is, Taehyung doesn’t give us that much private things about himself.

On a love and family front, we all know that he’s a family man, a man who loves animals, who believes in true love and soulmates. He wants to have a large family with many kids, and he wants to be the light of his loves life, just like they’ll be for him.

On a work front, we know that this career/life wasn’t the one he would have picked without it finding him, because he wanted to be a farmer. But he found himself becoming a bighit trainee after being asked by the staff who went out of their way to call his parents to ask for permission. This life picked him, but he has what it takes. He works HARD on his voice, his dance, his everything. He said he almost didn’t make it into the final group if it wasn’t thanks to the members (which is why he loves them so much and is so devoted) but every day current day he works, SO, hard. When Minjae called Tae on his Vapp, it wa like 7pm SoKo time and Taehyung said that he was just sitting down to shower and eat for the first time because he had been working and training all day. He works his a$$ off. NEVER forget how UPSET and just, devastated he was, when he couldn’t properly use his voice or sing because he was sick and strained, during AHL when they were doing the training. Because he felt he was letting them down and not showing his full capacity.

On the Hobby and interest front, we know that he likes fashion, whether that’s wearing it, high fashion, fashion photography, etc. and he really loves taking pictures. He loves BEING in pictures and modeling. Photoshoots are one of his favorit things, he said in the NOW’s (i think it was NOW2 that i’m referencing but he’s said it more than once.) that he really likes photoshoots and the reason that he likes doing photoshoots with Namjoon is because Namjoon likes high fashion too.

He also loves jazz/blues music. Lots of times he tries to play it from “Taetae’s jukebox” (otherwise known as his phone) and the fans ask him to turn it off. He won’t outwardly show his discouragement but I’m sure that’s not easy to hear multiple times when he’s trying to share a piece of himself. Sometimes he comes right out and says he won’t turn it, and i’m so glad. Remember when he tried to share that he liked Nude Photography on the fancafe and the fans were calling that erotic/weird so he ended up taking his post down and never talking about it before? Taehyung has very artistic tastes and the fact is, when he shares those tastes, they often get frowned at by fans for being weird or just too artsy.

Jimin VERY recently said that Taehyung is his movie connoisseur who always recommends movies. (including movies like Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, which is a VERY artsy, emotional, beautiful movie.)

TBH guys, I could talk ALL day about Kim Taehyung. He’s a very private man who doesn’t WANT to let a lot of people in, and when he does, things tend not to go his way. But he’s fearless, he’s loving, he’s powerful and elegant, and there’s SO f*cking much to love about him. Taehyung is the most beautiful, amazing puzzle there ever was to solve. He’s like a stained glass window before it’s all put together. If you take the time to pay attention to him, watch him when he isn’t speaking, listen to him when he DOES speak, I promise that he’ll reward you. Every second of ‘people watching’ Kim Taehyung, is such an experience.

Thank you so much for this ask. Truly. From the bottom of my heart.

Late Night Invasion

You were trying to sleep. Getting visited by your boyfriend’s younger brother was not part of the plan at two in the morning.

It was 2am, not really an ideal time for visitors. But you’d gotten used to Jason coming home at all hours of the night, usually with Roy hanging off of him. Usually a little closer to day light. They tried to be quiet- you had a morning job, after all. But still, you didn’t think much of the noise coming from your living room at this ungodly hour that you had been trying to sleep.

Even so, you got up, pulled on one of Jason’s hoodies, and grabbed the baseball bat he’d convinced you to keep by the bed when you told him no to the pistol. You weren’t overly concerned, but, well.. This is Gotham, and your boyfriend was a vigilante with a history as a dirty crime lord. Better safe than sorry, or so Jason kept telling you.

It wasn’t Jason in your apartment. There was no red headed archer stretched out on the couch fiddling with the remote, no smell of smoke or leather that always followed Jason back, and the voices that came from the kitchen were far too young. But you did know one of them.

In your kitchen, standing in the light of the open fridge, was one Damian Wayne. Ten year old assassin, current Robin, and Jason’s youngest, most combative brother. Who happened to love your cookies and treated you with a vague semblance of respect- he’d never tried to stab you, at least. You didn’t know if that meant he didn’t see you as family, or if he liked you- it was hard to say. But you’d never expected him to show up in your apartment.

Didn’t even know he knew where it was.

You flicked on the kitchen light, and took note of the scrawny red head that stood by the fridge. He was thin, small and freckled with clothes that were too big. In the sudden burst of light he squinted. You did too, who thought making lights so bright was a good idea?

Damian showed no reaction. Just turned his masked face to you, staring through the white lenses, expression smug. “[Y/Barton], I expected a better reaction time. I could have killed you long before you found us.”

“Damian…” the red headed boy spoke, his tone chastising. Damian did not look chastised.

Giving a tired sigh, and wishing you’d stayed in bed, you set the bat aside, “What are you doing here, Damian? Does your dad know where you are?”

It was a school night, so you knew Damian should be at home by now. Though you’d heard he’d taken to disappearing during patrols a lot recently, coming home cery late at night.

Your eyes slid over to the scrawny red head, and you wondered if he was the reason. The way he stood, beside Damian, not hiding behind him despite the timidness of his voice made you think he might be.

“Father is busy, and I have need of your… Accommodations.” Damian looked around the small kitchen like he thought something might try to bit him. It was a safe bet, Roy did leave weird gadgets laying around.


“Colin needs a place to stay the night.” Damian motioned to the boy behind him, “He doesn’t feel comfortable at my home, so I thought Todd’s dismal home might be a compromise.”

You found yourself staring at the two, confused. For his part, Colin looked surprised too. He wasn’t as readable as a kid should be, but having grown up in the narrows yourself, you knew how to read the tiny signs. The way his brow furrowed and how he looked at Damian. This wasn’t a thing they’d discussed. You felt at least a little better knowing the kid was just as much in the dark as you were.

“Damian, you can’t break into my apartment-”

“Todd is always breaking into Father’s home.”

This was very true. Jason had taken to slipping into Wayne Manor whenever he so chose- but mostly because he liked to test the security and Alfred would frequently meet him in the kitchen. It would be a lie to say you did not benefit from those meetings- hell you had a drawer full of tupperware and currently a jar full of oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies that Jason and Roy were slowly working their way through as benefit from those break ins. But it was the principle of the matter. Just because Jason needed to break in to pretend to be a nuisance just to spend time with Alfred and check the mansions security so he could sleep at night did not mean you wanted Damian breaking into your apartment at all hours of the night- unless someone was dying. The lack of blood told you no one was dying.

“Be that as it may-” You started, only to be cut off again.

“And it is very cold tonight.”

Your eyes narrowed, a tight feeling forming in your chest. You knew he was right, it was very cold at night in Gotham still, the heat of summer was a long way off. That didn’t mean you were particularly okay with this anyway.

“Did you ask Colin what he wants to do?” You let your eyes flicker to the red headed boy. He looked so small in his too big clothes, scrawny in a way you knew most kids in Gotham were if they weren’t rich.

“It’s too cold to sleep outside.” Damian had that tone that said he wouldn’t bend on this. It was the same tone you’d heard Jason use on Roy sometimes, you’d even heard Bruce use it once. It was the Stubborn Bat Voice that allowed no room for argument. “He can’t get back into the Orphanage tonight.”

Rubbing between your eyes, you gave a soft sigh. It was far too late for this and you really hadn’t signed up for it. You were wishing you’d stayed in bed. What was Jason going to say when he got home? You needed coffee.

“I don’t think I should stay here, Damian…” Colin spoke up, drawing your eye. He ducked a bit, eyes darting around, “I mean, I can find somewhere safe, it’s okay.”

Damian opened his mouth to say something, and you beat him to it.

“You can stay the night here, Colin.” You offered him a tired smile, and he didn’t seem inclined to trust you, “You both can stay here tonight. It’s late, and the bed is big enough for you both.”

You expected Damian to disagree, you knew he didn’t share well. But he didn’t, instead he looked smug, like he’d planned it exactly. He probably had. You had fallen into his trap, and it was just too late to deal with this kind of crap. You’d let Jason deal with it in the morning. “Get a snack, clean up any mess then go to bed in the guest room. I’ll wake you both in the morning.”

If Jason didn’t beat you to it.

With that said, you picked up your baseball bat, turned and went back to your room. Dropping the bat with a heavy thud, you flopped on the bed and pulled Jason’s pillow closer. You’d deal with everything else in the morning. Maybe.

Two Heartbeats - Part 2 (Scott x Reader)

Scott and Y/n finally hook up at a party after months of crushing on each other. What starts as messing around quickly becomes something more serious, they don’t tell the rest of the pack worried that it might change things with them. However, when y/n starts acting strangely, the only people Scott can turn to are his pack.

Part 1

Characters/Pairings: Scott x Reader, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Isaac, Derek.

Warnings: Kissing, Implied smut, mentions of being sick.

Word Count: 1369

Notes: Yes, this is predictable as hell but it’s not the kind of plot I usually write so it’s practice for me. I have some interesting requests coming out soon though!


Originally posted by bisexualmerlin

‘Soon? How soon is soon? I’d rather tell them ourselves than them catching us in the act. Last night was way too close.’ I couldn’t see it but I knew Scott had a smug smile on his face. He wouldn’t admit it but I knew he enjoyed the sneaking around. With all the craziness in our lives, he relished anytime we got to be normal teenagers messing around.

‘I feel you smiling McCall.’ He let out a breathy laugh and I punched him lightly.

‘I’m sorry but it’s pretty funny.’

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Okay so here’s the story.

Before I even knew I was going to see Great Comet (my parents surprised me with tickets for my birthday) I reblogged this post and then from me, my best friend (who had never heard of Great Comet) reblogged it and added “who is that blonde boy and where can I get one” (in reference to Lucas). After seeing that and laughing for a bit, I explained to her who he was and we went on our merry way. 

Fast forward to the night I saw the show. I was stagedooring for the first time in my life, and pretty starstruck since a. the show was jaw-droppingly amazing and b. I was getting to meet all these people I had listened to and geeked out over for months. So of course they all came out and were super nice and signed my playbill and everything and it was all a really awesome experience.

Anyway, after Josh Groban had left the theater and gotten into his car and all, a lot of people left the stage door, but I obviously wanted to stay and meet the rest of the cast. And then Lucas Steele came out.

Most of the actors that came out were super bubbly and seemed pretty excited, especially to sign playbills and meet the audience and all, but Lucas seemed pretty tired and was very quiet and even seemed a little sad (but I’m shit at reading emotions so what do I know), but hey, that show can’t be easy and is surely tiring, and it was late at night, so I completely understood and didn’t want to bother him by geeking out or talking a lot about the show. However, I wanted to say something, at least so he would know I was a fan and really was happy to see him and his performance, so as he came around to sign playbills, I decided then and there to speak to one of my favorite actors.

Now, perhaps a normal, rational person, who thinks before they speak, would have said something appropriate, like “Your performance was amazing!” “I loved the show!” etc. But I am not a normal rational person.

No, when Lucas Steele came around to me, to sign my playbill, I look him right in the eyes, and say, in the most crazy-ex-girlfriend style voice possible: “I SHOWED A PICTURE OF YOU TO MY FRIEND AND SHE SAID WHO IS THAT BLONDE BOY AND WHERE CAN I GET ONE”. (Note that I put it in caps. This was not for emphasis, my friends,  this was because there was a lot of noise on the street after the shows got out and I wanted to make sure he heard me. And he did)

After realizing the terrifying thing I just screamed at him, both his eyes and my eyes got SUPER wide. He did not say anything, he only backed away as if in fear for his mortal life. You think I am exaggerating, but no, he backed away so fast he didn’t even sign my playbill (my own fault tbh I don’t blame him) 

I, on the other hand, got so embarassed, that I left almost immediately, only waiting so I could get Deneé’s signature. And now I am hesitant to ever go back, out of pure fear that I will meet him again and be reminded of my ill-timed and embarrassing geekout. What a time to be alive

Keep Your Vermin Dogs Off My Counter

So, working in a copy/print center spawns enough stories of its own, but this one was a recent that took the cake for me.

The “cave” as I call it is separated from the main walkway of the store by a large counter, where the register sits on one side and a computer (for Fed Ex dropoffs) on the other. Nice big space in between to deal with customers and so on.

Well during a shift, I have the usual “can you help me with one of the self serve copy machines?” (Translated: do it for me and I’ll just stand here and watch) even though we have how-to instructions ON THE MACHINES (another rule of retail: doesn’t matter how big the sign is, no one is ever gonna read it). I’m helping Helpless Harry for a bit, and though I snark about it, he was a nice guy, and then I notice there’s a gentleman at the counter, so I scuttle over.

I begin my greeting spiel when the man puts out a hand in warning. “Be careful-” I blink and look down. There’s a large puddle on the counter. Immediately my mind flashes to /well at least it’s just water…/ “-it’s dog urine.”

I admit to pausing for a couple seconds in something akin to shock. Then reality (and my well-hidden anger) snaps me back, and I rush into action, because other people are starting to show up. I call over another co-worker to ring up customers while I quickly grab paper towels and Lysol wipes and begin vehemently wiping up the mess, mentally snarling about wanting bleach and the lack of common sense in customers.

And sure enough, here comes an old Dolly Parton-wannabe (poofed up hair, gaudy makeup, leopard print, etc) with the fattest, stupidest-looking dachshund tucked backwards under her arm (no service collar/vest, not even a leash), and two (yes I noticed that detail), TWO squares of paper towels clutched in her hand. She proceeded to ineffectually dab the towels at the mess for a span of about 3 seconds before waddling away, all the while stating “Oh goodness he NEVER does this sort of thing and I had JUST let him outside…” and trailing off.

So basically I’m left with the mess, trying not to have it come into contact with other customers while I clean up after the stupid vermin, who was shaking the entire time and looking like it was ready to piss again.

Best part? Not 5 minutes later, after everything was cleaned up, I got to ring up Dolly 😑 she babbled about whatever it was she had in mind, and not a “sorry” or a “thank you” for anything that happened.

Tl,dr: lady puts her babied vermin on my clean counter, it pees, and I have to clean it up.

I don’t care WHAT sort of dog a person has - if it’s a nervous wreck around people, much less being in majorly populated areas, DON’T TAKE IT WITH YOU. I have a prejudice against anything daschund or smaller, predominantly those and Chihuahuas because of negative interactions

Hey fellow SoC people! I kinda have a discussion-ish question that’s been eating at my brain for a while, and maybe one of you guys can help me out with it. So I’ve seen multiple people on this site (at least 5 now) saying that they don’t believe Kaz has the capability to love others, and I am 100% chill with the idea that we all interpret literature differently, but I honestly haven’t been able to wrap my head around this interpretation of his character. Without going into a full depth analysis I’ve always read Kaz as being a character who does love and who does create strong attachments to others, but he is incredibly reluctant to this because 1. Kaz perceives loving others as a sign of vulnerability that others can easily exploit and 2. Losing the people you love sucks ass. Like I totally get that Kaz has issues displaying affection and not being a dick in general, (which are two things you should definitely work on when you’re in caring relationships, platonic or romantic) but I don’t see that as not having the capacity to love but rather learning how to not be a douche bag. You know?

Anyway I just want to know what other people’s thoughts are on this. As I said, we all read things differently, so I would love to see if you guys spotted something in the books I didn’t

sun & moon [tom holland x reader]

a/n: sorta soulmate au, but not really lmao i hope ya guys enjoy it! :)

summary: tom and reader are both lonely and want to have somebody in their lives and maybe astrology has to do something with that ;))))

words: 2k woowza

warnings: shitty writing by me, unfunny attempts to be funny

“He was the moon, who needed the sun. He needed her. Without this constellation, the world would stop working.”

Tom scoffed, looking at the seemingly deep quote, written in white on a black background, posted by some random page on Instagram. “What kind of bullshit”, he thought to himself, while he kept on scrolling through his feed.

After a whole and exhausting day of shooting, he finally found himself at home, sitting on his sofa in front of the TV, where some rather unfunny comedy show was running in the background. He didn’t care, he needed to have at least some company right now and it was indeed enough if it was led by some fictional characters on TV.

Despite all stress and tremendous hours of work, he still loved his job and right now, it was all he had. His friends and family were living far away, while he was stranded alone in some quiet house, which the studio provided him. He didn’t have any time for dates or even a relationship. The last one he had only lasted for two months, before he dumped this girl. She was nice and kind, but in some way, Tom didn’t feel too good with her. It felt odd, more as if it was wrong to be by her side. It always felt as if a part was missing.

After a while, he went to bed and suddenly he couldn’t stop thinking about this one damn quote about sun and moon. Maybe he really was the moon and therefore he needed the sun. He shook is head, before falling in a deep, uneasy sleep.

“You’re gonna find your moon, someday!”

“God, stop with that astrology bullshit. Please, I beg you”, you whined, before drinking up the rest of your bottle of beer. It was just another Friday night and your friend and you decided to go to a crowded club. What a good way to spend your evening – being surrounded by drunk and loud people, whilst some shitty music was pumping in the background. You tried to persuade yourself into enjoying it, but you just couldn’t do it. You were drained, you were exhausted. And even though it’s been months since your last breakup, you couldn’t seem to move forward.

Everybody around you noticed this and just wanted to be there for you, but you didn’t care anymore and were willing to continue living a life with no love.

“Come on”, your friend started again, “I’ve told you before, you’re the sun. He was only a star and this didn’t match, obviously!”

“He fucking cheated on me! I don’t think the sun and moon constellation could have done anything about it.”

She slightly punched you in your side.

“Stop being so sceptical about it!”

You rolled your eyes, before ordering another bottle. By all means, she was your best friend but sometimes she’d get too overwhelmed by this astrology stuff. You recalled the day, she told you, you were the sun. Just an average Saturday night, you two were hanging around at your flat, when she started with her tarot cards and talking about constellations, and star signs and whatnot. How the answer for all of your questions lies idle in the stars. How she found out that your sign was the sun. How excited she was and how you just thought “Alright”, not even caring about it. As she said, there are many suns in a lifetime, but each one is different. The best equivalent to the sun was obviously the moon. One moon, who was the missing piece to your sun.

She told you, the person with that one matching moon would be the one and only love for you. To that time, you started falling for this dickhead, thinking he was your only moon. Only to have your hopes crushed within some months.

“You’ve been drinking too much today”, she noticed with a sceptical glance on her face.

“Shut up”, you muttered, before bringing the bottle to your lips again. The music in the club kept pounding in your ears, whilst the storm in your heart was still raging.

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7.07 Thoughts

First off - the leaked scripts were real. It was actually pretty annoying. I felt like I was watching the episode twice. I hope Season 8 doesnt have a lad leaker. I really do. I enjoy watching the episodes raw. And lets be completely, dead honest here - I would not have known about the leaks or seen them accidentally if I wasnt as active on Tumblr. At least on Reddit I can choose to avoid certain subreddits. On tumblr, if someone posts a spoiler there is absolutely no way of blocking it preemptively. I dont want to have to leave Tumblr next season…

My sister (the family that is visiting right now, that I posted about not too long ago that we do not get along), doesnt watch GoT because she doesnt have HBO. She keeps up via snapchat and posts on Facebook. She thought that Longclaw blinking was super important, if that helps you understand how she keeps up with GoT. In gifs and screaming southerners on facebook. Anywho, when Jon said he pledged himself for D@ny, my sister leaned over and whispered “that made her super horny.” Yes. I didn’t see “horniness” in Danish Pastries eyes, but that was literally what was written in the leaked script - so obviously it translated to a very VERY casual viewer. So I asked her it she thought Jon was in love with D@ny and she acted like I was crazy for even asking. Obviously he likes her. Like a boy is mean to his crush on the playground, she said. That didn’t make me feel much better.

Honestly, I dont think Emilia is a bad actress. I think she plays stern, cold boss bitch very well. Or screaming entitled delusional girl. (which I honestly mean because Emilia is such the opposite in real life) And when directors told her to play heart eyes, she did heart eyes. I dont think shes a bad actress. I just find D@ny as a character boring now. Up until saving the Wight Hunters, she hadnt done anything redeemable or “good” since maybe Season 2-3. Anywho- off track.

All this talk about honor and keeping his word and being Ned Starks “son” really struck me. He promised to fight for the north no matter the odds. So him pledging to D@ny is his own way of protecting the north. Protecting his family. But how can he talk about honor and keeping his word if he’s secretly undercover? I really think he’s being sacrificial. Thats something Jon would do. Give up his dreams and personal gain to save everyone.

When Cersei, the coldest, baddest, most heartless bitch in all of Westeros, talks about how seeing just ONE wight made her fear for the ones she loves - imagine how JON FEELS seeing thousands of them. He is AFRAID for his family. He will so whatever it takes to protect Sansa, Arya, Bran and the North who chose him as their leader.

I dont know if Jon realized immediately, that once Viserion died the NK had him. If Jon did, then that absolutely would have put him on express mode.

Now - one big thing when Jon was with Ygritte and the Wildlings, is that they ALWAYS said “burn my body so I dont end up like them.” I can just imagine Jon remembering those words every time he thinks of Sansa, Arya and Bran or the coming walkers. That he doesnt want his loved ones to turn into wights - because it was even what the wildlings feared most. Its a fate worse than death. He burned Ygritte. He’s burned so many people so they dont turn into wights. He is trying to save his family from that morbid fate.

Then we have Theon and Jon talking. So - I think Jon’s “it might look that way on the outside” is a hint at his undercover/sacrificial ways. But, whats also really interesting to me, is that Theon brings up RAMSAY. And Jon narrows his eyes like “yea, tell me more about that monster who hurt my Sansa.” As if he wants to hear about Ramsay and what Theon went through - as if to understand Sansa more. To get more insight on what happened to her. Theon bringing up Ramsay would make Jon think about Sansa here.

And they’re talking about THEON saving his SISTER. And Jons response is “why are you talking instead of doing? What are you waiting for?” YES. YES. YES.

Jon is so sure that the right thing to do is to put yourself in danger to save your family - your sister. He doesn’t think about it. His answer is instinctual. Because thats what hes doing now. JUST DO - dont think. His answer is everything to me. SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

Sansa didnt seem that upset when Petyr suggested Jon wants to marry D@ny. Which to me says Sansa has NOT considered a romantic relationship with Jon - YET. And what usually happens in romantic plots, is that theres an awakening moment that brings one of the interests to realize what they want. Maybe this is Sansas wake up call. That the idea of Jon marrying another leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. But we dont see full on jealously in this episode, really. At least I didnt.

Okay - now to boatsex. We have a brief moment of Jon standing in front of her door before knocking. He goes TO HER. Which bothers me. I just cant imagine canon!Jon initiating sex with anyone. Hes too noble and honorable. Sex outside of marriage? Possible bastard babies? Reading signs wrong? But this could be a moment where hes deciding - welp, I have to do this to earn her undying loyalty for good.

Im not completely sold on ignoring my “he’ll fuck the first girl who isnt his sister” or “he has to prove something” headcanons either. I mean, I believe he is giving into D@nys affections because he has nothing else to lose. Sansa is his sister. D@ny is beautiful. And Jon might see something good in her, especially after she has postponed her quest for the throne to save mankind - but deep down their characters are so different that HOW could he really be in love with her?

And the fact that their sex scene is over cut with exposition and dialogue means that this scene is more than just a romance. Its a plot point. It has to be spelled out. Its still mysterious. D@ny is in love, but Jon? Jon searches into her eyes as if he has to convince himself to stay hard.

I think Jonsa is endgame - but the real question here is, does he love Sansa or D@ny? Will he love both? Or does he love neither?

I have more posts about the other characters this episode, the writing, and the problems soon. This is just my quick post episode Jonsa reaction. My phone is at 4% so I will have to come back later. (OMG PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME) Lets just say that I think JonxD@ny is fanservice, and that we shouldnt trust D&DBs writing completely or write any possible outcome and plot turn off. And love each other, we have fanfiction and remember they are fiction. (but Jonsa is endgame ;) )

OH- And “the dragon and the wolf”? The writers obviously thought they were being clever to get a double meaning out of a title, about Rheagar and Lyanna and Jon and D@ny. Doesnt mean theyre a couple - theyre just the most important plot reveal this episode. :p