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Last First Kiss by @zizizrites
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: PG

Liam had it all planned out.

He made a reservation at their favourite Italian restaurant, the one they only go to once in a blue moon because the food is awesome but bloody expensive. He bought a new suit, just for the occasion, and decided to wear the shoes from his sister’s wedding, the one that makes him look put together and dashing. He styled his hair nicer than usual, he trimmed his beard to perfection, like Zayn wouldn’t like him anymore if he looked slightly messy. He’s being ridiculous and he knows that but he’s kinda panicking.

He had it all planned out and now Zayn is late.

Liam’s heart literally dropped in his stomach, he’s positive of that, when the text popped up on his screen.

Train’s late, 20 minutes at least they say. Sorry babe :( love you x

With dread stuck in his throat, he called Harry (who insisted everything was fine, it would be okay) and then the restaurant, to make sure he could hold the reservation (the lady he spoke to kindly assured him that yes, he could, sounding slightly amused at his worried tone and frantic explanation).

Zayn texted him again half an hour later to tell him that he was gonna shower and change real quick, and Liam had left in such a hurry that he forgot the box on the kitchen counter and had to double back to get it.

He’s a nervous wreck when he finally pulls up in front of the Malik’s house. His palms are sweating against the steering wheel of his car, his heart beating an uneven tempo. He had it all planned out and now they’re 45 minutes late.

It’s been four years. Four years since they started dating, after Zayn threw up on Liam’s Converse at one of Niall’s parties. It wasn’t the most romantic meeting, but Liam forgave him quickly. Zayn wasn’t even drunk that night but suffering for a bad case of food poisoning he wasn’t aware of. So Liam had cleaned off his shoes as best as he could and drove him to the hospital.

As first dates go, theirs could have gone better. Zayn told him that much, after the doctor had cleared him to go home and Liam was still hanging around, wanting to make sure he was okay. So he invited him to get coffee.

Their first official date made up for a night spent in the A&E quite nicely and after that, their relationship evolved steadily, quietly, without hurry. They kissed on the fifth date, under the archway of the Literature building at uni, after having lunch together. Zayn shuffled closer on tiptoes and kissed Liam’s cheek first, getting bolder when Liam’s arm sneaked his ways around his shoulder. It was sweet and unassuming, just their lips pressed together, Zayn looking at him under his impossible lashes after, a murmured, ‘See you later, yeah?’ before running off to class, a beaming smile on Liam’s face.

Let me be your last first kiss, Liam had thought, watching Zayn turn around to take one last look at him before disappearing behind a corner.

He doesn’t know about Zayn, but he knew after the first two months that he had found the one. Call him a hopeless romantic, but Liam just knew.

The way Zayn laughed, with tiny crinkles at the corners of his eyes, the spark aflame in them every time he talked about things he was passionate about. The frown line on his forehead while he was typing out an essay for his Art History course. How he could go on and on talking about modern literature without making it sound boring to someone that didn’t know much about it like Liam.  Little things, like the Batman socks he gifted Liam for his birthday that first summer, alongside a framed picture of a sketch he made, Liam with a cowl and cape, a familiar symbol drawn on his chest.

To my personal dark knight, the note said. Liam still has it, hidden behind the frame hanging in this living room.

Liam can pinpoint the exact moment he realised he was in love with him, the second his heart did a little somersault and his brain registered that yeah, that was it for him.

He blurted out the first ‘I love you,’ in the middle of the library, while Zayn was cramming up for his final exam, and they got thrown out of the place after he knocked a pile of books to the ground, in his haste to get to Liam and kiss him stupid.

They didn’t move in together after Liam got his degree and a flat of his own, because the part-time job Zayn had at the gallery downtown wasn’t enough to pay for his master and evenly split the rent of Liam’s place too, and he refused to let Liam pay for them both. Now that his degree is freshly printed, thought, and the gallery offered him a full-time position and the possibility of some of his art being showcased too, they’ve been talking about it more, planning to make it a reality by the end of the year.

Liam bought the ring three months ago, before any of the moving in together talk had taken place. He made the terrible decision to bring Louis along and he’s been nagging him to pop the question already for weeks. But Liam timed it for tonight for a reason.

It’s their anniversary. Not they’re official one but counting from the night they met. The little black box in Liam’s pocket seems to weigh ten thousand pounds, scorching him through the fabric of his jacket somehow.

Zayn looks stunning when he climbs into the passenger seat, a lovely navy suit Liam tricked him into wearing, without explaining too much and ignoring his complaints about the unusual heat still clinging to the town.

“Wali asked me if you were picking me up for prom,” he jokes, leaning in to nip at Liam’s lips.

His smile wobbles a bit, making Zayn looks at him in confusion, but he shrugs it off when Liam kisses him properly, holding him close with a hand on the back of his head, drawing strength from their affection.

“Alright, babe?” Zayn asks.

“Yeah,” he answers, starting the car again.


The lady that greets them is the same one Liam spoke to on the phone. She is younger than he expected and she winks conspiratorially at him, making him blush.

“Right this way,” she guides them through the restaurant, showing them to a lovely table by the window, slightly out of the way and with a small candle lit on top. The late twilight light filters slightly through the glass, tinting the tablecloth pink.

Liam mouths a thank you to Jade - the tag pinned to her blouse reads that, so he’s assuming it’s her name - and she leaves the wine list on the table, letting them settle.

Neither of them knows shit about wines, though, so they end up asking her opinion when she comes back to take their order. She’s nice, doesn’t recommend the most expensive bottle, and when Liam samples it, it’s one of the finest wine he’s ever tried.

Liam has a speech prepared, he wrote it down and memorised it, but by the time the first course is set in front of them, he can’t seem to remember a single word and even the AC running in the room can’t keep his sweating hand cool.

“Liam,” Zayn says, after he’s almost done with his pasta and Liam has barely touched his plate. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Liam startles, fork clinking against ceramic, and nods.

“Yeah, of course,” he says, forcing a nervous smile on his lips and a forkful of food in his mouth.

Zayn keeps glancing at him when he thinks he’s not paying attention, checking if he’s eating his dinner periodically, like he’s dealing with an unruly child, and by the time dessert rolls around, Liam had enough time to talk himself out of popping the question.

He’s supposed to get up now, while the pie is set in front of Zayn, and get down on one knee with the box in his hand.

Instead, he takes a bite of crostata.


“Can we take a walk?” he asks, after they paid and are headed back toward the car.

“Yeah, sure,” Zayn agrees easily. “Let me leave this in the car, thought. I was not designed to withstand this heat, love,” he says, shrugging off his jacket.

Liam unlocks the car and takes off his jacket as well because, even if Zayn is being overly dramatic, summer is being quite generous this year and he could do with rolling up the sleeves of his shirt right now.

They link hands then and start walking toward the near park. There are some people milling around just like them, but the place is so big that they’re dispersed around the field and they have the illusion of being alone.

A bunch of fireflies are buzzing quietly in the rose bushes next to them, lighting up their path. Liam takes a breath, thinking it’s now or never. He’s bricking it but he can hear Harry’s encouragement in his ear, Louis’ snarky remarks at the back of his mind, Niall’s easy smile when he told him to go for it. It steadies his voice, knowing they all support him.

“I had a speech prepared,” he says, suddenly, before he loses his nerve, holding one of Zayn’s hand. He stops and tugs at Zayn’s wrist until he does the same, turning so they’re facing each other.

“A speech for what?” he asks, amused.

“Maybe this is a mistake,” Liam mumbles to himself. “Maybe I’m just a fool and after all these years I’m still afraid you’ll run away,” he says, a fraction louder, enough for Zayn to hear.

“Why would I do that, mmh?” Zayn wonders, catching Liam’s chin between his fingers and looking at him in the eyes. “You know I love you.”

Liam sighs, “I know, Zee. I love you so much I feel dizzy sometimes.”

Zayn smiles at that, fondness deep in his eyes.

“Yeah, I know the feeling, babe,” he whispers, brushing a kiss to Liam’s lips.

“I wanna be the last, yeah?” he says. “I wanna take it all the way, and I’m so scared, you have no idea.”

“Leeyum,” Zayn chokes on his own words, brain catching up on what’s happening now. “Li, what are you saying?”

Liam is holding both of his hand now, keeping his own from shaking too much.

“I love you,” he says again, before dropping to one knee in front of Zayn.

He lets go of one of his hands and Zayn is quick to bring his fingers up, covering his mouth in awe, a sob already escaping from his throat.

“Oh my god.”

“I love you,” Liam repeats. “I love you so much, Zayn. Would you—,” Liam reaches out to slide his hand into the pocket of his jacket, the same jacket he left in the car because it was hot outside, the same jacket in which he left the ring. “Fuck,” he says, startling Zayn.

“What? What’s wrong?” he asks, frantic and with tears swelling in his eyes.

Liam starts laughing, ugly and raw.

“I left the damn ring in my jacket,” he says. “I left the bloody ring in the car, because I was supposed to ask you at the restaurant, but I chickened out, and I had it all planned, and then we almost missed our reservation. And now I’m finally doing this and I don’t have the damn ring.”

Liam feels a frustrated drop run down his cheek and brushes it away, looking up at Zayn.

“Liam,” he whispers,  tears spilling free. “I don’t care about the ring, not right now. Just ask me.”

“Would you wanna stay anyway? Would you say yes, even after I messed up this bad?” he questions, a lump in his throat.

“Ask me, please,” Zayn pleads.

“Would you marry me, Z?” he finally says it out loud, tasting the vowels on his tongue, feeling the words take shape. “Would you want to spend the rest of your life with me by your side,  finally move into my flat, get a dog, or a cat, both maybe. Built a home, me and you? Would you marry me, Zayn?” Liam says, still on one knee in the grass, the crickets singing for them.

“Yes,” Zayn sobs, tugging Liam upright. “Yes, I’ll marry you. I’ll marry you right this second, Liam James Payne. I’ll marry you a hundred times over,” he says, framing Liam’s face in his hand and kissing him stupid, just like he did in the library, all those years ago.


Liam proposes again, once they get home.

He opens the box in front of Zayn, without the dramatic kneeling because that already failed once, and rattles out his prepared speech that sounds so much like a vow it has both of them crying again while he slides the ring on Zayn’s finger.

It’s a disaster, overall, just like their first meeting, but it’s them and they make it work in the end.


They get married at the end of June, a handful of months later, just at the beginning of summer, the air pleasantly warm and the sun peculiarly shining bright, after they had their first New Year at the flat, both a celebration for the year to come and Zayn moving in.

The ceremony is a quiet affair, with a handful of friends and family as witnesses. They both write their vows and their so heartfelt even the priest is moved by them. Their mothers seem to be too excited to cry, but Liam’s dad does that for all of the parents, while Zayn’s pats him on the shoulder, looking proudly at his son.

It’s simple and easy, like they’re relationship has always been, like the way they smile at each other.

It Depends

Request: hello there! idk if you are doing this but can you write jungkook smut? anything is fine really

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: You and Jungkook were dating for quite a time and although he was always being a shit about that, nothing ever happened between you two - at least until you decided to change that

Originally posted by donewithjeon

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forbes com/sites/scottmendelson/2016/08/26/box-office-doctor-strange-is-more-important-to-marvel-than-captain-america-civil-war/#2126f3047b79

The link doesn’t work for me, Anon, but judging by the title…I know now everyone is trying to prove that everything is fine with the movie…pity that it looks like (note I use ‘it looks like’) DS hasn’t delivered and not matching expectations. At least Marvel is behaving like there’s a huge problem bts. Apart from the whitewashing I was chilled about this movie, but the issues and the damage control are building up that makes me think, they feel DS is in trouble. Maybe they are panicking because they built a lot and planned with B and DS, but got a really bad first reaction…just imagine all the subsequent films they were planning and apparently DS was supposed to be the new Iron Man…it seems their plans went totally tits up. It seems. Maybe Derrickson didn’t deliver as expected, maybe the audience reaction to B is not as expected. The trailer didn’t look original to me, and the was the so-called humour about ‘savages’, too obvious Christian elements, the whitewashing, the arrogance of Marvel….it adds up. So they might have had big plans with B and DS, but it seems things are not going the way they wanted. It seems…not sure that’s the case, but it looks like it.

Ugh home sickness and stuff has set in. I’m in a new country basically on my own cause i don’t feel like I fit in with the other girls from my uni, I feel like a bother so I excuse myself from gatherings cause i feel like people don’t want me there. I’m hot and I’m tired and I’m worrying about the official stuff like paying my accommodation/meal plan bills and i KNOW things will be fine once classes start but God right now there is nothing in the world i want more than a cuddle

[The proceedings in Polis upon Lexa’s arrival were nothing short of tense. As they had been for days, everyone asked questions. Lexa bore no marks of violence against her, but it didn’t dissuade the whispers or the rumors. Titus was especially inquisitive, but both Lexa and her trusted companion held their tongues with strength and straight shoulders. Lexa’s demeanor was as impressive as ever. Always the leader, always so levelheaded. Their people implored Lexa to share the details of her absence, to squash whatever foes had kept her away for so long. But the Commander only insisted that everything was fine with a stern brow and a conviction that couldn’t be questioned.

Two days after their return to Polis found Gus visiting Lexa alone in her chamber. A meeting in the throne room had only just adjourned, and Gus knew if she didn’t leave now, she’d be stuck for at least another day. It took only a little convincing – a promise to check in on Octavia, namely – to receive Lexa’s blessing and Gus left under the cover of nightfall. Her head was filled with thoughts of the sky angel… Jac was stubborn, maybe a little too righteous, annoyingly beautiful… All the things that had once drawn her so unquestionably to Lexa. Gus couldn’t help how compelled she felt to care for the girl, to ensure her safety… maybe even her happiness, though she knew better than to believe she actually knew how to provide that. With a fresh pouch of water at her hip and rabbit dangling from her belt, Gus navigated the forest through to the small burrow she’d left Jac in. Neither the darkness nor the quiet fazed her, and she assumed she’d find the girl with her pointed ears and wings sleeping soundly. Instead, she found the hollow empty. Gus deflated, frozen there where the entrance lay hidden off the beaten path. She’d feared this… Had even stated so aloud to Jac before she left. Perhaps her naivety had extended here, too, in believing the girl would actually wait for her to return.

Ten minutes. Maybe fifteen. A quick rest and then she would make her way to the Sky People’s camp. A brief check in from a nearby tree and then she’d be on her way back to Polis. Back to Lexa’s side, where she belonged. But it only took about two minutes for Gus to notice the odd state of the ground beneath her feet. Not smooth, undisturbed earth, but heavy footprints and deep grooves in the dirt that suggested a struggle… Gus shot to her feet, quickly coming to the realization that Jac hadn’t just left on her own. She was taken, and the patterns in the earthen floor suggested grounders.] Trikru… [They wouldn’t know any better, and Anya had an affinity for doing as she pleased. An order from Gus wouldn’t have resonated the way an order from their Commander would have. They killed one boy from the sky already… and now they had Jac.

It took too long. An hour by foot through trees east, across the sturdy footbridge and into the underground camp of Anya and her people. Their people. Gus was all but a shadow, quiet like the very night that cloaked her in search. Her footsteps deliberate, she found her way to the prisoner holding cells easily, completely undetected. She knew these halls well, after all. There beyond the bars of one cage sat crumpled her sky angel…] Jac. [She only whispered her name, far too fearful of alerting anyone of her presence here. She would come down on Anya soon for taking a prisoner from the Sky People’s camp without permission, but that could wait. Just for now.] Jac, it’s me… [It was while trying to pry the door of the cage open that Gus realized the state of Jac’s body… trembling and bloodied… with no stunning wings sprouting from behind her shoulders. Gus’s expression fell, her movements slowed to a stop as she knelt in some useless attempt to be closer. To see better.] Jac… [They stole them, Gus thought, the tone of the voice in her head bitter and disdainful. How dare they… How dare they? Brutally sliced from her body with no regard, Jac’s wings were gone and Gus felt the regret – the blame – fall like a hot stone into her gut. She’d asked Jac to wait for her… and maybe if she hadn’t, Jac would have gone back to her camp. Bellamy would have locked her in the metal container with the other special sky people… and her wings never would have been taken.]

  • Title: Breakeven
  • 1.1K+
  • Pairing: kaisoo, mentions of chanbaek
  • Summary: Kyungsoo decides it’s his fault that he’s hurting because he wanted something that he just can’t have.
  • Warnings: angst, unresolved conflict

What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you; what am I supposed to say when I’m all choked up but you’re okay? –Breakeven, The Script.

“I just… need some time to think.” Kyungsoo thought it won’t be this hard when the dating rumor arises. But everything happened so fast; he knew he had no grip on anything right now and it’s giving him a hard time to keep himself, at the least, standing.

“But Kyung, will you be fine?” Chanyeol used to be scared whenever his fellow member goes silent, but this time, he knew why and he didn’t like it. “I mean, there must be other ways?”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Kyungsoo sighed, looking at the taller one with sad, envious eyes. “They’re going to reveal you and Baekhyun… and soon enough everyone will accept the two of you, for they have been waiting for this to happen. And then everything will be perfect, and no one has to hurt so much that that person had to leave.”

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Now, kinda serious time.
In among all this positiveness and congratulations and good grades etc, there is someone (perhaps a few) who are disappointed. They may be beyond disappointed. This day does span the spectrum of emotion. However, it is to these people that I want to say … it will all be fine, I promise you.
I know this to be true.
I know that you may not have got the grades you needed, and may have missed out on the courses and uni of your choice, and may be in a situation where you cant go through clearing. This is not the end for you. You can still get everything you want in life.
To illustrate, I shall share with you all a piece of information I don’t readily let people know. We are all aware that I am now an accountant (or at least trying to be one), what you don’t (or rather didn’t until now) is that I flunked a-level maths. A pretty important part of the whole accounting thing tbh. I didn’t just fail, I had to quit. I failed so badly in lessons that I was reduced to actual tears in front of everyone. This has not stopped me going on to a career that I love, and enjoy studying.
We all have our dreams and our ambitions, but it is important to remember that there exists multiple routes to your goals, and that university is not actually always the best one. Despite whatever social and familial pressure you may feel (and if you do feel it you have my utmost sympathy, because I still feel it).
It can be tremendously hard to pick yourself up at this point, when so many around you seem to be so sure of where they are going, and have managed to set off on the route you wanted to go, but with hard work you can get there. You can go higher than you believe you can right now.
I believe in, and have the utmost faith in every single one of you, and will be around for whatever advice you need.

sometimes i wonder if I hadn’t kept calling you over 15 times that night if we’d still be together
I loved you but I was blinded by my drugs and I forgot about our forever
5 months in a few weeks and baby I’m getting better
I’m still adding songs to our playlist I made in March
drugs may make me feel good but it’s nothing compared to what your love does to my heart
I’m sorry my drugs almost tore us apart

yesterday you came over and we made out now I’m sick
but it’s okay cause at least I got to hold you for a bit
Polaroids and happy times
I’m always yours and you’re always mine
in 2 years none of this will matter
we’ll have our studio apartment and everything will be fine
drugs don’t mean shit, it’s you I want for the rest of my life

—  I’m gay for @d0ggi

Thank you guys so much for your messages.

There’s one thing I would love for you to do to take care of yourself even though YOU BELIEVE you’re fine.

Please, go to your local doctor every year once AT LEAST.

You may never know what kind of illnesses your body will grow inside of you until it’s too late. My uncle was sick for quite a long while now and had lost a lot of weight. I already told my mom and aunt this was something far serious, but yeah … Now we got the results because his body eventually warned him.

No matter how healthy you are. A yearly check-up is always needed to keep track of everything. Don’t ONLY think your headache comes from stress. Don’t ASSUME you immediately get spoiled with dozens of medications just because you go to the doc. They only take your blood OR saliva and analyze your condition. That’s about it.

Please take care of your health first before anything else.

Please I hear Empire of Storms spoilers are going around and I am so upset. Did you know that reading ACOMAF was only mediocrely fun for me because I knew EVERYTHING that was going to happen? The whole thing was spoiled for me. Not cool tumblr not cool. So yes I get some people like spoilers but I don’t and I know a hell of a lot of people who don’t. So please don’t post spoilers. Please tag that you are at least. Once the book is out fine! I mean tag your spoilers still jeez but then if I see spoilers it’s my own fault. But right now? With a week to go before the book comes out? I want to enjoy my reading experience and you are making me angry. After the events of QoS I’m worried that I will be less than satisfied with EoS and the fact that spoilers are going around makes me feel even worse. I just want to go into EoS with a positive outlook so please. Don’t post spoilers. I mostly use tumblr mobile so the blacklisting system doesn’t work and it’s just so hard for me to use. Don’t post spoilers. This has been a PSA.

@feralfursLikes a drugged Flash

Flash skidded into the room where the silent alarm had been activated. Only to lose his footing and stumble into the wall ahead of him.

Dazed he sat up from his new position and looked to the side where he was sure to have seen the villain who had activated the alarm.

“Alright…playtime’s up,” he slurred while he heaved himself into an upright position. Why was everything suddenly so blurry and soft? Since when did the floor feel like cotton? Flash had been feeling fine when he had run into the museum but now he could barely stand upright.

Well, he still had to stop a villain. At least, he tried to do that.

“Oh, Fleur.”

Good thing that at least everything is settled down when Asuha met her at Chiba train station. Chiba city went back to its temporary peace until who knows when. “I thought you were someone else before.”

Still, Asuha wondered why she’s here. This wasn’t a safe place for her–at least if she wasn’t a combat student. True that for now the city is safe, but no one knows when will the next ambush comes.

“What brings you here?”

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Stability is scary because I know it won’t last and I won’t notice when it changes until after its already too late. At the same time I feel so empty and boring when I’m stable, like I don’t know how to feel or react. When I’m depressed everything is the absolute worst, anger, anxiety, and despair take over. When I’m manic, everything feels totally fine, just great in fact, a new opportunity every moment, I’m so sure of myself. Stable me doesn’t know how to be a person because I have nothing taking over or choosing my emotions/reactions for me. I’m liking the stability for now at least, since I’m working so much it helps me not get too anxious or angry when the kid I watch acts up or touches me too much. I just know it won’t last.

I almost had my first “my baby is growing up too fast” emotional breakdown tonight.

I was going through the pile of laundry in the bedroom because I’m messy and decided to sort what Atlas can wear and what’s still too big or too small. And that was going fine until I picked up a particular onesie.

I got one set of four newborn onesies from my best friend at my baby shower, and everything else was at least 0-3 or bigger. Everyone told me that babies will outgrow newborn size very quickly so there was no need to worry about it. But Atlas didn’t outgrow newborn until he was 8 weeks old. So for like a month, all he had to wear were those four onesies until we got him some more.

And now he’s too big for them. And like I’m glad he’s growing and I’m excited to see him get bigger and older. But I also want him to stay my teeny newborn that can only fit into four outfits because everything else just swallows him.

@nothinbutbxnes @logicruled

Something had happened on that planet between Bones and Spock. And honestly, Kirk was a smidge jealous of the blooming friendship that was taking place. Childish? Absolutely, but when was he not?

Jim sighed, running a hand through his hair. This was stupid, he was good friends with both of them but now…it was almost as he was being pushed aside. Or that was how it felt to him at least.

His eyes narrowed suspiciously as he walked by the medical bay, hearing two very familiar voices conversing. Was Spock sick? The Commander hadn’t mentioned it to him… Kirk walked into the room trying to come off natural. 

“Everything all right gentleman?” Jim asked and eyed both of them. The Vulcan looked fine but then why was he in here and why hadn’t Bones made him leave yet? He didn’t miss how close they were standing next to each other either. Were they…? No, surely not…

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I really want to ask you, how are you today? Are you feeling alright? What did you have for breakfast? What are you doing? Is everything okay or, at least, fine?

Oh, ummmmm..well to be honest right now..I’m kinda not fine… I did some thinking today and realized why my parents and everyone are so hateful and mean to me..because I exsist, I was born. Everything started because I exsist…and I had toster strudels for breakfast…sorry for the depressing post.

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*It seems like you've got through everything just fine. *In that case, I'm just going to make myself useful in my own timeline. *If Yellow still refuses to cooperate then I dunno what I'll do, honestly. *But at least I can let him and the others talk to Papyrus. *I guess this is good bye for now. *See you around. *And sorry I wasn't any help.

     * i wouldnt really say that 
     * dad isn’t himself still and the timeline ( along with all of the people inside of it ) is corrupted. the human is gone and i have no idea who has been controlling this mess
     * still if thats your choice, then that’s your choice
     * I think you’ve helped me plenty
     * and even if i wanted to stop you, I’m not in any position to.
     * but isolation is never a healthy way to deal with anything.