but at least all my babies are safe

I just???? Alec Lightwood is such a wonderful human being???? 

like, it’s actually beyond description how deep my love for him is. i feel like he’s so underappreciated and underestimated sometimes and that. just. it’s not okay to me. he would literally destroy himself to make sure that his family comes out safe and well. he had to wait for yeARS to feel okay enough actually think “screw all of this” and go against the rules, both in how he helped luke and how, ultimately, he helped himself with the wedding. and does anybody really honestly know how vulnerable he is?? because he’s the oldest and should be the strongest, mentally, at least. my poor baby doesn’t think he has a right to be happy sometimes, because the damn clave is more important. fuck. fucking hell. alexander lightwood. i love him. he’s wonderful. give him all the happiness in every single universe for all of infinity. 

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How long do you think ED will keep them apart before they get back together? Surely they must break up once Aaron knows about the cheating. For Aarons sake and for good storytelling I want it to take at least a couple of months before Aaron even considers taking him back, but for my own sake I want them back together after a few weeks. It's just, it feels like I waited forever for them to be an actual couple, and then it's just snatched away again. Why did this happen at all? oh right baby.

Aarrgghhh!! I hate that there is a baby looming over all of this!! Damn it! It’s like no one has ever heard of safe sex!! I guess only time will tell what will happen but Robert has to tell him, although from Aaron’s face I’m guessing he already knows. I want Aaron to beat him up, or from Robert to have a panic attack, or a break down at the thought of losing Aaron for good. Something dramatic is going to happen, especially with lucy and Isobel gone for a few weeks/months, and I’m sure there was talk of Ryan and danny working with a stunt guy. All we’ve ever wanted was them together, and yes we got the shotgun wedding, and the promises, but all that seems tarnished somehow now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasoning behind Roberts actions even though I don’t agree with them, he thought he’d lost the one person who he needed the most, and in a way he was self harming, (just like Aaron with the drugs) reverting back to the 2015 version of himself that we loved to hate. I have faith they will get back together (not that they are broken up yet). The course of true love never runs smoothly anon! Stay strong and believe in our boys, they need us now more than ever.

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So I'm pretty sure I'm hyperempathetic because I keep finding baby dolls around the house (I'm 14, they're from my childhood) and every time I find one I have to pick it up (carefully, because you've gotta support its head) and take it to my room. I have four now, and before I go to sleep I have to make sure they're all in doll cribs or at least safe places. I basically treat them like actual babies and get worried about leaving them unattended... I know it's irrational but I can't stop myself

Companions react to the Sole Survivor keeping the egg and trying to raise the deathclaw baby. Her name is Fluffy and they are keeping her whether they like it or not. Personally I like to imagine she’s an albino deathclaw because those are so pretty. 

Piper: “Oh my god, Blue! You’re insane.” She maintains a safe distance but watches so she can write about it. “Savior of the commonwealth: Deathclaw Tamer?” She’s less enthused when Fluffy starts leaving them all “gifts” meaning dead animals. 

Preston: “General..this seems like a really bad idea.” He asks them to at least keep it away from the settlers. He’s very wary of her and worried about his General. 

Curie: She’s ecstatic. It’s just like when she raised the mole rats (R.I.P Clyde) She wants to gather as much information as possible. She spends a lot of time with the Sole Survivor trying to learn more about her and how to take care of her.

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum…if I may..this doesn’t seem like a good idea.” He doesn’t like it. He’s worried about the Sole Survivor and also she tears everything up. 

Cait: “Have you lost your damn mind?” She ends up liking her though. She throws her meat during dinner and enjoys watching her pounce on her “prey.” Once she slipped a strip of meat in Mccready’s back pocket. He still has the scar on his ass.

Danse: He thinks it’s extremely irresponsible and tells them so. He’s wary of her for a while but one night she curls up in bed next to him and he’s a goner. She loves Danse. Hancock snickers and says she probably thinks he’s her Mama. (Much to Danse’s annoyance. He does not look like a deathclaw thank you very much) 

Hancock: “Why the hell not?” He loves her. Sometimes the Sole Survivor finds him and Fluffy staring at each other and Fluffy mimicking his movements. (He tilts his head. She tilts his head) Hancock finds it hilarious. He teaches her to mimic bad words and weird phrases for the hell of it. 

Mccready: “Oh, hell no!” He hates it. She terrifies him even as a baby. The worst part is she likes him and follows him around. “GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!” He remembers that she bit him in the butt and he holds a grudge.

Deacon: He’s the one who named her fluffy. No one back at HQ believes him when he tells them that him and Sole are trying to raise a deathclaw baby. Sometimes he tries to put little hats on her but she always tears them up :’( 

Nick Valentine: Facepalms the minute he hears about it. He tries to convince the Sole Survivor to let it go. “If you love her let her go!” and “I know you’ve got a big heart, kid and I admire you for it but Deathclaws aren’t pets.” but it doesn’t work. Fluffy likes to attack the ends of his trench coat and it’s as endearing as it is annoying. He really doesn’t want to see his partner get maimed or killed though. 

X-6: “This is…unwise.” He monitors their interactions to make sure they don’t end up dead. Although it is a good way to gather information on the species.

Strong: He’s thrilled. It will be a fierce companion one day. (Better than mutant hounds even!!) He brings it lots of meat and tries to teach it how to hunt.

Maxson: He thinks the idea is idiotic but then he starts to wonder if he could tame them and use them for battle (like the raptors in Jurassic world. jfc Maxson) 

You can call me selfish all you’d like, but keep my brother’s name out of this. Sure, he ran with me, but he isn’t the selfish one. He ran for me. To keep me safe. Both of my brothers are the least selfish people that you could ever encounter, despite what we did in out past. Please, if you’re going to be name-calling, at least say them to the right person.

I also don’t seem to remember anybody being this upset with a certain Dominant when he caused two markwides in a very short span of time.


The BIT where Addie GUSHES hysterically~

So, I made this blog LESS THAN TWO WEEKS ago, and to think that there are already more than 250 of you AMAZING AMAZING PEOPLE following me? It was HELLA surprising! When I made Hayden, I totes expected people to ignore me, considering all the hate she’s getting in this fandom? HATE THAT MY BABY LEGIT DOESN’T DESERVE? It’s safe to say that I was HELLA HAPPY when all 258 of you proved me wrong! Thanks for giving me a chance, for letting me roleplay such a BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER!



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