but at least all my babies are safe

Okay but imagine Steve actually babysitting the kids after season two. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler go out for the night, Nancy’s out with Jonathon, and they call Steve over to watch the kids. He tries to cook dinner, but he burns everything and orders pizza, making them promise not to tell Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler. They beg him to take them to arcade, and he reluctantly gives in, and they teach him how to play all the different games. Then they stop at the video store on the way home and rent an R-rated movie, again swearing not to tell their parents. Steve burns the popcorn too, so they give up and just snack on Eggos. After the movie, Steve makes them go downstairs to the basement and get ready for bed. He helps them set up their sleeping bags (insisting that Mike keeps his at least three feet away from Eleven) and then he tucks them all into bed. He stays down there with them, telling them he’s just making sure they go to bed instead of talking. But really he just wants to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe, after everything that’s happened. The Wheelers come home to find the kids asleep, and Steve snoring softly in his chair, with the nail bat in his hands.

It Has to be Perfect

A/N: Hey guys! Long time, no see! I just started a summer job a couple of weeks ago so that’s been taking up a lot of my time (hence why I haven’t written anything in ages, yikes). And I got offered a tutoring position for Calculus at my college so I need to do an interview for that soon! To be honest, I’m already ready to go back to college; I miss it a lot more than I thought I would.
Anyways, you guys probably don’t care about all of that. Send me requests!!! I need some prompts to write for when I’m not working.

Word count: 1667

Pairing: Alpha!Sam Winchester X Omega!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Well guys, this is my first attempt at A/B/O dynamics. Contains nesting behavior and mild alpha-ness (I don’t even know how to word that properly).


Trying to make everything perfect, she adjusts a pillow once more before stepping back to look at her work.

But it just won’t lay in the right spot.

She moves back to the bed and fluffs the pillows behind it before carefully maneuvering the smaller pillow into place once again.

A quick assessment has her deciding that she likes it, and she moves to straighten one of the blankets that she has laid out, soaked in Sam’s scent perfectly.

Another assessment has her moving the soft down comforter into a more suitable position, and she nearly has a breakdown when she finds a corner of it without her mate’s scent upon it.

She gathers the blanket into her arms, careful not to disturb everything else she has already meticulously placed, and sets it aside, so that Sam can scent it in a few moments when she’s done.

A few of his favorite shirts, the ones that his scent will forever cling to because he’s worn them so much, are tucked into her side of the bed, so that when she lays down she will be surrounded by him.

She steps back and looks over her work, deciding that it looks well enough save for the blanket Sam needs to scent and perhaps a few more pillows.

She hauls it into her arms and leaves the room, closing the door firmly behind her, and ventures toward the library, where she knows that Sam will be.

“Hey, gorgeous, are you finally done?” he asks as he sees her make her way into the large room.

She shakes her head and thrusts the blanket at him.

“It needs more of your scent, there was a spot that didn’t have enough,” she tells him as he gathers it into his arms.

“Is there anything else you need?” he asks, rubbing his cheek into an exposed corner of the soft material.

“More pillows,” she tells him, and he smiles slightly.

“Take a few from my room, they should be good,” he states, and she nods before going to do just that.

The two biggest, fluffiest pillows that he has, she takes. They’re well used and well coated in his musk, just perfect for her nest.

She travels back to her own room and places them where she desires, deciding that the comforter is all she needs left to finish this nest.

She makes her way back to Sam, determined to finish this before the night is over.

“Here, baby girl,” he holds up the blanket to her. “Check and see if it needs any more.”

She unfolds the blanket and checks over it, noting that every stitch seemed to carry his scent.

“This is good,” she nods, and he smiles at her retreating form as she scurries to finish her nest.

Placing the blanket just so, she arranges it over the pillows and shirts carefully until it is to her liking, exhaling in relief as she puffs a pillow up one final time.

Looking it over with a hand on her belly, she knows that her pup will feel safe in this nest, as well as herself.

She smiles to herself and makes yet another trip to the library.

“Done now?” he asks, and she nods, curling onto his lap so she can bury her face in his chest. “I’m sure it looks beautiful.”

She nods again, and he loops an arm around her back as he returned to his book.

“I have one more chapter to finish, then we can head to bed, okay?” he suggests, rubbing her back gently.

“Okay,” she agrees, content to stay on his lap as he read. His heartbeat lulls her as his chest rises and falls gently with every breath.

“You awake?” he murmurs after several long minutes. “Baby girl?”

“Hm?” she hums, her eyes fluttering open.

“Lets go to sleep, gorgeous,” he purrs, and she nods as she rises from his lap and takes his hand. She leads him to her new nest, excited to show him her hard work from the past couple of hours.

However, a foreign scent has her heart starting to pound the closer she gets to her room.

She throws her door open and nearly sobs at the scent other than her mate’s in her room.

Her breath quickens and she tries to keep from crying as she backs away, into Sam’s chest.

“I swear I didn’t know!” the voice makes her turn into Sam, burying her face into his shirt and taking deep gulps of his scent.

“You went into her nest?” Sam roars, his anger exuding from him in waves at his brother standing a few paces away from the two of them.

“I thought she’d do that in your room!” Dean protests quickly, holding his hands up defensively. “I went looking for her to tell her that her laundry was done. I didn’t expect to find a nest in her room! No one’s ever in there!”

“She just spent hours making that nest, Dean!” Sam yells, an arm curving around her back as she shuddered into him. “I haven’t even been in there, she just finished!”

“I didn’t know! I couldn’t find her! I checked your room and the kitchen, this was just the next stop!” Dean explains. “If I knew, I wouldn’t have even touched the doorknob, Sam. I’m so sorry.”

“Just go,” Sam says in a controlled voice that barely masks his fury. “Go away, she’s freaking out right now because of you. This isn’t good for the baby.”

Dean backs away quickly, leaving the two of them standing outside her room alone.

“I need to make a new one,” she whimpers into him. “I need a safer nest. One that no one can get into.”

“Just a minute, gorgeous,” Sam murmurs into her hair. “Let me see if I can get his scent out. If he just walked in and out I might be able to.”

“He can still get in, Sam,” she whispers. “Anyone can.”

“I’ll put a new lock on the door first thing in the morning,” he tells her, pulling away slowly. “Just stay right here for a few minutes.”

He draws her in for a lingering kiss before moving into her room.

Dean’s alpha scent clings to the air, and she shudders, curling her arms around the tiny swell of her waist.

Her stomach turns uncomfortably, and she closes her eyes as she hears Sam moving about in her room.

She knows that Dean didn’t mean to, he really didn’t. She hadn’t been in her room in months.

No one had.

Which is why she decided it was the perfect place for her nest, since no one ventured into it and the bed still carried her own scent faintly.

But he went and put his scent in the room she had been filling with Sam’s, and it turned her stomach. The scent other than her mate’s in such a sacred place makes her want to cry. Any other male, and she’d likely have burst into tears the moment she smelled their scent, so she’s at least thankful that it was only Dean. But it still upsets her.

How could her pup feel safe in a place that smelled of an alpha that wasn’t its father? How would it feel safe knowing that any wolf could barge in at any time?

“Baby girl,” Sam murmurs as he opens the door. He nods to her, holding out his hand for her to take. “Here, I’m right here with you. I think I covered it all wth my own scent.”

She laces her fingers through his, cautiously stepping through the threshold and taking a deep inhale of the air.

She doesn’t catch any immediate whiff of Dean’s scent, but she isn’t going to let her guard down.

“I touched everything,” Sam tells her, drawing her into his chest. “All the walls, the table, your dresser. Everything.”

She takes another breath and notes the strength of his scent through the room, and she looks up at him curiously, eyebrows raised.

He slightly smirks.

“I did what I had to do. I wasn’t going to let all of your hard work go to waste,” he tells her, sliding a hand that carries a powerful amount of his scent along her cheek. “It’s a beautiful nest. I’m proud of it, and I know our pup will love it.”

She beams under his praise, looking over to the nest she had prepared before looking back to him.

“Is it okay?” he asks gently, looking at her. “If I change the lock tomorrow, will you feel okay in here?”

“Yeah,” she nods, and he smiles at her. “I think so.”

“Do you want to sleep in here tonight?” he asks, gently drawing his fingers through her hair.

She pauses for a moment, then takes a deep breath. It was just Dean, she has to tell herself.

“You have to sleep closer to the door,” she tells him, rubbing her stomach slowly. “That way anything has to go through you to get to us.”

“Of course, gorgeous,” he strokes her hair again. “Let’s go to bed.”

She nods and leads him to their nest, where he toes off his boots and pulls off his shirt before holding it out to her.

She smiles sheepishly as she presses it to her face and inhales deeply, then tucks it under her pillow as she crawls into bed.

He follows shortly after, and she makes sure that her nest is adequate for the two of them before settling in and tucking into his side.

“It’s perfect,” he tells her, as though he knows that she needs the reassurance after the ordeal from a few moments ago. “I love you, my omega.”

“I love you too,” she states, and he looks down at her. She giggles slightly.

“I think you’re forgetting something, baby girl,” he states, and she smiles at him before leaning up to kiss him.

“I love you, my alpha.”

Did someone say, shitpost?

Woodward: What do you call a newborn Cavendish?

Diana: *sighs* Enlighten me.

Woodward: Banana Bread! Because she’s no longer a bun in the oven!

Akko: *snickering* Woods, that was awful, even by my standards!

Diana: By the Nine, I need to keep Bernadette safe from you two.

Amanda: Why is your family tree like a goddamn breakfast menu?

Sucy: Seriously, we all have diabetes now from the sheer amount of sugar related nicknames being thrown around.

Hannah: Pray for Diana. We all know Akko is going to teach Bernadette how to drive Diana crazy.

Akko: Of course, right baby?

Bernadette: *happy gibberish*

Diana: ….

Diana: You never call me ‘baby’.

Lotte: You two are…something else.

But at least their happy. Mostly.



Tally was going home for the weekend.
I felt like I needed her there, really. Zayn and Harry had spent the entire of Friday bonding over lad-ish nonsense and tattoos and all the rest, and my only saviour had been Tally. Because I loved Mike, dearly, but he was the kind of boy who played video games and was slightly intimidated by big words, so there was no way he could save me from my misery in the same way Tally could.

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Letters to Bucky (Part Five)

Welcome back to the story lovelies!
Thanks for all the love and encouragement along the way! If you are new to the fic, catch up HERE
. Over 3000 words this time, sorry for such long posts, but I love love LOVE you guys for reading it!

Tony read the poem at least a dozen times before refolding it and putting it back in his suit jacket pocket.
He hadn’t stopped smiling since the letter had been delivered that morning, hadn’t even left his desk yet. Couldn’t even think of what he wanted to say back to his soldier. In fact, Tony could barely string a thought together, so he just sat at his desk and grinned like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

It was kind of disgusting.

And he loved it.

“Tony!” Pepper snapped, sticking her lovely red head into his office for the eighth or ninth time in so many minutes. “You have a meeting RIGHT NOW. How many times– are you reading that letter again? Who is it from? What on earth?” She rubbed her forehead. “Look. I’m glad the pen pal program helped you through rehab, I am. Really. But you still have a company to run! So if you would just–”

“I’m coming!” Tony jumped up, waving his arms. “I’m coming. You know, Pepper I should just give the company to you. You care about it more than I do.”

“Don’t joke about that Tony.” She warned, and he stopped walking, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her soundly on the lips.

“I’m not actually joking. Let’s talk about it okay? Later. I can’t be late to this meeting.” With a quick wave of his hand he disappeared into the boardroom.

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This Changes Everything.

Originally posted by just-purely-insane

Titled: ‘This Changes Everything.’ 

Pairing: Sam x reader

A/N: This is for @idreamofhazel Sam quote writing challenge which I was so happy to partake in! My prompt was number 6 which was,  “I’m not supposed to laugh, right?” 

A/N: I also contributed a request into this fic as well from, @belictioner-tothemax I obviously chose Sam so I really hope you like this as well and this was what you were looking for. 

Warnings: Slight mentions of angst, light language, a sprinkle of fluff here and there, and Daddy!Sam 

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This was the last thing you expected. This was the last thing you needed right  now. There was no way this was happening. These were the thoughts that were running through your mind as you stared down at the pregnancy that tested with positive results. This was definitely happening. You didn’t know what to do. You didn’t know if you should cry or what. A baby was the farthest thing from your mind, and you weren’t even sure how Sam would react. You never even really talked about having kids to begin with. Things in your’s and Sam’s life were about to take a drastic turn down a road you never thought you would take. 

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Requested by anonymous

“Castiel?!” You shouted in pure shock when the angel appeared out of nowhere and killed a monster that was seconds away from attacking you and Claire.
“What are you doing here? Did my dad send you after us?” You demanded.

You were aware that your father Dean was greatly against you going on hunts but despite all that you decided to go on one with your best friend Claire. You were tired of being treated like a baby and things were going quite well. At least, in your opinion they were.

“No, I learned that the two of you were going off on your own and I decided the follow you and make sure you stayed safe. But I can assure you that if Dean found out about this-”.

“Dad isn’t going to find out about this” you stared poking the angel roughly in the chest “because you’re not going to tell him. Me and Claire were handling ourselves quite fine”.

“It didn’t appear that way from where I was standing” Castiel said raising an eyebrow “and I must say that’s a strange way to thank me for saving your life”.

You gritted your teeth.
“Thank. You. Castiel”.


Begin (M)

Long overdue! Enjoy~

Genre: Horror 

Jungkook Vampire AU! x Reader 

Lie (M)

Love you my brother, thanks to my brothers // I now have emotions I became me…

The thing that I hate and find disgusting, is what I am experiencing right now, Boredom. BORED, BORED, BORED! In my 168 years of living there has never been a dull moment between my brothers and I but right now, IT’S SO FUCKING DULL. You would think with the Red Moon approaching they would be becoming more beastly but no. There’s no way their beasts aren’t rattling in their cages. Mine sure is. As I sit here, on my swing, I can’t help but think, could they possibly be indulging in nightly activities without me? Sneaky Sneaky brothers…

Even if they aren’t, maybe I’ll give them something to get the blood pumping around here…

“Working girl” that’s what I like to call myself. In order to provide for myself and get what I want, I work long hours that at times aren’t the most safe. Lately the clients have been all the same, boring to say the least until him. In my four years in this line of work, he has been the most exciting client yet. A bit of a brat at times, but who wouldn’t be if they had everything handed to them. He likes to play games, and as I have learned, through various punishments, there was only one winner, Jungkook, or baby boy as I affectionately call him. Tonight would mark our year anniversary and like a gentleman, a single red rose, and a letter had been delivered to my pied-à-terre, Jungkook had been nice enough to pull me from the “squalors” of Paris, as he called them, and placed me in a comfortable apartment with a balcony that faced the Eiffel Tower in the distance. 

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October 18-19th.

October 18-19th.

Words: 239ish

“Spooky, scary, skeletons” and “All the candy!”

All of my October Drabbles are part of a Dean Winchester x Reader series called The Drabble Family. This was rushed, I’m sorry!

Dean had, by some miracle, talked Y/N into taking a minor [safe] role in future hunts. At least until the baby was born. Her words, not his.

“What’s up sweet cheeks?” He asked, taking a step away from the man he and Sam were interviewing as his brother continued.

She’d been sent to the morgue to check out the body and was to wait for them there. “I have an issue here.” She chewed her lip, staring down at the cold metal table in front of her.

Dean’s shoulder slumped, worry edging its way into his voice. “What is it?”

“There isn’t a body. Just, a skeleton. Two, actually. A spooky one, you know the fake Halloween decoration ones. And a scary one, like I can see bits of tissue stuck to it here and there. Taking a glance around, she whispered, “Can you guys hurry? It’s creepy here…”

After taking down a nasty little something or another, they had to stop at Target so Y/N could get some candy.

She was throwing in bag after bag, kind after kind, and earning strange looks from those who passed.

“Do you need all that candy?” Sam finally asked. A mistake on his part as she turned and glared through his soul.

“I need all the candy.” She said in a scary little voice.

Sam looked to his brother. Dean just shrugged and flashed a half smile his way. “I’m sure as hell not going to tell her no. She may be pregnant, but I bet she can still kick my ass.”

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Married at First Sight Chapter 15: Heap of Trouble, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Firmly in the clutches of the Garbage Pail Kids, Rick and Michonne fight their way back to each other. An unexpected ally comes to their rescue.

Sneak Peek:

Originally posted by rewind01

The walker moved erratically, lunging for Rick. He danced around in a circle, staying out of reach of the spike-covered foe. He needed something to fight him off with. He scanned his surroundings quickly, but nothing was within reach. Rick wondered if he might be able to pull one of the spikes out of the walker when it reared forward. On instinct, Rick slammed his hand down, pushing the head and biting mouth backwards. The spike went straight through his palm and out of the top of his hand, burning as it pierced through. Rick let out a shout of surprise and pain, lifting a foot to kick the walker back.

He had just managed to free himself when he heard it. Someone was screaming his name.

“Michonne!” he called back, his adrenaline suddenly surging. He rushed to the side where her voice had come from, the walker hot on his trail. It’s grunts and groans brought Rick back to the situation at hand. He spun around, kicking it backwards again, before attempting to scale the wall of trash around him. His palm was bleeding freely now, the hot liquid pumping down his arm, make his grip slick. His hand slipped on a large chunk of trash, starting a miniature trash flow. The walker fell back as items toppled on top of it. Rick yanked at the garbage, setting off another avalanche. In seconds, he had buried it.

“Michonne!” he yelled again, ignoring the throbbing ache in his hand. His calls went unanswered. Someone from the top of the pile lowered a rope. Reluctantly, he seized it, intending to make a break for it as soon as he got to the top.

“Well done,” Jadis smiled lecherously, clearly impressed. Rick ignored her compliment, flinching as someone grabbed his arm roughly, wrapping his hand in a bandage. They pushed him, guiding him to follow Jadis as she walked back down the trash pile.

“Where is my wife?” Rick ground out through the pain.

“We make deal,” Jadis continued on as though she did not hear him. “Your wife, good fighter. We keep her here. The baby too.”

“Like hell,” Rick dug his feet in, refusing to move. Jadis laugh lightly.

“We keep you here too. You gave wife a baby. You give me a baby. No one gets hurt.”

Rick’s head throbbed, partially in pain, partially in frustration, completely enraged. “No.” He stepped closer to the woman, until they were just inches apart. Rick ground his teeth. “I take my wife. I take our baby. We leave. I don’t kill you,” at least not right away. Once he knew that Michonne was safe, he would level this place and everyone in it.

“You stay. Baby stays. Wife goes,” Jadis said, smirking.

“This is not a negotiation,” Rick dug his feet into the ground beneath him, feeling the objects shift slightly. “Last chance.”

“No deal,” she said, beginning to turn away.

Rick seized the moment, pushing his feet in, upsetting the delicate structure beneath them. It gave way slowly at first, then all at once, the wave of garbage taking Jadis and several of her crew with her. The man holding his python made a move to grab him, but Rick feigned right, pushing him down and seizing his gun in one motion. With a few pulls of a trigger, the remaining enemies were dispatched, the rest buried beneath their own garbage. Rick broke away, moving quickly, heading for where he had heard his wife yelling for him.

“Michonne!” he called again, frantic.

There was no response.

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Just Blaze [Part Two]

Orphan Brigade [High School Years]: Geoffs boys are growing up fast. They’re attending High School, meeting girls and participating in epic heists.

Part One

It didn’t take Jack long to find the pills. 

Ray hadn’t done a particularly good job of hiding them. They had just been thrown into one of the drawers in his room.

Jack sighed and headed to Geoffs office. “I think we have to sit the boys down and talk to them.” 

Geoff glanced up. “What about?” 

Jack lifted up the bag so that Geoff could see it.

“… Fucking hell.” Geoff sighed, resting his palm against his face. “Family meeting!!”  He yelled, his voice echoing through the penthouse. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think happened to kaz's mom?

okay tysm for asking me this because i had no idea how kaz’s father even died?!? i just looked in soc and apparently he was crushed by a plough and that’s heartbreaking?! 

i’m drawing the conclusion this is why jordie made the decision to sell the farm, like maybe he couldn’t stomach to look at it anymore, considering it was all in the same sentence and to me it sounds directly related: after their father died, crushed beneath a plough with his insides strewn across a field like a trail of damp red blossoms, jordie sold the farm. did jordie and kaz witness this? where else would kaz pull this imagery from…

i digress. i don’t think his mother was ever mentioned? the farm was depicted as his father’s farm, granted my skim through wasn’t all that thorough, but i think it’s safe to assume she just wasn’t around. perhaps, not even before the dad had died since kaz never seems to think about her (correct me if i’m wrong). he recalls being nine and missing da, but no mother? so this brings a number of theories to mind.

the least tragic of them would be she died when kaz was a baby, therefore his father was all he had ever known. she could’ve been ill. or she abandoned them when kaz was young and he doesn’t remember her. or he could be intentionally blocking her?? 

like maybe just maybe she abandoned them after their father had died and they had no choice but to find another place to go. the farm didn’t sell for much because of the debts and liens. the lien on the farm could, in retrospect, be referring to his father’s debts that had to be paid before jordie was approved the right to own the land. but just consider…it’s regarding their mother’s right to possess the land, as the spouse, and therefore there were extra legal fees? quite possibly she was out there somewhere…she just didn’t…care enough for her boys?? 

last theory (i’m sorry i’m like this but….) aren’t ploughs driven by someone usually?? if he was crushed by it who tf was operating it?! 

anyway. that scene with jan van eck in soc where kaz says - call me sentimental, but i didn’t believe a father could be so callous - is kind of devastating because kaz and jordie probably had great lives and a loving father, and he was probably wholesome, which supports my theories about kaz’s views of colm fahey. wahhh pain :(

Game... Of Opinions?

Request: Can I request a Peter x reader where they’re watching Game of Thrones s7 with Aunt May? Maybe the last episode that aired? I think it was 4.

Request: @demigodofthesun

A/N: I tried something a bit new, so I apologize if it sucks? Feel free to ask for another version if you hate, but i’ve always been fascinated by those imagines that are just pure dialogue? This probably sucks, forgive me!

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: spoilers? I mention some of the episodes scene sooo, yeah.

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

“Well I think it was cute.”



“She burned a bunch of people!”

“They had it coming!”

“I’m gonna have to agree with Y/N, sweetheart. The Lannister army had it coming.”

“I am not denying that, but I am denying the fact that it’s… “cute”,”

“Okay… maybe not cute. But it was amazing!”

“It was pretty amazing, sweetheart.”

“Yes, May, I know. I agree. I don’t know why you both think I don’t.”

“Because you didn’t think it was cute.”

“Y/N! Burning people to a crisp is not cute!” 

“It was to me!”

“Y/N, Peter, please.”

“Sorry May.”

“Sorry M.”

“What about the fact that Jaime jumped for the attack? And now’s in the… water? Do you think he’ll be captured?”

“Oh most definitely, Pete, that’s probably the perfect battle strategy right now.”

“I still don’t like that Daenerys didn’t listen to Jon and Tyrion’s voice.”

“Oh but she did, M. Jon and Tyrion told her not to attack the Keep, meaning innocents who have nothing to do with the war. Daenerys attacked the Lannister army.”

“Oh, you’re right. My mistake, Y/N.”

“It’s all good, M!”

“Still don’t think it’s cute.”



“What about the Stark’s? The siblings, well minus one, have finally reunited!”

“That I have to admit was cute, a bit odd, but cute.”

“I do enjoy seeing the Stark’s actually happy. What about you? Peter? Y/N?”

“Definitely, M!”

“I agree with Y/N, only wish the other children and siblings were alive.”

“Peter, we do not speak of any of the siblings! Especially Robb, it still breaks my heart to this day! My baby did not deserve such treatment.”



“Y/N, I am the only man you should be calling ‘baby’.”

“Sweetheart, you’re not a man. You’re a boy. And also, i’m right here.”

“Sorry, May.”

“Sorry, M.”

“Okay, you two lovebirds. I think it’s time we head to bed. Or at least, I head to bed. Peter, will you walk Y/N home?”

“Of course, what kind of boyfr-”

“We get it prince-charming, let’s just go.”

“You ruin all my fun.”

“That’s why i’m here.”


“Bye M!”

“Bye Y/N, say hi to your dad for me!”

“Will do.”

“Be safe you two!”

“Yes, May. You ready, Y/N?”



“…. I still think it was cute.”

“My god! Y/N!”

The Children of War 〉Chapter 2

Originally posted by donewithjeon

(Inspired by the Korean Drama Descendants of the Sun).


🎶 Park Hyungsik- ‘I’ll Be Here (여기 있을게 )

I was so exhausted. My face was almost the same color as my white gown and I was sure I lost some weight. It’s been almost three weeks since the last time I went home. My days were spent at the hospital.
The surgery was a success, again. He was alright. We got close during the time he was at the hospital. we became friends. He was very, how should I say this? A charming and mischievous guy. Weird in a good way? His name is Jeon Jungkook, he is a 22 year old soldier. I sat next to his bed and eyed him suspiciously. He was still not in his best form.
“So, you’re not going to tell me what’s going on…”
“Didn’t I already tell you?”
I sighed, tapping my pen on my book.
“You’ve already told me 20 different stories. One for every time I’ve come to check on you.”
He laughed, pointing a finger at me.
“Ohoh, you’ve been keeping-”
“Yes I’ve been keeping counting. And frankly, it’s getting frustrating. You literally appeared out of nowhere. We know very little of you.”
He looked way too delighted at that.
“Which story did you like the most? The one where I’m a kpop idol who got stabbed by a sasaeng after she found me taking care of my secret girlfriend? Or the one where I am your soulmate and fell from the sky to deliver my love for you?”
He smirked. His voice dropping, becoming huskier and seductive.
I sighed, running my fingers through my hair in frustration.
“What am I going to do with you?”
He laughed. All his seductiveness disappeared, leaving behind just that innocent sound.
“Well, at least you brought the baby safe and sound to my hospital.”
“So you think I am a hero?”
I looked into nowhere, thinking a bit.
“Hum no. I think you’re stupid.”
“A stupid hero? Wow never heard of that.”
We held our gaze for a bit, just staring at each other before fist bumping each other while laughing.
“What are we celebrating?”
“Well, you think I am a hero. Don’t know about you though.” He winked at me.
And with that, we started to laugh again.

For some reason, that happened a lot when I was around Jungkook. Even though the only things I knew about him was his full name, Jeon Jungkook, and the fact that FBI officers were waiting for him when we were done at the operation room. They took the baby with them when they left.
None of us were stupid, we knew that there were things we didn’t need to know. Jungkook was hiding too many things.
Yet that didn’t stop me from asking him things about that night I first met him though. It was a game now.
He was recuperating well. It was clear that he would recover the full use of whole body soon. His right hand was the worst though. But everything would be fine.
We both knew he would be okay.
“Something on your mind?”
I was awaken from my thoughts when I heard his voice.
“Just thinking about how you’ll be well enough to leave soon.”
“You’re not thinking about breaking my bones to keep me here longer right?”
“Well, now that you mention it…”
I winked at him in a playful manner.
“You know I wouldn’t mind if that means I got to spend more time with you.”
He is indeed weird. Did he fell in love at first sight? Tsh.
“Yah! Don’t say something that dangerous so casually.”
“Oh, but I am serious.”
There was a short silence as he stared at me. His eyes were just so beautiful. They were big, expressive.
“For real, doctor. Once I’m well enough to leave…let’s meet up okay?”
I laughed, shaking my head, but he didn’t follow, for once. He was looking at me far too intensely.
“I’m serious, doctor.
“Jungkook…why this all of a sudden?”
He crossed his arms, still looking at me.
“What? I can’t make plans for the future now?” His tone was lightly teasing, but his expression remained serious.
“I would really love to meet up,but…you know I have a boyfriend.”
“Yeah, I know.” And there it was again, that happy innocent smile. The same smile he gave me when we first met and he was bleeding to death inside.
“I really care about you, Jungkook, we got really close and I really do care about you more than a simple patiente. That’s why I want to be clear about this. If we meet up, it will only be as friends.”
I bit my bottom lip and he nodded, sighing.
“Wouldn’t dream of asking otherwise.”
“Promise you won’t show at my hospital so hurt like this?”
He chuckled and placed his hand on his chest “I, Jeon Jungkook, totally swear, that no matter how much you look like the girl of my dreams, I will never get that hurt again just to see you. Maybe just getting a bleeding nose is enough to come here”. He winked.
I look at him for a few moments and burst into a mess of laughs again.

Just then, there came a cough at the door.
Taehyung was looking at us with his arms crossed and a small smile playing on his lips.
“Oh, Tae. Are we being too loud?”
I got up immediately and ran to him, linkin our arms together. He smiled warmly at that.
“Maybe a little little bit. Am I interrupting anything?”
Jungkook chuckled.
“No, you’re not. You look good together by the way.”
Tae coughed and looked at me, blushing.
I couldn’t resist standing on my tiptoes and placing a short kiss on his cheeks.
Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck and as I notice it, I sat next to his side again and looked at Taehyung.
“Is there a reason why you walked in in the middle of a conversation between my patient and me?” I asked in a playful tone. 
Tae nodded, his hands inside his pockets.
“Ah that…yes. I have something important to talk to you, Lu. Sorry to take you away from your patient but I have another operation soon so now would be the best time for us.”
Something important?
I stared at Taehyung, feeling a sense of fear spreading through me.
“Sure, that’s fine with me. We are done with the checkup anyways.”
I looked at Jungkook who nodded at me.
I smiled and squeezed his hand. “See you later, Jungkook”.
As Taehyung and I left the room, he gave us a little salute and his usual bunny smile.
Alone with Tae, I sighed and placed my hands inside the pockets of my white gown. “So, what is it?”
I felt all the temperature of my body going lower and lower as I realized that his voice was shaking.
What…what is wrong?
“Hey, Lu…”
He took a deep breath, with a hand on his hip and other against his forehead, but when he spoke, his voice cracked anyways.
“I'm….I’m breaking up with you..”

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I can just imagine you walking in the house to an all out war between Anti, Dark, Wilford, Chase, and Yan. And the kids are sitting in the living room coloring and you're thinking okay not so bad at least they're safe then you hear someone down the hall swear and you immediately go into 100% mama bear mode like you did not just swear in front of my precious babies. So you just storm down the hall and grab everyone by their ears forcing them to sit at the table and talk it out. W/angry mom glares

If you have lived with the Septics for a long time, and have set a reputation for yourself in the house, the Iplier boys would be very confused to why the Septics were suddenly looking fearful when they hear you coming down the hall. Dark wouldn’t know what to do, because you’re obviously mortal, so why are the Septics all looking like they’re about to be destroyed?
I can see Yan being impressed and probably in awe, while Wilford is looking a little smug until you turn your glare on the Ipliers.

Carpe Diem, Chapter 1

December 18, 1991

Smoke rose from the wreckage, a burning fiery sea that turned everything it touched into ashes. A single scream rose from it, wailing in pain as it’s last breaths were wrought from the body trapped in the carnage.

Five were supposed to perish that faithful night. Due to a change in fate, only one did.

July 14, 1992

Maria Stark

“Tony, Greg, Arno! You boys better be ready to leave right now or there will be trouble…” Maria Stark crossed her arms, shaking her head at the antics of her sons. The three boisterous Omegas came thundering down the stairs, grinning at their mother as they pressed a kiss to her cheek and grabbed their suit jackets from Jarvis.

The Beta sighed, resting her hand against her forehead as she slowly turned to face her boys. Don’t get her wrong, she loved them all very dearly and would never harm a single hair upon their heads. But sometimes… sometimes the three of them really got on her nerves. A soft smile worked its way onto her lips as she looked upon her boys and nodded in approval.

Anthony, who looked so much like Howard he could’ve been his twin. Her oldest Omega son had dark, short hair that  waved just slightly as it reached the tips of his ears. Dark, doe brown eyes that were always filled with a sense of inquiry and intelligence as well as curiosity. And he had a clean shaven look about him. But above all, her oldest was incredibly sweet and kind. A little anxious even and prone to doubting himself, but he always did the right thing in the end.

Gregory was the oddball out of the three of them, with short, blond hair that was cut neatly to avoid it from falling into his dark brown eyes. There was a slight stubble to his chin, as if he hadn’t shaved in a few days and a small mustache was growing out. Out of all of her children Greg had inherited most of her looks, but his personality mostly portrayed Howard, but without the feeling of grandeur or superiority that her late husband was prone to have.

And then there was Arno, her sweet little angel. With dark, short spiked hair and eyes as blue as the sky. He was a handsome little Omega to behold. A teenager still but like his brothers before him already so accomplished. Arno was the little artist of their family with a great love for photography. He was taller than Tony but shorter than Greg.

All three of them were wearing identical black suits for their cousin’s wedding, Tony was sporting a red tie, Greg a green tie and Arno was wearing a blue tie to complement his eyes. All in all, they looked stunning and the Beta most approved of their fashion choices.

Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she made her way over, her dark blue evening dress reached just past her knees and swayed around her just slightly as she walked. She stopped in front of her boys, allowing Jarvis to put her jacket on her shoulders before nodding politely at their faithful butler. “Thank you, Edwin.”

“It’s my pleasure, Mrs. Stark. Is there anything else I can do for you?” Edwin took a step back, taking a moment to smile at Tony as the Omega started tapping his foot against the floor.

“No that will be all. I expect we will be back late tonight, so feel free to use the kitchen to prepare a meal for you and Anna. You don’t have to wait up for us, take an evening off, spend some time together.” Maria smiled at her old friend, briefly touching his cheek affectionately before turning to her boys.

“Gentlemen, I believe Happy is waiting for us. Best not to keep him, or the bridal party waiting. Your aunt Peggy and your cousin Sharon are counting on us to arrive on time.”

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Reaction (Gugudan): To their Girlfriend being their love interest in a thriller/horror drama.

Mimi: “At least now she can protect me from all the scary monsters!”

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Hana: “Now my acting will be a lot more convincing!”

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Haebin: “I’m so glad! I almost thought I was going to have to kiss a girl other than you!”

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Nayoung: “Its okay baby I will fight anybody to keep you safe.”

Originally posted by 9477

Sejeong: “Just dont cry baby!! All the scary things are fake I promise!”

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Sally: “Now the audience will really feel the chemistry. *giggles*”

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Soyee: “How can you be so hot even in this scary situation??!!”

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Mina: “I know its acting but I’m already scared hopefully your kisses will make it better.”

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Hyeyeon: “Now I don’t have to say goodbye to you every morning because you are coming to work with me! This is going to be so great!”

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How I Met Your Brother (1) First Time

How I Met Your Brother Masterlist here!

AO3 link here!

Created for @spnpolybingo

Title: How I Met Your Brother
Square: Meet Weird
Rating: Explicit

Series Summary: Meg was never a fan of Philosophy, but when professor Novak became their teacher, she changed her mind. They started playing a game consisting of stolen touches and casual hook ups, but they didn’t stop on that. What’s going to happen when Meg meets Cas’ twin, Jimmy?

Word Count: 3312

Characters: Meg Masters, Castiel Novak, Ruby, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Megstiel, endgame Megjimstiel (MegCasJimmy), very briefly SamRuby

Warnings/tags: college AU, teacher/student relationship, smoking, smut, vaginal fingering, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal sex, safe sex, language

Inspired by Baby Blue Love by Lana del Rey and Cherry by Lana del Rey.

Unbeta’d, so all the mistakes are mine!

A/N: This is officially the last square of SPN Poly Bingo, guys, BUT this one turned into my very first poly series! (I couldn’t let this idea go, ha ha.) Get ready for at least 5 chapters ;) 

I want to thank Christy for hosting @spnpolybingo, ‘cause I’ve had the most fun in ages while filling all the squares, you’re the best <3 And I hope you guys enjoyed this ride, ‘cause, I know that I’ll surely sign up if it happens next year :) 

Oh, it’ll probably be posted weekly or twice a week, ‘cause I’ve got most of it written! Let me know what you think about this one, I’m so excited to show you what I’ve come up with!

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag sheet! (Tags at the bottom of the post. Those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback and constructive criticism very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist and/or Commissions if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

Meg was never the type of person to enjoy going to all lectures and acing all classes. She adapted a much more ideal way of getting through college, and that usually meant half-assing everything that didn’t matter and only paying attention to those classes that would actually be useful for her.

And, while philosophy was rather in the first category, she stuck around anyway, and the only reason for that was professor Novak.

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For the batfam week prompt meme could you write something with either Jason and Damian bonding or Tim and Damian bonding and Dick being proud?

Absolutely! To me Damian and Jason bond in a mutual sense of “no judgement” so I hope you enjoy! As always it can be found here on my ao3.
Rating: PG
Words: 870

The windows and doors had been bolted shut but that apparently didn’t matter to Damian seeing as how Jason found the kid fast asleep on his couch. That wasn’t as annoying as the fact that Jason obviously had to either find a new safe house or at the very least change the locks. Since the baby bat was inconveniencing him the least Jason could do was inconvenience the baby bat. Pulling up Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit on his phone Jason queued up the loud instrumental break and turned his volume all the way up before holding it next to Damian’s head and pressing play.

Damian woke with a jerk and rolled off the couch, from his new position on Jason’s area rug he glared up at the older boy. “Was that really necessary Todd?” he spat.

Jason shrugged, “Was breaking into my apartment just to nap on my couch really necessary?”

Damian gave his signature “-tt-” with a sniff. He got to his feet and made a big show of brushing himself off. Jason rolled his eyes and went to go make the two of them breakfast, if the kid was going spend the night he might as well have some pancakes too.

“So, Pipsqueak, what brings you here?” Jason asked, pulling out a frying pan and setting it on the stove.

“I am not a pipsqueak,” Damian replied indignantly. He sat himself at Jason’s kitchen island and watched as Jason started stirring the pancake mix.

“Alright then, short stuff? Smalls? Baby bat? Bat brat? Tater tot? Shorty?”

“Todd!” Damian finally snapped at him. Jason chuckled and turned back to pouring mix into the pan. “If you must know, Drake was injured last night on patrol and I fear the Grayson may blame me for it.” He studied his nails with a practiced look of cool disinterest. Jason saw right through it.

“What happened to the Replacement? And be honest, you’re afraid B is mad, not Dick.”

Damian pressed his lips together until they were a tight line. He sucked in a deep breath and nodded, releasing it in a huff. “We were both working a case on an incoming drug shipment. I entered the warehouse before realizing Drake was already there and inadvertently gave away his position. The drug runners saw him in the light from me breaking the door down and shot at him. We were able to subdue them until GCPD arrived but a bullet grazed his thigh.”

“Well that sucks,” Jason responded bluntly. “But he’s going to be fine and it’s really both of your fault.” Jason gave the pancakes a final flip before loading them on to a plate and passing it to Damian.

“What do you mean?”

“You were both working the case and it’s obvious you didn’t tell each other. I mean, I at least tell Barbie what cases I’m working so B and the rest of you know and stuff like that doesn’t happen.”

Damian nodded as he chewed. “I had noticed that you and Father were not crossing paths on cases lately.”

Jason finished the batch of pancakes for himself and turned off the stove. He carried his plate over, sitting on the stool next to his little brother. “I know you two get along worse than Timmy-boy and I do but you’ve at least got to be professional.”

Damian nodded and continued to eat his pancakes in silence for a few minutes. Jason munched on his own and pulled his phone out, sending a quick text to Dick so he wouldn’t worry about the kid.

“I’m curious,” he said to Damian between bites. “Why come here? You could’ve gone to Steph’s.”

Damian shrugged and ducked his head a little. Jason was surprised, the youngest Robin hardly ever seemed this young. A part of him wanted to put an arm around the kid’s shoulders but a larger part of him wanted to keep his arm attached to his body.

“I knew that Brown was on friendlier terms with Drake than you. She might not appreciate that he had been injured.”

Jason nodded, finishing his pancakes. His phone buzzed with a response from Dick. “Big Bird wants me to send you home, what should I tell him.”

Damian looked at him in surprise. “You’re not kicking me out?”

“Why should I? You both did something dumb, Tim’s definitely gonna live, and Bruce can wait a few more hours to lecture you. You wanna leave, fine but I’m not forcing you.”

Damian blinked at him a few times. “If you will allow me to I’d like to stay.”

“Alright. I’ve got a few videogames around here somewhere, help with the dishes and we can play them. I’ll tell Dick I kidnapped you.”

Damian snorted. “Whatever Todd.” He carried his plate to the sink and began rinsing it off.

Jason smiled as he typed out a reply to Dick. Don’t worry. Baby bat is gonna play some video games with me til B cools his jets.

A few seconds later his phone buzzed with Dick’s response. Thanks. I’ll text when things calm down here. Then an immediate You’re a good big brother Jay. Jason smiled as he went to go setup his console.