but at least a very special friendship

You're quite something - Thor Imagine

Request: Heyyy! Could you do a Thor imagine (MCU obv) where you love art, and anything creative like photography and Thor is just intrigued by the things you do and you end up showing him stuff and it gets rlly fluffy! Thank you!!!


You were no longer new at the Avengers’ tower. At least that’s what you chose to believe. You were completing your sixth month as a recrute and luckily you were getting along just fine with the other heroes.

One of them in particular was very special to you. Thor.

The god - yes, literally - was everything a girl could dream of. Tall, handsome, kind and adorable. He was still very oblivious to your crush on him, but you didn’t mind. For now, his friendship was enough.

One day, you were at the rooftop with Peter Parker. You had forced him to pose for pictures you were taking. You had loved art dearly every since you were a child, always surprising people around you with your creativity and vision. You got yourself a cover as a photographer for Starr Magazine (yes, how very Superman of you) and it was great for your job having artistic and original pictures of the city’s favorite superheroes.

Anyway, that’s precisely when Thor walked in.

“Hey, what are you guys up to?” he asked.

“A photoshoot!” Peter pretty much yelled. He was all dressed up as Spider-Man and jumping around like the dork he was. You giggled.

“A photoshoot? What is that?” Thor asked.

“How on earth can you not kno- oh, sorry, I forgot. You’re from another earth or something” Peter said.

“There’s only one earth” you corrected.

“Right. Thor is from Krypton” Peter gave it another shot.

“What the hell is a Tipton?” Thor frowned.

“Okay, boys, I think we have reached our capacities of stupid things to say” you said, jokingly. “Pete, you can go back inside and change if you’d like. Thor here is my new model”

Parker jumped from the walls to the door and in less than a second he was gone. Thor was just standing there, handsome as always, staring at you like you were some sort of puzzle he couldn’t figure out.

“What?” you asked.

“It’s just… you do the strangest things” he said.

You laughed.

“Meaning what?”

“I don’t mean to be offensive, of course” he assured. “I just- I don’t get you, that’s all. You’re an Avenger. I don’t know much about earth money, but I am certain that working for Stark leaves you very much financially stable”

“It does indeed” you nodded.

“So why do you go undercover and get yourself another job taking people’s pictures?”

You smiled.

“Don’t people like art in Asgard?”

“They do, but it’s related to things that touch our hearts, like music, dances and paintings” he replied.

“And why do you think photography can’t be art?”

Thor needed a second to think about it.

“Well, it doesn’t show your perspective. It doesn’t show your passion. It’s just a crude representation of what we already see in the world”

You showed him a tiny grin.

“Stand very still” you ordered. He did as you asked. You moved around the roof, watching the scenario through your camera’s lenses. Your body went forward and backwards while you scanned all the possible angles and lights you could use to take the best picture you could. After a minute or two, the loud click was heard. “Come see it”

Thor made his way to you, and stood silent behind your body. He leaned over your shoulder and took a look at the picture you just took. You could tell by the way his body tensed and then relaxed. He really got your point. He loved what he saw.

“That’s not a crude representation” you stated, then explained yourself. “That’s my vision of this moment. That’s how I see you right now”

Thor smiled at the camera and slowly turned his gaze to you. He stared deeply into your eyes.

“Y/N, I’m not that pretty” he joked.

“Actually, you’re prettier” you added.

“Maybe I am sort of good looking” Thor rolled his eyes and you laughed “But never as gorgeous as you are”

“Oh, come on. You’re a god. I’m a human. A comparison is definitely not fair” you pouted.

“Not fair to me, you mean. You, a mere mortal, can be ten times better looking than me”

You both had a nice time on the rooftop after that and, by the way the conversation flew, you realized your feelings towards him were mutual. Maybe it was too soon to say something, but you were sure that someday you two would make one hell of a pair.

The blog isn’t deactivated because of @frankiero-imagines. The blog got deleted because me and the other co-owner got into a fight and just a small part of that was about that blog but it was more about personal stuff. I told her to delete the account because there was no use to it anymore and so she did.

Only the day after I realised what happened. I lost something that was and still is very special to me.

It’s impossible to get the followers and all the fics back but I truly hope that at least I can have a part of it back. I cannot explain how much it hurts to lose it all. Not only the blog, but also a very special friendship.

I hope that whoever you are, you are willing to reblog this and help me regain what I once had. For now I’ll be trying to find all the fics we once wrote and I can assure you that that’s nearly impossible.

If you got this far, thank you so much for caring.


Only You

Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: I decided to take the prompt “ I want you. Only you.” and write for my favorite character the trickster angel himself. I’m still accepting prompts off this list so feel free to send one!

You and the Winchesters were at the bar, celebrating another successful hunt. The night had now reached the point where Dean had decided that he wasn’t going to be returning to his motel room alone and he had left your table to try his luck with a couple of women at the bar. After he departed, you and Sam chattered for a short time, eventually falling into a comfortable silence as you sipped at your drinks.

You finished your beverage and were going to order another when, out of the corner of your eye, you saw Dean gesturing for one of you to come over. Not wanting to get up, you raised a single eyebrow, giving Sam a pointed look. He heaved a sigh, making a face at you when you shrugged before walking towards his brother. You and Sam had both been enlisted as help before and it was his turn to play the part of reluctant wing-man, as you had done so last time. Having successfully dodged that particular bullet, you relaxed, signalling to the waitress that you needed a refill.

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looking through Superman 21 for some situations for a fic, and I’m just reminded that despite claiming they hate each other and don’t get along and blah blah blah, these two call each other and tell each other about their adventures like, all the freaking time. Like it wasn’t just that time in the holiday special. It’s all the dang time.

Or at the very least, Jon calls Damian to tell him all the freaking time. And Damian remembers basically every detail. 

my sons and their friendship is so cute, I’m dying. :’)

On having friends as accountants and managers

“I don’t like a nine-to-five mentality. Definitely my least favorite thing is the money side. I am very blessed because I have someone I work with since I was 16 … Sometimes he’s my manager and sometimes he’s my record company, but he’s probably both. That’s really special.”

Björk, Noisey (2017)

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Ok,i'm a tinhatter but it's wrong to think that Gen and Dannell are real best friends? Why so much hate from tinhatters? This hurts me ,I love J's and their "special love" but in the same time i love the Gennell friendship!So,it's wrong?

no it’s not wrong, you do whatever you want, it’s just that what you’re seeing and enjoying is fake

im sure gen and danneel get along, at the very least for the sake of the kids and im pretty sure they’re friendly towards each other since they’re in the same boat after all, but they’re definitely not best friends

j2 saying their “wives” are “best friends” is only to further the narrative that it’s normal for them to be neighbours and spend all year together and normal that their kids are raised like close friends/siblings

have you not noticed that the “our wives are best friends just like us” story line started after jensen’s move to austin? all they want is to insert the wives in j2′s lives to hide the gay like “we’re bff, our wives are bff, our kids are bff, everything is perfect in hetero land and everyone loves each other in a non gay way”

and if they’re such great friends why weren’t they in each other’s wedding?? and why did this pic of them (first time they did that in i don’t know how long) was to promote something on gen’s instagram (coincidence)? and everytime they do something together, they always post about it on sm like wow feels good feels organic

i just don’t get how people can buy that not only j2 have an incredible relationship but just like that Fate blessed them completely coincidentally by making their wives be best friends too so they can all live together in the same city because everything is perfect in hollywood and the world is made of cakes and rainbows. just… this is so fucking ridiculous (and side note reminder that only j2 have an interest in living in austin, one of the most open minded city in the US that is right between their cities of birth while danneel and gen have zero relations with austin and they had to follow j2 there and leave their real friends behind)

to me buying G/D are BFF is like hets buying that j2 are straight, if you wanna swallow the bullshit they feed us, have fun, personally i’m gonna stick to reality

but all of this is obviously imo, if you believe they’re really friends, good for you and it doesn’t make you a “bad” tinhatter at all to believe it

Ummm. Can I just raise my hand quietly here in the back as a fan who rarely posts/cares about David and Gillian’s relationship? (I mean, truthfully, I prefer to live in a much more delusional world where he is single and available to me……but I digress) Isn’t it maybe just the tiniest bit possible that they did in fact date…and broke up? I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I’ve seen them through the many complex stages of their very *special* friendship, and it honestly, truly believe that yes, they were romantically involved at least twice. Once very quietly and breifly in ‘97 (maybe 96?)  with a very painful breakup in the spring of ‘97 and again somewhere around 2014(13?)-15 with another not quite as volatile, mature, but still very apparent (I mean were you guys paying attention?) breakup in August of 2016. It fits. Now, again, anything outside of MSR is largely off my radar and certainly not something I obsess over. But for me, on a very superficial, obvious level, thats what happened.  And they are both okay. So lets move on, shall we? They certainly have. 

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Hi there, I'm new to this "asking" stuff on Tumblr, but just wanted to say you have a really cool blog! I also wanted to ask if you have ever watched the Emperor's New Groove (cartoon movie)? Very random XD but if you have, I just thought that Kuzco and Pacha's interactions/friendship reminded me of Bryce's and Ohm's interactions and stuff. I've always enjoyed their kind of chemistry and how they were a very good team when they wanted to. Yeah, that's all XD

Oh hey there! <3

Thank you so much, that really brightens my day knowing someone out there at least likes my “shitposting”. Ha! & Yes I have seen the Emperor’s New Groove! It is actually one of my favourite classic movies. Oh man, I can totally see it too. Bryce and Ohm do have special chemistry don’t they! If you don’t feel you want to slap one of your best friends every day or you just want to adore the hell out of them, then are you’s even friends? XD 

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any advice for a boy who's pinning for his straight friend ?? thank you darling !

firstly, if you are to inquire about their own feelings, i would be prepared to feel potentially hurt. of course, this is something nobody wants to experience!, but if it does happen - do not push away your emotions. let them flow, experience every sensitivity, and allow this to make you feel alive. at the very least, there is always the notion of “i would never know until i tried,” which is very symbolic of strength and growth! (and if things do go well, than you’ll be extra glad you inquired). :-) respect their feelings the whole way through, and try your best not to make them uncomfortable. let it be known that you are always there for them even if you get turned down romantically - there are few things quite as special as a friendship, one that flourishes. (and one of the best ways for any relationship to flourish is through the simple notion of being there for somebody, emotionally, spiritually, physically). if they are not interested in pursuing more than a romantic endeavor? tell them that you simply adore them, regardless of their feelings, and leave it at that. 🕊❣️


Happy New Year! Here’s a little one-shot to celebrate! I edited it, but didn’t proofread. Sorry if there’s some mistakes. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was ready to celebrate 2016’s death. What she wasn’t ready for was the next morning and the consequences that came with it.

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 4,890

Genre: Humor, friendship, romance

Rated: T

Read on FF.net or AO3

Lucy woke up with a dull pounding in her head. She blinked, vision blurry for a moment before she could focus. Her eyes landed on the curtain on the wall, narrowing as she realized those weren’t her pink curtains. They were yellow with black and red flames at the bottom.

‘This isn’t my room… It’s-’

Her eyes widened as she bolted up, only to realize she wasn’t wearing a shirt. She clutched her arms over her chest, thankful she was at least wearing a bra. ‘What the hell is going on?’

The light shining in the room stung her eyes, her head still throbbed painfully, and her nose was now being filled with a familiar scent. Eyes flitting from item to item she slowly realized she was in his room.

Just then she heard a heavy snore coming from her side. Lucy gulped, then slowly looked down to see none other than her best friend, Natsu Dragneel, sleeping next to her. She covered her mouth with a hand to muffle her gasp. Natsu was shirtless as well, the sheets stopped right at his hips.

Her eyes lingered on the pink happy trail leading to the sheets, then raked over his toned abs and chest before her eyes fell on his face and neck. His pink hair was a little more messy than usual, but that wasn’t what caused her chest to tighten.

Natsu had something pink smudged all over his face and neck. Lucy’s eyes widened more when he recognized that shade of lipstick. Lucy pressed her fingertips to her lips, finding her lips dry with only a little bit of lipstick left on them. It was her lipstick all over Natsu’s face and neck.

Panic flashed through the girl. 'What the hell happened last night?!’ It was a dumb question. Any idiot could see clearly what happened between them. She just didn’t understand how it happened.

Despite her flustered state, her eyes wandered back to his lower half again. If she just raised those sheets she would surely see more of her best friend than she ever had before. Or at least the sober version of her would. Drunk her probably saw plenty.

Lucy had no memories of last night after she took her fourth shot of tequila. She partially blamed Erza for that one. The redhead challenged her, saying she couldn’t handle it. The joke was on Lucy.

Clearly she really couldn’t handle it.

It wasn’t completely Lucy’s fault she drank so heavily last night. She was celebrating just like everyone else. 2016 was finally over, and it had been a rough year for her. Not only had her mother passed away, making it hard for her to even finish the last semester of college, shortly after that her father’s business started to fail, causing her to take two part-time jobs just to handle her tuition while he sorted things out. She actually considered dropping out for a while.

Only recently Heartfilia Corps. started doing better, meaning she could quit one of her jobs, but it still didn’t make the loss of her mother any easier. Lucy had wanted 2016 to end, and it finally had. And to celebrate she decided to drink.

Of course she’d drank in the past, but not like this, and not in such a manner that happened last night. Natsu’s fraternity threw the huge party, and everyone who didn’t go home for winter break was there, partying and drinking til they passed out. Lucy just didn’t count on passing out in Natsu’s bed, or what happened before that.

A fierce blush stained her cheeks when she remembered her current situation. It was obvious what happened between the sheets. Why else was she in her underwear and he naked in bed? In his bed!

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Final Bows (Or: Korrasami is Canon, Because Staging)

The following meta is IMAGE HEAVY and contains SPOILERS for the finale of Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

So, in stage shows, final bows are super important. The smallest parts bow first, the leads bow last, and the best way to totally fuck with your actors as a director is to make their bows earlier than they should be or put them with people who played less important characters. Stick a main character too early, and they’ll be rightfully insulted.

The last shots of a show or a movie work on the same principle. You wrap up your character arcs roughly in the order most important to the story, then to the main character, if you have a central one like Korra. LOK’s finale was a great example of this, and their use of staging and structure just points big, fat arrows at Korrasami being legitimately queer and canon.

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The interesting thing about a Bobo Jeremy friendship too, is that 1)Jeremy is very open to new people and 2)has the least negative history with Bobo of the main group

Bobo threatened to rip the gun out of his hand and make him beg for mercy… and yet he has the least negative history of the group. 

Originally posted by quandtaspasdeviesociale

Oh Bobo. You’ve got to stop threatening Wynonna’s team. This is not how we make friends and allies. 

Thinking Out Loud

Hi! I love your acc and was wondering if you could do one where your crush takes you to see a concert of your fave band and a slow song comes on and y’all start dancing? I know you probably get A TON of requests but this would be so awesome! Thank you!


AN: Here you are beautiful, sorry for the wait. I know you wanted a band, but while I was writing, Thinking Out Loud came on and I thought it was cute. I hope it’s okay. (: xx


Your POV:

Being Y/C/N’s girlfriend is still something I’m getting used to. He asked me out last week and recently asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I instantly responded with yes. He  said that he wanted our first date to be special, but when he told me he was taking me to an Ed Sheeran concert. I was utterly in shock.

He knows how much I love Ed Sheeran and that I have never been to a concert before. It’s very romantic, but I’m slightly nervous.

Y/C/N and I have been friends since I first came to the school, so the fact that we’re now dating terrifies me. It’s more that I’m worried this will ruin our friendship, or at least change it so that it will never be the same again. That’s my biggest fear.

I guess I just need to have faith in us. Believe in us. But it will be interesting to see Y/C/N all flirty and stuff. Before I know it, it’s time to leave for the concert. I end up wearing a simple orange shirt, with my black skinny jeans and some orange vans. I put on my denim jacket and do some basic makeup and I curl my hair. I want to look nice, but not overdressed for my first date and concert.

I hear the doorbell ringing and my mum welcoming Y/C/N in. There were butterflies in my stomach, no, at this point, it’s a whole zoo. I stand in front of the mirror. Do I look alright? Will he like it?

“You look beautiful as always,’ Y/C/N replies. “And I like everything you wear.”

I panic slightly, as I turn around. “I said that out loud didn’t I?”

He chuckles, “Yeah you did. It was kinda adorable.”

I feel a blush rise on my cheeks. I move towards him and pull him into a hug. He kisses my forehead and pulls me in tighter. “Ready to go?”

I nod. I kiss my mother goodbye and within 20 minutes, we arrive at the concert. I hear screams everywhere, and we’re not even in yet. Y/C/N and I are in the moshpit, which gets me both nervous and excited. Excited because I can move and dance and feel amazing being so close to Ed, but nervous because of the rumours of the dangers of moshpits. I know I’ll be alright though, Y/C/N will look after me.

We take our place in the moshpit and Y/C/N turns to me. “Excited?”

I nod “Thank you so much, this is the best first date ever!”

He smiles, before I add, “and I’m really glad it’s with you.”

I see him blush before pulling me into a hug, which ends with a quick peck on the lips, before we are interrupted by loud screams when Ed walks on stage. I am in shock. He’s actually here. I’m in the same room as Ed Sheeran.

Ed welcomes the crowd and begins playing a few songs. He’s sung Drunk, Little Bird, One and Don’t before everything stops and he addresses the audience. “Now guys, I had a lovely chat with one of you before this concert. Where is Y/C/N this evening.”

My heart stops. Y/C/N talked to Ed Sheeran? When? How? Why?

Y/C/N raises his hand. “I’m here Ed!”

Ed notices almost instantly. “There you are, how are you?”

“Pretty nervous,” Y/C/N replies. I hear a few cheers in the crowd.

“Now guys, you may be wondering how I know Y/C/N and why I’m talking to him in the middle of a concert?” Ed continues.

The crowd roar, before they quiet again to let Ed continue. “Well, Y/C/N here, was an old friend of mine, we were at the same school for a while because our mothers are friends.”

I am literally freaking out. How could this be happening? How could Y/C/N have not said anything?

“Tonight, Y/C/N is on his first date, with his beautiful girlfriend Y/N.”


“And Y/C/N was a little bit nervous about how it would go.” I hear a few ‘awws’ in the crowd and I feel my cheeks go bright red. This is literally the best day of my life.

“So, I told him that I would do a little something special. Can we have everyone making a nice circle around the lovely couple here?” The crowd cheer as the people around us slowly move and I notice that there is a large circle around us now. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

Y/C/N pulls me into his arms and Ed begins strumming his guitar, the band soon join him as he says, “This acoustic version of Thinking Out Loud is dedicated to Y/C/N and Y/N.”

When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

And darling I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70

And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23

And I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

My heart is beating so fast. Y/C/N and I begin slow dancing to the music and he whispers, “Having fun?”

“This is the best day of my life. I love you!” I mutter, before my eyes widen as I realise what I said.

Being Y/C/N’s best friend, I had said those three words before, but now that we were in a relationship, they were deemed more serious.

He giggled. “I love you too Y/N.”

Oh me I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am

So honey now

The crowd ‘aww’ again. It’s reall cliche, but I never thought this could ever happen. Being here with Y/C/N. At my first concert.

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

It’s in these moments that make me feel alive. These slow, easy moments that will soon be memories.

Maybe we found love right where we are

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades

And the crowds don’t remember my name

When my hands don’t play the strings the same way, mhmm

I know you will still love me the same

'Cause honey your soul can never grow old, it’s evergreen

Baby your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

Y/C/N has always been there for me. Through my ups and downs but I’ve realised something in my years. Life moves so fast. It’s good to take moments to just enjoy it while we’re here; surrounded by those we love.

I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it’s all part of a plan

I just keep on making the same mistakes

Hoping that you’ll understand

But baby now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

I look around the crowd, and I see couples all around us dancing. Some girls are dancing with each other. They seem to be just enjoying themselves.

That maybe we found love right where we are, oh

(Ah la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la)

So baby now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Oh darling, place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

That maybe we found love right where we are

Oh maybe we found love right where we are

And we found love right where we are

I look up into Y/C/N’s eyes as the song ends and I know I’m home.

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What's the best birthday gift for a vampire who at least seems to have everything? And what they don't have they could easily buy since they've got 500 years worth of wealth at hand. I really want to give her something special that shows her how much her friendship means to me.

As with many of life’s problems, this can be solved with a trip to the library. Go and find a poet – poems tending to be short enough for this job, easily packagable – that discusses topics your friendship is based on.

Find a poem that hits you at your very core when you think of her. Something that rocks you at your core. A paragraph from a story also works.

Copy the poem into a greeting card or letter. Your prologue can be as simple as “This made me think of you. Happy birthday.”

If you are grasping for time and/or are not poetry minded and/or need a nudge in the right direction, I recommend Poems Bewitched and Haunted. It is my go-to for such matters.

The last live taping of GMW Season 3 :(

This show was definitely all about the audience! Every segment had to do with the audience and I looooved that about this live taping! They mentioned that this episode was an “experimental episode” and I honestly loved it and hope they do it again!

First, they started off by telling us how yesterday’s live taping was Q&A, where the audience would ask the cast members questions. BUT, today, they did the asking and we did the answering! So, each cast member (Ava, Amir, August, Sabrina, Ben, Rowan, Danielle, Peyton, Corey, and Ceci) all picked one person (some even did more than 1) and asked them a question. Mostly “who is your fav character, ep, moment, lesson, etc.” (Ceci is such a sweetheart, I sat next to her during this segment and we talked about shoes lol. Corey is also soooo sweet!)

In between, they had a part where Rowan and Sabrina chose 2 little girls, who were best friends, interviewed them, and then gave them the friendship rings that Riley and Maya share! It was sooo precious!!!

In between parts, a girl was picked to sing Sabrina’s new song On Purpose, Sabrina snuck up behind her and it was the cutest interaction ever. 

Then, they did a segment where they had best friends go to the bay window, sit down, and tell each other why they love each other and how they feel about each other. Some of them made me tear up :’). It was very sweet! It was to prove that the bay window has special powers!  They did at least 5-6 best friends for this segment, but I am unsure how many will make it on TV.

This segment ended with Row and Sab in it, talking about their memories and Sab broke down a lot and Row cried too… it was honestly so genuine and heartfelt and beautiful. This part of the episode was shot once and they were kind of just pushed into this scene, I don’t think they knew that they were going to be doing it as well! So, it was obvious that the emotions were real! (bolded this so all you people out there saying that Rowan and Sabrina’s friendship is fake, can see that it clearly isn’t!!) They did the “thunder, lightning, forever” at the end and it made me tear up :’)

Next, they had everyone sit down in the living room and Danielle and Ben talked about what they learned from Girl Meets World and how these last 23 years have changed them. It was beautiful and really sweet :(. 

At the end, they just thanked us for coming, had us applaud the wonderful cast and then we took pictures with them! It was honestly a great and fun episode and I cannot wait to see how it’ll all come together when it airs!

(they had us chant “ONE MORE SEASON” at the end and everyone was screaming it! Hopefully Disney gives it to us!)

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what will happen when ZX finds out about JY feelings? :( I'm really afraid, he's being too nice and supportive now, I dont want ZX to treat JY bad jknjkgh

Hey anon-chan. Don’t worry, Zhan is not going to hurt Jian Yi, at least not intentionally. Zhan is being nice and supportive because he knows Jian Yi has been acting strange since the kiss. When Jian Yi started crying and showing his vulnerable side under the bridge and when he was drunk, Zhan immediately changed his attitude towards him, he always means well. 

Honestly, I think Zhan has at least an idea about how Jian Yi feels. He is smart and he’s always looking out for Jian Yi. Besides video games, manhua and basketball, Zhan is always spending his time with Jian Yi. The fact that he tried figuring out what Jian Yi has been really thinking shows he doesn’t believe Jian Yi kissed him for no reason, specially given the fact that Jian Yi was so upset that the kiss would end their friendship. 

So, don’t be afraid, Zhan has his insecurities just like Jian Yi and everything. But, Jian Yi is everything to Zhan so he would never hurt him like that. At least, that’s how his character has been presented so far. Zhan acts tough when scared, nervous or uncomfortable but really is very caring and protective. If anything, Zhan would be the first one to accept Jian Yi for who he is, whether he feels the same way about him or not. He’ll always be there for Jian Yi, even when Jian Yi hurts him. 

Ps. I think Zhan might be in love with Jian Yi. 

Thanks for sending this, I’m really interesting in what other think about 19 Day. Or anything else really. 

Art & Story By: Old Xian


spot the difference

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- is that it idk I suck at this okay

Good luck you little nuggets, remember that even if you aren’t put into it I still love the absolute shit out of you and your blog is hella rad okay xxx

I love you all

credit to Lala for making the edit for me