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Idol Sorey, using @dejinyucu‘s design here! 

It’s not mine but I saw it and knew I had to doodle it. 2h draw.

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when i saw the curls pic i gasped and put ny hand over my heart

i love his curls, every time i see his curls years are added to my life

Do you ever just see people complaining about a character/actor/ship and, without even knowing the context go, “nope, not getting into that. I’ve had a good day and the last thing I need is your negative energy” and just keep scrolling?

I’ve done that like four times today. 

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lavender and black!

Thank you so much for the ask!  Also is now an appropriate time to say that I love your Snowbaz Drarry fandom AU because I LOVE YOUR SNOWBAZ DRARRY FANDOM AU 💕💕💕

LAVENDER: character from one of rainbow rowell’s books that you would marry OR share a beautiful platonic relationship with given the chance?
Oh my god, forever with a book character!  This is probably not the most exciting answer, but I don’t think I’d marry anyone in Rainbow’s books. So many of them are already in perfect pairings, plus I tend to ship characters together rather than think about being with them myself. But platonically, Penny Bunce!  She’s an amazing dread companion (also bless the question writer for including a non-romantic option here 💕)

BLACK: have you ever met rainbow/would you want to?
I have met Rainbow! She was in Atlanta in 2013 touring for Fangirl and I went to her signing (David Levithan was with her signing Two Boys Kissing). She was so lovely!  She hasn’t been back to the Southeast US since that I don’t think, but I hope I get another chance to meet her.  Come back to the South, Rainbow!

a rainbow of rainbow rowell asks

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Is Daniel and alyicia together now? Cuz i saw alot of hate comments from lexa fandom on Daniel ig and other photos fan acc tag them in. I wanted them together but nope now i dont want Daniel to get hate.

As far as I’m concerned, they are just co-workers. And of course they’re going to take pics together, they’re part of the same cast! Doing promo for their show! In one of the biggest events of the year! As for the hate thing, I haven’t seem anything on Daniel’s IG (except for a bunch of people from TW fandom complaining that he’s not on the show anymore 👀), but if it really happened, maybe in some tags here on tumblr or something, it’s clearly that people are just being immature and can’t separate actors from their characters. Also, it’s really weird to ship people like that, let’s leave it to fictional characters, please.

@treez-nuts and @cavityvirus  I’m going to lump you in the same post, from your responses to my Screen shots of Dream Daddy involving Craig.

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Do you think the music vid'll come out tomorrow? I was just thinking because it's the 23rd!! So excited!!!!

Hmmm, idk. IIRC, the last video was released on the 23rd, but it also conveniently fell on a Thursday, which is the typical day of the week for new music and music video releases. Tomorrow is a Sunday which I’m not sure is a popular day of the week to use but you never know! Also, some radio stations are apparently playing Strobelite now so that’s another food for thought.

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