but as so much more and it all started the moment they met

rawest fucking florence and the machine lyrics in no particular order:

  • no more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone
  • want me to love you in moderation, do i look moderate to you?
  • this will be my last confession, ‘i love you’ never felt like any blessing, whisper it like it’s a secret only to condemn the one who hears it
  • because i am done with my graceless heart, so tonight i’m gonna cut it out and then restart
  • tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks and the kindest of kisses breaks the hardest of hearts
  • you don’t have to be a ghost here among the living, you are flesh and blood, and you deserve to be loved and you deserve what you are given, and oh how much
  • but the loneliness never left me, i always took it with me, but i can put it down in the pleasure of your company
  • at seventeen i started to starve myself, i thought that love was a kind of emptiness, but at least i understood then the hunger i felt, and i didn’t have to call it loneliness 
  • the fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress
  • it’s an evensong, it’s a melody, it’s a battle cry, it’s a symphony 
  • but i know it’ll have to drown me, before i can breathe easy
  • to the crowd i was crying out, and in your place there were a thousand other faces
  • and it’s over and i’m going under, but i’m not giving up i’m just giving in
  • in a moment of joy and fury i threw myself from the balcony like my grandmother, so many years before me
  • and it’s peaceful in the deep, cathedral where you cannot breathe
  • i know i seem shaky, these hands aren’t fit for holding
  • i’m not beat up by this yet, you can’t tell me to regret, been in the dark since the day we met, fire help me to forget
  • it seems that i have been held in this dreaming state, a tourist in the waking world, never quite awake
  • shower your affection, let it rain on me, pull down this mountain, drag your cities to the sea
  • and i did cartwheels in your honor, dancing on tiptoes, my own secret ceremonials
  • a year like this passes so strangely, somewhere between sorrow and bliss
  • in the spring, i shed my skin and it blows away with the changing winds
  • i swallow the sound and it swallows me whole until there’s nothing left inside my soul
  • And how does it feel now you’ve scratched that itch? And pulled out all your stitches? Hubris is a bitch
  • and i want you so badly, but you could be anyone 
  • drink too much coffee and think of you often in a city where reality has long been forgotten, and are you afraid, because I’m terrified, but you remind me that it’s such a wonderful thing to love
  • i was in the darkness, so darkness i became

I’m sorry for talking about dogs so much but I need to rant for a moment.

If you hold a small animal, any animal, and it starts to wiggle or push away from you put it down. Don’t just laugh. Don’t hold it tighter. Unless you have a good reason for holding it put it down.

I constantly have to tell children to put my chihuahua down and leave her alone when she wiggles. That’s okay. Children are stupid and don’t know anything about anything yet. We’ve all been there.

Adults have no excuse.


When you see a chihuahua like this you should not be thinking “demon dog” you should be looking at the owner and thinking “What did you do to this poor animal?” or alternatively if they got it from another person “What did that person do to this poor animals?” If a dog gets like this, any dog, the owner fucked up, not the dog. That is learned behavior. Those are extremely scared, uncomfortable dogs who have been mistreated. And by that I don’t mean beaten.

When people say “Treat a small dog like a big dog” that doesn’t just mean train and socialize it. It also means “Don’t do anything that would make a bigger dog bite your face off”.

Respect it’s signals. Let it know that it’s okay for people to hold and pet it by leaving it alone when it says “No more”. This can include wiggling, walking away from you, not responding when you touch it and looking at you in a way that shows the white in it’s eyes. It’s not hard to decode.


Only if you ignore signals like this will it start to show teeth and growl, and you have no right to get upset if it bites you after this. That’s on you. And eventually biting will be it’s first response because it has learned that the more subtle signals doesn’t work.

If it’s not your dog let it instigate contact with you. If it’s your dog respect it and you’ll find that it becomes much more tolerate of you and others handling it. Yes, if you try to clip its nails or something else it doesn’t want to do it might scream bloody murder, but it won’t bite because it knows this only happens sometimes and it’ll be over soon.

People have gotten so used to this idea that dogs have to be robots who should put up with everything we do to them and that’s really fucked up. They’re allowed to tell you no if there’s no reason for you to do it. It shouldn’t be forced to be held by you just because you want to hold it.

Hold it against its will to get vaccinated/groomed/other important things? Yes. Hold it against its will because you want to pet it? Big no. And of course teaching them tricks and commands are a must, but that’s not forcing them to do things. That’s teaching them that if they do the thing something good happens.

Of course animals are different. If people (me included) offer my shih tzu some food he will often show his teeth and it’s totally understandable that people get scared, but he’s not doing it to show aggression, he’s doing it because he doesn’t like to get food on his lips. How are people supposed to know that? I sure as hell didn’t the first time he did it, and it’s the right reaction for people to pull their hand back. Then I, the owner, can tell them not to worry, he’s just weird about food on his face.

And some dogs are more standoffish and take longer to warm up to people, and some trust you right away.

My point being, just assume every dog in the world show the same signals until the owner tells you otherwise.

I’ve said before that my chihuahua doesn’t like small children and avoids them at all costs because they do all the things I just told you not to do. She loves older children and adults though, and loves to be held even by complete strangers and is quick to roll up and snooze in the lap of any guest even if she has never met them before (trust me, no matter who you are, if you came to my home she would be sitting in your lap right now wagging her little tail wanting nothing but love from you), which is also why I panic when adults doesn’t respect her signals and try to force her to stay with them because Aw she’s so tiny and cute.


I don’t want to lose the sweet friendly dog that she is and I’m sure a lot of other small dog owners feel the same, which is why I made this post. Please just respect dogs no matter size, okay?

Marcus stopped abruptly in the middle of the grass. A woman in a blue dress was already sitting on the Crisis Bench. He didn’t recognize the dress. She looked up from where she was sitting.

“Sorry,” he said, holding up his hands. “I didn’t think anyone would be over here.” He didn’t think he remembered an introduction to anyone in that dress. It was a memorable sort of a dress. “I believe I ran into your mother inside?” he ventured, because he ran into so many mothers.

“She’s not here,” she said, which was not what he wanted to hear and which he absolutely could not handle at the moment.

“Right,” he said, trying to recover, pretending as if he’d just remembered something. “Your father–”

“We haven’t met,” she interrupted. “I’m not anyone.”

“Oh thank god,” he said, abandoning propriety to collapse onto the bench, dropping his head between his knees. “Thank you.”

“Too many people?” she said sympathetically.

“I’m really bad with faces,” he admitted.

“A lot of people are,” she assured him.

He dragged his hands down his face. “I just confused a Duke with a waiter.”

She bit her lip. “As long as you aren’t rude to waiters, you should be fine,” she said.

“I wasn’t rude,” he said. “I’m never rude. It would have been better if I was rude.” He buried his face in his hands. “I tipped him,” he said, anguished, muffled by his palms. Why had he been dressed like a waiter?

She burst out laughing, loud and with her head tipped back, overwhelming the empty garden. He separated his fingers to stare at her.

“Sorry,” she hiccuped, which immediately descended back into snorts. She laughed like she was hunting for truffles.

“Thanks,” he said, though he almost did feel better. “I’m feeling very supported in my time of need.”

“There’s only one thing you can do,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes, trying to dab at them to not destroy her makeup. Reflexively, he offered her a handkerchief, which she accepted. “You have to flee the country. It’s the only way.” She checked the handkerchief for signs of smeared eyeliner. “Leave your family. Change your name. Get a new family. Never tell them your dark secret.”

“I think my old family might notice if I got a new family,” he said, now resting his chin in his hands, elbows balanced on his knees.

“That’s why you have to burn your house down,” she said matter-of-factly, now holding his handkerchief in a neat fold in her lap. “Just burn the whole thing. Everything but your favorite hat. You leave the hat on top of the ashes for your family to find. ‘This must be him’ they’ll say. 'He would never have left his favorite hat’. It’s the perfect crime. Once it’s done, you become a pig farmer. Anyone comes around asking questions, you feed them to the pigs.”

“You seem like you’ve put a lot of thought into this,” he observed. “How are your pigs?”

She looked him over sidelong. “Hungry,” she said primly.

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Unspoken Rules || Ben Hardy x Reader

Pairing: Ben Hardy x Reader

Rating: E (18+)

Warnings: SMUT (fingering, phone sex, thigh riding, fem receiving oral sex, doggy style, spanking, unprotected sex, squirting, general debauchery)

Word Count: 11k (sister snapped)

A/N: First, thank you so much for 700 followers! I’m so grateful for all of y’all! Second, I’m not saying this is my magnum opus, but,,, this is my magnum opus. It was a labor of love, so I hope you enjoy! My ask box is open, by the way, so stop by and say hello!

Reblogs/Feedback are appreciated!!!

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Amy’s apartment is crowded, so much so that you have to squeeze by her cousins and family friends to get into the kitchen, where all the wine is kept. And you need wine.

“You’re the maid of honor?” An accented voice asks behind you. You turn and nod, only to find yourself facing a total stranger, and a handsome one at that. Blonde, with gorgeous green eyes and the build of a Greek sculpture, you wonder how on Earth you’ve never seen him before.

A hum of affirmation leaves your lips as you sip at your drink. “That’s right,” you reply. “Don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“I’m Ben,” he replies. “Joe’s friend.”

Your eyes widen and you nod. “So you’re the best man,” you hum, a grin spreading across your features. “I heard the name, but didn’t ever get a face to put it with.” You offer a bright smile as you finish pouring your wine. “Nice to finally meet you.”

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Nosy Jeff used to be your friend.

He wasn’t your best friend at first, always the third or fourth member of your little school gang. But as the years went on, he stuck by you, and you stuck by him.

Nosy Jeff was called Nosy Jeff because he was always up in somebody’s business. Always sharing gossip or shittalking somebody. That’s why he was always handy to have around in your friend group.

He was the one who told the whole class about Joey losing his virginity to a senior. He was the one who told you in private about your best friend at the time writing a love note to your girlfriend (which he fortunately never sent).

Nosy Jeff never got into your business or shittalked you, though. You appreciated that about him, when you think back about it. You never really thought about it at the time. It just seemed natural that of all the people he gossiped about, it wouldn’t be you.

Nosy Jeff was your college roommate. Not at first. He was studying something else half a country away. But after the first year, he moved back home, joined your college and he became your roommate. He was much cleaner and more considerate than the previous roommate, so you didn’t mind.

In fact, he had a plethora of new gossip to share at the new school. Even less than a week after coming there, he was already well versed in the ins and outs of the student body and even the staff. You had a great laugh with him about all the crazy stuff he found out about from one place or another.

Nosy Jeff is how you met the woman who would be your wife. She was named as one of his frequent sources for gossip, especially about the various sororities. You asked him about her frequently, but he usually changed the subject whenever you did and started talking about something else. You didn’t pay too much mind to it at the time, you just kept laughing with him.

By happenstance, you met her one day going back from class. She recognized you from the way Jeff described you, and you figured out she was the source.

That 5 minute walk became a 10 minutes stroll, and then a 1 hour sit-down as you sat and talked to her. She was wonderful, and you were wonderful with her. You talked about school, and life, and gossip, and Jeff. By the time the sun went down, she asked you out for coffee the next morning. Naturally, you agreed.

By the time you graduated college, Nosy Jeff was your best friend, and she was your fiancee. You were planning to move together and get married within a year. When you asked Jeff to be your best man, he was ecstatic.

You moved to a small apartment out of town. Jeff kept in touch, but he was busy with his studies and his own life. Starting out a new life was difficult, but you tried to find the time to talk to Jeff. He was excited to hear your voice, or at least at first. As time went on, he was busier and busier, and found new excuses not to talk to you. Eventually, he barely picked up the phone.

But every time you did speak, it was like you never been apart for a moment. The laughs were rolling and the gossip flowing. So you didn’t think about it too much.

On your wedding night, your heart was pumping fast, your mind was racing. You were surrounded by people you didn’t really know and your heartbeat was almost as fast as the sound of chatting and yammering around you. You needed something to anchor you down. Luckily, you found Jeff.

At this point you have barely seen him in the flesh for over a year, and his face was like an oasis in a desert of strangers. Jeff seemed a bit down, though. His usual smile was replaced with a neutral and thoughtful face, and he had grown quite a beard.

You hit it off pretty well at first, chuckling and laughing, catching up. He was more quiet than you remembered though. He looked off into the distance. You asked him jokingly if he had any gossip about your bride-to-be’s family, but he just sighed.

“Do you remember in high school, Brandon’s note?” he asked you. You raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, what a dick, right?” you chuckled.

“Yeah, I was. I was a real dunderhead.” he looked off into the distance again.


“I wrote that note. And not to Emily. I wrote it for you. I thought if I lied to you, I could get you to read it. Read my feelings. It was a dick move. I’m sorry.”

“Oh.” is all you managed to say.

The rest of the wedding went off without a hitch. Jeff was there. And then at the reception, he came up with an excuse to leave.

You haven’t seen him since. He doesn’t answer your calls either.

You try not to think about it. Focus on your family life, your job, your wife, your children. But occassionally, your thoughts come back to Nosy Jeff.

Because Nosy Jeff used to be your friend.

All throughout your childhood and teen years, your grandmother had always had a strange but very firm set of rules. Living out in the middle of the forest, almost a full days walk from town, naturally came with many dangers, all of which you had been taught how to handle at a young age. The rules your grandmother always stressed however, had always been different.

Rule one: Never answer any call or speak to anyone whilst outside of the house, even if it sounded like your grandmother.

Rule two: Never accept gifts from strangers you met in, or surrounding the forest, and always be cautious when accepting gifts whilst in town.

Rule three: Never leave the house without your iron dagger and iron wrist cuffs.

Rule four: Never leave the house or linger outside after the sun begins to set.

Rule five: Never answer the door, or calls from outside at night.

Rule six: Never stray from the path, no matter the circumstances.

Those rules, strange as they were, had been drilled into you since you were a child, your grandmother acting almost fanatic in her protection of you in your younger years. For a time, your grandmother had loosened her over protectiveness on you, allowing you some freedom as a young preteen and teen, though the rules always remained unchanging. You had used the opportunity to explore the town when ever you got the chance back then, something you had deeply enjoyed, even if the townsfolk did treat you a bit strangely.

Lately however, your grandmother seemed to have almost doubled her protectiveness of you, once again forcing you to stay where she could watch you, despite the fact that you were now an adult. It was stifling, but she was all that you had, and you refused to push her away just because she cared a little too much.

Today was one of the few days that she had relaxed her control a little, and you had rather eagerly taken the chance to go and spend some time out of the house, picking berries at a lovely little spot that was within one of your grandmothers designated “safe zones”. Enamoured as you were, with the moment of peace, you almost didn’t notice as the sky began to turn pink with the setting of the sun. 

With a pounding heart, you gathered up your basket and deftly dashed down the thin path, knowing the trail by heart. You knew if you were even a moment late, your grandmother would tighten her hold on you even more, something you really didn’t want to deal with.

You were only a few minutes away from the house, when you found yourself coming to a sudden stop.

Leaning against a tree up ahead, a tall figure was slumped, their shoulders rising and falling slowly and shakily with their breaths. Hesitantly, you started to move past them, only to freeze as you realised they were clutching a massive gash in their side, their fine clothing stained with their blood, and a trail of it leading from the direction you were headed.

Without thought, you fell to your knees before them, abandoning your basket as you tore off a section of your coat, carefully pressing it over the strangers wound. You were so intently focused on helping them stem the flow, that you never noticed as they flinched at the sight of your cuffs, only noticing as they began to lean back and away from you.

Letting out a soft sound of distress, you moved further forward Rule six, pressing your hand more firmly over the wound and ignoring the warmth of their blood quickly staining your hand. 

Rule one “Please stay still, you need to keep pressure on it to stop the bleeding.”

Your voice was timid and quiet as you spoke, eyes worried as you pressed more cloth over the wound, shifting closer still in your attempt to help. When no response came, you finally looked up, freezing when you found the stranger staring at you in awe and wonder, face no longer shielded by their long hair. 

Your breath hitched as you took in the delicately pointed ears, their unnatural ethereal beauty, and the strange eyes that glowed softly in the dimming light Rule four. Entrance by the sight of them, you didn’t notice them moving until you felt their blood stained fingers ever so gently brushing over your cheek, as though to check if you were really there before them. 

….It’s you.” 

Talking to Outdoor Cat People

@voidofstars136 said: Hello, I volunteer at a wildlife hospital (in Australia). We get a great deal of cat-attack victims coming in, and I was hoping you knew of any particular methods to get people to keep their cats inside. I have an indoor-only cat, and I’ve successful managed to get an indoor-outdoor cat into a indoor-only before, but I cannot seem to convince anyone to do the same. Question Tax: What is your favourite parrot species?

Ah, that old chestnut.

In all my years of blogging, Outdoor Cat People, those that make excuses to justify letting their cat free roam outside (and bad excuses at that, apparently there are no cars, lilies, hazardous weather, dogs, wild predators, asshole humans, rat poison, etc where they live and Indoor cats are ‘an American thing’ despite my feet being firmly in Australia) have been some of the most obnoxious individuals to deal with online.

They are marginally more rewarding to deal with in person, if only because they maintain their manners and decide to be polite to your face and ignore you later.

The problem is, you can have a million excellent reasons to keep cats indoor only, but Outdoor Cat People will not care. They believe they are entitled to let their cat roam outdoors unsupervised (and many will have difficulty comprehending that sentence. Roaming outdoors unsupervised does not include supervised on a harness or confined to a cat run). They believe either that their cat is so special nothing bad will ever happen, or that it’s just ‘part of life’ and they couldn’t possibly have prevented this.

If they don’t care enough about their cats welfare to keep it inside, they aren’t going to care about the wildlife that they probably don’t believe their cat is hunting anyway.

If you just walk up to them and go ‘you should keep your cat inside’ you will be met with dismissal at best, and hostility at worse.

There is a window of opportunity when they can actually see a consequence of their cat being outside. At the moment our clinic waiting room is plastered with ‘Missing Cat’ posters, and that opens up a conversation with some people about keeping their beloved cats indoors, lest they go missing too.

I have this conversation after every cat fight, every wound, every injured wildlife found in a backyard and maybe 20% of them consider changing their cat’s lifestyle. Some of them will even stick with it.

There is more room to influence first time cat owners, those with new kittens. If they start out indoor only, they are more likely to stay that way.

I don’t have a magic method to talk people into doing the right thing, because letting their cats outside is convenient and easy for them, and they wont see the consequences until the last day.

My favorite parrot is a hard one. Right now it’s probably the cockatiel, for fitting so much b*stard in such a small body.

if i can’t have you

pairing: peter parker x reader

summary: where you sometimes make out with spider-man and sometimes hang out with peter parker

warnings: it’s REALLY LONG and uh i can’t remember if it makes sense or not

word count: 8.6K

a/n: okay so originally this was for @laureharrier and @tommyparkerr ‘s wc and then i wrote it and i was like this is not at all like the prompt kind of but yes it is as well a little bit. so i’m sorry this is v chaotic but enjoy!

(prompts were “I wanted it to be you so badly” and the song “if i can’t have you” by shawn mendes)


You awake to the sound of knocking. Not on glass or wood but on metal, cold and hard and emotionless. You crack an eye open at the sound.

Spider-Man is hanging over you, his clothed face mere inches from yours and you start at the sight of him. Your heart speeds and then slows again in an irritating mantra. At the shock sure but the sound of his voice makes your body feel like it’s on fire.

“Hey,” The fabric of his mask stretches, revealing a grin and you shove his face away before pushing yourself up on bruised elbows. He laughs, straightening his spine. “What the hell are you doing out here?”

You could give him the real answer, a straightforward truth- that you fell asleep on your rickety, rusting fire escape with the hope that he would appear- but you could never tell him that for fear of judgment and because he would never let you live it down.

So the answer that’s pulled from you isn’t a complete lie, but it’s barely a truth either.

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Parvati Holcomb: The Unaccountably Happy Face of the Unreliable

The Outer Worlds, the new space RPG courtesy of Obsidian, helpfully provides your player character with exactly the sort of ragtag gang of misfits which you are probably expecting in such a game. Today, we’re going to talk about the most important of them. 


Parvati Holcomb, likely the first companion you meet and definitely the first companion you can recruit, is a well-written female-character. Her talents for engineering and her incredibly positive and cheerful outlook quickly draw comparison with the character of Kaylee from Firefly (allegedly one of the main inspirations for the character), but there is one very clear difference between the two. 

Parvati Holcomb is an asexual character. 

While the term “asexual” is never actually used in the game, Parvati’s experiences and worries were so obviously born form the real-life experiences of asexual people that I was not the least bit surprised that she had been written by an asexual woman: 


I was, however, properly delighted that Parvati had always been intended to be an asexual character, even before an asexual woman took over as Parvati’s writer; Chris L’Etoile, the original writer, explicitly made the decision to create a warm and loving character, someone who could see the beauty and hope in a failing colony, who could express all the wonder they wanted their players to feel, and then he decided to make her asexual as well. 

The stereotypical ‘link’’ between asexuality and ‘coldness’ is even explicitly referenced by Parvati herself, when she explains her fears about starting a new relationship: “I’m not much interested in… physical stuff. Never have been. Leastways not like other folk seem to be. It’s not that I can’t. I just don’t care for it. It’s been a problem, in the past. The folk who wanted to be with me, back in the Vale? They didn’t - They said I was cold.”

The first response offered to players? “You’re about the warmest person I ever met. To hell with them.” 

Indeed, The Outer Worlds is a game which, over and over again, tells us that Parvati is not cold or unfeeling. This is a young woman who names a robot the moment she fixes it, who worries if the Captain calls the ship’s computer “it”, who checks in with crew members and, in a game with a reputation system (rather than a Mass Effect style morality system), acts as the world’s most adorable conscience. 

And, while Parvati does find her relationship with Junlei complicated, those complications have very little to do with her sexuality and far more to do with her being a young woman, away from home for the first time, and experiencing possibly the first great love of her life. There are miscommunications, a night of drowning sorrows, endless over-analysing of each other’s words and actions, and the need to go to four different worlds just to plan a date. As the player character can say: 

PC: “If you two marry, you’ll be saying, ‘Haha, just kidding. Unless you’re not.’”
Parvati: “I resent you saying such, on account of it being uncomfortably likely.”

But once Parvati has worked up the courage to tell Junlei who she is, the relationship works well. Well enough for Parvati to find a new home with Junlei once the fight is over: 


Now, I always expect an Obsidian game to have some awareness of the wider spectrum of human sexuality - Fallout New Vegas included some same-sex relationships, and the player character could be played as straight, gay or bisexual, depending on which perks you picked. But I wasn’t expecting the only great romance subplot in an entire game to include an asexual woman actively pursuing another woman. Were this just one relationship among many, it would still be beautiful, but for it to take centre-stage and not have to share that space with anything else? It’s phenomenal. 

And, just when I think that The Outer Worlds couldn’t get any more lovely, it did this: 


Yep, that’s the option to identify your character explicitly as asexual. There’s even the option just afterwards to clarify your character as aromantic as well, which Parvati takes perfectly in her stride with a nice little nod to the player’s strong relationships with their friends. Either revelation is meant with the same response from Parvati: 

“So we’re… we’re kin-like. That makes me, well - unaccountably happy, Captain. It’s a lonely thing, being different like this.” 

Judging from that reaction, the Captain is likely the first fellow asexual who Parvati has met, and the relief in her voice was such a punch to the gut. Because Parvati’s right - the loneliness of feeling “other” sinks in fast and there’s nothing quite like the relief when you finally feel like maybe you’re not alone after all. 

And the idea that this game and this character might give that moment of relief to someone out there, well, that just makes me unaccountably happy as well.

We’ll be alright



In which Jung Jaehyun hurts you in ways you thought he would never be capable of.

Warnings: pure angst, with the added fluff

Disclaimer: This was supposed to be a make up sex smut but i wasn’t too sure how to shift the mood, so if you guys want a part 2 please let me know, im a sucker for make up sex. Do forgive me if my wording is off, i haven’t written in quite some time. Not to worry, I’ll eventually fall back into my old ways.


Your boyfriend, Jaehyun, had always been the most kind and caring person you knew. Ever since you met him, and even after months of dating, he still acted like the elegant Disney prince you took him for. Only treating you with nothing but respect and admiration; you often wondered if this boy was even capable of making an insult. For he acts way too nice and sweet for his own good. Originally, you thought the kind gestures and lovely sweet talking was his way of subtly flirting, but after weeks of dating him, you came to the realization that it was just him. Jaehyun didn’t need to pretend to be kind and sweet like other guys; given that it was like second nature for him. You loved the boy to death. He showered you with so much love, spoiled you with affection. Treated you like his queen; His shining jewel. Out of the 3 years that you’d been together, he has never once wronged you.

    That is, up until this exact moment…

You stand there in the middle of the kitchen, tears streaming down your cheeks. At this point you had stopped listening to what he was saying. In fear that if you continued to listen to his harsh words, more of your love would begin to fade away, and you couldn’t afford to lose any more. Despite of all your excessive yelling, you loved Jaehyun. And he meant so much to you. But seeing him in this state, angry and hostile, attacking you viciously with his words, you began to question your future with him.

You couldn’t quite fathom what brought on this newfound aggression in your relationship. Though, you had a slight seeking suspicion that it was from all the post-exam stress you both had to endure. Weeks upon weeks of studying and sleepless nights finally took its toll on the both of you. Thus bringing you to this exact moment in time. The once loving home corrupted by the harsh spoken words that fell from both of your lips. Anger and aggression filling the room, space welcoming the negativity with open arms.

The mere thought of breaking up with the man hurts you so dearly. You just wanted your loving boyfriend back from what ever abyss he dissapeared off to. Typically your fights never lasted this long, but this one proved to be quite challenging. You just wanted him to stop yelling. But in fear of the unthinkable outcome of your protest, you kept shut and held onto the remaining pieces of your heart. However, his following statements made the task very difficult. It was as if he was challenging your composure. Like he wanted the flood gates broken.

His words might’ve just been from all the stress, ..or pent up insults and remarks that he’d been silently keeping in. You had no way of telling. You prayed and hoped that it was the first one rather than the assuming latter. Because maybe then, you would consider forgiving him. Even though the words punctured you like bullets, penetrating your inner layers and hurting you in more ways than one. You questioned the morals behind his words, were they intended to hurt you, or was it just in the heat of the moment. Regardless, you knew that his words would be something that lingered on forever in your head.

“I don’t even know why i stayed this long with you, honestly! What do i even see in you! You’re easily replaceable, so i don’t see why you’re acting so high and mighty. News flash y/n, i could do a lot better!”

You always knew that Jaehyun could do better, but hearing this from himself was a lot different than you saying it to yourself. Before you had started dating you knew he had a chance with rosé. She was a very pretty girl that went to your university, she was also Jaehyun’s dance partner. Rosé was nice, sweet, popular, talented. You were aware of the little ‘thing’ they had going on. So to your surprise, when you heard rumors of a certain jung jaehyun, looking to ask you out, you almost didn’t believe. Hell, you laughed straight into Suh’s face and told him he was delusional. If only jaehyun wasn’t stood right behind you to prove you wrong.

Ever since that day, you questioned Jaehyun’s choice. Why did he choose you, when he could’ve had a chance with rosé? You figured that he saw something special in you that nobody else did. Though, his previous statement proves you wrong and tells you that he doesn’t even know why he gave you a chance. You’re at a drift, not knowing where this relationship is headed, or where to stand. Knowing that you were replaceable to Jaehyun weakens you. Were you really that insignificant to him? Were you a chore to be around? If so then why did he stay for 3 years? All these questions ran through your mind as you’re frozen in a state of shock. How do you follow such a thing?

You stand silently, wails threatening to break free from your lips, as you shake. Instantly covering your mouth with your palm. You watch as he screamed at you more, words blocked out by the ringing in your ears. Truthfully, you were glad you couldn’t hear his words, not knowing how to reciprocate to any more of his personal attacks.

The familiar feeling of despair began to conjure in the pit of your stomach. The tightness in your chest began to focus on your beating heart, constricting you like a boa preying on its meal. Everything around you became a hazy blur as the non stop ringing became more prominent. The cause being your angry boyfriend and his heart-wrenching words. Jolts of anxiety began to climb up from your figure tips, like a thousand spiders crawling on your skin. A feeling you know all too well crept up from behind you. You were beginning to feel frantic and scared, as your breathing became unstable.

“What!? Huh, not gonna clap back with some snarky remark. Admit it, you know im right.”

Jaehyun’s face was a striking shade of scarlet while he paced back and forth, hands finding themselves tangled in his hair as he mumbled inaudible words. His hair, you remember running your hands threw his smooth, silky locks this morning when you woke up. Oh, how happy and blissful you both were 12 hours prior to this moment. You both were so content and hopeful with the prospect of your relationship. Being able to finally spend time with each other after a stressful week. Originally, you had planned a date night with jaehyun. But things began to make a turn for the worse when he began to insult every little thing you did. Now here you were, an hour and forty-five minutes late for your reservations.

A taste of bitterness began to fill your mouth, as your insides churned. Waves of sadness and despair hit you like a tsunami. You suddenly couldn’t stand the thought of staying in the same room as Jaehyun. Let alone sleeping in one. For his words had impacted you like an arrow through the heart. You felt sick, disgusted, vulnerable, and above all else, hurt.

“God, you’re such a fucking bitch, you know!?” Jaehyun spat, but soon after stopped, noticing your sudden change in demeanor. Your once, fuming and aggressive facade was replaced with a much more subdued, fragile, hurt exterior, mirroring how you felt inside. You had given up. The bandage that held your heart together snapped.

You looked up at him, hurt written all over your face. Instantly, Jaehyun rushed your way. He wanted to wrap his arms around you, apologize for calling you a bitch. But stopped when you held your hand out and shook your head, a sob erupting from your mouth. Suddenly, all the hurtful things Jaehyun said rang threw his own head.


“Baby, I-” He started, not knowing how to follow. His mouth suddenly became dry, letting out a sigh of regret. His chest tightening at the sight of what he has done to you. Jaehyun knew you weren’t the type to forgive and forget. Even if you both manage to recover from this, he knew that his words would always be in your head. You would constantly doubt yourself and his transparency, thinking if it was all an act.

Regret began to eat away at him once again when he noticed your uneven breathing. Another punch in his gut when he took note of your shaking. Jaehyun’s eyes quickly darted to yours, his heart breaking when he saw the amount of fear in them. He was uncertain if you were scared of him or your emotions. He wanted it to be the second one. Jaehyun never wanted you to see him in that light. Yet here you were, having an anxiety attack because of him…

“Don’t call me that….” You spat coldy, backing away slowly into your shared bedroom. Making sure he didn’t follow and locking the door. Once in the cozy room, you sob. You couldn’t bear to see all the happy pictures of you two, when he said so himself, you’re nothing special to him. Without thinking, you began to rip off every Polaroid, framed pictures, and drawings from the walls. Not caring of ripping them. You threw them all on the floor. Your vision becoming clouded by tears as you sob. Ruining the white fabric of your oversized sweater with your makeup contaminated tears.

Your body halts, the last remaining picture was of the both of you on your first date. You always considered that day as the happiest moment of your life. But now knowing that you’re just a pit stop in Jaehyun’s life, the memory manifests into something much darker than obsidian.

You inhale as you looked at the picture one more time. It was you kissing jaehyun on the cheek. He donned a beautiful cheshire smile, his dimples displaying proudly. He wore a pink snap back hat backwards with golden rimmed glasses. You always love it when he wore hats, especially that one. You remembered every emotion you felt as the picture was being taken. Even if you didn’t, your expression held it all. You radiated happiness as the butterflies in your stomach became restless. You were so happy. What happened…

You sob lightly, your thumb caressing his face as you looked fondly at the picture. Suddenly, words that fell from his mouth earlier replayed in your head. He had purposely attacked your deepest insecurities. Jabbed and taunted you. The Jaehyun you knew would never result to something so cruel and petty. Without putting much thought into it, you began to take the picture out of its frame.

Your ears perking up when you hear the familiar sound of the lock being picked. The jiggling of the doorknob was something you grew accustomed to. Having locked yourselves out of the bedroom on more than one occasion. Naturally, you grew familiar of the sound.

Taking one final breath, you rip the picture in two and retreated into the master bathroom. Once the door was slammed shut and locked, all hell broke loose. Your wails grew louder and more repetitive that you were being to sound like a banshee. Eventually, you found yourself curled up in the bathtub, suppressing your cries into your knees as you lowered your head.

Jaehyun finally succeeds in picking the lock, after what seemed like hours, and once he creaked opened the door of your shared bedroom, his heart broke in two. Parts of him began to deteriorate, he wished he had never said those hurtful things. Jaehyun knew that one of your biggest insecurities was never being special to somebody. And that weren’t fond of feeling worthless. He knew your background and upbringing well enough to know just how much you disliked being treated such as.

All he wanted to do was hold you in his arms and kiss your tears away. A pool of sadness brimmed his eyes as he evaluates the damage. From one corner of the room to the other, pictures were left scattered and discarded. The framed drawings of him that you illustrated, sat on the floor of your bedroom, frame cracked and shattered. The Polaroids he held ever so dearly to his heart, littered the bed and floor. He broke down in tears when he sees the torn picture of you both.

How could you vandalize such a treasured memory. But then again, how could he hurt the most precious thing in his life. Seeing the picture ripped apart like this, he knew that somehow he affected your perspective on this whole relationship. His previous words had tainted such beloved memories, and twisted them to seem like nothing more than a one-sided love. He made you question whether he truly loved you or not. Suddenly the realization kicked in, and it kicked in hard. A tsunami of guilt and regret pierced threw is heart. His insides churned and it suddenly became very hard to breathe. He suddenly became really aware of how dire this situation was. His following actions may break your relationship if he didn’t act wisely.

Jaehyun bends down to hold your piece of the puzzle, a river flow of heart ache cascading down his cheeks, wetting the captured image of you. Your sobs, which had begun to sound like cries of help, due to lack of air, rang threw Jaehyun’s ears. Suddenly he grew concerned and rushed to the door, dropping your image.

Immediately, you stop when you heard soft knocks coming from the other end of the door, which was soon followed by cries and sniffling sounds.

“Baby, open the door!” You don’t comply with his words and stayed seated in your place, hugging your knees tighter.

“W-what are you gonna do if i don’t? Pick the lock and violate my privacy! Just go away J-jaehyun! W-why don’t you go find another girl to replace me, because apparently, i-i mean nothing to you!” Screaming at the inanimate door, or more so the person behind it, as you let out a cut short wail. You hated yourself for how weak and broken you sounded. Wishing, you could drown out his stupid words that had already engraved itself deep in your brain.

“Y-you said s-so yourself! I’m easily replaceable! I-if i had known that this relationship was just gonna be one sided then i would’ve never wasted my time!” Apparent in your tone and words how truly distraught you were, jaehyun cried harder. He winced at the thought of how broken you were. It only lead him to wonder, what exactly happened and what brought on this fight. Sounding more so a statement rather than a question in his head.

He parted his lips softly, a small whimpering sigh rolling off his tongue.

“Please y/n, just open the door. I-i just want to see you. Please…” his words laced with mixed emotions, such as sorrow and regret. Despite his current emotional state, Jaehyun’s stature looked rather composed, not mirroring the feelings settling in his stomach.

Incoherently mumbling a soft 'please’ as he laid his forehead onto the wood door.

After much hesitance, you stood up and made your way to the door. Jaehyun hears the small shuffle and quickly straightens himself out. After seconds of hovering your hand over the knob, you twist it open, instantly unlocking itself and setting free all the pent up emotions. You crack open the door, almost immediately, Jaehyun rushes in and hugs you.

You don’t return the hug, silently stiffening in his arms. At that moment, the last few bits 0of composure you had left snaps loose. You become a crying mess in Jaehyun’s arms. Feelings of unmeasurable sadness cascade down your cheeks, onto his black long sleeve shirt. You try and push him away, but fail due to his strength. His muscular arms constricting you as if you would fade away.

“Listen to me please.” He says softly, tears lightly streaming down his cheeks, though, not to the caliber of yours.

Yiu sniffle lightly, thrashing in his arms. Though, it was no use, his hold was so secure that no amount of resist would break you free. So, you could do nothing else but endure what he has to say.

“I’m sorry-

Sorry doesn’t fix anything Jaehyun, it’s just a word.” The teary-eyed male hissed at your words. The amount of hurt and venom your tone held was enough to make his jaw clench and his hold to tighten.

“I know it doesn’t, but it’s a start. Look, i didn’t mean to say that. I don’t know what came over me, or what caused me to say those things. But what i do know is that they were a hundred percent untrue. And i want you to know that…” He pauses briefly to wipe away your tears with his thumb. Dipping his head into the crook of your neck. He took in your floral scent, hoping it would help him regain composure.

“I love you with all my heart, and that you are the most unique girl I’ve ever met… If anything i don’t know how i even managed to get a girlfriend as beautiful and amazing as you. Wanna know why i stay with you?” You nod lightly into his chest. His hold re-adjust itself as he lays his head above yours. Almost content with your slight gesture, but he needed to be sure you were happy.

-it’s because you accept me for who i am. You don’t pressure me to be perfect all the time, you welcome my flaws with open arms; you don’t expect anything from me and shower me with so much love. I want you to know that i could never replace you, not that i ever want to. How did i ever get so lucky… Please y/n, you are one of the most important people in my life. I-i can’t loose you…“ Jaehyun couldn’t fathom a future with out you in it. He grew frantic, thinking that this morning could’ve been the your breakfast together. And that there would be a slight chance that you didn’t want to forgive him again.

"Please say something….” He sighed, taking your tightening hold on his shirt to keep moving forwards.

“Do you remember when we first started dating, that night i texted you that i was angry and frustrated. And you came over in a heart beat, even though you lived fifteen minutes away… Y-you told me to let it all out, and i cried in your arms for an hour, complaining about everything. I felt so ashamed crying in front of you, but you told me that i was so brave for accepting my feelings… I know what i said must’ve hurt you, but I’ll do better. I’m sorry for triggering you like that.” Jaehyun’s tone was barely above whisper, and if he hadn’t have said it directly above your ear, you would’ve missed it.

You thought back to the said memory and smiled fondly, that was the night you both realized that you wanted a more serious title on your relationship. Finally labeling each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. You thought back to all the happy memories you both shared and confirmed that a silly little fight wouldn’t get the best of you. Yes, his words might’ve hurt, but his actions now out ways all of his petty insults. You give into your flourishing heart and forgive him.

Backing away from his chest lightly, you look up at him, gasping slightly at his blood shot eyes. You hesitatly reach up to cup both of his cheeks. Wiping away the remaining tears that streamed down his cheeks. He smiled lightly and leaned into your touch, taking one of your hands in his and place a soft, delicate kiss on it.

“We’ll be alright….” You smiled at his comforting words before planting a passionate, loving kiss on his lips. Jaehyun smiled lightly before taking your wrist on his hold and guiding them to wrap around his neck. He deepens the kiss and pulls you closer by your waist

It was then that he realized that he wanted you to be the only women in his life. And that he wanted nobody else. Suddenly feeling an overly compelling urge in his heart to marry you then and there and to claim you as his.

'Indeed, we’ll be alright’


E/n: please let me know how you guys felt, i appreciate all feedbacks. Let me know if you want a part 2 with smut or not. I know it’s bit underwhelming, but i promise I’ll do better in the future. The full version of BBC is in the works and I’ve picked back up writing it!!

bad habits

paring ⇹ bts - jeon jungkook x reader

genre ⇹ angst | smut | fuckboy!au

warnings ⇹ explicit sex (fingering, dirty talk, semi-public sex, etc..)

inspiration ⇹ bad habits - delaney jane  

word count ⇹ 5.5k

summary  “Tell me something,” he spoke. “Do you want this - us? You said you didn’t know what to call us but I want to give you a name.”


You knew about Jungkook. All too well. He had quite the reputation for sleeping around. Never letting himself become tied down. Everyone knew, yet girls still tripped over themselves to have the chance to fuck him. You never understood why, until you got a taste of him.

For months, you could never shake the feeling of curiosity around him. You wanted to know what about him made everyone so attracted to him. He was attractive, for sure. He seemed nice too. Though you never made much conversation with him.

You stood in the sand, dancing with Addison to the music playing, her hands were on your hips, moving you along to the beat. Her face was close to yours, softly singing the song, the scent of alcohol on her breath.

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mask | jeon jungkook (m)

A scenario in which you and Jungkook pretend to be roommates rather than a couple while his (female) childhood friend stays over.

Pairing: jungkook x reader

Genre: one-shot, college!au

Length: ~32.1k BUCKLE UP

Contains: ANGST / fluff, smut (oral f. receiving, fingering, unprotected sex), strong language, triggering events (usage of a date rape drug, attempted rape, victim-blaming), strong urges to punch someone in the face

author’s note: although a repost from my old blog, this is truly the longest fic i’ve written thus far. this took at least 5 months to edit, but it’s done! i hope you guys enjoy my debut fic on this account ~

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Tony had never forgotten the time he’d spent with Yinsen.

“Got a family?”

“Yes,” the man had said, a smile on his face that Tony now recognized as sad, longing, “and I will see them when I leave here.”

And then he had looked at him, calm but piercing.

“And you, Stark?”

He’d felt an overwhelming sense of loss at the question. The sensation of grieving for something that he’d never even had.


At the time, Tony never thought he’d have a family. That life… that was for other people. Better people.

He’d thought that he was destined to be alone.

But here he was, at the end of his life. No, past the end of his life, standing in front of Yinsen all over again and still feeling the echoes of the Stones running through his veins.

In those few moments, he had seen everything.

He had seen it all, and he had known, intrinsically, that he was going to lose everything he’d been so desperate to keep.

“Stark,” Yinsen greeted, smile on his face. “Welcome.”

“Yinsen,” he breathed, eyes darting around, trying to breathe it all in. “Where are we?”

“At the end,” he answered simply, taking a step forward. “Did you find it, Stark?”

“Find what?”

“A family. Did you find it?”

He thought about Pepper. God, there was so much to think about with Pepper. She had never let him fall. But, more than that, she had never let him forget that he was human. That he was allowed to be human. It wasn’t a failing, wasn’t a deficit in character. His gentleness was strength. He never felt more at home than when she was under his hands, never felt more like the person he wanted to be, rather than the mold his father had tried to break him to fit. There was something about her that brought out the best in him, something magnetic. She’d been giving him to space to transform for so long. For so, so long.

He thought about Rhodey. When they had met at MIT, Tony had been pretty sure that the guy had hated him. After all, who would want to be stuck with a 15 year old kid as their roommate? But Rhodey hadn’t resented him. More, he’d guided him. Taught him all the things his dad should have. He’d been there through his parents’ deaths, through Afghanistan, through the aftermath of New York. He’d been one of the first faces he’d seen after staggering off the Milano on the Compound’s front lawn. He had been there for the birth of his daughter. If there was any constant in Tony’s life, it was James Rhodes.

He thought about Happy. At the end of the day, he didn’t deserve him. The man had been chasing him for so long, through so many bad decisions, reckless nights. And yet Happy still cared for him, still stuck around to help scoop up his messes. Even after Pepper had hired him, Happy had stayed. Still called, still checked up on him. It was hard to imagine that the man had started out as just his bodyguard. There were very few people on the planet that Tony felt he could truly trust with everything, but Happy was one of them.

He thought about Steve. Despite everything, he’d never gotten rid of that stupid flip phone. He’d kept it charged, kept it safe, carried it around with him like it was a substitute for the man that had given it to him. There was something strange about the way he and Steve just… clicked together. They were two sides of the same coin, heads and tails. There was no escaping that. There was never any hope of trying.

He thought about Natasha. She had sacrificed herself for them, for just the chance of success. There had never been a doubt in her mind that they would succeed, that they were avenge her, that they would avenge them all. She had believed until her last breath. She had looked the end in the eyes, and she hadn’t even flinched.

He thought about the Avengers as a whole. They’d had their ups and downs, but the team had given him a purpose. A way to redeem himself. He’d found something beyond Iron Man within it, something better. Something more. They had pushed him to be better, to forge something for himself outside of Stark Industries and his reputation as the Merchant of Death. He’d spent so many years fighting, growing, living alongside these people. These friends

He thought about Peter. His kid. He’d thought it was a dream when he was standing in front of him again, hadn’t really accepted that it was real until the kid was wrapped up in his arms, ribs pushing up against the nanites of his suit with every breath. For a few second, he hadn’t even known what to do. He’d just held the kid, treasured him in the ways he hadn’t had the strength to before. He’d looked to the sky, thanked every god he could bring to mind, and pressed a kiss to his temple, gentle, soft. The sealing of a promise. You’re my child, he had thought, you’ve been my child for so much longer than I’ve been willing to admit, but I’m ready, now. I’m ready.

He thought about Morgan. The memory of holding her for the first time was still just as fresh as the present moment. He’d felt so inconsequential, so out of his depth. But, god, the joy. The unadulterated, get-drunk-off-of-it joy. He’d built thousands of things in his life, but this, this creation, this was the greatest thing that he could ever hope to bring to life. He was going to do anything for her, pull stars from the skies and put them in jars, spend sleepless nights cooing her back to sleep, pour every ounce of himself into her happiness until she overflowed with it. In that single moment, their identities had linked, and he had never looked back.

This was his family. The family that had seemed like a distant dream, back in that cave 16 years ago. He’d found it, he’d built it himself.

His family.

“Yeah,” he whispered, a sense of completeness washing through him, “yeah, I did.”

Waiting For This Moment

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Being Steve’s girlfriend was great! There wasn’t much of a sex life but, he was doting, always put you first and just wanted to take care of you. When you push the boundary you might have signed up for more than you intended.

Warnings: 18 + Smut, Dark!Steve Rogers, Dubious-consent, breeding, Steve kind of domineering, language probably? 

Word Count: 2,344

A/N: I don’t know if any of you can tell but I have a wee bit of a breeding kink. Anyway, Happy 3rd Night of Chanukah!! Also Happy Christmas Eve!!! Please like and reblog if you’re so inclined. Without further ado some dark!Steve Rogers putting a baby in you.


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AU where Barry joins THBs and Lup is the Red Robe. 

Barry keeps his mouth shut in Phandalin. Instead of running his mouth he stands paralyzed in terror, and Taako’s the one who drags him along to the well. The umbrastaff ends up getting dropped in the escapade, left to be destroyed with the rest of Phandalin. 

Lup reforms and barely manages to keep herself together until she realizes that Barry isn’t here. If he died in the fire his lich form would be here, and it wasn’t, so the rest of her family had to survive too. She finds his cave, reads through his notes and plans and slowly figures out what’s going on, finds out what his plan is. 

She can’t regrow her body. Barry’s is still in there, and so she’ll just have to wait. 

Barry’s coin told him to never go to the moon. It told him that he was better off dying than staying there.  He didn’t get that at first, and even though he was on the moon now he understood it even less. He liked the people here. They made the hole in his chest feel a little less cavernous. He didn’t particularly want to leave them, and he certainly didn’t want to die. 

So he ignores that particular piece of advice. He does his best as a reclaimer, although he’s not very good at it. He doesn’t really have a specialty. He tried to be a fighter, but it didn’t come naturally to him. He finds himself watching Taako’s magic with jealousy and intrigue. He’d never managed to learn the arcane arts before though, so he didn’t see how he could at his age. 

At least, until he started looking into the warlock brand of magic. It fits well, the clumsy fighting he’d picked up meshing with the powerful shocks of arcane energy. 

Lup sees her brother, her husband, and two of her best friends in the office of a man she just killed. She did it to protect them, but there’s fear on their faces. They don’t know who she is, they don’t remember her. The thought alone is almost enough to break her, but she forces herself to keep it together. Tells herself she can fix this. 

“Please, don’t be afraid. I’m not here to hurt you,” she pleads, and is surprised despite herself when it works. When they’re willing to listen to her. She makes illusions of the people who’ve fallen to the grand relics as she speaks, pain and guilt in her voice. 

“This want, this hunger, it’s not the true nature of man. We can stop it. There’s so much you don’t know, so much you don’t remember. Be careful of who you trust. This is your first lesson,” she says. They look confused, but she sees the way Barry’s eyes light up when she brings up lost memories. She doesn’t stick around to talk to him about it, she can’t. 

Barry is fascinated by the Red Robe. Lucretia warns about trusting her, insisting she’s evil, that she’ll lie and do whatever it takes to trick them. But Barry knows there’s parts of his life that he’s forgetting. He knows hearing her voice makes his heart sing, and he saw the way it almost brought tears to Taako’s eyes the first time she spoke. There’s something missing, but he can’t piece it together. 

She tries to explain more in Lucas’s lab, and Barry tries his best to listen, to make sense of it all. No matter what he does though there’s this block. He can’t ask her directly, he knows Lucretia would never allow it. There’s more important things to worry about in the immediate moment too, what with the grim reaper trying to arrest them. Barry can’t even understand all the crimes that are lobbied at him. None of this makes any sense, and he comes so close to dying so many times that night. 

Lup waits for them outside Refuge, terrified of what they might change. When they finally get out, they tell her they refused the relic. When she asks if they trust her, she’s met with silence. The most important people in her life, the only ones keeping her who she is, stare at her with distrust and uncertainty. She falls to her knees, clutching her head and struggling to keep it together. 

“Taako, Barry, I don’t know what to do,” she says, and she doesn’t expect an answer from them, not really. She certainly doesn’t expect Barry to kneel down in front of her, holding out a hesitant hand to help her up. 

“It’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just… there’s still a lot we don’t know,” he says, and Lup reaches to take his hand, only managing to stop herself at the last minute. She knows that if she did, she wouldn’t be able to make herself let go, and they can’t yet. Instead she forces herself to take a breath, floating up again with as much poise as she can muster. 

“I understand. There’s so much I want you all to know, but all I can say for certain is that the hunger is almost here. The next time we meet, I’m going to need you to trust me,” she says, forcing herself to leave before she says too much. 

Barry hates Wonderland. It stirs something visceral in his gut, necromantic energies eating away at him from the inside out. The liches are playing with him, he can tell. There’s something about him that they find amusing, and each time he makes that black smog appear it feels like a loss. He doesn’t want to die in Wonderland, but he doesn’t want to play by these damn liches games any more either. 

Ever since they entered the place, there’d been a feeling. This one was much more pleasant. It was just a force against his hand, holding it. Squeezing on occasion in clear sympathy, never letting go. Barry held back just as tight, even if it felt like it hampered his fighting some. Not that it seemed to matter, the other three boys were taking a much worse beating than him, and he didn’t know why either. 

Then they go into the healing game. He’s doing the best out of the four of them, while Taako is on death’s door. Barry starts by giving some of his life force to Magnus, and then to Merle. When he looks at Taako last, he sees the moment his best friend realizes what he’s about to do. Hears him start to shout at him to not be a dumbass, but it’s too late, he’s already pushed the button. He’s done playing by these liches’s rules. If they wanted to keep him alive, tough luck. 

Lup’s heart hurts watching her family go through this torment. She finally gives in, holding Barry’s hand throughout the process, unable to bring herself to let go. Even when he falls during the healing game, she doesn’t let go. She doesn’t need to. His body crumples but she’s there, holding his lich form as the memories come rushing back to him. 

She hates seeing him die, but she’s overjoyed when he finally looks at her with recognition. When he actually calls her by name. Suddenly they’re both laughing, and the whole display brings forth the heads of Wonderland. 

It’s not hard to bring them down with her family at her side. 

She’s sure they’ll be able to take down the hunger the same way, together. 


Women’s History Month Spotlight: Stefania Tejada

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we’ve connected with some amazing women on Tumblr from different industries and backgrounds to discuss how their perspective shapes their art, work, family, activism, and more. First up is Stefania Tejada (@stefaniatejada), a Colombian artist and illustrator whose work often speaks on taboo subjects women face.

Your latest series, “The Birth of Venus,” explores how women are confronting the world. How did this series start and why was it important for you to create this series?

All of my work is really personal and it’s a response to very specific moments and transitions. I grew up in a time where it wasn’t okay to ask major questions about your body or things you felt that are completely normal. There was this huge taboo about everything: sexual education, menstruation, pleasure, depression, anxiety, homosexuality, etc. I studied in an all-girls high school with nuns so we really didn’t have any sort of sexual education. It was all presented as some sort of sin, and in general, parents didn’t feel comfortable discussing the subject either.

So in some way, “The Birth of Venus” shows the woman that I am today. I think about the girl I used to be when I was very little, very shy about speaking my mind or pursuing something I really wanted. But I’ve been lucky. I’ve met very important people in my life who picked my brain, made me think and understand that I am me, I deserve to live the life I want, the life I choose to have. That I can have my own opinion, that I must speak up, respect myself and respect others. I learned about acceptance and forgiveness. I learned to always stay curious, to work hard, and dream big. I feel very lucky to have my family and friends.


Can you talk to us about your featured artwork and the story behind it? We’re in awe.

This piece was made after Dolce & Gabbana’s statement towards Chinese culture. I was amazed and shocked [by] this way of thinking. For me, understanding other people’s culture is so fascinating. I try to live in different places and learn as much as I can. You need to understand somebody else’s past, present, and future before judging someone.

As Colombians, we have always been generalized for the past. Many of us were scared to try to change things because people were trying to survive. When I was little I remember the Guerrilla coming into our town and the four of us hiding under the bed listening to gunfire right outside our door. The mistakes of a few became the mistakes of all of us. And that happens with so many cultures, but it’s up to us to teach others about respect, acceptance, and forgiveness. It all comes from education.

Could you imagine what we could do if we were to stand together? All of the positive things we could do? There could be a future for all of us. A future we would all be proud of.

We live in a time where it’s important to showcase all identities of women and their contributions to society. How does your art encompass that?

I believe every person is a piece of art. The elements that shaped their personalities, the stories that triggered something inside of them and motivated them to be who they are now—I called them treasures. I’ve watched so many documentaries about people and movements: Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Obama, The Defiant Ones, Steve Jobs, 2Pac, you name it.

I believe you can learn from anyone. I chose to focus on women empowerment because I had to find a way to empower myself because it’s something I needed at the time and it helped me believe in myself. And along the way women I didn’t even knew started writing to me about feeling the same way thanks to my work. In my mind we are all together, all these women that I draw are part of who I am. Some of them have shaped my future, some of them have sacrificed themselves for us so that we can speak up, vote, marry whoever we want, choose whether we want to have children or not. We owe them everything and this is my way of continuing their legacy. To live a life that has meaning.

Thank you for sharing your work with us, @stefaniatejada ! Tumblr, have you made any art for Women’s History Month yet? Show it off by making a post and tagging it #WomensHistoryMonth.

This interview has been condensed and edited.

His Jacket (Todoroki Shouto x Reader)


Pairing: Todoroki Shouto/Reader

Words: 4,560

Summary: You acquire his jacket and everybody makes a big deal about it.

College was full of cliques, and although it was not as bad as high school, people still liked to hang out with people similar to each other. You never really fit into any of those cliques and sort of had friends all over the place.

You hummed a nameless tune as you walked your way back home one Saturday night. You had left your friend’s apartment after a night of drinking once you sobered up and was making your way to your own apartment on campus. It was pretty chilly out, despite it being early fall and you only had a long sleeved shirt on.

On the same sidewalk as you, you noticed a lonesome figure ahead stumbling. As you got closer, you could tell he was pretty drunk. As he swayed even further, ready to fall straight onto the ground, you dashed out to catch him.

“Whoa!” You said as his heavy figure laid on top of your shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he said after a moment of silence and hugged you out of support. “Just a little drunk.”

“A little too drunk,” you laughed. “Where are you off too?”

“My apartment,” he replied and stood back up, but you held onto his arm to keep him from falling. “I’m so sleepy.”

“Yeah?” You smiled at him even though he probably couldn’t see you. “Where’s your apartment?”

“It’s building 12 on campus,” he said, his words slurring. “It’s my first time drinking so much.”

“I could tell,” you let out a laugh, “You’re heading the opposite way of building 12!”

He blinked, “Am I really?”

“Yep.” You had started making your way to his building, holding onto his arm so he followed you. Luckily, he did, seeming to trust you since he was inebriated. “I live in building 8, and since building 12 is on the way there, I’ll walk down with you.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“It’s no problem at all! We just don’t want you to get lost!”

“You’re a lot kinder than other people in this university.”

“What do you mean by that?” You questioned as you two slowly made your way down the sidewalk.

“People are just so quick to throw themselves at you; you sort of just wonder if they’re talking to you because of your reputation and the status of your family, or if they’re just legitimately interested in you as a person.”

You looked up at him and your eyes widened. In the dim lighting of the street lights, you made out his heterochromatic eyes. But they weren’t what stood out. What stood out was the sadness that lingered within them. Despite him being drunk, you felt that his true feelings just came out and your heart couldn’t help but hurt for the stranger you had just met.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” you started and gave him the best comforting smile you could muster, “I’m here for you. I don’t really care about your reputation, nor do I know anything about your family upbringing, but…” He looked down at you, eyes making contact with yours for the first time tonight. “… I’m just a stranger who is caring for another stranger and making sure he gets back home safely for the night.”

A small smile had graced on his face, but you didn’t notice it because he started swaying again. Instead, you wrapped your arm around his back and slugged his arm over your shoulder so you could get a more steady grip on him. With this position, you were also able to support his weight better despite you not being the strongest.

“Thank you…” He let out tiredly, looking forward in a daze.

“It’s no problem at all!” You replied back cheerfully.

You then walked back in silence to building 12, infamously known as the Hero’s building. With that, you assumed he was part of the Hero’s course in the university and was training to become a hero. You had been in there once because you had a few friends there, but you had never been to the boy’s side of the building before.

“What apartment number are you?” You asked once you had scanned his ID to be let into the building.

“353, third floor,” he mumbled out. You two made your way to the third floor with the elevator. You two then arrived in front of his room, where he fumbled for his keys in his pocket and tried to unlock the door. Unable to do it, you took his keys gently from his hands and unlocked his door.

You two made your way into his apartment and you lowered him carefully onto the couch.

“I’m going to get you some water, okay?” You told him as you headed to his fridge, which surprisingly did not have much in it. He let out a tired hum in agreement with his eyes closed. You pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge and handed it to him. “Make sure you drink all of this so you can avoid getting a hangover in the morning.”

He opened his eyes a little and took the water bottle in his hands. Under the better lighting of his apartment, you noticed his handsome face and mix matched red and white hair color. It certainly was different from everybody else.

“I’m sorry you had to see me this way,” he apologized, sounding a bit more sober. “I’m a complete stranger, yet you…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” you told him sincerely. “Like I said before, I just wanted to see you make it back here safely. I’ve got to get going now, but make sure you get comfy on your bed and rest, okay?”

“It’s cold outside though,” he replied in a tired voice and got up.

“Huh?” You let out a noise in confusion.

“You were shivering when we got here.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you noticed…”

“How could I not? You were trembling like a rabbit.” He rummaged through his closet to bring something out for you. It was a plain gray jacket with some lettering on it. “Here, wear this back to your apartment.”

He wrapped it around your shoulders and started pushing you towards the door.

“But… it’s your jacket!” You argued back, reluctant to take it.

“Don’t worry about it,” he continued to say. With the obvious flush of his cheeks, he definitely was still drunk. “Take it as a sign of my thanks.”

Before you could protest more, he shut the door on you and you were left to blink at what had just happened. The cold air hit your face harshly, but the jacket that fit snugly on you had kept you warm. Hesitantly, you had to accept the jacket that he just gave you.

Instead, you made your way back down to head back to your apartment. Maybe you’d see him again on campus and return it back later. You went to your apartment that night thinking that the jacket you had was just any other regular jacket that people just casually wore.

Little did you know, it held more significance than you thought it did.

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Heart Eyes FINAL Part 4 | Tom Holland x Reader

TEASER | PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4  (completed!)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Who’s to say teenage dreams don’t come true? You’ve confessed your old feelings, and so has he–– what’s left but to resolve things like adults? 

Warnings: SMUT & all the warmth and happiness in the world

Word Count: 8K heart emojis



There’s nothing quite as clarifying as cold water. One second you’re burning and blistering under the stares of many, including The One above all, and then the next you’ve leapt into an icy pool, willfully sinking to the bottom. And no one can see you for a moment.


No one can see the wide smile breaking across your face, or your fists clenched and shaking in victory. The unrestrained happiness. Your legs kick to keep you under for a second longer, to keep this moment of joy to yourself. One minute more in the cool, muffled water, because when you resurface, things may never be the same.

Are you ready to rise and face the future?

There wasn’t much time to even wonder, as you feel the water shift and shake, bubbles and waves that aren’t yours. Two steady hands find your waist, pressing and pulling you up to the surface. 

You break through, gasping for air and halfway through a laugh. You open your eyes, sticky with the weight of melting makeup, and are met with a sobering sight.

Tom Holland’s incredulous face with dripping down his cheeks, tension in his brow but glossy lips curled into a mischievous, relieved, welcoming, awestruck smile. His eyes soften with a tenderness that halts your breathing and stirs your heart.

“God, you’re fucking crazy,” he says with a short laugh.

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Embarrassing Encounter

Who: Chris Evans
What: Chris talks about the first time he met [Y/N] and how he almost blew it. 


“Talk us through the first time you met [Y/N].”

Chris threw back his head, groaned and then laughed. “Oh god.” Shaking his head, he ran his hand across his beard as he thought about that night. “It was a disaster.” Groaning again, he readjusted in his seat and rubbed his hands over his legs. “Agh. Okay. First things first, I had no intentions of wooing anybody that night so I just got wrecked. I mean hammered. It was football, man. Like the Patriots were winning and I was having a good ole time. It was at my buddy’s house and everyone had brought beer and food, it was going good. Well my buddy’s wife had invited some of her friends over to watch the game and to, you know, break up the testosterone invasion. [Y/N] happened to be one of those friends.” Chris clapped his hands and winced as he was reminded how terrible the night has gone after that. In reality, it wasn’t that horrible, just embarrassing.

“So,” Chris continued, “the women kind of congregated to the kitchen cause we were kinda getting rowdy. You know it goes with the guys and beer and football. But, uh, yeah so I wanted another beer and I walked into the kitchen to grab one and there she is. There. She. Is.” Chris smiled wide as he remembered seeing [Y/N] for the first time. “Don’t know how I missed her the initial time but I mean, man, she looked beautiful.” Shrugging his shoulders, he chuckled. “I looked like an idiot. God, I looked like an idiot. I mean, there she is, just standing there with my favorite beer in her hand, praising the Patriots. I was drunk and I’m like ‘who is that’. Me, thinking it was a good idea to just approach her, did just that.” Chris laughed, scratching the side of his face with his finger as he shook his head. “On my way to casually introduce myself, I trip over my buddy’s cat.” He looks into the crowd as they laugh, his brow raises as he curses under his breath, “Damn cat.” Groaning, he makes a face, “I trip over this dang cat and I make [Y/N] spill beer all over her. I mean all down the front of her shirt and skirt.” He puts his finger up, “But wait there’s more.” Shaking his head, “I grab napkins and paper towels and try to help her dry her shirt off and I realize that I’m pretty much violating her,” Chris gestures towards his chest with a wince, “and at that moment, I’m apologizing. I’m tripping over my words. I’m trying to explain that I thought she was pretty and I wanted to talk to her because she was drinking my favorite beer-that is now all over her-and bond over the Patriots.” Running his hand over his face, he laughs. “It was word vomit. I was literally saying everything without thinking it through. 

[Y/N] was such an champ through it all. I could tell she wanted remove herself from the situation, I mean, who wouldn’t want to at this point? I’ve spilled beer all over her, pretty much groped her, and then was saying everything that was coming to my brain. And in the midst of all of that, I started to feel really sick.” He groans, “I mean, I can handle my beer but with the anxiety of having looked like an idiot in front of someone I found attractive, I was gonna lose it.” Chris nodded as the crowd laughed, “Yup. I lost it.” He looked down at his hands in his lap and nodded again in defeat. “I…threw up…threw up all over [Y/N]’s shoes.” Chris shook his head, covering his face as he groaned again. “Ugh, it was horrible. I made her spill her beer and then! And then, I throw up all over her shoes. I had to rush to the bathroom to finish puking my guts out because that whole situation didn’t make me feel any better. So, I’m in the bathroom trying to compose myself and I hear this knock and before I can answer, in walks [Y/N]. She’s changed into something my buddy’s wife must have gave her and she’s holding a glass of water. She hands it out to me and asks if I’m okay and if I need anything and I’m just so embarrassed that I tell her I’m fine and she just nods, says she’s going home and hopes I feel better and then walks out the bathroom. I’m standing there with the glass in my hand thinking, ‘I’m done, I blew it’. But, you know, she ended up telling my buddy to give me her number and I invited her out to lunch the following day and now we’re married, five years later.”