but as he says himself 'yolo'

Shuu Sakamaki x MP3 NSFW

It was late at night, Shuu knew his brothers were asleep. But he wanted Mp3-Chan so badly. Quietly taking out his precious lover he sat it on the pillow, making sure Mp3-chan would be comfortable.

As soon as Mp3 was still and at ease, he slowly unzipped his pants, taking out his erect member. “Don’t worry i’ll make sure to clean you after, Darling.” He said in a low seductive tone. As he was saying many filthy things to his prized possession, he was rubbing himself faster and faster. “Ahh…Hnnn..ngg..”  He opened his legs a bit more to get further down his shaft, using his free hand he took Mp3-chan, and released his fluids onto the material object. “If only you were human.” Shuu said as he took out lube, which he then proceeded to cover the cumed on object. He sighed lightly and then shoved Mp3-chan up his as, moving back and forth as a makeshift dildo. “M-mp-Chan..!! Ahhhh, H-harder…!!”
He had his please ridden face buried into his pillow so his moans would be muffled.

Reiji opened the door, glaring. “If you’re going to fuck an object, please be more quiet.”

Shuu disregarded this fact as he moaned louder and louder until he was practically screaming, he came one last time.

Reiji left,  and looked at Teacup-kun, “I’d never treat you like that.”