but as Adam already pointed out

‘A Wildly Casual Web Conversation with Three Web Poets’, by Evan Fleischer

Photo by William Warby. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

Bob Schofield, Dalton Day, and Key Ballah: I spoke with them all fairly recently. I’d come to know them and their poems through the dual miasmic process of clicking through from one Tumblr blog to the next and through the already active enthusiasm of a woman I want to get dogs with. The conversation with the poets threatened to turn wildly casual at more than one point, longer and flow-ier that these terse little clauses, but it wasn’t a chat “Dropped from a tree’s back pocket”, as BR Dionysius said of a Kingfisher or – per Adam Aitken – “crows consider[ing] life in a decommissioned bomber”.

It was the kind of chat where I reached out to Bob Schofield and asked him – in an echo of his style – to tell me about the time Edward Gorey passed the time as his babysitter by turning into a bat playing a ukulele, or, to put the joke in sensible clothes: what – to him – makes a good influence?

“Well,” he said, “obviously the night was dark, stormy, the whole deal. I was small, barely more than a shadow. I slid under doors and through the cracks between old leather books. But my ears worked, and I heard a beautiful twanging coming from the attic. I drifted toward it, and there he was, Mr. Gorey himself, hanging upside down from the rafters and strumming sadness straight into my heart. “The truth of it is simple,” he squeaked to me in bat-speak. “A good influence is one that makes you excited to go and make something of your own. They light the fuse inside your brain, but the ensuing fireworks are yours.”

Schofield, Ballah, and Day often post a new poem every single day, and this was the game – to see if I could interview these three relatively ‘unknowns’ with a decent following in their own style. The New York Times posts around 200 or so new stories to its website every single day. Hemingway wrote seven novels during his life. So far, Toni Morrison has written eleven. But does any of this matter? Coleridge didn’t even finish a poem and is more than settled into the history of things. What is the 'right’ rhythm here?

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So we have had a fair few asks regarding our space boys breaking up or having someone break them up… as much as the idea would be interesting to explore, at this point in time neither they nor we can see a way to do it. Adam would have no reason to cheat and Nigel has already surprised himself with his monogamy.

If one were imprisoned, sure! Maybe? But it is more likely that Adam would break Nigel out than find someone else. And if they had a huge fight and one of them left? They would come back, they always do.

So for the moment we will leave these here and think on it for the future. Thank you all so much for your prompts and ideas!

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So I didn't know what Cedar Point was and looked it up (maybe shouldn't have after seeing the top news link), and wow that looks fun! Maybe a dumb little proposal fic with Adam Kovic?

Title: It’s a Sign

Pairing: Adam Kovic/Reader
Warnings: There may be a small inaccuracy, I don’t think that there’s actually a camera on Snake River Falls but I wrote this thinking of splash mountain so~ (also sorry about that news story I totally didn’t hear about it until I was already AT Cedar Point!)

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ballet au. adam and matt ending up as extras in some short or million dollars but thing, cause like james goes down to austin for a week or so with the fh guys and they all bring their plus ones and at some point james over hears someone being like 'we need to hire some dancers for a shoot.' and james is like 'if you're filming soon then adam and matt can help. they've already appeared in some stuff at our office so some of the fans at least know their faces.'

on million dollars but, someone proposes “million dollars, but everywhere you go there’s an interpretive dancer acting out everything you’re saying for a year.”

so adam and matt dance what they think is interpretive dance and it’s easily one of their favorite shoots they’ve ever done

the bloopers from that are absolutely ridiculous

40% of Top Brands Are on Instagram

40% of Top Brands Are on Instagram

If you’re on the fence about putting your brand on Instagram, consider this: 40% of the top 100 brands are already there, according to new research. Simply Measured looked at the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands list to determine how many were on the platform already. The rate pales in comparison to Facebook’s 98% and Twitter’s 94%, but Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Simply Measured, points out that…

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New Music, No New Books

2015 seems to be a bigger year for new music for me than the past few years. Although I’ve definitely settled into that post-30 area where you seek out less new music and settle into mostly listening to musicians you already like, it’s been surprisingly busy. There’s already been nine new albums along with some live stuff/reissues/a bunch of Ryan Adams 45s… (at one point in my life, this would not count as ‘busy,’ but, here we are…) The upcoming month-and-a-half looks pretty full as well:

* Motörhead - Bad Magic (August 28)
* k-os - Can’t Fly Without Gravity (August 28)
* Dead Weather - Dodge & Burn (September)
* The Dears - Times Infinity Volume One (September 25)
* Matthew Good - Chaotic Neutral (September 25)
* The Sheepdogs - Future Nostalgia (October 2)

Plus the vinyl of Adams’s new 45 “Willow Lane.” And then there’s still the rest of the year following where who knows what else will get announced. I could, theoretically, see new albums announced by the Tragically Hip, Buck 65, Neil Young (new or a live archive release or the second Archives volume or whatever, who knows…), Ryan Adams (that deluxe Heartbreaker reissue is supposed to come out plus whatever else he pops out), maybe something from Metallica (either a new album or the beginning of their reissues/non-casette release of No Life 'Til Leather)…

Conversely, it’s been a quiet year for new books for me. Warren Ellis has Normal coming out this fall, theoretically (it’s schedule has shifted a few times, so I don’t want to say anything for sure) and… yeah… No new books otherwise this year for me. A couple of things have come out that I’m interested in (like that LAPD photobook thing that Ellroy did some writing for), but nothing that can’t wait until it’s time to give people ideas for Christmas presents. Next year is looking a little better already with a new Mark Leyner novel coming out. I guess this year finally had the wide English-language release of Haruki Murakami’s first two novels, but I already have them, so that was a bit of a non-event for me. The two big absences have been Paul Auster and Chuck Klosterman. Auster has kept up a fairly regular schedule of new books for the past decade or something almost every year, while Klosterman has kept up a fairly brisk pace of something new every two years or less. Ah well…

Chapter Two


The girl I’d slammed into was named Sarah, and now we both had bloody noses. We’d yelled at each other for a bit and then introduced ourselves. I decided, what the hell, might as well get to know somebody. It seemed she was thinking the same thing, so we’d made our way toward the stage. And now that the boy had everyone’s attention and had gotten over the shock of everyone staring at him, he actually sounded pretty confident. 

“My name’s Adam. I’m 17. And I’m sure you’re all wondering why you’re here.”
There were some rumbles of agreement.
“Some of you have probably already figured it out. For those of you who haven’t, we were kidnapped by L’espoir. All the evidence points toward it. All of us are teenagers. There seems to be 100 of us. I’m assuming we all have those burn marks on the back of our necks. And we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, probably in a different dimension.”
The panic was creeping back into the room, especially at the mention of a different dimension. That was new technology, and it was a well known fact that L’espoir had access to it. I felt the tingle of panic in my own fingers and toes and fought to keep it back. I glanced over at Sarah. She looked pale as well, and her eyes were wide. I nudged her with my elbow and gave her a tight smile, which was supposed to be reassuring. She returned the smile, and a bit of blood fell from one nostril. She cursed and mopped it up with a sleeve and I laughed. Sarah gave me a look. “Maybe you shouldn’t laugh, you’re nose is pretty fucked up too.” I automatically brought my fingers up to my nose and realized she was right. I was still bleeding too. I sighed and turned my attention back to the boy. Adam. He was still talking.
“Obviously, we need to figure out what our surroundings are like and how we can best survive.” He paused. “I think our best course of action is to stay together and share the resources we find, at least until we find the portal back out of here.”
I agreed with him. That seemed like the best way for the majority of us to live.
Other people did not agree. At Adam’s words, there was an explosion of shouts from all around Sarah and me.
Sarah sighed. “Ah shit, we’re right in the middle of the crazies.”
One of the crazies pushed to the front of the crowd, yelling the whole time, and jumped up onto the stage. He had raven black hair and pale skin. That’s all I could see from where we were.
“Are you crazy?!” The new boy yelled at Adam and the crowd. “If we do that, we’ll be dragging the weak ones along with us! I say survival of the fittest!”
Now people were in a frenzy. Some yelled in agreement and others were outraged.
I looked around nervously. Most of the people around us were agreeing. I nudged Sarah  again. “Maybe we should get out of here. I don’t really like these people around us.”
Sarah, who was also looking around, nodded in agreement. I turned to push through the crowd, but there was no way to get through. Nobody moved for us, even when we pushed. Next to me, Sarah looked pissed.
“Let us through,” she snapped at one big guy who was blocking our way. He looked at us and smirked. Now I was getting angry too. I opened my mouth to yell at the guy, but didn’t get that far. Sarah punched him right in the face, and he staggered backwards. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward. We had only gotten about ten feet when I was pulled back with a sharp tug. I glanced back in surprise and saw the boy Sarah had punched. His face was bloody and swollen, and all I could think was “Hey, he looks just like us!” He pulled again and I stumbled back toward him, Sarah in tow. She planted her feet and tugged me back toward her. The boy yanked me toward him again. It was like a giant game of tug of war. I didn’t like it. The next time the boy pulled me toward him, I kicked him hard in the shin. He yelled, but didn’t let go. Other people were looking at us now, turning their attention away from the stage, but none of them were helping. I sighed in frustration and yelled at them “Can you help us please?!” None of them reacted.
Suddenly, Sarah wasn’t holding onto my wrist, and I was sent flying at the boy. He looked just as surprised as I was as I crashed into his chest. A twinge of betrayal sparked in stomach. Sarah had abandoned me. Sure, we’d known each other for fifteen minutes, but I’d thought we were allies. I got the feeling that in situations like this, you made friends faster than you normally would.
I tried to twist from the boys grip but he was too strong. While twisting, I saw that Sarah was being held by another guy, just as big as the first one. I guess I wasn’t the only one with friends. We were trapped.


Who the hell was this new guy? The room had come alive once again, and it looked like a fight had broken out on the opposite side of the room from Alicia and me. That seemed to be where most of this new guy’s support had come from. He was still yelling as Adam tried to regain the stage.
“I say we fight for the supplies! Those who win, deserve to get the food! The strongest will survive!”
Adam yelled right back. “No! We need a structured society where people are given jobs and those who work are given resources! We need-”
“There’s no way there will be enough food to go around! Only the strongest should get the supplies, that way more of us will make it through!”
“So you’re suggesting we act like animals?! We are human beings, we need a democracy, where everyone has a fair say!”
The new boy laughed loud then and turned to the crowd. “What we need isn’t a democracy! It’s a DICTATORSHIP!”
I felt sickened by the number of people who screamed their agreement.
Adam tried to protest, but was cut off every time he tried.
The new guy seemed delighted with the reaction he was getting. He laughed again, eyes shining.
“Follow me and you’ll make it through! Follow Adam and he’ll be giving handouts to just about anyone!”
Adam stepped up to the new guy and pushed him, finally regaining the crowd’s attention.
“And who exactly are you?”
The new guy grinned and gave a mock bow. “The name’s Oliver.”