but aren't we all

one small thing I really appreciated in ghostbusters was that the only person who was really attracted to kevin was erin. all three other women clearly liked him and whatever, but none of them expressed any physical attraction to him. in a world where women are presumed to all have attraction to the same kind of man it was really refreshing for the movie to show that not all women are going to be attracted to a muscled dude even tho he’s pretty much the poster boy for what men think women consider “attractive”

Knowing how problematic and disgusting he can and will be, Eminem saved my life, so many times over, and I think that is important.

We are all problematic; I’m not an exception nor are you, your favs are problematic. There are few that aren’t. So with that being said, I think I’m still allowed to appreciate his inspirational music, and the better side of him. I acknowledge he is a shit person in a lot of ways and I don’t defend him for that. But I will always appreciate what he has done for me personally.

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Ok so I'm kinda freaking out because there is a new tattoo on his right wrist and idk what it is. Shit. So many new tattoos the past couple of days, First the back tattoo and now this. Any help figuring out what that tattoo is?

No need to worry, it’s Jared’s real tattoo they forgot to cover up ^.^