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Since this blog is Queer AF (Props to the straight people), the majority of Y’all seem to be somewhere withing the LGBTQIA+ community. This summer I would like to conduct some research looking into the social bonds that queer individuals have (In English, basically looking into how most friend groups with queer people in them are majority queer) and how they compare to established social bonds from other cultures. If you’d be willing to help/ give me some info on it I’d be super appreciative !!!!  I know this sounds super vague so far but I’m still waiting on approval from my University. My ask box is open and I’m more than willing to pass on my other contact info if you’d like to help conduct stuff in your city.  


[marvey week day one] -> (315) my favorite episode, aka the one where mike almost left and harvey was an emotional mess about it.

When he says “I love you” after one handjob

Parisa tagged me for this meme, which was pretty fun to think about, if a little difficult! I couldn’t even begin to take into account the hundreds of other artists, films, books, games, designers, etc. etc. that I’ve absorbed over the years, but here’s a short list of artists whom I regularly study, and have seen their work influence mine in a variety of ways. c:

Sources, clockwise from top left: x x x x x x x

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - Yufuin and Kinugawa Route (Friendship end)

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So I said I wasn’t going to translate anything else for a while but then before I knew it this was here, so I might as well post it… A lot of exaggeration and alternate translations provided because lbr in this chapter we were all mc-chan. Also the tags are ridiculous. I am so sorry for everything. I think this has already been summarized as well (sorry again for overlap!!) but I wanted to add in the bits about the rugby players and stuff because I’m a killjoy for completeness’ sake.

Today’s translation courtesy of En-chan’s ‘Ii Okusan ni… / You’ll Make A Good Wife’ from the School Life mini collection because it really showcases Ume-chan’s voice. How do I upload audio?

Yufuin: You’re making me dinner? No matter what you cook, it’ll be good. After all, you cook at home too, don’t you? You’ll make a good wife. Then, until you finish I’ll have a bit of a nap—Ah, I was joking, joking! I’m awake; don’t be mad! Is there anything I can help with?

And maybe also his ‘Suimin Yuudou Machine / Sleep-inducing Machine’ from the ‘Otanoshimi Date / Enjoyable Date’ mini collection because I like the script.

Yufuin: What are you going to buy today? Ah, that book, huh? You know, books are, in a sense, ‘sleep-inducing machines’. The moment I open up to a page I’m assailed by drowsiness. Thanks to that, I’m always battling with it during class. For some reason, I still sleep better when I’m by your side, though.

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bittyjack 13!

“recording” Eric hears the camera man say. He’s stoped fixing his hair and has turned to the dark haired hockey player in the chair opposite him. 

“Welcome back to our thrilling interview with Jack Zimmermann. So far we’ve learned that most of his childhood consisted of hockey so lets dive into personal questions.” Eric looks over at Jack and smiles. “ You’re body has attracted many new fans for your team both female and male, how do you feel about this” Eric asks.

“Well, if you’re asking if guys watching hockey just to look at me makes me uncomfortable the answer is no, people like who they like and if watching me play turns them into hockey fans I’m proud to be the reason they started watching hockey,” Jack answers in his interview voice Eric knows to well from researching his past interviews.

“I’m glad to hear that considering I appreciate your body as well” Eric chuckles and continues. “ We all know that you are a large advocate of lgbtq+ youth in sports, is there anything you’d like to say to them.” Eric questions.

“Don’t let who you are stop you from perusing what you love, be yourself and if anyone has a problem show email me and I Stanley cup winner and first openly gay NHL player will come show them what a real hockey player looks like, here’s a hint, it’s someone with dedication, not someone who hides behind insults.” Jack tells the camera in a sincere voice

The who room gasps as Jack says the world “first openly gay” and even Eric looks shocked.  “oh and before I forget, Eric want to get coffee after this interview?”


We get a pre-Bahrain Philinda sparring scene?! I will flat out die. I’ve wanted this since “We could go a few rounds…like the old days.” 

They said we’d get to see some of pre-Bahrain Melinda, and I really think we deserve it considering the amount of angst we’re gonna get with present day Philinda. 

I mean, CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Getting to see them going at each other with their ‘serious game faces’ on? Phil complimenting her moves to distract her right before he attacks? Using epic moves against each other and moving together perfectly, as if they were dancing? Melinda’s smirk and Phil’s pout as she pins him down for the 5th time? Their faces being so close we’re POSITIVE THEY’RE GONNA KISS (obviously they won’t. BUT STILL.)?? FLIRTY PHILINDA IN FULL FORCE?!

OH MY GOOD LORD, YOU GUYS. I’m so excited/apprehensive for this episode. We’re ALL gonna need therapy sessions after it. Maybe if we all go at once, they give us a discounted rate? ;) lol!

“Goodnight, Toots!”
-Dad, always*.

To all the haters/OQers/Regina stans/whatever thinking Regina is Robin’s second choice:

There, you have your answer…

so, we were asked to get a pair of plants at the beginning of season six, and i did. i don’t think this is the result they were looking for. they were practically identical when i got them. about two inches high, with pink flowers on the top. the dried-out flower stayed on the other NO GMM cactus, but not on the GMM cactus. honestly i have no words for what happened to the GMM cactus. like somewhere something went wrong for this little guy. it’s like the cosmos looked down on this cactus and said “hold on–what if we make this one ugly?” and so it was and so my cactus has a weird wrongy nub. i don’t know what this says about me or gmm or cacti but it’s probably along the lines of “seek help this is weird.”