but are they $1.00


Self indulgent edgy dads doodle before bed // Gabriel’s inaccurate height is intentional // Try to stop me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



11 boxes of “this variety” and 19 boxes of Idahoan Potatoes. 19 boxes of Idahoan Potatoes are priced at $2.53 per box. Since the other 11 of “this variety” is unknown, we shall just say it is roughly around $2.00 since instant potatoes are around $1.00-$3.00. THUS, 19 x $2.53 is 48.07, PLUS 11 x $2.00 is $22.

Now that is a BIG MOOD.

and we are very thankful

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

-A woman’s total came out to $6.32. She handed me $5.07 and waited patiently for her change. I let her know that there was $1.25 left, to which she let me know that this was the correct amount for her to receive back. Upon getting my point across, she handed me $1.00 more. Hesitantly, I pointed out the discrepancy, at which point she took the balance out of my hand and passed me a crisp ten.

-A bouncing baby with, what I suspected to be, a full diaper, showed me his talent of fitting his entire fist inside his mouth. Already, he has accomplished more in life than I could ever dream of achieving.

-When asked how she was today, a woman replied with only silence and a single thumb raised to the sky. This fleeting moment spoke volumes more than any mere words could.

-In one of the most tragic moments I have yet to witness, a jar of salsa slid out of a man’s cart and shattered into thousands of spicy shards, spraying all over his sandal-clad feet. This was not a tragedy for his loss of mild picante pleasure, nor did the sadness lie in the hot mess left for me to clean. The deeply troubling nature of the situation stemmed entirely from the squelches that accompanied each of his steps after.

-A man asked me not to bag any of his items, as he had, instead, brought along with him a large bucket.

-A five year-old girl approached my register, got up on her toes to rest her arm along the bar, and, holding up five of her little fingers, ordered as many stickers, to go. With a flick of my wrist and a wink of my eye, I served up this order, receiving only a blank expression in return. True artistes are never appreciated in their time, but I will never give up the Craft of Flair.

-I handed a child a sticker. His mother prompted him to thank me. When he did not, his mother revoked his sticker privilege and insisted that he say his thanks. Instead, he turned to me, looked directly into my eyes, and said, “Voodoo.” I deeply wish she had just let him keep the sticker. Another curse is the last thing I need right now.

-I saw a man in his eighties walk into the airlock at the store’s entrance, perch himself upon a motorized cart, and drift swiftly to sleep. I want this man to take me under his wing and teach me, as I could never achieve such sound slumber so speedily in such a trafficked place, but I know that I can never ask him as much. That would involve waking him up, and that simply will not do.

-I watched a young boy walk up to my lane, brandishing a pixelated sword from Minecraft and a Peter Quill mask from Guardians of the Galaxy. He asked me if I could ring up his aforementioned “Star Wars toys”, and after a brief pause, if I had heard of that new movie about the galaxy guards. When I told him that I had, he informed me that he was, in fact, the guy from that. Naturally, I was starstruck and asked him for more details. This rare celeb sighting was sadly cut short, as Star-Lord’s dad leaned over my counter, stole my hand sanitizer, and demanded to know what exactly was with these credit card chips he kept hearing about everywhere.

-A newborn child, scarcely two months-old, rolled through my lane and, in the moments that followed, changed my life. I smiled. She giggled. I waved my hand. She waved her foot. I stuck my tongue out. She waved both her feet. This is now, and will forever be, our secret handshake.

💰✨Broke Witch Tips✨💰
  • Wal-Mart has incense sticks/cones in packs of 40 for 84¢ and a standard wood burners for 84¢ as well. Add the cost of a lighter and you can now cleanse anything for less than $4.00
  • If you want to get a little fancier, Wal-Mart also has decorative incense stick holders and cone covers from $4-$10 I have a flower blossom stick holder I got for $5 that not only looks adorable but comes with quite a bit of incense in the set
  • Around back to school time, notebooks are very cheap-for my first/rough draft grimoire I got a pretty pink composition notebook for 50¢ and a pack of pens for $1.00-use this to record all the information you want to put in your final draft grimoire here (and honestly it’s great to have just a little book that I don’t care if it gets battered up)
  • Like pasta? Save your sauce jars, wash them out well, and BOOM-spell jars.  I’ve been living off shells with Alfredo sauce and I’m saving up tons and tons of jars
  • DOLLAR STORES-literally most of my witchy stuff I got at my local dollar store. Dollar stores are the absolute best for finding candles. They have tall candles, short candles, tea candles, votive candles, scented candles, unscented candles, LED candles, candle holders, you name it, dollar stores have it. So far from my local dollar store I’ve gotten
    • 3 tall, unscented candles in glass jars (1 white, 1 yellow and 1 blue)
    • a 16 PACK of unscented tea candles. that’s right, SIXTEEN. for a DOLLAR. that’s less than 10¢ a candle
    • a really adorable holder for said tea candles
    • a 2 pack of white, unscented taper candles
    • a medium sized LED candle (batteries were included in this one, but that was the only one I could find with batteries included, however most dollar stores also sell batteries)
  • Don’t have the space for a big tabletop altar (also for closeted witches)? a tin of mints is around $2.50 and, empty of mints, makes a great tiny, hide-able altar space. it fits conveniently in a purse or bag and won’t arouse suspicion. Tape sigils to the inside, spell recipes on tiny cards, chants, a tea light and a lighter, the possibilities are endless
  • follow crystal shops on Instagram, a lot of crystal shops will have ‘flash sales’ on social media, so you can scoop up great crystals for a good price

Happy Valentines day everyone! I’m proud to announce that my scifi romance novella Rocket Romance is available for pre-order today on Amazon

I have a goal that I’m trying to achieve with my novella. I want to break into the top 100 ranking of the romance science fiction sub category on Amazon.

My book only cost $1.00 even if you cant buy it sharing this post will be a big help! Thank you!

so you want to make an amv?

Hello, everyone! As some of you may know, I make amvs or little video edits for BH6 from time to time. While video edits aren’t necessarily the most popular form of creating for this movie (or upcoming show…who knows??), there are still some people out there who might be interested in making videos. This tutorial is mainly for @princess-kidatheart17 but if anyone else is interested in this post, I hope it helped! 

The following tutorial are just the basics to Movie Studio Platinum (a form of Sony Vegas). 

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Patreon Changes Processing Fees

The following is the email myself and other patreon creators received this afternoon: 


I’m also copy/pasting my post I made to my patrons to keep them in the loop of upcoming changes, and my feelings about them.

Hey guys! If you’ve been on twitter today or are yourself a creator on Patreon, you may have noticed that Patreon is changing the way they are handling processing fees. 

In the past, creators took the full brunt of the processing fees, resulting in us getting around 80-90% of what our patrons pledge to us. Patreon announced to its creators today that this was going to change, in the form of putting some of the onus of processing fees on patrons (to be exact: 2.9% and 35 cents PER PLEDGE) and giving creators a 95% cut of the pie instead.

The way it looks now is: patron pledges $1.00, pays $1.00, I get between 80 and 90 cents. 

Starting on December 18th, it’ll go a little bit like this: patron pledges $1.00, pays $1.38, I get 95 cents. 

 This isn’t a situation that I’m happy with at all–I really don’t want you guys being charged extra for the same content. I was happy taking the processing fee myself, as this is a service I’m using. 

Patreon will tell you creators didn’t like not knowing exactly how much they were getting each month, but for me, that’s the nature of the platform anyway. Also, my Canadian ass doesn’t know the daily conversion rate of my dollar, I’ve got no idea what I’m getting monthly, but I do know it helps me.

This especially hurts folks who, like I do, pledge to many different patreon campaigns at low tiers. And it hurts folks who are on a budget. Maybe you have $5 in your monthly budget to toss at patreon, so you’re on 5 campaigns. Now you can swing 3. 

The way I see it, both patrons and creators are losing here.I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, you should be getting an email tomorrow about the changes from Patreon, but I know how it is. And I want you to take care of you first. 

If you’ve gotta drop for the time being, or for good, please don’t feel bad about it. There’s no ill will here, just frustration at a platform that seems to make huge and sweeping decisions without considering their userbase.

I wanna thank you for being so generous as to give anything at all, patreon does me a lot of good and I genuinely appreciate every one of you. 

Things For Sick Little Ones

The weather’s getting colder, which means flu season is coming!  We’re going to have a lot of sick little ones, so make sure to prepare in advance, in case you get sick. 

Note: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. If you buy something, Amazon gives me a small percent of the sale.

1) Sore Throat Lolipops

Cough drops are a pain, and don’t taste very good. But good news! You can get some yummy lolis to soothe your sore throat. 

Honey Flavor $6.73

Strawberry Flavor $12.05 

or if you want different flavor cough drops, there’s Blue Raspberry cough drops.

2) Air Humidifiers

Dry air can make sore throats hurt more. Air humidifiers help moisten the air, which helps with sore throats and congestion. You can even add a few drops of peppermint oil to really knock out that congestion!

Fish Tank Air Humidifier $14.99

Mushroom Air Humidifier $8.50 + $1.66 Shipping

Turtle Air Humidifier $9.99 + $1.00 Shipping

3) Aromatherapy Stuffies

These stuffies can be microwaved! They have a soothing lavender scent when you warm them. you can put them on your chest to help with congestion. You can also use them for cramps, sore muscles, or cuddle them to help with stress & anxiety. You can even put them in a plastic bag and freeze them if you need a cold pack! 

I’ve included a lot of links for this one, so you can find one you like ❤

Bunny $11.99  Elephant $22.95   Panda $21.29   Sheep $14.13  Fox $19.14

Piggy $18.99   Lion $19.88   Purple Teddy $14.99    Unicorn $21.95  

Dinosaur $20.49  Hippo $18.49    Puppy $11.28       Kitty 11.99

Froggy $19.40  Penguin $22.00   Giraffe $18.50    Hedgehog 11.99

Dark Brown Teddy $18.40   Sparkly Pink Unicorn $25.00    Horse 11.90

Sheep Wrap $19.99   Horse Wrap $21.95

4) Pacifier Thermometer

You can enjoy being little even when you’re sick! A paci thermometer is the only way a little should have their temperature taken.

Pacifier Thermometer $7.99

5) Tissues & Tissue Box Covers

Runny noses are no fun. Even worse are runny noses with raw skin from tissues. Tissues with lotion can help prevent chapped noses. 

4 Boxes of Soft Tissues with Soothing Lotion $8.59

Maybe being sick can be a little bit fun. Tissue box covers are super cute. A little cute decoration can bring out your little side and help you feel better.

Plush Doggy Tissue Box Cover $15.89

Hello Kitty Tissue Box Cover $7.90

Pink Bunny Plush Hanging Tissue Box Cover $6.16

Teddy Bear on Sofa Unique Tissue Box Cover $12.00

My Neighbor Totoro Tissue Box Cover $17.99

6) Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Hand Wipes

If you’re trying to avoid getting sick, it’s important to keep your hands clean! 

4 Cute Packages of 20 Babyganics Hand Wipes $7.56

3 Scented Hand Sanitizers (Doc McStuffins, Disney Princess, & Minne Mouse Theme) $9.79

3 Scented Hand Sanitizers (Spiderman, Disney’s Cars, & Jake and The Neverland Pirates) $12.99

7) Freeze Pops

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re sick, but you’re probably not feeling up to guzzling water. Freezer pops are a yummy way to get your liquids.

100-Pack Freeze Pops $11.73

Or make your own pacifier freezer pops! $8.77

8) Warm Blankets

Fevers can make you feel hot, but sometimes, they can also give you chills. If you get chills, then your body is trying to raise it’s temperature to fight your illness. To help your body out and to make yourself more comfortable, you can wrap yourself up in an extra blanket. For extra warms, you can eve put your blanket in the dryer for a few minutes.

You’ll want a 45x60 or larger blanket. Anything less is too small for a teen/adult, unless you only want it to cover part of your body.

Frozen Elsa & Anna $14.95  Disney Princess $15.99   Disney Princess $14.99 

Stitch $14.98   The Good Dinosaur $13.95   Finding Dory $12.99   Cars $14.99

Justice League$14.95   Batman $15.19   Spiderman $14.21   Paw Patrol $18.98

Peppa Pig Blanket $15.45   My Little Pony $17.99   Dora the Explorer $11.95

Pokemon Pikachu $9.99   Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, & Pikachu $13.00

9) Baby Vicks

Regular Vicks has a strong, stinging smell, but the baby kind isn’t so overwhelming. It’ll help clear up your congestion without burning your nostrils.

Vicks Baby Rub $7.79

All prices above are valid as of 09/12/2017 01:22. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Intan Menyusu Ku

Peristiwa ini berlaku semasa aku bekerja dengan sebuah badan kerajaan. Ia menjadi kenangan paling bermakna buat aku.

Ceritanya bergini, Intan adalah pekerja setempat dengan aku bekerja. Dia nie dah berkahwin anak dah 3 orang, anak yang pertama berumur 10 tahun yang kedua 8 tahun dan yang ketiga 8 bulan, tapi body dia fuhh….. memang mengancam. Yang aku tahu dia nie selalu pergi kelas senamrobik di luar selepas waktu kerja mungkin sebab itu body dia mengancam. Yang aku tak leh tahan tu bahagian dadanya yang tersembul gebu tu bagaikan gunung kinabalu. Teteknya tak lah besar sangat tapi dia punya tegap tu yang membuatkan aku hilang fikiran kejap. Dia nie pakai tudung skaf memang lemah lembut orangnya dan peramah. Ramai yang mana tak tahu dia nie dah khawin tergilakan dia, bukan padang wajahnya tapi pada potongan badannya dan dadanya itu khasnya.

Satu hari nak terjadi kisah pejabat kami hendak berpindah tempat aku dan intan sama-sama mengemas di dalam bilik stor untuk dibungkus dan dibawa pindah. Hari tu dia pakai kebaya yang membuka dada mulanya aku dah memang geram dah kat tetek dia tu sampai aku mengemas pun tak tentu arah. Intan dan aku duduk dilantai sambil mengemas kemudian dia menyuruh aku mengambil kertas yang berada di atas kabinet di belakang ku aku pun berdiri untuk mengambil kertas yang disuruhnya itu. Apabila aku berdiri aku terpandang teteknya yang masak ranum dan tegap itu di sebalik baju kebayanya bebungkus coli berwarna putih. Fuh…. memang class…. macam anak dara punya… lah aku terpaku kerana ini pertama kali aku melihat teteknya yang ku idamkan itu.

Dalam hati aku berkata “Kalau aku dapat aku ramas sampai puas”.Kemudian dia mengangkat kepalanya memandang aku sambil bertanya “mana kertasnya”, aku terperanjat dan buat tak tahu je tapi aku rasa dia tahu yang aku melihat dadanya kerana dia selepas itu menutup bahagian dadanya dengan kain tudungnya.

Apabila telah habis mengemas jam menunjukan pukul 1.00 tgh masa untuk rehat. Aku bertanya pada “intan nak keluar makan tak” dia kata “tak naklah” sebab dia nak baring kat stor sebab penat. Aku pun terus keluar dari stor itu. Sampai diluar aku terasa yang aku tertinggal barang iaitu kunci motor.

Akupun masuk ke stor semula dan akau lihat intan dah berbaring di atas lantai beralaskan kotak yang telah dibuka menjadi lebar. Aku terhenti langkah di hadap pintu yang aku buka hanya separuh hanya kepalaku yang terhulur. Alangkah indahnya pemandangan yang aku lihat di saat itu.

Sepasang gunung yang tegap berada di hadapan aku. Masa itu Intan baring melentang dan terserlahlah teteknya yang aku idamkan itu. Pelahan-lahan aku masuk ke arahnya untuk melihat lebih dekat lagi. Apabila aku berada dekat dengannya aku pun duduk sama dengan teteknya. Sambil aku tatap puas-puas, nak pegang takut dia sedar.Lama juga aku menatap teteknya itu hampir 10 minit juga. Kerana takut dia sedar aku pun ambil keputusan untuk beredar.

Semasa aku hendak bangun dia dah sedar dan dia terperanjat melihat aku berhampiran dengannya. Dia bertanya pada aku “Kau buat apa”. Aku dengan panik menjawab “Tak ada apa kak intan aku cuma….. dia menyampuk "cuma apa kau nak rogol aku ke?”. Aku bertambah panik bila dia cakap aku nak rogol dia. “Baik kau cakap kau buat apa tadi, Kalau tidak aku beritahu orang pejabat” dia bertanya. Aku pun tak ada pilihan lain aku berterus terang dengannya yang aku hanya memandang teteknya yang tegap itu. “Apa !!!” dia menengking aku. “Aku tak buat apa-apa aku cuma lihat aje siapa tak geram tengok tetek kau macam tu” dengan berani aku berterus terang. Dia terdiam sambil tunduk. Lama juga dia tunduk dan terus pergi.

Di pejabat kami buat tak tahu aje macam tak ada apa yang berlaku. Semasa hendak pulang dia memberi mesej pada aku dengan menulis sekeping kertas menyuruh aku berjumpanya di tingkat 4. Setahu aku tu tingkat tu tak ada orang selepas waktu kerja nie dan sunyi pulak tu. Tapi aku tak kisahlah mungkin dia ada hal dengan aku mungkin pasal peristiwa tadi.

Aku pun terus menaiki lif untuk ke tingkat 4. Disana aku dapati tiada orang cuma lampu aje terpasang. Aku terus berjalan melalui lorong di situ. Tiba-tiba pintu sebuah bilik terbuka dan aku lihat Intan berada di situ sambil melambai aku. Aku menuju ke arahnya sambil tertanya-tanya apa dia mahukan. Sampai berdekatan dengannya dia menarik aku masuk ke bilik itu aku lihat bilik tersebut kosong tiada barang kecuali kotak lama. Aku bertanya kepadanya kenapa panggil aku ke sini. dia kata disini tiada orang.

“ Tadi kau kata kau geramkan kat tetek aku, sekarang aku nak beri kau rasa nak tak?”. Aku terperanjat “Apa….Intan nak beri tetek intan untuk saya rasa, betul ke nie?” aku bertanya dengan senyuman. “Betul” dengan serius dia menjawab. “Nak tak, kalau tak nak intan pergi”, sambil melangkah ke pintu keluar. Apa lagi aku dengan rakusnya terus menangkapnya di bahagian dadanya sambil meramas tetek yang aku idamkan itu selepas dia melepasi bahu aku.

Dia merengek manja kerana teteknya diramas. Aku rasa nikmat tak terhingga apabila dapat meramas tetek yang aku idamkan selama ini berada didalam genggaman aku. Tiba-tiba aku rasa tangan aku basah dan membasahi bajunya aku berhenti meramas dan bertanya kepadanya “ apa nie intan”. Dia tersenyum dan berkata “Inilah susu saya untuk menyusukan anak saya, kalau nak hisaplah”.

Aku dengan rakusnya membuka baju intan, satu persatu butang bajunya aku buka apabila semuanya terbuka aku selak colinya dia merengek sekejap. “Hisaplah….” dengan nada manja. Mulanya aku teragak-agak nak melakukannya tapi dia menarik kepala aku rapat ke teteknya dan dia sumbat puting teteknya kemulut aku sambil menyuruh aku menghisap putingnya. Aku pun menghisap teteknya dengan pelahan dan aku rasakan satu air yang panas memasuki mulut aku rasanya tawar walau bagaimanapun aku menghisapnya juga.

Lama-lama aku naik syok dengan perbuatan tersebut lalu aku menghisap teteknya seperti aku menghisap air kotak. Dia merengek manja ini membuatkan nafsu aku naik. lalu aku angkat intan dan baringkanya di atas lantai. Dia merelakan apa yang aku lakukan. Hampir 20 minit aku melakukannya akhirnya dia bersuara yang teteknya dah kering susu dia menyuruh aku berubah ke sebelah lagi. Aku pun dengan tidak membuang masa terus berubah ke gunung sebelah dan menghisapnya seperti tadi. Setelah aku ras perut aku penuh dengan air aku berhenti dan bangun.

Aku rasa nafsu aku memuncak lagi apabila aku lihat teteknya yang aku hisap tadi dan aku mengulangi kembali meramas teteknya dengan kuat sekali lebih kuat dari mula dan dia merengek manja tanda kesedapan. Aku turunkan kepala aku ke mukanya tapi dia mengelak dan berkata “kau kata nak rasa tetek aku sahaja sekarang kau dah dapat sudahlah….ah…ah…”, sambil merengek kesedapan kesedapan apabila aku meramas teteknya itu. Aku kata yang aku tak puas dengan kelakuan tadi, jadi aku nak rasa seluruh tubuh montoknya itu.

Dia terperanjat dan berusaha untuk melepaskan diri dari pelukan aku. Tapi aku menahan perlakuannya itu dan terus mengomoli badannya dengan ganas sekali. Dia menjerit tapi aku tak endahkannya. Aku terus mencium mulutnya supaya dia tak menjerit lagi. Lam juga aku cium dia hingga dia betul-betul seronok dengan ciuman aku itu lidahnya aku hisap dan sekali sekala aku gigit lidahnya kerana terlalu seronok dengan ciuman itu.

Setelah hampir 5 minit aku mencium bibirnya yang gebu itu aku melepaskannya dengan pelahan sambil tangan aku masih lagi meramas pada teteknya yang menjadi kegeraman aku tu. “Ahhhh….ssss…..” dia merengek manja.Pelahan-lahan aku menanggalkan baju kebaya biru yang dipakainya mulanya dia melawan tapi aku paksa juga membuka bajunya itu lama kelamaan dia membiarkan sahaja perlakuan aku itu.

Sekarang hanya tinggal colinya sahaja yang terbuka kerana aku hisap tadi. Aku mengangkat badannya sedikit agar dapat aku membuka pin coli di belakangnya. Dan sekarang tiada apa yang tinggal di badannya dan aku lihat badannya yang putih gebu itu di hadapan mata aku dan menanti untuk aku menjamahnya. Dalam hati aku “Hari ini akan aku jadikan makanan kenduri aku”.

Coli yang aku buka tadi aku campakkan ke atas bahagian kepalanya. Nafsu aku semakin menjadi-jadi, pertama sekali aku mencium bahagian lehernya yang memang putih gebu itu dan sekali-sekali aku menggigit lehernya. Dia hanya mampu merengek manja sambil tangan aku masih lagi meramas teteknya yang gebu itu. Aku dah bertekad takkan lepaskan tetek dia dari ramasan aku kerana ianya terlalu sedap bila aku meramasnya.

Lehernya memang cantik aku jilat sampai basah lehernya. Apabila puas aku jilat lehernya aku menurunkan tangan aku ke bahagian bawah dan membuka kain yang dipakai dia melawan tapi aku mendesak juga dia merayu pada aku supaya tidak melakukannya namaun aku tidak hiraukannya dia tak boleh berbuat apa-apa kecuali merengek manja. selepas terbuka butang kainnya aku memesukan tangan aku ke dalam kainnya dan meramas kemaluannya….. fuuhhhhhh terasa kemaluannya tembam sekali. Aku menjadi semakin ganas kain yang dipakainya aku londehkan ke bawah… kini dia hanya tinggal seluar dalam sahaja yang berwarna merah jambu ini lagi membuat aku ghairah.

Tanpa membuat masa aku terus menyembam kan muka aku ke kemaluannya dan menggosok hidung aku di kemaluannya baunya agak hamis tapi itu belakang cerita… dia hanya merenggek manja sambil terangkat-angkat kepalannya.. kerana kesedapan. Aku bertambah ghairah apabila dia berkelakuan demikian, dan aku terus membuka seluar dalamnya dan terserlahlah kemaluannya yang berbulu agak nipis itu terus aku masukan lidah di celah-celah kemaluannya. Kali ini agak kuat juga rengekkannya dan dia merayu agar aku berhentikan kelakuan aku itu terhadap kemaluannya.

Aku tidak menghiraukan rayuannya itu terus aku menjilati kemaluannya seperti aku menjilat sisa makanan yang lazat sekali. Dia tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa kecuali sesekali dia mengangkat bahagian bawah badannya itu kerana kegelian agaknya. Setelah hampir 5 mini aku menjamah kemaluannya itu aku berhenti dan kali ini dia hendak bangun tapi aku tidak membenarkannya kerana aku hendak memulakan aksi seterusnay iaitu memasukan batang yang lama kehausan kemaluan wanita ini.

Aku mengangkat kedua belah kakinya ke atas dan terserlahlah kemaluannya yang lazat itu dan memudahkan aaku memasukan batang aku yang saiznya agak besar juga (saiz orang asia)kedalam kemaluannya. Dia cuba meronta untuk melepaskan diri, kali ini aku bertindak lebih kasar kepadanya. Dia merayu agar aku melepaskannya, tapi aku tidak menghiraukannya. Dengan satu hentakan saja batang aku telah masuk semua kedalam kemaluannya dia menjerit seketika apabila batang aku terbenam kedalam kemaluannya.

Aku tersenyum kesedapan apabila batang aku berada didalam kemaluannya. Air matanya mengalir tanda menyesal tapi aku tersenyum kesedapan. “Tak sangka kau intan mempunyai kemaluan yang masih ketat lagi” kata aku. Dia tidak bersuara hanya mengelengkan kepalanya kekiri da kanan aku terus menarik batang aku dan menyodoknya kembali seperti oang menarik papan dan menyorongnya kembali. Intan berdesis kesedapan dan aku teruskan dayungan aku itu. Tangan aku masih lagi di teteknya sambil meramas-ramas manja. Iantan sudah menjadi tidak tentu arah kadang-kadang badannya terjungkit naik apabila aku benamkan batang aku dengan ganas sekali kedalam kemaluannya.

Hampir 20 minit aku menyorong tarik batang aku di dalam kemaluannya dan tiba masanya aku hendak pancutkan air mani aku, tapi aku berhenti sekejap dan berkata pada Intan “Intan kemaluan kua masi ketat walaupun anak dah 3 orang ini membuatkan aku rasa tak puas kalau aku pancut sekarang jadi sekarang aku berhenti sekejap untuk berehat”. Masa berehat itu batang aku masih didalam kemaluan intan. Sambil aku berehat itu aku sempat menghisap teteknya yang berisi susu itu selama lima minit. Selepas itu aku maneruskan sisa perjuangan aku semula sehingga penghabisan.

Setelah 15 minit aku melakukan terhadapnya tiba masanya aku memancut semua air mani aku ke dalam kemaluannya. Dia hanya berdesis kesedapan apabila air mani aku bertakung didalam kemaluannya. Aku menghembuskan nafas kelegaan. Dia memejamkan matanya sambil bibirnya terkumat-kamit seperti membaca sesuatu.

Selesai saja kami berdua berpelukan untuk menghilangkan rasa letih kami. Intan kemudiannya bangun dan mencapai pakaiannya yang berterabur diatas lantai. Aku terus mencapai baju akau dan memakainya semula. Sewaktu mamakai baju kami sempat lagi berbual-bual dia bertanya pada akua adakah aku puas sekarang aku kata kalau ikutkan hati belum tapi ini dah cukup untuk memenuhi pintaan batang aku ini. Dia hanya tersenyum. Kami pun beredar dari bilik tersebut sambil aku masih lagi meramas teteknya sewaktu berjalan menuju ke lif.

Aku tak akan lupakan kegebuan tetek intan ini.

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What is your worth as an INTP?

Add up all that applies to you:

$2.00 – You love to read (books, articles, stories, etc.)
$2.00 – You love to write.
$4.00 – You are uncomfortable with small talk.
$1.00 – “What is breakfast?”
$10.00 – You had/have straight A grades in school.
$6.00 – You are competitive af.
$8.00 – You almost take pride in being called an emotionless robot.
$3.00 – You are kind of a loner.
$1.00 – You prefer cats over dogs.
$5.00 – You are obsessed with MBTI.
$4.00 – You collect a lot of weird/unusual things.
$3.00 – Your room is kind of messy.
$4.00 – Your desk is even worse.
$6.00 – You can’t even see your desk.
$4.00 – You have a chair on which you drape the clothes you decide to not wear.
$3.00 – You impulse buy (checkout lanes with candy are especially dangerous).
$8.00 – Your favorite subject is math or chemistry.
$10.00 – Something must be terribly wrong for you to cry in front of someone.
$3.00 – You could sleep for three days straight if you were allowed to do so.
$7.00 – But you can still function perfectly with just 2 hours of sleep.
$10.00 – In relationships, you either care too much or not at all.
$8.00 – You have been called a nerd/geek countless times.
$0.50 – You have a speech impediment.
$4.00 – You are awful with names.
$10.00 – But you can pull the most random facts out of your butt at any given time.
$3.00 – You play video games.
$10.00 – You have a dream job, but lack the drive to pursue it.
$7.00 – You have memorized the location of every country on the map.
$7.00 – You have memorized all or most of the periodic table.
$10.00 – You have attempted (successfully or not) to learn an entire language for fun.
$3.00 – You ask Google so. many. questions.
$10.00 – IQ tests are fun!
$2.50 – You consider yourself self-conscious or insecure. 
$2.00  – You would rather live in the city than the country.
$4.00 – You’ve been called insensitive.
$5.00 – You’re actually a huge goofball.
$10.00 – You’re procrastinating from doing something right this second.

Deductions – Subtract these if:

-$10.00 – Your favorite subject is history.
-$10.00 – You aren’t afraid to sing in front of people.
-$10.00 – You love theatre/arts.
-$10.00 – You are a manager/boss at your workplace.
-$10.00 – You love Christmas music.
-$10.00 – You have more than three VERY close friends.
-$10.00 – You work in a social setting or with a lot of people.
-$10.00 – Misspellings and bad grammar don’t bother you.
-$10.00 – You love the beach.
-$10.00 – You are not particularly interested in space/astronomy.

If you get $200, you’re as pure as they come.
Reblog your worth and tag your fellow INTPs!

SB Financial Advice.

Don’t wait till you get money to save it. 

I’m building a habit of going the savings bank with change. If you have a dollar put the dollar in the account. Be proud of that dollar, build a habit. That constant depositing $1.00 will eventually be $10.00 + including interest. 

I’m sharing gems because, you see a lot of Sugar Baby Allowance on Tumblr but they never have enough money when the arrangement ends? Discipline yourself. I’m 24 and I’m DEBT FREE. I’ll say this again I’m DEBT FREE. When I had a job for my first degree, I wasn’t that smart with my finances. I shopped whenever I had a check. I graduated and received the bill for loan repayment fees. I paid towards the principal. If it was $50/month I paid $75.68. I used to put change amount so whenever it was a new month I went to my piggy bank my checking account or my mother would add $200 here or there. Paying towards the principal decreases the interest. 

I don’t own a credit card…not until I graduate. I go to school full-time and do freelance work. That’s not consistent for credit card payments. Once I receive my salary job, I will open a credit card account and automate my payments. 

Here’s a secret

Mr. B is in the banking industry, Mr. J is in the marketing industry. Guess what they are always talking about? Their job! Who you do you think I’m going to do mock interviews with me? Who do you think loves giving financial advice and wants his allowance to be properly used? Guess who is going to help me with my 30 second pitch? Allowance, salary and residual from the LLC. 

I’m getting funding to be that b**tch. To be that young black woman who manages a department in a corporation with a LLC on the side. 


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