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Reita and Aoi talking about dreams they’ve had (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita: Ring-name, “I am searching for the meaning of my single eyelids.” Good luck in your search.

(Aoi gigglin)

Reita: I have double eyelids so this has nothing to do with me. “Reita-san, Aoi-san, happy new year. On this month’s theme of Dreams, this is a dream I had on New Year’s Eve. I remember it vividly, and I thought it was interesting so I decided to write you. I dreamt that I met Kai-san on a tropical island somewhere, and we got married.”

(Aoi makes laugh/throat-clearing hybrid noise) 

Reita: “Then, I realize that I do not have much longer left to live, and I enter a coffin while I’m still alive like the Buddha.” (did buddha do this idk) “Then my husband Kai starts hitting mokugyo [wooden blocks in a temple] together and chanting.” (i think this is some buddhist ceremony i’m sorry i don’t know shit lol) “And that’s when I woke up. I’ve had lots of dreams about going to the GazettE’s lives, but this was the first time that only one of you was in the dream. And also the fact that this was the last dream I had in 2016 – not so much the part with Kai but that I died – I’m kinda worried it’s some sort of omen.”

(both chucklin)

Aoi: I see.  

Reita: I can totally picture him hitting the mokugyo together

Aoi: Right?? But I wonder if they were actually mokugyo

Reita: (chucklin) Do you ever have weird dreams like this?

Aoi: Hmm….not really? 

Reita: Then how about this, do you remember the first dream you had this year?

Aoi: I………..I haven’t had any dreams recently tbh.  

Reita: Ah, you’re sleeping well! (laughs)

Aoi: Yeh (gigglin) Have you had any dreams this year?

Reita: I have, but they’re too weird to talk about on the radio. 

Aoi: Ahhhhh

Reita: Yeeeeeah

(both Ojisan Chuckle)

Reita: But do you ever have dreams like before a live where you mess up? 

Aoi: Only once.

Reita: Oh really!?

Aoi: Yeah, I dreamed once that it was time to go out on stage but my makeup wasn’t finished yet – just once tho.

(r u KIDDING me ALL of u come out w no makeup thats a good ass dream imo)

Reita: How did you feel?

Aoi: I was panicking so much.

Reita: Right? 

Aoi: But it was only once – you have dreams like that all the time, don’t you.

Reita: Yeah, I do – so what, does that mean like you don’t get nervous [before a live]? You don’t worry at all? 

Aoi: I guess I just don’t really look forward to them?

(both laugh)

Reita: Oh so that’s what it is ok (laughs) I see…but those dreams are so real when I have them

Aoi: Omg right???

Reita: Yeh…..

Aoi: Damn……

Reita: For real……

Aoi: Yeah……

Reita: I dreamed that Ruki’s like “okay guys listen to this new song,” and Kai does a count-in, and everyone just starts playing it and I’m like,,,, tf I don’t know this song??????

(Aoi laughing very much)

Reita: Like it seems so real 

Aoi: That would be so funny if we pranked u 

Reita: I’d be like : - O 

(Aoi still laughing) 

Reita: You know how like recently on tour when it’s someone birthday we’ll do the whole surprise thing with the cake and stuff…we always kinda do it the same way you know?

Aoi: Mhm.

Reita: I wanna try doing something more elaborate.

Aoi: Yeah…

Reita: But then we have to practice (laughs) I don’t wanna have to do that (laughs) Anyway do you ever have scary dreams?

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: Like, what kind, gho-

Aoi: Ghosts. Ghosts.

(Reita laughing) 

Aoi: Obviously ghosts. 

Reita: You hate ghosts don’t you

Aoi: I hate them. If you say you’re scared u become a ghost (???????)

Reita: (still laughing) Oh really!? …I haven’t had any ghost dreams recently. 

Aoi: Oh really?

Reita: Yeah – I’ll have dreams where I’m like getting chased or something though, that kinda scary dream. 

Aoi: Ahhh, well that’s kind of a ghost dream.

Reita: (laughing) No I’m getting chased by people.

  • I: (About their instrument parts in the GazettE songs) Practically, when Ruki-san handed out the song he made, then without thinking that much about your own parts you thought about the style you want to do the song with. First of all you solidify the demo, then when everyone was about to play the song, (have there been) situations when a member said, “Isn’t this part difficult?”
  • Ru: Aaah..
  • I: When there’s such situation, what will you do?
  • G: Hmmmmmm.
  • U: Well, occasionally there are times like that. But the difficulty is different for each part. Sometimes it’s like we don’t know when we should play a certain phrase.
  • I: Yes, yes. *laughs*
  • U: Reading everyone’s mind is the difficult part.
  • I: in that situation, how do you do your own part?
  • U: Ah. Based on the feeling after we listened to it, when someone says, “So it’s played like this?” everyone will do it in different way, and at such time it will be scattered. That’s the most difficult part. It will be like, “Ah, so it was like that.”
  • Ru: Reita is a lot different.
  • Re: YOU, it’s not like that this time.
  • I: *laughs*
  • Ru: Reita is difficult to direct.
  • I: *laughs*
  • Re: It’s the truth!
  • U: For the intro, for example, if you just sing it to him he really won’t be able to go along.
  • A: Isn’t it because of your singing? Ah, but you’re good at singing, I’m sorry.
  • Re: Hoi, everyone is there in front of us right now..
  • *roars of laughter*
  • Re: Please don’t say that.
Speak your language day!

Lmao sorry I won’t translate this later:

Yo soy del norte de México y obviamente hablo español. Tuve que mudarme a Montreal, Quebec, a los 3 o 4 años aproximadamente; es el único estado de Canadá que habla francés y recuerdo muy bien que mis papá (con el poco francés que tenía) le preguntó a mi directora al intentar inscribirme al preescolar que cómo debía de aprender a hablar francés, que ya me estaban empezando a hablar en francés en la casa para que me fuese acostumbrando. La directora le dijo que no hiciera eso, que de ser necesario me lo enseñarían en la escuela puesto que el 90% de los niños que ingresaban venían como inmigrantes por lo que no todos sabían el francés y dijo “usted háblale en español, no queremos que olvide su lengua materna porque eso no es lo que queremos, está pequeña por lo que aprender un segundo idioma será más sencillo si le hablan en español en su casa y francés en la escuela.” Y así empezaron, aprendí el francés más rápido que mis papás y hermana (con todo y acento). No obstante, los cuatro ya nos habíamos acostumbrado al francés por lo que en la casa empezamos a hablarlo como si fuese algo normal. Cuando me regresé a México, había olvidado el español parcialmente. Lo digo en serio, olvidé mi lengua materna a los 6 años. Cuando entré a la primaria me hacían bromas por hablar francés y no el español, me sentí avergonzada de eso y se me borró casi por completo el francés, es extraño pero verdad.
A lo que voy con esto es que es impresionante cómo en Canadá le pedían a mis papás que no me enseñaran el francés para que no olvidará mi lengua materna. A diferencia de EUA que te piden que no lo hables si quiera porque te ven feo. En Montreal era común ver gente de India, Perú, Vietnam y muchos otros países y culturas y diferentes idiomas, y eso no era malo porque me enseñó a convivir con personas diferentes a mi y al mismo sentirme identificada con esas personas, logré aceptarlas y respetarlas porque estaban en la misma situación que yo.
No hay que olvidar de dónde venimos porque eso forma parte de nosotros. El español forma parte de mi, ser mexicana forma parte de mi, tal vez por eso mismo soy muy sarcástica y digo muchas maldiciones o cosas así; pero no es algo de lo que le avergüenzo y nadie debería.

anonymous asked:

hcs for s/o and my precious doughnut waifu (asahina) seeing as her birthday is right around the corner? thanks in advance

Precious doughnut child

Request: Aoi Asahina & S/O Birthday Headcanons

- You went for the healthy breakfast option today


- After eating a whole box, you grin at her

- “Get dressed okay?”

- You exit the room and sneakily put pre-prepared bags into the car before quickly returning to the kitchen

- Once she’s finally done you smile and lead her to the car

- “Oooh! Where are we going?”

- “Not telling~”

- She pouts at you and keeps asking you for a solid 20 minutes before finally giving up

- “You’ll find out soon!”

- She just stares out the window (Probably still trying to figure out where you’re taking her)

- You keep driving a bit more and that’s when she sees the sign

- “EEEEEEEEP! We’re going to the water park! THE WATER PARK!”

- You let out a little laugh as she happily jumps in her chair

- “But… Wait… I don’t have my costume…”

- You simply reply with a wink

- “No way! You’re so prepared!”

- The rest of the day is spent by you being dragged to every attraction (and looking for her seeing as she tends to run off a lot)