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I don't understand why everyone headcanons Sammy as a smoker. He's a singer and the music head, I feel like even if they didn't know that smoking would wreck you back then, he wouldn't do it. I think he'd be really strict about smoking in the music department. If you were a singer, and he caught you smoking, run.

I feel like everyone forgets that there’s literally a “NO SMOKING“ sign hanging right on the wall in the room where Henry is held captive:

366 Days - Part Seven (Final)

Story Summary: Dean Winchester was the love of your life; and you were the love of his life. That’s why he sold his soul to save you, two years ago. By the time you and Sam had learned he’d done this, it was too late. And now with Dean gone, you and Sam were left to make it through without him. As time passes, you and Sam grow closer. But is Dean really gone forever

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this last part! And I hope you feel some things afterwards! If you’re on the 366 Days tag list and would like to be moved to another tag list - let me know and I will gladly move you! <3

Pairing: (Idk read it to find out who she chooses! ;) )

Warnings: language, adult content, a little angst, but bittersweet :)

Word Count: 1.6k


July 8th 2009 - 366 days after Dean’s death.

“If you’re gonna be mad at Sam, you have to be mad at me too.” You deadpanned.

Dean looked down to where his hand was on your knee. He was sitting close. Very close. You looked up at him and noticed he was holding back tears. As if it was second nature, you reached up and hooked a finger under his chin and pulled his face up to look at you.

“I’m not mad at you, though.” you added in a softer tone.

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He's Not Real- Part Four

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Warning: blood and a lil bit of gore

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Y/N couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t hear. Her body was ice cold and on fire while she tried to make out what Sam’s lips were saying. See him… yes, that’s what he was saying. Could she see him?

The devil grinned wickedly. She whimpered.

Y/N nodded silently, eyes wide and watering in fear. Both Sam and Dean unanimously became aware of the angel blade she held, clenched tight in her hand. They glanced at each other in concern.

“Okay, Y/N,” Sam slowly raised his hands. “I know it’s scary, but I need- Y/N, I need the knife.”

She simply shook her head and walked backwards, bumping into the wall. A sob escaped her lips when the boys tried to move closer to her.

“Sam, you don’t understand,” she whimpered, sobbing into her hand as she struggled to push herself closer into the corner of her room. “He’s here. He’s in here.”

A trembling hand came up to her head and gently gestured towards her head, gasping when she saw that he was standing right behind him. The angel smiled coldly before plunging a knife straight through her brother’s abdomen. She screamed faintly into her hand as blood poured out of the gash, drops splattering onto the floor. The crimson stained his shirt and traveled upwards, creating flowing rivers of red as his skin continued to be sliced open. His neck slowly was slit, blood gurgling up into his mouth when his lips formed words she could not hear. His arms were laced in webs of blood, dripping from his fingertips. Y/N could hear them as they dropped onto the floor.

“Sam…” she sobbed. He tried to step closer, but so did Lucifer. Sam stopped when she screamed, holding the knife out in front of her with trembling hands. “No! Go away!”

“Y/N,” he pleaded, putting his hands out to reassure her. “I can’t leave you alone with your knife. Just give it to me and- Y/N, no!” Sam lunged out to grab it from her. She screamed, shutting her eyes tightly.

They didn’t open when she told them to.

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Heat of the moment

It’s summer time in South Carolina, the hot July sun, brutal as it beats down from it’s perch in the sky, baking the small town of Fort Mill along with it’s residents. They’ve been here for two weeks, their dad three counties away, hunting only God knows what. Sam quit caring about a thousand miles ago. They’re both spread out on the queen size bed, clad in only their boxers, the heat from their bodies radiating in the small space between them.

The shoddy air conditioner rattles and clunks as it blows a weak stream of warm air into the room. Dean’s mouth is desert dry, lips sticking to his teeth as he tries to talk.

“Saaaammmm” he groans. “I’m fucking melting man. It’s like a hundred degrees in here.”

“I know,” his brother agrees, raising up to look at him. “I’m about to go take a cold shower.”

“That’s a good idea Sam I am.” He says slapping his brother on the leg and stands. “Go ahead and get it started, I’ll be in in a minute.”

“Wait! What?” His brother gasps, eyes huge as he stares up at Dean in confusion. “You wanna take a shower together?”

“Don’t make it weird.” Dean says with a shrug of his shoulders, like this is a perfectly normal thing for brother’s to do.

“Dude,” Sam scoffs. “It is weird.”

“Is not.” His brother defends and Sam wants to say something else but Dean’s already lost his boxers and is walking bare-assed into the bathroom.

“Oh god!” Sam swears under his breath. This is a bad idea. A really, really bad idea.

His feet feel like they’re strapped down with iron weights as he takes the few steps leading him into the bathroom. He can see his brother’s silhouette through the thin shower curtain and he swallows hard against the knot in his throat.

Pulling his boxers off and discarding them on the floor he pulls the curtain back and climbs inside. His brother’s back is turned to him, head bent under the spray and he takes in the expanse of freckled skin thats laid out against broad shoulders. Eyes following the path of Dean’s spine down to the curve of his ass and he bites the meat of his jaw and wills his dick to stay down where he feels it stirring to life.

Dean chuckles from under the spray, like he knows exactly what Sam’s doing back here, and pulls back from under the water, rubs a hand down his face and turns to look at Sam. His eyes snap up, right as his brother turns around, and Sam tries to hide his face under his shaggy, chestnut hair, hands scrambling to cover his middle.

“Don’t be shy Sam. I’ve seen everything you got. I used to change your diapers dude.”

“Yeah well,” Sam mumbles awkardly, “I’m not a little kid anymore.”

“I won’t make fun of you Sammy.” Dean promises as his hands grab his brother’s shoulders and spin him around, effectively pushing him under the cold spray.

“That’s not- I mean, I’m not.” Sam stutters, as he sucks in a suprised breath as the cold water sends a shock to his system. He wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, he also wants to cry; he does neither. Instead, he takes several deep breathes as he stands there, silent as the icy blast pelts against his skin and rolls down his back. It should be enough to kill his boner but he can feel how heavy it still hangs between his legs, refusing to go away knowing Dean’s naked body is just inches away.

“It’s almost too much at first.” Dean says from somewhere behind him. “But after you adjust to it, it feels good.”

Something in the tone of Dean’s voice makes Sam turn around, and he watches as his brother’s eyes track every single mile of his skin, not much different than what he’d done when their positions had been reversed. However, Dean’s face seems to hide no shame when his eyes shift to Sam’s, tongue flicking out to wet his lips.

The silence that hangs between them is loaded but he can’t make his mouth move, can’t clear the fog that’s seemed to settle over him.

He lets his eyes continue their path down dean’s stomach, resting on the patch of hair between his legs, and there’s no mistaking how hard Dean is, except he isn’t trying to hide it like Sam is.

He slowly removes his hands from where they’re resting and watches as his brother follows the movement, eyes wide and not moving from where he stares at Sam’s erection.

“Jesus Christ Sammy!” Dean says eyes flicking back to his siblings face as he rubs the back of his neck. “That’s impressive.” He adds not sure where he should be looking but unable to pull his eyes off his little brother.

“Do you,” Sam starts to say but then the words get stuck because he’s not really sure how to ask this.

“Yeah.” Dean answers anyway. “Yeah Sammy, I do.”

They stand there a few more seconds both openly staring before Dean slowly inches his way towards Sam.

“You sure this is ok?” He asks but Sam doesn’t answer. Just reaches out and grabs Dean’s hand where it’s resting at his side and boldly brings it to his stomach, his brother’s palm burning against his cooled skin.

Dean’s hand does a slow slide down his abdomen, fingertips brushing over his hard prick and when he finally wraps his hand around it, Sam shudders and throws his head back, eyes closed as a moan bubbles up from his chest.

Dean’s hand feels good where its wrapped around him and he seems to know exactly how Sam likes it without him having to say a word. His hips snap foward and he tries not to let his legs buckle from underneath him as they shake from the pleasure.

“Maybe we should take this to the bedroom.” Dean suggests, “ lay you out on the bed, get you comfortable.”

“Yeah, okay. Yeah.” He says maybe a little too eager and turns the water off.

He’s dripping water all over the floor as he makes his way to the bed but he can’t really find it in himself to care.

He lays down against the sheets, legs spread wide and watches as Dean crawls in between them, breath ghosting over Sam’s dick.

“Can I Sam?” Dean asks, voice pleading. “Can I taste you.”

“Fuck!” he hisses, hand coming to rest against Dean’s face. “Yes Dean. Please.”

The first brush of Dean’s tongue against his shaft has his toes curling, muscles pulled tight and he allows his head to fall back against the pillows.

“Yeah.” He moans, running his fingers through Dean’s short hair, but anything else he was planning on saying gets loged somewhere inside his throat as his brother swallows the rest of his length, his cockhead hitting the back of Dean’s throat.

He wraps his lips tight around Sam’s girth and pulls off, slow slide up, tongue curling around the head of Sam’s cock, scooping up a bead of pre-come that’s gathered at the tip.

“Dean,” Sam shudders, “I want-”

“What baby boy?” Dean asks, green eyes bright as they shine down on him. “What do you want?”

He can’t think straight, not enough blood flow getting to his brain but he manages to say, “You Dean. I want you.”

His brother grins from where he’s looming overtop of Sam.

“I’m yours.” He says. “Always have been.”

“Kiss me.” Sam whispers, his voice trembling as his heart hammers inside his chest.

His brother’s lips are soft and wet, and he opens to him eagerly. Can taste the remnants of himself on dean’s tongue as it tangles with his and he tries not to think too hard about why that turns him on so much. He wraps his hand around the back of Dean’s neck urging him closer, and when Dean’s dick brushes against his it feels like a wave of electricity jolting through his body.

“Do that again.” He begs between kisses. “Do that again Dean.”

His brother grinds his hips against his, one arm supporting his weight as the other has a bruising grip on Sam’s waist.

Sam raises his hips slightly, seeking his brother’s friction but it changes the angle enough so that when Dean grinds against him again his dick slides down between the crease of his ass, the tip of his dick brushing up against Sam’s hole.

“Do it.” Sam says, voice frantic. “Please Dean I want you to fuck me.”

His brother makes a noise deep in his throat and he sounds like he’s in pain but the look in his eyes says something else entirely.

“Are you sure?” He asks but all Sam can do is nod.

Dean runs his hands down the length of Sam’s legs, thumbs coming to rest at the bend of his knees and pushes them up, legs coming to rest over his brother’s shoulder.

“We’ll start slow.” Dean says sliding one finger in his mouth to get it wet and gently pushes against the pink furl of his brother’s hole.

It slides in easy, Sam’s body accepting it with no struggle. He pushes it in and out a few times then adds another. That one burns slightly but it feels good, lighting up Sam’s insides as he tries not to come.

He stretches and sissors them, a third joining the other two and Sam has to bite his lip to keep from moaning too loud.

“I’m ready.” Sam says and Dean smiles. Leans down to kiss him as he pulls his fingers free.

He watches as Dean grabs some lube from the bedside table and slicks himself up. Slowly, so very slowly, he pushes inside the tight, wet, heat of his brother’s body. After bottoming out he rests for a moment, giving Sam time to adjust to the feeling of being so full before he starts to move again.

“You’re so tight Sammy.” Dean moans, hips pumping into him at a slow and steady pace. It’s too much but not enough and Sam feels like he’s being taken apart.

“Faster Dean.” He begs. “Please.”

So his brother picks up the pace, thrusting harder inside and pulling back out, hips pistoning as he fucks into Sam.

The headboard is banging against the wall, the sheets sliding off the bed as he keeps up the punishing pace and he hopes like hell none of their neighbors calls to complain.

He brushes something inside Sam that has him screaming out for more but he knows he’s not gonna last long. A bead of sweat drips down from Dean’s nose landing against the hollow of his throat and he watches as Dean’s arms shake with exertion.

“Dean.” Sam moans, feeling his orgasm building at the base of his spine.

He comes, dick completly untouched, as his brother follows a few seconds later.

The bed is still wet and their probably gonna have to have another shower but Sam can’t find the strength to move.

“I think you killed me.” He says as he looks over at his big brother. “Death by sex.” And Dean laughs.

“Next time,” he says smiling at Sam, “You can top if you want.”

“Really?” Sam asks, his dick feebly trying to stir back to life at the thought.

“Yeah, of course.” Dean says, fingers smoothing Sam’s wet hair from his face.

“So there’ll be a next time?” He asks voice almost a whisper.

“Oh absolutely.” His brother smiles against his lips.

He kisses him back, lips swollen and spit-slick from his brother’s mouth but he could never get tired of having Dean this close. Sometimes, he thinks to himself, everything works out exactly like it’s supposed to.

Sammy Wilk- Very Much Awake

Request: can you do a sammy imagine where he likes you and you’re johnson’s best friend and Sammy thinks you and jack are a thing and gets upset but it’s really cute and you end up with Sammy anyway (is this confusing? i’m sorry)

it’s not confusing at all! thanks so much for requesting love


Y/N laughed at the movie playing on the screen and my eyes darted over to where she was sitting and I immediately wished I hadn’t.  Jack’s head was in her lap, her fingers carding through the blonde strands of hair as his eyes fluttered closed in satisfaction.  Y/N laughed again, fixated on the screen washing the whole room with an ethereal blue light.  I couldn’t help myself and smiled at her amusement.  A minute later, I risked looking back to her, unable to keep my eyes off her for long.  I frowned as I noticed Jack shifting in her lap and pressing a kiss to her leg.

“I’m going to get some more popcorn,” I blurted, practically leaping out of my chair.  I didn’t get a reply from either of them as anger and bitterness boiled in my stomach.  I slammed my empty bowl down on the table, lying my head across a cold stone countertop.  Every time I saw them together it made my heart ache with jealously.  The least they could do would be to come out about it, I thought, slamming a cabinet door closed furiously.  However, Jack and Y/N insisted they were just friends whenever they were asked about it.

“Sammy?  You coming back?” Y/N called and I could practically hear my heartbeat race at my name said in her voice.

“Yeah, just a minute,” I replied, grabbing a soda from the fridge.  Upon entering the living room, the movie was rolling the end credits and Jack was nowhere to be found.

“We’re gonna watch a horror movie if you want to,” Y/N told me.  “And you know I get scared to I’d highly appreciate you staying.”  Her tone took on an imploring edge, and I rolled my eyes at how much of a sucker I was for her.

“Sure, Princess.  Whatever you want,”  I replied, speaking only half-jokingly.

Y/N shifted to the side, adjusting the pillow behind her left shoulder.  “Come sit then.”

As I settled down in the spot previously occupied by Johnson on the couch, I caught a whiff of her perfume and almost sighed out loud.  Jack reentered the room, from the bathroom I’d guess.

“We ready?” he questioned, clapping his hands together.  “You stole my spot Wilkinson.”

I opened my mouth to defend myself, but Y/N beat me to it.  “I get scared when you make my watch these dumb movies and Sam is way more reassuring then you.  You just scare me,” she laughed.

“Fine,” Jack whined, throwing himself into the chair I’d abandoned.  He pressed play on the B-list horror movie, something about zombies and axe murderers all mixed together.

I payed less attention to the protagonists getting dismembered on screen and more to Y/N and she watched the movie and the way she flinched whenever a fresh spurt of blood littered the scene.  After a particularly violent jump, I slid my arm over her shoulder, and she leaned happily against me.  Her vanilla shampoo was intoxicating and the junction of her wrist was pressing against my arm.  I was hyperaware of every movement she made and there seemed to be an electric tension between us.  I had nearly forgotten Jack was in the room.  Y/N’s shallow breaths that fanned against my skin were hypnotic enough to keep me from moving my eyes from her.

The movie passed in a blur of racing hearts and shaking fingertips.  As the screen faded to black, Y/N spoke out into the room.  “Oh my god.”

Jack and I both laughed.

“I’m going to have nightmares!” she cried dramatically, throwing her body across my lap as Jack flicked the light switch on.  “I’m scarred for life,” she moaned rolling over.

I caught her just before she fell off the couch.  “Careful there, tiger.”  I scooped her back onto my lap to the best of my ability.  It’s a little hard to act normally when all you want to to is to be with someone.  To hold her and never let her go.  In the most non-creepy way as possible.

“You both staying over?” Jack queried, folding a blanket that had been crumpled up on the floor.

“I definitely am.  You’ve traumatized me.”  Y/N shifted in my lap to look at Jack, and my eyes closed as I tried not to groan.  “I won’t be able to sleep.”

“Well you’re not doing what you did last time,” Jack told her.  He looked to me. “She came in my room in the middle of the night and refused to sleep by herself.  She’s such a blanket hog.”

Red hot jealously washed over me as I pictured Y/N in Jack’s bed.  “Am not!” Y/N defended herself.

“Yeah sure,” Jack scoffed, turning to the staircase.  “You can sleep in the guest room and Sam can stay in Gilinsky’s.”  He walked up the stairs.  “You know where I am when you need me, Y/N.”

“Which I won’t!” Y/N retorted, pouting.  “You going to bed?” she asked me, leaning back into my chest.

“I think so.  I’m exhausted.”  My body said differently however, as I relished in the feeling of her.  The moment was short-lived as she stood up and- was she blushing?

“Me too,” Y/N smiled softly.  “I’ll see you in the morning.”  I watched as she pattered up the stairs, sweatpants and old Omaha sweatshirt.  She was always the most gorgeous thing in the room, regardless.

I stumbled into Gilinsky’s room, finding sleep in the faint impression of Y/N’s scent and the way her laugh sounded and what it would feel like to kiss her and what ‘i love you Sammy’ would sound like in her voice.

I jolted awake, heart pounding.  Nightmare, I thought, turning to check the clock on Jack’s bedside table.  3:27am.  I sighed, running my hand through my hair, and shaking my head rapidly.  Stumbling up and down the stairs shirtless, I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat at the countertop.  L.A. got cold at night and I traced my index finger across the marble surface, swirling condensation from the glass to spell out Y/N.  She was always on my mind.  Always.  I felt a vicious anger at my inability to control my damn emotions.  She got in my head and under my skin and I was powerless against her pretty eyes and clever mind.  And to top it all off, she was Johnson’s.  My best friend.  And god, I was happy for him.  I tried to be, I lied to be.  And I know he loved her because how could he not?  But did he love her how I did?  My biggest fear was that he would, creating no reason for her to need me.  She doesn’t need me.  She’s probably with him right now and he’s holding her and touching her bare skin and his is the name she screams out and calls for when she’s scared and alone and the name that runs through her mind just before sleep.


Or maybe not.

“Y/N?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“Sammy, are you crying?” Y/N exclaimed.

My hand absentmindedly found my admittedly wet cheek.  “Oh,” I answered dumbly, allowing Y/N to rush over, guiding me to lie on the couch.

“What’s going on Sam?  You’re scaring me,” she whispered, wiping my cheeks with the hem of her t-shirt.  She’d changed into shorts and our bare legs tangled together helped me calm down.

“I’m okay now.  I swear.”  I lifted her hand gently, holding her fragile wrist in my hand, quelling her actions.

“No you’re not.  Don’t lie to me,” she said, an edge in her voice.

I turned away from her.

“God, don’t you trust me?” her voice broke a little, and I was immediately rushing back.

“Of course I do.  I do trust you.”  I rubbed the bone in her wrist with my thumb, heart pounding.  “I’m just not good at- I’ve just never told anyone this.”  She nodded encouragingly at me and I took a deep breath.  “I really love this girl.  But I’m pretty sure she loves this other guy.  And it just hurts so bad,” I whimpered.  Y/N hugged me closely, but I could barely find any happiness in how it felt to be in her arms.

“Well I love you,” Y/N said, resting her small hands on my shoulders.

“Not like that,” I replied, heart breaking in my chest.  I could feel it, all hope dying out.

“How do you know?” she retorted and it was like the world stopped spinning.

“What?” I gasped, looking at her like it was the first time I’d ever seen her.

Her cheeks were red even in the dimly lit living room and I could feel her heart beating quickly against my ribs.

“I love you,” she said, unabashed and unashamed.

I almost started crying again.  “But- how?” I gasped out.

Y/N laughed, my favorite sound in the whole fucking world.  “I thought it was a little bit obvious.”

“Obvious?” I groaned.  “I thought you were with Johnson for ages.” I rolled my eyes dramatically.  “You had me crying in the kitchen in the middle in the night.  I think I might have needed a stronger hint.”  It was like the weight of the world had been lifted from my overworked shoulders.  “I love you,” I stated.

Y/N smiled her pretty Y/N smile.  “I love you Sammy.”

“Can I kiss you?”

In response she leaned in, pink lips just brushing mine.  I pressed my lips to hers, practically groaning at the way her lips moved all for me.  I sat up more on the couch without breaking contact, deepening the kiss as I did so.  I pulled her hips closer, closer, tongues brushing.  I tried to convey everything I was feeling into the open-mouthed kiss.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.

We broke apart, and I rested my forehead softly against hers.  “Am I dreaming?”

“Definitely not,” she replied, kissing me again.  “Very much awake.”


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Jack Gilinsky: New Girl pt. 3

Pt. 1: http://5secsofviners.tumblr.com/post/109147392689/jack-gilinsky-imagine

Pt. 2: http://5secsofviners.tumblr.com/post/109236881254/jack-gilinsky-imagine-new-girl

“And then he was put to death by the electric chair.” I said, finishing up me and Jack’s presentation on Ted Bundy. “Very good, you two.” Mr. Conroy said as we took our seats. Jack smiled at me in triumph. I could tell he wasn’t used to doing good on stuff. Next was Sammy and Johnson doing the BTK after Jack had suggested it to them when they couldn’t come up with one. I tried to focus my attention on their presentation when I felt a piece of paper slide under my hand. I looked down at it to see Jack had passed me a note. “Hey, I know our project’s over but you seem like you actually know what you’re doing. Do you think every Sunday we could meet at my house and do homework together?” It said. Underneath was a yes and a no for me to circle. On Monday, I would have circled no immediately, but Sam’s words had stuck with me since Tuesday, so I circled yes. I didn’t have many friends anyway since I was new. Really just Sammy. I saw Jack smile down at the paper when he saw me circle yes. “And BTK actually stands for bind, torture, kill which is what he did to his victims and how he got his name.” Sammy added on to Johnson’s statement. After they wrapped their presentation up, the bell rang and we all left to go to our next class. Sammy caught up to me in the hallway so we could walk to our lockers together. “I saw you and Jack passing notes.” He said, nudging my shoulder. “It was one note and it was him asking if I could help him study.” I said back to him. “Oh, stop denying it! You KNOW you like him! Deep down in that cold heart of yours HAS to lie SOME love!” Sammy said, dramatically. I giggled and kept my head down to avoid the gazes of the people who were staring at us wondering what the hell was going on with Sammy and why he had made such a scene. “Hey baby girl, when am I gonna get my turn?” A guy said as I walked past him. Sammy and I looked at each other with the same amount of confusion on our faces. “YOU!” A girl screamed. Sammy and I both turned our focus to the end of the hallway to see what was going on. A blonde girl came storming up to me and slapped me across my face. “LEIGH! WHAT THE HELL!?” Sammy yelled, immediately pushing me behind him. “I heard that little WHORE is sleeping around with MY boyfriend, Jack!” She screamed. “Boyfriend?” I asked. “YES! BOYFRIEND!” She screamed. “He’s not your boyfriend! You slept with Eric throughout your entire relationship with him!” Sammy yelled back. Leigh glared up and Sammy and began to walk past me. “Stay away from him or I’ll end you.” She growled in my ear as she walked past. I watched her as she walked away and then grabbed Sammy’s shoulder and drug him into an empty classroom, closing the door behind us. “What the hell was that about!?” I whisper-shouted at him. “That’s Jack’s bitter ex-girlfriend Leigh Lindquist. They dated for a year and a half until Jack walked in on her fucking Eric Moore on his bed.” Sammy told me. “Then why does she still want him!?” I asked. “Well word got out that she cheated on Jack. No guys wanted to date her anymore since Jack’s the most popular guy in school and Eric moved cause nobody wanted to be his friend. And she knew Jack really loved her so she thought she could get him back this year but then you came along and now she’s pissed.” Sammy said to me. “Wait, but why did she immediately accuse me of sleeping with Jack? Is Jack telling people we had sex!? Is that also why that guy said that to me!?” I said, my face red with anger. “No! God, no! Jack would never do that! People probably just heard that you had been going to his house a lot and starting saying you were sleeping together.” Sammy said. “Great. Not even a full week here and I’ve already made an enemy and become the school slut.” I said, my eyes watering up. “Hey, hey, it’s gonna be okay.” Sammy said, pulling me into a hug. The door opened and another boy walked in. “Can I be next?” He asked, eying my body over. Within seconds Sammy had him pinned against the wall. “Don’t you EVER talk to her like that again, you hear me!? Or I swear to god I will fuck you up!” Sammy said before banging the kids head into the wall. He then let go of him and the kid bolted out of the room. “C'mon we gotta get to math.” Sammy said, pulling me into his side.

-At Lunch-

“Y/N! Wait up!” I heard a voice call after me as I exited the school. Jack ran up to my side. “Hey, I heard about what happened with Leigh, and I’m so sorry. I should have warned you about her but I didn’t think she’d be a problem.” Jack said to me. “She isn’t our only problem, Jack! Somebody’s telling people that we’re having sex! Not even a one week here and I’m already the school slut!” I yelled, storming off from him. I knew I had no reason to be mad at him, but he was tied into all this with me and so I just snapped.

-After Lunch-

I arrived back at the school to see a huge group of kids surround something yelling, “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” I pushed my way through the crowed to see Jack on top of some guy I had never seen before, beating the shit out of him. “You don’t EVER say ANYTHING like that again, you got me!?” Jack yelled. “Yes! Yes! Please let me go!” The boy cried out. Jack got off the guy and kicked him hard in the stomach before turning around. When he saw me, his eyes went wide. I immediately glared at him before pushing back through the crowd. How could he beat up some kid like that?! I went around to the side of the school, trying to escape Jack, but of course, he found me. “Y/N! Wait! Hear me out!” Jack said. “No! Jack, you just beat up some poor innocent kid!” I said to him. “Innocent!? That’s the kid that started the rumors about us sleeping together!” Jack said to me. I immediately calmed down. “Okay, yeah, he deserved it.” I said. Jack smiled at me and that’s when I noticed, Jack hadn’t been the only one throwing punches. His nose had blood dripping down it and he had a scratch above his eyebrow. “Oh my god, Jack!” I said before stepping forward and cupping his face in my hands. “Oh my god, come with me.” I said and drug him to my car. He sat down with his feet hanging out the back of my car and I pulled out my first aid kit and did my best to clean his wounds. “Hey! There you two-WHOAH! What happened to Jack!?” Nate said as him Sammy and Johnson approached. “I beat the shit out of Tommy Jackson back there. He got some punches in, too, though.” Jack said. “He definitely deserved to be beat, but why’d you do it today?” Johnson asked. “He’s the one who started the rumors about Jack and I.” I said to him. “Oh, the sex rumors?” Sammy asked me. I nodded my head before closing my first aid kit. Jack jumped down from my car. “Okay, well the bell’s about to ring and we all got to get to English.” Jack said. We all nodded and headed back towards the school.


So here’s part three☺️☺️ I’ll post part four probably tomorrow. Feel free to leave me messages on what you think! It really encourages me to write more❤️

summary: au where sam and dean grow up in a normal household, and dean joins the marines when he’s eighteen. this is a story about the brothers’ separation, but mostly about them coming home to each other and the complicated feelings it brings in the process. 


sam takes a piece of his brother with him when he goes to stanford. 

Sam ties a little yellow ribbon to the rearview mirror.  It’s a compromise, because Dean would throttle him if he put any kind of bumper sticker on the Impala, and somehow his brother would just know even if he’s thousands of miles away.  Sam lets the ribbon hang and sway with the motions of the car on the highway, and he can’t help but let it catch his eye.  It makes him smile.  Like he has a piece of his brother with him. 

“You should take the Impala,” John told him, before Sam left that morning.  Sam had blanched, said no way, she’s Dean’s, she’s always been Dean’s, but John just patted his shoulder and hugged him hard when he went out the door.  “Then keep it safe for him.  God knows you’re the only one he trusts with that damn car, anyway.”

Sam tightens his grip on the steering wheel.  He’s grateful he’s got her, honestly, because she’s always going to smell a little like his brother, and the bouncing of her tires against the road is something Sam has known his whole life.  Dean teaching him to drive well before the age he should learn (and damn,  Mary had a row about that when she found out), long car trips to visit Uncle Bobby, and others just because they could.  Dean had always been restless, aching for the road deep in his bones, and Sam gets it, he does.  He just wishes Dean would’ve taken a few years to drive around the country instead of going off to war. 

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Hidden Places

Prompt: In which Jack surprises you with a breathtaking view

AN: Presenting*Drum roll* the much promised Johnson Imagine! I’m actually really proud of this one and I quite like it! Feedback is appreciated!!!

The wind blew through the window cooling down the car as Jack sped down the highway, the smell of spring filling our senses as we got farther and farther away from the damned city. Jack had always been my best friend and the moment I texted him saying I needed to get away, there was no time wasted when he showed up at my house ten minutes later. “Did you want to go anywhere specific?” I moved my gaze from the window to catch Jack taking quick glances off the road to view my face. Even though he was my best friend, I always felt the sexual tension between us. With the constant flirting and secret shared glances between us, there had to be a little something. I mean there was a lot of something from me, it was him that I wasn’t always positive that he shared the same feeling.

“No. Just needed to get away.” Being with you is always good enough, though. His cheeks stretched presenting a smile.

“Then do I have a surprise for you!” He shouted thrillingly reaching over the console to grasp my hand swinging it about in the air before lowering them again. I grinned laughing before twisting my head back to look outside. concealing my blush, his hand never moving away from mine. Jack speedily switched lanes getting off at the nearest exit before taking a right speeding up down an unknown road. “And don’t worry we aren’t going to get lost-”

“That’s what you said last time…” I giggled glancing at Jack drive, him bowing his head briefly, looking back on the road.

ANYWAY, Sammy and Nate showed me this really cool spot last week.” He replied prior to turning down a dirt road. The ride becoming bumpy and uneven just as it started inclining. Jack gave a little more gas reaching the peak of the hill before driving a little to the right and parking. “Now close your eyes!” I softly beamed, obliging and closing them.

“I’m not gonna get hurt am I?” Jack laughed releasing my hand and opening his door. I jumped a little with the slamming of the door ringing through the car until mine opened. Without opening my eyes I unlocked my seat belt and tried to feel my way out.

“Whoa easy there. I’m gonna help you.” Jack’s hands were on mine again at the time I felt my feet hit the ground while he closed my door for me.

“How long are my eyes going to have to be closed?” I questioned feeling Jacks hands tug on my mine to lead me forward.

“Not for long.” He answered while we walked for a bit before the ground beneath me declined a bit causing me to trip up.

“Jack!” I reached out letting go of his hand to grab a hold of his shoulders.

“Oops sorry, a bit of a drop there.” He laughed keeping my hands on his shoulders,

“I’m opening my eyes now.” I stopped, causing him to also.

“No!” he covers my face, “Just a little longer.” I groaned forcing my eyes shut again, letting him lead me by my hands again. We hiked a little while longer before I felt him stop in front of me dropping one of my hands. “Okay now you can open your eyes.” I sighed happily opening them gasping a little once I saw where he’d taken me. This place was beautiful.

“Breathtaking…” My eyes widen viewing an almost secret beach surrounded with flowers and plant life. I had no clue where we were and that’s what made it all the better. “Jack its gorgeous! How’d the guys even find a place like this?” I thought aloud, remaining my gaze on the crashing waves below, becoming mesmerized by the whole ordeal.  

“Honestly I have no clue.” He sounded puzzled laughing a little, making me forget about our hands until he lightly squeezed mine.

“Well I’m glad they did.” I tore my stare from the view to look at Jack already looking at me. He smiled slowly and might I add very cutely.

“Me too.” He looked at me tilting his head a bit before leaning in quickly. His lips met mine, surprising me. Realizing what was happening I turned leaning into him more connecting my hand to the back of his neck. His lips becoming a lot more moist and softer than what I imagined. Not long after Jack pulled back a bit resting his forehead against mine. Never in my life had I thought he’d be the one actually kissing me. “Me too.” He repeated quietly, “Me too.”