but anyway...feeeelings

the night is dusky,
only silence to keep us company,
with no words, no sound,
let’s talk, you and I

(Translated from this.)

lol my quick review of batman vs. superman (no major spoilers)

OKAY so i just watched batman vs superman…… and….i love batman, superman, wonder woman and dc comics but….

it wasn’t worth the hype. like there are some great scenes and brilliantly realized moments but a lot of the movie is a fucking mess idk i just :—( i do applaud ben affleck’s attempt to make batman a darker more weary hero, but there are plot holes that just didn’t do his character justice. not to mention that batman is supposed to be clever, calculated and smart but idk they didn’t really fully give him the characteristics batman is supposed to have. henry cavill has some screen appeal but imo his superman in the movie comes off as a pretty apathetic hero. there could have also been more to his character for sure. jesse eisenberg’s lex luthor lacks the charisma of a villain and his version of the character just makes no sense. i like jesse eisenberg as an actor & all (and also slightly biased bc he’s from my town LOL) but his lex luthor was wtf…. and a lot of the movie is so cluttered, and overstuffed and just poorly put together 

gal gadot’s wonder woman however is one thing that livens up the movie (tao okamoto also looked so pretty haha), although ultimately it’s swallowed up by the mess of some bad cgi as well as the of the rest of the movie

the blame for the bad movie and overall disconnect really is behind the camera, and overall i think the film failed to deliver for me. i could honestly go on about so many other aspects the movie is lacking on for me personally but eh whatever. if u know the comics/animated versions and have knowledge on the actual characters then the film will probs disappoint. but i think if u don’t have too high of an expectation going in, it can be enjoyable tho. i mean i did like some scenes and aspects of the movie so i don’t completely hate it, but i can’t say i thought it was great.

edit: it’s not bc the movie is “darker” that i don’t really like it, i’m all for it if the execution is actually good